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9-2 9:10am Tommy, what's the right temp. in your house?

Sep 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Paul Lagrange, the co-host of The Home Improvement Show & owner of Lagrange Consulting, about thermostats and keeping your home cool

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-- not bad. Dave Johnson with the call as we make our way in our final our guys. David just like you say -- right and morning lightning had a lot of hot topics today we started off. With. -- malls -- Internet shopping because there are some malls and -- that are in deep deep trouble up. And I'd still like to talk to you about that -- do you prefer to go to a mall or shop on line in what is it about going to a mall that you love them. Or that you hate -- some things that. Are enjoyable I think I I like looking at the new fashions is not out yet secure fashion for economic and mourned by the young ladies. Like. But I'm not all going girls it's all about all know it's all about the -- I don't check in now. That we talked about everybody in jailed deserving of being there and the DA joining forces with the innocence project to make sure that the people in jail should be there. And I guess the big questioner gets in Tex and that's not than the DA should be involved with at all but. Visit DA just represent. The state as it relates to. People into New York of a crime and trying to convict them out is you just put him away and that's -- courtesy is he concerned about you know. The individual's rights or is he concerned about the individual's rights saying -- a different way out. Come in and day if he does he have a responsibility if the if the wrong person is in jail. I'd think he would. The world wrong because he committed the crime you get it would talk about kids and gay and concoctions and if you had a son or daughter would you let him play -- board. Yeah it did during the course of which they had a pretty good chance for again a concussion or otherwise getting -- be it. Soccer be -- football what have you and I think. That. Lessons you learned from playing a contact sport outweighed the risk of injury. So if I had a son or daughter that was interested in soccer which he's not. I'd say yes go ahead now winning if we got to a point where. You know you were the five foot nothing and and I'm 110 pounds and you're lining up against people were 64. In 260 at that point I think you need to step in and say you know what. Maybe should be a kicker out -- erupts yet and then now to move on and that's about as simple as we can get because we thought it would be. You know a slow day after Labor Day and one people would call in and and something that didn't require a whole lot of thinking and and and I think is it. Louisiana David I don't know if you knew this or not but. As one of the lowest rates for retail electricity. In the country. Pat I did not know well that's why I'm here David to enlighten you yes because I cried like a baby every time I open my bill how much is your electric -- -- gosh. It's down a little from what it used to be -- -- though hasn't it to tell you Hamachi utility bill I don't I always exotics like you ask them about their 401K. It's around two underdogs -- -- -- -- box. When did just tell me now much. I don't think about it for -- doesn't indicate any any. The thing on your part that you go to Ukraine had a dollar and paid the bills on the house so that's why you hesitated. -- -- shut your power to about 200 bucks. Should you power guy now. I think mine averages around in the summertime about two tanner -- money you've got a giggle well not really but I like to keep it cool and -- must have a pretty efficient system and follow LaGrange to join us. In a minute to talk about that but how much your electricity bill each month and when he comes to that temperature what is the right. Ideal temperature or for you to set that thermostat parent and do you pinch pennies is it about -- parameters though -- -- that -- gonna turn let's. Went out that bill down Oregon another word for you have you done anything to your home in recent years that dramatically. Reduced your bills are up maybe you've done something new your home the last couple years saying at a different waited dramatically reduce rebel -- And the other thing is that their people's houses to whom you won't ago. Because it's just too high. There are places Pargo Richards now I'm telling you eyewear and Mattel this almighty god throw a twenty dollar on a bid twenty dollar bill on a table and save for the -- -- guy -- -- it well I'm here for a -- and you terror in the air conditioner on all and and you set it down. Which in my case seventy which I think is a little bit warm but what is the ideal temperature inside home. Anti penny pinched. In and keep at it and comfortable temperature. -- -- defenseman whatever it takes to keep your house -- I say close to freeze things just about right. You know well I -- up around 6867. Degrees outside of the home sometimes you know and and the 66. At night now does that cause more absolutely. But it's my house and my money in a fumble in the pay for I don't think there's anything wrong with that. What do you think the ideal temperature and sent home and raise it freezing but real. Woody keep -- thermostat set at 71706574. And call it freezing. That's seems to get the job done you make well I mean we got -- ceiling fans at 260 -- 720386. Exceeded 90870. Yesterday actually at the temperature at 68 and the ceiling fan go on you know -- the ideal temperature or for a thermos that is. And dvds and mixed marriage where you -- -- as you partner like it one way you like it the other. And is it about comfort or money with you when it comes in the electric bill were to take a break when we come back will be joined by -- LaGrange who is. They co host of the home improvements show we used to work together on Saturday and had a blast. And you may call let me know beginning questions for all you'll take them as well 260187. -- 3866. It 89087. Any. Call me ought to me otherwise is to be mean. And that's not good for anybody. So it's pretty simple what temperature do you like your home. The thermostat -- says that. DD care about how much extra money it costs. And are you fighting with your significant other over the temperature in house or maybe the kids. Come on back under the W nine to anyone Tommy Tucker you know during the break talking to the people in the offices I sometimes do when it otherwise. Can't be avoided I was asking them about the temperature was ideal for them and one of them said. There. There we did he air conditioning was quote possessed by the double. And that even -- he put it on 75. The houses still freezing. A couple of -- economy and currencies at 68. Is a difference -- a hundred dollars a month as opposed to keeping it at 74. Afterward in twelve hours -- hundred degrees it's worth it. -- this mixes every degree below 78 degrees increases your cooling cost 3%. As well as every degree above 68 for eating also increases your heating costs 3% for each degree a bomb. 68 while eating thing would be a problem for me because I love it cold -- would grange joins us right now coast. Of the home improvement shows Saturday morning here on WWL. Home on a rather of LaGrange consultants and energy and comfort solution. May call. It is pork chop and beer belly re united because one day we. Nicknamed today in those were -- our better crystalline applause wrote quake a crystal you -- Well lately what do you think the ideal temperature you're in your house should be. -- I'm fine Kabul bump -- the that we eat sand I hate. Yep not -- land and picked out my he hit it. I turn. Her off. All the time and that when he minute support politics hour now and when they turn. On -- And wait a minute -- shall. Where is not hold water breaker located. And say it was in the attic in my begun to cool law and every eight is. Now 78 as mighty warm and and your family would like -- -- do you do it for money or do you do it for comfort. To save money but at all -- -- coming out you know what backed down at that any -- that the victory. The act that they want to hear that much I say things you know I I am at any. Do you think you can change your you know I don't mean to sound like Kramer and -- -- here but do you think you can change -- record temperature because I think I may have done it. With my daughter because at one point she was uses 74. And now she's uses 68 if not she's turn in a thermostat down. -- I think you can get pumped up -- Change is in on me and I -- I feel like -- cool though it. -- -- My kind of let all the cooler months late and then. -- it. You like to -- luncheon. -- parent know about this thank you Bristol. Have a lovely day -- LaGrange -- Tell me abouts. That theory that that the person texted in about 3% every degree higher than is higher than that. And also about the the lady here in the office said her system must be possess because it says 75 but it's a lot cooler than that. So in general terms what. The texture is as described in that we use in the cooling mode. There you. Hurt you -- in general terms that that it -- statement that -- beat goes into. The darkness -- them. The -- all of home installation windows. A lot of Apple's. But you know that the property general outline. An instrument in and eating as well and like old and you know now. You ate berries. I went today. Some 76 bill -- Well Oprah. Goes. All. Right. You know well will. -- -- degree of the bill on. -- but don't get it not a truck and Scotia. Well let let me just say this -- humidity. -- Is out -- to say and a real life because you and I worked together so many years you've taught me a couple of. -- -- So if you have lower relative -- well copper used -- -- And -- -- and having lived in Las Vegas for awhile and a lot of people go on areas. Where there is low humidity that's why when you get out of a pool Euphrates. -- -- So. I don't understand ball in if I may -- and your personal life here what would make you comfortable. At 78 degrees at one time 68 degrees at another. And 72 it even a third the problem 172 at night 76 during the day. And 68 during -- winners on -- and with you it's not about comfort as much as it is -- not even money with you but the idea of energy efficiency. Egypt the -- you -- on something what you wore a bowl and also every. Call. That it. Like all rest and members. -- notre keeper were absolutely it doubles. So distraught that happening. How would you rationalize that in your head knowing. That if you wanted 68 all the time that you're spending extra money would you think of it as. I've maximized my energy efficiency. And messages recreational money -- I'm spending or would you be able allow yourself to do that because I know you and I don't think you be able allow yourself to do it. Now look at it and -- it better. I tell me about the difference. It makes when you go to work. And many come home do you -- you know you went to school will -- when you arrive in the house but. He -- the air conditioner running in the meters spin and then money being spent by united home but does it cost. Mort to cool it once you get home do you wanna keep it cool how to resolve that war. So it. More or differently that it that's. It you know -- all all -- more. Trouble. All. The culture are -- all -- Back all you can decreased culture. War if you have a program that automatically. There at the bully a deeply about for hours in -- own. Meat you know the Internet. And changed capture -- Smart so you want to give you that. If -- -- Something where -- have -- -- -- you know or. Law. News except on what -- More hours increased to capture comeback. To level of -- -- anymore money people out there. It would be cold alt at all. Building LA and he as a caveat years that the crew and passengers of the minerals they were going to be gone for hours. And it turned into a lot longer than that. They get so tell me about dumb -- to talk about solar panels when we come back because I want Betsy the boxer. I see a lot of that. Ceiling fans a lot of solar panels rather and I -- ask you about the cost effectiveness and that. -- column on tax credits at setter is now the time they get on. Given the availability of tax credits offset by maybe the technology is not as good. As it's gonna eventually be and quickly I do wanna address so if they get the team could AC is running. Lowering the thermostat is not gonna do any good news. It's not like and so wreck or get -- or call our truck -- You know all that you know sort of speak so that it already running and go to -- decrease as you'd call it. Was CNN Internet called occasional a lot of people think it is sort it's 72 and -- house -- the -- thermostat set on 78. And it's running so they wanted to cool off faster so they lowered to sixty funny forget about it and before you know -- the energy savings are gone. Because a house have been cool -- to that temperature. Exactly so you know really what to do -- It looks like you do so it was. Like it's 68768. And that comes -- a movement that's what's. There are supposed to be -- missile -- that rule. Bring up front now depending on. You know -- in a thousand. I will talk about solar energy when we come back in and is now the time to jump in should you still wait. -- if you have any questions about that are about anything as it relates to. Energy efficiency cooling. Insulation in -- call right now -- 2601870. Till three. 8668890870. Right now time for -- WL first news. Then we go to David -- I thank you David Blake pollen grains cohosts of the home improvement show on WWL spending some time -- And we're talking about. This for you with the proper temperature in your homeland what are you comfortable. And some of the text I'm getting they're saying in 74 hasn't moved. In ten years another one says what are your freaking cave dweller I keep mine at 74. Talk about mind it's 68. And other tax comes in and says my husband keeps it at eighty degrees. New windows ceiling fans and threats of death if he leads that the parent -- wanna bump it down a seven. When I was single it was 72 who we have to -- citizens and they're pretty efficient. And I know Paula tech comes up when people. Our thing and I get married or not if you got out. You know a seven year in a sixty year -- -- -- and out it would it would it would religion -- Okay what you do for a living what about parents about education. Oh yeah what's the ideally ambient temperature for you. And add new loans morning thanks for calling -- on -- WL. -- Two. Well it was an -- I'm open quicker. We have -- true story. And stared at -- On the -- the problem there is relatively. Early. And I'll ever -- -- a lot of walk in there. Is -- air conditioner. Shot it -- not. -- -- She odor and air conditioner in. That it acts badly. In the Arctic air. And one day. It will -- law. At night when it goes out of the day they see it on oh. We all we -- -- -- there to. Get water. So I am wondering. Can you. -- -- that age to be. All summit and in which it described is pretty typical what the story. Now what's it like about these -- tent or -- the -- That's grounding that of course a whole you know wall wouldn't. Attic get. Hotter -- -- out you think that will be very good. Out about it -- Arctic 96 degrees that's pretty good. -- -- Yet under thirty and forty degrees. So what happened. In. That. You -- or living. There and what I -- comical. -- that insulation. That all install wall -- wool balls. Our attic is -- what installed world. Go away Horry and intensity in the attic. From the cool conditions. A separate floor and what it's part of the all the all the wall is also ball properly. -- the war in wars strata or would also force. -- -- I -- your. Your eating from that it does pouring into that war and that happens on relentless never does. -- will -- much -- About probably why it's so on the day. It's up until after the sun goes there and after the law. Well I had a law. Itself and operate to predict. So we brought it may want to scrub and issue is that it. Mortal like the problem is from the -- but it also could be a culmination. And leakage and as -- all there. Is that what our nation we actually born in these conditions. Eat out again. Never -- nation. Well all the issues and -- think. -- -- -- -- in Zimbabwe is also are also regional Eagles so it. -- president. Well let me. What what does it has. Reached late into installation and each at bat -- I'll -- bill. And we. It. Was an insulation at the and that problem and 23. Even though. Good thing and it. Would be. And every step in. Which you're trailing you know paper on the other. So it or do we should look look at we instantly. -- -- You bet that we want to thank -- would consider this opportunity and in connection you have. But adding to it and making it. Does it probably felt like that managed you know certain projects. They're so it would it would. It is -- a little bit lower not at all and at work a little bit what like you were in good shape but Ed written -- Make it better. That's probably felt like you have the Euro and -- -- and outlook well exhibition. Equipment. There are more mature. Airtight. Proper air flow. Are your systems all saying -- you're it would send the -- I thank him as an -- Johnny Lafayette good morning your on you had a question about solar power has July go ahead. Yet from let me show and now you know the sole power on my home wondering about simplistic question but. And -- -- agreed bluebird day visit. Make much power as a 35 degree bluebird day. It does not thirty -- bluebird day actually generate all all that and not work. Well hang on here he would have went hang on for people that are listening in and I'm not trying to be an idiot here you're not Tom what type of data agent Thomas Pacific kinda solar panel. Oak to -- that's the argument. Are also on. Our part. -- alternate delegate at the whodunit that isn't a function of -- heat. That option and an industry is we're only gusting. That will there are saying -- you know what are described what the number summit. Edwards undergo close in the and it. Panels would be ego. And our ability on the actual thought well using cool weather in both are all about. Austria budget stimulus money on jeopardy Johnny. I think about out -- work but. Go to -- separately due. Got to thank -- glad you called Paul when he comes in these and -- -- tax cumin and solar panels. In the event of a power outage like we had after rising Gustave name at the storms. We can you generate your own power from -- you'd you would have air conditioning and you would need a generator. It come later suit different types of soul always so PD and also as well. One is sacred site which is probably the most common and that's what a lot of folks are. And the other battery pack. Corey -- -- in -- -- of the most common law. Is that when you have electricity coming from -- -- beating -- York legal network people Butler is turning generate electricity. Injure your PP you're right -- arms. And so on the city is generating electric. -- Apollo goes output goes a lot of outrage. In -- At all in a bill like almost instantly her at all. In the recent court is that it does electric election he would even generate solar. Panel it actually did you know she integrated. Because a lot of them apparently wants electrocuted. And that's what support -- -- in these that would properly connect generators. To prevent the same back seat of that that is been they'd be mode for quite some -- only -- you can you all -- up until unless -- much of it. Probably took you -- would -- there was a battery pack so. So that -- work independent of what the creative. Has all worked out at all. Now as simple to say that it changed. They're being -- today available. That. As the ability to create try and but also. A small hole but that ball like for instance stroke partner could be or not but yet lectures -- -- Lack of power here at our house but it regional lose confidence -- court order. It is failed because it's still -- all ball or the majority -- -- to block it out audience. Such in the -- what it did enough or standard and spoke -- And the -- relate to go Paul armed when he comes -- solar is now the time to buy a Vienna. A good nomination. Tax credits and advances in technology. Deal or would you wait. But -- -- making advances in that house call making things better -- but what caught. Better features like -- got that -- emperor. So you know that well all that it but it. How however would debate you look at the current lack of -- or incentives. Louisiana and federal government they're they're only that but the good thing to consider what sepia. Now here's the story and you're not at this stage four. We know he took off the Google and noble and in the very. Load you call and oh yeah it it is creeped up over the years that -- -- -- the Indy. And we just don't know how else. -- so when you solar outlook -- it is -- -- -- -- shall call. Great crisis. And so you're you're buying early in the debate raise prices because one -- -- future those. Are. Thank you -- appreciate your time have a good day. You -- -- -- owner of LaGrange consulting and comfort energy income solutions. Seen here in Saturday morning here of course the -- on football schedule. On the home improvement show when we come back what is the ideal temperature before you inside of your home. What is blazing hot what is freezing cold and -- -- in taxing in sixty fours 65. That's will be chilly for me. But I tell you what. I can feel it and tell you what the temperatures and that if it's 6867. -- 66 Tommy Tucker back in a flash double W. I Tommy Tucker a couple of minutes left here among the more bizarre stories -- get to over the weekend. I go way got in trouble drunk driving hit and run shell met guy it was drive and a hundred miles an hour. Before he smashed in the back of a dump truck on I ten in -- Actually last week this happened critically injured his passenger 32 years old. But then this guy jumped out of the car left the passenger behind. And jog to more than two miles along the interstate trying to escape. The police. And his passenger 45 year old man suffered severe head injuries. Is still in critical condition as we understand it. And it happened just after 1 o'clock on -- ten eastbound near Bobble. But I don't know how you could jog on the interstate. For two miles and drunken avoid the police I don't know. How that could happen. And back in the days when I used to drink and I used to jog and anti of the tune never went together garlands coming up next. I'll tell you what he has on the way. In his think tank when we come back on WWL Garland Robinette will join us. In an X still ten minutes is so to talk about a talk on his you know what let's is so all our -- in his in some milestone. Reduces. Places everybody background. 8958 Tommy Tucker Garland Robinette joins us right now to tell us what's coming up on a think tank. We're gonna talk boards again about. Prisons legal citizens were -- -- the beer institute. Heavily involved in those issues in New Orleans. I'd talk to some experts and drive loose cars and 3-D printing and mineral technology in the Reagan toes. How they're gonna change the world and colds taken by the Republican Party says women don't like. Is there any way they can make a 3-D printer big enough to manufacture cars that -- a re do. Cars. The real solid again callers and are you more re re no car or -- Nokia there there's -- -- input engine you -- -- them that are doing home. I don't I would love to watches because I can't I don't understand beluga. It's -- one moment be pretty busy looking at the celebrity naked pictures today. May be edited to mark. Spent three. Go to go to usually he's. -- three days Jennifer Lawrence now and they can throw that old okay darling coming up next.

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