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9-2-14 12pm, Garland, Republican Party and Women's Vote

Sep 2, 2014|

Can the Republican party take back the Senate and the oval office without WOMEN? A new poll says women find the Republican Party to be stuck in the past, intolerant, and lacking in compassion. The poll was commissioned by two major Republican groups. Without women, blacks and Latinos, can Republicans win Congress & the White House?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We think about politics. Just content from Politico. Week. A detailed report commissioned by two major Republican groups include one bank by -- role. Paints a dismal picture for Republicans concluding. Female voters view the party as in tolerant. Lacking in compassion. And stuff in the past. As always we go to war political experts and veterans stay in this kind of report on pollution political analyst. President of color through search group -- good talk and you can and appreciated. It so what do you think is its independence from -- isn't but those are really mean anything is is is this kind thing bill and the -- women view Republicans for -- -- little surprised that which means that state and holding an actual election worker and taught that. That generally speaking what little voting board democratic demand. Right now the -- of the key races around the country when you look at the polling. You'll see that. In many cases. So where there. Democrats doing well. The the Republicans so even more demand -- it was a little. Where the Republicans are doing well. There even among women everywhere one and so. So there's. There is significant ship out in most elections not certainly all of the most -- election. So that so it's a problem. Republicans -- an increasing problem because of simple. Particularly when you look at single women under. It they -- percentages. Or Democrat -- on opera pop over the years and and when you combine the democratic. Majorities among our reporters African Americans so egos -- and Asian Americans. Together with -- Strong support a single element. -- get some Democrats are political -- and and the Republicans. Water actually real -- -- problem there. With the court for them not to and they are looking at possible ways to deal with that but frankly that really haven't done. Apart much. Over the last couple years and a report. That the Republicans commission is this correct that it's accurate and it looked at issues that they feel. In the same article quote. Of Republicans are really good -- in 2014. In the reports -- pickup seats in the house in possibly. Take the majority in the senate in the court. And do. I gotta believe they're not gonna win the black vote the brown vote in this the women's vote. What does it mean and -- for a whole lot more than the other three entities put together. Well though not necessarily. That man. -- the whole lot more. In a -- when you look at the electorate hole. What we're seeing a lot of places the good -- Democrat. In most of these. Operations. Are. Dueling among women in their doing among men they're still doing well and you don't women. To win an election. So law and of course that works the other way to put. But oftentimes. You know. The product razors or -- all boats but it doesn't it does it together so toward one of the forties are having trouble in general. That usually means. That they'll lose in Portland both men and women. Boca but that difference between support among men and women from -- So. How did they pick -- seats in the house and possibly take the majority in the senate that'd explain that again -- Well each state you know -- Each congressional district as a different make up and that's not always people that national number actually -- Always consider that. By the that there are clearly constituencies around the country. More considerate of others and that means that. -- in the -- a more sort of a risk. And and it and the point being that in some places were all just look at poll in the morning. On or -- operations. So that the key categories Siskel and opened those situations coming up. Where are where. Republicans. Only. Four streets were previously -- like -- Like for instance the old West -- or future or -- -- That the in the Kentucky should race or triple. Out. The Democrats are doing better among women. But they're not doing well well Whitman. Given the market -- day. Big deficits among men and of course that. Cut across the law and in in in in waves. In ethnicity as the fact that they're for instance in the -- presidential election of actually carried white women by. But. And -- also carry white voters and certainly by helpful when you and the -- -- more auctions. Barack Obama won on African Americans. An Asians and Hispanic voters. Among women about your outlook is of course those numbers were truly truly -- -- happily. What caused it. And in terms of power politics like now that it's basically can race -- miracle out. He had. Single women and people more local. Democratic. That America. Or it should break you're just -- this. Talking about a couple blow hole but two major Republican groups. That says Republicans would become some female voters -- viewed as in tolerant lacking in compassion. And stock in the -- What he's doing to succeed roll 18 symphony or told we're. 86 it faded dollar and zero he says -- the whole book to -- Republican groups including one done by cor rule. That says -- -- few parties and tolerant lacking in compassion. And stuck in the past Cuba. Wrongful issue whether it's our political analysts also president to the color it's from church group led to what some of the listeners are thinking Kevin Euro -- -- preaches -- -- I was at that those reports and knows our enemy. -- under -- did a lot of people it is. You know -- turned away from moderate Republican Party. That would have been enemy. They float when the issue came up -- equal tree. You know using an -- probably fight lemon on net health care. Old war on women ordeal. And this thing that Republicans. That GOP's. Pretty much about big business probably. It seemed like they were not sure about eleven took that special with a single parent you have now. No I think a lot of them understand that respect tram that value put a lot of women had not realistic right now -- -- apparent apparently. Governor I'm pretty sure it's called wrong what -- thing if they give supported one of things in the Asia. Stories it's all about the folks as you -- doesn't support fairness for women and Jews -- with the abortion issue. How to get past Federer -- Well you know in in -- some of misperception some of the tablet to double its policy. And and the Republicans could do better among women they're gonna have to make adjustments at all for -- now. Now in terms of basic policy -- you pro life women just like a pro choice women. Among. Unmarried. Actually -- goal a goal and they could be more pro life like. But to -- the Republicans do much better ones and Mary equipment for a trip we talked about or soap. We'll get -- -- complicated if you get into that the democratic brought that that the demographic breakdown. But the thing is that ecologist express is in the -- a pretty good representation of democratic voters yet. -- novel voters look at it this way and you know what -- -- -- -- sort of -- book but if the Republicans -- used to break the democratic -- -- web. They're gonna they're gonna have to do those -- went. When we're in constant talks with Democrats we always. Are caught the ball you don't owe the Democrats get more men to vote for so Fredricka opposite to actual -- and in the end both forty or view on on on the injured so -- When it comes -- demographic. What do we have -- single women married women and when it comes with the younger people to -- more. Single were more merit -- Well we generally have more married women in the electorate and we can't single. The probable doubtful public and so in recent national. Is that. The margin for Democrats among those young girls and women started. Growing along. You know if the margin 70%. You know be so bad when the more -- become property. 35%. But it starts becoming the bigger problem and not so that we saw in bulk of the Obama leases were triple. You know if you take married why. There are both in full public. You'd take. Minority and they vote -- oh well wait a Democrat. And and shingle on the web floating pretty strongly with Democrats. Sports so. So so it's not just yet. The -- it's also marital. Weeks. -- -- -- Two policies that the former house majority leader Eric -- and promoted. As a way to literally too good to bring more women under the Republican tent shortest school and flexible work schedules. And according to polls there -- the least popular policies. Or leaves important. Among female voters does that surprise Rangers agree that. I have not told that specifically in my soul -- like they'll go Google apple and local poll show. But but -- more broad. I thought it was probably a reasonable thing. The character at all that but at the polling data actually waters. It intrusion the important so well of good -- -- in -- what -- You reach those kinds of conclusions about what people wearing when green -- I -- not. By but the question again is. Is that all of you know and not just all voters. In in in public saying that but the market. The specific ones at the finish on that in. I think what industry and in the remaining. Two months before the November election. Is that they're the key constituencies. People -- before heading over so actually I'm going to be. Women who voted for Obama. The last straw -- who. Somewhat conservative. Policy views all -- thing. And and and I think you could see the Republicans going after that followed the Democrats. And try to -- for that but. But I do think women -- important. Swing vote. In that they make up where certain important swing of the electorate. And and and there you wore a woman -- was into this program. And you vote democratic supporters and Republicans sometimes. Expected video contact record if you -- by the campaign. And what candidates say what board would do. Actually -- where he's somebody you. See when these kind of issues crop up for re election and then the party that whatever it is. Understands. The problem then goes after it. Or what -- is what they do. Affected -- Well not always you know and it it would -- that for example a couple election thought. You know you look in interior -- in you know what you're going out the vote so -- women. You like you have to keep in mind that -- Issues that affect women. And issues that affect men often times and in most cases exactly. You know women and concerned about education. In the farm that the economy and foreign policy -- of links. Often times. -- -- Women voters have been more helpful in terms probably won't get a lot of these matters and women voters can compete. More interest period in solving problems for people there and they or. In. Generally speaking of that the size sculpture of the thought that doing so well. And and we've seen that over and over again blah -- But -- from differences. In between network -- a lot of these issues but generally speaking. Oh. They get the same concerns. Still. -- confirmed that the Republicans sale of that that they have been communicating and -- trees that though and perceptions. The Republican authorities are the torch will weather in the war mentally and -- -- your vote and and it's not L. Republican national. More narrow little -- off topic -- for a allusion to. The flap overrode merry lend druze residents whether or not true actually at home -- vendor. Parent home where she grew up who would what are your thoughts there. Well I. Our -- war previously with. -- in trouble for campaign. Had. Not involved in the car race. -- -- won't get cute you know for the specifics of that book. End and in into the market report with the power plays so well with that but actual Bill Weir wrote a suspect this will be one. Many many. Is that votes on which will be used against one number and in. Optical -- pretty. Two point. Is in this campaign and over again. In Louisiana but not the states across the pond. No words blizzard talked to -- preached appreciated that I'm have a great day. Are you come right back we'll talk to -- tuna pollster. So there media. And opinion research what do you think Republicans take to pull ups that were taken by Republicans. That says -- section of the female population things are out of touch an hour -- Europe thought two's exit row one -- -- Good -- better in an article in Politico says quote a detail report commissioned by two major Republican groups. And go to one -- by core role preach to duke moved picture for Republican concluding. Your mobile ordered review the party as intolerant like -- and compassion. And stuff in. Burning -- Internet -- weren't as pollsters. Southern media opinion research really welcomed the show and talk to you. -- colonel -- report. Issued. Its -- Well they won't have Arctic rightly point out that in the near northeast. There's that we have adapters. Obviously. -- war for Republicans. In the foul. I think there's a difference. Female voters obviously because. The -- is pretty much. Republican and then Arnold changing. -- net. Video of the election of them. Well -- elections here. Will be in pushing out. You know the Republican rows of male female -- -- so well. But gosh sure in the northeast in the country in the world where. There's a problem for Republicans -- -- -- you don't have to look at shortly some of those issues. Some of those issues -- Republicans. Did you know that -- and which usual popular in the in the he. Doesn't know well a lot of those issues. Are not popular here Republicans. There Reynolds will -- that -- it'll and so the and you have a defined in the country. Based on the issues and some of those issues -- soul and so of course the Republicans. Do. Wrong of Mosul he's sure there could be no overall but. Well one of the problems the Republicans say. You know Democrats more united across the border. A lot of these positions for women were Republicans. We have a split because of mainly regional. You know events where and when our bread that. There were in focus groups -- -- group poll of 800 registered. Female voters. Did did that give equal attention to solve Bruce's eased verses -- -- wedge versions north. Yet -- this race as a the other party doesn't special report women minorities -- -- -- I can't imagine what would be the way all. And yeah he's -- and also. That. You know -- May end though me and Republicans and Republicans. In the northeast. That's inherent in -- you've got a big cities and Chicago and New York. -- anywhere. You have Republican but tech armor would come over. Indian. Community here yeah of them beyond Democrats who do world. Inside the cities especially. American voters. So it's it's about their program. Didn't that approach and it's not -- -- where we're in now on the and for Republicans. An -- you know -- the whole part it would have to move more toward Saturn. And is it at some point in time on market disagreement that the president to hear more. I don't know Latinos in -- After American voters especially. -- also looking those -- -- big problem for Republicans that. Goes that population grows and the Republicans lose is that what about 30% -- now. Get an election you know -- and Google are being. There are -- number would dwindle even more special and you know and in the end of those fixes order. You know we saw that the Republicans lost Florida in the last elections primarily. That vote. In the Californian has been. Also Republicans were -- via. Automatic -- state and the change in and that has been. -- All the voters come -- from central. You know Central America of course Mexico so. -- and that's that can mean. 100 -- They cannot in Kenya to lose. Coral where. No but. They're the voters that are pouring in here from intellectuals Central America and the the Caribbean world where what you were talking about those those little voters that are shorting rolling along so well. -- social or moral and by the way those women's issues or. That's what action. The group that tends to be. More focused on. All female voters because of the government benefits. Let me let me take a break here won't come Rebecca. Let's talk about the Latinos side Obama -- that part. As in pursuing the roots of hopes of these two polls. And yeah. -- And while we. Welcome back. I think it about an article in Politico that basically says. Two major Republican group one of them back by Karl Rove did some pretty tuned in the camps are pretty conclusive. Focus groups all over the country and they came up with the results that says that. You know voters. In particular in the use in the midwest and probably soon. View the Republican parties and tolerant lacking in compaction silicon. If Bernie Parent and weapons. Bolster its older media opinion research burning the -- in the article that says. After the NC all that about one. These women polled think of Republicans. Republicans are -- good -- for 2014. Portis to pick up seats in the house and possibly take the majority and send. So with the black or voting pork in the round of voting for him. The women in the -- the women in the it would probably moved from women in the west aren't voting for him or the being carried by ID. Well that you know and if you looked at Chicago you'll get in your you dropped out of New York City ago. The Portland or -- in -- into the bedroom communities those pretty much in danger and Republican voters in this story. You're and that's where you're fine. Republican congressman. You know financial sectors of our Google started the state as a whole -- in the -- Democrat but. Yeah and you know that's -- Republican control. Congress and noble -- -- in -- bedroom communities. Suburban and you know and those types. Great. You know it pockets of voters there's they're still would you know a majority vote and vote for Republicans but either. But to make more literate and -- which they may not marry because of the closeness of some of these elections and you know the womb appearing somebody's Oracle's own. If the Republicans can pick up about victory -- more Republicans saying that about match -- to pick up forty in court. More than dictator accordingly. To pick up more than. It did it in I don't really think it realistic if you look at think the Republican. Field and you so maybe your. -- 1213 fifteen more congressional page with that -- Maxwell what cause of books between the email. -- women who are. Don't like Republican policies and you know than you've got inertia that is those -- -- were polka and and you. -- Latinos all of them. -- -- Grant applications. And look at that may be -- the likable and and in Maryland and new residents to this country sort of that'll and so. The other Republicans pretty much maxed out they may gain a few more -- goes Obama so. Usual popular. Vote. He's popular with those in power Democrats and being humble and Latinos and -- and you know all the other groups that. All the backbone of the Democratic Party so -- your question is prevalent. And they make gains treatment. The bottom line and feeling the most about is. There's ceiling isn't and they can't go much. That. This oracle and other reasons. Means that are Republicans and actual. You know and maybe just a few more -- says congress and maybe a couple more. I remember when wrongly was ruling. And reactions of a number of Republican senators congress people. I think I mentioned to you and -- Bloomberg Europe period mid term elections. Saying things of interest and and that you know people with the actions had taken. And then went -- -- good we -- who will we have all good news or reaching all my goodness look at. Look at the horrible results in the Latino community. Or the are they doing anything different and and can they possibly. Persuade Latinos. To come in their direct. Well. Yeah of the Democratic Party is more cohesive annual -- the Republican Party you know you and I mentioned this year's U and yeah immunity now and he added there -- -- of the people parties. You know literally destroyed to try and look for untouchable most people in the news a even Republicans and then. Fiscal conservative Republicans and all the it's when bush if you can look when bush proposed. Fixing this problem. He had more calls from Republicans and -- did from Democrat well no actually our sport that would help and perhaps opening giving credit. But it stood out. -- well -- a lot of them. Fiscal conservative has been thwarted because would be an excellent call -- news service is the country and -- that aren't against spending that many people watch open and just of them. And it's a difficult process and they even -- the president when he was popular. Yeah enough Democrats that we haven't seen any movement hold on. Immigration reform. Bush couldn't do -- in shortly. And it will do so. It's not an easy problem that six is one of those revise forward except by the time you. They -- store pick and an important and what they warmer bowl it's impossible. Bernie always a pleasure woods talked -- was learned some -- Moore's dude talked to you don't. Don't go to forward elections coming up will be calling it. Well brought always opposed as a talk review and thanks for -- -- and -- and I'm always around and yet we are heading into the season that you and I. Enjoy. Soon we'll be impeached but -- A good bit of Perugia. Covered up so we're coming back or do not go away and they'll they'll lose and accused trending in the top story can it be corn or use rector teapot from -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob if they are -- the -- explode through -- through W. And didn't talk about Ambien and it can be -- -- re really reached up to take. You'll have neurologist on sleep experts. Also on our channel gonna BR killed neighborhood association. Talking about their concerns and projects in more. Logical way over Libya bigger celebrity moral lives through via.