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Sep 2, 2014|

A couple of authors think that the world of the future, driverless cars, 3-d printing and nanotechnology will not only change the world, but deliver prosperity to billions of people.  Are you a believer in the future?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In a minute mini shows in the thing Tenneco a big -- technology and we're doing you know one. Absolutely. Fascinated by technology today. A couple of days ago watching the video -- bush ought to and shrewd. -- goal -- the division that's kind of secret. And you for remember correctly they've been working on this for a number of years. And if you can imagine kind of book of being shaped wrong. -- Harrier jets that can take over in the holy land horizontally. That that type of construction. And they were plotting and over performers ranch and -- -- And the thing -- in partial like regular play -- vertical way you look like. Had to be hundred feet Coppola and -- -- here. And there's a little rectangular box on -- Bottom it's on -- That becomes detached in its imagine them fishing line on that. And it drops down to the ranchers. Land. But it has sensors on it there when he gets closes it's like dropping elected walked out of spacecraft. And targets near the ground it slows down in just barely touches the ground. Sensory. The -- were popped. Fishing string goes back to the year corrupt. And the -- troop was deliberate. A bone treats or install. And it was Google looking at. Drones. Delivery. He's spoken to a Amazon is doing it and we don't somebody shows and technology via -- did talk to be experts to seat. Getting an idea what the futures like that is Joe's. Good advertisement. Put these mega companies -- urged its Ingrid through conceit. And thankfully we've got some busy time group Matthew Payne you political and policy and rather Cato Institute. Matthew welcome to shore appreciated his time very much. Did you see that video. You'd think it wouldn't -- -- these things did show a couple of months ago they get. Perry's book buying a company would like to -- -- -- of these huge drones in there. Run by solar power and they can see in the year of three or four months. And that I get about roaming -- -- over isolated areas that don't have the Internet. What do you or these possible -- are these just introducing -- that. The liberal and engineers that -- want to know how I don't actually knuckleballer despite that we think it's interesting. Quite telling that these. Companies are investing in its I think it's the equipment and fuel. That's an is that FaceBook old look at the protect you do with the white line he would dropped you can do with a good that Google. Has a project to -- white fight these balloons. They equipment drones and there at the very very strong correlation between. GDP per capita and the until a populous access to the Internet so I'm very encouraged by news that. And it wouldn't wind I'm not an engine era either Brooke. -- probably a little bit actually mine. One we know we're not salt its number one doubles amazed that the technology. Is an isolated rural areas. That don't have maybe the LA -- FedEx or overnight delivery. I envision -- was shotgun and using these for. Dude do you see. Into boy these things don't hack they don't shocked that it stolen. Well I'm sure at the technology remains in it and complete it will be a few growing. That you highlighted. Something else that's what keeping in mind is that wall. It it might indicate that the for the delivery of our youthful. To use it in communities the movies communities that ruled by. Government that have rather strict aviation regulations that might not like to do move spectacle and the -- unspoken around the country. Which is the same including I can think of a lot of good book but it -- people and repressive regimes and I could certainly be. Might have -- them -- -- in the long term I'm optimistic about it. All right let me take a break here won't come back let's talk about how does this affect. The structured -- we've got to edit the post office. Retail. Delivery. Or or are we moving in to. That you are shopping online how audiences expect malts. Take a look at the business side of it when we come. You get questioned you got comments dude do you believe this is in your future. 3-D improving. Delivery by drones and on and on -- Nobody dubbed -- big huge celebrity -- -- five the Ria. Once again we're thinking about technology. In -- Just looking at a -- -- -- realizes that two thirds of the world's population. Does not have the Internet that a zone where. Number I'm looking at its interim report. On FaceBook drones they build they bought the company and I -- tips like. Couple of holes and roll and in there you know -- they're almost as sides of jetliners. And they complied. Extremely hot. In the content that FaceBook is working and as they put all of these together. And they they wanted to get other like scope October today that talked to each other. And their thought is that two thirds of the population doesn't have Internet they won't bring them and learn that in these. Huge error. -- applying for. -- Google. At the thing gold project balloon in -- drones they have these giant balloons that are literally in the stratosphere. The -- their -- 300 days at a time to do the same thing. So. When I'm reading about all this I'm just wondering how does it affect us news that -- of future. We're Boe policy analyst with -- said Cato Institute Matthew -- Matthew that -- these kind of things. When -- on a personal -- to -- some cold lewdness. And their bread Amazon and they said. The one to figure out of the idea wrong delivering made sense and whether we were working. Then they won't see of pursuing your -- of real reliable service and so was it possible. Then the one Google could -- flying duke will be built in program. So that it could take -- openly and inward gore really. Accurately drop of age. In the engineer for all through companies Google page book in Amazon -- definitely yeah house. Does this change the business paradigm in this country in the world. Well -- -- long term I think it probably will at the moment indeed the current. And Ian and not being. Widely used to do things when we consider that in many parts of this we should be excited to on the one hand there is speed delivery of goods and did you mention Leo I think. He would have did this will allow people remote -- if you get things that the final line a lot quicker and that should be applauded and what twelfth and today. -- blew -- a development in which is the delivery all of its Wi-Fi and likely like it that this is still in its infancy but when you considered that the number of people don't have access to the and then you can visit the and -- that -- apple economic growth we should be very expected in the teams met. Allow people to welcome news comparatively easy and a lot to get around. Burdensome. And regulations or existing paradigms and that's magical fuel. Where and when it comes to road drones. The in FAA. It clenched incorrectly. Has not come up with the with the rules and limitations restrictions regulations. Yet but they're expected to this year. I've seen very more drones or legal in -- legal in Japan. Japan at 141000 certified grown operator's -- expects that in the US. I don't I don't see why not the media is difficult to come to grips with the fact that it turns out of anyway -- it states. And an increasing number of people going to be opening for a part drowned political recreational for business Lou we get it should certainly. The content and didn't get to grips with it's not as intelligent come up with only cute. Regulate the business and ideally of course there would be a few regulations. To begin with ability at the capitol. For the content. And Nunn Lugar and lawyer bird just a commonsensical. Equation. Bread -- listeners for -- court ruling. Where police had blown over a house on some of the musician. I notice the garden of marijuana and they went -- play and win all with the Supreme Court. And they -- the Supreme Court basically said if you're out in the open you have no right to privacy. Well these drones become ubiquitous. You know Jim we look at their neighbors back window bathroom window. Backyards. It is that going to be something that the -- problems. I couldn't believe he might create some problems people. Bill I'd -- I don't think many American -- many people the world frankly are going to be willing to give up. Private that part of the so that drawing can be used. That the labor complimentary. Because I don't think at the moment -- -- -- the stick a camera. And it's simply snap photos of them you know I -- about the -- war to private school. -- But when -- -- -- law enforcement like in there is. Perhaps in Hewitt addresses which is that little pull the drones used to only you know have a certain amounts of data retention. I would be upset -- -- -- we turn could go on between target and the main area. But that it would -- -- was going to be captain people could go -- he walks down. What you've had to be under the like -- was doing. That open them lightly but of course is not illegal. Full police to it the -- something illegal -- confident -- -- and I didn't turn the going to be enough for extension of a. Dead and the question and that comes from Amman and it is not so much will the technology come out. Jim we trusted -- god. Privacy breaches both of Google and FaceBook -- stated in mid. They've admitted to their collusion with the in this sage spying. -- -- in the -- Border thermos that few months ago from a company called Nast. And it's connected boarded doesn't connect his home temperature. He can regulated through -- prone through via Internet Google. As bought in the past so. -- Google knows the book to breathing they email your emea mailing. And whether or not true shivering or hot in your home. But it is. Or the company news gathering too much power it is there every -- point where. They have to be broken apart like standard oil. Well I don't think a private company that would be forcibly taken applause and I don't think that Google and expletive reached the boring level that the and it may. We the interesting thing is that with with the right of a technology. You know and almost all you can think of has been useful content at all. If you you you mentioned the they're all worried about the other -- about an Olympic book that doesn't mean we shouldn't. You know we'll keep our own companies like Google. I mean ultimately. That did the need to country who can't say is that -- preteen abuse or use Google FaceBook. -- I mean like it's increasingly difficult considering the number of companies like Google technical buying in the opening and be accountable socialite that it now. Com dependent on the services. I'm not ordered up in a bit of a Google. A long tube to issues that I have done over the last year that fascinate me. I had the a doctoral that I saw and Ted dot com making a speech. Presentation. And his transplant doctor and at the end of his speech. An assistant brought out a big PD group liquid and put on surgical glove. And pulled it out and it was a human kidney. Of which they had printed. On the 3-D. Printers is named doc threw the rug doctor Anthony get our. Then I had some people on from Japan. That have 3-D prune it cement home use. And fairly reasonably. Writes I mean they were basically some nutshell holds. But they did what -- the insulation that included. A wiring in the plumbing within the walls. Does that create jobs or does that take wage is is. Technology. I had a couple of authors on. That felt like all this technology was to make a lot of those rich. But I also have people that say no it's gonna take well a lot of jobs will will use. Little I don't know about Rick but also I think mean people. Are long. But would you consider is that. Something that can reprint all -- was what you wait that actually being. Practical but on it very. You need to see that it's that becomes. Doable practical. There's going to be an industry. That revolved around making these things than dividing them making them. -- slew it would constitute. Printing houses -- bad that maybe in the long term. -- Might hit some collective. Some audit and others the goal we beat them on for people to -- my houses and to do addition the renovation and things like that. That the final point -- you that we we shouldn't be afraid to because that makes some people are important to keep thinking long term. One final question. Probably. Three years ago we did the our pursuit reserve reports on Google and self for a car. And in virtually all the response I got from experts and from the people listening was -- com. You're indoors configurable Edward. Driving accord to the core itself. And even when -- actually just -- on the Greg like cruise control. Give you control again and an active in total control. There was there was virtually nobody I talked to that believed it. But today. We've got cars that parallel park themselves. That detect with -- radar where other cars aren't ball. Rear view mirror who's that older shoot two. The blind spot. The world where you've got a core of their new hints that he. Do you see that coming in do you see that making huge difference. Well -- do you think that term are going to be something that will be very very common in the future. And they will make -- different political make a all the different he was talking earlier about how technology. Might allow people to be great chip will you know you'll you'll that is particularly with companies right -- company like Lipton and it's conceivable that in the future that you could draw people be driven to look at -- program. You can't you be an improvement cop while your outlook and -- some extra money. And you know I do you think -- it's. It's inevitable. Or at least that you likely that we should be -- -- its effect on people like make a little bit about potential aside because of. Map viewer gets real and that technology used moving in at the neutral rate -- like have gone about 2000 more -- -- Matthew thank you so much -- a good day really do appreciate it. Coming -- actual talked to the director of center for transportation. And search. At the University. Of Texas in Austin and I think. This bird expert knows a lot about the Google -- and other technology. It appears fascinated. And you've got comments questions you won't believe it's gonna happen and why. It was called to -- 0170. Told -- -- in the country 866000000. And zero pizza. I do so much reading for the little thing -- -- Actually stumble on stories that I wasn't playing as usual and oral and videos have never seen before I hit one over the weekend. I think Brazil -- Australia. And was renters and their friends and all of a sudden couple hundred feet up. A -- grown -- be shaped wing appeared and was flying hours on virtually suspended in there went vertical. And end to end prohibits Dalia a package comes tumbling. Has little thin line to it. -- anchored in the vehicle and important it's grown slowed. Ariz lowly -- for the it's the ground. And and and rectangular. Module. Into and attaches. Groove back up to the drone drone group active. Park -- was way. And the -- enter opens of the package and it dog treats purged all. And and of birds -- thought it was just somebody's home project but it turns out. It's on -- -- project and queens developed by you know over the last couple years by Google acts. I think -- switzer symbolize secret long range search for an. And then. As usual Google. And upon. FaceBook is bought 111000. Small drones to -- Internet Africa cuts to Third World. Doesn't have -- and and then a pull up Amazon of course -- there's sixty minute please where they would drop packages that true of front door of by Borough and and then. Pull a page book warning to do virtually the same thing. And I said you know it's it's and talk to be experts. In people's. -- -- would feel like technology. Is moving and instead of Moore's law. Work computer. Doubled and shrink every 1218 months appears like X but in actual law or just doubled in doubles and doubles. -- credentials but he. So I thought it's best to talk -- experts get a better handle on what's happening the future maybe. Lucky enough to get stronger -- Director of the center for trend rotation which search and energy and Austin professor thank you -- welcomed the show. -- What what do you see is is this. Three mega mega rich companies shift playing on the group -- of what might be. Or do -- have some abuse in the future. You know. And it's a lot all -- it's not a lot at all is. I hate to not do too much we'll commit the drone technology and systems. I political develop what in the context so so strong. A patient. And -- so -- transportation. The big buzz today is that concept I'll drive it because. -- Because. Driving -- -- one that put an understatement Tunisian. Not a -- technology. You indicated. -- its side. It would be becoming obvious. Did -- Now that opposite the not issues how to be pop through impact and anyways I think that technology. Is. Putting much -- Dan. Thoughts regarding -- incorporate that technology in bits of patients. It would when it comes to the the driver callers so to speak. I think and pregnant from wrong. Google moon. Had. A group of cards and -- -- in Germany. Where they move them very much like a train. Where they put him back to back to back in the days Vick could. Kind of run in that vacuum by vintage car. And they all have the devices keep him from hitting each other. Or we're gonna see anything like that in the future where. Transportation. Instead of being gridlock. Will be for reasons of cars that you just -- All that the possibility totally -- odd that no question that they need. Should be improved quite substantially. And it was quite substantially simply because. Get beaten the human problem equations. And eight -- 90%. While. All crashes optical human and so I think he is certainly going to grow and you issue -- And I believe -- it shouldn't he probably and that's the beauty -- -- The whole idea all. Moving in that balloon because it. So close to 100 that's not only ought to do -- and rule then beat when driving. That group in order because global action reaction time but technology used. You could rule. And I would you mind -- -- it speeds up to debate -- short and so. About all the all important piece it all pretty -- we need to get all that the you know it. The bigger than the they're pretty sure I mean about the being all about technology. Improving patient in their life that you -- The one thing assuming that you would be -- being. So that's been let Paul or I'll be changed and that might look -- well. Now you -- Your -- look let me take a break right here let's come back and talk about exactly that how human behavior. Might be affected by and technology in particular -- lose scorers and urine expertise. Governor bill won't come right. Our web thing good about technology and we definitely have the expert on to help was dude that we have -- dot. Director of the -- report transportation. Or surge should UT in Austin. Professor -- so. Driver loose cars from what what are we gonna see one what's it doing forums to Owens. Chart. That. We get the can include CB impose a -- quite a country it and polite mobility to go out physically challenged. You know it is because -- the group and restrictions or because all should be getting or. So it -- the -- in activities that they would not otherwise. Now. It's. And quote you would be and fours. It shouldn't be in but he did it. Without crew from. Be drivers that by example. You know that normal -- -- need at least not much spot -- need to be cut and keep up. Because -- wannabe -- in the for. In extended beaded on. To get dropped off and -- you shouldn't need. That would be chatting all. Got an issue that we've -- all in what could be a chatty and -- that could be. But reductions in India. Bad right now has taken up by -- Game. Two people and -- box and out of business range in some open -- Public attention. Could be improved because you can cut a little what you. So optional com. Although it is. That and yet associated made but it weaknesses but. He says all. These coach. It is not only look at all the -- does it also look at were NG OQB he changed that all. Along the and the big companies are. You know on the issue anymore because he can be it would at -- and -- -- -- -- could -- be -- And all lose all going blow. Yeah my. Me you got it being within. Ought to be a mobile will be. Followed by the order you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- to sprawl of the on and might contribute to more like a problem. Or maybe we want not to do people want. I'll -- student probably the ball put. Media all the people it's like in 08 -- award looks like and they can. At an extreme. Media or decrease in a group. So you know I'm very comfortable. All I'm not doing. Law in -- providing. My own. Might want to go to. Look agent because our army. Has been control. -- -- short vacation so I mean. All of these sting you know cult behavior could change -- become yet you know. And that old. Public that these should be become our base and -- dot an indication. Shouldn't. Public but it doesn't really mean you. In India likes it so. All interest in issue interest in paying that yet looking. And focusing on the -- All possibilities. To see what it because. -- read it to drive because and that would be. -- -- Where in. The system -- at the City Hall or -- Our ability all those were beat up physically challenge. In all but you'll. As you all the attention all drivers. Who -- all people. Yet because I'm in it is. That whole. Action to pick -- -- that we couldn't and went with speaker. -- -- Are you and even that would be dictated by appropriate all that he and regulations. -- democracy hopefully. I'll bet you could be that report to drive because I want to cry so. I don't policy issues they Asian issue behavior. Issues that need to be talked through equity. And and tied. It. Professor. And Kimberly -- the future and it is fascinating. If you would would like to call you later date and in talks -- about it to appeal like we've barely scratching the surface. Good talk and -- Professor. General -- He would UT and Texas. And you should report transportation. Reserve would come in right back. -- I'd say whether it's governor -- -- obligated -- it is immoral five to reopen.