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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's back to the real world hope your Labor Day was breasts full and fun. It was the first Labor Day I'm literally head off in forty years of those have you who had to work. Now how much it was appreciated. We're gonna be trending but first wanted to tell you about the rest of our show the second hour is all about sleeping pills. Do you take them have you had any issues with them. By the FDA is announcing stronger warnings on a number of sleeping pills and we'll have an expert in to tell us all we need to know about them. Then at 3 o'clock we're gonna talk about one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city Irish channel as we continue to look at our wonderful neighborhoods. But no we trend with our exports. Dave -- governor do -- news director happy not to Monday. It is undisputed exciting it is exciting. T Bob Dave -- from -- Honeywell's sports department. The year expert made -- yes I didn't generous but it's called the best. All we can and for what a peek into what's trending in social media our beloved teapot. I keep calling you the best test of the consumer -- -- and much to the chagrin of your harassment but that's OK if you think -- all appreciated here. Unfortunately we're gonna start with just continuing. Horror story. A second -- Of a journalist. Yeah I -- has posted a video which purports to show oh. The Islamic terrorist group cutting off the head. Stephens so law. Who worked freelance for time magazine and Foreign Policy Magazine. Covering the war in the Middle East and the unrest there. He was last seen in Syria. A year ago August 2013. And he had gone there to cover the civil war in Syria and the growing Islamic. Terrorism movement there trying to overthrow of the government. And it's another case where it looks like the US tried to rescue him at some point. But could not successfully do so. And it appears he's now the second journalists this summer -- at its head cut off by the Islamic terrorists. As a warning message to the United States and that they called their video a second message to America. And I Wear this thing hey stop bombing in Iraq in Syria and everywhere else where we're trying to spread our Islamic terrorism. Because we will keep killing you if you do. As horrific it is as it is I just wonder do they have any clue at all that. This is just turning the tide against them. I don't know that they feel that it is because thus far. They're not feeling a whole lot of pressure from the United States from NATO from the western world from really anywhere. They have been fighting individually in Syria. And with a lot of success a lot of success in Iraq we -- over the weekend. Where they claim to have had success elsewhere in the Middle East. -- even capturing a US consulate so. And it worked for them the first time may be what they're thinking. We be headed one journalist and look we're still doing well they didn't bring the wrath of the US military upon us so. Hey -- -- the first time I guess they thought they could do it again. Their goal is very clear they want to kill all westerners and all Americans and they make no bones about that they want to place their flag on top of the White House. They have said publicly. And it doesn't seem like conjecture and and propaganda it seems to be. Truly emotionally what they've. Wish to and intend to if they're able to do. So if we have any idea of the numbers. Of people who belong to crisis well we know that at least a hundred -- Americans and a joint nicest but it's tens of thousands worldwide. You know we don't know with the US intelligence is on the -- in fact. According to the president they're still working on -- strategy on how to deal with the crisis which angered a lot of the president's critics. Since last week when he made that statement that. That doesn't appear that the United States government has a plan for handling -- beyond the limited bombings that have happened. In a few -- narrow cases and a couple of countries. We -- I'd. There's a lot we don't know about crisis. But we do know that almost every analyst who has studied both crisis and the other terror groups throughout our recent history including al-Qaeda. This is the best organized maybe the best funded and definitely the best armed. Group that we've had to deal with. That is openly declared war on the United States and and who is funding. That's. It's. A lot of the people who have joined -- sister are not your usual. -- -- suspects. They're getting money from all around the world they've done very well on the Internet. Finding ways to generate money through the united they're doing some also Internet terrorism. In terms of identity Taft and and bank accounts and stealing things like that. By a lot of it is through very wealthy. Islamic individuals who support their cause and you know ID with al-Qaeda you recall we started shut down. The bank accounts of governments. And of rich individuals around the world who were. Funding al-Qaeda and you just gotta wonder we don't know if that's going to be part of the strategy now because the president hasn't chaired the strategy with the American people. A lot of folks are hoping that that's because he's being -- and he's trying to. Keep playing close to the vest with the plan is but it really sounded like his recent comments. Were that. There is not -- plan on how to deal with it so will wait and see. You know what. This -- close to 20000 is the latest estimates. I would want people -- -- is no idling and -- but it sometimes I think people need to think. There is an organization we're all thinking about that very Smart very creative people in this country. This is a bad enemy nobody's denying that but were smarter than that -- via and I think we just need the encouragement of this horrific event is not going to go unpunished and we're working on it doesn't have to give a plan -- but we need to hear those words okay. And I think that the -- based on the reaction to his comments. About not about still working to develop a strategy. The overwhelming. Reaction. That I heard over the weekend was really. We don't have a plan and I think what people just want us to see the leader of the free world and -- of this country. Come out and give us some assurances that crisis is not going to be able to. Launch terror attacks at will in the United States and plant their flag on the White House and that. The threat is real we acknowledge that we know it's there we have the best minds in the country in the military working on it. And we are going to defeat this enemy wherever they are you know we wanna hear the presidential and -- -- that's for -- that it just tell us that hey we got this. And hopefully they -- Before they're 40000 or sixty and before you start blowing up here and Americans are dying. On that happy -- we're gonna take a quick break but we're gonna come back and we are gonna shift gears and we're going to be talking about. Let's talk saints and falcons stay with -- in -- And our crew today is day call one anti Bob May bear and missed teapot Monty -- it is so great to have you back I know you've been at camp for weeks and just working like a crazy guy for the seasonally involved in winning 40 yeah and now we faced the -- I -- Days away -- -- its it's finally here the saints vs falcons the oldest rivalry. -- -- described himself -- he's talking and it felt a lot I would argue. You know may be one of the best robberies it's not the best. In the entire league. Obvious you -- have your more NFL heavier northeast regions probably argue about it it really is but. I think what makes this rivalry unique -- makes this a rivalry. Especially. Notable is that how the fan bases react to the game every year and I mean Twitter oh man twitters that. Two orders of course easy place come falcons saints week. There's a lot of fans view. Really kind of adopted and yesterday they just everything you know it's cute -- itself black and gold all of their name. I'd change it every week and there's a lot of falcons' aggression and vice Versa there's a lot of falcons fans. But those same kind of accounts. Go back and forth in and that's just one little kind of new element to this rivalry but even before. I've seen each other on street always give each other hard time is just. To really classic football image what did these kind of games. I think that make Pope also attractive and so excited. -- -- I'm just jealous you know go ahead annoyed and then let's just his company. Try to talk it over the edge silicon all the food and what about. We're gonna win the issue is by how much. -- I mean. Is this a good falcon team -- do we know this answer. Expected by almost every analysts to go deep into the playoffs -- not to the Super Bowl this year what are the expectations for the falcons and doesn't matter rivalry game like this. Well this you know falcons kind of got the injury bug a little bit but I think there's potential but they definitely. Look like a much improved over last year they dealt with -- on. Of injuries mainly having healthy Julio Jones and Roddy White with Matt Ryan don't ball I mean is that that's huge and that's something that. Really that led to this -- teams were made on. Back in the day I think the addition of guys like. Jake Matthews over there and left at left tackle has made this team. Even stronger. However they're not as good as things on paper like it is if you look at it objectively. They aren't by -- you said there the -- battering nova that matters. Because it's week one and it's week one so every team right now as undefeated every team has a lot of company it's nobody's. Started and cared about their season discovered that you know maybe with the -- in the offseason didn't work or for whatever reason it's just not coming together right now. Everett is coming out of camp full confidence right -- ago pumped up field and like they're ready take on the world end. It is now for Atlanta at least in the Georgia Dome to hostile environment for the saints but. I had to talk to be hard pressed to come away with a win no matter how you look at it. Even a guy like Jake Matthews who will be playing left tackle in his first ever. Regular season NFL star which is incredibly. Impressive and Jimmy's -- times. He's going to be tested immediately and guys like junior way and Cameron Jordan junior -- hostname at that -- act fast Matty ice on the ground aren't over a dad yeah it's -- mean there's all go after the rookie kind of unique story lines. All over the field. But I think the norms is extra. That's what we wanna hear -- -- looks stronger and we are stronger. And we got good people we're -- -- after a quick we've been talking about this last week and again we wanna give. Angelina Jolie and not Brad Pitt their privacy they did it right they had an intimate wedding with their children which is perfect. But now the pictures around and so misty -- I think I just briefly -- -- -- but your thoughts. And excited about it you know I think that broke when they came out and they say they weren't gonna get married to everybody in the world got married. And you know that was brought up a couple times and I think anybody in the world would fault them for getting married because there's so generous when -- what they Wear veil well she were addressed that. Very plain it wasn't like acute heart actually address that was designed by someone from the fact -- so was white. Yet the white it was going to be white and flowing and she looked like a princess. I think was her bail. It was a very long -- But it had her children's drawings. Stitched into it so they became part so became yet they were part of it now. It was the very sweet it was a lovely thing to do. But when it draped over her dress it almost the dress look like she had a bunch of -- all over the dress the. Some scrambled under duress. Like the pictures and people you know like. The dress like that you know but it was actually. A very sweet gesture with a high. Would be me it was a hot she does she look so beautiful I looked I looked elegant yeah I would just issued a hot I would issue a beautiful elegant. I'm looking at right now that August 6 that -- and I it's not like a crazy can garnish in sexy kind of America style dress it's it's an elegant dress that the thing. -- review them kind of on the fence about these kids pitchers. I think wave drapes over the -- it makes it look like. Like if someone scribbled all over the dress. Is very sweet and you know that shows how much she loves her kids. Yes a lot of people would be. Doing. You know knowing that I -- dedication you know again until the kids two who really brought them to this point. They were getting pretty insistent when he all gonna get married at. So to have them apart of it and I think two of them walked Downey. One with like -- this man or something so they really worked that. This was a family event. At CNET that they involve their kids in their lives a lie and I like that about them yet but good. Yeah he did he couldn't. -- could you look man -- But we cheer them on and somebody asked the question do you think they made a fortune off of -- -- pictures and and People Magazine and the answer is if they did you you know they're gonna you know they're donating it sure there gonna donated hopefully to make it writer to certainly hurt -- causes. OK let -- go back to news. Very quickly and woman shoots man says he was trying to force into her home this is over at the foreign reporters at a very nice apartment. -- -- for those who haven't been between Claiborne and broad on pointers there's some great new upscale really clean look and apartments that have been there just a few years well this woman initially told police that she was in her apartment and a man with trying to burst through the door she got her gun shot him in the chest. But as detectives arrived -- questioning her apparently according to police she just shut down and wouldn't say anything. And was very uncooperative. When the man was taken to a hospital in critical condition he's been upgraded to -- stable. -- we don't know the extent of his injuries but at least they've got him to a point where it doesn't look like he's gonna die. But based on the fact that they could not get enough information out of her according to police to support. Her claims that it was in self defense. They said hey if you won't tell us what happened and explained to us how you felt like your life was in -- you had to shoot this man to protect your life. If you can't work with us here. We have charge and that's what they did they charged -- with aggravated battery for shooting -- -- test and we'll see what happens. As she does get a lawyer and as this case proceeds to the district attorney's office to the grand jury presumably in the and a trial. If she can support those initial claims that he's not talk. Now he's he was taken out of critical condition and upgraded to stable subsequent to talking to him as well I know works through at all but at this point they said that and charger because. She wouldn't help them. Support her initial claims that it was itself. Now you know we're going to have to break because we're going to go to CBS. Who's going to have an update on the beheading that we started our trending channel it. But we will be back and we have many more stories we're going to be discussing so I hope everyone will stay with this. And that's -- 31. Yeah it's 1130 seconds -- the very latest a family spokesman now says their relatives are aware of beheading video. And they are grieving they believe it is indeed true. That this freelance journalist who was kidnapped. About a year ago has been the. His mother just last week made an appeal. Just to heartbreak and the new user. These are real people and they're doing your job and and it is horrific. Stay with us we're back with our beloved people here -- Cullen T Bob -- -- five. They're talking about the price diapers that we're gonna go ahead and and move along here. -- talk about for small tropical storm forms off the golf. Of Mexico not near us. Now in fact and we we were having a little office pool this morning how many times you hear people -- say hello Dolly I. That's for Dolly and the old musical that. Most of -- don't know what it's from but they'll say it anyway -- tropical storm Dolly is absolutely no threat to the United States Gulf Coast it formed in the -- of camp -- In the southern Gulf of Mexico and every model. I'm exempt -- one that I've seen brings it right in the Mexico quickly one rumor has -- Donald dance around the golf but either way. There are no models of the -- this thing come up to Louisiana and even Texas. No no that's right it's only the fourth named storm of the season were almost at the peak. Of the 2014 hurricane season -- come late -- late next week. So if we can get over the top yes we just weren't named storms so far and none of them coming anywhere near us. That you are going to prosecute known as. You know my sister lives -- not waste south Texas very agricultural area they have had you know this catastrophic drought for number of years they need the -- They -- they don't want a hurricane hurricane. That they need that on into next on -- yeah that's right just there above sea level they won't fly they may have some not slide inland. Yeah but yet they need the moisture okay -- teapot let's talk about that we talk about diapers let's talk about Carrie Underwood pregnant. She did did she NASA and the cutest way did you see now I -- -- -- all our her dogs had on T shirts with that I'm going in big sister and the Netherlands to be a Big Brother. Q what do you tell -- how pregnant he has no she didn't say that let you could even tell us everything we -- then. And how they got a day I like Carlyle big kudos because she was on the something. Number Carrie Underwood played it and -- and yes this past Mardi Gras but she refused to ride in the parade and a lot of people were angry -- What are -- well I just gonna play my wife said that she's pregnant. Yeah I bet she's pregnant. Clementi told me many times and I. That's why I'm asking because -- she's like 67 months pregnant a white male I'll write she could be that far along I was thinking because she said if I were pregnant I wouldn't write in a Mardi Gras parade. So she didn't write you -- a great show at the end -- the extravaganza in the -- And that was fun but on what you wish she would have run you know but yet you don't wanna be thrown pizza -- well. Well and not for power any private time and there's no formula bathroom and you need about Katherine. And -- break. Yesterday when she posted the picture that it wasn't clear arrested OK either. One even the dogs mama seven another letter -- Or -- pregnant because. -- happy for her she's a good talented human being. Moving on right over to sports we gotta talk LSU yeah. Crazy game play Saturday night I -- -- strikes or gas man miles adding to his his repertoire did what most amazing stats -- divert the come -- of -- game men and lesbians. Kinda had an all over this weakens your watch sports and you probably saw but LSU is now in the miles there. 22 and 21. Win losing in the fourth quarter that's the only qualified facts that means. It they're losing in the fourth quarter they actually have a better chance of winning. -- they actually losing which is it's absurd is that should work like that at all there's not even other team in the country. That is close. To that kind of -- is -- nobody even close. To being 500 bucks us over. 500 so that -- I could not believe that usually teams if they lose and go ahead of the fourth quarter they're done in every now and then you might get lucky it maybe even if you're managing thirty. 40% which is great when Lee's report -- to leave -- -- you -- fifty he's over 50% that is amazing that it. What was -- that fake punt that. All of that that would have reason they won his that was the momentum shift eighteen and I think it was his gradual I think the from Canada. Larger standpoint I think this is the strength conditioning win for Ellis you. The strength and conditioning coach at LSU Tommy Moffett is. A leak he really is he's many of the guys in the SEC Alabama -- coach many other schools all come. From a market school and he's someone who as a player my favorite coach together played for because I trusted that he was telling me to do something. That if I did it it was only going to help me as but he -- Jessica it's put you in the best position to succeed and that's what he does all of his programs. Focus on fourth quarter focus on finishing the game -- -- being in better shape. Mentally and physically than the other team is and if you watched that game it really is a tale of two halves and by the fourth quarter. Wisconsin was tired they were out not they were getting beat on both sides ball in the battle of the trenches especially. Between the offense the defense of lines that power short I completely shifted in -- she's favored by the fourth. And that was constant almost looked. Again heavyweight fighter who was just call real and I would describe the fourth quarter the four down. Conversion on the -- on how to that was kind of like to -- the field goals were a couple more jabs but and they have third and 21. And and not only do you not stop it if you're Wisconsin. Mile jog your -- scored to have you with -- embryo she within three. That was that was the hay maker and after that. Wisconsin -- and it's up shoot themselves in the foot in the Kenny Hilliard an excellent game he -- closes game now a stupid question but why did they -- Houston. Is it these neutral site games are something that's down. More recent phenomenon and you try to get too big teams. To play at a neutral site and you know you know pop out the crowd worked as 89 miles you -- -- They are I think the schools realized the offers so many advantages you could not -- For the amount of advertising the schools get my plane in this game the build up on he has been on all the channels news mean your brand gets out there. And especially in Texas where culture that -- fifteen players scholarship guys their roster right now from Texas it so it's invaluable. Too wide to get out there it not only for local even national TV like we played organ now she went -- years ago back in 2011. There were people from the West Coast where my sisters my mama whatever route that they all. When -- talk about LSU because they all game was hyped so much in the offseason and everybody was watching it. That first night into it just expands expand your brand -- -- crude debut in. Then in a new system like today with the college player of all things held equal. In your conference -- with nineteen a look at of people who did you go and play did you challengers. And already Ellis you as a win over. Fourteenth ranked Wisconsin team which is. -- waste our season. And they will reciprocate they're gonna play -- next time they face each other will be at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin which is also recorded quote neutral site and it's not. In Madison but it's very close to Matt Ryan Atlanta Houston it's close to Louisiana dad should be interesting though because I expect L issue will travel better there. In Wisconsin did here and that's not like quality travel open the glory and that's not NCAA and not even saying like oh well she's fan base -- jobs. But land but it is such a draw that. I've -- Lambeau is such a draw it's like I described as like a almost to Mecca. For football fans and I've won does that mean that'll probably the only time I ever go to limits -- -- I can't wait and choose. Stay with -- we can't wait for the next trending right after this we are back with Dave -- team Bob Hebert and he thought. And funny what we're talking about that got all excited over year we're talking about the the pictures that have been. Yeah from the celebrities -- Yes. It's like Jenna -- aren't Ariana -- day it's gotten. -- eighteen or nineteen via -- Palmer these are pictures they took of themselves but somehow. It was leaked they -- it clout yet they were in the cloud and a hacker got in and release the pictures. So and -- then. FBI and we we learned today that. Now the FBI is getting involved they want to know a if these pictures are real because like Jerry on the ground is -- says that those voters to fix. Any of her when she was underage. They could be and we had that happen with the High School Musical star yeah. A few years ago was. Anyway more those words pictures she had taken self fees for himself knew that she put out again on the web but. The FBI wants to find out how could hackers get into the class out. Get these pictures out and release them and whoever did it they're trying to determine exactly what crimes they committed in and what they should face if they can and -- And -- -- brought up the good thing in the break about the article read before I read in forums and it asked is that a sexual crime if your pictures get released against -- will. And why it should be it's something that you're doing in the privacy of your own home possibly with a spouse or someone that you're committed to. And -- -- I know I mean. That we should be allowed for your pictures to get released and no one -- there's a large loud voice they're saying. You know personal writer at night but. It's the risk is always going to be there Stevie he and I -- talking about this -- you like when I'm married. Talk about this last night and he was saying you know the Internet is like the wild wild west -- there's so much that. They don't you know that they don't police and -- police it's actually situations like that because he's having to fight against that. But then you have to question the people say well why are they taking nude pictures of themselves up like him. I don't yeah -- if there -- celebrity on the know people are going to be looking for that stuff like crazy and hackers are going to be after from money -- I think that maybe he's -- united you're trusting a company like apple. Being able to protect your information I think that really taking nude photos -- that's just the natural evolution -- -- -- people the big picture of themselves. Forever -- all our camera or nobody camera from all the time and even you know -- action is actors celebrities and their entire lives. In front of cameras have for them to be sitting their naked brushing their teeth whatever it wanted to bring doesn't seem. Like crazy to me. At all they judged because there's cellphone pictures but I friends who get all must step for would walk photos yeah. I mean I mean -- you does -- -- he -- everybody almost every single person yelling. Has taken a picture of themselves. With self from making it's it's everybody you know is a picture around my little irony I would -- over it would be it would in the vast majority. Would say yes well I guess I -- -- jacket you know. I believe that it I believe that if you want you -- pictures now make with yourself out. In the -- scene there. Well you know what we're gonna try -- odd key bottom -- -- under the tigers pitcher he was all of those sneakers he's upbeat -- at all. -- -- -- -- -- Our CBS. Tech expert says if you don't want your nude pictures being packed all you have to do is. -- I go with the two factor authentication on your Gmail and apple accounts yes and no one can ever get to. How come these people that know that before. If you're just happened and you're not trying to play. Different real quick Michael Sim. That cut. Yes my exam got cut I mean it really good pre pre season nobody picked him up off. On the practice squad this and I'll say about it. I believe that Jeff Fisher made the best decision for his team you know I I could see the -- of Hawaii would be enough to make that team. And I there's no hard proof that other people are -- him because he's gay but. I'm also not gonna sit here and taped outside of the realm of possibility. For some teams. To be maybe discriminating against him so. It's one of the situation got to see how it plays out but didn't get picked up the season could be tried in -- yeah yeah you can always try Allen -- -- our interest from the CF now and and -- will blanket and assure the -- -- felt that that's around you go Marcus ball just made the saints roster he came. -- from the C about to being there for a few years but I just a lot of people argue about what -- gay or not and I mean you know. It deals all the others you the best T Bob Hebert Dave Cohen and teapot thank you stay with -- everyone we'll be back. Last few seconds what happened to the guy lost his job. The CEO of -- -- plate which provides food at the superdome and lots of other stadiums in the country was seen in July kicking his friend's dog in an elevator one year old doberman and picking it up by its neck by the leash. Today he announced he's. Stepping down resigning as CEO because a hatred and anger that is generated by his video his Dokic while thank you guys I can't thank -- enough in my.