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9-2-14 2pm, Angela, Sleep Disorders

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Do you or someone you love have a sleep disorder? Have you ever had a bad reaction to Ambien? Medical experts warn sleep meds like Ambien can make you do weird things like sleep walk, sleep drive, sleep eat, etc? Ever happen to you? Plus, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to snoring and other sleep disorders? Get your questions ready for neurologist and sleep expert, Dr. Caroline Barton.

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From WWL. The news dog in sports leader needs Angela -- an open mind. With New Orleans legend and Angela hill. Call 504260187. The toll free 8668890. It's seventy -- -- -- at age seventy. 870. You can also tweet Angela at bay hill WWL. Now live from the heart of the Crescent City -- Angela. All the stories are bizarre but the real. People in a sound sleep driving their car in their underwear until stopped by police. People who not just -- while sleeping. But bacon cook. These are real cases that have caused concern. Among those studying the effects of sleep aids sleeping pills a multi mill billion dollar business. But those aren't the only concerns. In a relatively new study the concern isn't just driving an eating. It's the greater chance of death and cancer. Millions and millions of us look for help to fall asleep but we need to be alert to the dangers. Here to talk about trying to get a good night's sleep. Is doctor Caroline Barton a neurologist at the -- issue Health Science Center who practices. Sleep medicine. The doctor is in you can give us a call of -- you have had any problems yourself or. Just have any questions to 601870. We thank doctor Caroline -- very much thank you -- for having me we loved having you before and this is let me tell you so many people are affected. Or are in need I think maybe that's what it is of a good night's sleep to rent we had a couple of reports one of them. Is like seven years old the FDA calling for stronger labeling. And Ambien and -- is listen to what is it. Estella nest I'm sorry and eleven other drugs it wasn't just in his two Palestinians an -- one that helps me aside and in was because or in reaction to. These kinds of reports for a so that was seven years ago we're still getting those -- reports. Of so -- changing the medicine and getting new reports. But damn well. You know you can't. Indicate just one medicine because it can happen with many but. More recently in what seems to be more abundantly. On reported -- Ambien. Part of that is because of its kind to Anderson it is and it's also -- fact that so many people take it. Some people report having. These very strange behaviors and Ambien insomnia as what they're now calling calling it. On because they're taking higher doses at the Madison. They're taking out the newer CR form. That may have delayed effects. And there are also trying to use the medicine and bomb as a substitute. For all the other things that are doing improperly to prevent them cells from going to sleep so the then rely more on the Ambien more frequently and -- higher doses and that's. Often when you have from -- the side effects report what is ambient. We'll Ambien is a medicine it's a sedative that's a general way to put it. And dom it's not completely like the -- -- days -- teens legs annex and valiant but just kind of similar in that it com. Of partially affects the same Reece actor. And it. Has do with gamba which has particular neuro transmitter. So it interacts with that receptor. And I've spoken to people who take Ambien of specially -- I don't think irregular and look at and they never had a problem we have to say that as well. But when we do hear these reports -- -- for kinda goes back to. To that. These means waking up in the middle of the night and baking bread. -- -- -- -- you wouldn't do it -- if you're under the influence of ambience because. According to my research in the things that sometimes my patients Tommy. Is they're doing more automatic things and doing things that require. A tremendous amount of high high level function like for instance. You know the fact that somebody my drive. Is not hope that surprising to me it's announced really dangerous which it is but just because driving is to a certain extent pretty automatic. Com and also giving him dropping only partially clothed meaning. You didn't have to sort of put on too many close to get started you just kind of automatically locked car put -- which have done millions and millions of times before without thanking. And guess what you really don't need that much thinking to drive their car or walking around in your underwear. So a little higher level thoughts. Might be another issue. Yes on -- You know every time you examine patient -- in the hospital he might have might asked them pointed questions to see how alert and aware they are. And people -- Almost invariably. Always oriented to themselves they know who they are the know whose -- spouse of thirty years it is the me. They're much more likely to know where they are in -- and the date. So in that line of reasoning I mean you may be able to have a fairly simple. Conversation that you may not be able to bring up the finest points the law or -- the tax code or what happened. So your government when you have patients in the hospital hours sleep but talking to yes they -- me it even when their when their actually. Quite delirious. They know who they are. So they're certainly years -- have kind of awareness and consciousness. That can be present it fairly low levels of attentiveness. Com where is so anyway when some that the reason I'm bringing this up is because when people talk about these automatic behaviors. There might be awaited distinguish. Whether they're kind of pulling your -- or not because. They might be able to they would be very likely to you know recognize a spouse of thirty years war. Talk about really basic things but can they talk about really. Difficult subjects in -- yes complex can they hold the line of thought he can they elaborate on. -- a little different. Is it. Ambien and that group of drugs. Not -- -- for instance Valium -- used Valium just a touch of Valium at the beginning of the procedures specially if it's IP that's intra vascular. On intravenous I mean on in order to actually induce forgetfulness. And so if you're if you're suggesting that Ambien is similar to some of these other -- so dies at pains he may have an argument. They're not exactly alike. I mean. Surgeons don't turnaround say here take a tablet Ambien before it is procedure you know Hartford but -- you know but it's it's close enough. And and and in some of the -- and read some of the people did involve alcohol. Yes and that would be that would would that really major transit -- it can come down and it surely can't. But I I definitely head of patients that don't drink. And or if they do it's so rare that they they actually talk about it like it's a big deal. And they still report you know going to this refrigerators and opening freeagent eating things in making things the you know I will notice I know something like difference in something in particular when patients excellently implement she's very slams as an eating problem. She'd get up in the middle of the night and -- make these things that she normally would never eat. Simple things she wouldn't cook a student she's eating crackers and you know cream cheese. But the thing that's out of character aside from the kind of -- she eat with the fact that she didn't clean up behind herself and -- in the creek. So it -- points the fact that Indian kind of just suppresses that part of views that is good about disciplining -- about the executive decision may teen. Creating hopefuls line of thoughtful decent. Sort of create a whole. Argument about. On May -- in in you know in a courtroom. But you know you the party views that want something like food or wants driving or maybe even. You talk about who wants to have a sexual experience for the way that part of -- is operating. Pretty strongly that the part that disciplines you. And exerts. Function and and exert control over that that tends to be. Maps of that course subdued Shelley's. This is fascinating. Stay with -- everyone we're gonna continue our talk about sleep aids with doctor Caroline Barton right after this. Do you struggle to get a good night's sleep have you tried to various sleep -- that are out there. We've been talking with the doctor Caroline Barton -- LSU Health Science Center she used a neurologist and she does sleep medicine. And there are a lot of people who need a good night's sleep and this -- I was so this is like god made medicine. But sometimes we hear these reports that kind of freak everybody out. Yes we hear about Ambien but we were talking house. Yes how CN is something that. Is sort of before my time and I have never personally prescribed -- it's considered an old fashioned drugs. But they're very compelling stories about how people would take them on flights to Paris. Get out of the plane. On time and would conduct a day's business and not really remember anything about it. Now the question is how complex for their actions are they shaking hands and introducing themselves in handing out cards. A worthy. Conducting very tense negotiations. On I doubt the latter I. Think it was probably the former but still it's amazing that somebody could go through holding and forget it. What's -- what strikes me is that I'm in the case of Halcyon. On this was up possibly a longer acting drug and I am not sure from the reports exactly when the person. Took the medication before they. The point is and I think this is very important to people. First of all not every single person who takes medicine and -- up having a strange. Strange experience because most people would not take medicine if things and really thought this would seriously happened them. It is unusual. But remember also as I said before a lot of people are taking medicine and then expecting to just. You know take an eight hour medicine and jump out of bed and six hours and do what they need steel and other words. They're still not giving themselves enough time to sleep even with the medicine. And and Ambien and all of these other ones and we do should mention them the ministers and the rest rules of the things like that. They are supposed to last eight hours not every single one like there are some that supposedly. App -- last only four hours but. I it's always tell my patients luck. You have to be the one that decides how long something -- outlasting your system because people metabolize things differently. Com but in general most of -- things one prescribes lasts about eight hours. I do usually ask patients to give themselves just a chance. On a day that they don't have to be anywhere. To see how they do with a particular dosage and then see how long last their system. Com because Sunday may be surprised that is not just. Seven and a half -- on -- more like an eight and a half for nine archer. And also I think that the mistake people make is that they will do something like. Drink a lot of coffee. May be drink wine to wind down. Eat a lot of food before they go to bed and not exercise another with the do everything they can to impede their own sleep and then expect the -- cancel out all those effects. Put them into a deep restorative sleep and then -- and tweaking up really great the next morning. You can't really have an off. Everything that I've read has said that. One should not be on the ice for an extended length of time. But if if you don't have any problems with these pills and timing of these tips and crazy things when you're reading about talking about. What is the what's the reason not to if if if in fact gives you a good night's sleep. And the value of that sleet to your existence during the day is important. Some. Think you know if somebody is. Mean you know a Smart individual on they've decided that it works for them I don't see why they can't actually. You just don't want to. To give people pills that they actually expected take the rest of their lives at that they have two or that they can -- -- com. And people and the funny thing is when you write something in you write it with a number of refills people actually -- should continue to take it whether they needed or not so. You don't wanna force them into a pattern of thinking that they have to do it but but the same token I -- -- it helps and it's and sleep is very important for you. If it helps why not come. One not. Why not I mean I think that's that's very much the questions you know when you when we were talking about this there was a study that came out. And men find it here but it was. And -- it yeah. All of this at creek -- -- -- game. You know I'm talking about anyway he said that. They found that. 28 was 101000 ansari get it -- -- 101000 patients it to actually be appeals. And then there were 20000 people and they they did the study and they said that those who took sleeping pills died four point six times. As a off and that's a weird way of of of saying it. But than those who didn't and that was. Some even just taking eighteen pills per year. Isn't that interest. Yes. You know I have to look at that study myself on much are closely. Sometimes these things are associated. With. You know a bad outcome because of the population of people that are in the study that are taking it perhaps some. People who tend to be very sick take these pills are. What have you so. Yeah it's it's not always clear but com. I always think that you know it's good to. Take it getting back to our previous discussion that it's a patent and maybe -- of this study. Bomb that it's good to take it when you need it and then fine did you know time to have a vacation from the medication and just see how you feel without it. But -- and UH I I can't verify the. The no accident that and I don't think it's something -- but I found it interesting that the stock to critique you as one of the authors of is obviously upset with the FDA because he -- In the FDA they were he was looking at documents -- it was showing that many of the rats that they had done in the study. But weren't that dying of cancer and yet that wasn't part of the study and I -- why wouldn't they publish that. Right well. I mean. As I said before I mean it's it's the way you select your population. It really is the way you selector population. They could have just gotten a lot of and and it's also how big the the study is and how many different articles because even though it sounds like there. Lot of people. In the study and there were actually a lot of people not that it just sounds -- it. But you have to look at all the different variables they were setting at the same time and then that that shifts the proportions. I want everyone to stay with this and I'm so pleased that Jill please stay with this we do wanna hear from you we're gonna have to break for the news. But would be back with doctor Caroline Barton. And Jill practice I think we all value certainly as we get older. The ability to have a good night's sleep and that's what we're talking about him talking about. Do you believe you should be taking up -- if it if it does give you that good night's sleep. A doctor Caroline Barton of the LSU Health Science Center neurologist is our very special guest we love having her here. And we have a caller Jill thank you so much for holding during the news. Thank you so much this is such an interesting topic I think for a lot of people and -- the people that can't sleep problems. Which I'm one of them and I went to -- aspect department. Whether. I've been taking them for a couple of years now and I don't know would do it but I get a description. Ten milligrams but public enhance. I take that chance at night. And it helps me go to sleep and I tried them over the counter things that tried. Melatonin. You know I don't watch television in my bed I. I do everything to the coup but something in my brain just not does not. Turn off that night and and I I have no repercussions from it. But I'm not even try cutting back on you know that little bit that -- but I don't take it actually. I can get. Well you know you may be one at the people that. And it is very self regulating and that you know what exactly which -- -- should be and you feel good about it and I personally don't have a prom if I really think that the patient is doing their utmost to do it to take as little as possible. And he's -- the do you understand you know what the risks are and they determined that on they do pretty well I don't have a problem with that. Parenthetically -- sometimes insurance it is. To not like to give Indian thirty days at a month because. DC and their correct that it was approved by the FTA. Come only to take part of the month it was not supposed to be in every night thing. And so what they do is they'll say a cable TV fifteen pills or maybe 25 pills that we won't give you the full thirty. And then the patients kind of wonder why and they're using that is. They're using the FDA. Approval protocol. To determine how many pills to give you but in any case on. My personal preference is to tell a patient. Listen on line is see what I actually am a little burden of worry about with Ambien is simply that people tend to have that you eight. To the dose and so. -- many people actually you'll start out with. 2.5 for five and then not slowly but surely have to escalate up to ten yeah bomb. And it's because they're not responding as fully as they used to the first week for instance they ticket so what I'd like to do is to say well listen if you have to take it. Frequently on take it. Maybe five or six days out of the week and on the seventh night. Either taken very reduced dose or do something else entirely to say you won't and we call habitual meeting that you won't get. On so used to the effect that you no longer respond very well -- Frankly I could not take the time really had tried that and that that didn't work for me it made me feel crave it just. It was a weird. Well it's very interesting when nine listened and not you know not every patient comes and says oh I can take the immediate release not to control released. Sometimes they just say with controlled release they don't get a good enough. Sleep and they'd rather take. This the more immediate release. Bomb but I did see that several people report on the Internet they tended to have more of those insomnia. Excuse me those amnesia events where they behaved in a weird way and woke up and found out later that -- had done things that they didn't expect to do during -- sleep. Well thank you so much is that it's so interesting and I really appreciate it. And the question though I have I have a dialogue -- -- and she's very young and start having sleep problems and like an old. And -- she went to a -- Clinic. And but it was all more about those -- and you know wearing a man's skin and having. He noted but the breathing machines yes this is C -- and -- without about it's completely different. Well that's the point I mean. If somebody has insomnia that's not related to other medical issues then it's much more likely they can resolve it with. Many behavioral. As well as you know pharmaceutical. And medications. But on for those who have for instance sleep apnea especially really bad sleep apnea appeals not going to total simply. In fact that's why getting back to that previous article that Angela spoke about. -- you know. I have a hard time understanding him -- eighteen pills and Ambien a year can cause cancer. On I also think that possibly. Part of the reason why they were relating -- -- to. Death might be because the people that had to take a medication. May have tend to be sicker than those who don't have to take medication. So. Getting back to what you're saying when you're talking about seat -- they actually have. Breathing disorder. For different reasons that have nothing to do. Probably with why do you have insomnia. Thank you. And Mary thank you just so much for calling him. Not knowing and you bring up the issue of of sleep apnea. And and and and I certainly known people who have suffered with that and -- can be very scary. -- but sometimes it is weight related to sometimes as it is. That that other things that they could perhaps address right -- solve it totally that helped it. Right and you know France cents. With weight related sleep apnea SE -- is really lifesaving. They may also of course actually a first line. Treatment for -- relayed its obstructive sleep apnea is losing weight some people actually get very -- surgery. To. Do so but. You know the reasons. So the strategies for treating obstructive. Excuse the strategies for treating insomnia. Due to severe obstructive sleep apnea would be totally different from the strategy you used to treat insomnia because she drank too much coffee. -- -- Or didn't exercise enough or. Possibly and there are some people that. Com. So -- -- may be some people that need to do that don't have. As many of those their transmitters and that's why they -- get to -- that's very different from argue -- leaders and taking melatonin. You can for some people sometimes it really helps them. So Tom I think everybody has to be evaluated differently and not one treatment Taxol sizes -- people. Stay with this everyone we're gonna continue our top with dot Caroline Barton of -- issue -- if you have any questions to 60187. Well we are back with doctor Caroline -- talking about just trying to get -- a good night's sleep and Russell thank you so much for holding. Well yeah -- is -- -- again. So now and maybe I don't -- worry arms only. How they noticed order in the -- long term problems. Nobody taking. -- -- now on well with Benadryl. Tom first all it's not. As dependable some of the their medication I'm just I'm not trying to poke holes and if -- and and I love it when people and just take over the counter staff and -- not changed her prescription that's fine by me. Well first on May not be you know as dependable and that you tend to habitually to the effects more than the things. But since you're Smart just to take it only. Three or four days a week that means you have three other days a week you don't take it and then he can kinda get out of that habit tuition notes so it sounds like. You know it's gonna remain more effective for use than that somebody took it every single thing. I think the question is though why do you have to take it and a shift work schedule or something that. You know actually it's it's kind of it vote -- situation right now just got -- and so on and it looked that go well. Here just it is hopefully it's. -- -- You know the other thing is. You have to I mean everybody can answer for themselves how they feel in the morning do you feel on your game are you able to. To. You know -- right and and and alert in the morning after you've taken it. And Alia. I know that sounds very you know it here where. -- Just some people have insomnia winning a hard time getting to sleep and slowing their minds -- And so just taking something at night to help them drift off to sleep it doesn't necessarily have to keep them asleep which is yes and sleep and there are people. It's harder to get a medication that can only puts you to sleep that keeps you asleep because that implies it's a stronger medicine and -- longer acting. Which means it's more likely have a side effect that kind of billows out. You know over the expected sleep time and makes it harder for use to wake up in the morning again. -- so M but -- there are some things some other things she can take on over the counter including something really like a whole foods called foreign ma -- about PH -- GA DA. It's there. No it's pharma -- it's too -- form of that neuro transmitter. That is involved when you take Indian or even gallium. It's yeah and that mobile. That's on in created people who have a loan. Amount of the -- in their systems. Tend to have very busy mines tend to have very tight muscles and sometimes that's just something you can take. When you wanna go to sleep that'll help just put to sleep and relax relax your mind more than an -- Pharma and gab and a GP HPH. A bar am me like pharma. And the other part of the word is you have gee isn't. Girl he -- and boy. And -- it sound like in there and it would like. In the supplement section. I hung. The whole food and wholesome food. And probably other places but it's pretty well known. And that medic that the medication that it's I guess -- holiday new notre suitable. You liked that better than melatonin. Don't depends on I mean. I think it's it's good it's it's tastiest Ruble and the key for a lot of things that you take over the counter -- Because they're less powerful and they should be because they're just there ever. It just taken by people that may not understand all the different side effects makes sense that a for the -- should be a little weaker. And -- get from a doctor but the heat and that is that you have to taken on an empty stomach. And -- and for Benadryl to be as effective for melatonin to be as effective for many things to be effective. Yeah for Ambien and some of the other medications people take at night they work much matter if they're taking liberties Stan. Empty stomach means this it means three hours. Per year. The last flight of the previous mean. Over three hours after that and that -- he shouldn't really be eating too much before you go to sleep because that's like giving yourself rocket fuel it helps you stay. You bring up some very good point I really for preacher calling Russell. Followed by dark side note thrown him out there and get illiquid securities and then yes I did yeah act also -- very good. -- Bernanke and I'm Russell. In order to go to -- very briefly sleep -- happening Dan. -- -- -- This is. You were talking mostly. For. And I wanted to get your opinion. My psychiatrist. Oh several years ago. I'm out -- what was. And interest which said he. And I didn't consent to sleep at night and not every hour and get and so be very. Sleep tonight and com. Yeah. Apnea and make him a cap and let me Indy. You know full. I'm they treated. It is. So -- had -- -- -- -- his age and say. You know what. Sleep in certain that there are going to have to stolen from me right. Okay well you know what I don't know if I can answer this filly but the thing is I would make sure to get she -- study to make sure you're on the right -- see pat. I would also make sure that you're on he notified -- pat you have the right size nasal mask and the pro vigils to help. You wake you up in case the C tap this in doing the work it is. The right amount of work for. I hate that we're out of time I can't thank you enough to stand on surge and we couldn't get to you doctor Caroline Barton is the best. Then we'll have you back is so like my number get help people stay with a seven.