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9-2-14 3:10pm Angela: on the Irish Channel

Sep 2, 2014|

Angela's "On the Front Porch" segment focuses on the Irish Channel neighborhood with Ryan McCabe and Jeremy Smith of the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association.

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-- hope you got to listen to what were always so appreciative when. Not someone like doctor Barton will come over and help us with any subject like we were talking the need for a good night's sleep. And we just in to keep alert on the importance of one asleep that -- you to take a sleeping kind of pay attention. To how much you're taking -- etc. but we'll do it again. We are shifting gears here we'd love to visit our neighborhoods and today we go to one of the most special ones in our area. And that's the Irish channel. Joining us to talk about their neighborhood are two members of the Irish channel neighborhood association. Bryan McCabe and Jeremy Smith and I appreciate both of you being here. Thank you for having us. We have busy lives but you're here to talk about and this is why I love it because it's a chance to people to brag about -- where they live why they live where they live. And and what makes -- -- special and certainly the Irish channel -- his very briefly in 1977. I moved to the Irish channel. And it was again a very long time ago but even back then. It was a neighborhood in transition. And I'm sure this transition many times since then. But it was exciting to live there and one of the good things is there were a lot of elderly people who had been born and raised there. And I -- just a couple blocks -- cells park and it's what was and then you had the new new people coming in just a great mix of great. Feel loving neighborhood and I'm sure that still access. Certainly. Does the amount of change and transition. That we've seen since we've we've lived there as. Remarkable. It really is a wonderful neighborhood. Tightening community. Neighbors stop being very workable Greek accessibility to businesses and in all the good stuff it so give us the parameters. Welcome to the north. That. What would any with any New Orleans never qualified that -- any New Orleans neighborhood. There is bound to be some disagreement as to where the exact boundaries are by. Usually people site chops to history on the south than. Jackson avenue on the east and Louisiana on the west and then magazine street north. That's a great. Quadrant. It really so tell me about what brought you two to the neighborhood. Well. I'm I tell my story is far too long so it's just go along and that's. I went I went to a school. I started in 2004. Graduated in 2000 and so storm. When I graduated I was looking for -- place to live because I want -- all here and make home so. -- having gone through -- Katrina ordeal started looking at neighborhoods that didn't -- during spark and it's the -- channel was. Was top my list because it was so close to all on things on magazine street. Parcells bar and in all sorts of other. Quintessential New Orleans establishments. And again didn't flawed which was a major consideration. Architecture it's fantastic. Ginger bread -- in -- and precious and it's it's it's just so New Orleans that. I want to -- so I've lived in. Optional since 2000. That's great and what about you. I can definitely. Echo that sentiment in and I moved to their neighborhood because of those reasons as well. And another is that's convenient it's between you know the CB he. Uptown to great central location I believe that it's all the businesses around there that I frequent are. Are always a home with and a quick. Walked on the world's worst driver zone knowing that it's literally two miles from my door to. Downstream from. Studio where I work. That's you know it's it's good for public safety. Yeah now that's -- to let's talk about Katrina -- we always do with the neighborhoods. About. If any damage was done you didn't get water but was there any. -- wind. The -- Well in the house I purchased was partially. Renovated by. I'm somebody who is flipping homes after after the storm. Michael a lot of people like that sometimes. It doesn't get completely gone so not all the wind damage was repaired and and since that time -- Pretty much completely restored house which is then a labor of love but it is it's been fun being able to. Helped bring life back to. Structure that's over 400 years old. While it is over -- hundred I love the architecture -- you're right gingerbread when I think of anyone adjective to it would be the gingerbread. I have a Greek revival I didn't look out get gingerbread. But just being around to the different mixes of architecture is. Is -- really. Some could be -- IA then talking to the neighborhood and I mean. You know people around the block in and within the organization. A lot of the damage -- land from Katrina -- -- that he's trying to there was no flooding in that area there's some downed trees but overall. You know -- faired very well. You normally do we're gonna go to the caller wanted to put our heads it's on it's I wanna talk to -- -- -- -- -- I don't Angela I'm good. My grandmother that that -- view and Garland and Atlanta early elections house drawn into that or lower street you know should come hopeful Chris let's see. Isn't that something. In the world is very very small were talking now almost forty years ago. It was a wonderful neighborhood and that kind of thing. And there was a wonderful. Wonderful lady who lived across the street who was up in her years and she. Literally was born in the house she lived. Married in that house raced for children in that house and then was once again living alone in that house. But those kinds of relationships. -- are your aunt and uncle still there. A pajama pants and 1980 and -- look. After Katrina with a dollar -- Artfully she's she was born born there raised well Abbie what were born raised and I share. 86 years. While well plea and give her my best. -- OK thank you them. Silicon destructiveness neighbor. But that's what it's really about we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back. And we're gonna talk about the issues Irish channel is facing today stay with -- we'll be right back. Well we're back with the Bryan McCabe and Jeremy Smith they are members of the on Irish channel neighborhood association. And we're getting to know their neighborhood. Again that's one of the grand old neighborhoods of of our city and done just has so much history and fun to it and and still does. Let -- talk about what we always talk about with our neighborhood groups. What is happening on the crime front. Well. There has banned. And issue on Washington avenue in particular. Involving -- retail establishment. That has been. It's been an ongoing issue for several years and I'm I'm. Pleased to say that that recently. I don't PDU. I believe they were working -- in concert with the FBI. Has. Undertaken a large draw extra drug staying at at that particular -- outside of that particular retail establishment. So what were hoping that. The removal. An arrest of people involved. Will will will be a positive just kept me positive change for the neighborhood so that that's that's the most recent. Accomplishment. That that. Somewhere. And I really have to commend NO PD. And former commander Marty is promoted. They do an excellent job. -- visible in the Irish channel. As well as you know following up with crime reports and did you have monthly meetings. That there are open to the public. And they go over every crime. And I wanna say that. For our area crime has been down recently. Well that's good and if they've. If they've made a big -- like that you'll see the ripple effect. For -- well about a year ago we you in the neighborhood association was studying having its own private patrol -- Who like the Garden District and we have the crime statistics Ron. And out if you take away some of some of the -- wire crimes like a few drug related column. Violent crimes then our our crime rate in terms of property crimes burglaries. Muggings car theft etc. it's it's almost identical to the Garden District which is. Surprising and bitten it's definitely get things X one I moves in neighborhood in 2008. It certainly wasn't that way and saw things I never hope to see again. But ever sensed that in the neighborhood it's changed it's been for the better. But do you all do crime cameras and all of that. Wheldon. Somebody asked that there there's a website called safe -- -- dot com and it's a network. It's a network of core of cameras that have been installment -- who brought the entire city I think they just reached their 101000 camera. So we've had discussions as the neighbors' association. About participation. In this website. -- this large monitor and sort of network of cameras. Sparrow they've they've had some success -- within an unknown number of our neighbors have started participating in that and we've been discussing. Getting more crime cameras involved I know that Harris has a grants. For people who may not necessarily be able to. Four cameras and to install them their houses and councilman councilwoman Cantrell has also. -- partner with never should an association to find additional sources of funds for more crime cameras because of their their demonstrated successes. Now that that's sounds terrific and we've actually done shows on that it's a great network. You do have to do that initial investment but after that and -- and it helps it helps the police and as well a lot yeah. It's it's it. That actually brings to mind a recent stalker one of our neighbors from about four blocks down the street had her car rear ended at. You know one or 2 in the morning. And she looked at her camera footage and it turned out to be another neighbor. From you know if the news not from her blocked but from somewhere else in the neighborhood. But through the -- neighborhood associations FaceBook page. Then she posted in or this is what this car looks like has anybody seen a car with the Boston up fender that that total to back my car. And it's -- low and behold she actually identified person who did it through the FaceBook page and her camera. So and that's taking policing into your own eyes and it was within 24 hours of the runner emperor. Now that's you know that's good news and so but hopefully they ended up not enemies the different. This happens that -- put it and you know it's the new world the new world of media. Let's talk about what everybody has talked about and that. -- Yes yeah for the team ever present ever growing number of potholes. Again yeah I have to commend the city on the creation of 311. IA have used it in the past to report miles an Irish channel and they've done a great job coming out. And repairing them and that there's a difference between models and just generals streets I mean streets in general yes. The do it would be nice to have. Streets like other areas of the country sometimes but but that we should live so long but the but in the streets are regularly -- and win when something the size of the crater well for hours. When it just takes the two front wheels. Right right so about it but you know I think it really brings up communication with either your council person -- the city and what you're saying is the 311. Gets it done ultimately. And if if it doesn't com. Councilwoman control's office. She has once staff member in particular who is basically assigned to our neighborhood. And he he's our liaison for any quality of life issues that we may have and I don't PD has. The same sort of person and I believe the mayor's office also has acquired a quality of life officer that you know we can. Report to whatever we're experiencing issues so that. All three have been incredibly responsive whenever we've gone to them with with a problem that we've. Needed them to address. -- that's very good to here we we often hear the other so it's very good to hear that you've had a a positive. Situation we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back. And talk about an incredible woman. Who was inspirational to many. Who has lost her life to a disease but has definitely left a legacy. Who now led by the Irish channel stay with us we'll be right back. But we are joined by Bryan McCabe and Jeremy Smith as they talk about the neighborhood they live in the beautiful. And as they would say fund Irish -- it's not that doesn't face that all issues that we face in our community and they fight the good fight because of good relationships with their councilwoman and and the city. And each other but I think that's. Great tribute is being made to a young woman who has lost her life. -- Morgan who was just from and I understand just an outstanding leader in the Irish channel. And that that's right Carol where is the president of the neighborhood association for I believe. Five years until her recent passing. And -- actually the person who got. Me involved in the neighborhood association judge army involved in the neighbors' association. She -- right around the corner from -- And was an outstanding outstanding leader. Any problem any concern that any neighbor had that she would find away to help them on the -- It didn't really hurt or hurt her involvement really ran the gamut and she went above and beyond the call of duty in that regard. But. Unfortunately -- was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. About. Little more than a year and a half ago and did that that's that's not. That's not a good prognosis and -- stayed on as president of the neighbors' association. And despite going to MD Anderson com. You know weekly at some points for cancer treatment. She was Saddam still right in the neighborhood association -- still hoping our neighbors and she still running circles around both of us. Which is which is really really remarkable. Unfortunately in July. She did -- disease. I can't say lost the battle because her her whole life was a string -- well. Successive wins now. But she's done she's done so many great things not just for the neighborhood but for the -- for the state this whole. You may be aware of the bill that was just passed and signed into law by governor Jindal. Regarding. Abusive tanning beds by minors while Kara partnered with. State representative -- rain now. And they've. They went to the house of represented in the Louisiana we've seen in house where Kara testified before. The the other representatives. Regarding the harmful effects of of tanning that's his she'd use -- that's herself when she is. When she was younger and perhaps that that led to -- melanoma. I mean there's there's a strong calls that went between two. So ultimately. That bill passed and and tanning beds -- -- -- be used by miners now and and Kara was solved. With governor Jindal when he signed the bill until lost one and this is. A month before doubtful now she's right until right until the end. Yeah she was fighting for what you believe so -- and she's she's an inspiration to us on we got we got big shoes to fill -- we're gonna try. Well on it and I know that -- Jamie you took over from her. Yes zone I was elected program coordinator. Last year and through the bylaws. And the line of succession. -- became president and after passing. He's doing great -- you all are doing a something in in memorial to her it is AM a fund for the shade. That's that's right one of the when she you when she was diagnosed one of for rallying of one of her causes. Was providing shade for people and the use this on screen. So. -- was a die hard Marty -- fan and she would be out on saint Charles and an eighth. Every Mardi Gras rain or shine. You know passing -- on screen to people -- for the day parades. Even on a cloudy day you need to Wear sun screen especially when. Yours is fair it's. And it's issues she's on she's got a great influence but. Her other her other. Kind of companion cause was creation of its structures. And to win. When her life was in its final stages and she had discussions with a family members and friends and arts. And -- won't what I want you do it is. Try to builds shade structures an -- -- on -- to listen Louisiana. And at Burke park. Which is and chip law man two thirds streeters. Now -- -- public parks where a lot of young children play. -- That for the most part open expanses where there's there's really no shade so what what we've done since she's past is we've taken up. You know collection we've. We've run it through the our show neighborhood association. We made it the -- association project so that contributions are tax deductible which never hurts. Anything. But the the neighborhood association is committed to building the shade structures. And so far and in only a few months we've raised 101000 dollars from her individual contributions he's in -- aren't even corporate contributions. That this is these are Irish channel neighbors. You know people who were influenced and helped by Kara digging into their own pockets and it's you know writing out. Checks were. For this cause so I think it's just testament to it. How great of a person she really is that that she's got that she's doing so well with grass roots level funding. And so it is when you say change structure you're talking not just trees but literally wooden structures. There there there are a combination of steel and other materials. Designed to withstand some of the armed. Some of the Louisiana weather issues that we sometimes face. But. But yes Samuel basically pavilions. Yes so that's great. Shade structure yet. And -- if you're familiar with Paul -- they have one up there over their playground equipment and that's what we're looking to do as well. And Burke brook park. So needless to say anybody is listening who you know have to live in the Irish channel to believe in what what this woman did. And really it is her legacy they can make a contribution to the Irish channel. Neighborhood association. Address. -- On the -- channel's name on the Irish channel's website Irish channel dot org. There's a link for our column for PayPal and neglected donate that way where there is a post office box that we've set up. Where you can mail a check if you prefer to write a check. You make it easy. How lucky she was not to have had you Walter continue to attend that you had her. To leave such an impression on neighborhood. Stay with the second one will be right. Well we're talking about one of the older. Neighborhoods in New Orleans and that's the Irish channel. With Ryan McCabe and Jeremy Smith and -- and you -- now the president. I'm so sorry I'm looking at you right now -- -- I guess Jeremy you're the president yes. You're the president do you as president of like a game plan for the next couple of years. -- we're really just following in -- path right now. You know engaging. The booster club -- the neighborhood lines -- You know children's programming stuff like that it. The parks are definitely on our list. So yeah. We have our our core issues that were always concerned about. Crime as we discussed earlier economic development. Securely. Because our our neighborhood borders magazine street. And it's a very busy court or and Hannity and economic development is land use and zoning. And then we also have the and we will also address -- from time -- time which do you have much of an issue was behind. No in the market the market takes care of that down. And then it's I'm happy to say nearly every house on on my individual block. Has then got renovated since the storm mean the transformation days is amazing and it's it's great to see that the these beautiful structures have been. Have been rehabilitated. For another hundred years. But we have all these programs and Jeremy is known what what you talk about how -- neighbor's patio or in other -- You know and things that aimed at increasing neighborhood solidarity. Definitely -- we have a very active FaceBook page and sometimes it can be easy to say things to your neighbors. That might not otherwise be polite or what you'd -- a person. So come idea to get people offline ya off FaceBook and definitely engaged in neighborhood businesses that -- Tracy's aura. Saloons and how happy hour enjoy your neighborhood and your neighbors and in person. -- -- I would strengthen our community even further and so that's started that civil started this month. -- that is a great idea and I think. I think people want that they they do wanna know their neighbors and then if there are issues than you can as intelligent people face each other. It ends there but that lets try to resolve. It's it's interesting because this is the first neighborhood. Were actually neighbors. I've lived all over. With New Orleans now for. Even when I live far. Avenue for -- -- Melanie. And -- And anybody in my mind my building alone you know the building next month so it it's nice to be able to say oh -- -- story. You know that Sarah across street might lose that angle from -- us. Shot out. Today appreciate yeah but it's it's it's nice because it for differences this Mardi -- Because complete idiot. I thought I saw somebody breaking in Mike's house he was he just said houseguest but. You know I might of called NO PD because if your neighbor it's I mean if your neighbor's house is burglarized. I think your neighbor did you suspect that I -- I mean it but it's if you don't know your neighbors. Yours you're almost reluctant to do yes so it's I mean it's great it's it's classic Jane Jacobs eyes on the streets. Now this is saying you've got it you really. I have often said post-Katrina. Some of the very good things came out of a horrible situation. Was the strengthening of neighborhoods. And neighbors and but the understanding that we do depend on each other and and two great leadership. Yes chairman Smith. Following in the footsteps of another great leader. You'll only make that neighborhood more cohesive. We definitely look to do that and there's always room for improvement we're definitely on the path. When it comes to zoning -- that is also an issue have you had issues. That's a loaded question visits are dead that is -- loaded and somewhat sensitive question. Because I think everybody. And you know -- this is not necessarily. And neighborhood sort of issue but I think everybody anywhere. Has certain issues with you know what businesses they want. And whether they want them. In a location proximate to their house. And especially in. In the neighborhood like ours where off street parking and we re -- You'll have dissenting viewpoints on on whether. You know magazine street should be further develop different stance -- that that's a debate in which were. Currently engaged and down. Trying to sort out. I can tell your lower here can she handle it yeah. You know both of you were wonderful this is it's a tree you've taken me back to a a special time and place them. And I hope people if they haven't enjoyed the neighborhood they shouldn't. Is it just isn't real and in just a real new world statement. Both an architecture. And what you gonna be doing with parks. But thank you thank you both very very much everyone stay with this we'll be right. I want to thank Bryan McCabe and Jeremy Smith so much on telling us the story of their neighborhood the Irish channel. And I wanna say please join us again tomorrow we'll start with trending and we'll go from there. Thank you so much for listening today.