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9-2-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints and LSU football

Sep 2, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk about this weekend's Saints-Falcons matchup and discuss LSU's comeback win over Wisconsin with Tigerbait.com's Bryan Lazare.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk alone indicates he came -- BA bad I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program. Was over around the National Football League in the 7 o'clock how it is game week in the NFL in two nights tonight. The opening game of the season the third tonight affair has the defending world champion Seattle Seahawks at home against a team that many feel is one of the tops in the NFL -- to -- in NC. -- -- the NFC north for quite some time it being. The Green Bay Packers we'll talk about that the Saints Mets opened highlight a handful -- big game this week in opening week in the NFL LSU coach less amount stuffed by for his weekly visit -- the Tigers. Enjoying this week after eight come from behind 4824 victory. All the Wisconsin back in looking back at that how LSU flip the script. In their favor when you go back and look at what L issued he would. The offensively they do is put the clamps down all Wisconsin Wisconsin's final five drives of the first half. In the second and second half of the ball game. Nineteen plays 32 yards three place five yards a punt three plays eight yards a punt. Duke plays minus two yards and receptions eight placed point three yards in the session. Three plays minus two yards and upon the on the flip side LSU was turning up over -- over to Mario the total offense in the second half. For the Tigers 38 snaps to oratorio six yards per play. That was a difference in the ball game -- candidate LSU defense dominated yeah and their offense came to. Would think you know it's courageous knows goes to show you. That all coaches have been. Evaluated -- forest in the fan base how critical they could be. Big got that LSU game there was constant back Japan based their -- -- particle. -- they look at it is in the net no but I mean after the big run they're looking at OK we ran nineteen plays. And you get it -- ten times and run two times. They take the approach he should -- ran seventeen times and passed only two. Now that might be conservative. But when -- up on the road basically a home game -- who you have 24 to seven. Cooley came word about. You know plugged his penalty at a medal but we now all I want to beat him would kind of wanted to humiliate him in their backyard and I think that's what occurred. When you play the percentages. There was one driver had told you. They waited for the bomb at LSU Davis have backed his ego was content receivers that was true like the varsity against the javy did and when he'd thrown a complete who would have its clock stops. Now they completion. You scramble you're out of bounds is fourth in three whatever the -- -- of 22. Where if you running the ball. And you think about it that's possible. You looking at three or four minutes. So if you truly try to win the game. A you don't get any scalp poised to bottom line is a deal 10 loss so I think that's what it was constant fan base. Was so angry but you gotta give LSU coach miles. A lot of credit. And you brought to sub last night. Look around the -- you look at it when Ellis who has even are behind a fourth quarter. -- what he's like 2221. Point to win 22 ways to anyone losses. I think that next Catholic is not like this next best coach is as well on the 500 -- I mean it's -- like there. AT and eighteen dollar on the 500 so talk about closing out games and winning in the fourth water. -- coach miles. The best in nation. On believe what he's done with their winning with consummate point two games on the -- -- -- -- in the fourth quarter of those 22 points fifteen have come against teams ranked. In the top point. So yeah yet elegant it was your opponent and it and so you know you gotta take -- also -- -- consideration and big I think big win was so important going far I don't know -- is gonna do. Candy get that in wins. -- depends how the team matures a holiday gain experience in game hitting game out. I think it's a kind of a great scenario he can -- BK -- needed to. When all of a sign okay you to grow as a team you guard against Sam Houston. Now Louisiana met -- obviously. Step up. You know that they do is beat ACC team a Wake Forest which is so should be banned and look at Mississippi State went era. And now they haven't had success against LSU but it's an SEC team yet so do you come away with a win there the New Mexico State. They'll. -- -- pint of zombies really different programs. And Louisiana. Even though that the states Ku could beat New Mexico State. So a bit right and -- can have an opportunity be undefeated. And you know obviously going -- will know how talented -- going to be but it it's it's a great opportunity it's almost like the games Kyle. But it's almost like getting a team ready through pre season. And Auburn's got a dangerous game that we can that we definitely an issue they go to Manhattan Kansas on Thursday night to play Kansas. Kansas Jayhawks know Kansas State wildcats and hinted that the team last year wasn't -- -- best that he's -- the year before that remember they were. They they've beaten Baylor would have gotten the national championship it was -- any BCS bowl so. That is a little later down a lot senior right anti debate back out violence all will be will this also today. -- -- date for the Saints and Falcons owner Tom Benson statue unveiled outside the Mercedes-Benz superdome. We'll have some sound from that covering -- college football for CBS sports icon Jerry palm will be what does. And if Falcons knocks Bodine who cope with the Falcons and SEC sports plus fox sports south will be -- -- What's up with the Atlanta fan -- only three point underdog and to Saints. On Sunday from 78 -- -- around the National Football League preview week one in the inning affair. Well they didn't get any better -- Thursday night. I haven't talked about this for a few days now because I think that's a playoff game to start the season and are you kidding me that's like Seattle would have home field advantage. Against Green Bay. That match up our our match of the Saints in the Falcons I think just because of people wanna see is Dallas that bay and San fiscal often Bryant made attempts is on Dallas. And the and you had Denver and Indianapolis those of the big with a not so Baltimore Cincinnati in two yet they definitely. Days. You know review of the schedule how they've planted no it's amazing -- -- I'd say I'm critical in the NFL by a lot of things in. Roger Goodell is critical also hugged Jim -- Irsay. Can only -- basically get six games. What he was involved in in that would have been a player. The I don't know doubted indicates. But -- 500000 dollar line of what is that that would be. 500000. At the him. I don't know -- -- like fifty dollars and then when you look at it in the big picture so. I don't always agree with NFL and how they go about things with a scheduling. I think overall on -- ability to -- you'd need one more meaningful games. And -- pre season games but as far as the matchups. Ending now the makings meaning -- trying to do that within the division it is season nothing to do an awesome job and today it to me right now. You look at Seattle could be Seattle an honor roll up in the looks like -- gotten better on that was pre season. About about it I don't know a lot do think the Packers don't have a chance I think you have a chance because Aaron Rodgers. And I do have this the Abington divas could be better another loss. What the big kid the big nose tackle Biggio Roger and beat Iraq yet you gotta have luckily entry this evening. The guys -- give -- to say you know -- loss of big stud. Only Darnell Dockett went down with the Cardinals I mean I'm a big play yeah likely to get his influence and you want teams to -- to overtake Seattle that's why. We're talking it might take I don't know thirteen fourteen wins even have a chance animal NC -- an Odyssey is gonna play out. But looks right now before you -- going that it might take that kind of season truly great special season to be -- NC. All right we'll start looking ahead to saint of the Falcons will preview the Atlanta each and every day of this week. Bus coming up there tonight it's a course like crowd are All Saints players show a gentleman that was on the blocks and -- Made him an awful but the Saints Mets an awful lot on special display this week will be number 2.5. Raphael Busch less miles jaundice a lot to get to four hour as we call all bases here this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Is the case you came Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia the NFL fine. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay. 5000 dollars and suspended in six games at the -- -- your team to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Is it fair punishment on not to cast a vote online at W did you would. Blood beginning it's fair out of the gates is compared to a player. I mean if you had a bag full of pills. And that would've said a misdemeanor. Did -- pay -- -- the mean it's -- yeah I mean advances. Lawyers taking care obviously his situation. But I'm in. I mean does he need to be there even after six games and if you -- trying to make a statement. And you try to influence an owner and heard him be away from -- team for a year and -- mean there's really -- team. You know -- -- head coach and general manager what is the owner of the owners is. There overseeing. His kingdom. But I mean now Irsay probably has -- -- kind of like Jerry Jones. Brian but realistically that -- the it could be good but he could be also very bad. If you look at the Cowboys went Irsay I think he's not you don't just go hang out and -- -- and enjoy his product or enjoys team. So I mean if you truly trying to make a statement. I think that should have been more a year. And -- fine I mean the money's kind of irrelevant because I guess and I don't know pirate 2000 hands probably. I don't know fifty bucks 5000. I don't know you look NFL franchises were close to a billion. So is so what is what is that truly. You know saying now. Now I think he did agreed. Drug testing. Ending not on building and ins and outs of that if it's a whole year. But now now now that -- and I can definitely. You know point him in the right direction and influences life. You know and in and help them out. I could have a big impact him going forward -- Stanley. But as far as -- the suspension was enough in the money. I mean I mean. Far without legacy and what what is that ten NFL -- On no but I mean if you if you go by that compares to the players I mean they did any b.'s wife the only guy to gain you have a date change at desert and it -- On -- -- that a -- you know I guess after this one and all of you what thirteen games and -- -- yeah yeah yeah I mean look as Roger Goodell would domestic violence what is now things gains in the -- I think the thing benefits and now years and all of that Glaus is that he did the same thing is that you know I'm not only in the I was wrong. When -- do is -- -- know we feel like affair but moving fall we need to be tough. The same thing with that would Whitney made everything getting now as a coach you have immediate he'd have no idea he did the at the officials or what were wrong and Angel riding he Beckham's fitness but what does he do. Let -- get some offers. Right it is the first time I think he did do it is I think what I read and I think that Roger Goodell did acknowledge humbled that he made a mistake. And he'd and that's hard for him to Duke -- he don't want to admit. That he made a mistake and in the always why he stated the center as a mistake because. In this day and age in and obviously the right way to go is not publicly correct them on to gains. And then. Was the receiver the -- and involved I apologize Garnett -- and you suspending them a year in his assessment whether it was second and small but not enough I know that -- got to get his life straight he has problems. But it is -- initially wary of priorities. So when you -- as that and you look and where Roger Goodell is that in. The one thing he has the come down harsh on the owners. But. When you think about it that's who hired him. He can be two hours -- you know and you know -- at -- but hypocritical thing scenario when all of a sudden. You know we had him as the collective bargaining agreement all -- gonna take a dollar in salary. You know he's he delighted in a tunnel. The it would you talk about his salary and incentives in the bonuses. I think you -- 42 million dollars going -- all week -- a decade taking them. The I'm telling ya think last year look at it's it's -- -- like forty ominously I'm just atop my hand like 42 million dollars -- -- -- started to leave. If they opinion that man that kind of money what kind of money he's he's controlling for them to me. I just think about that yet remains Megan Vick found money. What kind of money it's that they -- into owners his office he's channels. They allow him to make that -- What about by 220 and I mean is not an unrealistic look at the TV contract an apartment there in NFL. No no matter what city you're in. Now I'm looking not necessarily now. But I'm talking about these five features that now use on NFL team is with a billion dollars but I mean you know it helps the NFL's situation scenario. I don't know when NFL's going back to -- as an obligated stadium situation ethics. But at the Clippers -- at the -- a word to -- not know they overpay for that. Well what NFL team in LA. I've come on that's why the Raiders are we surprised McCain Emmitt terrible stadium and open I played in -- -- and -- my old stadium. And 1985. It's a baseball stadium where the a's play. I mean it's like almost as they made you look where their two -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- seat stadium. Of Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. Old old school have to Pittsburgh Philadelphia Atlanta and rfk stadium. You know it is kind of one of those tiger environment in Oakland. So going forward whoever ends up and LA I mean I don't know is that -- and it tubing dollar franchises and franchise in a bad habits that every franchise. Uncles but. To say you get the -- when you look at the paint commissioner Goodell. In standards that's out evidence as a bonus and a 42 million c'mon how many executive seals -- whatever. The get that no matter what the company. The richest company in though and in the world is because NFL the only NFL team as you dominant billion dollar franchise he got 32 of them. All right we'll come back a much more and senior right -- -- -- -- I'm Brian as all is what is the B video -- time is 430 have a person -- we'll go to Jim Hansen. And welcome back NI CU 2824 victory over. Wisconsin on Saturday night and course at -- way just about as long as they could get Lincoln once again at Roland. They started rolling senior right at tiger bay dot com Brian was on -- -- now Bryant had a chance to go back and look where a coach miles had to say today. Your thoughts on LSU and -- one concern was is going into the contest the string of four L issue with their offensive line. And in a ball game they wanted to stress. I think that was the biggest disappointment ninety. You know you have an offensive line now. -- Elliott or not they're. You had three returning starters. -- to a going up against the Wisconsin. Defensive front. Which hit the road returning starters so you think it -- if you -- and it there and it wasn't until -- what -- You know -- Ellie she began to run well people say that second half they didn't do anything until look. The three plate. Drive by Kennedy that was burst on the run and gain work in then on the last judiciary absolutely. But at street your particular issue. Twelve running plays 89 yard direct that night at about thirty -- on the right -- so well. They didn't get going and it and and you know what I don't know -- Wisconsin didn't lose -- two starters. Particularly you know mark I Arnold -- if you ever would have gotten -- you know. The players today. -- you know let. It is in the election one. You know it is really -- at that point now that the offensive line. Many mistakes in the first at that guy on the wrong why it would better. Talked to a couple linemen in and day out basically I think our line you know. We made mistakes in the first half breakdown in communication got better and but you know the well at the bit is the most experienced part of the offense and they cannot board but the offensive line. And a bit eat you know they were fortunate. To the line to play well for now order quarter and get a win against ego. It was Scott currently in the order that he's done yet. Now Brian on the flip side now we we expected this Ellis shoot what their -- Bears might be solved in the middle crystal like that or. Holidays suffered in and it -- told me it is this final status and I on the L issues are gonna win. -- as you look coming into the game. If you look at Melvin garden what he would entered the 2014. This season as active leader in rushing average and eight point one yards while he averaged. Eight point eight yards so we did even better but after that long run. I mean nine in that finishing with a 142 yards and sixteen carries. But only because the ball three times and -- Wisconsin fans. Talk about dejected. They were like what are we doing -- doesn't need to take the -- the ball the last nineteen plays a wanna say they've passed and and they ran nine. Where I don't know they were trying to go but it juggling really may be humiliated -- ballot of embarrassed -- -- but -- -- -- plated percentages for his clock management. -- win that game considering when they were up 24%. Well and here's another. Well you lose less fortunate in that Gordon didn't play and it spot came out eat and -- her late in the ya. First it. And it -- And it's funny after the game. -- Internet well what was the problem I didn't. Gordon carried the ball after the long rot and it -- it was was spot well. It threw them a computed one of the true that he's that out he had a little issue that well when he that issue. I am Lleyton that well actually not and a little injury. It but it was okay. And you'll on a sixty yard run near the part that back in. And that was the end the that was -- -- -- what happened after the sixty yard -- -- it appeared committee. That well he bought an. Injury time. Probably aggravated in the long run -- I got the impression that you didn't. You know he didn't want to go back and reading the quote think Orton and may now we're talking. Two days after the game. You know he's that made the guy I should communicate a little bit battered the epic that I could have gone back into the game so it. Like I got a little bit of the week been -- didn't really want to get back in the game and -- -- one. He was out there in the second back and do most of running -- issue at that point you know back in the box and and you know Clement is not court and then they'd have a much except that in and start on the ball and Alec is secondary leader right you know. The quarters of good faith he's good in nickel and on guys are good that that was one part -- she's been good all night whether secondary. You have a grind out solid to bring up to the you look at the lack experience at Wisconsin wide receivers to me they would like to javy going as a varsity when you look at LSU's secondary. And to me I think what you look at experience. And I think it does make a difference you look at big gain the Bulls Jalen Steele and males and jailing Collins -- a two year Letterman. I mean just Doug Collins this several big tackles he made. Then it says about males but overall they seem real poised. And it would definitely was Beverly was up for the challenge I thought I mean probably two -- better games that a tiger uniform. -- you know it tight coverage on the corner men and covered by the eighty's white out. Are -- that they mark -- marketed and Gail O'Neill came up with interceptions. Do when he comments. Albeit slight comic corner going Collins got hurt late late in the game that was primarily you know that that dime back. Made four tackles in his limited light. Shuffle in the secondary will go out and let out a lot about Jalen column today it physical -- if you beat the. A quarterback late and the corner tackled very well and you know. Well the front seven struggled early. There's no doubt about that at but the secondary would would that all night and you know everybody's -- team improve the most between week one week to a football. What. It's bloody plenty -- areas LU improvement between week one week here this week. Brian. That miss imparted senate. Paula and post succumbing did it did that today -- mean it was a big deal and not having him there was it was a that it wasn't just. Wisconsin has -- to get a good game plan I mean how do you factor in and of course it just is like all of a sudden they started opening holes and after the third quarter. Well -- They want. The -- and went out to see your nose guard -- -- -- -- one. Talking to vote they did today. -- you know that. They would jump around and get it. Constantly attempting to do differently. Yeah I'm gonna say not having Porter went back now gonna have ordered this week I don't. I I think -- the situation with -- order is not saying. Situation -- with Rashard Robinson and marquis the green thing I think is that a different matter and I'm hearing at -- may be out. At least two games. Or some type of club violation. So. You know. All fall camp. I think it is probably apparently Alex you news reporter who's going to be suspended for you know 12 games in the beginning the year. So I think it -- that let's continue to vote it was going to be five but yet again it's the only continent. And partner. Posing in -- -- there but not the the other night and it is there. It out here but yet -- -- may I think every post in and a quarter I think that it affect the offensive line. Now Brian might take looking at quarterback position and look at each inning of birth is Brandon Harris now. An opportunity of Brandon Harris are maybe a number of players when you look it. And Houston Louisiana Monroe that was the big went in beating Wake Forest and in. -- at least -- in and New Mexico State on an all out and shake Albert. To me right now and the PGA innings. You might say well with the the -- the only five of fifteen past the 120 yards. And both that it came on an eighty yard touchdown that that the ran well. But when I'll look at it he made one -- particular throw. That was and it felt that way and I told the that. Now with -- that's -- good as it -- now -- several wanna be. When you look at it because equally got to be efficient. As a passer but you know he'd have 211. Not yet again it not gonna cut and as a team it. When you look at 230 plus yards that it is not that bad it's -- to when -- turning it over. Well. I'll eat eat you can look at it to -- The completion percentage was bad but the average yards right now was spectacular you know that you yet yet. And I'll. You know that that would not Channing not look -- no doubt. Anthony Jennings played just about the entire game because they're at Phoenix area I think in -- -- and Aaron. You know he got out there streak plays wanted to replay and call time out another planet or in EU's. But that is still well this is the explanation. That is why he. -- got this. The star and is playing -- in our Nadal compact and experience yet it is not high school. Who certainly was not in any type of ball and at that Lampard and get out air Egypt not. Not ready mentally. -- So not getting that not a great at you now make his start he started the bowl game at hotline at night against -- not. He has completed 40% at sixty -- So. That's certainly not gonna cut it. But you can only hope that he gets better all they -- He'd make two or three not the eighty yard but he had a couple broke back and we were. Right on the money that you can all legal beat you know he'll get better at it. And Brian haven't been able Fabio on -- -- -- BLT -- or senior anti debate dot com Brian as -- Brad thank you so much we'll talk on game day. I coming up to James and job teams analogy is just to -- this is sports talk on the beauty of -- to the phone to go to look in Metairie thank you for calling WW -- AB Bobby I don't know OK it's. They I am I'm not saying they didn't those sleeper definitely LSU game. Not because they lose these could not get them to Carolina and believe and woke up the next more you know about seventy up oaxley. Yeah okay let you know it's a united on one they add some fans that -- joking about their bodies. That they were almost apologizing call him back and saying it was side of the stadium. I don't you know I got -- fair weather fans that even last night began a couple of -- told me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Knew it to bed and -- woke up the next morning and you know why I've told him and Ellis who wonder like why they ain't over till it's over and we brought this subject. That you look less miles in the fourth quarter. He truly words that magic that he's won 22 games. When trailing in the fourth quarter and -- wanted to those minutes and come against fifteenth teams are ranked in the top 25 -- to get to a. The other thing was. One so I'll watch -- the next day -- really paid more attention to it could argue with the outcome of the day. But the -- next -- comment the fourth quarter that. I'll be -- now is an LSU so beat this year they rotate instructive that the players and I think baseball is war. It will be up and desire. Was gonna look that they wore off and that was confident to some degree happen. Yeah like that and obviously -- -- had dominated -- possession. In his second happen in favor of Philadelphia's. -- defense it was a real on the field in March Wisconsin athletic -- -- had five offensive drives. 33. And outs into -- with LSU interceptions so. LSU turned -- -- completely for the script on him they put the president on a Wisconsin defense. And they broke him back but I think we've -- -- -- five quarters Ellis -- woman to welcome back James cabinet you call as less miles I'll just next hour here on WW real.