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9-2-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints and college football

Sep 2, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk about the Saints' re-signing of kicker Shayne Graham and talk college football with Jerry Palm of CBSSports.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to our number 20 sports talk coming up but just a few moments we'll hear from LSU coach less -- the Saints have signed -- kicker Christie Garrett Jones has with the ladies. -- -- -- It is going to be seeing Graham of course change Graham along with -- in relief in the final roster occurring on. Saturday Graham is coming back and -- of course to make room for. Graham on the roster the equivalent to the way back at quarterback Ryan group and should exposing him to. To the rights to. In junior -- -- sign him but it would actually. It is once -- ought to have been sent him an -- volleys away in the -- Line grip and through the waiver process. At thirteen the audience that was practice squad and or final -- salute. Is kind of creative and how it -- kind of risky. And seeing rated back report age. Now that they released him on Saturday waiting line. Well and as a team. Really fell eleven -- Griffin the as a matter of time that did that they'll bring them. On board you know what happened he didn't go to training camp -- And use of the Cowboys last year Kyle Orton the Buffalo Bills signed Kyle Orton now he's learning to all of us who went in training camp. So you really gotta love that particular quarterback. Considering for the Amendola Amendola aspect of what you have to know to bring them on board. Now -- the question I have that being said. You know then and it could be strategic. What you look -- at who is potentially on IR and and a long term who's. On that list of failed to come back. Is that maybe the reason when you look at at the numbers game. Then maybe they could both kickers in and and play enough odds. And vs who's on that initial maybe three man roster and he didn't just break dead now for me because it's things like. You know it the questions still. You know who who's an IR. Who's potentially gonna come back off by our aegis. Speculating that think Eric glory the fullback. But I is that maybe this area what happened which -- Graham and Dan -- are what because I'm surprised. Silly because. Shayne Graham being the veteran. A view their week one you got to pay him the whole year even if he'd gone Islam and he wouldn't miss. Personally did T young strong leg pain in the minimum. -- -- work out what worked out maybe you bring it Shayne Graham for week two and it and is not guaranteed salary. But they'll one they -- it's a before you comment. Is that Shayne Graham. I can remember that one price -- West Virginia. That in a competing back him for he didn't make a fifty degree and a 58 you all yarder. I know that really stood out to mean did you miss both those kicks. Bobby your -- to -- -- on in terms of the short IR in the long term high art and the roster spot available there and bill. Forget what -- arguably one via gamesmanship coaches albeit pitcher codes and national ball the -- not releasing information and. Opponents are. -- it could have it would equal like in the competitive advantage. But I mean noble Latin America or the player we haven't seen a few weeks now. He's a likely candidate or an element short term IR a resignation -- All curry poured through the state like to do that with rookies especially. -- -- curry injury there in the seat in regard to two under and only twelve. -- supplementary that he probably could have come back from -- And ordered him hobble like Richard years you talk about -- -- out numbers aren't so those -- two players. I would look at and it it ala will apply to honestly -- I thought it was going to be get you because of the reasons you mentioned because. Graham isn't that the veterans -- if it doesn't work out of leakage. Erratic at Dartmouth appealable yet make a move in another direction you're on the salary are pretty tired -- so. I mean it was interesting but at the same time. Give a -- shortly history. Deal with kickers looked he's got a very very short fuse and he'd he'd truck better that the big deal for. Santana -- Christie Garrett act Christie Garrett won on tour it's again now we Timonen succeed in the 9 am him antibody -- double coverage or thirteen 50 AM three W -- breaking the news. The Saints have signed kicker Shayne Graham paid all I can -- -- -- -- I come at the cost plus LSU coach less miles on WW. And welcome back to sports talking visiting with the head coach of the LSU fighting Tigers coach less miles LSU with a big 2824. Come from behind victory. Over the Wisconsin Badgers. Coach have a chance that that distant look of back -- it. -- team comes off the field -- third quarter you down 24 to seven -- that's milestone and his team and say. As we got right rule. That. You know not our exit. I can tell you that myself as well as other coaches and halftime made that made appointment. We're around. Shoot ourselves in the foot making mistakes that are not allowing us to capitalize on our abilities to do things we want to. Observation to a defense that. We start this fall camp. There was dominant defense. Practice field more really. This is time to explain. -- offensively the most -- it's kind score and go on field work. We're fortunate it we've got a couple turnovers in the second half defense played lights out. -- -- And in an 82 half possessions I think there were three and out five questions and they got two picks. There they were there I think. Maybe fifty people's yards and it in the second half or maybe fourth or but it was not much. In now and then. Office when we came to life and milk the place by now grown and John York's there's really ran on time and in the way Kenny Hilliard and something yards. It did you know these these tires but they'll -- Coach looking like that in their game the third corps obviously you -- saying you making halftime adjustments and boom before you know it is 63 yards downfield -- lot was made about how you own it and she uses an Ayers. -- a veteran point -- and a whole tying single we made adjustments. It will soon after from the columnist exactly what to do you do you do not. I. I think it was actually should leave them to mean much when you watch the game from the stance says. It just looked like to me. They played faster and harder it's just like that there was just a matter of time and you know and could -- Now you know you know that this thing would turn and you know it could be sustained lifetime because. It just looked as. -- you. Was playing better and I think that success it would happen. -- LSU coach less about the tiger is 20/20 four victory over Wisconsin the next -- -- home opener sixteen and I kick off Saturday and -- -- Sam Houston State in decades. In Death Valley coach so we talked about defense but the offense down the stretch after Wisconsin gets that those points and era 24/7. You go -- and Lee's hundred Nancy -- four straight scoring drive including two few goat to put Johnson. Two point conversion. What was it and have time that you guys -- in order to execute better in the first it was that -- -- bowl Wisconsin or was it an issue about playing the break. Not I think it's -- election I think Wisconsin played very hard the entire time and I think our office line probably just decided to play better that felt like. Our receivers were really in a position at that point to say okay guys get that we're here world world and gets the ball. And I can't he did exactly that protected the quarterback you know pretty well today in. And it was. You know. Like we normally move the societies spouse it's it's run and pass and -- we did the same path and that's who we tried to in the first half minus some miscues. We think we could come off that way as well. Coached at the successful defensive backs all the ones that can kick the ball like accuracy mark with a grain -- but but the interceptions in a -- team that would have been a great physical -- on the offensive side. Big moment and go to. Huge huge play -- with an excellent -- by the defensive back. Do you sit with day. Taller. Bigger. A receiver and but. His stuff he turned and went after them all and extremely. You know athletic fashion. Mean to play. That you say that totals place that you look at and you went now. How'd he do that so why. I was so that was another. -- there was a lot of turning points in the second half after post one for seven that was one problem. We notorious for us and visit with LSU coach -- -- winding down -- as the -- Saturday night. Coach the final Wisconsin draft nineteen please 32 or three points and two interceptions. On defense -- kicks it up a notch. What did the DC's do differently always just about the same as offense right now and now once they got control it was was constantly the punting well you get the ball back to your office about where Paterno. Well. You know it's interesting I think the defense. Played. -- with a real confidence in the back after the game that allows them. Com you know to build on the placing -- -- in other -- there was some momentum created with great -- of player -- -- -- these guys. Are getting first downs and we're going to force them. The premier if they do now and pressure the passer but when he tipped ball. I think that happened really. Routinely in this thing half I think our special teams really played in field position game in -- defense you know to play you really. You know from the long field hole might -- works. They were all -- their average start of possessions -- seventy yard line and you know James had five kicks inside the twenty. In our kickoff guy you know. Booted out of times. And they'll Hussein made field goals instead of you know turn -- you know -- -- fuel. And let them have it all on the forty years you know closer to midfield. He was -- was his shots so we're. And special teams think they played a huge role in this in the field position game and in some of the places. Coach now returning home move forward get a couple on our next opponent Sam Houston State. Some coaches will say and believe that the biggest improvement in the season is from week one to week two. -- less miles logic on from their first game to six game improvement you're expecting. Well those who -- the players -- okay. It's really just go a hundred yards it's still a ball being neutral on the New -- still hum attack I have to make a block grant to make. And they excel -- and they realize that all that we go through their practice schedule. Allows them to practice their technique and their skills in the quickly. Remind themselves they just went through. And it makes a tremendous difference I think there's no question that every team that's worth his salt improves us greatly between one and two. Certainly victory. Also gives them the incentive. To say hey listen I -- Gephardt. We can overcome mistakes. -- if I don't make those mistakes just think about how capable we can be. And I I believe that that is part of what will be the improvement so -- team makes. Coach now the home opener against Sam Houston State -- three straight years and -- CS. Football playoffs back to back national championship appearances they have a couple of years ago. A solid program come to town what about the same Houston team that has the focus of the Tigers. -- -- -- -- -- dynamic on the field. Quarterback that can run and throw it. You know they skill players that you know transferred him from other. You know. Division one schools. You know they're our center averaging five snaps a game I don't know exactly what that numbers. But. You know there -- very very talented office defensively they're mobile and athletic and good secondary. Area. Media group of the hill from the front seven not necessarily the biggest groups that we've we've seen but a very athletic group. And they play good defense there special teams in the big time -- and a guy that can kick field goals and sold. We recognize that this is the real quality team this team. You know can play with a lot of teams are championship team that lower division they can play. And when they're playing their resting and play -- a lot of teams in our conference. As cycle today's -- we -- to keep your keys and things Tice had to do but it. In in his moving forward -- -- to replace a big part of the sport but when you're evaluating young players is there a certain amount coach when you say. I like to maybe get him some snaps or is it -- by opposition when you decide maybe some guys that you go. Hold over Richard vs the ones we saw a lot of freshmen played a night person wants it may be contributors this year. We Iran. We look to use to see how much our football team can be with the past if our team can be. Markedly better the -- obvious that the young back potentially. Is. Much better than than a guy that's in that spot we have responsibilities that team. To give him and there if -- and take some time to develop if he's not better than the guys in that spot and then you know. With the Richards yeah he's he's certainly will get better because he's -- who don't think guys are talented but. You know like for -- -- -- Moya tomorrow Adams he's good and he will play and he will play. And special teams who planned defense because he's one of those guys that with snaps will get enough for the better. It's LA issue -- Sam Houston State at 630 kickoff Saturday night here in Tiger Stadium on W -- -- coach thank you so much to look at it's at least. The very much. All right that's our conversation -- LSU coach and I smiles at Tigers and Sam Houston ballclub that the statistically is one of the best in the NCAA has begun as he has about to come back to bring it to change in camp but. North Dakota State. There are some teams in the silent counts out these and his number three in the country Maggie says number six in the country. But not the -- state routing big twelve foe Iowa State this -- -- game. We know perhaps seeing the greatest Ron. And where you wanna call it if CS or division one globally. History they and it's creepy Youngstown State made a great -- Jim Tressel was there at Georgia Florida and Georgia southern but I don't know if they had the dominant. Across the board to come about. This program -- there's a 124 division one program. I think North Dakota State could defeat. Fortify a -- of you know. Well big you look at the big twelve opponent -- -- -- last year -- of the top in my head. Policy that they are right there in Kansas State are the deacons who speak out. Okay within it in the right there yeah that was the TV and in a BC has bone heals on its almost like an article to state. And make an argument they should be in the big twelve they don't know the level. Welcome back to Q calls us will begin to take a look at the Atlanta Falcons who the Saints will play on a Sunday in the Georgia Dome and the Saints have a kicker is kicker -- great to -- video news times 533 temple first moved to go to Jim Hansen. I don't -- to go Algiers for Jane Jane thank you for calling WW yeah. 89. That it releases. On it and ran the light there. And on the right now my old neighborhood and now he has let them. Cuba and kept that he. And can't go. And and -- what he'd do it would be neat. Irate guy marks -- ball the other one was at noon. Here at -- with a book would gain from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That it would have ago. Or two ago when go to mile an architect of the question where you know. As a -- That -- pulled a candidate the reason why they. That trip. Well it would disciplinary -- and what I -- the -- -- the grandfather died and excited to go to a little thing which we're all riding but now they're saying that guy got to spend it on -- guy you know. I had -- always always always -- -- can't cause LSU LSU never released a statement saying and it. I don't you let a Republican on the neighbors that live next -- Okay well. Coach miles know him say anything about anybody being suspended yeah. Nobody that they -- it was dating. Our bit the pitcher and all ordered -- Ottawa it was really important player because of being. Right hand university universal's native Davis ended football program never said he anybody would suspend the end of whatever you read and pay the camp. At the Pedro remind him jump the -- you know so to speak of the cart before cars work for the university. Now I don't think any university. Are any team. They'd be more sympathetic maybe dealing with the death in the family and I are paying you because -- smiles not -- either way he's a protective -- Had done something wrong he's not I'll come out and say it no editing as you can even have emotional issues that what you're dealing with. You could beat these draw at the press and all that right they cover that they covered that a. All the time all the time Jerry palm -- there's now talk about college football very big week this week in ball what a jump. Texas saying man from 21 to number eight. And you know Oregon had a blowout win miscues they had a blowout win those two teams playing this week but look at their competition. Other -- Texas a and -- George did pull away from clemson's other top tier teams should really not much to it took to write home about biggest question mark. Some programs that are notable programs. Going into a second week of the seasons -- would question marks at quarterback. Yeah and but sometimes but it. Yet in and -- lead the most impressive performance by anybody that week. The victory Carolina. At Carolina they didn't mentally -- that. On I don't -- people not overreact to week one. Especially. If the team get the result expect. Good day and you don't worry opt out of week one to beat sloppy. Guilty but he got a new quarterback out there are a lot of teams do. Sometimes like all you write them time to get penalties yet the way now meet the need to all go well but the result will get. And you didn't need to worry about it when we can not a trend. But when you have a ripple like AM did this week in Carolina. After on the competent dramatic. And until it moved way up and out -- -- it -- all. The while. Yet not Jerry speak -- a week one results. Look guys you bring of South Carolina. You look at the Georgia Bulldogs in Sainz on the court -- at times of Andy's gets frustrated. And and it's a great opportunity for them now the pressure being all on them. You know -- they gonna have to be South Carolina sucked no matter and he got embarrass. So you look at you know that double -- type thing you know and and to beat Clemson. And to beat South Carolina. More -- on the driver's seat and you look at that as he sees. That that could be right and again ago. Think about how meaningful that is -- -- considering their -- into etiquette in. Oh absolutely and South Carolina and all that they're gonna win the division now he'll want. Now the good thing for them to Georgia got their plate but you know in and that of their way to look at it more and so you -- -- airlines and two -- is that going to court -- It's a couple weeks you know -- yeah. The top Carolina valued their problem that has not -- in the end you know or could court and score points to open their dignity and does. They'll -- -- early on the football league but. You know it's pretty special player in. I thought Carolina did Burnett you -- their their defense. You're not. What it needs to be the early in the season for the scheduled that they. Now Jerry when you look at gained an outlook -- -- and look at you know cross sectional -- in the top teams around the country. I'm kind of intrigue would become about. What Michigan State and on the other outstanding defense is sitting there ranked and Oregon Ducks. Mean yeah you know it's a stunning as the game you know what is is is at -- to maybe be like Stamford defense. I've never seen. A team by -- can handle the ducks like Stamford it would gains in the -- basically that's about Venus and it's the that it -- -- bargain obviously had a bit and it gets it and herald team that are you treatment I gained anything like that. When you look at conferences and where you can and to me that might be one most intriguing game of the season. I agree that it could you believe in team. But we won't know old number but the the team to win that game at each other. When it on line did meet people like that are heated -- put a new play this year. It -- the ball well to make the -- but. You know loser of this game. You know couldn't get away now because the game. The winner might beating that they wanted it could you talk about the paper. But they're respected -- and don't at oh that the real important non conference game this week. Stylistically. You've -- -- him because. They. Are not on both sides of the ball and the effort the one you need to be organs Kryptonite. Other than it is engine because the physical this week I would need even more. And it can dictate. Oh and I'll play the -- -- problems. I'm with you -- you do it all but. You know chipper hit one out there -- you're so I speak to the top -- or. Yeah and -- night and -- every 82 zone but he batted out of -- the top two top to handing you know. And Stanford is what fourth straight top teams in his fourth straight BC as -- how how -- people in their right mind and ranked UCLA above Stanford. Well I think -- -- You know I think people pot you -- it would be better team. You'll wonder. Our country indeed and that seemed to be very good Virginia. But in the result you know -- I mean -- completely -- You know it it. Weak -- you -- eat a lot of people around the Trojan bandwagon. I will point out just how good Hewitt yeah an eagle there quite well. Yeah upon Jerry -- -- with you -- what. It keep on media on Twitter -- in order. Jerry thank you so much time we appreciate it. I area mobile -- talk about the Saints and Falcons the NFL -- Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay. 500000 dollars suspending him six games yet he pled guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated is -- fair punishment and not. Cast your vote online at WW dot com. The AP new -- and came out today because the last game of the week he was playing last night Miami and it. Louisville 34 to thirteen -- believe what was favor of the oval caught interesting about it -- Fernando Bryant chaos. The quarterback. For the University of Miami a true freshman. And his mother. -- -- In the -- different. And what you did avoid smoking. Beatable now okay well. Police. Of the -- -- as -- now become what you expect. I mean a true freshman -- -- -- -- -- team a couple of all right -- that it -- the hand I mean it would in a set and it took that that. There's not a moment about the cold and you think about it between on the trouble that he. -- he -- a bag -- you know he's he's a prime example and the -- -- -- -- -- it no matter how much trouble you you do if you win Andy's coach and coach ended -- -- fan -- they've embraced that -- -- for -- they -- they want Alabama to -- three Oklahoma for Auburn five Georgia moves up to number six Michigan State and arguably this -- that at 37 matchup. Ohio State -- eight. Texas -- moves up twelve spots they go from point one. And and Baylor is a team that's this week's top 25 in the PP and Q Robbie in that way. And coaches Paul Ellis them at twelve in -- thirteen. You look. Top ten and still have the SEC influence on him to Auburn and Georgia. And then you know also in the top twenty ailments that seventeen in the back into a record of five. On the story and such an even though they got him banners and still in the top twenty a big one next week now. You know that the injury to -- is an -- means that will be interesting game hairy in mobile thank you for calling WWL. Hey guys effort all the that he Libya have. -- life in the from the year mobile and we love that. Well thank you thank you for giving it their. Yes -- a look at that again like. It is out this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The team on hard -- It's two -- -- on opening day. It's a good sign. But it that the Ravens in 2000 war on 11 Ayers the Cowboys in 20081. -- But the left or lost but being the Jets the belt in the being over here are gonna organ or. Alexander I do you up -- a all the notes we got as a novice I don't know me about McCain gave us that. That but that's very units and we thank you for. Our guys. I'd love you all hey let's do that Cutler -- -- All right Jerry thank you very much to get to -- he want to chime in on Jim Irsay the owner of the Colts punishment. He was suspended for a six game the first six games of the season and find 500000 dollars is the punishment just. This is -- -- we'll talk about all 32 teams in the National Football League each and every two tonight from 7:8 PM with gore around the league here on WW.