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9-2-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints-Falcons

Sep 2, 2014|

Bobby & Deke take calls and talk about this weekend's Saints-Falcons matchup with Knox Bardeen of Fox Sports South.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 30 sports talk allow indicated to anybody bear I Deke Bellavia. 260178668890870. Colts owner Jim Irsay was -- 500000 dollars and suspended six games by the NFL at the pleading guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Is this fair punishment on -- it is -- policy and just the moment gave you can't think that the could have been a little more harsh. Today could have been the illegal although only six games at -- could have been of the year -- he's trying to. You know set a -- and hold people accountable you know protecting the shield it all starts at the top owners. Coaches you know manages players. The line of 500000. I don't know with fifty bucks to him more 5000 and knows that 5000 as far as the impact. But you know as -- is -- is that. When you look at -- pleading guilty to misdemeanor count of driving while intoxicated. Under the influence of painkillers artsy and and I drew close coach dean should say I'm from -- right. And he was a -- resident -- sixteen near his home now upon interest and intrigue in. He was arrested near his home in Indianapolis this suburb Carmel. But the reason why he was -- wondering. I think he bought a new house. And he couldn't find -- is -- was. When I mean I have no bag and haven't -- I mean that's why the Cubs probably said who's this guy drive and all over -- -- and that's kinda missed a thing it is now those are designated as the white guy it's now. Right because it loses guy denied knowing was -- Thursday may be in these wanted to run and and neighborhood. Because he couldn't find his house now. If you look he has to submit to drug tests drug tested for a year he can -- drink our presidents how hard during that time. Who drives last license also suspended for one year I'll get that. So what he probably has -- -- firm. And has someone to drive this time around and it was the Benson as Rodney and you know all owners have that they have. A show of -- -- -- -- driver -- they get from point a to point B so and have a drive as nice as it is -- like the normal working in Fallujah and on a bit to get the call now. No no but I'm disabled so I go how how's the of that is. Our -- significant. You know that is now I think this is that the right thing when you try to change alive around to submit to drug testing. A year and indicate that I dreamed of -- -- alternate time actually eight -- and that's of any truly. Can't turn his life around. But I just think if it was a player of the put it would've been a lot harsher. Compared to an owner but -- he's won -- owners -- sitters say they gave. Roger Goodell has job as a than that is kind of hard to punish -- laws basically. Anthony on line to thank you for calling WW. Well -- the end there but I'll. Get it all worked out Egypt and Spain go right you. All you weren't there -- somebody that. -- what they've been. -- because you. All that great right field is all right all yeah. At all. It. It's. Making it. Oh. Yeah. Oh. -- oh. Yeah. -- Because you feel. Tale of all of you. In the day people. -- Right etiquette and add that he kind of question I have do you think if it was a player on that same circumstance. Do you think. That is the same time punishment you think he'd be -- severe. Now I don't know and you look at a suspicion. I mean who's who's and not as is all speculation. But supposedly had a right and at 30000 dollars in cash on him. And like hundreds of pills so mean as I just feel personally use when nets today. Maybe it's a lot deeper than that but you get the right lawyers in all of -- and -- and now he is due to it and it it was a little you know if he knew he would give him. So I'll -- -- without them that was in -- OK I don't know what I'm saying okay he was taken that to his own use right but having that number there's a certain numbered and I doesn't -- than -- it was done you know -- -- yet but he is the matter economical -- reports that he it was convenient right -- that that that Saddam Hussein I -- -- -- might have with a thirty. Thirty a month or whatever you know again in ways that maybe got a -- hundredth ran in and have that kind of cash. -- well speaking of all of us today was a very special day for the long Saints and all of pelicans owner Tom Benson was on about Louisiana the new -- community. As a new statue overlooking champions square this first sound as and an emotional -- the Edmonton and then afterwards mister Benson spoke to a pool of reporters. On this very special day these two plays earlier this afternoon outside the champions square. -- -- -- -- I've -- bit but it does put up. So please flipped over. -- -- Played but the offense and and then now mister Benson talking to the reports from. You know I caught him by surprise that they'd realize it would donors and let them. You couldn't be more pleased that I am today to have something like this amount of -- just wonderful. I'm so glad. Faucet in house state. And a team doing so well and we gonna continue doing well -- we gotta win another Super Bowl this year will go to where -- That's what is the statue itself. I used -- I just want a beautiful man not a camp believe -- nice business. Jays have. Had no idea I was that good looking. -- -- Sox. -- and how are -- Are you and are to have something like does Don -- is this unbelievable you just. Go through life been. You don't think that -- like this or whatever happens. So naturally and they caught the right -- -- Thank you all very much -- thank you thinking it. Bronze statue of mr. comments on playing 15100 pounds stands about nine and a half feet tall and has mounted on a grade bass weighing. 101000 pounds that stands four feet tell Bobby -- is so right outside of champions square. And the idea is so close to where the close it apart assert our horse Steve Gleason in Asia -- say -- right who walked to gates the in the gym is square where exactly is that located him and Reid didn't press release -- I would do that also Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton spoke to me. Like you make an emotional you've been here. Creating a lot of people thinking after -- you were here for the and you can't have a longer standing relationship with him yeah I hit it -- did think the emotional to hear him get emotional because and I was I was saying -- to -- in the executives had to have been with for a long time as I've never seen him do that before. You hope a team get emotional angry that that I've gotten I've never seen him I get emotional like this. About it -- -- like so look I know meant a lot to him and that's that's gratifying. For all of us. And it's covered in trying to envision what it's gonna it was a look like and like the civil spoke of you know it. Pretty challenging to kind of get everything like that encompassed into one piece -- but I think did a great job when you spoke about mister Benson drama you brought leadership qualities and not. That's absolutely. I think you know listen through. A lot of tough times long before I ever got here and he's always been good. They're great sounding board for me you -- -- -- would visit with on a weekly basis but it's great to see this you know just his reaction was worth it takes I don't. I Telecom things about being out of today and that a statue how big bronze statue of mr. B well -- I think make you able to Sean Payton said advance and is -- like this sin and for all NFL teams are. You know eleven NFL grumbles from one city at that there you know what occurred when Art Modell. You know -- the Ravens. Really look at the stability. I mean is the bits and he knows his strengths and weaknesses and and obviously his strength. All the way to keep the team here and it is hard the right people let Mickey -- do their job -- Sean Payton do their job. And don't try to. Tell him what to do -- you can be oh you know almost to micromanage over overly involve Kelly Jerry Jones and you know a couple of them that speaks for itself. Ago why there's a reason why their 500 team. You know they have all the resources. Is because how things are run. And adding you don't have that and as the comments and and you know he lets people do their job and hopefully in the future. And I'll be the case. That we -- where you just have -- yes he security's decision to hire the right the hire the right people that you could say what you wanna say but when -- in that analogy I think. I like. Jerry Jones and -- they -- not the truth and there are the -- -- -- -- -- they wanna be part of it you know gets in the way this one thing as far as. Missed -- -- to want to take credit for the success of the team he embraces. And enjoys his success that a team would who'd detonation. But does it feel like he has to tell people look at ideas and I think the main thing is what he's done and I -- as far as a professional sports. Prospective. You look at everyone's handles adversity. I've had adversity with him -- dealing with him but. -- general manager miss the things that I never had a problem is the Benson now when I look at what happened like pre. Post-Katrina and all that there's a lot of adversity comes about that but all I know is. They did the right thing as far as whatever came about the Saints are here. And one reason why the pelicans also here -- you have an NBA team is because of mr. Vincent also from a professional. Perspective professional sports. They got the right man and he's a big reason why we have the NBA and NFL and -- dale on line to thank you took. Only W did you. Know dale how are you I'm doing great peak value -- -- Yet it would breed coming guys but not meant an edit that that. Pretty impressive that that she needed him in there it. And you know a lot of -- he's done it and people know about it locally and demand -- -- at stake yeah he's a local guy. Need to take what I -- -- that they. Want to comment on being really you know preaching to the pack that they donated at -- and yeah I heard something about -- in India about his being calm. He can be a chilling home opening game -- in the stadium. And uttered can be the only stadium be important field. And I a man bracket that the cap to you and Andy advocate never read anything about is. Involved and what he did -- sport is to align. And -- stayed in and out is saying. He's an eight he contributed I wanna say over a million dollars to -- on him he had a a ton of money he'd -- He reported to line and that's why that he will be a part of that Saturday when it opens that he yet. It's -- -- -- understanding that the field was named after him know he's -- communicated -- the -- got you. Yeah Indians infielder and at that incredibly well. He's got a lot of money but one thing about him he can -- a lot of people that support the lot local. You know and get it and. Well I I know dale and I got to give her credit to besides. Every great man every good man and there's a great woman. And is Gayle -- by a Clancy is dale being a solved in his life and his wife talking about that being led by and Angel. Is -- Benson has really been a great influence in his life. Absolutely it's a big big week for mr. -- congratulations -- he Anna Benson family. Big outline a course like Bobby says and and dale brought up by a another big got to coming up big big event Saturday. As the opening a brand new stadium human stadium made to -- Tulane in attaining Georgia Tech should be. A beautiful week in here and of course the site of the Falcons on Sunday will come back -- And the rest you call us and who wants dominating this series in the Sean Payton Eric. Thirteen to three the Saints in the last sixteen vs Atlanta would that. Domination continues Sunday we'll find out a little negativity to break down and Shayne Graham is -- -- kick of the Saints a lot to get to WW. And welcome back. This special day today for Saints owner Tom Benson Saints have pelicans on in the champions square area a big bronze statue of mr. Benson -- the woeful three tell him hoist them. The Lombardi trophy -- Saints winning -- for a full over the Indianapolis Colts. And a very special day indeed not having here in the Big Easy this week and of course nine christened their -- Steve -- wood -- it to -- Saturday evening. We will talk with coach -- CJ two -- -- Thursday at the waived -- at the take on. Georgia Tech and -- would tell you. Tulane the other night and know they want the victory they played tough against -- team right pretty much done well against Tulane Tulsa. Have an opportunity missed if you go to win in overtime and they lost thirty to 31 but if you -- eight Tulane. Fan. You should be excited about more. In Maurice is they won it last season when you look at the scale. Of football and how. The quarterback position is lady. And -- week you got that title performance at handily in his first on a quarterback he's a richer for it yeah so you've got him. This year and three more on campus. -- -- -- That is huge because one terrorist not to go without now and you talk about bringing in players remember an out -- part of some good recruit. But they have some good recruits really. Where is the quarterback position on the -- -- -- -- That is not an issue anymore. No big and you look all letting avenues stadium on campus the whole sorority fraternity atmosphere. You know he can walk to the game. I think is going to be a great college football atmosphere. Does give a quick story in my background. On Georgia -- at -- you know I just hope coded yup I'm not I don't -- I don't know Russian minister will come back we'll get to. On sale Tuesday pace that winning the first will cost the news -- time -- 631. -- -- first news it will go to Jim Hansen and welcome back to sports talk. Before we get to a Bobby Stew about -- history with Georgia Tech to its cuisine. WW yeah. That particular call all. To be honest with you we know first. Reporting beyond. Should area is currently Ellis what are one or not forgotten art was not aware. He had what you can run field -- in all. I would not think it in oh would be applied to the people not to neglect your girl for a virtual. On -- what -- I'm what you jam at that I mean that was. He just would you say either that -- that that's is that you know and and lack of talent out he was taking it day -- right where it was a light one every four or 60 -- And that that's why he's you know I think character or Europe pole vault and basically Mark Few errant you know that's that mean. Special those type of structure. You're really technical which delights in they're all I know people are aware all. Gerald -- -- I -- -- which predictably isn't somebody very close to me. That was just mixing the pain pills would withdraw all their trying to I medication and made that effective not -- its compact it's like exponential. Right I think over the weekend date it was a -- in -- of -- cheerleader. It was in the in this same Wichita but I think with sometimes and tags had you know pain -- you know they found nothing and it sounded the end of fatal cocktails here. Right there and and so common nowadays are all. Inaudible -- educate the public Copeland we can prepare you know all of -- from cornerback pat -- Real Richard. OJ when you think about it here's Jim mercy think he has. The world you know is is -- so to speak he all of the professional NFL team. And it just goes to show -- -- matter rich report -- every class are whenever you know you if financial background that you could fallen with these demons. It didn't mean it it's not about which I mean I mean you you do that you which initially. Yeah you know what orchard in the you don't have which coach you have to get. The -- intervention and ultimately terse well -- you know with with the program needs needs dirt. To be able to dislike about cabinet especially at that level prevent that obviously very English well. What you do when they're all part. I think it's that I would hope that eventually. On that note the annual wing back you know for as well. What legal ramifications from the start but they do realize this is not. Our character in fact it's not something that approach that -- -- Because a lot of people that. All in Strobl and you know -- wrong here and anybody driving impaired. On the special -- -- you know their right pattern out of you know where. You know actually first on the under so the stop. All of you know try to or urged him to go toward their purchase program Bayern -- and shot after good draw a legal protection. If they get help that he -- -- in. -- I think you make a lot of says I'm angry call before guitar against -- and and we were talking about Tulane and Georgia Tech because Tulane opens there. Brand new stadium human stadium Saturday against Georgia -- you have and now they get you know. My dad being a die hard LSU fans. He careless about two lane but I'm more objective I'm -- Louisiana. And Osaka our what you run well pocket remembered though let's let everything why because I collected college and it's out of all the different universities you know because at the form college -- -- -- all those minutes and all the conferences are of them so I remember. It is one reason why I was so excited to go as cub scouts. This lady we've blows a Boy Scouts were invited. To Tulane game of three and you look now like and usher. You know what you got to watch the games so -- -- via a college finish in -- distance summaries and -- in the end of the game we are always invited to OC to Tulane and Georgia Tech and -- -- stadium. And it's ironic that in the opening bout wit and I'm I'm -- in my -- -- -- 89 year old. And remember in that. And big when you look -- stadium and how awesome is going to be. I thought it kind of ironic -- the game as the -- and credit comments in about a donating. For the feel the bits and feel. Of that Malcolm Glazer you like that name might sound familiar but his daughter in law. Joseph Glazer you know graduated from Tulane in 85. The now you know Malcolm Glazer order to have bay Buccaneers at Manchester United Buick -- given back much is given much is required. Well here's a joke lasers I think she's been on the border tooling since 2009. And allowed itself might be speculating are out of bounds clear polarization was the biggest donor wanted to biggest dollars a why. Tulane has a stadium now on campus of because of her. Well Bobby it is a big showdown this several big games as they come up in the first week of the NFL number -- without the Saints in their match up. It is the Saints and the Falcons Sunday. In the Georgia Dome in new kickoff here on Saints radio WWA met him and dot com knocks boarding Dodgers now come with the Falcons and SEC sports for fox sports south. Not New Orleans and Atlanta have had some great matchups over the years but in the Tom -- -- Thirteen wins to just 34 Atlanta launch a pretty much had the falcons' number. I tell you look for a rivalry that is so huge it and let it. Couldn't big rivalry I believe doesn't get a whole lot of national credit and it deserves to do. It's the little one -- ever since two reasons on -- got to tell about it Norman. The -- -- how to how to get back door and I'm not sure that you do that. Now what knocks when you look at obviously we bragged about branding coach and well we think his contribution is going to be we all know obviously. And how he needs to step up big who's someone maybe -- -- -- that draft class is at the Monte Freeman that maybe could have a big impact. As far as you know and just brand new part of that draft class are free agency in. Contribute expected to contribute at a high level. -- -- -- Jake yeah he's gotten and can. Burst that champ linebacker or round about -- the same on the carpet treatment. Our -- but -- about one linebacker and has grabbed the ball really well. As early as we can keep him out there called plays that little. You know straight but he can go out there you are. The first any -- may start he. Couldn't get a lot of play action and eat out because not -- -- pretty encouraged to bring in the past. I'm from the middle that beat him from that at all. Now what knowledge that you look at their receiving corps and I think when their helping. That being Julio Jones. A Roddy White and Harry Douglas and and you add Devin -- that a mix mix would you how would you view them. As far as as you know that's more and to do as a group compared to arrest in the league I know we're all excited. Now by Geneva Carroll and Darren is bird the best safety -- -- during that conversation in the league right up there. But that does Roddy White is see how the disease still have something -- I think I know Julio Jones healthy. Which is break down -- how they can attack the visible -- those receivers. Rodney -- left in the tank and but it up and kept under passes anymore -- but he still fantastic. Change -- -- -- speaker. And he can do more this year and got the top defense. Can you completely healthy as well. Well I think that goes out there with just about anyone know it. Chicago Bears Marshall and Jennifer. An ethnic group if you if you act and -- -- -- effective and faster and pretty impressive so this year I think they compete well. I like here -- -- or you especially you Jimmy Graham in their past catching options that are not to read. You're 20 yeah I think your -- about Cuba and -- in the fare much better Robby. In the out well injured. Not -- as well as the fox sports out talking about the Atlanta Falcons they. Take on the Saints Sunday the problem last year to the previous three c.'s 2010. And 2012 Atlanta had the number one -- In the NFC thirteenth remarks in the season. Because they won close games they were on the plus side of the turnover margin. And they rushed the ball at a high level. Last year at the worse -- Mike Smith era 78 yards a game which was 32 National Football League. And they want minus seven in a turnover margin which ranked 24. If Atlanta is to get back to being a playoff team which they've done what for the six seasons coach Smith has been there. You would think those numbers would be more like the Mike Smith numbers in the season that the vehicle but the. -- -- And it it can get and get back there I'm not sure that they're there but they are. Currently in the battle in the trenches and spark off the line. I mean that line sacked forty or part last year Cabrera and -- I we'll -- -- one of the worst rushing team in the league to do it the opposite corners. To do it past them. Our became a regular improved that offered Lima musher to the group -- so along the lines and on the trip but that's another. Group has been greatly upgraded the top of this year. You have to find a way to get pressure on the quarterback America probably stop and also they were miserable last year so I think. I think the oil there. And have -- expert who she is not. This is that he could play out on the important if it picks are going to be. Now not -- a quarterback's best friend even though as great hall of Famer like Drew Brees and Matt trying to think. If not the top ten top twelve in. And boy if you if you can make them one dimensional that's what you're trying to do obviously because than it really can exploit you. When you look at the running games Mark Ingram had an outstanding pre season ending and is still do it by committee. In New Orleans there right now as far as the Falcons. -- running the ball I know Stephen Jackson and his hamstring. And I would just watch and hard knocks and HBO at the beginning of training camp where's he -- now -- the yes on the left in the tank. And how do we -- attacked in -- they'll be vengeance toward running the ball this season. He's returned to practice I'm not sure he's on your partner yet our -- that -- in after that -- -- one out. Are they got it in a -- when it comes like action sloppy in the wet against saint. He says he's a veteran handle them like that I'm I would be caught. -- -- -- limited and that means talk with Rodgers is culinary and treat -- the and conflict that the guy -- an electric in the also took extreme. I'm hoping the -- from the hat -- and there are a lot. Now in the ground running back court to wait there and attack people try to get them all or pretty. I don't see them attack it a lot. When it comes through in the that you feel a lot a lot of them out five and try to get the -- -- Like that -- -- -- The national lovable little football team what you remember courts. Not how can people volley on what. He goes and knocks on fox I would I would Love -- appeared remotely true about that couldn't do it should be more. -- -- -- a replica. And -- at the bit to back order at blocks well. And knocks on fox -- body -- was the Falcons it is CC sports for fox sports out knocks thank you so much -- the time we appreciate. All right we'll talk about all the big matchup as we get the National Football League it's hot if it's a fast Allah but go at each division. In both conferences. In 7 o'clock 8 o'clock in the two that I good football season it's around the league year on WW. Our years it is a huge week as it is opening week in the National Football League. At coming up Thursday night at the course background Ross Saints players Stewart who voters will have sports talk from 48 PM six to 7 PM. It is Rafael bush and him -- 8 o'clock after the sports talk. We would join the NFL conference west would want. Of the green bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks right here in WW and he got a -- gets any better than that. I mean truly. And it felt the schedule makers and to have back contests. Brian -- doubling coming Russell Wilson against a lot of people perceive their Rogers been the best quarterback silly because how we can extend plays and going against. At sea dogs the events I'm heading right now somebody has a chance to beat Seattle in Seattle it would be a team like green BOY -- Green Bay. So to speak an unbelievable controversial game the last time Green -- when there. With a replacement officials they got robbed. We all game about what that in all of a sudden -- strike got settled and in them getting the real officials though right after that. But just a great start. An NFL season. You look at the start to the Saints season. Big I think it's kind of ironic you know look at the talent in the Saints. That's the -- most common opponent. Atlanta leading the series 46 to 43 this will be the first time. And they were all but this season Atlantic got to go back in 1981. The last time at all when the season in Atlanta. Daniel also the it's -- it's tough to win on the road -- do we -- in their first victory to open the season on the road. We are remembered at 1914 when -- -- first game. Against the Cleveland Browns on September 10 2006. And a very on bright young who's now I think goes Joseph -- assistant. Assistant linebacker coach. -- -- had three sacks. Well and be nice to start the season maybe juniors to -- our -- Jordan. -- to have three -- I'd go a long way in influence and outcome and as a got a game we should win we all when the season in 2006. Poland the -- to fourteen points. You all a team any time in the team's city you should always when a group that we were able to win but take a much more efficient offenses now. Where today that game would have been like the third of fourteen instead of maybe nineteen the fourteen. Coming up around the league. Green Bay. And Seattle Dallas San Francisco Indianapolis. And Denver Baltimore Cincinnati and -- match up. New Orleans and Atlanta will talk about all the big match of the big moves again the Saints. Have signed kicker Shayne Graham to the roster and then move they had to waive. Quarterback Ryan Griffin but smoke coming up. This is sports talk around the league from 7:8 PM -- on the home of the New Orleans Saints Steelers you find Tigers and the New Orleans pelicans WW.