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Sep 2, 2014|

Bobby & Deke go Around the League with reporters from all eight divisions of the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening went into the final now O sports' all it is our around the league we go as we open up the first week of the 2014. NFL regular season. And the big on Thursday night has. The green bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks went a bit and also Sunday -- -- -- go 49ers visit the Dallas Cowboys in -- and what Dallas did that when a pre season game in San Francisco's offense well. Did not look like a ballclub it'd be it at three straight NFC championship game. What will happen cover in the NFC east at ESPN Dallas and of course the Dallas Cowboys. Have a lot of -- does now. -- -- people pushing the panic button a little too much on Dallas or is this team. Maybe not as good as people think they're going to be. I think you need to panic button -- him. And we believe they are perfectly -- mark and not very committed. Think that -- line. Of defense is probably the biggest problem -- pass rusher. The -- some of the law -- -- two. Years in the minor. Now luck W look at the instantly and obviously. -- Dallas did score with the best of them but what does that mean you win one you'll lose one. You know when you -- that -- basically I've driven by the impact. Sean Lee. Elvis and how devastating that was it now who's may be that leader now since he's not available. Well you that you. Defense signal caller -- when he best players. He had been able to his seat and got up and stay. The one on the didn't impact player question. -- had a cab and go oh with a rotation at linebacker. But let alone on the McClain again -- know. -- And Alabama he. Could get over on our team. That you're opening the bulk of the time and Mike. And -- that. Linebackers. In Kirk and now in the defense. And McClain you know you don't spend about maybe -- -- late in the game. Or clay and I start. Now now gavel and you look at obviously a branding coach you look at impact players around the league -- all excited about him. Coming on board with the saint Thomas -- maybe a player. That defense are not familiar with that evening to have a big impact whether being a free agent are part of the draft class. I think the first alternate -- back Marten and Uga. Right guard. Major impact limping to Kapalua and then the last two years. They've selected. -- young offensive linemen protect Tony Romo. -- be out of line especially some good linemen. I've got -- that's a little by the position open this and -- column. I would expect Marten has that effect that -- -- so like Angel -- bell is gonna be an impact on the -- -- -- are -- at. Alternately at a school was named. Now. Do you think the Cowboys even have a chance against the 49ers -- on the forehead on his people wanna. So what they've done offensively pre season and you look at it that for the game if only scored. And I got things done but the media that that would be major huge upset even though they are playing in -- of Dallas able was able to be the 49ers. Yeah yeah ally ATP gave an imposing place you -- blown big lead and it keeps coming in and beat them. -- Look at it. You know pop the -- -- good talent that output obviously you don't have that a quarterback nearly -- there aren't. Fantastic Qaeda definitely. Tied and Balata and the guys they only tried it. You know they got out on. More and McDonald and play on Sunday and he -- mayor on its courses at a pace there or. I -- thank them -- that I am not saying it's it's going to be a blow out. -- -- Catalog and NFC east and Dallas for ESP down dot com. -- the rest of the days in Philadelphia a big favorite team points over decks or field watching him busy Houston. And the New York Giants -- action there a five on the dog at Detroit on a Monday night. How do you see this division -- statement of the big move this off season obviously would DeSean Jackson knew go party and our young receiver to go -- Reuben Randle. Over in Odeo Beckham junior but it is is it that the reigning champion Philadelphia favorite who hold the top dog he's going disease. -- surprise. Like what. I dislike it talent. The count and get. Some of the ball and like. -- got it. Right. You know like. What it is in. My actual big old. Enough that all July. About taking only the Giants. Got some problems. On a couple of their immediate an. Expert on pick and why do you practice about -- hamstring injury. And then all of that their job or that it. Not be -- Because they've purpose but it might not -- in building that's why they bought them. Washington's lead in the giant that -- doubtful. Well I'll count report alleged go bitter rebuilding bowl how that Jason Garrett keep his job. Well I think that you're looking -- A good job. Night and have a contract for next year. But he's a laid back coach. EEE you know it's a little bit static and that's the problem that'll come. Cadillac and -- the US EC ESPN Dallas ESPN Dallas dot com -- talk of people Tebow would you on Twitter. And they go to Miami act out a lot. Out there. At catalog at -- thank you so much for the time. -- is our double are right the last time they visited Seattle man. Everything went wrong officials -- horrible the Green Bay Packers want to give that to the highest of any of seed not the vision. -- on the road. Tonight taking on the defending champion Seattle Seahawks and there was talk about the UFC naught and the particular. The Green Bay Packers might wicket coastal Sports Radio twelve feet deep at USA SP radio in Milwaukee over the Packers. Mike this Green Bay ballclub looks like one of the top two teams. In the NFC if you're a top tier team in FC. You're among the elite in the NFL. Now there's no doubt you know they'd be rejuvenated defense adding Julius Peppers on one side opposite claim that used. I don't think -- -- on Clinton diction the first round yet on our draft. They seem to be new life and coach Mike McCarthy who is the offensive coordinator -- on this team. -- in the -- and defense will be better almost guaranteeing the defense will be better well. Can be mediocre or slightly better in the middle pack with -- law and watch out at -- it is here come back. Well like as tiger fans talked about this that NFL schedule makers had been too kind that -- Packers considering the competition. To start to see them last year and had a go at San Francisco. And now allowed Seattle against the that they -- approached maybe their best of you wanna be to bad -- got to kind of procedurally yeah beat the best but that's pretty stiff when you look at it. Where to 49ers in his Seahawks war from last year going into this year. I know forget that the niners game here a couple of years ago opening night. You know it is basically you know at the marquee night it's always win when -- -- on the first night or whatever that is it's always taken. When -- the green bay Packers and other. Think they handle it here at the really. Marquee franchise in the National Football League and there are bars everywhere you go -- when when when you are that team people wanna see people wanna see the Green Bay Packers people and it is asking a little tiny Green Bay, Wisconsin and and or -- that's like Joe Buck and Troy Aikman usually do their games are on Sundays they are still a huge huge drop the matter who they play in. I'm not shocked by the champs because of course it's the Super Bowl champs that you talked about in the open the rematch of hail Mary game from a couple years ago. Now Mike obviously. I mean it's or jug at the Packers argue and out -- Rodgers. At the level there was still able to play live but I I think Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback. Now when I'll look at they lead to you look at Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. As not even close Aaron Rodgers. Hockey leagues how can be you know extend plays. And just that and is arm strength than holly makes plays that. When I was impressed with Eddie -- you know you talk about that Alabama linebackers I -- out running backs. And you look where we had right now and and we won marking him to produce it looks like he's done that this pre season now Kenny do in the regular season. Aegis and look at and then get any better and Eddie -- and I think -- -- even better considering. That you have -- rising dodges so leaning a polonium. Not an intimate -- immediately he was going to be as good he was doing and whispers here by about week 45. I think everybody else to say this is big ol' boy from Alabama. He can really run the football and you know he's got the speed on the outside he can bury you on the inside because he's so big and it's something the Packers really happened happened and what they -- -- we're really opened for. The packer fans really want that she and coach Mike McCarthy that he pass first pass second pass third kind of guy. Looking at what. At least seek to utilize that can make these decide are right in with this no huddle. But they're -- influence and he plays the game that they can get back what you that and that'd be great action depends if it's open being able to stack the box. You bring another linebacker or somebody in. What is that you could put -- -- to Dubai and wide receivers so that at age factor is huge for the pack the Dolphins in a really big for -- -- used to. Mike Huckabee but Tebow with you on Twitter. Or are you. Might -- Mike and -- a game Thursday night. All right thank you might while we understand now about we are giving them on news that there is some traffic problems. -- team wins on the bank area between three point land and 55 so if you go out there. All in you have to be stuck in traffic and give us a little bit of an update you -- Texas and 87870. Give us some as a lot of people -- -- way to go home -- a positive way global tour bad route and other places as well. Again we are are getting word via email and text that -- west acting west on the money carry between 32 and -- I've beaten you five. Traffic is backed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- word from some officials -- will take time out come back more around the league here on WW yeah. I would continue to go around the league on -- sports talk giving us some takes it to the one caught accident in the left lane around mile mark to fourteen. That is on about a carries you away of people hitting wins three in. Between three canyon 55. And the traffic is backed up a decent point summation that your eyes Mujica Texas they tend to do with the ball as. It to 601. Hates him in the San Francisco 49ers three times in the NFC championship game with a Super Bowl a couple of years ago here in New Orleans. Both out the West Coast is San Francisco often in think entering the season they are at Dallas Sunday -- five and a half point favorite. The total is at fifty wanting Kevin. If I'm looking at a total 51 -- census totals or some points. Your take on this offense at the 49ers I have put out on the field isn't concerned are you today -- the pre season don't be too much into. More pristine to -- too much into it. No -- -- really conservative when it comes to. What they're allowed to go. They're in the -- he's -- terms of personnel groups and playing eight formations and all -- thanks so I would expect. On and saying you'll. Probably most. That. He never showed during summer. Now Kevin when you look at established team a great team like the Corey niners of their with the Seahawks and we'll know even a Saints part president -- make it. Some teams by have a handful within you get the top teams that might have to agree. A vacant spot as far as the active roster what creates you know what draft pick. Has impressed you in who could be a big part of this season that commitment -- -- it. Well well. Really can't Greek -- Eaton. Running back out of Ohio State. And I know -- looks like. I'm more for the war make great they. Really Asian. And the you know I think it fair run might be better and last year has I'd also. Because they're being ill or now at corner I know you get the brought back out it went quoted saying yeah. But. Killed or younger and you talk a little more athletic might be little more physical. And not think that benefit them in the run game. Now and Kevin look at -- Davidson side. A couple of them you know fame players that -- LSU fans local fans a Louisiana keep club went. It seems like ugly and Garcia has found a hole not necessarily Kansas City. But I wanna say got a contract extension with the 49ers. And also maybe had a progression a very agreed. Is that they expecting big things from him -- him like he was hot -- somewhat last season but. I just talk about -- in there agreed. Port -- we just put on your. His team. Later NC you know that Cuba injured reserve ops is. He being designated after weeks. -- yet you point is that why. Durham and -- so he's helping it get two or three month injury. And he'll be he'll be a lot comeback -- pretty early. So he's been fantastic and I think really. About rounding into its first round potential. And we all say never wait. Oh I got a nose guard you know he beat me in -- -- from the word go. And -- really well last year on one would want to -- -- a lot. -- now they can run pre and make tackles or -- element in and Eric. You know and he. Regret. It really Smart guy. Physical guy I think you learn how to tackle and -- which maybe -- Learned last year you wrapped up much more and doesn't go for a shoulder -- -- -- tackle which he hit a couple and which car -- want Chela no when he hit that now. Really really completely. Now Kevin -- the quarterback position and look at college cabernet Allan Russell Wilson. Obviously Colin -- making plays -- -- his feet in the post season. But where is yet right now maybe being more disciplined quarterback what I observe and those pre season I mean Russell Wilson looks like he's gotten a whole lot better. And maybe Dave -- and -- tomorrow what is your take -- cabernet right now on his progression. It's going to be etched into the art. Am. During training camp and during creepy because they didn't have our. And the game and gave it. Who but he RT ET of pressure. And -- really. Allowed to stay in the air and hit at -- or read that everything for cap and it got away and that are gonna play. You know -- prop in a rush -- off and. And put guys in the gaps so we can skate and force him patrol from the pocket and hit back in third read. And she couldn't really. The creepy so you know he into the key and Tokyo. Kevin Lance 49ers beat writer for the San. San Cisco gate dot com Kevin how can people cable with you on Twitter. They can reach me at a lynch. And the number or nine despite 49ers. Kevin thank you so much of the time we appreciate. RI at Louisiana State trooper Melissa may be join tiznow as an accident. On the Al bound going from a -- warm applause at 32 in between three to him I've beat -- five. -- but -- thank you so much if you would give us our audience the information please. We can't we -- -- in the minor crash -- that the heat thirteen output to thirteen I can't -- And we're expecting people to be patient we're trying to get the have a crack at it it -- in the left lane and into the -- opened to traffic illness that premiere. And be patient can get back crashed his battle -- will happen opened shortly. Haven't over shoulder so you do have people are there any any estimate now Melissa is that. Now I don't have an. You know what time you know we can get it is at a -- clean it gonna depend on -- record bike pat it is scary injuries and you know again at the minor crash shot pocket not in my. They tremendous of the eighties saying -- just be patient did do their best -- on the scene it's a minor accident one lane is passable the other owners block but they are working diligently to keep -- -- up. Melissa thank you so much for -- at the mayor Ismet. All right the Cincinnati Bengals and they on the champions of the AFC north division they opened up this weekend. At the Baltimore Ravens giving going fox sports Ohio to -- now. Kevin and Don is -- to allow a debate was about their ball club that is set offensively. In the back field they've added a guy like that Jamie he'll. Not next to a big contract will be assuming will be AJ green with artists it looks like a great 12 punch -- combination good backs. Good offensive line. But enacting their playoff victory would lead to believe this year is the year that they get a playoff victory. Well I think that you mention that they've got lined up. Did that matter you know getting over that hump in an important -- -- that Tom is set up. You can't get that until January that I worry about -- care bitten right now. -- you start up in Baltimore -- a big win for them big division win on the road to start year it would etiquette don't form. Now -- Kevin oh what do they and as far as defense -- you think though the Ellison might be among the best follow a lot like the Saints top ten offense. And defense. -- lack in oh what is his health status. And defensively who's maybe. Someone that would after milieu addicted to trim and -- a high level this season. Well you you know it. It's. Yet to come off an ATL -- And he got play on an error in India are preceding game. At all you know obviously -- -- more so sure all these days dot. Eight date that really expect them to come along. I got a you know cut and dry out as the season goes on the market on his bat and then beat it out of the -- from Estonia. And they got out of have a SMU it during the second round. And he is it -- that they. He was their second. Second rounder. And it weird but the guy can be somebody for a future so that when we Michael Johnson which they did. The Tampa Bay is a free agent. You know he can help us now take care that. You know Kevin June Jones told me about him coming on as immune. Just a physical specimen. You look at his presence I don't know that is actually -- sixty to eighty. Against a very intimidating factor. You know just to look at a guy like that it. You know when you embrace America football and that's why this guy could be delivered to him given the opportunity. And now looking at. Where they're -- as far as a team and when you look at pressure. I mean Marvin Lewis I mean that when delicate the Bengals. I mean to me as long as he's letting -- look at the track record in the brown family. That you know Mike Brown etc. what -- is yet to Duke is. The -- as more -- the fan base that we -- win a twelve game -- -- got to win one with the stability of Marvin Lewis I think the Bengals organization appreciates that. All your your fully corrected. People or you know it -- Now that I think -- We're number one like four with a double B right Ellen or confident. Or what I think. You know -- problem at the same line fact that. -- Call the -- now they thing. You know on par with -- organization. You know can call on anymore. They're not any organization there. It is now what -- -- the other occasions -- To that point or what this -- that. We don't play. At that point not a -- you're not getting a week and I can't -- of people thought you -- 81 regret when you really long ones but at that. -- -- -- And eaten even -- on. What angles -- -- -- for referral off you started here. Even though we covered the ANC and off and this -- any big as the fox sports Ohio Kevin thank you so much for the time. Raikkonen are all right this first Louisiana sportswriters. Talk to Andrea out in each file classifications in Louisiana as we open up the prep football season Friday night will talk about those including. The Eagles avoid ease than that double clans for Eaton. This is sports at all on -- BW. The Houston Texans opened up this season Sunday as they entertain the Washington Redskins. Covering the AFC south and the Texans for the Houston Chronicle. Brian Smith Brian thank you so much for joining us JJ watt probably safe on both ends they -- had paid this man before the season began. -- percent you know. To pat Kathy Lee and and quarterbacks ruled this league now more than ever put the Texans are trying to do a little B try a different little defense first that's why they brought to you -- -- number one overall. They're Brian Cushing who treat healthy. Is one of the best middle linebacker -- so and JJ watt. Their money. And too many people's money is the best defense and then took all. He's a dual threat and I'm sure Reggie component anywhere. He's also incredible and the treaty doesn't have an ego and that's and to -- out of me first guy pricking that went to a fourteen they've lost fourteen straight games. Hockey is the pace of the franchise and he could be in uniform now -- 2021. Now Bryant from what you've seen and you know you always need those role models are positive influences that as far as how you get motivated. And you bring -- JJ wide. Has -- is he responded that leadership and trying to keep pace. Because that that's when you really can put pressure on the quarterback K double team everyone and if you can really just closed down the pocket from a either side. It looks like to be weapon outside that -- has really stepped up to the challenge. Now it's a great question and your points are dead on look. You know there's no way around the county had about Iraq coming out of South Carolina and I think part of that was the SEC media who look to pick apart other teams when they're not in the home city part of that was cloudy and it -- and did it perform like he should last year we should have been by far the best. -- defender in the country he's been perfect them yet and and it had been a single issue off the field. Giving quiet he shut his mouth he's worked goat some minor injuries but when he's been on the field it's been fascinating and and I tell you what. You know we're a sixteen game does this -- got to stay healthy but there are going to be times Indians all season where they line -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moved back a couple feet. In these two weeks right outside linebacker the old doesn't have that right now it's freak in Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White. And putting them together on the same team and not really seen that in decades so if it works that he stays healthy. He's going to be a -- learn from -- -- storewide in every Gator in the locker room together film session you know -- can't really get away JJ watt. Was notorious would be one of the hardest to not the hardest worker you know well. Now Brian obviously it is stability at quarterback. -- -- very similar last year I guess you look at the Texans and the Falcons. Adding DiFelice had that stability obviously in Matt Ryan I think he's not. Top ten top twelve quarterback in the NFL but. You look at bowl teams high expectations -- or -- but now still look at instability at a quarterback -- it's Patrick. An eagle back whether -- was would think Saint Louis in the in more doubles success from -- Buffalo. In the tying and now. With the Texas and then they go ahead and that would make you trade for Ryan mallet so what is your take where they're at right now. Is that like. That factory did he give him. A few games are aware that -- deposition. The end and that's the big thing we can talk defense and it's great Awad and clowning coaching and their front seven to be the best interests so they could have a top play decent but it's not gonna matter. If they can score points and -- turned the ball over and fortunately that's been Ryan Fitzpatrick. Our career as or he's very very intelligent they believe that they can gain manage them turn and that somebody who -- a 25 touchdowns and tipped interception. That's as good as forty touchdowns. And thirty interceptions that you maybe you know normal quarterback but the big if he's in his ten year. I'd -- Bryant's burst your coaching in a new quarterbacks coach George god she's so they're really gonna try. And and get the most of this guy in the -- out of a career year Ryan Fitzpatrick if that happens. They could be the surprise to him so. Into the Colts pulled out a little. You know there are still Andrew Luck. And that's about it with that team that got a major injuries they could challenge and if he's so good night at 710 and sixteen surprise felt. It's Ryan Fitzpatrick a -- in the main thing is. You know they routed Calgary -- TJ Yates who was the back are you on the first play of game he's now Matt -- back you just referenced at all and not. And then once they decided -- keyed -- could cut it. They -- at least ten and the -- to Ryan mallet look back -- Tom Brady for three years so it really is Ryan Fitzpatrick will bust with this team and he doesn't work. It's gonna get off because Tom savage -- round pick out of Pittsburgh he's absolutely not ready to long term project. It's thrown four passes in his entire career so you know it's hard to believe but they're gonna ride ride that Patrick -- they can -- this year. -- the AFC south and the Houston Texas with the Houston Chronicle Brian T Smith Brian thank you so much in -- the Texans and Redskins Sunday. All right it's one of the marquee matchup this week in the National Football League that did the Broncos in the Indianapolis Colts. Demo well I think there's only one team is leading these Super Bowl win all -- AFC the Colts. All they -- make that next step in the comic contend. Some say that Sunday serves as a measuring stick. Torre joins us now the Denver Post over the Broncos tried -- of the defense the offense well I think it's going to be just as good. With that said. How does that attitude in Denver knowing what took place last -- February. Whether Albert now and certainly stung prologue time. To have about not administer the NFL. And then on the biggest stage just completely got broke flat tire and so they spent the better are up he's -- Changing their defense given it -- and attitude and -- Gigi were markets where and the key to lead. And they believe that the defense is just. Corey and apparently that -- -- that they can get back to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. That the singular singular goal it's not Super Bowl or it's Super Bowl win are but they're built to win the verbal anything that to be a disappointment. Yeah now Troy what about colleges reading this today Wes Welker. Well word about the concussion but now been suspended for four games. For the Houston amphetamines and now look at that has to be huge bulletin receiving game considering. That only full -- receivers -- black -- caught passes for the Broncos and nearly. 60% of those receptions. They come they won Spurs gained not to be on the field. And that's Eric Decker now with the Jets in their work will be welcome being suspended I'm sure. -- many can overcome that but that's still as to be a blow to what they do in the passing game. Yeah I don't know that it'll impact and that certainly against the Colts at home but you know that Seattle in the third week of the season at devastating. Not to have trust the guy like Wes Welker available. That's when Peyton getting pressure Turkey his check down guys. So it disappointing to the team we're not and in fact that the two of them the game tomorrow you know that without the best kicker in a while Matt Prater. And a four game. What -- Welker now so what does that mean for the drop then I would look for Jacob -- there again. DJ used a little more like a -- I can't keep them using a manual standard. In the same way they used Welker now understand that spirit in the slot but. Can't -- -- an animal -- medal bracket factory guys taking hits he'll line up there but I don't -- executing the same pattern. That you saw Welker run that could go to Jacobs can't meet up in coverage. On the topic covered in Seattle that third week of the season not having all your weapons of Melbourne just. It's tough enough to win in Seattle in -- -- you know make it even more difficult without Welker -- Draw a final question that this is -- as division visit them a conference I think anybody's expected demo Barca a huge blow. At the Bailey's twelve more like thirteen 1415 you know sixteen wins in a regular season. With that said who is anybody that can come close to Denver in the AFC west. Albeit US analysts he would -- the one you played them well or IndyCar charters. Chargers beat them on -- -- -- home lot. Chargers play at top physical game. Not unlike the niners call. Seahawks they run more so than in the division it would be -- Chargers it. I don't see that happening. In the AFC certainly the Patriot on paper Greg out each LP in the edition of. Darrelle Revis they could pose a threat where it allows. That you know make critic situation guys remember -- a playoff game on the road maybe it'd be it he championship. Converse scheduled just wicked this year much upper peninsula last year -- they're a better team and could have a worse record more like eleven and five at the schedule is brutal. Troy rhetoric over the Denver Broncos in the AFC west for that game by a pro post Detroit thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Here -- right -- first installment of around the league each and every Tuesday night from 7:8 PM by -- Hit on around the league well the first Louisiana sportswriters prep football polls already -- class Abdi. The defending champion Acadia Rams are number one to defending division for champion Ronald Raiders are number two -- ways it three west Monroe hit four. Dempster had his five desert what is it six. Birdies at seven the -- to two and a green wave or number eight -- he -- in the Bob Buccaneers Atlantic Canada Batman is at number eighteen. In class following the Warren -- Eagles are at number one than that would tie goes all right too. Landry welcomed Buccaneers Chargers are 83 at the -- fourth saint Thomas More is five Franklin to sixth. There -- seven Breaux Bridge eight -- nine and Beckham containing as 38. John -- university evangels. And -- -- to the top fourth saint John's Catholic. Notre Dame party -- is all 56 and seven -- You high eventual saint Charles Notre Dame apart view they'll even play amongst the public teams in clay history of the public team to union Paris they -- -- number eight. Jennings at nine in off left and big Devon White on the forty Columbia junior this year he is one on a high school football player. In class 28 calvary back loses it -- at number one Kevin Liberia too many candor and went feel around the top five Isidore Newman is at six. Follow about Riverside at saint James or -- and saint time consequence fountains -- -- team. And it class joining the main comparable -- on the right Mobil one chain's logo Antonio to -- -- -- Christian Eagles or at three so I landed at full. That can't would kangaroo some under the taking -- world or at number five the Rams at west Saint John six but me Catholic in seven busy with eight. Adjudicate them and the -- pains. Or -- this week's prep football rankings according to the Louisiana sportswriters association. And this first week of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- -- Friday night to onset Dunlap. And a lot now make coaching move out as they give you all the latest around that week won the state high school football in Louisiana. That's gonna do -- -- B -- -- tomorrow on the program as will get to set for the Saints at the Falcons black and Bogut difference there work. Under their belts Williams Saints coach Sean Payton Drew Brees and others. And it's the less now so it's seventy. Budget and so on -- sports team and mark on our. I'm Deke Bellavia has always -- about that he did can't name Bobby a -- bluntly a little bit IP.