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Sep 2, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Trending Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome George showing this Tuesday night for many -- -- it feels like a Monday night the good news is it's Tuesday night already so that means a short week for -- We want to welcome everybody who is in New Orleans for the National Baptist Convention huge gathering of black Christians says they -- in town I have seen many of them walking around downtown today. The convention will bring millions and millions and millions of dollars into the local economy so we hope they'll have a really great -- -- LSU moves up to number twelve in the polls after their come from behind victory over Wisconsin. I was doing the the morning show for -- sector yesterday. And talking a little bit about the game Saturday night. And York couple of people who sent via -- text yesterday morning instead they left the game in the third quarter. And they've regretted it obviously an issue roared back and and what the game moved up from thirteen to number twelve in the polls it. You know again this is a very very young LSU team but this was at this was a team that matured actually. During the process of that first opening game. And the safe spot tech place kicker Shayne Graham you heard that I was looking at some of his statistics in the -- very accurate. He's one of the one of the top kickers in the NFL. And they wave to the quarterback can right Griffin and nobody's really too surprised about that it would be unusual for the saints carry. A three quarterbacks so the count down to the season opener Saturday. Sorry Sunday Sunday afternoon in Atlanta against the falcons is well underway we have got a lot of information. From our resident pros and also from DK Christopher everybody else we've got a lot of information constant updating on. All the information with the saints getting ready for the falcons game all of that is on our website at W you don't -- in fact. If you haven't done this year. When you sign up for the WWL free text alerts now we don't charge by the year texting -- message rates in May apply. But it's it's a free service from us it's available on any phone -- have -- super Smart phone to get it. But sign up for sports alerts and you'll get alerts on anything that happens with the saints. With L issue over the pelicans and we have to do is text the word sports. To -- 77. -- we're sports too late 787. And -- and getting ready for the year 2014 home season opener in their brand new stadium human stadium on campus the game as a sellout. And that I think is gonna bring a lot of enthusiasm to Tulane football -- soared after the saints game I was with friends and walk -- And I was watching the at the end of their. The Tulane Tulsa game and it was just heartbreaking game to see him lose McCain in double overtime and they had so many opportunities to win -- -- coming home. I'm going to be there Saturday afternoon. It's time for tonight's trending top eight at eight tier of the top three things -- like you know as we begin our show tonight. On every WL number eight. But as well deserved a statue honoring saints owner Tom Benson was unveiled today at the Mercedes been super ago. And with a TARP was removed from the statue. As dimensions slightly choked up when he said I never did think this would happen I'm so pleased thank you all very much. When. We Tom -- bought the pelicans says there was talk initially I had a couple of people call it say it would leave the statute Tom Benson. As of now there is one a coach Payton praised Tom -- saying that the saints would not have been able to lift the Lombardi trophy. Without him. And the statues at the entrance of champions square. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And I could also island reporter Lisa salters has chosen not to use the word Redskins were reporting on the sidelines of a Washington Redskins -- As she joins a growing number of NFL reporters and analysts. Who -- -- to use the word Redskins because they disagree with the of the team's name and agree with those who believe it's a derogatory term. The list of reporters. An analyst who are refusing to use the word Redskins include Peter King -- sports writer for Sports Illustrated. A CBS and CBS a color analyst Phil Phil Simms and NBC's analyst. Tony Dungy. Even the Washington Post editorial board in Washington DC. Has decided to stop using the word Redskins when referring to the team they'll simply refer to them as Washington I guess. On the team motor and Snyder continues to maintain his stance that he's not going to change the name of the team this this debate is far from over. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Young man goes to the wrong apartment. Complex in mid city. Woman in the apartment. Shoots. Martinez -- between six years old has been blocked by you know PD in the shooting of a twenty year old male who as far as I know it's not been identified. She said that he was trying to force his way into her apartment. And she shot. I saw this -- young man on the news earlier. And he said he was going to visit is not who lived upstairs. He went to department downstairs hours ago profit there at the wrong floor. And apparently the door of the department was opened and he he'd start to walk in -- as a woman in the apartment says that he was forcing his way and she shot him he's he's I think he's out of hospital now he wasn't was seriously injured. -- I wonder if we have become so scared. -- we're gonna just shoot somebody who mistakenly comes to our door. And we really can't do -- In you yet if you have a gun you have to use it responsibly and players. You know I -- but I understand why people are so. Are so skittish. When it comes to illustrators come into the door now here's what I find interesting. If if this woman is so afraid. That she's got a -- ready to shoot anybody comes in her tour. Why -- door and locked. I mean I would think that if that is. If that's your attitude about being safe then why which you have the door unlocked and it's my understanding that he he just walked in because the door. Was unlocked but I think this is another example of how we've become so afraid they're willing to shoot somebody who just. Mistakenly -- -- door. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There are questions about whether senator Mary land drew is a full time residence in New Orleans now apparently the bar is rather low. When it's comes to somebody who qualifies as a full time resident. First of all to run for the senator for congress you you have to be able to vote in the states. In which are running. And she is registered to vote in the state of Louisiana university of Louisiana Monroe political science professor Joshua starkly. Says this is not really -- derailed her campaign we've got the full story on our website at WW dot com. -- it might be a small distraction I would agree with that but Republican Paul Hollis a former challenger to Mary -- -- has filed a lawsuit against the incumbent claiming that she does that really -- and in Louisiana. Now she claims as a resident. Odd she claims to be a resident in a home it's owned by her her family. And I think it's part of trust in the family and she's just one of those who who was there but you know this. This really brings up I think an interest in question. Is there any way to require politicians to spend a certain amount of time in the district where the states. Elects -- instance and to Washington. Maryland Jewelers in according to what I've read a two and a half million dollar house in Washington DC. If she spends too much time to Washington DC as many politicians do and and -- she does if she does. Then. You get the impression that that people -- No longer are in touch with their constituents. They're no longer really in touch with what coastal. I mean they can hear the news that can read the news that -- see the news they define it what's going on especially with technology being the way it is today. But it really isn't fair to the voters. For politicians to become. Recluse is in Washington DC. And to reject the city in the state that they are from the district that they're from and spend the majority of don't spend too much time let's just say too much time. In in Washington DC I don't know if there's a way to require politicians to spend time in the district or state that elected them. But it really we would be nice if we can do require them to do that I think that's the least. We should expect of our politicians. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we talk about tonight's our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 72 and a text number is 877 -- before tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And another flight confrontation over a reclined seats on an airline that led to a flight being diverted. Last week there were two confrontations that led to flights being diverted. Now there's a delta flight was diverted from New York's LaGuardia Airport. To respond to each. He was diverted to Jacksonville. Because it's. A woman in the seat -- her seat. And the woman behind her was trying to sleep on her tray table. She entered it sometimes you see -- on a on a plane user her head chair arms and -- she sleeping on the tray table and that really disrupted her. Her attempt to sleep when the woman -- seat. OK I can under stand that it is in seat reclining something that just happens on planes you know we've we've talked about this and and last week we discussed this on the show and wrote a blog. Space wars on airplanes. And this really just I I think is another indication of how territorial we have become we feel like our space is invaded all the time and you know life has become on turf war. And one of the new turf wars includes reclining seats. So I'm an -- about this the that the pilot said that it was out of an abundance of caution that they decided to. To divert the flight to Jacksonville to think about at this point from New York City. To Jackson putt from New York City to West Palm Beach now that flying over Jacksonville they divert to Jacksonville. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm thinking that maybe there's about forty minutes left of flight time. At that point but forty maybe 3540 minutes left the flight time from Jacksonville to west palm. And that what you think about the time that it takes to land in Jacksonville. That had to be one heck of vote of the of the disruption. If they decided to land that plane because not only is it expensive for the airline. The fight was a couple of hours late finally getting to two west palm and it creates a ripple effect throughout the system. With only about forty minutes flying time that had to be that'd be one heck of -- a confrontation and you know I I know that a lot of people may be confused about one of the flights it was a diverted last week it was a Miami to Paris flight. He was diverted to Boston. A lot of you might look at a map and think -- Miami. To Paris. Diverted to Boston how -- Boston have been close. Now again you can you can correct me if if this is if this is wrong but I think a lot of on international flights like that. Try to overcome. The curvature of the earth and they will fly out of their way to go around. The smaller part of the earth it saves time and it -- feel so I'm assuming that that's the only reason at play it would have been diverted to Boston because like I first heard I thought -- -- it. Miami to. Paris diverted to Boston that doesn't make sense -- that I thought well yes flights due. Take advantage of the curvature of the earth that they don't go around the earth at the widest point I if you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's every text Amber's late 77. Let me share this text which you. -- eating amoeba founded Washington DC all starve to death yeah I can imagine that. A number three it would have note that would have no brains in week number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Photographs of actress. Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Has been posted by hackers. Now. Do we assume anything is private anymore apparently these came from her her iCloud account I set a few things like. I mean does anybody really understand little iCloud thing it means is gonna hang in apparent space. And you send stuff up to it and so -- you hack into that well you jacket to. I think Jack Kate Upton was another one of the actresses and others said they're they're nude photos released to the general public. Jennifer Lawrence referred to this as cyber rape and she's demanding that there be an investigation the FBI is aware of the allegations. And they're looking into this as best they canned. The user offered to release more nude photos to the media in exchange for money and they know who this dispersing it. Here's another question. If you heard about the release of the nude photos. Of Jennifer Lawrence Qaeda. Or some other actors to do you find very attractive. If you heard about the release of those voters by hackers. And you went to look for the photos to view them for yourself. Are you directly contributing to the invasion of privacy. By looking and viewing the pictures. It is seems to me that. That we contribute to that if you do I I I didn't do it. If you did it then it seems to me that you contribute to the crime of invasion of privacy. And I would think that just from a moral simply don't if Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Upton or summary like that poses in Playboy or penthouse or magazine like that that's totally different. Internet with the permission. But for somebody to sneak it and I've I've just I've never gone out of my way to look at pictures of which they were pictures of princess di and Kate to now all these different serve. People in royalty or or celebrities caught topless or sunbathing nude yourself. I don't I don't go to look for those pictures because I feel like I'm actually morally contributing to the crime. If I become one of the audience members. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- atheist group the freedom from religious. For injured player on the field. Display -- was injured and and is as quite often happens the players dropped to one name and they were obviously saying a prayer for the player on the field and beat the atheist group -- freedom from religious foundation. Filed a complaint. However there's an article at foxnews.com barred by saw this by -- story tonight I rarely agree with -- stars. But he's accurate with his article like I agree that he should -- brought this up. The high school players who dropped to one knee and and prayed the other heads for this this injured teammate. And I don't understand how that affected any atheist -- with a year. This -- blog tonight is titled players pray. Eight he has complained. And you can read that share with others it's on our website. At -- WL dot comfortable we'll talk about this on the short right think about that. If and I think this is really part of -- overly big trend in America. There are people who wondered if that we have lost this idea of live and let live. We wanna try and I don't mean you or me but we as a as a as a nation have gone to the point where we are to -- busy trying to tell other people how to lead their lives. Now if you're an atheist. And you're not forced to say a prayer. That -- the perfect -- And in this particular case just the site. Of what appears to be a prayer not even hearing it's not like it was sent over a loudspeaker. Just the sight of that really shouldn't bother anybody. And atheists need to learn to live and let live as well. Now I do you know a few atheists. And that day or not the type that would object to this so. You know once again I think this is a case of it's unfair to judge. All atheist by the behavior of sun in the same way that it's unfair to judge any group by the behavior of just a few that seem to get the attention. But this group does not does not represent all atheist. Script like tonight players parade -- complain. -- either agree or disagree it's a trying to gonna whip cited tentative you well dot com and finally tonight number one on tonight's list. On the topping an eight. According to sources another American journalist has been beheaded by crisis that -- you've heard about this facility is so on -- His name is Stephen. Sucked off. And he was allegedly beheaded after making a statement about America in the Middle East but the American. Attack in Iraq in the American military presence in the Middle East. In the recent two -- both men seemed to be very calm as are about to face their brutal murder. There are some who questioned whether or not these headings. Really took place. I'm assuming that they did because. I have heard. Experts on the news talk about the videos and they -- -- on their way to say we're only gonna show you the video up to with the beheading and we're not gonna show you the actual beheading. But I want to hear what. This. This journalist. -- a subtle -- hear what he cents. In a statement before he's about to be beheaded and also you'll hear part of what the executioner has to say just before the -- Even jewels off that I'm sure you know exactly who I am right now and that's why I am appearing before you. And now this. Time for my message from both. What Obama. Your foreign policy and intervention in Iraq we're supposed to be for the preservation of American lives and interests. So why is it that I'm having to pay the price -- interference with my life. And I am not an American citizen. We've spent billions of US taxpayers dollars that we've lost thousands of our troops from their previous fighting against the Islamic state of so where is the American people's interest and reigniting this war. From what little I know about foreign policy. I remember a time when you cannot win an election without promising to bring our troops back home from Iraq from Afghanistan. They closed down one kind of do you are now Obama. Nearing the end of your term then having achieved none of the above. There's even any marching us the American people into a blazing fire. I'm Barack Obama. And I'm Brooke because of you are performed pushy towards Islamic state because of your assistance and continue to -- sitting on the news tomorrow among -- also -- Despite -- serious warnings you. Obama had a -- game. For you actions come just a number of Americans suits and so just -- -- missiles continue to strike all people -- knife. We'll continue to start the next few people. And that is the voice of the alleged executioner who appears to be the same person who executed. I. They have other. Western journalist in custody as my understanding that they even have a woman. What are the female who is is held what -- she's raped. Videotaped being raped and killed. Would that change things and what should the United States do. Many experts say that it's really not possible to stop crisis without troops on the ground. Would -- be different American tourists. Were being captured and had it. What do you think should be done. It is one of the things we'll talk about the show tonight our numbers 26 so when he seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 a Texan presents every seventy it's Tuesday night -- -- and we'll be right back on -- -- -- -- And welcome back to our show is Tuesday -- shy -- or -- of you a pretty general opinion poll tonight. With three recent inflight confrontations over reclining seat on the plane. Will you now begin to ask the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat. 67%. Say no they're not gonna ask in 33% say yes they will are gonna be a flights Friday morning. And I have always reclaim my seats I do it rather gracefully it'll slammed a seat back. But I'm gonna put my seat back and I don't know I really don't have any intention of asking the person behind you because I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com and allowed -- -- and can you talk about that throughout the show us if you would react to this said the second beheading. That is just such a horrific active. Just a barbaric nature. And apparently this happened. Secretary American journalist and they're threatening to effect. If the bombing of the the air strikes continued against crisis crisis said after the it would actually during the first beheading that they were gonna they had the Celtic. And -- fell to a net prompts. And -- boarding named a British journalists their they're holding captive. They say they're gonna execute him if the air strikes continue should be your choice continue what you reacts -- news. And what should we do about it. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Nines here which every attacks -- -- 78 -- it's your calls here just a moment here -- attacks it reads. They drug these guys -- This says so look it up I spent time in that area and it's very common to drug the fighters suicide bombers. And the captives you know I thought about it these guys seemed really calm and I'm thinking if I think I'm about to be beheaded. I mean again I don't know because I've never been that position. But I I would I would think that I would -- you'd think that you would struggling in some kind of way and they seem very common delivering these. In delivering these statements. -- -- getting a number of text about the nude photos of Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and others that posted by hackers and -- raise the question. Do you assume some responsibility for invading privacy. If you view the pictures. Here's a text Jennifer Lawrence gave up her privacy which you upload or her nude pictures to the iCloud the cloud is public domain. I don't know if everybody is aware of that. Here's attacks if you don't want others to see your nude photos don't upload them to the -- From Mississippi Jane sure on the schoolchildren VW well. A bank dispute into let's say you did that the world -- a total disrespect for the present -- a country our citizens. It's just that's our means is that it's also. That we did that can that -- strike atrocities occur. Two innocent people on the war what we have military what do we stand for that we stand at this these barbaric -- continue. James a lot of a lot of people believe that we would have to put troops on the ground. Two to stop crisis. Are you willing to support that. -- I and we need to troops on scrambled first we need to change president enemy he's like he didn't. I'm willing to do you mean Ali also the fight Republican in peak at the incident. Its policies he has in the country he has on policy. No one respects simple respects this country. -- -- stake in the courtroom right in the problem books and we didn't -- You know even Dianne Feinstein from California. Was critical of president Obama's saying that and think she's learned about him is cities too cautious and she thinks he's too cautious on -- the the idea of doing more to try to stop the attacks in the advancement of crisis as you said that on non. I guess it was that Meet the Press or face an -- as 1 of the Sunday morning shows urged the right over the weekend Sochi. -- and says something negative about the president which is about as close to bipartisanship this year and get these days. I don't know -- -- -- muscles are little people you know on I just wish I could do something help I mean we got the best military in the world. I mean it's going to get the job -- get out of there on that same state eighteen years or whatever the case may be. Well let's get it there you know to -- -- on the ground it's gonna take care of business and let's deal with the situation right now and activists stopped. And we just put more people than in that you -- Aaron and and James are hired that are just read and heard that crisis is highly funded they have five they have a lot of money billions of dollars they have money that al-Qaeda had never had. And it's it's it's still amazing to me just from a psychological human nature standpoint how people. On our inspired to join when they see these headings. And this -- out -- I don't know behavior causes of people from the west to wanna join the claws and I can't figure out a psychological explanation for that. Have I don't know but you know we need to put the actual ground and put into this before. You know it gets a lot worse -- that's all the way to stop it cancer. James and I -- what. Appreciate you calling -- show by trusting in Mississippi. If you're hold stay -- if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comments tonight about all the super talking about our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a tech's number is 877. Here's a -- WL pretty general opinion poll with three recent inflight confrontations over reclining seat. Will you know begin to -- the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat. Give us your opinion by going to our web site at W real dot com we are tracking that pulls through our show tonight. Another update coming up we'll be right back on W well here's a Texan raise any journalist who doesn't realize now that crisis is dangerously. Is dangerous is is uninformed. You really can't blame these are journalists but they do take risk by covering. I'm covering crisis is covering her covering wars for getting your reaction to what what appears to be a second beheading by an American journalist. By crisis in well this apparently took place in Syria here's a text a referring to a caller earlier. As a parent of a soldier told James to -- list go there and fight. Steve -- WWL. Cheney 828 who are all for it though to the tram that these slain journalist. Our our respect the president also a lot of people -- -- expects president saw that. Think that. A gulf war or -- people actually leave the first you know whether we got -- is cute now. Killed and injured little cloudy with who wouldn't appreciate it went in there in the world. Fighting or not dot the dot during the first war where we over when we windy and the troops went to desert storm with the troops were there to get the Iraqis -- Kuwait. Expect political lost a lot -- We lost a lot of equipment we're in the no news gently dark chapter -- -- and a we have ticket a good plant which ankle and -- -- I'm go to a tragedy tragic murders murders. And we -- the during the murder. To adjust our current -- Very quit I even got to get to -- news breaks should we put boots on the ground. The final. I hope you are -- just Steve I'm going to call the show -- your -- stay with us some more of your calls you've got a lot to talk about tonight. And we're just getting started and no more attacks are coming up it's Tuesday nights on this -- show. And it's it's WWL.