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Sep 2, 2014|

ISIS claims to have beheaded another American journalist, Steven Sotloff…then warned President Obama that as long as U.S. airstrikes continue, “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There has been yet another confrontation in flights over seats that was -- This woman apparently was knitting. And she reclined recede back. And this is that makes it seemed like just such an and an innocent person precious to their -- on the plane she going to seep back -- -- seat like most of us do. And the person behind -- start of the competition the flight was going from New York City the Glazer report to West Palm Beach and the pilot out of an abundance of caution decided to divert the plane landed in Jackson deal. Which according to in my thinking would only have been maybe 3540. Minutes more flying time. So that had to be really bad confrontation. For them to make that decision to be so close to their destination and decide to go through the process of of of landing. In Jacksonville in any event what's going on. Three flights in two weeks over -- argument over reclined seat. If you wanted to and assured your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every at Texas a 77. Is this will be an indication of of how widespread rage has become and we talked about this on the show last week after the the second confrontation. Over reclined seat. Life has become such turf war. And now the new turf is reclining seats and -- toward that we give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight. With three recent inflight confrontations over reclining seat will you now begin to ask the passenger behind you if they mind if you -- your seat. Give a sure thing about going to our website to BWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that as we continue to tractor pull -- on our show. Also -- talked about the nude photographs for Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. And it became corrupted and others what is released these photographs new photographs were released by hackers as they set up to the cloud they hacked into the cloud they've released him. And apparently there are more to be released if the -- is willing to pay forum I guess we should assume that nothing is private anymore but here's here's a question -- race. If you a lot of your way to take a look at those pictures. Do you become part of the crime of invasion of privacy which by the way Jennifer large refer to as cyber rape. And we're getting your reaction to what sources say is another American journalist being beheaded by crisis this time it was decent Stevens -- loft. And he was the one who was on in the in the background. Who which threatened to be killed. If the airstrikes against nicest continued. When they beheaded American journalist James Foley. So -- to in this process. And then also they had somebody else in the background I believe a British journalist and they said they're gonna execute him if the strikes continue. So what should the United States to. Many experts say society impossible to stop crisis. Without troops on the ground. Are you ready for troops to be on the ground. Apparently a female was being held. What -- a female was raped. What is she was killing got a text earlier from somebody answer the question what if there was a man who was raped. That would be bad -- obviously that would be terrific as well. But there's still something. -- Intrinsic about. On men. Feeling the need to protect women. And our culture is based on net. Whether that's fair or not that doesn't it doesn't. I mean to sound sexist but there is this human in eight feeling. That men are supposed to protect women. And so if it happened to a woman I think it would be perhaps perceived as being even worse than if it happened to a man but again that's that's my perception does it mean that the actual act itself. Would -- be in any less. And less violent less brutal less horrific if it happened to a man. And is seeking about what the reaction would be if you wanna join us -- -- comment about any of this effort talking about tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688 -- early seventy. And our -- -- interrogate Stephanie. Our question of the audio of this American journalist Steven -- off. He is making a statement to President Obama before he is apparently they had -- I haven't seen the video and the networks don't show it. And I couldn't find a link to it I -- -- I was I was kind of curious about. The -- well. I'm curious about the brutality. But something made me I'm not look to the Jennifer Lawrence pictures on line. So they told me that if on their talk about despite try to look at the video I haven't seen the video so people are our question whether or not they really happened. But there seems to be a lot of experts who have seen the video. And trying to make sure it's authentic but they do show a video there there's a video that they have seen shows a man being -- and believed Stevens -- -- But here's what -- was selloff was directly saying to President Obama right before he was executed and then you hear the British. Speaking. I executioner. Who is apparently the same person electrocuted -- solely. Here's that audio evening -- sell off that I'm sure you know exactly who I am right now and that's why I am a -- before you. And now. This time for my message but. Obama. Your foreign policy and intervention in Iraq we're supposed to be for the preservation of American lives and interests of so why is it that I'm having to pay the price but the interference with my life. But I -- not an American citizen. We've spent billions of US taxpayers' dollars and we've lost thousands of our troops from their previous fighting against the Islamic state. So where is the American people's interest and reigniting this war. From what little I know about foreign policy. I remember a time when you cannot win an election without promising to bring our troops back home. Premier rock from Afghanistan. And close down Guantanamo. Do you are now Obama. Nearing the end of your term we're having achieved none of the above. The seemingly emerging us the American people -- to a blazing fire. I'm Barack Obama and I'm Brooke because of you are performed pushy towards Islamic state because of your assistance -- continuing your -- sitting on the news tomorrow and on -- -- -- Despite -- serious warnings you. Obama had a -- game. For you actions come just a number of Americans suits and so just resumes house continues to strike -- -- people -- knife. We'll continue to start the next few people. If you wanna join us do with your reaction to this apparent second beheading of an American journalists are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text -- receive 7870. Crisis which Aaron is an acronym for the Islamic state of the Syria and Iraq crisis is. Is is practicing. Medieval militarist militaristic. Practices. What's interesting an and quite ironic. Is that the crisis maybe. Medieval in terms of its military practices. But crisis is it is totally taking advantage of the modern world. Modern technology to spread their message of what amazes me to this day. Is that these headings actually cause people from the west. Included some Americans. To wanna join the fight. That's how disgruntled some people -- with America today that they are willing to. Not only disapprove of America disapprove but the president disapprove or actions. And in other countries. But they're willing to join crisis in a fight against. Americans. And everything that America stands for. So I should SuSE is. Very backwards in terms of their. They're old school techniques but yet they're perfectly willing to take advantage of modern technology in terms of advancing. Their agenda and in recruiting people. Mean if they're not paying attention to the Geneva convention -- not paying attention to any any of the rules of modern war. And yes it war war is brutal but there are rules to war and these were totally violate those rules. Targets your text you're just a moment from Georgia doing you're on the -- and over WL. You're screwed martial law about that -- in a -- that are shouldn't sort of the Geneva convention. But it fail -- who would you. -- -- our real world sixty years old. Then. Oh of course when we were tall -- at the Geneva convention. Percent you do not torture. -- virtual war. You don't do it because. If you do that opens the goal for me to torture -- group -- war. Even though it'll produce much. Sort of it can be -- and true. A court. I can be tried for war crimes who -- there. Good job -- -- his -- a they don't care. Well you know the Geneva conventions these corporate programs. -- which leads to them. A good look at you know while women -- Mitchell -- route. But the paper so that should. I don't like each other. That's what school at all. Well or it's interesting doing when you think about how these videos of the headings are used successfully to recruit people to vices. Why would somebody want to join a group that is that brutal because if they'll do that and if they didn't like you they would behead you would they would execute you. I got a pretty large periods so what you -- aggressive but I don't know. You -- if you -- if you join mean I I wouldn't I wouldn't trust. I wouldn't trust the the ethics of a group like Datsyuk to keep me -- effect one of the of one of the promotions -- -- is. -- we are your Brothers here. And we have a safe place for you and your family really you've got to trust crisis to provide a safe place for you and your family. Right or reason to allow these people were born -- oh we're joined developers shall be -- for America. There are hello America and what their first generation. He actually solutions and come over here on. There in the first bush. London. -- I don't I don't I don't know about that I think there I think their cases where there are American citizens who have strategist. Turn against the country enjoy and crisis. What I'm saying that he -- absolutely and large population -- but Muslims that are like on the it is a little little -- -- look great bunch of -- background hundred don't lose it -- But it was my understanding that this -- Garza last name I think his last -- was McCain forget his first name the -- the American citizen who went to go fight for -- was killed fighting for crisis -- I believe he was an American citizen. Well has -- got a combination actually the goal there. An indoor little issue. You know and outside we should have never gotten into any event counselor for a -- across. Where it's summer so I look out -- a -- that are not solely on electric keep those people younger girls. And doing there was a there was a lot of talk about that Saddam Hussein is evil and horrible -- He does keep the region stable and if we get rid of him who were gonna replace him win at The Who will replace him. And will -- be strong enough to keep the evil people out and that is not really happened. -- I appreciate you calling assured thanks for listing in Georgia if your -- stay with us and we take a break -- -- coming right -- -- your comments here's a -- Every Cisco America's still believe that we should interfere in the world's problems but. On the fact of the matter is that America is. Has a more responsibility to the rest of the world to keep peace and order we the great equalizer. Yeah we are the the problem is. How does our military successfully. Deal with a terrorist organization like crisis. There's one thing that our military might has been able to do to keep crisis out of Iraq. We'll talk about that in due to your calls when we come back but -- -- I hear this song and it. It makes me think about the smell of polyester which by the way it was not a really good smell. Is the Scotia on a Tuesday night for those if you had yesterday off because it was Labor Day it feels like a Monday but the good news is it's Tuesday already. -- -- blog is titled players pray atheists complaint. And it's about a group of -- that complaint to a school in Sanford Florida. Because there was a major player on the field and the team on the sideline the team got -- on Monday and the other hand who were apparently praying and that upset the this group of atheist. -- securities journal atheist because a lot of atheist -- believe in this idea of live and -- -- but that's Cisco blog you can. Are reading share with others it's on our website at WW delta account here's a quick update on tonight's -- if you are pretty general opinion poll. With a third recent inflight confrontation over a reclining seat will you now begin to -- the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat. Here's an update 84% say no not gonna ask. 18% say yes they will start -- give us your opinion by going to our web site to be if you don't count us that we continue to get your reaction to. What appears to be a second beheading of an American journalist this is the journalists that they. Vowed to kill when they executed to James Foley recently an American journalist of the Hannity and this a journalist is Stevens -- loft. And he was on the sidelines. And when they said they were gonna -- -- and if the strikes continued and they did. And it was another I believed British journalist who they're. Had held held have held captive. And they say they're gonna execute him if the strikes continue so what do you think the United States should do. No I realized it last week President -- I think it was a mistake. When he said that we don't have a strategy yet. Prices. Maybe there was in the week too worried that because it sounded very weak and it sounded indecisive. Even Dianne Feinstein prominent Democrat who supports the president all the time I'd joins with John McCain and Lindsey Graham a senator for South Carolina. In saying that President Obama has been too cautious when it comes to crisis and we need to do more. The question is. What do we do. You know our military traditionally has been very effective at protecting our borders. And protecting the borders of our allies. In the first gulf war win the goal was to move the Iraqis out of Kuwait. That was successful. Within the question was for. George Bush the the first bush in office. Do we move on to Baghdad. And President Bush said no we don't the Bush Administration not did not move on to Baghdad. The other wars that we have been fighting Iraq Afghanistan. These -- invite these force involving fighting terrorist. And this is more. The work of military slash police action. It is a military that is designed to protect the borders or to push people out of borders. Maybe the only thing that could've stopped crisis. From getting into Iraq. Would be do have have lined the border of Iraq. And not allow them to cross over from Syria. Crisis stands for the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. If they had not gotten into Iraq it would not be as. As big a problem as it is if they had simply stayed. In Syria. But they have an opportunity to threaten more. On Americans to threaten. What we did in Iraq by moving into into Iraq so maybe that's the only way that that we could have stopped them from getting into Iraq but. The government of directing new government didn't want us there they initially did not want us to be part of their their government we did our job they wanted to sell out there and look what happened and this is something that was predicted when we went -- to try to get rid of Saddam Hussein this is something that many people predicted. That he was a stabilizing force in the region and now Iraq is is not stable and irony is it to ices his got a hold of so many weapons that are our troops train the Iraqis to use. And now ice has just taken over the Iraqi troops and now they have it if you enjoy pressure with a comet tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines -- recipient tech's number is 8787. Richard -- on this coach of the leading. My call but it'd be confident about -- to bed about put in up you -- -- in the border between Syria Iraq you know we you know of course the border between -- -- in the next. But -- the possibly due from -- -- the -- or well I. And I think that's a legitimate to point to make but I I do think that if there were a situation where he -- really it was more like war it was treated like -- I think we might have been more effective bit of preventing crisis from getting in Iraq but again you know we were. We were stock because they really didn't want us there and look what happened. Our government can prevent this from it and the next -- because they get -- They and definitely come here but. -- -- earlier. Picked up while he. When he described the woman in -- required -- -- because she was -- on the court you are seeing it for. Iran. He truly -- aren't. That's a really good point 8 I am I hadn't thought of that -- she get those on the plane. I -- are -- I I wonder if that story early real because it never. You know that -- major yet they knocked on in a car if that is big -- and maybe they pointed clean because -- -- The -- -- and think Elena I. I hadn't thought about that -- about -- when you -- Richard do you do you put your seat back without asking the person -- All the time and I've never had anybody ask me about what he -- academy Kurtz. You know I. As a chlorine units not being able to bring your -- shot five. If that's true for your small blowtorch. Rick -- What does that look at what if somebody wants what does that it was a deal makes a little crumble -- you know he ought to be we'll bring you the blowtorch with a. You know they -- at. CE. Ink on the current mockery. -- Become near. -- You can you can -- -- in -- -- Military. Industry when he. In Arco. What that there are wrong I I think you could do you could ship it I don't know -- to bring your chainsaw on board I think that would probably get through the the -- fortified cockpit doors. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you couldn't buy it anywhere there is no way of getting that he would bring him why and -- -- people here. And -- yet they decided you are caught with it. -- Richard I'm glad you coalition official is again that's interesting I got to check on and if anybody has any information to police say a -- show our arson attacks. But I heard a story that the woman who wears a reclining receipt that was involved in this confrontation with a woman behind her on a flight from New York city's LaGuardia Airport to West Palm Beach diverted to Jacksonville. She was -- Now did you have the full -- knitting needles. Here's -- tax -- -- who do you think the disruptions due to the reclining seats and airplanes could be some kind of terrorist diversion. This might be a plan. To hijack a plane and use this as part of their plan just thought that is similar brain. I don't I don't think so there doesn't seem to be coordinated effort it seems to be more than manifestation of just the continuing growing turf wars. They go on in this in in this country. And we all fight for our turf we we don't like -- of people to get behind us and and detailed data -- meeting is dangerous but we also. Get anxious because we feel like -- spaces has been invaded by their -- we get really mad at the person behind -- and quite often at least two road rage. But I think this is just a growing trend of people fighting for their space however if you fly. Many seats on many airlines recline and that's something that you have to deal with if you don't want that space invaded. Then don't fly. From Henry Brian your WWL. Exclude about the old beat these journalists. You are getting kidnapped on correcting as it happened at least a year or year and a school we thought it you know air striking. In order to beat reporters were doomed right from the kidnapping and it would just waiting for an excuse. It started accusing them. Hi I mean I think that's. A strong possibility I can't speak crisis saw I don't know. And I think another thing is down the whole thing you know they disseminate it as propaganda when they make these people read. The BP's -- statement but I also think it's a two pronged approach I think one you're right it's gonna in -- Outlawed that probably are set up. What the government not think number two up and I think this really does want at that point could go to merit and into war a really do it read it because. Makes Obama look these fitness saying well you know we are not gonna ever sent troops over there and that can cause that the bar because -- -- people who want something about that the community of people who don't wanna double will. You have the bit in. Now Brian I don't I don't know that we should ever. I totally expose our hand I don't know this thing anybody should ever say we're never gonna do this we should leave everything. Open is a possibility that's something the American people wanna hear but their need to be some of their needs to be some secrets because of you and I know things. Then the terrorist know things through through mass media. And this just this idea that we mean I don't like the idea of sending troops they're -- According to many many experts. That's the only way to really stop by Asus and that's something that's very reluctant for Americans who -- support. Do what really concerns me is that the report that came model while the growing amount westerners are fighting program back on the ground intelligent. Eight -- you know these people. You know. The baker could take that it's actually been recruited from certain areas that have very good intelligentsia. The planned out attack and what the -- If you get it deep deep goes toward equal scholar you know put troops on the ground -- really taken Obama. You never know -- guys it's gonna come. Somebody who's an American citizen and they can spot trouble. Part of going to call the show you know that there -- no clear cut answers but I trust. Me think what you want about -- -- in the administration. I sincerely. Have faith. That. The president. Pentagon. Are seriously working on plans. To deal with crisis. We don't know what those plans orient. -- ordinary care in your on the -- showing to be WL. -- It didn't say -- -- -- about it you do so it's -- it's okay you -- to -- house and you know pilot error there they're totally I wouldn't let it out -- a like a foot long and felt like he can't. You can't different -- needles but yet eat any -- and meet your argument of the arts. But yet and I mean if someone recline and me I'm that are kind of a little bit I'm he's. That -- -- have probably made and in a plane but. But yeah I mean make it to and it Amanda are kinda me at eight and like I made not sure I'd be out about China you know. But it's -- your right if you bought the seat and it kind -- been a big its tenants fair game. -- a few a few airlines her arm preventing the seats from declining at all. But and there are always those seats and sometimes I get stuck in Internet grow it year in a row right in front of the -- -- -- And those seats recline -- trying -- those seats recline and you know it doesn't -- much but I do like dead it's like reclined because it's just a little more comfortable if you if you happen to doze off. The catch -- you could you could travel with you I don't know if you know because this this a station covers. 38 states at night and people can listen on line soul I wanna be giving terrorists any ideas answered boarding flings with knitting needles. You could. Accurately and could be -- -- to. Get I get sick that year. You know when. Her arm and it can be -- -- -- and -- and there are. It's kind of a knitting club. There. -- number one. Answers. Summoned. Her. Maybe somebody do that maybe some people do nexus of the Saudi women. -- I understand it terribly difficult -- thanks -- tonight. Here is -- text on a plane seats recline about ten degrees so what's the fuss about a duke at the decline more than that but it's not really that much. Here's -- text your obviously avoiding the obvious topic the top stories the fact that the falcons are gonna whip the saints this Sunday. Love your show. Let's see I don't think that's gonna happen so that's why that's not obvious topical talk tomorrow night of the show about how it's okay to hate the falcons. And hate -- fans. In a world where we try to promote as much love as we can. If you were to join us with your comment tonight at numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here which every attacks -- 7870. Is a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Three recent -- confrontations over he reclining seats will you know begin to ask the passenger behind you if it's okay. If you recliner -- your seat it was your opinion like going to WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that. When we come back its description Tuesday night's WL. Imagine dragons one of my favorite events. Is this -- don't -- it easy to. Committees are very similar. Eighty stone maybe Depeche Mode. New orders plummeted stuff reminds me of the meetings. There is. As a young man who was shot he went to the wrong apartment complex in -- city New Orleans opening the department and shot him she's 46 he's twenties he's going to be okay these out of the hospital now. She claims she was trying to force his way into her apartment he says he just went to the wrong apartment. So what is it OK to shoot somebody who's threatening you or your family. And how do you avoid arrest attorneys' fees and possible jail time. For every dollar that's a really important question Tommy talkers can talk about that no no the number of other thing tomorrow morning so -- get -- feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning. Erik W of derailed him an effective from a six to ten tomorrow and every weekday. So I got a text a moment ago from somebody said the obvious topic tonight should be held the falcons are gonna beat the saints on Sunday I don't think that's gonna happen but I'm getting some instant text in response to that. Here's one that reads that the main topic should be about how the saints are gonna beat the feathers off the falcons who dat. Here's another tax when the falcons fans beat the saints the next thing they will do -- is turnoff their PlayStation four. I like that. Here is taxed that reads. -- do you think the saints should go after Michael Sam. Because our fans are more accepting he was first -- player drafted by NFL team. And we've seen firsthand what he can do. I don't think the -- should go after Michael salmon lest they believe he's the best player for the team and the St. Louis Rams to believe that it needed -- even make the practice team but there are a lot of people think that he was good enough to make the practice tee Mets again. I've I can't make that judgment but he should not be given an opportunity just because he's the first -- player drafted he should only be given an opportunity. If he if he deserves it because of his performance if you gonna join Russia with a comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. -- -- 866889. Here which every text Amber's -- 77. Also -- you were talking about yet another incident involving a reclining seat on a plane the third in two weeks a third plane diverted. Here's an update on -- a pretty general opinion poll with three recent flights confrontations. Over reclining seat. Will you -- -- as the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat 81% say no. Maybe it really should be held. Because that's what I think they're saying. 990% say yes they will now be in a plane Friday morning and I have always reclined my seat I don't. Force the seat back when any kind of vengeance I'd ease the seat back just in case it does start to invade somebody's space. But I don't plan on asking permission to do something that guide automatically have permission to do I mean it's not like somebody's sharing your seat with you. It's a case of doing what you are. Able to do on a plane to join -- -- your comic to light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points -- which -- your text numbers 877. Here's the text -- Saddam Hussein did bin Laden did well. They can't -- Saddam Hussein did bin Laden DO Saddam Hussein did bin Laden did as well they can't -- or -- actually get them. Here is a Texan -- Michael sand is signing with the cowboys after he clears a physical he'll be on the practice squad. Here is a Texas -- I'm a proud Republican however the Republican Party seems to be losing its common sense. And to stop so long. And it's just stops to stoop so low as to challenge Mary's residency is just crazy it's all right embarrassing to me that some would stoop so low. To do that. To Mary she's done more at the Republicans have ever done. For this state -- again we've talked about the questions about. -- Atlanta having a permanent residents here presence here shares and very nice home in the Washington DC area. Today does she have a full time residence here that is is being challenged as we know there are a lot of people go to Washington and today become part of the culture there and there are people who I don't think I don't get the impression and on and I'm not saying this apparently untrue but they are people who. I get the impression don't spend much time in the district or the state. -- sent into Washington DC and they become part of the culture of Washington DC. If you're -- stay with us if you wanna join us of comments are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And it takes a -- 7870. Here's a Texas reads that the risk is far too great it is a terrible horrific act by the powers that plays zero value on human life. And they will be caught and killed in the end. And we continue with your reaction to what is it -- second beheading of an American journalist. This news WL. At the muscular dystrophy association we see champions every day the individuals and families -- -- muscle disease an analyst excel at winning on a bigger plane deal. Join the -- Bob Hebert and head coach -- -- of voodoo barbecue grill Thursday November 20 at the Hyatt. It regency for the annual NBA muscle team gala. Help plus helping local children and adults were fighting muscle disease achieve their goals and dreams of between fourteen -- for tickets call 5044554460. -- Talk about -- show on this Tuesday night this was the -- earlier in the show brain eating -- die of starvation in Washington DC. From New Orleans Janice you're under -- VW real beauty. Yes how -- it was a good match connect. How will. I have today about the Kindle and the second one who -- they had been. And I have to have a gala that -- my -- was appealing to these. That was just the other day. Well -- tell you I'm like I'm thinking to myself lady. You know didn't particularly. That they had a dramatic and I knew they can have pay any attention to anything this woman fact that I think. Yeah. Doesn't seem to attend -- club and the open. You can exceed that goal. People coming in Kenya and when you're coming and you're not -- -- it and that's which you achieve their goal. And forward -- you know and this political. Mexican US split up and send to the would be -- back the Clinton. To me want to wipe -- All the I would we'd like you'd like them. Yeah. -- that he. Didn't get the point one minute. They can do -- -- really important to you would you tell your grandchildren. And I competed and -- get them back to. So should we -- should we sent troops to fight and. If that's what can. We. Couldn't stop and -- people. And coming in he. Some of them my -- but the but definitely on anything. This isn't -- anything could hit. -- I'm not I wouldn't. -- And we have been like yeah not just going to be the military it's going to be like that and a comment. And it can do about it he wanted to mention that he display. Another pop video and everybody would probably appeal you know the idea that he has to -- -- -- -- and because. It. I think Sean Hannity talked about protecting -- -- -- TV. And the -- except -- -- England and I was adding. She shot and I'm going to call that mean a lot of people are are part are saying that. However think about the people who are American citizens who were going to join crisis. There are American citizens. They're already here. There are people in. In Great Britain -- -- joining ices they can come to this country at any time without any kind of real warning about what their intense -- If your policy was to come right back to your comments after the news.