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9-2 Scoot Show 10pm, Airplane Seat Wars

Sep 3, 2014|

Another confrontation over a seat that was reclined on an airline and another flight diverted. What’s going on? Three flights diverted because of an argument over a reclined seat. Is this really an issue? Or – is it an indication of how widespread rage has become? And why? Seats have always reclined on planes – why is it an issue now? Obviously, more needs to be done to punish those who start in-flight confrontations over reclined seats. ALSO: An atheist group – the Freedom From Religious Foundation – filed a complaint against a Florida high school because the players dropped to one knee – bowed their heads – and prayed for an injured player on the field. Is there any legitimacy to the complaint from the atheist group? ISIS claims to have beheaded another American journalist, Steven Sotloff…then warned President Obama that as long as U.S. airstrikes continue, “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nude photographs. Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence Kate Upton and many others have been posted by hackers they were picked up from iCloud. You know that's that thing in the sky. And I guess it really isn't that secured. Here's the question of and I asked about it personally I believe that is invasion of privacy even though. The cloud is just kind of hang -- up there. We should be able to protect our our our privacy but I think what went lesson from this once again. Is that anything we do not necessarily as private as he wants Willis. And other people which is Kimberly criticize anybody for posing nude. There are people who would do that sometimes they do it for. The person their weakness -- that those pictures of gets stolen I'm not critical that if Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and others had proposed in. In penthouse or Playboy we're -- posed nude in a magazine willingly. Well that would be one thing. But if you actually go out of your way to look at the photographs. Are you part of the crime of invasion of privacy. Which Jennifer -- to refer to as. Cyber slavery is one of things are talking about the shooter right if you wanna join us with a comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Here which every -- -- -- 7070. There has been yet. Another incident in flight another plane diverted three in two weeks. Because of a of a of a confrontation over a seat -- Why is this suddenly. An issue. We've -- reclining seats for a long time. And it has the turf war become so sensitive the invasion of space becomes such a sensitive issue that now people are -- to react. Because somebody recline their seat. And after the first incident. Could be in the second incident. That was inspired by the first since. Is this third incident inspired by the first and second incident in of people picking up this on the news and I got a -- a moment ago suggesting that. Is that people may be doing this just to get attention. -- just thinking that this is. This is just bizarre I mean to me it's frightening. Because it is an indication that rage is very close to the surface it very widespread. In America. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight with three recent -- confrontations over reclining seat. Would you now begin to ask the passenger behind you if you can recline your seat. 83% say no 17% say yes give -- -- by going to our web site WW health -- and -- good luck tonight is set titled. Players -- An -- complained. Education in Florida -- for Florida which was the city where the entry on -- in Georgia Roman. Episode in our our our history took place but at the Seminole high school there was a major player on the field. And they were apparently. Some players on the sideline who were getting -- one Meehan and allowing their heads. And a particular atheist group has complained about tennis. Now if the atheist group wasn't forced to say the prayer why should deceit involved with. I mean this idea of live and let live also should go for atheist allowing. Christians to live and let live if you wanna join us a comment about the -- talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Aren't here which every text amber is 87 days have a good to board your text here just a moment let every -- on WW elegant evening. I don't and I got Larry. And I like about Obama and I. You know a lot of studies -- Obama's background everything in the development just W Indonesia's -- school when you -- that. It chipped it back to -- -- graduate -- stool in -- American. That you did everything has done everything. This man done me. Nobody's statement that it in his country to -- currently on an update to that schedule originally dismantling everything the borders. I mean forcing Muslim Brothers and over three dollars or Doug Herbert there were invited to the White House a couple of years ago. -- -- And I everything there's the president's order that I acted in. That want America got here some like that that we went there and immigration outlet opened to much beat Corey. -- -- more deadly creatures. Four hours medical ship. -- 88 partner horse you know we are now on you -- -- doing it right here in certainly. In my. You know and I mean everything that he does on this world -- that. -- Egypt and apologized. Because the go to our relations with Muslims -- the Turkey. Back out there and apologized for American policy novice but don't as. This go around. George -- and everything it. -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- where would restore cursor over gun owners I mean obviously it's not about. That's what about the my -- right. -- should the world around -- are. You know they've been in the other you know there's there's somebody on the block. And -- well. Also keep up keep their body alarm that there's not this -- a great night what do you think what do you -- it happened. I mean if you saw on the way. Apparently there are -- as I mean we're. On eleven. -- -- got beat her up in Iraq and nodded as we -- looked -- everybody -- no once it -- important almost every year. Are -- collapsing stock goes meet these other. He's president Nevada and other countries you know easily but the question I mean they. I'm cute and everything I mean that's why. It it it does nothing flat and. And -- you don't think Obama has done anything to show any sign of being loyal to America at all. Now that -- -- -- I'm not. Daughter of Larry I'm border of Canada in -- it Egypt -- -- all -- -- cannot have a giant on the block. You know apple one war ordered all -- More into the new world order deny George Bush was. Absolutely but nothing -- you Muster puppet Obama does that mean that I mean. The elected cheers and locked -- down as quickly. Because it's intentional I mean give it its flagship and not the not a lot to me ambassador per -- and a blanket over them in -- -- immediately. She's -- the Bible cover. You know applicant and everything you know I mean you know there. They're they're they're really adequate -- to get everything done. And he offers -- of what president and go live here. And condone homosexuality. Are at said that about in the last. There's going to be. Better. And so I don't know where now homosexuality included in this Dennis downfall of America. So there's so there aren't we learn learn throughout history there haven't been homosexuals. Not not to doll like it is the opposite Knoedler. Bet that's honestly -- be adult go after the man a woman mayor Jean everything here and didn't mean it checked out to where it. And they couldn't stand. You know manager Amanda will probably got -- -- are you married. I'm not have been there. OK so nobody stopped it from him I don't make sure that you weren't prevent from getting married. Not that -- that I'm I'm. -- -- -- If the future. Is just beginning in the world did you wait. Normal family you know a man and a stable -- children everything. You know that no country can survive numbers in what you do you don't let the spam and they got more. Single parent and people that are forego it if these people on what do -- kept in and offers the -- We figured you are. Probably not been. Did you know did you have kids. Yeah yeah yeah are you can say you're single -- Prior order remark Hurt Locker room there are. Well Larry it's this is America and you had a chance to express your opinion seems like you get thinks pretty figured out -- I'm employed strategist scholarships and other a lot of people who who agree with you. I -- one note on this ideas that. That somehow gay marriage is gonna destroy the family. Heterosexuals have to this point have destroyed the American family. Not homosexuals. Here is a text on the plane seat issue is symptomatic of society's greater interest in personal rights vs caring. About if element. And I agree with that and that's it that's that conversation I really wanna get into when it comes to these issues involving recline. Seats. Why is this an issue. People have always reclined seats on planes why is this becoming an issue now. Is this the new turf war. In America. Think about how insignificant. This is isn't this is this -- what if vicious a real problem for some people. Then. It occurs to me that we mustn't have very many problems in America. If people can be so focused. On. Getting into a confrontation over reclined seat. And obviously. They don't have anything a story that. And it or -- -- you're inevitably -- But those who are you a good. Are so many different happy -- tonight. You know colleges you'll be airport agency I think media. Problem you. Coming into the Tyler's system and have probable people you know quickness he backs. And so we're just came around by keep them from happening. And that's something that's the problem. If you were here you were. We're climbing your seat back before it was never a problem. Now someone behind you can -- device to keep you from watching your movement back pin number -- a problem. But -- but that that's not the case with with all of these that was -- that was the case with one of these three incidents but as far as I know. These people actually -- their seats and in -- in the last cases of the flight from New York the delta flight from New York LaGuardia to West Palm Beach. It diverted to Jacksonville. Was a woman who was apparently knitting and the woman behind her. Was we sleeping she had her head -- arms that are hand order tray table and we -- came back she got a -- So it hasn't always involved in -- defender. Maintenance and saying it was like it's slightly you get a -- your standard BC. -- can. Some bad news you realize that you'd -- you. I'd -- -- -- -- big -- You know people have been such problems like if I have my seat or reported back. Inability to realize that happen. In the study due -- -- is that what you do anything wrong. But they divide the block me from put him back I had a problem that to me is an active. Aggression. Exactly they're doing that currently what I don't really big sort of like. I can you know look back city take it off or I'm gonna kill you couldn't play. That they -- trying to reach back Ingraham by the trust and had a problem with maybe. You activity you know move on your best seat back are you gonna. What he wanted to expose. And and I would advise you not to do that because that's probably not the right way to handle even if you could it. One and -- -- can -- that what I've listened to use and being back in the assembly is when you aren't you so resolutely when I was. You're going to play ball practice in the back to -- PW -- And bringing people drop prices well my pants on so. And the united grown up together but understandable that that's like you know these people and -- this (%expletive) like if you have. I appreciate you taking time to two caller show thanks for listing here is attacks -- read semi listening to the -- show the 700 club. Yeah we've had some really interesting interesting calls tonight. I got a text a moment ago from Sabrina tells me that I don't actually understand the issue of the reclining seats. Because. It's on. It's the result of this new device known as the need defender. Which for about 22 dollars allows you to prevent the seat in front of you from -- Most airlines don't allow. But apparently some people have used it anyway. To me that's an act of aggression. And nobody should do that it. It's not your. Job it's not you don't have the right. To tell the person fun have you that they can't recliner airline seat. And those devices should be Italy -- you you can't say it's illegal to make them because you can make something that people can use to be rude. And aggravated the people. You can buy something like in the defender but I don't think any airline should be allowed to use it and I I think maybe the punishment for those people who use the knee defender. Maybe the punishment. Should be a little bit more severe. Maybe these. Maybe the consequences I mean these people were taken off and ended there. There are no they're detained I don't even know if there're there are always arrested but it it seems to me that. That maybe the punishment should be a little more severe so it discourages people from doing -- you know if you don't want somebody to recline their seat. Then then don't -- I mean that's that's part of the process of flying it's something that we do it's this it's nothing new. So for this to be an issue right now is absolutely insane to me. But he is. It is such a reflection of how widespread. Rages. And how the turf war continues to grow and America. Even the turf for protecting the little spaceship. And you could complain about the airlines putting more seats on planes and smaller seats on planes. But you agree to fly you already know that's the case. When you get on board the plane. If you go to George for the comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy and a text amber has -- have recently this is a schoolchildren Tuesday night Jim will be back on. VW well. I during the break I got a call from my friend uncle Larry and it can't say Roy Allen on Metairie road he said -- just what you are now there's a big storm heading for the city looking at radar right now there is a massive massive storm. On the North Shore and -- I talked to a friend industry and during the news and she said that she can hear lightning and thunder and there -- here. Here's the -- C delight -- And that's. Done there's a lot of wind and I'm looking at this this radar right now and there is -- there's a massive thunderstorm over the lake on the -- short over the lake. It appears to be moving into the greater New Orleans effective looks like it's already in memories and I'm looking at our studio winters and I don't see it yet. By two. Saint rose. Donaldson's -- Kenner Metairie to sell short it looks as if it if you are on the causeway EU or in store. This storm has used its -- -- eat Niles community is covering almost the entire lake. Which is a big storm and looks like it's moving towards. The city of New Orleans and -- around that -- I've -- it to be sure and drive very carefully but no it's and I know it's there if you wanna join Russia with a comment about any they were talking about tonight -- numbers 2601870. -- free 86688. -- early Saturday at tech's number is 877. And getting -- about a call Larry we had just a few minutes ago. And here's one of the ones that represents some of the Texan I'm getting -- the best reason why the NSA should be doing phone and Internet data capture. I am more afraid of more afraid of him. And I am of the terrorist from his city Danny here into the WL. Hayes truly democracy abroad did. -- look you know -- -- -- longest on the site to steal and you know in Syria Iraq just you know. -- -- war I'm -- crook that you are. You know what I was bitterly seniors the travel order surely being of course that it would almost a week as -- get around at all. Shouldn't cute little Paducah thing. You know so in at all we've actually been you know patriotic Americans want to do. You know an equation that people need themselves. It's not in my willing to sacrifice American lives to defeat just people. Or do to stop this threat. The question usually. Willing to sacrifice the life bookmarks on. All my life in order stop is correct because police in the hours ago. And -- -- and so many sons and daughters are going to tour after tour after tour. Your regular analysts and -- -- that doses to salute to -- to world security and you know it was. It's terrific what's happening to these journalists. You know -- policy. Human being. You know being tortured and treat it like. You know but it was -- court's -- decision to go there it's true. Putting their lives in an extra job but he has and I applaud the courage I would probably and to know that. OK but to to expect them -- do you react -- righteous indignation. And then you ask what. Is extremely dangerous. You know -- it is. I don't know. You know the slot machines in the sky in the parachute doesn't open -- you prosecute and could so. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- and I'm not willing to sacrifice American lives. -- did you wonder if there would be a different attitude about any possibility of -- going to war again if there was a draft and and everybody's son and daughter would be. Subject to the draft and spent time in the military. Ali you don't -- that very interesting question are there you know the thing about it loses it'll look it's kind of silly. But there was a scene in the movie Shrek. Where the jobless out after the change it -- -- tell all night too critical -- popular rescue princess. And bring her back to that he's just so you may. But that sacrifice I'm willing to make you know you did you. The funny thing but the thing about it is it's true so many people are willing to sacrifice other people's lives. So with a sense of security and I don't -- was now willing to do that. Danny I think it's a great point and it's it's fair to bring it up because everybody goes toward somebody says son and daughter. Mother father brother sister and it is easy for a lot of flag waving Americans is they now let's -- get -- let's -- get him but. They're not affected by it at all Danny enjoyed our conversation Nicklaus called us from Washington parish bird you on this new show on WWL. We have one quick. Com yes on the airplanes. Usually they don't. I think the media has helped a lot of back problems. Every bad -- Does that -- and the other passengers. As you say they know what that you know that line what they've expanded. And I think that -- against black. That many how many a few minutes ago that you know what they're getting into when I get into. And yeah. But if the media reports something that happens. Ultimately you blame the people for doing it in as somebody did it recently for the first time with this device called and -- need defender. And that caused may be somebody else to do it and maybe somebody else to do -- course I'd. At her I just it's amazing to me why this is suddenly a problem -- -- as you say you always been reclining seats and airplanes for a long time. Absolutely. And I think what they -- they did gain. -- big deal airplanes protecting outside endlessly about but -- -- over -- between them. Well you know then again you know -- and -- can -- that no one not. That's what I -- so we have to assume that it's going to be crowded when we fly. I happen -- that. They'll play. That is being aired over and over again is going more and more attention. -- The beheading of that. That analysts. Don't think that should be aired it can be stopped about but it -- actually -- video limit. That's what they dad won't affect the one -- -- Heard I'm I'm going to call the show and thanks listing in Washington parish right now let's get an update from Carl in Redondo in the WWL. Pinpoint weather forecast senator Carl there's a massive I have I it's rare that you see a thunderstorm that is completely covering the lake is now covering part of -- or short. And the South -- what can we expect. While it's moving quickly -- so it's moving on towards the southeast very fast so it's not gonna last. Too much longer I'd say within thirty minutes the heaviest up's going to be body here but -- right extends from man to kill all the way south to uptown area. Extending into the Slidell vicinity and also towards moving into between spans a highway eleven bridge. And they're still -- -- back towards -- -- -- -- -- once the heavy stuff moves -- we're still gonna see a little shield of rain through a part of the overnight hours but we have winds gusting up to. Forty miles per hour at lake from a lot of lightning I think I've. Understand there's like 16100 people without power in Washington payers from the storms from up there. So what definitely I know was severe warnings but there's a special marine warning for the late for any voters that hopefully are not out there on the water. It shouldn't usual this time of year for it'd be such a massive thunderstorm late at night like this they'll sometimes when we have a lot of heating in the game we don't have a lot of thunderstorm activity we do see some late thunderstorms blossom and they continue into the evening hours and produce vivid lightning ship with these actually work. A kind of an outflow coming from storms to the north or there's a boundary up there and as those travel toward the southeast -- true I triggered the storms that developed and and continued across the North Shore and across the lake and tomorrow about a 50% chance of rain with the possibility of heavy downpours yeah anytime now in America rain chances 20304050. That -- heavy downpours there because of so much -- -- atmosphere this time of year. I curler Redondo lie from the WL TV ten point 4% of Thanksgiving with a -- we have -- excuse for all right. I detect your calls here in just a moment a look at radar right now and again there's a massive thunderstorm effect there's a huge sell. And I aspect -- this thunderstorm that is about to hit the south end of the twin spans you may be and it right now -- on the causeway Europe rain is. Is covers part of ignore short of the South Shore and just about all of the lake Canner. Metairie. Moving I just about moving into Harrington now and now I'm seeing some rain on the windows in our studios here. In downtown New Orleans so it's going to be heavy for awhile but then move right on through if your -- stay with this it's this blue -- will be right back on this Tuesday nights on WWL. Very big thunderstorm activity moving through this entire area of all the way up to Louisiana Mississippi border. Just moving into -- Gulfport Slidell Covington and or shore. It has moved through Donaldson bill moving through Metairie Kenner. And just they're reaching new -- it's are starting to rain in downtown New Orleans right now nice rating of the causeway -- in between spans just give yourself a lot of space. Don't tailgate and hopefully everybody will get to their destination very very -- here's an update on -- seven of you a pretty general opinion polls of the we've been talking about tonight. There have been three recent inflight confrontations over -- reclining seat. Will you now begin to ask the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat. 81% say no. 90% say yes give -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com this blog we'll get to load this a little bit more than next hour. Is -- is titled players pray an -- complain. It's about an atheist group that complained about some high school students in Florida. Who got down on one -- ballots and apparently prayed for an injured teammate on the field. You couldn't read the blog -- with others it's on our website WW dot com. And we've got to continue with reaction to what is apparently the second beheading of an American journalist by nicest. From New Orleans Darryl you're under the WL. Good deal. It cut the number one. In Sharon. There at the point being kept it in the entire life. Land somewhere. That -- -- all -- -- that panic but it time but it might support stole. Certainly. It. Are at play. It should be penalized. Tremendous. Yeah I -- if I would be I would be really indignant if I was a passenger on flight was diverted because somebody got into an argument over. A seat reclining which is in normal practice on a plane nobody's doing anything wrong by reclaim their seat and if my flight my connection. Which was delayed or or missed. I feel like I I would never resented to -- the person who started the confrontation. Exactly well that this -- eat it out -- If you explain end. -- I'm not sure we plan to seek and you saw again screening. Well you'll see read a lot hit some pain in perhaps. Airlines. Should come together it gave to your line rule. Out -- -- And the recent. And -- as well Austin country that we people understand it if you -- airplane. People are for it because I want you steal it and what -- -- will still at war. So it. Concern from people like that you don't care. -- -- -- -- -- It happening you know for your question. What are the -- it. And compared our country now. And -- US. Citizen told reporters all. -- -- volatility being. Caught in believes that -- Dugard pregnant appreciate. Your players you. Quiet for any an intimate audit at. At it and -- yeah. I think it would have been a little bit -- better public relations wise is for President Obama has said. Well I can't comment on that rather than we don't have a plan yet because it sounds like he was delaying putting a plan into effect and I don't think that's the case I'm sure. The administration and the Pentagon are working feverishly to put together some kind of a plan to infiltrate and attack crisis. Read it in your records accurate -- but the question remains at saint I'll let someone the president council. You're looking at one night you're back issues and young couple looking. I don't I don't know if the president can order American citizens to come public and they can recommend them especially when it comes to freedom of the press some there will always -- those people who risk their lives to to cover stories. -- on the political show. -- for the -- -- Neville here on WWL. Own bank the current. The I steal I don't think -- I just you know. Yeah. It is wrong with strong -- Well I'm I can't help but think that they must they must have more of -- handles and their tell garrison. I'm kinda okay with that because if they tell lies then there essentially telling the the the members devices exactly what's going on but. You know I would like to think that the president is not is. Apathetic as he appeared what he said we don't have a plan yet. Almost as if well you know it hasn't been a big deal up to this point so -- we really haven't done anything yet. -- it would have been a lot better today you know we do I just can't comment on that. But did you know. Sole American journals as a head spinning turning off didn't. Yeah hundred sort of Christian. Thing. Non muzzle and -- some of the matter you know religious sect cult leader of that. Have basically been detected -- crude supplier didn't. Having children has struggled -- -- would -- you would where -- music we can do about it. Well I'll probably lose leash -- we should have left. Over there to handle this and when he you know. Now -- -- deadline -- or withdrawing troops they have all the other. -- he's under analysis. And waves of troops or and they they came out of the woodwork and and doing they're doing now. Medal it's going to be interesting to see appreciate you calling it's going to be it's and to see wipes. What plan is is is put into effect to do something about crisis -- one of what do we do. This is not an easy problem I mentioned earlier in the show -- one thing that we might have done had we stayed in Iraq. We might have been able to prevent prices from coming across from Syria. Crisis stands for the Islamic state of Syria and -- They operated Syria and now when I reckon contingency territory from Iraq they continue to take over Iraqi troops that we trained and gave our equipment to. So now crisis has our equipment. And it's my understanding that crisis has billions of dollars they have money that al-Qaeda wish. -- -- -- So it's a very dangerous group with very very. Brutal intense. Chilling Americans. And opposing the west and everything that the west and the United States of America stands for. If you are -- stay with a sport your calls in mortgage -- are coming up here's a quick Texas says this is on a lighter note. I took all my first down and put that out they're getting a good soaking in Hammond. And it's next here's says they just crossed the -- way and you could see lightning going off over the lake the storm looks nasty. Yeah this is is moving rapidly through New Orleans right now it says it's gonna -- the cause wasted like the looks like it's certainly clear the causeway now. But there's been a big thunderstorm for the door short of the -- shore sweeping through this area. Heading out through Slidell right now and just moving into the gulf port and the Gulf Coast this is the -- showed will be right back on WW well. Why is reclining and airline seat becomes such an invasion of somebody's privacy from New Orleans Leonard you're on this crucial every WL. A storm for uncle bicycling and a flawed formula on the the primary reasons so come -- Islam so the blood collapse number that's not quite. On long flights transatlantic. -- encourage -- -- to get up into the extra stop but -- -- -- All the -- -- -- -- you know massive conclusion wow that's there are crimes -- actually help people out there. -- -- -- -- -- I object to. Double your client. Also means that you shouldn't be cool so -- double. You letter when I I talked about this flight -- Dallas lifelong from the New York's LaGuardia Airport to West Palm Beach diverted to Jacksonville on thinking flight time must be. 3540 minutes from Jacksonville to west palm so that had to be really quite an incentive for the pilot to decide to divert to Jacksonville. Well -- on the stands out pilot and command. Position. This job is actually at a time not just on the street there about well. In the back. Only people that unknown to you by the and some value that can find in the middle physical count. Not an -- from the captain not a -- about screw sort somewhat adequate jacket on applying. A couple of days ago. They're gonna call the policies that chains like playing in the Clinton years and are available option on airport. Had -- thought it did happen get a ball. Leonard I don't get your news break I really enjoyed our conversation and I can go on all my target to an airline pilots. Fascinated with which you do.