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9-2 Scoot Show 11pm, Airplane Seat Wars

Sep 3, 2014|

Another confrontation over a seat that was reclined on an airline and another flight diverted. What’s going on? Three flights diverted because of an argument over a reclined seat. Is this really an issue? Or – is it an indication of how widespread rage has become? And why? Seats have always reclined on planes – why is it an issue now? Obviously, more needs to be done to punish those who start in-flight confrontations over reclined seats. ALSO: An atheist group – the Freedom From Religious Foundation – filed a complaint against a Florida high school because the players dropped to one knee – bowed their heads – and prayed for an injured player on the field. Is there any legitimacy to the complaint from the atheist group? ISIS claims to have beheaded another American journalist, Steven Sotloff…then warned President Obama that as long as U.S. airstrikes continue, “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have had a massive thunderstorm moved to the Syrian one point covering just about all play part -- train. The I 55. Interstates. I twelve I ten. The causeway between spans it still very prevalent today in much of the eastern part of this the Syria. But this massive thunderstorm is moving quickly which is good news here's a -- reits have fabulous free light show. At demanded -- Lakefront as subprime get the take advantage of these these moments that mother nature does provide slavery yet the date and everything we're talking about tonight. What's going on three flights diverted because of an argument -- reclined seat. Twice as he didn't issue. -- why is it's certainly an issue when somebody reclaimed their seat the most recent one was a flight going from New York. Two West Palm Beach diverted to Jacksonville. And a woman was apparently -- Which features seem like just brilliant innocent. Bystanders to passenger she -- your seat the woman behind her got really upset and cause a confrontation. Because the woman behind her. Had her arms in her head. On her tray table. And she was trying to sleep but I've seen people do that a plane. And so when the seat came back that. Interrupted her opportune reader -- their head on them. And -- to. Actually be with you had on the tray table is not. Normal behavior on a flight. Reclining your seat is normal behavior on a flight. And maybe more needs to be done to hold passengers accountable. If they. If they behave in such a way that a flight is delayed or. Our flight is is -- Here's text my connecting flight to LAX was delayed by one guy smoking in the bathroom. Cost me first class to Hawaii on my honeymoon. I couldn't get anything from the airline. Or soothe the passenger. Just out 2500 dollars. That's not -- Maybe. Legislation could be crafted I mean there's been so much done after 9/11. Nobody comes to our requirements for for traveling by air. Why not do something to make passengers more accountable if they cause an eruption. It because of what this guy should not have had suffered that loss. And this was. A person who went to the bathroom and smoked. I guess in some ways you might want to blame the airline that you responsibly -- -- want to hold that person accountable. And what I hear about these at these people who were taken off these planes that are diverted. I I hear that their bets by TSA officials and local police. But I never hear what happens to. Maybe there should be something. Highly publicized about what half sold and what happens to them should be severe enough to where people just don't wanna do that. In the same way that people don't carry guns on planes people don't carry certain things on planes they're afraid to you should be afraid. To confront a passenger on a plane over something like a reclining seat. Here's a WW up pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. With three recent -- confrontations. Over reclining seat will you now begin to ask the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat. 74% say no. And they're probably really saying Helena. And 26% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We've also been talking about what appears to be a second beheading of an American journalist by nicest. A Stephen sawed off was allegedly beheaded after making a statement. About America in the Middle East effect put a -- -- his statement before he was apparently beheaded. Mean this guy about to be to head it seems very straight Cobb. I don't know if I could've made this statement. So he's he's talking directly to President Obama reprimand and the president. And then after he speaks. But before the beheading. The alleged executioner. Who apparently is the same -- In crisis who executed James Foley recently. -- he's apparently the executioner. In this video I mean this well this video and audio -- he he speaks briefly so here's what they here's what they had to say before the beheading. Even -- -- off. I'm sure you know exactly who I am right now and that's why I am a parent before you. And now. This time for my message but. Obama. Your foreign policy and intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for the preservation of American lives and interests. So why is it that I'm having to pay the price -- interference with my life. And I not an American citizen. You've spent billions of US taxpayers' dollars and we've lost thousands of our troops from their previous fighting against the Islamic state. So where is the American people's interest and the igniting a war. From what little I know about foreign policy. Yeah I remember a time when you cannot win an election without promising to bring our troops back home. Premier rock from Afghanistan and he closed down one economy. -- you are now Obama. Nearing the end of -- term we're having achieved none of the above the there's even an emerging us the American people -- to a blazing fire. I'm Barack Obama and I'm Brooke because of you are performed pushy towards Islamic state because of your assistance and continue your -- -- -- the -- tomorrow and most of them. Despite -- serious warnings you. Obama produced -- -- For you actions come just a number of Americans sits and so just resumes house continues to strike our people -- knife. We'll continue to start the next few people. Angelica studio producer said he just noticed something. Interesting about that to win the when the -- the American journalist is talking. You hear wind. Win the election -- teachers talking you don't hear wind. That could be because the microphone for the camera afford the the American journalist was out in the open. And the the defaced it and the the mouth was covered with the traditional. The one thing that this stuff that terrorist aware that the black. The black. Towels or roadster or whatever that's apparently covering his microphone so that may have blocked out. That may have blocked out the sound but that was an interesting observation so what's your reaction. To this apparent second beheading. Apparently some people are seeing -- I haven't seen the video. And the networks don't show that they bring you up to the point where the beheading takes place but I've heard people on the networks talk about how brutal it is. And it's not a swift guillotine kind of beheading it's not a swift one. One swipe of the sword and head is off. Without trying to be graphic I think it's important for us to. Also understand how brutal it is. Apparently there's. There's time and efforts. To putting somebody's -- off. What if instead of American journalist. What if these were American tourists. Apparently there is a woman is being held. When there's video of her being raped. And killed. What should we do. If you what did you and Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every tech's number is 877. A from the North Shore mark here and -- WL. -- did you get through the rain okay. You know what the doctor that the glacier while. Air brake -- -- -- -- Olympic. Also in your earlier and as we speak. I think that that is our problem -- -- saying little sheet that probably unit as one of the symptoms. I am doing bigger thinking here is that people are our society in the worst. They're more interest in there right that we are we're Christians are right removing permit them play. There's been caring about all right. And I think this is the greater concern that I have because we will Stamberg stand up and down because. -- -- legally do this I legally in that tree and guarantees -- right right right. Particularly and we should it is. Well I I agree we have a right to do things that we don't necessarily need to do. Gary I'm wondering where somewhere along here we don't need to define what is good behavior we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our first world you know when you when you think and I talked about this last week on the show we we talked about the the first plane was diverted because somebody use this device known as the need defender cost about 22 dollars. And it's something that you place on the tray table in front of you -- prevents the seat in front of you from declining. So to me that's taking action against another passenger by EU. Not the airline but you was a passenger are telling another passenger they can't recline your seat to -- that's. That's an active I don't aggression it's indicate running else it's it's totally rude but the question is why your people. Buying these I mean I understand that nobody wants their space to be crowded but it's interesting that this is suddenly an issue and that speaks to me. To the problem that we have about the turf war which seems to be spreading into everything. Everything in -- The language but language -- turf war because they're becoming increasingly polarized society and I bet he won't argue there is an example of the guys who called earlier. I don't mean the little pretty -- call. I would interpret he called and it just -- after Obama. Is about an hour ago. And yet nothing that Obama could do right now there's a lot of people out there that believe the Cirque and the president. But he but I don't think if you are -- -- preconceived notion that what every -- well. -- and the other side equation here yeah fine. Democratic liberal and they're all. -- working in our site are becoming more polarized. Argued that it didn't agitated. Standing up for rights we don't talk about anymore is gracious. Caring about tests you know. It it it's it I think you're actually writes and in the rudeness in society has transcended into political discourse and the politicians are reflect. You know we get mad at the politicians for being so. Not so divisive and so polarizing to each other but yet. They've reflected device of this that their lives in America and it's something that has to has changed and they're they're they're always been to parties and there have always been. They've been two different ideologies. And and yet it hasn't been as hateful as it is today. So the question question to turn it and that's where could you hear Koppel Randy you're you'd like to look at both that issue. And and despite well just it properly. It -- he used he walked over -- left carrying in generalists graciousness toward others nation. Well you suggest that got him as a foolish. The solution rules for us all look at ourselves. And and realized it you know we as a country want to blame the politicians we want to blame. President we want to blame the media. -- it's really the individuals. That as a collection of people we dictates. That mentality and the behavior the attitude of this country. And we should look beyond ourselves. To manifest change we should do that are -- as we as individuals in each moment of our lives. Need to start being more courteous to each other need to start recognizing that. We could do more to be accepting of each other and not so judgment of each other and story. If we -- we start. If we stored on the ground level with individuals. That could work its way up to to the politicians and into the leaders because we put them in office and they reflect us. Politicians to me are like the media they reflect the audience they reflect. They need -- -- -- -- personal that's good over the great injustice the great dialogue. How to get people to do that. You can't make him do it you can just talk about it and he can point out in and I love to do this on his show to point out things like Kuwait. If reclining an airline seats. Has become a problem. It's not that that it enough itself is a big problem but the very fact that he has become a problem that's the symptom of a much much bigger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it you know it there have been so -- talk shows across this country. That have fit into the hate on -- on both sides. End. It's time for. That -- no longer be as popular as it has -- I think things are changing in this country. I think and I think they hate the illness is is going to to ease because. People are fed up with those who have made millions. Out of perpetrating hate and there's a difference between. Disagreeing with an ideology. Or disagree with the president. And and hate it we've we've talked about it -- -- on -- issue so that needs. That needs to end but it's up to the people is who listened to to tell. Through their actions it's up to the people to dictate how these things ultimately change. I think you're on the real topic -- I think Larry you're on the real topic do you really think that we all the more caring side it'll that we would really be sitting in the airplane -- about receipt really. No great it you know in and that is such a minor thing that that's why thank you so significant because it's so. Insignificant but if it is significant then that's the big problem. And you know it has been it's been cool to hate. You know it's been called the standup and be device and COLT to stand up and know with the with the with the border crisis most recently with older 2 children coming from Central America. I noticed that the Republican Party blamed the president. And the president blamed the Republican Party instead of both sides saying you know white. We got a problem let's figure out a way exit they were so interested in blaming each other and both sides Claude. -- -- -- -- -- -- Accuses -- abdication of responsibility in that supplement our church somewhere I don't know where. And of course -- -- -- -- -- -- achieve this fiscal year I abdicate defer. Much of my airplane being distorted thinking back to DJ had things. I don't know how to head banging you know poisoned by big play. Just want to do a good news for you is -- and how. Well let's just that well that's that that's the lowest common denominator mark. Instead we have become. Society where people are. No longer willing to accept responsibility for their behavior in the I have this theory idea's that if I get drunken bar. I can blame the bars. Is absolutely absurd even though abortion not over serve anybody. I don't think it should be -- responsibility. To tell me how to be responsible drinker and that is our other symptom of a bigger problem. Ultimately that is -- -- yet we keep talking but what happens if by turned around the net -- and the way to do whatever she's going to say you know waiting on caught. Yeah Emmerich requirement that that took it clearly does mean authorities in me you know -- adopted into. It's okay its impact you'll -- to sugar that that's the worst thing that could happen to not this is clearly more meaningful in the. I've got to get to a break but I'm gonna answer that I'm gonna respond to that went when we comebacks O line thank -- thanks for thanks for calling and keeping -- That is a really great thought what if somebody did that. That and more of your calls next on the -- show WL so this last caller mark. Brought up and an interesting thought he said what if what if he reclined his seats on a plane. And it upset the passenger behind him what is at that point he turned around and said look I -- reclined my seat despite its seems like it's more important to -- that I don't. So I'm not gonna do it. He wondered what would happen. I guess one or two things eat that the passenger behind would feel so ashamed. But they made a big deal about nothing that this guy. Was not gonna confront them was not gonna start an argument but was going to just totally relinquish. The whole incident today and the decision of reclaiming the seat to them. In the personal feel embarrassed or. This is such a rude hateful person. That they would feel justifiably. Victorious. In having stopped him. From reclining seat. And the first of these three incidents within two weeks that led to planes being diverted over reclined seat. Happened when a guy who bought something known as indeed defender to prevent the person for them from McLean they're saying. Well that's not your seat your in your seat. And it would not be unusual for the person who wanted to stop the person from -- their seat. To actually recline their own seat. Any date somebody else to space but they don't want their space to be -- The problems that we have in this country they hate the rage the tension. So much of it is our fault as individuals. It's easier to get publicity. Talk radio for example present as one example it's easier to get publicity. By being divisive and hateful. That it is by Kerry. And whose fault is that. Ultimately is the fault of the audience. It's a greater drama is more compelling if there's conflict. But if there's. Logic and common sense. An expression of caring for each other. If you gonna join us with your comments tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's every at Texas a 77. But I strongly believe that before we blame the media before we -- politicians before we blame entertainment for replay and anything else. We need to look at ourselves as individuals of the society because our society can be no better than the individuals who make up that society. And if each of us. Every day it doesn't mean that we're not gonna lose our temper we're gonna get of course -- gonna get net. But if we all. Found ways to be calmer and not so judgmental and not so interested in fighting it -- for. With people on the highway or in an airline seat. Then I think we'd all be a lot happier in this country would change dramatically. It also if people would start accepting responsibility for their behavior and not always looking. To something or someone else to blame for their behavior. Where their kids' behavior. From Mississippi senior on the -- shown to be WL. And it's geared PG. OK the first -- -- -- About the little girl that. Dirt gun instructor you know I read an article. Today that today she is now talked and said that the gun it was just too much for her to control. Right here. But. About this airport -- -- situation. Bobby -- -- out of all my life. A road all -- And -- just Manson. Carol these. -- it could be even well according. -- protectors. Know. Yeah it would actually the airline did not allow it to end the the eruption happened when a flight attendant told the -- to remove the need to center. Exactly and she also ordered -- -- corner man says. Yeah I'd -- passenger. The female passenger in front of him at one point turned around and through water in this race. Right -- coming sees to that ball right there. Even if they allow this -- -- -- the respect and he starts or whatever you know. -- I mean that that should. Go to airports are clear that. About who meet certain real. If it seat and allowed that were on him he is not -- -- tell you can't. Right exactly what -- sell out their four first. Even the boat or car you know. Because I why they are. There are some people Jean who I've just really aggressively. Slam that seat back like they're trying to make a statement like I'm you know I'm declaring my MySpace here. Are clearing my territory. You know I always reclined the seat at some point in the flight to but I do it today gingerly and I do it is. Slowly and Kurdish -- she could do it it courageously as you can do it because I'm assuming that. You know this is slightly you know abrupt change for the person behind me so I do it very cautiously but I never thought about turning around -- do you mind if if I reclined my seat because. It's understood that. You have that opportunity on a -- it's located at. Now well I'll mention it beat data on laptop or some kind of let -- and had a little stroke them Noah on the site so. -- -- But his last case with his delta flight two a woman was it was knitting she reclined her seat in the woman behind her. I had -- tray table down and she had her arms that are had on the tray table Jewish trying to sleep. Okay here where yeah that was not saying great. -- -- culpable. What Ian if -- the tray table in the back Percy and I'd like senator reform before so I don't know Albert -- brainy Angel what. What the situation. Four straight table mall on -- -- I would be comfortable -- in the market there. And I would hope so -- workers respect me enough is facing sleep in an apparition. Certainly. You know right in the air or so a -- back. Of their sort of go to sleep through. -- you know in in a situation where a seat declines in somebody wants to use their tray table lists as they had breast Ferrari you know kind of a band if you will. Did you could still recline the seat and you could still. You mean your pure tray tables still down it makes it a little more cramped but let's be honest I mean there's not much room on a plane period. -- Seems amazing that you've never flown you you don't feel like you've missed out on anything by not flying. Well yeah great not playing well quotes won't comment. Just -- Involved. -- But. If elders. But there metaphor. So when you're not a regional. -- -- you know the most dangerous part about flying is is driving your car to the airport to get on the play. But you know there are a lot of people who don't like to be scared and I'm not a person who's afraid of flying but I guess it would be similar to somebody who. OK if I go on a roller coaster I know I'm not gonna die because I'm not seeing people in front of me die and not seeing that there's there are no records of people dying on this roller coaster. -- I don't wanna go wanna just because I don't want to be scared for that amount of time it is that the case with -- -- -- -- Hold on their -- down values -- and I'll work around here and today in the. So you don't fly because you don't need to -- If you really needed to using huge -- Yeah you know -- a healthy adults are almost. But it's -- Israel will get complaints and to. And he I'm certain -- There is the coral. Are affected earlier well did. Blah. Why you think that -- It's come up big issues in. First some quotes -- -- a couple of months ago when you talk about. An exit Samari. About. Immediately. Issue. And I hear aired in -- aides -- You know and maybe that part of it. Well. This is getting a lot of publicity it again I don't think it's that -- the incidents themselves are relieved that big -- deal. Reclining seats not a big deal on a plane it would be like reclining seat on -- on a bus. But the fact that it's a problem. Is a symptom of like taken much -- a much bigger problem which is -- the rage and hate it definitely is so close under the surface in many Americans. And also justice says dissed her for that we seem to be fighting whether somebody who gets in our space on the road. Or somebody who reclined the seat on a plane TR I appreciate you calling her show and if you ever fly call Los Angeles which is thought about it. Sure they're -- -- ritualistic for Pascagoula Fred you're under the WL. Yeah network steel -- to. Deploy. -- -- -- solve well. Nobody -- you. Extra prize for non pro or partners. In -- -- Georgia abroad for -- that you are wideners. And there're there are. There are a few airlines that do offer a little more seat room for -- and added price they Korean people in and then if they have an area where they can make more money than they generate revenue by. Giving you a few extra inches. You have Bartolo do it for a while and it's your problem little problem and and a much more money do I believe it's spirit in Allegiant airlines that have seats to do not -- anywhere in the plane. You know what demonic cult and that are important to your New. York Post. Here -- about there yeah. Situation all season -- recurring and -- course -- -- Geneva convention. Published. It's appropriate and that kind of during your war tour. -- -- -- It's Whitner or other actions in the temple and other Asian represented. And they -- We -- to undergo the genetic origin of course George Bush and or cause more now. -- -- -- would you use and it is critical because -- not well keep from using it against you. There. Fred you're right about that I'm going to call the show oh what's interesting about crisis is. Here's a terrorist organization. That is dedicated to. Medieval military practices. Headings. Cruel brutal executions. So their whole tactic. Is medieval. Which precedes things like the Geneva convention. There are rules to war. Everybody follows those rules but there are rules to war. But here's ice is caught in the past. With fear. Their tactics. Their strategy. Their brutality. But yet they depend on the modern technologies of social media. To advance their cause. And isn't it really interesting that. When they they make these these tapes of these headings. They actually use that as a recruiting triple. So the beheading actually inspires. People to join nicest. In their fight against Americans and everything the west in America stands for. And I just I I find this this -- for -- you know maybe it's maybe this is just another. Exaggerated case of rage misplaced. There are people in this country and who feel so disconnected. Not -- but a few. They feel so. So. Incapable. Of of having any impact. On the direction this country. May be that creates a rage. That is that is somehow satisfied. By joining a group like crisis. That has this. Violence. Definite physical manifestation. Of of their rage I figured that there's a lot to discuss with with all of this. And most of this involves psychology. As sociology. And those are things that I love to talk about on the show -- a six things that we should all in all think about the nicest you know caught in the past with their. The headings in medieval ways but yet they sure depend on. The modern technology of the world that they actually -- to promote their cause. This is this crucial and we'll be back but WL. There are still some heavy showers so selfless Slidell most of the heaviest rain is -- social idealists like a little break right now but there's more rain heading toward Slidell. I've Covington man to -- covered with rain right now. Much of the causeway here except for the the very and toward the South Shore is covered with rain. There's more rain heading for the twin spans -- who's been a massive storm moving through the greater New Orleans area and throughout this this this region. So there's a lot of rain on -- twelve from just west of Slidell. Almost all the way to the yeah by twelve I'm 55. Juncture there's so here it is the shirt drive carefully. -- -- is attacks that reads if I was on the flights and I was trying to -- my seat to someone tried to stop me from doing that. I would ask them since they have a problem with me reclaiming my seat I would ask them to pay for my seat. It's interesting texts about it's this space wars on planes -- -- about -- it's still wants to patient website at W hero dot com and if this has become an issue certainly is a symptom of a much bigger problem with -- and Angelina as part of our radio failure to obviously she's got a great show planned for tomorrow. Every every day at 1 o'clock with Angela starts out with what's trending and -- -- real great fun conversation about trending stories in news sports entertainment and social media. To Mars -- Dave Cohen of the real news director Doug motel. But WW LTV sports director and Stevie -- cohosts from the -- -- one B 97. Also Angel talk about what impact will the new 546. Million dollar terminal. And New Orleans, Louisiana on New Orleans and we are trying to airport have on the state and the city's economy. And also shall talk about the first half of the year the murder rate in New Orleans feel about 8% but nearly every other serious crime jumped. By double digits. Why. An open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow Wednesday -- mourned for -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- future. And in thanks take my culture. They're in a -- silly as it. I think that these things that are different here. I guess it I don't find it strange at all but the -- -- that I mean it's typical. That. People across this country would be concerned about. He won't play. We can payment. Did it can happen to pick up on Vladimir Putin the other day. Telling the world don't mess with me we have a lot new here. I wouldn't put it -- this guy. The start lobbing nukes across this planet it becomes that I don't think it would take him if he's black totally wet. If he does seem to be driven by ego and that's not always a good thing that drives that tries to leaders of countries especially those with nuclear weapons and I mean it really is. It really is a threat to and you know what we had this. At this peace dividend with the Soviet Union after the -- with Russia after the end of the Cold War. That was a wonderful thing I think a lot of people in this country -- to a full sense of security thinking that Russia will always be our friend they still got the weapons. No doubt scoot -- What I wanted to say before that was that I think we are standing in the doorway. The Barry McGuire scenario. -- destruction yet and anyway I would if I can find that so let's let's go to right. Now to finish if we can find eve of destruction by Jerry -- let's go to the break but it. We're regarding -- -- I find this this is also. Something that I'm very interesting. People are concerned about these terrorists crossing that border down south that we have that's wide open the deeply concerned about these guys who have gone to Syria -- about a crisis. We'll -- like those on the -- you need to be concerned about the what you need to be concerned about of the ones sitting right now in the living room yeah. Across America who are that it. Locked into the. These videos in the social media and say you can't looks like these games we play on the computer and now. Against what only you know they didn't have to go to Syria to join crisis we have to do. Is walked down to the local -- thank you the Second Amendment and NRA and I. By the killing machine of their choice and they can start Jihad Wright is like this continue it's coming to -- counties. And out there are a lot of a lot of terrorist acts that be can be committed without. Expensive. Complicated bomb or without I've gotten this. -- some kind of weapon I think you're right the Tony terrorist don't Wear a sign on themselves saying on the -- and coming into the United States. And what we've learned is that there are terrorists who are homegrown American citizens who have become terrorist. Tony I like for she calling -- showing I enjoyed the conversation. Here. Is attacks that -- I haven't seen the tape the voices of this is the the tape the beheading right before the beheading takes place I haven't seen the tape with the voices seem to have been made at different times. The calm of the reporter seemed suspicious. I think the reporter was taped in a different time. And was told a story. To get. This attitude and to get these words out of him if I were about to be killed. I would be so vicious those blanks. I would be always be vicious to those blanks as possible you know and that's something else tonight I I couldn't help but notice -- mean these. The two people who recently been beheaded the American journalist James Foley an American journalist to Steven's cycle sawed off. We learned about his beheading today. They seem to be so calm. And any kind of -- drugged. Then it seemed like he would be able to tell that they were drugged with their. With their speech. In any event I'm not trying to pass judgment that there have been in this situation but they do seem to be. Does seem to be -- usually calm however let's remember that the microphone on the victim. Is open. And the microphone on the executioner is covered with the the scarf that has warned the blacks or four earned his head and around his face. All right here's a -- and came out in the sixties about the world being on the eve of destruction -- there's a song by Barry McGuire. I'm scooter we'll be right back on WWL. Okay. I -- -- -- update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll with three recent -- confrontations over a reclining seat will you know begin to ask the passenger behind you if they mind if you recline your seat. 74% say no only 26% say yes as I mentioned of the get a -- as Saturday morning and is there any stories to tell of course I'll I'll tell a malignant back. The -- blog tonight is titled players -- an atheist complaint. You know this sensitivity of this atheist group that complained over the idea of praying over an injured player bring on the sideline getting down on one -- vowing as a praying. This I think speaks a lot about the tendency of many Americans to try to dictate life choices in their beliefs on others. You know we should we should subscribe to the phrase of live and let live. If atheist or forced to pray the -- or somebody else rates. The problem would be if they were forced to price but again this is part of this whole idea of I'm gonna tell you what to do with your life because of what I believe ledger were destroyed part of -- John -- And we'll be back tomorrow night I've -- bloody New Orleans.