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9-3 6:15am Tommy, Saints signing and a new statue

Sep 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints signing a player at an important position

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David I have been looking forward to this day since the third of June oh you know -- no listen closely. I'm now -- tired -- yeah. They're -- and sleepy dealt to us today as the day. That's an incredibly well known what it was threw up the -- it's not a land bridge now your. You're messing up the song it's not because I just like states. And an infinite song that was clearly show McAllister hi this is about the bomb of a doubt exactly. You know it's. Yeah. It says -- -- greatest lyrics ever written when he died -- he left as was Alou and -- -- it's a third of September the -- daddy died of year with the temptations and I -- -- -- -- -- as being alone -- could have been alone that they act of LA yeah exactly. Beautiful in my anything that on a great things and now. On so here's the deal. I got a problem. And it's been haunting me for awhile now to do to fix -- score let's get it out there and I think it is a problem that a lot of people and they just talk about it. Is there a period where you need to issues Heidi evenly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Poll here lot of little Erica and it works out. Kind of I am on my fourth week. Not been able yet and tied equally I don't know what to do its this year places you're gonna now. I even went and bought some of these shoelaces that are alas it in the -- ball fields and together. -- About someone offers. And now that we got to eliminate and enough of those around here. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- on Tom he has to talk about it in them a series it's using his bug in me and I don't know why. I don't know -- I just noticed an LA's work like that. Nominate him everybody knows that hard time. Today. That's no problems -- ex I think you got more problems -- not let's not go there Heidi TO I think I'm just dwelling on the small ones something like controlling timely issues which. Let's go around the saints and as kicker. A lot of maneuvering and things that we were not privy to behind the scenes I knew we all knew I think that. They were not -- go into wins there all game -- -- lord whose naked girl happened don't get they had a plan and it -- Tucker back and hoping to shoot tied properly. Isn't gonna work which led to people and hamstring for the trying to intimidate yesterday and so there was some kind of strategy involved -- talked to them. We'll talk Micah Terry about it and I heard the audio Tom Benson money com. Revealed the statue of him and champions are not nice out and I was it a very emotional Tom Benson who usually I would think to get where you -- You know business like you can't have a lot of emotion you gotta be pretty pretty tough circuit writes in his it was genuinely touch some -- is -- saint -- Saints management person you would like to see. His image in the in bronze and champion square. Some have said Archie Manning others. Have said maybe Ricky Jackson -- Tellme and is all about on the field accomplishments there isn't about the way they carry themselves off the field. Maybe contributions of the community or maybe. The fact that their former saints leg gave way Mars that are no longer weapons so will technicals and admirals to talk about this. -- heading in another journalist. By crisis. And I'm a little confused on this at the reaction because although it is startling video. This happened -- Daniel Pearl way back when with al-Qaeda network places. And there's not a doubt in my mind that these people. You don't have to have a video of beheading somebody in May -- think it. Your evil in your body your mind you'll do anything you can if you get your hands on America I got and I think a lot. Of of people at this stage of the game and even before this stage of the game are refugees just bomb these people into oblivion right and it's shocking when you see the video but it's you know but it was and somebody -- Asia. As I don't quote go when somebody shows you -- they are the first time believe them and I think it goes to prices. I don't -- talked about a horrible story -- -- and -- -- -- you bring your dog you know -- the pits go. And a pit bull it was up for adoption and and attacked. A little -- steal little hairy ball well and ending guided on the west seasonal help no pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed the people to death squad on Saturday's result though it was. Horrible scene. And product dads and moms and worst of all kids but they arrest of the guy for protecting his dog. And I don't think it's accurate now -- -- arrest ended -- Then that. Apparently there was not even don't involved I may have been some confusion on the way we've we're confusing the story I'm not even sure that. That there was a dog at this point that anything happened goals and he really was not a arrests. Are you kidding me. -- We. David despite no use one of my allotted times out -- British yards and a good call a timeout anybody coming over here on the sidelines. Come on over the level -- -- no no huddle over here at the sidelines as figure out what's going on. And it will be back. A Debbie WL. Six money Tommy Tucker went on this hot. Wednesday morning which feels morally -- they've -- that's good because pride is Felix Thursday. At point. Mike to create joins us right now on NFL analyst college football analyst and Mike did tell me Hoover's good morning. A lot of time and tell me what was going on with the Shayne Graham GAO and Ryan Griffin because I think we all knew with those of us with rational thinking ability that they ain't no way in NFL teams going into the regular season on Wednesday and not really known -- kicker would be. Well basically it was a withdrew with a lot of you know you -- the world going to be what you try and also protect on -- And the biggest Austin. Would she tried to do is hold them at all as much as you could. So -- you could bring line Griffin back on this football team -- you've had your kicker flights you know wasn't going to be. Because basically it was say it one that he was out of the book Jack or. Good -- and approaching Graham. You thought maybe. It would bring in someone maybe it was comparable maybe it is after indeed -- slow the titans. But they've had would be able to do it basically was some of the local law. To try to bring one written back it is definitely will be. Yet -- about it. How did they know nobody was gonna claim she Ingraham. Well -- at this point comedy who's rolled the guys like they did and would -- Not having a -- Yeah they already got again. Everybody had their. Their guy. So that was that would gamble one whale but I think we've really got to -- -- back problem. Trying to get -- -- back on the football team and if you so happen that way I am calling them. Case you know who -- all of the Houston Texans dropped last year at quarterback. So there were pulling -- Annika. And I haven't outlaw same brat who would -- be entry. Again it's a group of football -- That they try to play of the new year but -- -- get to where they want it. We'll find out a little bit later this in the -- that went well wait a -- -- -- where it can -- ranging. Indeed going back. Lying grip and because someone else controlling you know put it more of that agreement -- have to -- and -- one right. Not necessarily advocate and he wants to cut. Did you know when you can sign with leave -- that's -- it. And so it is. And -- but. I think you'll cup war here he understands all and burger well. I think you'd like to return but you know this would be if someone else going -- And put you on the that the agreement quad. In -- enjoy a year. Ago. Is there a place for Ryan Graham in the NFL Ryan Griffin any NFL. To. Be on the active roster right now. Are still believe that quarterback in case you. -- I would watch what goes on in Saint Louis. And you you've got a couple of -- there that you know about what. Well -- Ashford at quarterback. Made big debt when he despite the fact that date except Kate you know. -- to Korea back to -- him are really you cover the same way about I think it got that. A really development of really good number quarterback in the NFL. What other cable problem -- little prospect thinking of -- so. I think that's the one thing I would -- is comic keep -- ball. If big if somebody is gonna make -- it would. Go pick up the line -- and it is can't believe. Again. -- bit late in the process now we talk about now which went. Most teams have those -- to spot that what it 40 well. It's happened next week. I don't want to bring in players to work out so they can sign it next week always in the it doesn't matter what line reference -- for a lot of -- -- what veterans watcher of the 53 man squad distort the season. You have to pay them I don't care -- that he warned. That changing. So you can -- where you can see a lot of veteran signings and actually next week. -- and basically you control itself. The other thing the saints have done. Is put him on a practice squad looking at a right now Brandon Coleman Todd Davis Terrence Frederick. Nick Jacobs on two previous Jones Antoine McClain to save on -- Lawrence Virgil Previn Wayne and PO -- Those guys are more valuable to the saints and is Ryan Griffin I guess economy. We know that. That necessarily indicate because if you caught on. You know would have opened him to birdie one of the things being -- -- But if you don't put him on a practice squad now you have to cut somebody off of that right so well. What was so wanna do is put him on a practice squad originally does and that team could claim in. Another team can claim him an at this point what the rams have done. I think derailed would have picked up grip -- before -- kingdom. But they have to put the player on the active roster if they claim him from the practice squad right. Like all right so it on the practice squad just like last year if you remember right. You're listening to the saints' sideline report on the practice squad. The -- we're gonna sign of him on air act if he would sign it become. Was put -- -- So in. One scene with the saints. There's that would rules Connell Florida law bought almost weekly come up he would back would back him with back and what. That they have. Short field you spent time practice squad squad practiced what he remains squat. It was a back it would be issued photo basically almost a year and a half. I think the same things may happen -- -- -- and so. It is reportedly saying today that -- just got to maneuver probably to be honest I don't know what sells. It's because they don't have a developmental the it is that you know what you're protective are about that this is the pitching pitched game yet third quarterback is basically. On -- roster. That you -- that you have a 53 man squad which you do -- -- didn't keep that third quarterback and not part of that. Exemption program sort of -- I don't know why though -- -- in them the that is in desperate need of young quarterback development. Doesn't have some protection that it would back. You know that's something in the Gaza and that issue but it is were as big. He is not it would have not been back on this as well he did it. -- real quick -- deadline day 3 o'clock for Rick taught today that's what it's for our deadline and and I think if he's not going to you'll see you know. Oh outside back is yes -- practice. You mentioned John infield there's certain things you -- and radio and you remember exactly where you are when you record of eight years ago I remember hokey talking about on the infield trying to throw a ten yard out and thrown it in the third. -- and his name on a beach on field. That you might have a great basics Tony a tunnel traffic that would that it hurts. Don't go back to Terrell real quick because elected DVR unique you rewind radio to see what he said what -- is the big trouble spot Terrell gas. Good because essay in the CBD if you're coming from New Orleans east. Again just around the canal superdome makes it past Orleans they get about five or six cars got into it in the right -- And what they've done of course they police and the ambulance taking -- December lane trying to get this cleared so traffic's beaten by on the left you got a huge -- there. As he had big wreck canal street exit on this superdome two lanes blocked right now that's correct. I'd traffic back to sixth and they seem to go to ground level thank you Democrats. Appreciate hi David Blake so many things going on you know you get the statue of Tom Benson yesterday and we're asking you what saints player or. Executives should have announced that you -- great navy have a whole row of famous saint yeah hole or may be you know on. A row of shame if you will I put Russell works later on the crawl. All he wants -- well you know why would. A Tex comes here says bomb Phillips with a bucket on his head. Now bum Phillips you know was not terribly successful -- nominees. All right abilities this -- to -- -- this person obviously -- seen another tank says every -- that makes the hall of fame should have a statue. No question Archie. Statue of Sean -- no doubt buddy. So like to ask it to 670. Tool free 86 exceed 89087. Of whom would you directors to achieve. And any time does diet in the news now so they're saying that if you go low car. Or low fat you have got to -- just about the same as long -- music to visit its seems to me. The low fat work better for me. In the low. No low -- again as Eddie I think all comes down to eating less. And burn it off. I think you're doomed to failure because so many people think. This is I'm gonna have to go through our -- and when it's over it's done and it's not. Before you started died in my own opinion I think you have to. To say you know what is to be it from now on. I know -- and now you you know to get that -- sector is otherwise you wake up and you go out and got another day of dieting it's easy. It's easy to quit right because you think. I it is going to be done and when you say it's gonna be done. And that means that. I'm just anxious to get to the four -- point and that was in late soon enough that quickly enough. And you say right and the whole thing as opposed a look at it is. I'm sorry a year and food prison -- always have to be some other tax commander Steve -- -- he already chances that -- on the concourse Tom Dempsey. Body -- there with the dome patrol Morten Andersen. And another -- comes in from body -- still talk about -- about guiding. What diet has worked for you if you lost weight or do you care. About you wait because sometimes you know that twenty. Keeps you from going to jail might be better beat the twinkie as columns name and phone lines are open we will talk to you. When we come back big traffic problems coming in from the east. At the canal street exit at two lanes blocked. Traffic back to the sixth and right now seem when he get on the ground level. And makes -- better progress if you're and it would love to hear from -- as -- -- unit traffic -- 2601870. 03866889087. He -- a flash that it WL. Audit room up. Another bit but it does put up so please could go where. -- -- top events and. I haven't heard anybody so happy and so pleased and so touched. Sincerely a long long time that's Tom Benson when he saw the statue unveiled in champions where an owner Dave Cohen talking about this before. And we were in a newsroom yesterday. I guess around 1030 talking about this Jordan was in there and -- was saying that you know -- -- -- going to be infield at -- of mr. Benson. And it's surprised as the weight -- it's a surprise yeah ya know about it. And somehow. Even know his release of the medium that we get stories all the time that are arm embargoed and -- and on talking about it until X amount of time president's speech comes out. A little bit early -- that we can look at written and figure out what's happening with that and it's embargoed you can't talk about it but it. I think it's an amazing thing that they were able to keep that a secret and surprise mr. -- Did traffic notorious. And if you subscribe to WWL. Traffic text you will have gotten this already and it's pretty simple yet to do is text the word traffic. 287 needs money we don't charge forward but normal texting rates do apply. A crash like in -- I ten west heading into the CBD from new loans east at canal street in the traffic. Was back to the six and as of last note when another look at traffic coming up here in the second. I just pass that -- this text says -- ten they get pretty good they're gonna need five Rackers is going to be there for awhile. So that is not good news about dieting here and I think you know the story talking about low carbon low fat diets. Work equally as well for people. I think if you look at the word diet or if he if you even use it. Tom you're kind of doomed for failure because I think maybe -- two or three pounds overweight and and for whatever reason you -- it'll work out well and you you do died for a couple of days you work out you get back to where you war. But -- -- hands when he pounds to lose you're gonna always be 220 pounds overweight unless you eat. Better and less for the rest your life and kick the exercisable. At I think it's very hard for a lot of people to accept. They think you know ideas at 34 weeks boom back to my ideal way to go back to what I eating. Eating whatever Amman -- might think so many people put the weight back on. In terms of another on a diet -- here traditional diets have eating fewer calories. And getting less nutrition net your body and your body needs. With traditional -- your body's design will respond by slowing your metabolism to adapt to that reduction in galleries. It'll convert both lean tissue which is muscles and sat in the calendar and I calories. To compensate for some of the calorie reduction by reducing calories the vast majority of traditional clients will also -- reduce the amount of nutrients that your body needs to maintain health. At the cellular level as a result these -- but your body under tremendous stress accelerated aging. And it's easier to gain weight in the future fact that success rate of traditional time -- less than 5% with most people. I gaining all that weight plus two pounds in two years. Gotta be in nutritionists or biologist right now 6528. Before seven time to look at the traffic into that would go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker talking about among other things weight loss and attacks comes and I'm a real biologist. That last text message was 100% falls everything about it was. And you see and I'm not trying to. Take anybody to -- this year but. That they have you see people driving around with with a different signs on their car about lose forty pounds ask me how. Let me -- yup and you can lose weight if I do this and yeah I think it -- comes down to before you start a weight loss plan you have to realize OK can I do this for the rest of my life. Because if not the way it's gonna come back on I think it is. And it yeah I think it's also a value judgment that. Did not hear by is going to be man and I understand the health aspects of that but in my own personal -- pages my opinion. You'll need a couple of twinkies -- when he garbage -- you put on weight and you can deal with sounding as endeavor and smoking if you if you make that decision. That that make your life healthy the last time I checked this was still America and you ought to be able to do that I think so many times people. Try to conform to an image that. They're never got to make. You know for once I thought yeah four at one time in my life I've not had to have a a 29 inch waist and some people are a little flat idea than others and unless you know I'd be on an island with Tom Hanks chances -- that's not gonna happen. So then you'd say we know on the 32 I can live with that that's not too bad. And then you get older and those numbers expands like. Wow big time like the saints. Season ticket sales did. When chomping came Internet team around sort continued talk about that and we're also gonna talk about this. Journalists. That was killed in. Iraq I guess who has it rocked Turkey Jordan you know where the journalist was killed them at least somewhere I don't know if anybody knows that. How we what do you do with slices and users tell you anything more bottom --

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