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9-3 7:15am Tommy, another ISIS execution

Sep 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michael Rubin, a Resident Scholar for the American Enterprise Institute, about how the US should respond to the ISIS threat

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You really can't afford and it's really not about that you exert your putting on the Ritz but you're on a beer budget pretty much fan he would -- trying to give people the appearance or at least trying to keep the bride or the groom in some cases. A night of being. -- -- -- to make it about money but at night of being maybe of a different social class then you are and any bill backed it. Yeah understand how -- -- little reality exactly then you go back too -- -- the -- -- -- -- point in this is -- there's -- I just rankles some time all cash. Though there's a wedding in San Antonio. Where the bride was on a traditional. Mexican families so she wanted to have mariachi. Music and all the trappings that go with. A traditional Mexican wedding all right but he was a big Star Trek fans and costs are tracked and wanted to Star Trek wedding. Man -- -- that's one of those goof ball got right well so they did is they combined did and -- eight trek the next wedding. And the thing I like about this and you know I like mariachi -- Star Trek never did watch not much on it but it's totally -- -- like. I like the fact that they were they were real about this you know yeah they they didn't. The he'd use a phrase sellout to try to impress other people and then put themselves in situations. In which they weren't comfortable -- opposes. On my page on and where. What up with that because. They have some pitches that are better pretty interest staying and I think grad and looks. Do the pitches later -- cellular you weigh in taxi you know in this and and the other thing. You did this would be a fun things. Sing along with this trial has a -- like yeah. -- -- It's something you see it on next turn written. Me back memories. We're not in anybody really. A lot of big. Gathering there really aren't. Comfortable there and and then occasionally there's somebody comes in where the -- -- -- -- as -- and ladies with pants and dress Dublin's -- censured in shirt and pants. And suddenly they. You know on insane here on amounted disrespecting that things will talk about that another -- -- your voice will come back -- talk about this journalists -- second. And I gruesome video released of him being released -- still has some more journalists in more hostages and I don't know we do about this Steve do you just. Let the videos go on the Internet and that that they can stop that Petraeus say it's unfortunate to you do you negotiate -- try to get to release. The years in the military and try to save them. I don't noble will try to find out we talked and Michael Rubin. Resident scholar at the American enterprise when we come back. Tommy Tucker David Blake Sheldon. Williams Jordan -- And view all togetherness steamy Wednesday morning to BW I Tommy Tucker another video released by -- -- the second. An American journalist being beheaded in. As asking you would blow would you do about it tech's guns and bomb the hell out of them where's the outrage no intent DJIA putting boots on the ground bomb home. Go over and annihilate them and I think would makes is so. It troubles in his annihilate who the people of Syria if you do that and I think you put yourself on the side of the Asad regime. If you -- the people of Iraq. -- -- of the people that we. Lost over 4000 American troops trying to make free so. As a confusing thing and I also think that when it comes to President Obama and I'm no apologist I think a lot of people use in this is a chance to criticize him. And to me that stand amounted to we've all had meetings where there -- people in the room that disagree with everything but then when you say a look at what your plan. They don't have one. Michael Rubin joins us right now resident scholar for the American enterprise former pentagon official. Whose major research areas are the Middle East Turkey Iran. And diplomacy to mornings their more prominent -- -- thank you for taking the time with us tell me Lou when it comes of this certainly horrific video they have more journalists in captivity. Com to what you what is it that a president or any president or any nation Indio. Well when it comes to be -- that the symptom of a wider cancer and that cancer of course is the Islamic state. Now beyond bombing there's issues that we can do. When you look at howl. The fighters of the Islamic state in the guide in the -- has produced comedy how they actually get -- to Syria and Iraq. It's across the border with Turkey and any number of journalists. Have chronicled how you pick a flight to Istanbul airport you take a local Turkish air flight. To either got the untapped market tie it take a taxi to the border -- forty -- -- to the Turkish policemen and cross the border almost. Every single to hobby entering Syria and the rock. -- that route and more like Turkey are NATO ally let's continue. Is beyond me so one thing you can do it sucked and that underground railroad -- violence into Syria and the rocks. I don't know much about it Michael in terms of area or the border between Turkey and Syria but. If we can't secure our own borders how can we do that there. Well let's be clear we choose not to secure our own borders and we may have similar problems when it comes to security. But I've been all I was in Syria earlier this year -- in. Mosul to create cities controlled by the Islamic state earlier this year. And have been all along the Turkish and Syrian border and they are it is secured there's. Mine -- their senses. These guys were crossing the border are simply paying bribes to do it. Ultimately the Turkish government knows this when I was in Istanbul. Park earlier this summer actually. There was a major story -- one of the Turkish newspapers about ices. Starting stores in its symbol to sell their members believe being quite open and that the profits for this would go back to the Islamic state. And the Turkish government again does nothing to do it but of course. When you also talked about bombing not carpet bombing you're not bombing randomly you're you're basically forcing the Islamic state to go to ground. To allow other forces in the region to -- upper hand I don't support. Don't support arming the Syrian opposition in the definition of moderate is does not engage in cannibalism. You know that you have a real problem but there are models where we can use our air power. And allow people on the ground to take action against him. On the face with dad be in Syria Iran those. Well this is one of the problems President Obama needs to answer a couple questions. Because you don't wanna have military actions without a strategy. One of the questions is can you take action in Iraq but not in Syria when the problem is exactly the same. The second questioned the president needs to answer with regard to strategy. It's whether our goal is simply to draw a line in the sand and keep Islamic state from advancing for example into Iraqi Kurdistan. Or whether our goal is to roll them back and eliminate them if we simply want. To draw a line in the sand and prevent them from advancing further that we need to explain why it is that allowing this group to control territory. Isn't gonna come back to haunt us liked allowing the Talabani controlled territory pre 9/11 it. And any chance of Iraq breaking up and different countries or any. It would seem hard to believe that. Any body that's willing to -- -- another American and then use that as propaganda not another American but an American and use that as propaganda. Would would be as serious negotiating. A partner but -- DOD is there anyway of negotiating with ice is breaking Iraq up in -- different countries apart that they can control lord that would only give them. Base. -- -- It it would only give them dates for terror before Tom. Joseph Biden became vice president when he was still on the senate. He came up with a plan with at the time the council on foreign relations T let's go to divide Iraq into street. -- CA area and Arabs Sunni area and the Kurdish area. The problem which is number one is that -- divisions internally inside Iraq aren't so clean and distinct. He might have a war sort of like Bosnia as a result. The second problem is if you did allow Islamic state controlled -- -- what's to prevent them from reaching out and attacking us because that's what they promised to do. I'm gonna make you president Michael Rubin and unity and okay number one. Really clamped down on the Turkish border and I mean put pressure on Turkey to do so. Number two about two weeks ago I just took the multiple them. And what we'd -- in response. Would use our own air power. To force them to go to ground and then the local Kurdish force was able to take back the -- That's a model I would pursue. Because when people say they just -- the opposition the opposition doesn't want more guns they want Paula paid of military and they want better weaponry than anyone else. They want surface to air missiles and simply put I wouldn't trust. Where to the journalists that are being held captive to acknowledge this. Well it turns -- they're just doing their jobs but let's be frank. When you are a war correspondent when you are going into places like Syria where both these journalists were captured. You are taking certain risks he can't expect community. And that I spent time with the column on pre nine elevenths like feel for these guys and and I most certainly wasn't sympathetic. To the -- at the time but there's a huge difference for example. Between the pol -- and the Islamic state the Palma more desperate to be recognized. By the United States and international community I was arguing against it. But I want to talk with some about it. But to Islamic state doesn't give -- -- what the international community thinks and so they're not going to apply any standards to which many journalists and many citizens to become accustomed. In terms of -- -- -- to go we appreciate your time but in terms of hum to fight them -- or or fight in here. Beheading journalist on their own soil is one thing is there any doubt that we will eventually have to face sizes. In terms of another 9/11 type attack on the United States. I think we will and here's the basic problem too often in the State Department and in the White House people wanna keep terrorism in terms of grievance. That if you addressed agreements. And the problem goes away so you address poverty if you addressed. Occupation and the problems simply goes away I attempted having spent a lot of time in the region. -- terrorism through the went to the ideology. It's not motivated by agreements no matter how many concessions he gets some of these guys. There's still wanna kill you remember we can respond to the 1993 World Trade Center attacked. And we still got it in 1998 by al-Qaeda in East Africa likewise we didn't respond in 2002 USS Cole. And we still got hit by al-Qaeda on nine elevenths so sometimes you just have to deal the fact that these cuts are coming after us. Whether -- in the Middle East. Or not is only thing they understand violence. Unfortunately it is I mean you want to use any mechanism at your disposal to peel away the people that might -- has -- recruits. You wanna prevent people from from going into the battlefield in the first place but for the hard core ideologues. There's no way to to act and art therapy doesn't work comics you -- basically kill them. Well it and then I guess Michael my thought always has been if you will in the -- somebody if you will and a a rate that will buried people alive mass executions mass graves you know what -- has done. And and I negotiate with them on and on how you negotiate with somebody willing to fly a plane into a building and killed three 14100 people an idea that. Oh sure we agree it can't. Thank you sir I appreciate your time all the Pataki again any -- -- you bet thank you Michael Rubin resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Former pentagon official we're also -- And talk when we come back about the president's handling of this situation what do you want him to do. And do you think there's any way to negotiate with ices and and the other thing -- Michael brought up and we had before. That is do we really know the journalists. Anything because they assume the risk when they went there Tommy Tucker will continue to talk. Welcome back right now time for -- WL traffic -- for that we go to Terrell Robinson and instant text about this coffee nap so low you drank a cup of coffee. Then you go to sleep in just as you -- enough to coffee is taken and that's an answer to tell him. That's the basic care theory on this do you -- do this at work. Well I gases you know if you -- sofa thing in the day in the office or. Just a laid back in the chair it's only a twenty minute nap they don't want you sleeping any longer. Because of the dock says than you go into the different. Faces weak union and you'll be miserable. I have to take an apnea afternoon you do not we all get out 120 early -- and Tom I grounder go waking up twice today singer was Kellen Lewis and Einstein used an industry stories to take -- -- With a spoon in his hand and like a plate underneath and as soon as spoon at the plate booking company was refreshed. Well I myself taking a Diet Coke net. All -- -- -- and is truth you drinks drinks and Diet Coke got -- and then there. Com. By the time it works its way through my sister -- about 45 minute and a half to get up and go to the bathroom and mine happens over our and so it it works out pretty well so how long would you argue I'll perhaps our tournament usually three days. Three areas very -- an extraordinary bladder capacity I beg your -- and for three days they don't hear from me and then next thing you know they're -- on the door waking me up. They talked seriously only other thing about taking a nap at work I always -- that was a good idea. But then before you know led. Jane goes home and her husband says always work -- -- and I took -- happen when what I what happened -- wiped. You know people are talking about these reporters David and you may wonder recuse yourself from this but. I always do things differently in people and however heinous it isn't terrible and disturbing the video. When it comes to what's going on in the Middle East and what's bothering you I am very disturbed by these so called blue one green killings and that's where. You have at a meeting of some high level people in Afghanistan and the people that you're trying to train a takeover. These are military people serving our country trying to finish in the nation if you will in Afghanistan and it happened. Last month I think it was -- major general Harold Greene. Was killed and the afghanis turn their weapons. You'd think you have. A guy a high ranking Afghan official it's coming to meet with you know all of a sudden now they've gone over to the other side and they got machine guns you'd never bunny out. And it's it's happened a lot to when he thirteen sixteen deaths ten separate attacks when he twelve. 53 coalition troops and 38 attacks. And I know. A lot of people and I don't mean this disrespectfully at all get revved up. Because the video is out of two reporters understand what we need to respond the United States as the United States that. But I think giving any angry at anything you've really need to get angry about this. Afghanistan's situation with the blue one green killings where American soldiers. In in combat. Are getting killed. Assassinated if you will buy what they thought were friendly troops. I edges gave you the numbers I think that deserves a little bit more attention then does. Two reporters none of it's because video guides everything and and they release of video -- does and they know that that's gonna. -- get everybody's attention obviously that's what they're trying to do but. They tell me 260187. Until 3866889087. He should. The United States get involved to avenge the two reporters death -- try to deal with it before it comes in this country because make no mistake. They would kill as many of us is they possibly could. And -- deal what do you want boots on the ground do you fight them there. Instead of fighting them here love to hear from the NT six -- 187803866889087. Back in a flash and evidently well. Tommy Tucker talking about the beheading of the second journalists and video released by guises. From the talk about text at different ends of the spectrum from different numbers one ounces Tommy One bomb one time case closed. Another -- right after that from a different numbers says we should pull out completely from the Middle East and let whatever happens. Happens. Sued Diane on the road hey -- your -- W good morning. All. Out war ended. -- each quarter we -- And told camera -- but it's only. It was one of what happened without the ball -- -- a -- lot with them on the but the point the camera on the on the bad ones but this isn't it. How did and they point blank shot one. Some of and so on would. And that was the art and it didn't report -- It in Shaq and look feel and we can go to war and the eighty couldn't support on their ticket. And I guess what -- got to ask is and I mean I mean no disrespect to the people had died or their families but it is seems to me. If you're reporter and you choose to go here you were working on the job of getting paid for that you're not really defending anything -- answer in the country. So I would think if you assume the risk and look I understand it's important to to cover news stories and and let us know what's going on in there but. Like I was -- in the big green to blue one green killings bother me more than we do the death of the two journalists but it seems as though because there's no video. It doesn't get a lot of mention or nobody really good years too much of. -- if you were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to match. And you should. So that all but not. Know. Exactly my point and Diane look -- on the national news now. Videos of cats do and and solar or you know you know some kind YouTube solutions which is fine. If it's not included as part of the newscast I mean elegant that are new to it was much you'll like it like a funny YouTube video -- Much as anybody else but I don't think it becomes part of the network news because. It exists because the video exist. And then -- Yeah I'm not making it seem as though this is I journalist being killed some -- ten -- -- -- -- -- and I don't think video ocean drive. What you're decision as a foreign policy just because it's captured on video Mary Lou good morning aren't at WL. In the morning I. Out without them and and actually joined the army in Atlanta and she felt that she and the army. And -- It. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think. Somebody. And -- A -- professor. At. The people where. And you -- different. People back. Publishing somebody being the put people great. -- -- behind. I think. I'll. Get you. That we airstrike and think I'm an eye -- -- you. They don't care why. It. Out to. I think it all. And you know we're we're taken. Just like you did you know like you. Think it's something. -- -- I agree Mary -- and I'm glad you called gonna get a taxi comes in prices once destroy western civilization and we should not be getting upset about it. That is now what accent at all I actually do you fight them here do you fight them there but I don't think you can link the death of these journalists. To your decision because. Okay they say stop ominous or we're gonna kill journalists. Well then if you bomb them in retaliation. You're pretty well sealing the journalist's fate. And if you don't stop in if you stop bombing Daniel -- the terrorist dictate foreign policy. So that's why I think you have to take the journalists out of this equation when you decide how to deal. With ices that shouldn't be that catalyst ward nor should it prevent you from doing it because she can't win you keep bomb and journalist again. You stop bomb and then you're given in a terrorist and -- wins to test situations and 546. -- force eight. Time limit traffic that would -- Terrell Robinson hi Tommy Tucker on WWL when we come back we're going continue our conversation about places. And -- Texans and let's bash Obama like -- bush Obama has lost control of everything that he had time to stick his nose in the Ferguson case I'm not quite sure who your -- there but. I will say this I -- everybody. And it's not just on the radio personal life I don't like anything that can play action WW well.

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