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9-3 8:15am Tommy, celebrity photo leak & online security

Sep 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jason Glassberg, the co-founder of Casaba Security, about the celebrity nude photo leak and online security

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I did an instant text about this journalist and I don't know what he went through. Mentally. I don't know what position he was in at that time I don't know if they told him say this and we'll let you live I don't know but you'd like to think. I'd like to think that I was in that position and I knew I was gonna get killed anyway. Rather than read there is -- statement I think I'd say once you go your mother. Yeah you know and say I answered 'cause. If you gonna die anyway and again I am beyond -- idea or an idea what kind of mental stress these people are under if if you know what context that video was taken and that you would like to think. That you would do that and down used in in very comfortable wonderful surroundings and I -- out that Syria may have said look read this will release a video again I was standing next to him with a knife. Oh so now we're to talk about. Security in his second Internet security. My old self whom died and I had to go buy a new one yesterday and it took my daughter with me is the technical advisor. That's in the is the most unpleasant procedure -- Because they have so many plan cell Anemia packages if you do there's that if you do that this. I think. I want to get in the floor -- for free but I'm not chew you out what about the under coating I think -- paid for that are okay because it was in and it was now than it was then then it was down in the paint protection. I think it paid half -- So you know if it's a very. Cumbersome procedure -- -- and I think it's one of flights but it doesn't body well what about the extended warranty -- are all insurance do you -- -- on what if you lose it out well I don't know liberalism Yankee and a minus take insurance it's more. He'd really probably is more complex and buying a car I think it is really is the united you know -- the party's finance for land and -- Yeah. And you pick up the -- like an -- -- are you happy that after through all administering now because I can tell you of this whatever. Whatever they tell you the bill is going to be at about twenty bucks to Arafat -- as a tax and fees that you didn't anticipate and -- and textures and Moody's. Simitis on -- there was there were gonna set you free you would say and do anything you could -- again I was standing next to him with a knife netherlands' easy for users say. Yeah aren't there and I didn't how many times I can say. From. I don't know when I would do I would like to think that I would do that in at least and I in the video but you don't know. And after what kind of mental stress he was under and maybe they just stood there benign -- and I offensively you read this will let you go yeah. That's probably the way to -- it yet have situation and we would come and talk to Jason Plattsburgh co-founder of -- security over the weekend it broke somebody crashed. That cloud I think it is right got all these naked pictures of celebrities. And -- survey. Comedians. Each got attacked because he tweeted -- celebrity's. You'll make it harder for hackers to get nude pictures of the off of the computer. Don't put them on a computer here out. -- -- Pretty common -- policy. Do you have any stuff at risk on the cloud. I don't know if I do or non I get texts and emails and in my cloud is full. -- -- and vehicles -- bottle and we comeback take you questions seed Tommy Tucker Wednesday morning glad you what does. But a VW by Tommy Tucker Davida WL you know by now there was a massive security breach or was there there're a couple of hackers. That went into that cloud in guts and soul naked pictures of celebrities and release them today. And now a friend Jason -- -- co-founder of Kazaa a security joins us. Right now and supposedly they got those pictures from the cloud I asked a dozen people yesterday including. The lady who sold me my cell phone you know at the cloud is but he adds something net you know -- stuff. Jason westward morning raid on I'm doing great. Thanks for coming on tell me exactly for those of us that know of -- don't know about it. -- happen in how did these celebrities get naked pictures of themselves on against the cloud. The -- yeah the ubiquitous. That the class that. You know just -- -- edification is the kind of catchall term. That used for anything having to do on storage. So you know. -- driver back in the day you might floppy disk or even USB key. That you bought beauty computer and he or you'd be. World class is kind of like the Internet equivalent an electronic cards that this. Out this year. In in space that speaks so it's just a way to her. All -- stories of your files. And by the fact that it's available Internet in one of your device can access the date unfortunately it'll means. Other -- may be able to access the data and that -- used to be in the case. Over the weekend unfortunately for these celebrity. And yeah what happened is that. Some oh and the in the big mystery. The password to be liberties the -- chain. A group of hackers -- -- law in -- -- like which is their version of the onboard storage and download these. -- Does does your information. And for soft deduct your financial information known of the cloud as well. Well the interesting seeing. A lot of cases. You're alone. Board device. And most especially with the apple. Series of products are automatically back up in the cloud you know generally. Choose. What you back when what you don't back up unfortunately. It's on by default -- you know about this feature. On you may not realize it -- backing up. -- out certain applications there are certain financial applications we can keep -- -- -- your bank information or your idols. It beat back to the cloud. That without knowing about it though the answers yet. Question if if my hard drive is not full. Why would I want us any information to the cloud in what. Why would apple we innings in a free and easy apple cloud for example why would they wanted it because rarely do I find companies do things because they like -- Well there's this idea now of kind of the ubiquitous there that your data meaning. You're either exist. And an exit on any device you have many of us have Smartphones. We have tablets. We have computers and so you know in the perfect world you'd have a bit. Scenario where you could your data available. On any device so -- I'm on my phone I can pull down Mike's seen data that the Obama PC -- and browsing the web like tablet -- -- then go to my PC. Tick tick up just exactly right left. It's going to be arriving into cars. And you can leave your car between the two locations and you can go pick stuff up body cars go to the third location. Yeah. You know. A book or a web page and -- it's available and open. At that particular page -- any any device you've -- and so you know there's a lot of can be in there but of course as we always say. You know convenient and security -- the opposite ends of the street -- so if I would generally it got. If I had a -- Jason for every time my grandmother's and that. Security and let let's take a break LB have some time this man -- and I hope we can take some questions. Because apparently at twelve people yesterday that I asked in the office. In eight and one of them was elated so my cellphone couldn't tell me what the cloud was. I don't think everybody has has figured out so we'll talk about Internet security. Jason glass murder of Brandon Myers Cologne and a co-founder rather of Kazaa a security and if you many questions. Let your data about the club about trying to keep your stuff safe. We we'd love to hear from -- it's music so point 87 Neitzel 386 exit date -- 087 and -- question I have for Bedford Jason when we come back it is. This data has to be going somewhere physically. Where is that. Eight when he three timely in traffic for them get a -- province. Tommy Tucker talking about security. Security breach I guess you'd call them. Celebrity nude photos overtaken from the cloud in released Jason glass -- gas co-founder of cassava security and and when it comes of the cloud. Jason. Where is it physically is their wondered two or three clowns. -- that that you know an interesting point is that there are multiple and any -- is cloud all over the world. Kuwaiti companies where apple Google Microsoft Amazon. David in his -- located literally around the -- Are providing backup of one another and the one -- -- should go down a power failure failure very able to switch over to a level so. You're the doesn't really exist if anyone really exists in multiple league ball all around the globe. Well how in the world can you hope to keep that secure. Well. You know they're always the bulk of being able to recruit or Bayer is a new movement. You incorporate what he called in factor authentication to protect the state and what. In fact that he is is up outward and something you know the second factor. Are. Popular method of doing it is you use your cell phone to get that message which. Got a code and there in the Buick Uga and -- and the fact of the new piece of information are great that the war that he. -- it'll indicating that security. On the global woman who'll actually is who want to -- vehicle of -- Is there any way to avoid the cloud 'cause they get a tax. Becomes -- NC he had input on a cloud them my hard drive crash cost me 15100 dollars a restored. Well that that it and -- their. It's very convenient. Ain't it that your -- your important oil that somewhere now where these -- the back of up to another -- drive back for. -- back up through USB key. You know the fact they eat and then back it up to and -- or. Be able to restore your dated you know -- -- I would take a break point comeback Jason albeit a couple more minutes we'll take some calls if you have them for Jason about Internet security. At T 60187803866. In a nine's 087 Ian Agassi goes to there's the question about security. To what Ricky Gervais said wages if you don't want people steal -- naked pictures of you off the Internet. Don't put money Internet or on your computer and we'll talk about that in and I think the other question here isn't -- and is not really Jason's Bailiwick but. Why is everybody taken naked pictures of themselves. Back in the day it would happen occasionally if somebody had an old Polaroid camera. Where they would pull a picture out of the camera that was the only county that existed because they wouldn't dare send the film of the drugstore. At a -- they hear from -- -- that why in the world is everybody taking naked pictures of themselves David you got an idea I had no idea because I certainly don't think. Com a lot of people undertaken he should really take him know I was ignored gotten more Gordon no gone back to the diet question -- you you got to. You know take -- your body is he has. Who want to be attractive and and if it is here's the deal walker around. And look at the average shopping center downtown area whatever and -- -- how many of those people would really like to see naked and then I'd like to know -- percentage of people -- taken naked naked pictures themselves. And post a money Internet and I guarantee those two numbers don't match no. And I and I don't think for guided do that especially as -- -- turn on any you know ahead but one up to you know -- they had Brett Favre I guess in the have a problem with narrator is on the way that sent a picture of team Brett to. -- to. If you if you you know from feet you know that means little -- A team bread to the reporter so we'll talk about the -- we come back to right now time for another WL first news. So -- David -- they get David back with Jason glass -- Our guests -- Internet expert security go -- co-founder rather of -- security. And I get a text here Jason ironic ninety department for a law firm downtown in the cloud is too new to be trusted to be safe. Dad is Stewart needs data centers possibly outside of the US is huge you said. It's best to wait a few more years for the technology to develop itself to ensure it's protected right now. It's like leaving Europe car our house alarm off you have one. But it's not on so what's the point you have one that is not on so what's the point is that accurate. Yes and no I mean the fact news is that. You know there. To Warwick soccer club isn't it -- there's kind of the consumer version and the climate. Corporate -- and so. The as as someone who bought his rent space off on some companies cloud I set up. Are you. -- corporation can instill much higher level of security. Have a much greater at a record in order to access this data. And not someone who is using their iPhone or or enjoy it all so you know it is in new technology. But really at the end of the day is -- based on on technology that's been around for years and years year so. On the eat each one of these situations where it she's implement that. As as opposed to just how would exit. All right so I get to phones again am I get an iPhone and I haven't Droid an android. And I'm I'm doing stuff on both of them is easy information on -- Both clowns are different clones. Yeah -- generally speaking each provider has their own infrastructure. I get out there in the Internet Apple's got what they called -- likely. Google which is that you runs android. Has their own setup and so there are ways to copy the data back to work for automatically each one would go to its own sort of -- -- So how do you keep your stuff. Often a cloud and on your computer with whatever kind of device you have if you choose to do that. Generally speaking there is -- it buried in the options of York devices should the city. Setting forcing. And thinking is that code word for copying to the -- All I know your -- -- you'd go in and individually. Which speed things like -- Phone numbers or your ball more from your web browser or email your photos and you can turn -- on at all. And the court that you turn the ball and then things will get back -- Is there a way to do what's the best way to back things up because if you do with one if you deal with one of these companies. That backs -- -- date I presume badges back and up to the cloud or their own servers so you don't have any more security than you did. Just back and up to the cloud. Well you know. It is here. Right. In the yet there are dangers. Would backing. Up to this cloud. Bit in the club as -- call. The real question is is -- you keeping your data. You know. So. Ideal situation would be to back to a hard draw back a USB key. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because someone who had access to that part. Or that USB key that you lose it will have access your data. Really the best thing to do it is what they call encrypting your date having your data. Scrambling it. And having back password protected as well so ideally you have a back up your data you would. And then you would stored somewhere and if it encrypted and in the it makes it very difficult for someone would decrypt it and then have access for. And a lot easier right on the piece of paper and just put it here on the alone out there I'd look at night I'm -- an iPhone right here. And -- like -- says -- contacts calendars reminders of flowery notes -- Music key chain. I've known in the those things are photos side note that is documents and data on my iPhone which one of the -- it would do you want on the club went down to. Well a and it is kind of a personal decision. If you turn the ball ball. Then you'll be backing up not into the core. But if he should be careful. And and not -- -- York. File your PC. You don't have to recreate so you know something useful tobacco. It is -- your your phone numbers and contacts that way so your own breaks you -- -- did -- vote. What you for the first time on practically. All your files and and and phone numbers will be back on the -- that kinda the nature. That people -- because people complain to reenter their contracts that are bought -- That would be completely you know your vote. And so the -- the technology companies Rhode Island should get away you have it happened. The -- automatically forward. Jason I tell you what this whole thing is is just leads me to believe that. Other than if you take extraordinary measures. You you're not really gonna have any security and I guess when it comes of these celebrities today. It mistakenly backed this up to the cloud when they shouldn't have been and how were these people I guess they just hacked into the cloud. Did to go look and then find -- now. Understand how that -- Well you know. The problem more like. He celebrity's did not realize that they were backing up. It did this this kind of confidential David -- And Internet and we know multiple versions of your wilder back meaning they don't eat one version of your. While -- while they keep multiple versions I think apple -- like three distinct set of back. All in case you need to go -- Stewart while. And so what happens is that you don't realize. That that you're backing up the state now. In conjunction with that it turns out that you know in the wild west of the Internet. There are groups of people who who appeared actively trade these kind of -- celebrity photos -- kind of well. And that part of the club beauty Q. Q provide. Pictures in order to gain entry right kind of the year you're calling caller -- you become a member of this. Internet. Freaking club is by providing photos. So it appears they're all -- Well folks out there who actively targeting these celebrities to get their passwords so they can get access to their files and how they get their passwords is. You know one of the number of their ways they can do your traditional kind of Phishing attack -- ignored in the state he now -- -- their credentials. Or they can do all the brute force attack against third count with his trial. Of afterward. Quickly and yet they can figure out or -- which one is where is their passport and in this particular and been. It appears that it kind of accommodate in the -- I am Italian Jason and if you -- in the nude celebrity club and -- and your idea of a good time is in the the computer for hours just to download a a nude pictures celebrity in and join a club and and traded with somebody else I would strongly suggest you try to bring in a meal to shut him. Or doing something. Cells to better for your time Jason interesting as always thank. Thank you appreciated Jason last word co founders of Kazaa and a ideas. Believe that if you send text if you put anything on line and everybody's gonna see and I think you should proceed with that. Knowledge 848 coming back under the W. I Tommy Tucker and other WL -- tech students and -- and retrieve and or delete your deed of from the iCloud. That was the one question I have for Jason glass -- we've decided to book him and the one question I forgot dance. Good for me 853 timely Traficant that terror Robinson. At the looks like things are clearing out today heading into -- CBD New Orleans -- earlier accident. Near the canal superdome ramp cleared so traffic moving better route they're just Apache slowing now. Getting up to that point in from the Slidell twin -- in good shape -- for the highrise. In from a applause when it carries no way all clear looks -- like just around the battery road area parish line coming into the CBD. Problem for the -- -- -- bridge and the Crescent City connection the draft -- brought you by McDonald's. Get a medium hot or iced coffee and bacon egg and cheese biscuit for just three dollars for a limited time at your local McDonald's I am Lebanese. From the very real traffic center I'm Gerald and have a traffic typical 26 on this medical minute is brought you -- west Jefferson medical. Senator hi I'm doctor James McKinney and electro physiologist at west Jefferson medical center September is national mutual for relation awareness month. Eight -- -- relation or -- is a rapid and irregular heartbeat caused when the top chambers of the heart quiver erratically. Sometimes an excess of 200 beats per minute the condition can have a significant negative impact and an individual's quality of life causing heart palpitations. Chronic fatigue. Debilitating pain and making a person five times more likely to have a stroke fortunately there are several ways to trichet said. Ranging from lifestyle changes and medications. To minimally invasive techniques that can eliminate the need for medications to speak to your cardiologist or heart rhythm specialist to find out what's best for you or loved one. For more information -- Lester person's cardiac and vascular services -- to make an appointment call final 43494901. When business owners compared DSL the charter business Internet the differences instantly clear charter business is much faster and for about -- -- not even loads and I -- you can have sixty make Internet for only 55 dollars a month with no contracts. -- -- Good -- wrote yourself are you under contract right out on company I am charter business apple actually paid for by you out of that contract. Well nobody does that. Call 8557433188. For Internet up to ten times faster in DSL for only 55 dollars a month when mobile phone and yes I believe and buy out your old contract could be sold what's more responsive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Complex contract -- I Tommy -- evidently well I did called Jason Beck and if you wanna see what's on the cloud you can either find it within iTunes he said. We only time they ask about apple -- go to apple dot com slash iCloud and then. You can check whatever you want deleted you can see exactly what they have and he says it was kind of strange that they make it. So easy for them so collected data but so Byzantine for -- Coke and find it if you wanna see what they haven't delete it. Wanna come back to talk about a a story that's kinda disturbing it was at a national pet -- to a waiting to bring your pants. They were walking around of people I was up for adoption in attacked another dog. And the dog's owners the dog that was -- took out a knife and stabbed the pit bull to death. He's not been arrested but I think the question is is he a hero or a villain. And how far would you go or have you to protect your pets and what rights DA have when it comes to doing that standing your ground for your pet on four legs.

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