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9-3 9:10am Tommy, defending your pet

Sep 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mandi Milligan, a reporter for CBS46 TV, about a man who stabbed a pit bull to protect his own dog, and Doug Sunseri, an attorney and host of All Things Legal, about what the laws says when it comes to defending your pet

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah as David and you know what time of day it is no. Dave Johnson with the call one more hour and we had a lot of things talk about today all we are right now I'd like -- yes we have this. This story we talk about now do you remember when I tell you about cycle cat. Yeah asks. No one wanted to change change subjects into their bedroom -- and no dissent in the media market and Betsy the -- all I was Psycho dog is a poppy and and you know it's that the cat and starts mark in in the cat. It's it's up and hisses and the dog was nowhere close to the cat now. But making that comes over the dog sort -- an added so I gotta be honest to protect the dog leg kick debt and just like in high school it was off to the left. Didn't even hurt the -- on Sammy sponges and it's true but I would have -- trying to protect the dog I now. And then this cat proceeded to follow us for like a quarter of a mile and he wasn't British added he hits and that the dog and and I kept shaking and it and in -- added in trying to get its -- go away in. In eventually had to pick up some newspapers -- -- the neighbor's yards and throw that in. And eventually finally after I I got a flag insert waving a stick at it from -- -- he -- yard to camp went away. And I often thought about that -- what if somebody had seen me. I hit this can now a newspaper you -- awful I would an ending it would be economic cat abuser and I'm going to go out and I was just trying to protect the pet the pet my dog and if the other dog had been a full size box are -- I don't know what would happen stolen property and then there's a little bit about poppy now with no T. So many million joins us right now reporter for CBS 46 in Atlanta to talk about it. I don't know whether they call it a bizarre story a tragic story troubling story. -- that we want him in Mandy Milligan good morning Mandy. Could tell us tell us what happened they are in Georgia at that I think it was a PetSmart it was a non. -- union Georgia. -- apparently. -- and I'd start with his. -- Yorkshire scarier. There was eight at pebble -- being taken -- -- at potential doctor. And they were outside walking out. She got -- -- should bring it back in the store. And one witness account kind of -- at. Told that kind of pick out your team by the pack should should there are. That he can say that. Actually do you and it the owner of the work he says he'd pulled out pocket. -- the apple repeatedly. (%expletive) -- You know people are trying to hold the and it was very well -- -- ball opt. Dot what actually -- -- -- was stamped draft. After that apparently being actually stabbed the dog and another actor -- apple -- -- -- night or. What it what's happened legally here what's happened civilly what's happened with that when I guess -- civilly nothing really because as the guys well and -- -- wasn't his dog you went what happened from there man man -- Well it just happened Sunday -- I know that I talk to police the entire re opening eight. Re interview witnesses. To see if any charges will be filed -- -- now no charges have been filed an app and. And it may not do they mentioned Blake animal cruelty of what kind of charges you manipulative for. That would mean chart should be cruelty -- -- should be charged as of now Curtis. And and -- and had enough of it again it's at the people had any comment and and is he said anything. He paint and I've reached out but I haven't been able to talk to him yet I am and are currently looking at that lawyer. I know that we didn't said that. Yeah during stacking he would yelling packing pit -- I hate these odd I don't even know -- are allowed anymore. Gary buried it from. It and this is a little York -- a little love Britney Spears dog the kind celebrity's but inept person so forth. -- unlike the police report -- your key. Other courts at a year but it did a small part. Appreciate -- time -- anything else. Good thank you. Thank you brave for coming on this so and open a phone lines here at T 60187. 2038668890878. If so -- -- your -- will would you have done or Europe pet you're you're in PetSmart where the the pets people can bring their dogs. A pit bull runs in I don't know if the owner of the York he knew that the dog was up for adoption and not all he sees. Is that a pit bull has is a little -- your key by the back of the neck -- the year. And none of it was shaken and on different witnesses accounts. We would you have attacked the pit bull to save your pet. And I tell you I guess I gotta side with the -- key owner on this one because it would only take a second for the pit -- They kill -- -- your keys so how far would you go to protect your -- you heard about meet with the Betsy the boxer and candidate -- attack in the dog and what rights DM when it comes to defending your pet will talk to Doug sincerity about that. Later on but it really like to hear from -- the guy that stabbed the pit bull to protect here's your key. Is he a hero. Or villain and treaty face criminal charges -- ecology 60 when he set any. Toll free 86688908. Set any Tommy Tucker back in a flash. Under the W well hi Tommy Tucker I wanna be clear about this and and David and bill we're gonna get do you injustice second eight -- full disclosure Dunston Serrie joins us right now attorney and co -- of all things legal. I have retained done to represented Betsy the boxer in any legal proceedings that in Su against cycle cat that chases for a quarter mile. Right right -- Correct I'm still waiting or Eritrea. -- -- wherever and Betsy doesn't have an account. She Bryant not me are again not tell me -- seriously about protecting your head and and injuring another battery and a person when it comes to it from another animal should -- your person when it comes to protecting your dog -- whatever. Well I think I think -- won a couple issues one pets -- domesticated. And in the United States and it generally. They have to be protected most case as closed and Ambien in a situation where they tell. I think that's 11 consideration -- the other well. It's -- property that person. And a person -- used reasonable. Force to protect their property. Now the question has gone that. It turned -- to -- -- What was reasonable force you protecting. Carrier with that stalk and attack on it bill. And part but it didn't look at this stage of -- to attack. On the owners of the -- the person opt to look at the person who who would write the the pit bull look at stave off a look at them as to whether it was reasonable. To use. Force. To protect his. Dog and also what they'll look at your alt departure -- it's to protect the dog shorter you know using and I go. Late in the case you -- -- -- big hit ball and has little bitty terrier and gains and tax from peoples and all of the pit -- wanted to kill a terrier it would have. But if you're the terrier owner. I mean all it takes is one -- the jaws in your dogs dead so. It would seem to me you're on a reasonable for this got to do whatever it took to get the dog off of his dog. Actually -- what they know what lawyers this race is that your gonna look at it on court back. Why should initiation that you really have to go back straight line. But the dog call her at the time of the attack. And it is is who is reasonable. That he would use this type mapped it to protect the ball. Then he should not be charged. Addicted charm that was it was reasonable and would accept support and -- -- -- to protect the ball. That was -- entrances. That he could possibly be charged. So basically is that the stance property which is the dog in but he used reasonable or not. In defending the -- -- -- and should aptitude and talk they'll listen in good hands and it's very backpacks. You -- so. You know -- It would be different that -- actually now you know -- at the facts as to whether you know reasonable force. You know was. Unreasonably not. Mom does -- matter what kind of dog it was that tech's guns and when it it was of being -- -- Hollywood week's good question. Absolutely. Especially with a propensity. Of get bills to APP. I'll borrow more violent and other track at all. So you know yet -- FISA you know that the pool did it I mean it makes it different. Like people like self defense is partly you know -- If someone is 66 -- seven pounds. At a very potent position you are used more -- old or someone who's you know 51 on ten so. All you know let the fact that it's a pit bull is very very important very instrumental in determining. Whether read more force was in -- -- -- the brutal drug stereotyping earlier that you were so much better than area. Correct corn or why didn't have to be -- couldn't have been butch you don't hear a lot of -- they. And -- is seriously the guy who was overheard their reporter told loses he was standing the dog to say blanking pit bulls. On -- even know what these blinking breeds exist. As I gonna help him isn't. That that's very hurtful attacks would date with the news is that the strap -- communications. Department and state of mind. Argument could be the district attorney what this is not about acting. It's dog much or at sports. The reasonable portion that was being you lots. Odd that chose evident that. He wasn't used reasonable force yet another agenda. After the ball was protect his -- was protected. Itself. Can't articulating those words or very help full camp in attempting to ensure that used reasonable force. I let let's go to your example of the the big muscular guy you know based on yourself. That that was attacking human what if that same guy. Attach your dog and threatens to kill your dog where where does it. All of that factoring -- we do with protecting your property -- lethal force -- does have that guy decides to snap the neck of the dog he's got to do. And the dog is dead and and the dog came Barbara back to life so what does a loss say about that. What distinction between protecting your property and protect yourself. He is a bit more force to protect stroke issue -- more about it. So pomp and where pets are property so there's a different standard is. You'd probably great forced. Or should they are a lot of whether that person. Achieve that they would be in danger also. So. It. Uses much forced to protect content that you would a person. -- -- a guy has a beef with his neighbor and the neighbor. Gets hold of the dog -- saying you know what that's it I'm gonna kill -- dog in this on means everything to the owner. The only thing you can do really is watch the guy kill a dog and then having charged with animal cruelty. Yet because it did the value. Human rights group now and that's what it would come down and bottom. Supports -- that he would be in Pedro. I -- -- collection and am not trying to be mean to the techsters. But. It just goes is sometimes some of things you go and you presenting case and and it says well what if what if New York he ran up to the pit bull and in the pit bull which is trying to defend itself AD indeed did and text and made it seem as though. Well ignore the facts what if this happened. If you look at ice. LL isolates which were extra volume at all wedding -- should bring your apple and so that would be something that would be anticipated -- again -- I think -- He could still goal was provoked. That would probably be more -- -- defense for the owner of the table. There's no elements of that at all at all -- -- -- agree but but this person says maybe the York he ran up to the pit. And defended himself do you often have trouble lark. In the issue when you when you presenting a case where the jury once at one ways they're gonna start to manipulate the facts. I mean absolutely apps well actually tie. It erratic Easter message or intent -- that and any preconceived notions. But he often am I the that it would just happen it's happened outlook outlook -- different. And really. When he's got the issue of reasonable force and pretty you know -- protecting property that is a very -- specific inquiry. That would probably be turned on exports so that law. I'd appreciate your time I really do and that's the people Canadian bones -- that's -- right. Golden age you got it thank you are a date data inside out morning and evidently well. David. And until after the news. Ike is around a little bit late there was it take you bill indeed when everybody else can make all the minority thank. At T 60187. Neitzel 3866889087. I think I was remiss in not telling you that the pit bull because of its injuries in the pit bull was named Clara. Had to be put down because of the of the stab wounds that. It's suffered but you know you got a guy and PetSmart. Now all of a sudden the pit bull runs and the island grabs a smaller dog. By the back of the neck. And I think in that case you have a reasonable presumption. That this pit bulls because you don't although really depending on what the dog look like. And we talk about that one day about you know lot of times people think things are pit bull and you really aren't made just been a large dog. In his case it was of people. Texans and I -- -- -- no reason people he booted peoples because the media puts a stink on these dogs. Pits are not dead dogs mean dogs aren't born they are made but. That's the pit -- argument I'm talking about in his this specific case you bring your dog you'll -- who you're invited to. Another large dog comes in and did I don't care -- it's a boxer Betsy the boxer fully grown grabs a small dog. And you take out your knife instead. Betsy the boxer or whomever to protect your small -- what are you a hero or villain for doing that. And like to know we come back to 260187. Neitzel 386 exit 89087. I also got a text about Psycho cat. And I was here with you right now time for -- WL first news NB. For that rather we go to David -- talking about this -- Smart thing in like a man trying to be controversy over here but I get a tax accountants and I'm a male mansion I start. Sending every dog that comes after me. And I Antalya and I'm not trying to criticize anybody or call anybody out but but I think you're -- is wrong. For coming out with that new dog food in mailman flavor. Don't you always terrible thing I ideas don't think it's right I think if anything it would enticed dogs. I feel bad from him related well Iannetta and that fact that they put a male ladies and mailman on McCann and it's just it's yes. I. So the dog would recognize cashier know what I do feel bad for just walking through neighborhoods you know it's stuff that happens I can imagine what these poor people go through. And I guess they give Melissa opens -- -- keep it away. Texans in from Gary says heat and understand what's going on let me give you the whole story. From the beginning for the 930 crowd. Clara a pit bull is brought to PetSmart where you are encouraged to bring your dogs cats what have you I guess affairs if you have one. And Clara was walking outside the store somehow got -- of her collar and came back into the store meanwhile. On -- trial in this story guy has little your key. Will clarify -- their way to -- York he. Whom I'm I'm sure had a name and -- astronomy and grabs the York he by the back in -- neck in the year. Now -- where it counts varies some people say that -- always Clara -- -- a dog others say it was just holding it. And at this point the owner of the New York he. By all accounts had no idea who Clara was all he knows that does it -- comes -- island grabs his dog. So he takes out and I've been in front of horrified group of shoppers. Amidst all of that that the chaos starts -- Clara the pit bull saying -- pit bulls this blinking pit bulls that shouldn't even. -- -- And that the dog even -- the dog racing after Clara let go be your key. And police are investigating and I think the question yield is. How far would you go to protect your pet. And would you do in those circumstances and do you think the guy with a knife -- the pit bull would keep the dog Clara off of these your key. Is a hero or villain. You tell me 260187. Neitzel 38668890870. End. The -- Clara the pit bull had to be. Euthanized because of the ninth loans. To bill in -- a -- on got a W out the morning. -- economically today. Okay well. I get pre Katrina was out walking my dog in a neutral ground and evening hours and there's double -- on the side that a house at that will manages to squeeze through that gate. I had about a sixty Al Thornton I don't know maybe in the polish that ball and he comes running out. Perhaps my dog on the launch in just clamped down on -- -- laying flat -- program. And I'm trying to. The dog but it was just focused on trying to get -- talk talk to it happens nothing sinister kicking that dog didn't say that dog. Not a I kicked like that the more stressed the -- plant down my dog. But Clark like it's go to Europe plated the tablet boots on he start to commit -- -- -- so he had a history that -- -- much. And early elections by vote or two to seven iron out of his. -- -- restructure that -- darkness charts stating -- a little bit older ones manages the dog out the rest of the way. Now that I'm not saying anything one way or the other -- this thing is that they're strong -- All of -- say this -- and I think what makes it. In said the Ares sometimes when you throw in pit bull now let's say this just another big dog it was a great Dana tank your animal or it was a Cano whatever it is -- a -- stiffer or some other kind of dog even a boxer are Dalmatian Miami -- a dog. If you had a concealed carry permit would you have shut the dog and had to get it to let your -- go. We're. Only as a last resort when. That by all dogs are bred for certain reasons although it did varied backgrounds all honored to different kind of people. It's just like people think look different environments and you know and that -- -- violence is just very last resort and well. One thing that just irritates me and it it -- wouldn't make me violent toward the had been it would almost make you consider violence against. The person that owns the pet if you have a big dog like that or even a small dog you you have to make sure. That the dog is secured -- there's a lady in the neighborhood got a little. Yeah number I get to York he had -- on every time I want to dog she comes out and says OK stand still stopped stand still for -- -- pick her up. Does that and a half dozen times well here's an idea want to keep the dog inside. Currently don't let it out your front yard to go do its business -- -- -- backyard. The training is very important that that makes for a happier dog and healthier place and -- your family -- agree -- a. Sometimes the owners have to be trained how -- -- dog turn out what happened. And it had about 500 dollars in medical attention but he can't let it came go to it and the other dog -- put -- -- and who paid the 500. They -- under the -- dog is still -- now bill and I'm glad you took time to call. Thank your shirt -- -- appreciate it thank you appreciate the comments edited days Steve in Metairie native and Steve you're on debit WL. They tell me good morning more I didn't think they'd be sound exposure. Book -- Smart. We're not handling policies in place to protect the -- the other customers and their debt. I mean they have here you you'd think -- they're putting two victory in order from dog. Comedy and they would at some kind of way to control that so that they don't have ball and our future. Well a dog got we got -- of its collar and I guess that brings up the question heavy ever brought your your pet to one of these big box places where they encourage you to bring him. And have you ever had any problems. Scenes dog go after him but not really attack and the people that are in -- -- model we shouldn't. They're big insurance -- aggression. But I haven't seen anything ambitious in what happened here. My guess what I'm asking you is do you even think that's a good idea because I'm not trying to knock anybody's business model and if you don't wanna go don't go. But it I don't think you know I get it is being a cutesy Trixie take the -- you go and you look at this and that. But the dog doesn't know that he shopping that dollar she shopping I don't know that -- look and -- chew toys or or this of that dollar dog knows that he's there in this environment. He's not comfortable -- that are she's not comfortable with that there are other dogs and and it. Maybe -- to be a territorial thing just think it's a kinda. Silly concept but again -- their business and do whatever they want if you don't wanna go don't goal or don't bring our dog -- -- While watching the same thing happened in much in -- at all. Where people come and what does -- with dog and and they come in. You know it's some type treatment are there were pretty well you know target membership in the barber and I'll look at. And news confrontation between adults so I think Jewish from a safety standpoint there could be some. Way to look exactly is the -- exposure. So bottom line do you too. Think big guy they killed a pit bull is in the right or the wrong is he a hero or villain. I think -- -- take steps to take care of themselves. I think so too would you have gone so far will would you have done it that your your key in the -- -- -- pit bulls starched you know. Out probably on the same thing yet -- on tonight but it probably whatever. That was necessary to. You know to get a -- I think I would of doing and fortunately thank you Steve I appreciate the call of the reputation precedes. I kinda animal and and it goes of the collection on the evening pit bulls get a bad -- and and in a text from one guy that he keeps texting why you suck on pit bulls worries stuck on pit bulls. And we're not -- it it seems like inevitably they always pop up in a news now as the media stuck on them. I know fact of the matter is this was appeared bullet was involved. And they got a guy a step and a dog. It to protect his dog in front as some kids and everybody else and it was just. A horrible scene blood everywhere and I'm not trying to be too graphic on the radio here but. I think first off if it's me I'm not even bring in a dog today and I get him confuses the pet co PetSmart is when your random. It's not hard to tell which is which. I'm not bring in the dogs because it's nothing but trouble plea and -- happen. And if I would do in sees another dog attacking it not stepped in and do whatever I could get a tax about cycle cat. And it's is. Is cat that was stalking the dawn and I. The caddies just protecting his serve well look at must own the whole plot -- be like a gang. I would that the cat is an on six male and authentication problem will continue. Get a little water pistol to deter the cat I have dangle cats and they're very capable of hurting any dog good luck when he wants it. And other cable I also it's not like I don't get me -- daunting I'll just skip that 945 coming back on WW. I Tommy Tucker talking about an incident in Georgia where. Big pet plot still Laura. Did bullet tactic guys' dogs have a guide to got a knife and stabbed the dog basically to death and I was also talking about cycle can chasing Betsy the boxer and I collect a quarter mile and as an interesting text. Cycle cat wasn't after the dog was after you. -- I never thought about it that way but it might be right. And another one about taking your dog shopping this incision dead wrong Tommy when I take my dog either pet smarter pet go. She knows exactly where she is. While we get to pet -- she pulls me over to the treats -- moment bludgeoned to alligator would she wants. When a ticket to the dog Parker demeanor changes and she gets even happier in the car because she knows exactly where we're headed to. I would love to know if you take the dog to the -- is game on dog night. If you years since there watches the game or she keeps the box score. -- that's a real baseball fan if you keep that box score. To Martinez and Guerrero hello Martinez. The Arctic and altar boy do well -- -- -- -- group. I'm Eric well thank -- I have a neighbor where simple and say they -- -- -- that are now it but it will enable it. We're not only on -- -- trees and they allowed it well the average age and -- the people art. Now have a chance. And and you'd like to walk on the back -- and fortunately. And it is Barak and -- all the way. For the a woman ever in my EU -- -- backyard. Yeah that's correct yeah. Our quality audio patrol why -- -- they -- white. It will be a -- now and ala ala carte channel. -- have Russia have a lot in on the act cat. Although it was awful happens at all in my art. This sounds this sounds harsh but I don't disagree with you I really don't they it's like you keeping your pet. In your backyard and as the responsible neighbor lets the dog. Are in you don't have offense or the dog which is jumps about. We're gonna talk with them getting it there a little -- are. All we hear that that would be a vault that they keep -- dark and aren't in the garage. There aren't about to let you get of the Barack store opens but -- -- get air board to -- that you can get there. There are at the dark dedicate your example are only do they quote probably let it say in the street. -- that's about it despite what you haven't been able. It's it's people like that they're -- as a blemish the terrorists have been able. And and Italian Martinez outfield that we really do and other other you know that's his neighbor complaints where it's. Technically not illegal I don't guest knows you are in the street it's terrible -- -- feel sorry for im glad you called them. It is constantly. Thank in my hands -- stuff. Lebanon neighborhood and you're responsible neighboring technically an outbreak analogue 953 coming back that it W. I Tommy Tucker thanks everybody and I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to get -- it garlands up next in the think tanks. As you knew what action if any should the US take against the extreme terror group vices. He doesn't talk about witnesses and cellphone videos. Is it killing trusts in our police officers in this situation. USA today covered in. In southeastern Louisiana southwest in Vegas about a guy committing suicide while it was and now. And it will talk about doctors Garland will becoming sick of being doctors.

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