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9-3 10am Garland, combating ISIS

Sep 3, 2014|

What action, if any, should the U.S. take against the extreme terror group ISIS? ISIS beheads another American journalist, Steven Sotloff…to send the message to President Obama that as long as U.S. airstrikes continue, “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.” Garland was joined by Dr

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boy you have would you call that Burris. Lineup and intent to today. We're talking about drug doctors that are sick in the twelve noon -- and bad news. Doctors are sick of being doctors. Wall Street Journal that big article. Written by a position on the front page will be talking about that 11 o'clock. Atlantic magazine and Hillary introducing piece and it helps the question are all the videos were seat. Of officers. Looking like they're abusing subject. Is it killing our troops and police officers and if it is what can be done. And will build ports be talking about rights and -- and will be -- in this or listened to on the show and some of his solution so Beatrice. Just go ahead and bomb it's just that you score a bomb a mall. And I said well. If you can do that you can figure out where because. There's a civil war within this Sunni Islam between the radical Jihad is in the modern mainstream. Soothing. And then again so war crotch region between Sunnis -- bonds -- -- and Shiites funded by it wrong and and then get real is gonna help and will be as the need these in the Turkmen and Kurds in the croatians Jews in the -- boy meets. And in all so you got the pro Iranian Shiites in connects. Or in Baghdad in the pro you bring in -- white Shiite regime. In Damascus. And then were left in the Shiites Sunnis and Kurds to power shear in Baghdad and and then there's a little problem there -- -- it's. Saudi Arabia Carter -- Their support a pro American bigots and there were -- soon be individual. Moss securities. Putting in huge amounts of pollutants and fighters -- crisis. Yeah and we -- -- ice it is it would be the third time we could to clear victories since 2001. Will be depleted as soon be a rebel routes to were wrong. First the development and didn't Saddam. And now license. And -- aboard briefing to happen that we did that. So it's a -- just bomb but in just in case it's not that simple. I usually called doctor -- group element adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute not -- ago in the opinion agreed to come on again ought to welcome back to show -- -- It's good thing you heard that -- them true yeah did not understand the simple answer to this. I appreciate very -- I thought the concrete -- people -- your side. It carefully in the struggles by deployed to answer. A look a look -- headline read the being fired not fire -- the very. I talked to me well what would born we hear. It is it is it very typical question. And those people who Cold War with simple answers clearly. Seek to rule the less complex ways that this -- I think for any of us who've now watched -- ultimately -- over the last two decades. Have to be very concerned about getting involved again. Because when -- sit there and edit yourself I have is that Jerry -- the other -- that person -- rocket and you know. He was trying to prove that this is what you did it Iraq that we sent two trillion dollars on. That mean to American national interest we could rebuild the entire infrastructure of the United States for the morning. What are we doing are we better off today that we work with Saddam Hussein. And the answer is he says yes and more Americans say -- He said yes yeah. What what did -- point to. He says. -- -- we've kept -- -- they're a little longer we can achieve our goal of the democratic Iraq. -- aren't like Vietnam like have you understand what. But that no question that can't -- here's a country that's landlocked Central Asia. 26 million people -- sense and who can go there. We -- only reason the American trucker that money what is clearly that. I think. Washington Washington is your wallet but unfortunately. -- emotion seeing these Americans -- that it. -- seeing these horrible people do terrible things. Makes us want to do as as America. And it's much more people will say let's just say we're the long government troops. A roundabout way were thinking about an -- heading over an American journalist Stephen. So -- Second wounded and in two weeks and then America's. Upset the president so upset and everybody wants to do lose something. We always go to reactor three at doctor Graham better moon with the objects go lower and Middle East Institute doctor. On it -- wrong era I remember in the beginning all the stores -- They were moving like wild fire and they were -- overall in Baghdad. Everything our Breeden also. They didn't even attempted because they're huge concentrations. Of Iraqi troops. And it's a majority Shia city. Do you think that had anything to them to do with the inaugural running back. I think they they running into much to propositions the area they conquered in Iraq so swiftly in the class all by surprise. Was the Sunni areas we're very discontent with the government there were lots of remnants of Saddam Hussein's regime would be pushed aside they actually did their continued to support them rocked so therefore it was a natural -- that they occupied. What was surprising is when they made some headway against Kurdish areas that we -- not anticipated and that's when the United States interceded. And actually helped turn the tide in the battle in court. Ended of this so direction he's going in with a little bit breeding them up on. I think I found out all the major oil wells four or not we're crisis is or where it looks like they can we cocoa. -- all will give 95%. Of Iraq's GDP. Of -- solo Welch in -- Little Rock or recorded filled territory in the -- or appeased. And when I look to the billfold wallet of vices. -- could have up to a billion dollars. But that's -- pretty small amount to if you wanted to establish a government. And in the long term government just as soon Europe it isn't there every chance that they could collapse on the -- and just like. -- Qaeda because even in Sunni areas they will eventually beat two weeks straight. And -- that that is the issue it's really at hand is whether or not the moderate Sunni Arab states confront the extremist Islamic. Groups like excess and I think there's been a shift in policy if you look towards the UAE Saudi Arabia Egypt. Jordan towards the radical Arab groups and they're moving themselves they see themselves threatened because they are the primary. Optics of the to text stats. The states have a very different view of what the -- here's the perfect example of how most states use the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt -- probably due to. Of the United States -- most liberal but they also need to Muslim Brotherhood -- part of the Islamic terrorist coalition the United States does not. Similarly -- eighteen with school and one of Libya and that expansion of the Islamic fundamentalists player as a very big threat to them. And when they took action. Last week and bombs some. Fundamentalist groups we criticize and we're doing that because we didn't think that was helpful but that we don't seek to Libyan situation the same when they do so they're used in agreement that ice as a problem. But there's a disagreement over what the real underlying problem most. 01 of the questions. And and owner of this room for a vote King Abdullah world Saudi Arabia. You warned the -- can be the next target devices. And -- finger and begin -- durable than a month America. In another month. And and so -- as usual warning of the power world or the threat of the organization. While there everything. It's the birthplace. Of Islam. I have example reasoned -- wanna see a BC again as Malia. Ward bit of America -- -- seems like they should be acting on their own. The got 250 combat -- aircraft refueling plane. US airborne warning control system and at least 20000. Air force personnel. Where did they handle Davis. Well clearly the saudis -- crisis as the significant threat to them. Because once you -- footer big key policy within the Islamic community. Taylor should clearly control the whole city of Mecca and Medina which in direct assault told Rick I think there's no question in the mind the saudis the these people are threat to them. But they also see they need to work with the other states the UAE and Egypt. And even -- the pakistanis that most states to work together to confront crisis. Does that mean they don't want the United States to. -- they don't want to be associated with the American -- because people are popularity social low in the region. But they also know that American military intervention is the most efficient -- -- possibly. And know what can sort included in the U. Saudi king saying the west is going to be the next target Europe in the Mall of America and you know month. Is that just trumpeting the war to get more. Relief on their side. Clearly it's to their benefit to make the United States and Western Europe believe they are threatened by -- and forces that they are. Being threatened that's I think that you know that there are the primary targets and the western United States is a secondary target. And I think I bet you this question for him it's always to have some. We get numbers stories on the unit now about how would -- at a much higher rumored in the Mexican born group for the year. Ices from members or. Americans themselves could expect that will come back -- its borders and do something -- heard it. You think that hasn't happened both born if somebody wants to hurt America. Neither of dirty bomb or something like that is so easy to walk across the board. Well didn't you point to make it absolutely clear our security people are domestic security people are really very good. Will completely missed somebody that problems capsule which. But that said we are really good at protecting ourselves and and -- and we're working -- but the scariest to one we don't care much and that's gonna happen so most people think. We'll bull what do you think it happens I mean. You can you can marching into your aura and Soria in front. But two years ago. Backpack. -- 130 when you get from transmitters. On the telephone pole for Pelosi for blasting cap. Ordered in front of the Chicago Board of Trade. -- a couple of people do little damage -- gut and every kid going to for a thousand years. If it's sings if there really intent on hurting us. The border being wide open would be -- he's indigo is that because. Saudi Arabia and all the other big countries say wait until we got real estate in our money depends on the American economy. I think there's a consensus in the world among the responsible followers. That we all face the threat from a variety of terrorist type operations. They're for the cooperation worldwide distributor we all have an interest to stop these groups before they get organ. But I think what's also important that everybody also notes the chance of missing somebody is great anywhere. And that investors already they're. Can we stop from -- girl and hopefully we can stop almost every possible chance. -- will that there possibility of levels of -- yes but should that -- the United States from being ourselves. I think the answer for most Americans there's no. All right one final question especially in this conservative broad street of the human cry is Obama Auburn -- something. One what can we do. Well I think that movement in Washington it has the same debate. And I think pressure's on for him to step up support our. The polish forces circuit I just basically I the immediate threat to actually probably would beat. Well we do I think the odds are. And now we're talking only it's got to be some sort of military action in the United States takes. Against crisis forces in Syria the problem is serious such a difficult question and the people of Washington who purchased the actor in Syria. Don't want to support the Assad government. The ice is that the great support to the Assad government should we -- -- -- the most striking out saw. There's also a new group in Washington completely out so it has now the worst it to at least a bad call for rookie astronaut. In Syria and probably the only force capable on the ground in Syria to control access to what do you do we have to a dilemma between those two but it forces. And -- good that the times we feel I -- And a senator Specter basically out in the open what happens Iran to Syria of the go to urban areas that -- -- -- my thoughts. Hide under the school to put children out of Bryant and the -- in the media runs photographs of us hurting women and children what happens then. -- there's even -- -- problem girl they're perfectly willing for us to use a billion dollar missile to destroy that he felt dollar truck. They agreed believed that very touched over the -- -- there's a different mentality here is like the people in Gaza he took a terrible beauty. But at least they felt they got their issue before the world I think ice that has sort of person mentality. We need to get our -- before the world we can stand up to all we got to survive. And they're -- with. We put to -- Great military disadvantage as we can win the war when the battle it was war. Doctor -- -- all words of pleasure always appreciated should take in Colombia of good and he. Thank you but we're talking about audiences to the militant organization and they. -- kidnapped 43 UN peacekeepers. We had two American journalists. Be had hundreds of tribes people in eastern Syria. Killed a 120 -- and soldiers that they captured. And Auburn on -- all and end to bring when you look at what American. Representatives of officials are saying or appalled. Rafts who deeply distrusted. We think it's it is a global pact. And in the meantime in particular from the rich states we get the call for Obama to do something. That is the question put that. We go to -- experts whom I don't think we could -- and voted with better credentials. Step putting stroke is acting director of the center for strategic international studies Homeland Security. And counterterrorism. Program and senior Perot. But this CSI as international security program seven book from the shore really appreciated Todd. Democratic so what it would do if we were screaming -- bothered to do something. What do we do it. Well that the president have a few options at his disposal right now obviously two weeks ago in the first American was -- him fully. He talked about her relentless commitment and that has an actual -- continued airstrikes that are targeted. In in Northern Iraq. And then last night we heard how he was committing 350 additional US troops to Iraq so -- limited approach that he's been taking it's not. Cleansing -- several folks in the red state that you mentioned. But it is sort of making a commitment of combat troops which again is the one of his alternatives. Those two and -- to troops do. I'm Erik you're at and what -- -- those 250. Troops do. So that they're the folks that he is committed. Would be not contact and it would be protecting. The US facilities and personnel to the embassy in Baghdad as well -- that believes some of them in the conflict that are throughout the country. And -- really from a noncombat perspective that 350 troops are to protect US facilities and personnel. So basically. All we're doing or air strikes -- is that correct exactly right well what are the chances we keep curing. He should build a coalition. But I mean we've got. Who are so called allies. We read about Saudi Arabia. We've got some very real Sunnis. We've got moss in the -- and and Saudi or break busy and charities. And they're they're huge source of funds for prices. And everything -- read says slices probably as close to a billion dollars at this sport. How would get a coalition. Still very very good questions that the -- administration currently. Pursuing to attract the fact that I am aware that one is the president and in the NATO allies are meeting this week in the United Kingdom. To talk about how they can take action to believe they're talking about military options as well as. Economic options sanctions and the like Q prevent. Money from following Q racists and then the second punt this approach is. Hit counterterrorism advisor Lisa Monaco is going to the region to. The states like Saudi Arabia like Yemen like Egypt. Other areas than in the Middle East -- to see what they can bring to this into the party says it what they can not force they can bring to bear economic. And and military. The real problem now is. How do you prevent. Funds from flowing Q and non state actor like I said. Found that you know the millions of supporters they have throughout the world it's not just a state solution he really have to talk about the NGOs and other other. Organizations and maybe feeding I. A little scientific June unofficial poll -- durable -- WW Oprah did you more opinion poll we. Sure it would take action against ices in 90% of you say yeah. Inter single article you're breeding New York Times today of the Ryder reminds us. That we destroyed the Sunni Taliban and Afghanistan we destroyed the Sunni baptists and rock so we destroyed old. The wrong mortal enemies. And been bureau re -- world today we have civil war with the Sunni Islam between radical jihadist. And moderate mainstream Sunni Muslim to end the regime in -- and the civil war -- region between Sunnis splendid -- and Saudi Arabia and Shiites funded by Iran. And all of civil war between Sunni jihadist. Including the jas CDs and Turkmen and Kurds incursions. Jews in outlook boy and don't forget. With the pro or wrongly in Shiite regime in Baghdad of the -- Romeo and old -- Shiite regime in Damascus. Amber he really would like the Shiites Sunnis and Kurds all share power -- -- I don't know how do you get to -- and reducing blood to do but. We're trying our best talking to remove the absolute best. Experts we've been compliant. And -- one step pretty soon outgrew his. Acting director of Homeland Security count -- that terrorism bug program and senior pro. With the media center for strategic and international studies. Stephanie once again when when we read that litany off them wherever that we -- the wind to do it. It's funny that you that you can ask it that way I think not only their catalog entity in met our entire but is that it is in this that situation you know. Having been involved in the region. Very intimately -- 2003. -- government too and to that entry. I I think you know we knew when you talk about. States and state funded. Groups -- you talk about the Iranian Shiite government. The bike and can really about -- that is that is obviously a terrorist group. With perhaps the state support but also for support from you know adamant deport millions of folks worldwide and you know addictive this is unlike any enemies that we. -- in the past because this enemy is using social media is using Twitter videos as -- -- They're managed to generate more and more support. The question then becomes you know doesn't matter if it's Sunni or -- It really just matters that we stop them. India and Tibet won't bingo border and -- believe it by as say anything wrong. We didn't show who's where and prices for urged raises its head in there and take -- Rebecca the suited everybody arrogant to go over. But there was a big concentration Iraqi troops in its its yeah said he. Then you took a look at the major oil well hopes there'll -- yourself that some 95%. Of rocks GDP. You to look at the northeast. That's Kurdish held territory. -- like -- -- the beginning. Though the numbers that I can find that suggest. How -- seuss' funded. Is about a billion dollars that -- and opted to govern northwestern rock in the long run. In particular if they end up like. Al-Qaeda and -- -- real law and extremism. The -- the -- Sunnis. That their their they're trying to govern. How did they give. Well -- believe they got bigger because of their their social media and and their appeal. To again. As we've seen in the past disenfranchised. Military aged men and used throughout the region. On their -- attracting foreign fighters we've heard about Americans. As well as books from Europe. Go ahead and telling Q Syria going to actually other other terrorist groups as well. I'm in Africa but also going to fight. In that this area has Syria and Iraq and so. How are they getting bigger they are really using. Social media and what we call. You know. Communication technologies. To their advantage and get. Do they have used joining them. Do they have she does -- warning their reporters. Not at this point right now if you recall back in 2009 as we were talking about getting out of Iraq and you know the brits are vehemently out -- stands currently out on the American signed an agreement to be out. We can act at that point the embassy and and the military personnel there what they fear the most it was in the Sunni Shia. Situation it was. Islam verses the Kurds in the north and that is what we're seeing play out at this point basically because of the I believe the oil wealth that you have opened the door. King -- -- sort of review quoted yesterday. The west will be the next target -- Visio -- of sciences. With in a month. And in another month -- -- what what are your thoughts there. Mean this is exactly the reason why the brits recently raised their terrorist threat level to a higher level and I believe we will probably terror. But it would do there is well I believe that. Internationally. Maybe -- groups like crisis has aims to. -- The west. On the territory of the -- and so I believed you know Western Europe in particular as well as the United States. Are facing a real risk. One final question years ago Frontline. Did a documentary and they would all agree around the world -- nuclear experts and review. Bring you were. Radiation experts. And they've formulated. A theory -- that somebody could very easily to get some go in the mud -- and two -- -- -- ponderous. But I know more than 31. Read you -- Ralph senior out flight with a four pound cheap foreign backpack. Have been walking across the border centered off next to an economic. Profile -- Chicago Board of Trade. And it would collapse our economy. If -- 40000. Kids plots to walk -- cross the border without their current. Why do you think that if we're going do get he would and they want to hear this. Why hadn't they done that simply -- walking over the border. I think you can't underestimate. The reach. The groups that want to do us harm in terms of terrorism. And I think you're seeing some growth of terrorist organizations spoke with in the Western Hemisphere. And places in Asia that we haven't seen it before mean this really is a global academic. Epidemic a terrorist groups popping up and I believe he might actually see. On the folks crossing the border whether it's the southern part of the United States or the summer. I would -- more porous border with Canada. Well we're secure he hasn't been focused in the last few years and I think it is the real danger we're getting simulations. All the time in terms that can somebody meek what you're you know -- dirty bomb a radioactive device a radiological device on and kidney. Did something in it in a major city. And connected to back to lose Tuesday to talk about the assimilation. Oh absolutely anytime so much we will do that and thank -- -- the talent have agreed that. You hit Eric thank you governor bill come right back.