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9-3-14 11am, Garland, Witness Videos and Police Trust

Sep 3, 2014|

Are witness videos killing our trust in police officers?  Some writers are connecting situations like the one in Ferguson Missouri as evidence that this may be the case.  If so, what can be done to change that perspective? If you witnessed a police action, would you press record?

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-- -- kind of a boost -- we came to this subject. In that tinkering today. Got a very good lies and approved minds when via top political and lows in the country really knows stop. And we -- Camille and about the middle usage where trees at all and it historically. It's no more dangerous from violent and he's been in the past and packed it's a little and so. -- general that may be true but I think one man and low opinion. That that that doesn't cover the whole picture. -- -- seen. So at least to me it's all wars. I think it's because what we have -- pocket and purses the than I've -- Bill portable. Won't be -- The computer. We've seen a hearing it really did. It's -- it's being tax to a is being FaceBook to lose it's being called to lots and and -- -- the from the Serbs. And mr. Bible school and what they can do we do debris and and beginning to think that that may be good citizens of global -- analyst now. Cut from there are two. I have read this article a couple of days ago here in Louisiana and -- kid up in hybrid will perish. And he's you walk alongside -- reportedly. Bundled Merrill one who has talked. They. The papers can Hawaii's no no. -- in northern drugs or whatever handcuffed him. Put him in the back of the the please. Vehicle. And he commit suicide. By shooting himself from the back. The coroner comes back and says well. And actually shoot himself in the -- he shot himself in the product the rights the chips. In the sleep please have investigated for three months -- -- through week. And finally the bedroom -- and Republicans now and of course. We do look at Michael Brown Ferguson whatever those things -- in the back mom and law. We're we're seeing so much in the way of video -- not saying the -- bad about won't I'm sure there at 9% good. -- Well we're seeing. Different from what we use it. Then I had this article in the Atlantic. And in the beginning the author rug. Quote -- hands on in who broke something called the federal and let me -- the quote. For many conservatives especially those of living and those of us living in nice companies sober. It's hard to apply the power crooks doctrine to wall and -- Because we've never seen corrupted in portions of ball. We've never been wrongly arrested. We've never witnessed -- children put Ngo based on the false reports of police officers. Different attorneys and department of justice's says the is. We've never seen nerd neighbors beat entertains without call -- So this big show we're doing today is I think Tesco -- question whether it's from an odd. Or video it's starting to -- our trust in our legal system. To begin the conversation of coincident to. Read Cubans on the it is. Very valuable time we were thankful to have him here because -- message. National security to -- program and senior analyst legal pro and the Davis institute for national security and foreign policy. At the heritage but I don't. Call -- a project called thank you so much sir thank you for. You heard that long soliloquy -- what do you think is he is it happening in the from the is there were a danger. That that we start. To two suspected in not frost. So fascinating. Question. And you know having and a on every side of the courtroom as a prosecutor and defense attorney and a judge. It's something I've thought about. Look. I would say that. His general point that folks who live in the night companies suburbs to quote him. Probably do fall into the category he ascribed to them that. Most cops that there where northern neighbors they've known them for their line their whole lives are Brothers cousins uncles. And that when they do use step but now the law the community comes down hard on them and there's a general trust of the officers. By the men when need to capture. The same thing. It's a different scenario and -- and I was homicide about crimes prosecutor here in Washington DC we got crime dislike you all have -- -- And I think a lot of jurors. And citizens. I have a general if not mistrust. Some in the back of their -- sort of questions whether they're going to be truthful with them all the time and whether they're on the right side of the law. The question of whether video itself. Breeds further distrust I think. Quite honestly I haven't game Caracol data to say it does or doesn't my gut tells me that because that they add videos. Go viral. That may have some impact on the people who generally would distrust officers in the first place. But let me take a break will -- direct. And continued this comes says shouldn't we ask him our little. Unofficial unscientific poll every day proven job board of Tokyo. Or cell phone video of -- witnesses. A thing or even killing our trucks and police officers. So far -- -- that to -- as soon. Where you think it about kind of strengths subject admittedly. -- -- In particulars cellphone videos. Are there that making this legal pros in leafs. And we've got a hero. Poll we do every day. 57%. Of views and he absolutely. This sport. When -- go one -- caller Oakland jail cell phone Andrea approach Franco. -- That there are. -- -- You have. I think that all the leadership because we're quark have studio and on your recording. For for especially during a traffic stop -- -- that. That way. There's no doubt who's right here and roll reject. -- I think if the public knew well. That -- all -- -- if everything was being recorded. Double warn you would find they'll probably they'll wash back to police officers. Number two it would be more trusting in the police officers would know that it could get away with anything either. And all of our style about certain suburbs and out and stop like -- that some of the police in the area. -- little deeper but it it's somebody you don't ago. There and they're almost as terror military approach that you're using traffic stop now. And I understand that they don't know they're portable all the time but a lock on it -- read your license plate. There are -- if you know you've got a history of traffic violations or any kind of finally or anything like that sure. All which true as far as. We don't know where stop insulate rob the bank pay me my record -- -- Uga blog McCormick and rob McCall right. Here that they. Probably have idea that all have it's traffic violations and there's no need her to question me like all. You know suspected hill basically you know. Basically. -- torture sitting there there's some concern. Perhaps building in the Serb or suburbs -- so. -- buck Collins then some of those who have real background in all of this national security. Senior legal following with The Heritage Foundation calling for and should you Crooklyn. You -- you've been a prosecutor and -- you. And defense attorney and right the local state and federal level and in the military I dictate got a great point. It's it's actually a point. That law enforcement for example the FBI have fought against. Videotaping. Interrogations. Videotape -- Stops. Because they think -- number one that folks learn what their interrogation techniques will be -- silly. Now like criminals compared notes about the two. But I think that the judge. Is and -- the prosecutor defense attorney is that when you videotape. These things. And their civil liberties concerns that we can talk about it another time but when you videotape these things. You know what happened for the most part and actually what it -- that deleted it and them make him guilty people plead. And makes the police and the prosecutors now filed charges against people who didn't do it the wrong. That they -- alleged that on to it actually makes the court system a little more efficient and actually it builds trust. Because is there's there's a record of what happened. And and -- one -- my thoughts and I'm luxury and -- of this right I'm just thinking about it. And we don't do these number of show whose about. Prosecutors. In this country in particular the Justice Department. Totally. Ignoring Brady Law. Totally hiding. Oh. Senator Stevens. Day they they hid information. On the fourth most powerful man in the United States. And nobody suffers from it and in this article in the Atlantic. They quote. Considered to ray and Paul. Who wrote -- And we settle -- mostly sort of answered good people and their good police it's an incredibly difficult show up. Especially under the current circumstances. But he went on city you've been good people in uniform you routinely -- -- report on Dan Connolly. And that's -- good things they bring that. You watched these things and often times you'll feel policemen standing watching the Rodney King beating. Or -- prosecutors hiding evidence in order -- -- If people become more and more educated that -- occurring. Isn't the absolute compliments and -- who was -- -- for us. I respect -- on most -- course he's never been a prosecutor defense attorney urge yet -- top. Of mount street the doctor by training. I think he's painting with a little bit of a broad brush there but it is greater point. Yet there are some bad apples they're bad apples to prosecutors are bad apples who are judges their bad apples or top defense attorneys. And they all should be reprimanded or removed from their jobs or at least punished four were stepping on the wrong side of the law but for the most part. Generally. We live in a society governed by the rule of law and most people. Follow the rules. And that includes police officers. But I think there is some departments. Certainly we've seen what had happened in New Orleans over the last few decades. Our blue wall of silence were folks to turn a blind side to other misconduct by other officers. And you know those few bad. Prosecutors and it is there extreme minority who hide Brady that's not the words exculpatory potentially exculpatory evidence or Jenks or degree of material. That must be turned over. Give other prosecutors that -- and nosed defense attorneys to play games with the court. Perpetrate fraud on the court they get a bad name to defense attorneys. And so in my -- opposite the office that that prosecuted senators Stevenson has all those. Those prosecutors should return the evidence that they had period. You know what I've seen from my perch as the judge. Is that most mistake that happened happened because it is simple mistake there's no Mal intent on the the concept of the defense in the side of the prosecution they get. All riled up because they're competitive. Sometimes think -- too far orders -- But if you like to Fred's lounge in -- right then and it primary cajun. And you took pole on Saturday morning. And you ask them this poll you just put out there I would be surprised if it split right down the middle 5050. I think that's you know it depends partly where you grew up partly your experience with the police. And and again go back to. -- treatment. Literally rule opens swamps. I. And and often said people. Do you know where and when Mosul was overrun well Libyans want to outside of this moment I had no idea about the Tuesday. I got a room I've only got him -- Print out and in the computer. But my question is in there and I'm at Roland on audio of the video in the next more. Where young black men for no reason news phased in and everything. And -- things gone viral. I just wondered if perhaps it's no worse than it's ever been -- Would just like ices. Is using social media is so from -- using boats. Look bad -- -- These types of incidents go viral. In ways that we didn't have the ability to spread this type of video before. And so there is there is. Multiplier. By the use of social media. But you know I think. You know when -- all that come down on the DA's office in New Orleans so that they had come down on bad cops in new world. Meet the best way to re instill public confidence in law enforcement who we meet. In this country -- there are criminals out there who do bad things is to punish. -- officers who commit conduct and not chipped under the rug. But then also. Reward people who follow the rules and promote into the ranks because of leadership matters at the end of the day. Leadership of the DA's office leadership on the bench leadership that a public defender's office. Where people -- ethical and it by hard sell -- create confidence. In the justice system. What happens -- people begin to doubt because they don't Cuba -- commando room that Stevens case FBI agent killed and self. The two responsible got what. Couple weeks off without pay. That -- feds don't get prosecuted for breaking ball. They date probably don't get prosecuted enough by I agree with you but the vast majority of folks -- -- Public defenders and DA and federal prosecutors and federal public defenders are honorable. Hard work -- rebounds and and so if you make that -- the ultimate -- of course. And the truth test is the jury. And -- and so when you put people under oath that you put -- on the stand. The jury that the that I think the best decision making body. Ever created. To met out justice. Despite its flaws. Ultimately gets to decide. But what is -- that I need to 93%. And he. Never go to trial because everything's -- plea bargain. Yet you don't want the -- go to trial frankly because the system would crash in enough and enough to itself. And that that the fact is that the vast majority people who were charged with. Crimes did something maybe not what they're charged with but they did something and you know that's why they have appeals courts that's why we have judges. That's why we have public defenders and ten defense attorneys to sort out that the -- cases in the cases -- no merit. And try to make their case that it shouldn't go sport and frankly you know. If you ever -- a prosecutor like I have and you've worked across the out the defense are gonna defense panic I have worked across -- a doubt a prosecutor. Sometimes the best person to work with. Is the opposing side because they're reasonable and are knowledgeable and a big case a piece of dog -- And and and and and you know it's it's it does happen where the other side is totally unreasonable. But I think in the career DA's -- -- public defenders. Fight like hell that but at the same time no -- cases really were to whether it's worthless. Scalia I think he'll learn something in the congress solution that I appreciate the time during have got. Here. Our it would come right back doubled up. The subject dog came about a -- strange way. Did it and nobody shows on the Michael Brown burgers ensued which. -- and wait until we ignored. As much about it is we can. But this skirt a couple of days ago made national news a young black men. Walking on the street good friend and Iberia parish here in the weeds here on and some who have reverend. Cops Upton -- Merrill won his pocket. Put in the backseat of do you. Police car and handcuffed him since London and they say he committed suicide. Period pattern down twice didn't buy into gun didn't fund any more drugs. But -- city committed suicide didn't parents are a little hard time getting your information element. And we'd we'd look at things like. Self inflicted gunshot wounds. -- held in coasted the Jonesboro Arkansas. Then. Same thing with the kid in Durham, North Carolina. And I looked at those things in an obscene videos. More and more and more. Of beliefs whether I'm doing wrong and the video makes it look like. And -- -- as the question. Or videos or cellphones or of the ubiquitous. Sharing. A bid you all over the country alone slot and eroding our trucks. In the the big infrastructure of the society will all police now. Dutch woman finally said well I wanted to do sure on what you're gonna here. Is -- young men and simple movements. He was sitting in the chair and skyway between buildings -- I should tell you is black and he had dribble. But it's it's a public thoroughfare between commercial building the -- human sort of star Tribune. Even went back after the incidents of there was no sign -- in the it and in the area. Indicating. Anything other than it is to cheer you consider and will security guard approaches Schumer and told him to leave because -- -- -- -- -- report in or leads. And they get so companies the breeding of with the security card and and finally used to walking away. In here's the audio from worker. Probably -- some black that's the problem that would really use that I've been doing me wrong I'm not sitting there with a group of people I'm sitting here by myself. But also. I'm not causing -- problem with one isn't a sign that says this is a private theory you can't -- -- you can afford -- not tell me I can't sit here. If I'm not doing the world is going on by the I got to build the market is no please don't touch me. Please don't just go to jail and always right way to go to jail I'm not doing anything at all what can you look easy I don't know the numbers and not your heart and your brother this is solved you balloon and a lot of arguably also has been international. No can you believe but I -- -- -- I didn't do anything wall which we invite you back home brewed up a good amount Q did you -- Fredricka -- could get ugly you needs from me. I hold it's. That you know that I can you thought you told I don't know encampment. I haven't gone into full audience I tell you -- -- -- initially that was always talk all of this I hear back. -- -- Or -- bad boy do you lose ten years and get reviewed Joe's ruined. Young black Saint Paul, Minnesota. Leading to go get his kids it's group's chair and -- Scott Borg in front of everybody between buildings. -- so you're saying it couldn't sit there. Any ends. Being -- being two days. The cops it kept the home for months before we gave it back. And when we mature group is absolutely right. He didn't -- wall. He deserved pick up his kids who was initially charged with pressed. Charges were totally drop. And nothing happened to in the group believes the days. And these kind of things to make me wonder. If we're not heading into the territory. Or was sort loans and approached. With simple with the third with this. Senior fellows -- approved American programs with a Sam I appreciate the call. What are your thoughts. There's one argument that says things are no better or no worse -- they always have been that's probably true. But I think we're seeing and hearing it more -- -- role. -- Well yes we are seeing and hearing war bomb and yes things are a lot better than they used to be. Com if we can hold sort of disparate thoughts and -- it is the same time. I think they say that the market being intelligent and that I think we do have to look at. On what's happening in society today in a much more are. Intelligent way arm and also oh these cognizant of how the audio that we just like that in -- to have an emotional impact on its. But to answer your question yes ubiquity of cell phones and personal. And communication devices like cellphones and cameras and all of that means that ordinary citizens have the ability. To -- capture interactions. And to share those corrections to Twitter and FaceBook and our instant grant in ways that we never did before which which. Does a profound impact about helping -- Florida -- to -- and you'll lunatic group break we'll come back to his constitution. Double the deal did celebrity -- -- five to reopen. -- -- -- but it would arguably the fact that we we have more good believes in bed in this country but. Do you bet -- is use of video cameras to boot to show police abuse of what it's seen its initial police abuse I think. Merits at least the question of is this you rooting cross in so. Due to the infrastructure. Of our country because that it's the fabric of rural and stuff. And if so what do we do about it simple with the third. Senior fellow with the -- Center for American Progress and where -- -- -- shoot short -- take -- break. What are your thoughts if if it's starting to change. I'll were thoughts about -- what what are we do. Hope that it is changing not talked about police bomb. You know I think Victor is this our defense in the country. Is that we want absolute schism from anybody who's in public life particularly our our our. People who have the ability to enforce laws are Seoul police offices we -- believe we want to to sort of pretend that they. Our aren't infallible that they don't make mistakes because. Distant unique role they have they have the ability to legally take people's blacks or to take deliberate. Arm the fact of the matter is the police are our public servants and it works. Are on behalf of the public and as -- they -- they really do need armed the public to trust them. And if you have one -- -- bad police officers doing things that you. Spectra. Knowing that they do that I think can't be anything but a good thing. And I think that there are people who often don't have interactions with the police. Who believe that because they don't have sped interactions with them they want to have sort of perception notion that everything that the police do is right otherwise they would not be doing. Arm when we see instances of police are abuses. Are or brutality. Or just illegality. It creates a sort of cognitive dissonance -- -- about what is the role for the police to do it should they be doing mr. should be not be doing this if they. They're doing it because wanna believe that there are good -- that they must have we. And to do it and are often that not -- To walk in the Arctic. A little Marines and two in two -- pro -- -- Atlantic magazine quotes. Book called the federalists in the polluted for many conservatives especially those folks living in nine skull piece suburbs. It's hard to apply the port ropes doctrine toward enforcement and the two who had never seen corrupted and portions of the wall. We've never been wrongly -- it. We've never -- -- nurse -- children put Ngo based on the poll reports of police officers. I would submit the exact opposite is true of most black community would you disagree. I think we start saying most are -- -- absolute link which we do you are sitting there. Are out there -- lock off quite people who have been subjected to police abuse arm. I think police abuse is. More likely to occur. Arm in communities that are impoverished and to -- degree that there are white communities that are partners they bear the brunt. Of police activity in ways that people who are more fluent -- -- Are so -- I don't know that we Warner throw -- climate justice YouTube black. You going to be harassed by the police I do think that because black people disproportionately poor and -- and mr. In this country -- they do -- disk. Discriminated against by the police far more than others do and I think it is really a function of both will open in com. In a way in which our society values people we value people who have well means far more than. I think you're absolutely brought an enormous role and raised it that way. Well we're gonna continue doing these series of shows -- we get back to later day. I'd be happy to come. Comeback in Turkey in time girl. -- thank you so much I appreciated you have a good day. All right coming up next we'll talk about a report in the Wall Street Joseph -- page to -- Our doctors a lot of doctors or six. Sick of being doctors. Well October doctors find out number one is that true for large number adjusted -- true at all. Come right back -- it a bill brigade celebrity AM 053. At that.