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Sep 3, 2014|

What's trending: news, sports & social media

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hump day and that makes us happy. And also makes us happy to have our experts tell us what's trend. But before we begin just wanted to mention that in our second hour we're going to be talking to doctor Tim Ryan. Who has just completed his economic study of our airports. What the numbers show for what's happening today in the projections of what it will mean only have a new terminal. And in our third hour Michael Anderson's special agent in charge of the FBI. And Michael Holland chairman of the crime commission both join us for an hour of discussion. On what's going on with the number of crimes in New Orleans. We begin with what's trending. On this Wednesday with date Colin news director of W real radio -- Doug -- John we are so -- genuinely thrilled sports director WL TV talent. And our beloved Stevie. I'm the beautiful and he's a beautiful and I am Angel announced that it none I always say that your life is is that the best and I get in on the beautiful. You that you need to -- that and you're sitting quotes he's the brains and know what the beautiful -- I'm getting I'm getting a diary together and quotes from. I'm gonna have to pay attention to what I'm saying don't I'll have to look at a we have a lot trending today so let's go ahead and start with something that just happened they've fallen on the appeal -- planned for the judge. Who upheld the same sex marriage ban in our state. Yes the advocates for gay rights and to want to gay marriage legal Louisiana just held a news conference minutes ago on the steps of federal court here in batters. And that they will be going to use US fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. To trying get a ruling overturned that is surprising some analysts across the country US district judge Martin Feldman. Has ruled that Louisiana's. Ban on same sex marriage will stand firm now. Surprising because more than twenty other courts in other states across the country. Have struck down gay marriage -- over and over and over again since the US Supreme Court. Ruled the federal defense of -- Jack last year to be unconstitutional. Any grounds. Well he said Feldman agreed with attorneys who argued that the states have rights to define marriage as they want it has. You know here in Louisiana the voters back in 2004. Overwhelmingly. Approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man. And one woman thereby outlawing same sex marriage in the Louisiana. Buy him a more than 60% marginal landslide victories so. Ten years ago the voters sent out on and the judges that they at the right to do that. He also made a point of saying that the gay marriage supporters failed to approve. But the ban violates equal protection or due process provisions of the US constitution. Other judges disagree in other states. Clearly this is an issue the US Supreme Court is going to have to settle because now that we have a federal judge who has gone. Opposite of all the other federal judges we'll see what the appeals courts -- across the country. But this is one that is destined for the Supreme Court and it appears that at some point the supreme court's gonna have to decide Kansas State's ban gay marriage. If they choose to do so as of right now. The court hasn't spoken to that issue. All righty. We have a welcome guest -- -- On Pluto and always well my precious case always welcome home my gosh -- -- -- -- were happy to see when we were just talking you had a good time at camp. Yet it was a really interesting I mean. I can't be honest I'm not sure that whatever on and I don't go to West Virginia you know like as a destination spot. But I love -- use in the mountains we head. And I channel -- random house so like after we finish at work we and it may look it would. The accommodations are incredibly to have this image of a fraternity house -- well. Well Ireland -- what ranks that you play on the girl's dorm who was thirty dollars per night per -- which is -- Affordable price. Yeah three bedroom house with a big kitchen and it was really did the -- One I think a lot of it. But we we divided up we -- we made it one into the wind is the one who hooked this up with spy on real estate on a great cook yes on -- agree to we actually plot that Juan Juan went for the first. Yes I didn't stay with one that -- left I don't know actually that it. That is abstinence. That is OK we'll tell us what this trend. You told me to come up with a top yeah last time I had trouble with that concept. Art. So I've got five back to honorable mentions you -- Number five right -- one actually I would start with number so the right thing that doesn't count don't show doesn't. Well we. Some of America's top forty guys. -- yeah. I don't know three all have some kind of like political entry to certain history not sure what's going all and I think that's why they get training. No one right now it's a national story but it is. Going nuts is all things concerned with Wes Welker Wes Welker. The Broncos wide receiver got a four game suspension. Tested positive allegedly -- that means. And so also things like Molly is trending right now Ecstasy is to all related to west well what he did but he may not have done he denies that vehemently says he's gonna fight for -- image and his reputation of the last seven years no wide receiver in the NFL has caught anywhere near as many passes. He said he great career the last seven years cities was of a random drug -- it was a random drug tests they do it he tested positive for amphetamines. Allegedly. And a four game suspension from the -- now he says he's fighting it it's interesting. There's some. That is different than steroids right this is that this is a different type a -- and recreational correct recreational and -- and well yes the guy from the Seahawks I can remember his name who was suspended a couple of years back was suspended for something similar correct me if I'm wrong about this but I'm pretty sure that the there's rumors that people take the lateral kind drugs. Because it helps them focus -- super hyper focus on game days Connecticut you know sometimes with all the were repetitions on the practice on your mind -- -- there's also. A question like when the drug test came at that a lot of people think the drug testing in the off season or any different time when that wouldn't be true but yet. But -- only to their only telling them now yeah you know what that. Because our. I don't know what the rules are but because of privacy issues we don't know all the details of when the drug test mean exactly what are which is I think part of -- -- people try to figure it out and you know what is this but you're right it. It could have been any dating from Ecstasy or any of that sort of class of drugs or it could be at a rock. I just I suspect it was it would be at -- because they usually are harsher on the performance enhancing aspect of the -- York. Let me guess a mrs. a little diversion from that that wasn't cursing and saying his name on owner yet. Wasn't he also suspended for six games six games and is that the first time an owner has been suspended as far as I know that is the forest and and. That means the -- Now orbiter you don't have to champion the owner's suite has during the game -- -- -- -- the property he singles -- And go -- it but I ride just remember the quote from Goodell saying. The owners and the coaches have to set even a bigger example -- players which I thought was interest. Well and with Wes Welker at the interesting thing is to this is a guy that's had a series of concussion issues and you have migraines. And I've had -- firms since I was a teenager. A lot of what they -- score -- from migraines and I can't take most of it is it's just your. Stimulants its original images these caffeine pills we had a migraine and your hands which we'll go out. There are several. Athletes I've heard that down. That have that special they have eighty -- type situation where they need enroll for attention deficit disorder inhabit a prescribed from -- doctor with a diagnosis. And I believe the NFL -- except. You share that. Sure an -- and all of that is sort of the mystery around. Exactly would happen and there's a lot of pictures and video of Wes Welker from the Kentucky Derby. That some people think if you look at the video looks like he might be on something yet. So that the fact that there is semi potentially. BP incriminating stuff out there. -- Saddam's history and. Why now -- -- -- -- -- on new bar. Number one you or glory and it's the last thing about it isn't quite right now nobody has -- fantasy football drafts and this guy that goes it's it somewhere in the middle but right so under my arm out to -- lose my number two is our. So there's a lot last panic in the streets there's a sixty foot you know what -- -- he plays in the AFC so that doesn't affect -- thing and anyway not your fantasy football tonight right OK boys the Broncos blew it for our games because he's not. There who will be right back stay with -- were trending. Live as a wild party in this room with Dave -- -- on energy and Steve EG lets talk about -- green. Well I. If you don't know Lucy -- green is -- he's saying that after this summer anthem which became forget you on the radio he also saying that crazy with his group no morals Barkley. Which was called then the number one song of the whatever you call 2002010. Decade -- -- ought -- has strategic office and he's also been on the voice which is a very public because a judge that he did this isn't some. Underground guy he's doing the mainstream guy he was. He was accused of sexual assault and heat heat heat settled it but. People on his Twitter page to what if I'm a lawyer Twitter is. I mean enemy. In my life's warned -- the enemy of pertinent to tell your client is -- get off to a dot his lawyer must of just sprinted. In to him when he saw what he tweeting because people on Twitter we're kind of just kinda. You know nudging and being like hey you got off for rape in some girl. And instead of saying -- nobody proved anything let my day in court have been that he tweeted things like quote. People who have really been raped remember. Andrea. If someone passed out they're not even with you consciously so whipped and left until. This thing. Well yeah can't be great if you don't remember if you're unconscious and so of course the entire Internet exploded. He essentially tweeted a confession to having sex with a woman who was unconscious or his philosophy of that -- his his illustrious that's not. I mean how can you duke rape and -- -- this whole thing called date -- -- -- with with drugs -- is that. -- ever heard of them -- But he lost his job yes yes they canceled his reality show the good life I can't imagine they would let him back on the oval race. After the it's either that TBS can't -- I think and not in the current rotation to be on the right I can't imagine them letting them back on what I'm wondering is why are people surprised because. If you look at several of -- song lyrics he actually has a song about it. Similar circumstances which he has similar sentiments in that came out three years ago I guess we just think people aren't serious and they do a song. But then this coming out and we're all shocked. -- thank you Steve -- were gonna move on today Colin because this is very interesting and very sadly this site US doctor to get Ebola. You know and we're learning more -- we learned earlier today that -- -- other US Doctor Who is helping fight Ebola. Outbreak. In Africa had contracted double -- disease. And now we learn that one of this doctors colleagues say that the reason. This doctor contracted a ball is because the doctor didn't want to Wear the protective gear because it was a for a hundred degrees. In Africa where they were treating these patients and it was too -- So they went ahead and didn't Wear the face. Protective gear and other protective gear. And it's got doctors across the country shaking their heads going. Really. Because it was kind gosh I mean really -- you will you would rather not sweat as much and risk getting a bowl law. So now they are. Launching an investigation to see if those claims from the fellow doctor are true. But now we're up to three US doctors who have drowned word yet -- whether they're gonna send them to run it looks like to elicit this doctor will go to Atlanta. -- it sounds crazy but you hear a lot about people injured on motorcycles because they say it's too hot to Wear the helmet when their so. So with something that that those seen happen people just feel like these things -- distinct. Possibilities. They're treating someone with that bola you know -- their monetary in the doctor's condition if it gets bad enough that will so deducted to to Atlanta and because. We saw one of the doctors -- contracted -- go to Atlanta and is now today holding a news conference this talk about beating Ebola you know you don't expect some wonder. Beat a bowl lights highly highly deadly disease. And -- definitely in its history. I'm most of the people particularly who don't get the kind of -- you can get in America do die when they get a bowl so. -- best place for a whole thing this tragedy that it. On Douglas Tom let's talk about to Shayne Graham dash AV which their biggest local trending thing. Not quit and it's sort of blew up yesterday and kind of continued the saints caught. Kicker Shayne Graham of course on Saturday they cut both of their kickers there's some along kicking tool and cut both kickers at the end of it and more than an -- to get confused people which is why you saw some much activity. On Twitter and in social media about it. Saint picked up Shayne Graham sign him again yesterday evening by gas is and I think Shayne Graham probably speak. Two New Orleans media this afternoon and my guess is he'll say you know what this installed -- That you know just hang ran bringing you back to support your roster shuffling. -- teams have to do at this point you you don't wanna put guys and I aren't in yet. Why are you trying to protect. Guys that keep from getting picked -- of the saints. Let's Shayne Graham go probably -- under the understanding that he wasn't going any place else. And and picked him back up a couple of days later but but -- the kind of roster maneuvering in my guesses today we hear about several more roster moves and then roster will be yeah. You know set -- one. But not cemented for good does it bounces back and -- and it -- like -- tanner picked up -- -- picked up and cut he's not one team anymore but he was picked up and got like thirty something times yeah I always just happened why would the saints keep three quarterbacks initially why would do well in theory. And an and this hasn't played out yet in theory if you cut Ryan Griffin on Saturday when everyone makes their -- that's when every once setting their roster. There's a better chance that someone would see -- -- different kind of a state of flux at that point. And you'd pick up -- Britain by cutting Shayne Graham nobody's gonna go after him. And you keep Brian Griffin now in theory that released Brian Griffin beat clears waivers you could pick him back up and put practice -- Iraq. No -- people's rosters are set on modern day team. Probably less likely. To and I hate to say party given away number three is right grip and because that was tragedy tattoos you can't look and assess what I keep Griffin it for the future it seemed they do room -- -- Drew Brees correct although after a browser plays for. Five more years which is very opposite like pretend he said it like pretend that five certainly seems to black tie is like a chest it's it's just an alias but I'll say this the saints would not have -- Ryan Griffin. If they weren't okay with the possibility. That they would lose obviously. You wouldn't put him out there but they did their best it would appear -- releasing Shayne Graham to protect him with the reads. But the stars at 53 that's one thing -- -- -- need to be acre with a 53 man roster is so tight and they're so worried about losing guys. Acting the only reason Shayne Graham was released because he was the one guy they fail they. Least likely it's old news we may get another announcement before the end of this program because the -- -- it's on -- SP as soon as Sean -- speaks I think they'll at least a few. They didn't -- to stay tuned with us and also look at -- -- gonna come back and all that craziness with apple in the cloud getting hacked now -- things operate imminent. Maybe not the clouds stay with this let's go to the newsroom and Stephen G says for apple said I think that the hackers. Didn't hack the cloud -- -- the individual accounts. We at the end that the nude photos scandal. That broke over the weekend in big time yesterday with several. Celebrity females including most notably Jennifer Lawrence who's photos were stolen and put on the Internet. And the theory yesterday was that the cloud itself had been hacked into witches. Then the name that apple and other tech companies give to basically. The server where they store your stuff so you don't have a story on your hard drive. Because -- is not enough room in your hard drive to keep everything it seems like a convenient thing in the introduced it but there were always fears that something like this might happen. Apple they've got their big announcement of the iPhone six possibly a Smart watch this is supposed to be a great time for apple. So they want this to go away fast so they came out announced today. It was the club with a -- and they they they got the passwords and security questions of their individual accounts they did not get into the cloud your stuff is safe. They got into these individuals' liberties account that we don't know you know. Is that true. I'm not yet on. Yeah Apple's. -- trying to safe face melts I don't know if they would admit it -- even if they knew well -- the cloud because that would be a BA game. Deal for all of us because all of us who let -- do to do -- does not have Smartphones. -- And Yankee -- -- we -- we don't have meaningful McLeod and what about the competitors apple did they have their own -- or just everybody everybody at one million there'll as a class everybody has there are several class -- -- has. The the enemy of apple. Did the invasion of the photos don't make apple look. I don't think so because I don't believe apple Apple's just the most notable I don't believe apple is the only one who has egg on their face here and it's doubtful that. Out of let's go to all twenty of the women who we know love now who've had still a Cuban vote. -- counting how many. Now looking at me even release of the people. I don't even know that those voters theory in the existence right now but it's doubtful that they all had apple so some of them were probably on other clubs anyway. Somebody had Samsung galaxy. Will. I agree more with an -- or just gonna find -- -- story is if you don't if you absolutely have stuffed in your phone or in the cloud. Did you do not want anyone to get access to all the little -- well even when you deleted still there somewhere. But to go to the double security methods. -- in your phone go the extra security where you have to not only do the password but there's a second layer of security they say that they are not aware of any cases where that double layered -- that have been -- Okay that's important I'm gonna move on do you Dave couple things real quick let's do on. Because we had against it and get to a with the new Clooney. Sandra Bullock film. Do the -- I don't casting call and I. -- haven't 5 o'clock today to get to the municipal auditorium in Slidell if you wanna be an extra on the new George Clooney. Sandra Bullock film it's going to be filming here in Hollywood south but. They're looking for bear very specific individuals film is going to be set at least a large portion of it. Theoretically in Bolivia so they're shooting it here but they need many Hispanic and native American appearing people to look like. The Libyans so that they can look like South America so they're looking for as many Hispanic. And native American I'll let pairing people as they can finally got all the information at WWL dot com but just him Hollywood south. And we looks like we're gonna head for thirty were more movies are shot in Louisiana then and -- This is a beautiful -- beautiful thing you know the drum roll I think we're ready for our today's factoid the saints and -- This one. 1996. Look at the year in 1990s to graduate from high school all you do that picture. I'd love this has something to do with the radio station are you ready day 86 inning rather awkward broadcasting moment. WWL radio announcers on what was supposed to be the start. Of the weekly Jim Moore show. Saint radio network. That it was not gonna happen. Story goes that the saints thought they would convince more to do show although he clearly stated earlier in the summer he did not want to. When -- found out the saints signed into the show he immediately until management. Not doing it. As a result. The scheduled weekly time slot would rotate between what two players. In 86 -- -- -- 96 what was the slot. It was a terrific coach ships and what you saints play it was a time slot oh I don't know I have no idea evening I'm sure what some of the aids. Eight and nine. -- guys John and. Time is -- Smith and Willie wrote. I'm not really. Do love Willie Brown I don't -- Jim Mora would have been able to do a show and radio looking at its press conference as he couldn't go sentences sinkers work. Yes we have the 162 delay back in six NY got covered Jim Mora from 91 -- he finally -- -- chip Heidi about the man I need not light. Dealing with -- immediate. Right. Rivers let me at all he sat in the chair you're sitting in right now -- one hour not one profane word. And an appreciation of media now that he's now. Slightly that there is -- comedian -- and one of them is his motivation. Was not ever have to deal with you. And he could be intimidating and -- and -- and YouTube videos that there -- is bronze will vote -- yes. Well look it up lieutenant Gary and I -- -- him I learned some curse words from him more. The child graduating -- what do we take a break -- -- that we're gonna talk to Doug about Hank let's talk and we do wanna talk about -- sentenced that very emotional. We'll be right. -- -- -- -- -- I felt a bit -- put up. -- Very very emotional. Tom Benson and understandably magnificent statue dedicated to him holding that incredible trophy. And as I've said before it's just wonderful that you can have that sense of emotion at any stage -- Yang and that was one of that items that we had as the things that are trending year. Yesterday when. Unveiling happened I think most of what was going on social media of those pictures people wanted to see it look like. It was interesting because. I guess they had two choices for what to do one would have been the umbrella that nineties dial. On across the field and it's the umbrella the other technical wrong you know what that that is absolutely terrific and he's seeing significant upgrade both the umbrella and the reality though is I think it's really sort of different errors I mean that yes the umbrella speaks to. The saints like coming out of the cellar and coming a legitimate. Organization acted in and get to the playoffs and and it's on the field and then this bubble era in others sort of at the gate to act in between an analyst doesn't get -- -- you take off to the point where you would assume so yes you had a choice of two areas used -- rob -- the Super Bowl and those pictures are some beautiful pictures. There's there's pictures and -- and everywhere. Now that is terrific and congratulations to him. -- I still get the creeps even thinking about this is the woman in paled. -- -- this woman has come out now and shared her horrific story. About texting and driving. In Elizabeth Colorado. The woman says she was texting and driving when she hit a hole. The poll went through the front of her car. Pierced her thigh. And both of her buck talks follow and -- with -- she was -- deal. On this poll firemen had to cut the poll. On either side of heart to the he'd get her out of the car into the hospital she said they were able to remove the -- started stitching her op. She stopped counting it forty stitches. Else had to do internal stitching just to hold her body together internally. She'd gone to her daughter's school. Dollar for her attacks she was dropping off the daughter -- found but it -- -- for a meeting so she said she did a voice text with her found. But wanted to read it before she sent it to make sure that it's at what she told the phone to say. And if you look down for just the second. And that was just long enough for this to happen she's telling her story can she hopes other people. Might -- go through this terrific in healing and will stop texting and driving before it today. Are seriously -- -- god is terrified overall light and they're still have people who need to hear you mean it's possible to get hurt by text and drive. I know people who believe and and people of all ages not just teenagers. Who believe that they are such good textures and drivers that they can do it and they can ever closet crack. They can text and drive that are good but will this change their minds. Because of voluntarily and every one man who. Still things that can't hurt you will not a few people just but the phone while we were telling that story now that they pick it up in five -- But I think at least a few people put it down -- -- -- -- to our clients. I G a staging. Net -- Netflix. Oh yes very interesting Netflix well there's people immediate. Critics out there who were worried that TV it's changing because of Netflix not in the way you would think. But now that Netflix and Hulu also are doing original programming. They could do release one episode at a time like regular TV 11 a week but that's not what they chose to do they release the entire season at the at at a time and now people are starting to notice. That is changing the way TV episodes. Are written evening because you know. Big into watching if you can sit down and watched an entire season. In one net sitting. They don't have to remind you of anything there will be episodes where -- And oranges and is relaxed or is it black season two which -- the season one of Orange and black they thought it was going to be a regular. Week at a time series when they made season -- they knew it was -- watching and people. Noticed that there were episodes were the main character wasn't in it at all and that's because they knew that these people could watch the next episode. Immediately people are worried that this is gonna lead to you know. The communities that -- and shows -- the suspense building up -- you know those weeks in between acting about the breaking bad finale where that they were weeks in between that last episodes where everyone knows what's gonna. -- -- Happened. And now that this seems to be the trend that. Entire season's gone up at once it seemed to be changing the way the actual plots. Are written. And sense because I think it's very frustrating. Yeah I do have been watching programs I just cannot make time to watch that later I'm on vacation that week off what -- -- watched. And it is frustrating and have to sit through the recaps and kind of the back stories and and and things like that. Get rid of that you can watch -- more quickly and enjoy it and breaking that was one of the shows that almost fainted been watching -- is the first few seasons -- do. I didn't have a lot of you no one likes you -- -- by season three and four I was on that show. I think somebody that'll work with -- to -- top -- in season two or three some and -- caught up. But attic I network Bryant Salman on the guys at sports -- -- that look up that season one. I said to you wanna borrow 16 this was a wanna say like on Thursday us on the next Wednesday as it started it yet is -- I have through season four. So -- can -- AL YHUS policies in six million break. -- -- a show that was was. A weekly -- it was designed to be -- -- and was later put on being. That the Netflix originals are shows that they are designing like the Arrested Development came back for a season for. Netflix only they are all up in ones who and that show. Each episode is about a separate character completely separate character -- that so it would bring back here and even Spain if it was put up. All of the seasons -- put up its. You know what a bit maybe they'll do alternatives have one that they make for the ventures and one for those who can. Take that time every week and watch that's that's possibility I'm sure stay with his everybody we're not finished with a trend. I have loved having days Colin Steven Agee and then moved on here doing during the trending and Dave Cohen. Let's talk about this poor -- all good intentions. Add this 28 year old man wanted to fulfill a couple things on his bucket -- little that he know his kicking the bucket was right around the corner. He was riding his bicycle. From Maryland to Miami. Where it was gonna propose to his girlfriend when he got to Miami. He stops along the way in Vero Beach at a McDonald's. A homeless man a core across the street according to police I'm talking on a cellphone thought he was calling and hit on him he says he said he thought the guy was using a cellphone to direct people to kill him so almost man killed the twenty year old. CNET Torre got a chance to get all the way to Miami to. Listen quickly to -- told a news flash we do have a little breaking news from the saints Robert Meachem is packed in black and gold the saints have re signed Robert Meachem he's back on the team. Will be available place Sunday in Atlanta they have placed linebacker hiring for the draft pick. On IR there's one slot they call I all right designated to return which means he could return later in the season but. Robert -- takes -- fort spot on the roster and they officially announced that Shayne Graham signed Ryan Griffin is waived but. Robert Meachem back. On the -- a -- -- with a happy yes Stevie do you end this with. Well I don't know how I can follow Batman that lifetime is lifetime a child giving the movie treatment of Brittany Murphy -- actress and every time one of these movies comes out it seems that there is someone protesting how true it is but usually. They protested because -- it's salacious this time for America Murphy's father seemed to think it's not salacious enough considering he seemed to think the mom plays and. It. Didn't take your breath away. You all make my day and I'm telling you always learn a lot -- final numbers for the saints. I like the saints to win by a two touched dance fool that's abuse destroy the falcon we heard it here. There they are you -- for joining us everybody please stay with this because our next hour get a little more serious but to -- interesting numbers talking about the new airport. Terminal what it's gonna mean to us economically. Doctor Tim Ryan our special guest.