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9-3-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints-Falcons

Sep 3, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk about this weekend's Saints-Falcons game and get an update on today's Saints practice from sideline reporter Kristian Garic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk while indicating game Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up 6 point in this -- -- a series with saint quarterback. Drew Brees and operated jaguar opinion -- as the saint gave back the work day. In the last sixteen games of the series between the Saints have been decided by eight points on Louis. How do you see this week's game in saint in a close out with -- It's -- out all the Falcons. Cast your vote on line at W did you. Need to gain junior and it tweeting out today four year extinction. With the black ago core of their supports 23 meaning guaranteed 41 mean. Overall. Well big and then you look at it let's say he didn't -- it's a long way you look at his background coming pro was felt that from Haiti. And then going the route -- temple that Stillman. Just trying to. Just make it in the NFL practice squad whatever to get on the field. Taken advantage opportunity. I think the main thing when you look at it. Big he was trying to get part of that rotation where Rob Ryan came on board. You know he wasn't supposed to be -- starter then all of a sudden you have injuries you know victim but logos down. Wilson is that available. And then a couple of individuals Parys Haralson all of a sudden. We won Eagles over in the 49 in junior -- I -- takes advantage and opportunities those like you almost hit you'd have to say. The football lot of area I think the media has embraced him. Because he's such a colorful character and and you know really appreciate so you know what he brings to the table. You know the one thing. And I said this the last season they were only duel. That being him and cam Jordan. To each have a twelve sacks or more. And that totaled a 24 and a half. And if you look at it because I think that the things to -- approaching they know he's gonna have a great season Hornaday company. So don't want it. You know to go out -- awhile aren't like sometimes that happens with different players you know Jimmy Graham Drew Brees and and to take care of this and if you look at cam Jordan he's locked out and -- his deal. At that ended 2015. Season now I think you know that I gonna wait -- the -- of -- -- continues to progress like we think he is I don't think we gonna wait that long. But they added a fifth year extension. On as a rookie contract to be utilized with him. But not necessarily unity and do that what Mark Ingram. But if you look at it -- almost in and how they come in June -- Dating wanted to be unrestricted free agent having in his contract. He had terms that have he plated 60%. Of the snaps and any was able to get twelve sacks. That he would be unrestricted. So when you look at the leverage part of negotiating unit players and a team. That deadly cousin the play became gradually ease the junior go let. Because he got on your residence -- -- you -- you mean more motivated. And and played a high level and he would love nothing more that maybe tickled to -- a couple of sacks. Cubs sending as the province and Matt Ryan. 260178668890. Rates in the easing them -- involved Saints and Falcons Bobby as expected this has been a -- robbery throughout the years in the the last sixteen have been decided by. Eight points or less are you expecting another tight battle Sunday in the -- ago. Well I I think of the it is blown out the same thing to do the -- now. You know it could be could be close and it would be a corner or the oddsmakers think to say the Saints won by four. That's that's what Las Vegas thing. Well in order to close Bogut -- by -- forty you have to accept that and I think Wimbley is gonna win the game a running but no at the Saints to win. The thing is to -- two tires -- don't be surprised I think they'll win the game for sure of and I think is going to be close if you look at it. In this series the gave had streaks remember being a part of this. We had won six in a row against the Falcons have been. Low point -- -- organization in the late ninety's DiFelice had one. -- tenth straight. But you look at all times series is kind of like that it -- 55 you're distinct as of late. Because they've been so dominant as Sean Payton era. You know going thirteen three. And then now the series -- party seven games to 43 then so it's almost 500 and the business interest and the average score. No matter who was winning and all the greens if you add up. You know both sides of parties have went -- a province 43 and a saint. Average scores 2221. So good no matter how good or. You perceive the teams -- a playoff team Marty rebuilding. It's been a dog fight and I guess at what you -- with the balance of the things. On top the average scores in 22. 21. All right 2601 in 786688. -- you rates him in the beginning of all coming back we got a lot to gate to coming up on today's program Christie Garrett Saints out of Puerto. Will give us to take on practice bill Barnwell staff -- for grant land talks about the grant -- -- FAO preview well the Saints. Deal Orlando Ledbetter -- give -- the daily update on what the Falcons are doing getting -- for the Saints Chris -- ESPN SEC report. Big gains in the southeastern conference of this week in what happened at Vanderbilt last week on. Got dominated at home at temple now there are twenty point underdog in Mansfield. Against Ole miss would be addicted their coach mean league -- He he he wanted to he one and Ireland's -- week in. And of his it would Drew Brees it 64 in the last -- show at 7 o'clock at -- here on WW. And welcome back to the phone to go to go to JR Iowa date thank you for calling WW. -- way to wreck your draft I can -- can merge in the left the way. Can't go -- like -- right now. Update the trade partner about like being -- should not an offer to -- the normal though there's a big. We've got more weapons. Now held the ball. Update -- branding coach is gonna pick a topic departures -- Jim Courier or more calls for a big Mark Ingram currently. Open through. All they go. That out -- I have a question party. Now. -- date yet our offense has always been successful and I'll be Vince we -- they were unbelievable and a Rob Ryan last year Nolan and expect that we're open. They were going to be in middle of the pack. But I a look at right now and you know he kind of look at injuries. Julio -- and Roddy White now Julio Jones he might be the best receiver right now in the NFL. Roddy White even though he's -- all Roddy White and he's still amongst the best but when you look at their third guy who's stepped up. Harry Douglas. And we talk about legit threat after those guys got hurt. He had 85 catches for like a 1067. Yards last season so I think -- he's going to be how -- we get after Matt Ryan you know he was sacked. I have not well in your view I think bigger in their ears back. Think you'll hear it. There's a proud area think -- -- if you knock it down early if you put pressure on him early get rattled. He's doctor today in there he is a big guy. But I'll -- you as well as Drew Brees. Yes I'd I. I mean I mean. It be if you could -- -- -- back against green being Aaron Rodgers and he's still my -- where are yet whether or about Matt Ryan no if we get on the edge. We can get. And I would be surprised. And we've done that throughout the pre season and we have at least that three of maybe not even a 45 tag game. -- not -- well a lot bigger the stage. -- picked up off their first I think they marched down the field and it should go -- -- -- picked probably -- touchdown. All I have to get it occurred to take the crowd out of that little bit -- Atlantic well -- And we got there all all the -- or -- at -- it up a lot of its gonna be shot on the first drive keep the crowd out of it. I think it's a little ball. Bigger gap -- -- close could be an option to change what about -- and probably with the Atlantic commute back at the last minute and scored all of a last minute touchdown illegal media market you're safe speed on the team in -- -- Well Jay you think the fans evening. Are you confident. -- his company that Vegas had the Saints. By three. That it becomes that chance that the game winning field go war. But the guy and you don't know a win and over -- -- -- -- -- I don't they're okay but you've competent and seeing Graham right now as Burnett position you know me. -- -- -- -- Yeah well we know we seen in a -- -- yeah a lot. Of right now we're. Crazy we senior West Virginia. And didn't even though he had a stronger leg. He miss these kicks we seem Shayne Graham make a 53 and a 58 yarder. It wasn't a pretty -- out of cakes but it was still good. So how you know I think coach pages going -- overall accuracy thing if you have to Shayne Graham the fifteen year career right on the 85% in. That that's amongst the best in abilities and I think. That's why Jones -- with that experience Ingram. You respect out because you're not trying to win. But they are short -- Drew Brees altered with -- in particular what you'll go right your goals to encourage you usually you can -- touchdown right. Yep that I did they right now I do David out -- they've been able to do that if you look. And I shared the -- this is unusual. We had a tenth best scoring offense you know all the other seasons we were in the top three with the Packers and the Patriots. Where last year when I'll look at them and notes judges on the Tom I had. They can that we averaging maybe 25 points 25. Point 60 my that last year where previous seasons ending one year it was like ridiculous like 34 and a half. So we've got to normally being in that 18 now have. To mid thirty arranged and of you do that you always Libya amongst the top three in scoring and in. Rob Ryan that's similar and anything you throw and that you only given up ninety -- to -- that that that's that to me right then it is that you. That's why you get to thirteen fourteen wins it again margin of victory and now we were dot who were so dominant at home. And it's amazing. Drew Brees is unbelievable prepared he was he was good to great. On the road. But at home and he he was unbelievable. It was like a fantasy football -- like. You know. Like a fantasy quarterback out there he was -- good and and that's what and Angela please try to be more consistent. On the road. Offensively and that's yet to be as dominant -- close to it not as much of a difference on the road when you're playing at home offensively. Well KG can be our rankings he has the hands on in two of their rankings to start the season they have Seattle one -- to doing in three. For now -- Saints or at five NFL dot com's rankings have. Seattle on Denver to New Orleans three Green Bay four and New England five so. Those -- yeah with every everywhere you go to saint the top. You could almost flip a coin -- that if you have that I have to -- second or third in the Tennessee you know if you almost top five or top six. Right now. -- as a fan base genetic thing there where we got a great chance to noticeable now you got to go do on the field right but no matter if -- -- one. If you're to a five car debut in that top six. No matter who's vegan -- -- it to be an objective in this -- today -- A -- that you proceed. And as not being a -- national perspective that is so scary the way as I'd never seen so many national people. A -- the Saints as not only is going to lose Kubel but winning it. You know you don't usually. -- might have won you have like a handful and then. I don't think it's him a bit -- and never never it never had. A lot of people I don't New Orleans at the 06 because they like. Look with Sean Payton on so fans write whatever knowledge but -- wasn't as more tucked right up well and it was really not much or may not be related to the states when the south of 2009. Right and it can't you know can't Seattle's we've been in this situation for the biggest thing you have against you is your Super Bowl champ right it -- off parties to repeat yeah it's hard to give back to the Super Bowl championship game. But I mean this year I think well without question the issue is the most pre season hype. I write and -- -- -- -- and that's why you know everyone's been talking about this while it looks damn good on paper arm looks. He can't get any better than this but you know every season is and you see the coach Payton Drew -- -- it is you gotta go do on the field and true you can't look ahead. No this that you've got to take care of it as good as the Falcons on the road and then you -- go to dog pound to Cleveland. And that you don't want to lay an egg. No coach Payton knows the momentum many looks at his track racquet when his teams get off to great starts would they have great seasons. And that we don't know we don't know what to expect of Pittsburgh mean. Agreement would likely went over a more and you talk about him going -- -- this the you know I think sometimes we -- -- -- because we've we kind of equate football altogether which you have to look at the different levels high school college -- pro. These people all pulled from the same who. College when you win. You get the best the best you get the best scheduled to TV contract the best players they flock to you in the pros when you win you said to tobacco land. They make you pick alas they want to other teams to come up to the front and they can get some of those good players -- -- all -- -- from the same to me they are all professionals. Well all day you look gutless in the Saints don't have. -- -- point does break and you look whatever is that would be a do we think it's -- -- that's pretty stout the Saints don't have like Sam Houston and their scheduling LSU. Right and you know I mean -- all of a sudden you see a college game all of their 27 point favorite or -- thirty at 37 you don't see that. That's why even go to Falmouth on award for games last year you McConnell went down -- Allard has won only a three point favorite and and that's impressive could you playing in their building. You know I made it look even as sorry Cowboys you look at the party niners do approved yet it that that that's why. Hey it's amazing to me. Like would Vegas if you look at a year the year and you around all the gains that they evaluate. That that how right they are. I'm not a 100% of them are right the our most of the time obviously. All right we'll come back and -- Christie Garrett practice report today at the black and go get back to work for the Falcons game Sunday afternoon WW and his time is 430. It's not the first news -- go to Jim Hansen. And welcome back to black ago getting back -- world today he for the Atlanta Falcons matchup at noon kick off Sunday first takes -- -- AM about like -- to kick off. Live from the KG get your hands on a veterans boulevard. Sunday morning did you say that it's on game day crew Christian and -- jamboree the Saints in the -- on them the senate said. And -- at sage radio on the point after the BC from the different scorer. To 6 PM wall while over ten hours a Saints covered here on WW go back and go back to work Saints -- report a Christie Garrett host of double coverage. On thirteen 50 AM three WTO 6 -- the nanny in each and every day. Leaves us with our practice report. Christian the combative course lot to get to today from -- camp we'll start with the injury report was released by the team to the NFL earlier today. Wide receiver Kenny stills to battling a quad injury he was limited today in practice Marcus ball the safety did not practice along with fullback Eric lord also. Say take coach Sean Payton announcing a couple roster moves we've placed covering four on the injured reserve designated to return. And then signed wide receiver Robert Meachem. To the list. Of course Robert Meachem back with the black and gold he was released. When the Saints trim their roster down to pick the -- players back on Saturday also big news that a Saints training camp today. Our -- can't -- junior collect the outside linebacker slashed -- than signing a four year extension with the black. Little bit as the in my life. The main -- cavs and now it's -- those weeks that you. Those good man who is like you know. I'm here -- says he wasn't trying to make and break the bank he was very content point three million dollar guaranteed contract or four years how much is not. Hopefully you know that's that was what that you -- and you'll never good. Missile there was this a personal issue this year you know enough on -- which has lots -- welcome to not pro. You know in the slums and 81 of the yield that the eagle. And I'm here so it is one of the elect contends the money will not change and I'm motivated by a -- someone. You know that's I've been you know. Wells would normally go hopefully have been odd people formerly of the golf but it. Though the buildup and all those opera you know and determination to be the best that I can be -- this. You know fooling people respect -- -- I'm -- guy is excellent so it was -- Americanism. I was gonna keep going hard even if they do I'm -- goes hard as economic muscle bettors should rock and of course the Saints. Bringing back Shayne Graham. Kicker yesterday and -- Saints coach Sean Payton saying he won the job we felt like he won that battle and we felt like it was. Pretty clear and of course they also asked about the decision to let Champ Bailey go over the weekend. Well listen it's always difficult we're trying to find the best 53 season. Obviously. Fantastic player. It was it was really about these other guys in front on rolls with regards specialties in. You know it is really into the ball. It's -- with the role would be on game day in. And then then we've currently snaps out of them. As I mentioned earlier wide receiver Kenny -- -- bothered by that quad injury that the best thing about in season as -- Discuss any of the injuries. He's he's working moving around out there today with an injury report with -- -- do you know. Saints quarterback Drew Brees as we know. Missed the first two pre season contest limited reps in the third preaches content albeit the pretty sharp against Indianapolis Colts it would be more concerning if he wouldn't get in practice snaps that he had but he he's getting he's gotten tunnel work. You know he likes to take almost every rep. So I think it would be more significant he wasn't you didn't practice snaps and more from. Sean Payton on bringing back Robert Meachem is someone that that I feel like still wrong I think he's someone that still can help us you know and in the run game block and I think he's big target is pretty consistent. And that came with him is his ability to. -- To go and get down field I think he's got a way where it needs to be so you know for him. There's -- things that he does well and -- we think he still does those things. And well when that decision to release Ryan grip and a backup quarterback after signed kicker Shayne Graham minutes that's part of the deal and when your. When you're dealing with a 53 and and you're looking at your numbers. That we've we've led to on the active roster -- ball sort of three and -- was what we felt was best. That in this week. Saints quarterback Drew Brees also meeting with the media today talk about the match up with the Atlanta Falcons a team both -- sides are familiar with his rival look at their track record. Over the last. Five years six years. I guess there's just likes best and then what playoffs four times. -- -- -- us over the last six years playoffs four times. So I'd say both teams are very high achieving both teams have won a lot of games. Well things we will all. Both teams. In -- Kind of formula. So every time he plays guys like there's there's a lot of states. And Drew Brees says he's ready to go despite missing two priest -- got a lot of reps in practice and of course that third preaches contest against the Colts. You know it was a Smart thing to do is right and drugs I. Without them play -- you know we've. Without risking injury it further unnecessarily and after putting their careers is a risk so there -- there to get healthy enough for strong field. 0%. Just a matter you know taken. These you know. You know reps during the week against our skeletons you know as if they're -- game like. More saints' coverage -- online at WWL dot com the black and gold opened up the regular season this Sunday. And you kick off on the road against the Atlanta Falcons are crushing Garrett from saint get back to sports talk -- Bobby there Andy Silvia. Christian. You know what's amazing. And you look at you know when you do hit. The lottery so it's because of players and get the kind of contract junior -- You know got today is that ovals yet to pitch itself and -- look where he came from and I don't know if you if you caught that bit. You know -- undrafted team captain now in the second contract I'm talking about haitien Haiti. -- about word about what he's been eaten. If he looked back and they've had a number of eighty Haitian players in NFL. They know how -- they've been that come to America because no matter. You know how -- -- or even in United States. And I think you don't have examples like it was going on in Haiti. But that is unbelievable diversity. That if you looked at his roots -- -- came and that's why so appreciative when as an up and and he's got to play for pride. And that you know he knows probably go back in the community like Jonathan Vilma and do some great things -- before his -- where he came from. But yet as anything well we got to take for granted has -- age. You know what we can eat in and all that and now and you know now like -- they needed day -- a that's a concern. So that's why boy that's a great feel good story. Would do in England and Lorie Kane. Bodies locked up but through between nineteen and as a player that could've. And he said how much enough is how much is enough could have tested the market in two years right it probably. Potentially after putting up to more good seasons and he's coming off double digit sacks a year ago. And that could attest to the market may be gotten even more money on the open market but. You know there's something that means he means something to junior -- an organization that took a chance on him and undrafted rookie player. Out of Stillman College in. And you know spent the first couple years trying to learn defense of any who's undersized a little bit and then. Got a nice contract extension. A couple years ago and then of course got this one today in. You know I think it puts things in perspective guys grateful. But very very passionate. -- saying that you know you can tell it's important to him. The -- just be a good player would be great player in the and he feels like you know the sky's the limit for him he's just now scratching the surface on his down. Double coverage host. Kristi gave humidity that maybe we gave point six they have the -- -- he's. Aunt Christy -- all a Twitter Christie Garrett won his one of 321. Of 32 NFL Salam reporters. In the world. -- -- I carried out with season I've felt thanks -- this is WW. Our big date a body NFL season kicks off after a sports talk we will have. Green Bay and Seattle for tomorrow night right here on WWR radio coming -- Jonas for the course like Saints players show. As Saints safety Rafael bush will be what -- from six to 7 PM we'll also have QB QB -- conversation. With Drew Brees and will preview Tulane and Georgia Tech LSU it's Sammy since they talk about a the big games in college football. And the NFL wall to wall sports thought we give a view from Vegas in a fantasy football segment tomorrow night as well. Each and every Thursday here on WW where operated jaguar to devote to hand of the past sixteen games dating back when John paid first born in September 20 2006 the first meeting. Those -- it to the big blow outs in jumping their 43 to three with that first victory but it of these sixteen games -- his jumping there have been decided by eight points list. How do you see this week's game Indy will be called a wanna be a Bowa who will be a blowout game should vote online at. At WWL. -- -- case again -- that figure and I both kind of like. The Saints and this will put devious way. Some like a colleague called those home runs and you know to an extent. We are coming you you read tea Dorsey to saint planned policies -- what is Saints win we all do better. Even these big old Cole Hall court journalist. I'm a journalist -- devastated with that team shirt on and all that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When to -- do do -- the Bill Haas make more money. Everybody does better when -- they do good now wicket it's there if you make your money. All my money. Would you take him and a plus three points at home against the Saints don't know you would if you're a bit you go back -- states in this best the bet that's the that's the bit to take. Yeah and simply because. You look at the Falcons -- high you finish last season and the reception. The and and they try to challenge coach is trying to challenge the team look at that -- tougher but if you gotta tell somebody to be tough. In you not tough. Right I mean is like you -- like that's their dead level and is aiming AG UK coach -- -- did you courageous. So what I'll look at last year and now be in Tennessee now they got. You know Mike -- -- closed thereof it's a blind he said it you know that they can get it done. You know not -- -- would like his brother Joba as a roommate. With the Saints but if you look -- there's nowhere to go but up for them you know how when you look -- Rob Ryan. You know it took over to defense was that always hope that at least in the middle of the pack well the rushing offense. But the Falcons it would -- at last they averaged only 78 yards. A game Russian a poke ball in Indy couldn't stop the run. They gave about a 136 yards rushing which is the one before last even Matt Ryan will be one big game. Seventeen to thirteen. Against -- Tennessee and things kind of escaped and they were able to sweep. You know to Falcons in the Georgia on that November 21 contest. That Matt Ryan did pretty darn good and if you look at he had a strong outing -- -- thirty of 39 for 292 yards in. And it's a stumble was still able to get out there with five sacks. And and I think the thing you wanted to do and Atlanta and and Rob Ryan is try. That make them one dimensional. What do mean by that if they're able to run the ball then he can utilize play action. And Matt Ryan is that amongst the best in the NFL. But I but I think. We are right now on the -- -- line and as far as. Being barking tournament when every -- permanently now the confidence he's playing -- And we'll do by committee that. That. Yeah I don't know how to balance itself the Saints that that that's the thing where. The and that's saying the first game we scored and a thirty points. But I'd be shocked if we not somewhere near that. And I think I'll I'll. I'll be Vince is that -- you know better than their defense so that's why I think there'd be a great way to start a season like at 1011 point when -- That that Beverly. Can happen and that that. From that already the case to get him Bobby -- this is sports talk Drew Brees at six foreign -- -- show at 7 -- -- on WW.