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9-3-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints-Falcons

Sep 3, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with Grantland writer Bill Barnwell about what to expect from the Saints this season and D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution about this weekend's Saints-Falcons contest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports qualification game Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up this -- -- opponent toward this weekend's action. Bill Barnwell staff writer for grant land grant and as a big in FAO preview up on line. And I grant and dot com what -- the Saints predicted to do according to Graham and the NF failed some big matchup this week Indianapolis. And Denver so with Peter king of sports industry he's got in -- is going to the Super Bowl. With the green me. Some people figured AFC east as a team can challenge Denver and New England it is Indianapolis I don't hand. I'm wrong with the a team that I think he's more sanity a team that is most recently been -- -- -- team which -- those two teams he would be. The Baltimore great. Team defeat him I mean we're asking him the duty had a double NCAA two years. In like we talked last I don't insanity and -- all around the league. This isn't this is that this is not fiction history it is only Super Bowl win. Not Super Bowl Super Bowl win Victoria victory VP towards the Super Bowl is only one team in the league it has it at my -- all of after that Bronco they gotta win the super bow well at the ego even if Seattle got back to suborn it would be remarkable but if they got back there identical when it. Well and if we had the opportunity. Obviously. You know care -- Tuesday as the opponent that. You know how you match up against certain teams I'd rather play Denver. New England the Colts. Don't like giving -- that are Ravens those type team all it's clearly been on yeah these yeah. I I agree I act this that I I think last year Green Bay. Do all loves San Francisco Seattle. All 40 teams would have beat him. Carolina what I had a decent chance because they defense that they camp might have done immunity in the right in Philadelphia we just so they will lick and promise I mean they went there because -- -- -- -- But I just think that ended their fourteen to have been a better than -- AFC and the NFC right now. And big B and listen to see. -- 49ers. At Dallas. What would -- I think that's as about five point is that you I've got to opponent Juan my final line so you gave up was at 55 and have. He astle I could be wrong but. Well I mean I did the things that go you don't would have -- you don't -- and as I. I think. You don't look at it teammates say okay. They bid to a championship three years straight three is zero and they could have been -- -- both of either pro they can get blown out in championship game. I mean if if Sherman don't make -- lady in and a Crabtree made dictates you -- maybe golfers who -- and they love the Giants at two years proud of that in in the NFC -- -- I don't think you do is keep saying over night. And -- really anymore talent on offense over the course a year and Dallas. On the that'll I would be surprised at Dallas one filed filed -- let's game this year. Well speaking at a Dallas. The evening was that publicity stunt our Michaels and the do you think he truly can't help and it -- a bit of that a practice squad so right. Again the kind I don't get like I mean they're -- is sorry he he led their team in sacks in the pre -- and so he would make some plays I've been it would Dallas but but eating exam -- you when you put Jerry Jones an equation you gotta wonder what tomorrow he has no knotted them -- -- you really good so I was thinking. Thursday in the headline yeah I do he's a guy he's the team to get -- he wants some attention. Metairie folk Katie -- thank you for calling WW -- -- -- -- Can you break is the first comment calling radio station. Didn't do anything wrong you know -- know -- -- guys did did you -- I'm except that guys report on the on the wide receiver from Atlanta he's such an increase. No they're not injured all the help that I don't I don't was out most of lady and yet last year Julio Jones now I'm down against the odds yeah yeah yeah I went down against the saint and then rod Roddy White was hurt and there at third receiver. Harry Douglas. To give fans an opportunity at 85 receptions -- -- 1067. Yards so the point -- make in. They're all healthy right now. Still you know you double to be the weakest link so when you look at the matchups and Matt Ryan will utilize this -- David at third covered guys. -- -- guarding Harry Douglas are you know who's not being double team the city would Drew Brees doesn't. And you know that second time around. We got back to Matt Ryan but he still was thirty of 39 passing right in the 300 yards so alive -- -- sacked five times. And that I think is going to be key. It is that the best pass coverage to help -- second there even though we probably would Jerry's bird. To learn about that second cornerback. You know -- Falcons are aware of you know Corey -- -- also been down. The would you look at all the receivers they have the best pats covered -- beat them. To get that Matt Ryan as quickly as you can and because they had the receivers. Those trio is in the conversation maybe among the best in the NFL. Well that's my point for calling. Drew Brees -- that stroke for at least four maybe 500 yards in about four touchdowns to keep up with. Matt Ryan and that's rob line and on the way to hide Patrick Robinson somewhere. Because I don't know what they did it would there 2012. Film but. Relative to grab -- -- pat Ramsey didn't booed off the field. Right way if you if you go by your analogy there they -- in a critical back to. They go back and -- cynical about the what to do right now if you haven't really I guess I just I'm just explain it to you. How to coaches do you take what you wanna do you hear coaches say got to see it got to see in a meeting -- -- feel they got to see it right now in your training camp they saw. Yeah I thought -- and appreciate and right right but. It's. Got to be more aggressively and do good to be cute and he has to be more a gamer does think that we need to. You can't be an outstanding practice player and Purdue's. But peak along those lines at McKinney was saying and I think Larry -- did this research. If you look at 2012. Season now is a -- the -- but he still of their records back know it. He's their branded a 1071. Passing yards that's according to will reliable and his pro football focus. Which goes yard is the most in the NFL. In 2012. And opposing quarterbacks when he threw Adam had a rate at quarterback rating of like 105 point 72. For me this is as my own pain I don't know often on his watch and follow like anybody else in this. I think Patrick problems were two crucial -- a radio show -- pinnacle of society can be beaten about it like that they're not. Well you know in the opening. But the guys that they activated yet -- No I know I mean I I don't know if as they wait for us somebody else to like comedian. And an -- t.s is as a second round pick he's not ready yet but. They just -- sent out the right beat with Patrick robbed and he may get beat he -- not I'm not you know we'll wait to see that awaits the bigger the game and -- One key match of the keep an eye on. Tomorrow night it's officially Theo is to Green Bay pack. Korey Lindsey was audits and a for the Packers as starting senate JC trailer. Suffered a fracture to his list -- the back in the Miller pre season bout against Oakland. And will not play. Now. Bruce curve ball West Virginia Mountaineers -- -- back there. -- -- Seattle says I'm going to pray for him mean coronet. It's going to be a long -- made -- we've got to just take advantage of and what he means that some people take that the wrong way is no different. Did you analogy is is that when a young guys -- cornerback. A veteran quarterback. Eagles take advantage of he's caller right there that's a big -- with Seattle got Duke and what's the most basic play if elbow. This in the quarterback exchange. Coronet -- if he get through this and do do well they look he's he's got a bright future but it is going to be extremely hard on him. Well they in you know try -- because he makes the call -- -- and try to confuse them the calls as far as -- different stunts. And Michael -- -- now you're here yes that tilted bills and all that and and be it be a big challenge -- they get -- covered in this this is the big boys in the in the NFL. But the -- you look at -- How crazy is he -- -- -- you remember. In the playoff game when Jimmy Graham you know try to go like Iran -- at the. In order to get is that aside defeat -- and out today go out there now and obviously came to be -- -- after the game yes yeah and that we'd be brand identity yet only got a lot I got no problem then it's not that surprising that bruiser and fitness state he may say -- everything adds speed to -- right now he won't go after him. We'll come back grant and has a preview of the NFL where the saint predict it. We'll find out -- zero WW. It is a site that has some of the best writing analogies and all sorts of features each and every day. Grant and dot com. Bill Barnwell joins us now as a staff front program and they currently having NFL season Brees did a great job of college football preview bill thank you so much for the time a handful of big game this -- -- the National Football League. One tomorrow night the one we're most concerned with a long time NFC south rivals. Atlanta and New Orleans the national media continues to be that New Orleans is one of those. Even league teams out there what what is your take on the saint entering the season -- And I think that they will be one of the best teams in football but the one thing I would think that might be a little higher on the poses. I think it can be very capable this year and it helped that they can for so long. Just put everything they could possibly out for the last year did I think that they're gonna be like the football team this time. Now bill you know it is a misconception. And I guess whatever department lately and you look at it the Saints on the road last year. And obviously going undefeated at home but. I think Drew Brees were talking about this that a lot of times that -- the fan -- people don't realize since 2009. Behind the -- they have the second best road record in the NFL but you know obviously. That when -- last year particularly even how drew played at home vs away. But -- what is your take on that does not if you don't realize. How well the Saints have a truly played on the road on the Sean -- I think there is -- and that that they can't win on the road as they passed there very act friendly team. And you know I can't let that game last year in the play well what the weather isn't as effective it. -- -- if your relatives are going to be played solid starter especially playing in the end -- -- Carolina's go to Atlanta. You're gonna happen as a warm weather games even on the road I think -- couple -- wrote me I think it should stay. Legitimately bad conditions that we have trouble put in place to -- those teams a year at the most out of it and you know he's out. Yet bill along those lines for it is last year it was a beautiful fall day in Chicago. And the thing -- to the Bears. But this season in the middle of December. -- -- -- -- deciding Monday night a Monday Night Football could be stolen. A totally different environment that and you not maybe as company. Absolutely and an epic game against but is that the Bears Monday Night Football. -- -- at Pittsburgh after I -- and that and that can get them some trouble otherwise been in. Directly directly at Atlanta Cleveland attempt without it can't hurt Detroit in October. At Carolina in October in Tampa after -- that -- -- not into the gonna happen whether and you'd put the biggest technical and all those games against that good they are. When things are relatively tall. Grant dot com writer stamp right -- -- -- -- when you talk about the Saints a couple of them dale. One team about it that they can do win of this division because of the talent and Spanish on defense but they've got playmakers on offense and -- new liability coach Lovie Smith. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers how do you -- Tampa this season and is now. Are very interesting team a lot of play by Utley could go underneath the arena the -- a couple of excellent -- -- quarterback. I'll watch a game at one in the past outside linebackers all football once I can -- trouble calling it is indeed the -- entered -- 43 in all of these days is that dominant one got tackled and let the -- in the history of of succeeding players government and the guy he's act public questions merit. -- that quarterback -- aggregate season last year -- at the start tomorrow. It appears we -- struggle it was kind of a back up journeyman to some extent. The question is he going to be back from the path through the end of the -- play but superstar masters and and ineptitude has caught up in the middle. -- I don't know why I -- field but it blood to me is scheduling -- -- Kolb NFL well. They have so many meaningful gains they do within a division indicate of the season in the latter part of the can have a better game. As far as I'm deadly intrigue. The because Aaron Rodgers and and Green Bay and what happened last time at Seattle but to me that game on Thursday night Green Bay Seattle and get any better. Yeah I mean I want people. -- them being unstoppable. At home he can't beat the field and I'll I'll I'll argue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They that he put the -- -- my game in the work ethic and effort and you know a couple of games couple plays -- way. And that is what I was driving for the game winning touchdown on the I'm not in the championship game and had a shot at winning games so. Felt that was a great team great team great team -- well I think to be more competitive game that not some people might. Bill as far as though the south how your predicted in the NFC south disease. Well I'll play it is just went out and pick it up for the final I pick -- flip out about 25 times over the past month but. I think -- -- -- position bitterly at Atlanta a -- like that even at tiebreaker. In terms -- -- -- he's out I think the wrong -- in these meetings and excellent five and a plan and is right there with that. About the present and it has won the wild card spot and be an NC. Bill how could keep up how can people people with -- on -- And let bill Barnwell on Twitter you've just got equipment commonly stopping quick trip there. Dale thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. All right coming up next who -- in today's practice report on the Atlanta side of things what all the Falcons getting ready for who's healthy who practiced who did. The Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta journal constitution gives us the ladies all the dirty bird studied video news Saturdays 530 to have a first -- is going to -- And welcome back. Sunday had to -- restarted 80 AM it's the Saints in the Atlanta Falcons the Falcons -- the world today. On their game plan for the New Orleans Saints the Orlando Ledbetter of the eight DC Atlanta journal constitution Jones is now. -- what about today's practice for Atlanta who was out then what was the late. Cabrera won't. In. They bring it tracked back. They do. Your report Corey -- Tackle on them to Jerry and -- yeah rookie street today. Outward. A concussion. That it would. On the injury. Now -- do you when you look at saying I mean I think we look at the Falcons still on the ball offered the defensive line and I didn't realize it was this bad a look at their rushing offense. They were dead last. -- like 78 yards a game and then. One before last in rushing defense. Of -- first starting would that offered some line. They tried to revamp it. You know they lost starting left tackle Sam Baker my understanding in moving him out there Jay Mathews and but what about I've proven Lamar homes being inserted at right tackle edges break down that all of its allies think. Will they be better. I think I like Mike Tyson in his moxie in how he goes about things that what is your take with them. As far as -- try to prevent Matt rhyme again thank like you and I. Share a career high 44 times. -- -- You know General Electric and younger banners -- all right guard on the planet are a lot. It is getting. I actually just yeah. -- left -- now. They're there and hope they do and security interior of the pocket boat ride at. The room but beane but that certainly. And do a good job last year he would not. One of the problem over that tackle and now they -- The goal back on the cap and now all they can debate the truth and go out there and you don't really keep an advocate Campbell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- It can be hard at me you know how that developed longer -- Now the Orlando looking at the the Falcons receiving corps and I think when healthy you look top to bottom. -- -- talk about the trio Julio Jones Roddy White and Harry Douglas and our boy Harry Douglas taken advantage his opportunity what 85 receptions. Lowell 1000 yards and. And it and I -- case somebody has to be single covered net if you give. Matt Ryan time and he did have success and a game in Atlanta last year -- was thirty. 39 that. Those trio receivers. I mean they got to be in the conversation. Amongst the best in the league you know when you look Brandon Marshall. Japanese at the Bears but. That my two B I don't know you tell me is that. Is that that -- -- they're stripped of the team considering. What you would think that Julio Jones or what. Albeit in the -- and the and -- -- you're getting about the they could -- slower out there. Only being a good match gonna have a -- -- the Boca. Now -- the Orlando and we knew that we China at least -- some balance and and run the football. Oh what is the status Stephen Jackson you -- baker ladies on the decline. I know just watch and hard knocks and HBO. Dealing with a hamstring go -- what is your take a -- to be done by committee are. Are do you think Stephen Jackson and Avant and impact maybe this season form. He doesn't -- the -- and the community. And the backfield and all that. Do you ever read to carry in limited action last year and -- did warranted. All -- they make it. It didn't look around you grant -- round -- -- yeah there's not been then chocolate drop as we have got those Eddie. That the blow any of and that. Quietly caught it blah. Back -- in each of the last two days -- they have a board member committee. You know they don't have David interior boatload we know whether that the direct impact when they hit a good third. Now the Orlando if you beat objective and and you looking at the Falcons and and that's via I guy -- Saints and there's no way the Falcons are as bad as they were last year. And four in twelve not an old they're as good as the number one seed thirteen in three and in that range. But that do you view them this it might -- -- you can. You know telling -- opinion that I kind of think. They about I don't know five or the ballclub a giver taking game. Yeah it got them but there. 92. If I hadn't been -- predictions about it hindered chicks you know it. But there are there -- -- here real well I mean they're fanatic. An -- -- that Greenberg and fired that thing that Carolina and -- There yeah that about right bank and that the Florida -- improvement. Amanda -- not keep everybody around here but that's where they yeah. Deal Orlando Ledbetter a deep how can people can go with you on Twitter. Oh he ended up there have been at the Orlando. Being at being here. At Howard. We're doing our quarter. That's where opposed to everything down there. -- put out my degree Q and -- -- earlier today when he talked to the Atlanta community. 88 under I applied you don't have that. -- Tony foot apart zone we. Not yeah I mean maybe -- it. Not a good. A good. A AD. My -- I -- well I think you know they -- and I did that that -- I Bittermann you know they get all -- kids you got to keep making the team though they missed him last year did a nice house until they decide they did -- not. You policy come back from his Achilles injury. They had done it in the pre game and kill them on art you know and -- He goes out. -- now I'm. And those that are. People away triggered -- damage -- -- out but. -- right it's the it's a Saints at the Falcons Sunday in plus hours of law to wall Saints -- I don't -- his game week. The the product Johnny you about mistakes that -- you can't look back -- -- you know they all agreed with the Cardinals may match you would call on Roosevelt abandoning a year and Atlanta out of bed and wanna use -- able to do I panicked well unbelievable. Yeah so. Yet you just don't know and honestly hate I believe sometimes they they say -- you read Aguirre and hopefully you two were a year too late but. Sometimes you get burned in what was that weight to it and they got burnt on Allen -- the -- of the cup. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome Matt Drew Brees at six party the last allow a shoe coming up at 7 PM this evening here on WW tomorrow -- a course like -- ratio. Raphael bush will be our special guest -- get a view from Vegas. Your fantasy football report and at Tulane coach courtesy Dave Johnson you'll would stadium opens up Saturday at the way take on. Georgia Tech now Bobby the SEC network certainly is an exciting time for ACC but. This got to be a demotion though I would think for -- Mossberg they cooling him off Britain must burger. Will be calling. The game says tonight. You know issue vs -- -- is that he. That it Britain must -- did see Palma and Maria Taylor as a demotion. -- -- And Oilers you you don't like for the most part all is on to thing. He's been on the biggest of stages lab made it and I'm Sammy he would do and ABC ESP a game -- Herbie is in on it I mean I would take I mean this. And that -- is getting old. -- Albany he would be -- on I think at that -- if it's a night game there at the Notre Dame means can gain or Stanford USC to be a righty. There's ESP -- game but that's. -- Finisher Sam Houston State. Now that that as like Tigers. Hand. -- -- garage area know yeah in insane it is when you look at I was surprised when I read it I realized I saw him on opening day there was he was all excited to be he's -- -- like. I don't know I don't I don't -- say he was not he was anti NCC but he didn't. It rode the SEC face for the right way. In and a lot of people dole a lot of people who don't believe it was almost like you know I'm -- acting and shorten that the yet. Well they have LSU fans to they need and CBS -- -- Gary Daniels. Right now I mean sometimes. You know that could be. -- that if he's such a homer that he says anything are handful of things -- -- team being I don't like him in the and you. Had that image in your mind right covered a lot of LSU fans you know again. Yeah -- dance and harlequin. Write it and hold firm he got a wonderful over I'll do I'll be elevated -- -- -- -- of the press box of -- He got to give them they maybe not a -- CP often. But you know but noted that you noted that CBS Saturday that's. To me that is that's the broadcaster college football regardless of whether you like because the problem hasn't NIC right -- is the biggest of the best game every week. You know I think they see -- they want primetime. You know. Exception which over the course of time and his band. The LSU Alabama game has go to Iraq being New Orleans maybe he can enlighten us on -- must -- what's up rabid. I. Thought about what are you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Man -- look when you go back to that he was you know he did the primetime games like ABC one. It the first two weeks of the season ABC would have a primetime game it wasn't. You know. Devoted to offense that they had I think it was a LSU West Virginia game and he Ian Kirby did that he's done his -- Notre Dame before a lot of beer -- you think about the big games and on Saturday. Robby would you think about USC Stanford. You think about are gaining -- state game and has some other ones that are out there but. LA issue with Sam Houston State followed our lead depth at that that is a demotion -- What they thought. Talk about the network is back there are no quick batter Ellis and I know it. All at eight. Vanderbilt ahead and -- -- in and Ole miss is more attractive in LSU Sam Houston State. SEC and you probably due to big games with so Nadal. The SEC network is not gonna give the biggest SEC game every week CBS is the second audience CBS and then the rest of it so. I don't know we'll see but tiger fans that I can go to the message voting when he's done game voted it like it one seat dates on the love. -- must -- a little more now since he will be calling the game Saturday for the SEC network basis sports talk on WW.