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9-3-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on SEC and Saints football

Sep 3, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with Chris Low of ESPN.com about this weekend's slate of SEC football games and Bobby goes "QB To QB" with Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

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And gave it. It broke a -- Schobel are your lucky dog don't you mean I mean you know he's. Welcome back to sports I'll Avis rent every some off there in hand article you. You know they don't -- don't know -- but I wanted to -- -- we do issue. Was it your place or the point after oil issue and we had these head -- light years. And we are moving on now in one not making eye contact. Why do people -- to -- those green and do they not know we did. I -- I mean I don't have no jam box onus on me like as it thing I'll -- I'm not -- white man ball he would do -- cloud seeding. Orlando -- in you know keep -- feet and made it. We this is what we have to Winger. Now we'll finally had to have -- don't certainly. You know -- -- but I mean it's almost like you know when you talk to somebody. They tell you dictate he -- cellphone you -- to -- -- with class greens make you hear me. Now you can scream now it's my cell phone is not companies clearly the yours is a bad reception. And you start screaming over the top of. Week. Day where you by Tuesday doing that and he he had gone over there. Ought to concentrate. -- it a point after the obvious. While however sort of in Atlanta we were in. If big Woodrow I'll talk a free and I forgot you were talking now -- around you you kind of waved me off -- like say a man don't. You could hear you no I know you can hear over the radio. But anyway will we do have to -- vote on it we will talk to him in my corner and thank him means we'll talk all the radio. The last sixty games -- the -- the -- have been decided by eight points or less. How do you see his game and beat the Saints in a close the birds of a close one all will one of the two teams when and the rather handily. Cast your vote online at WWL dot com Drew Brees Jones isn't about thirty. -- Mark gaming industry information I don't know Maya Moore on our moms do Obama ought to know sports -- has least of -- -- -- -- this is even I don't know well it is intriguing and when he gave me because you know oh of course that was from the moment female football fan and you know he can. -- -- Their players they love their teams in he told me right now. Now surprises this who's number one. With the sale of woman's. Jerseys and I Drew Brees is them a seven everything stumble and this seed them all if -- against the privacy -- like Tom Brady Russell Wilson of the mind that well now that shows these numbers -- younger generation of women. Right watches football college cavern. Comic avenue exit in the could do about it lately currently square -- -- they I don't know about how they do -- but I think on campus to -- look dude do he might have a -- beat Tom Brady because I mean Tom Brady yeah Davis of people Haiti but I mean he's the best politically I -- right at the the quarterback F. Is it GQ. Looking at a guy I mean he's smooth but I think is Kyle -- well Canada that Woodward maybe. That film in all the way -- well you know. I don't like him the way it is an excellent night maybe as an intimidating Luke. Yeah you know and and the younger generation a female football men as well a lot of things have all settled now mean tad too little books it will now that you B well they orbit. It's get that point you have a couple of tattoos -- -- you know it was fine man. Not I would -- as I would for a job interview at the way -- short sleeve shirt that you would seem like right you know. Give Bob Griese -- -- special to the national Omar right all right yeah I got sent them to realize that. It doesn't matter what workplace is ten you know OSHA rules. If you go and I'm a firm -- in -- into workplace she could be the most qualified but if you are headed up from top to bottom. Where people can see you it's hard for me to eat get through my hand and understand that that employer that human resource department is not gonna say. But they all had had a you -- of saying well the biggest negative you have -- of his -- he can't -- -- -- this summer right to hide -- big market has -- elected as does his quickness -- I look at -- as a -- -- it -- he -- that you -- that I've done in the air but that's -- appear to have him looking like dead I mean that's like one of political pitches. When you watch these political commercials daily show like if they wanna show Barack Obama mayor Landrieu -- somebody though it's a negative everybody and show him in a -- Pitcher everybody no matter who you are -- they'll know everybody. Would you like and I you have a cartoon characters tomorrow there yourself. And assessing. I don't know building like with like. Graham -- like a big Donnie. Knows but Donnie Avery yeah as died when I was like fifteen years oh well it is not visible moms who you thought I've got -- -- out yeah -- was little bit it kind -- again yes I'll go on in Iraq our own name on it and oh no they got that Mueller I guarantee more people it. Don't know how. I'm done in my dining -- as like a popular. And all this is AM thank you note on the B it is seeing young yet easy when humble and gray haired and I saw you woods on the -- scoop pitches. Now this is in before that had a beautiful and I got it and it -- going all the way down the middle before. Started puberty. Along by that he's not at the end of foremost a youth does that agree. Each. You know he's -- hell you may Joba I'll exciting ending for them it's ego both Torre and feet. The college cabernet is square averages. As a group and again as you -- Eagles put that aside yeah. So -- ago or so he's he's number one breezes that -- -- them and it's -- mark you've got to mop. -- muscle -- of the rest of edited that as a surprise. Yeah I don't know I mean I guess article I would go and it just goes into three straight championships signed a big contract and he's. I mean at the Bay Area. I would guess it would have been Marreese because it is yeah and I was seeing Hamadan. Russell with him and he's hot right now he's put new -- I -- these. Most of those that were looking at right exactly they're intelligent Smart and he's he's he's been I mean he's one of the very few people Bob you think about it. He's like suppan national what I mean by that he played a -- Korea all one coaxed. With North Carolina State the eighty went up to the north east and play Wisconsin with the badgers and now he's out west of Seattle. So a lot of people on the ACC noted the Big Ten -- and of course by national national. Russell Wilson and it is interesting let's go to Jeff on line one Jeff thank you for calling W -- you go. And it got Qatar. And effect out of -- left Bobble up negotiate fans are out are really like collapse a neighbor with a look great relationship -- I think it gets me is that when he interviewed. -- that's what's Coptic maniacs like what they knew all along you know matter -- and -- did you know that was -- cutie prep a lot -- get hurt a you know the way he acts like goal all we knew I mean yeah you did now in. But you know don't give that that. Since 2005 when he took the job that that's that's deal that's the way he's been he had anything different in what he's done it since day one. I mean they're better you know what it start and obviously he's scared -- -- can't give it came up three touchdown lead. I agree do you have any nick how many years is to -- 2005. When LSU went out and beat Arizona State team be in and come home and -- league east Tennessee. How many seasons and how many years and how many weeks that we've been here and we -- -- all less about -- -- all the less about -- he can't. He's the longest tenured coach -- tomorrow -- in the SEC's go to Europe it. Have a place up that he that a large typical -- they have springs and little is. What -- I just come out -- you know I just come to the -- of the effect you know what some people. All Julio as a coach about these 22 wins in a fool -- when he needed trailing oh -- to the full of excuses. As to where he went well you know jet that way. It's hurt the team at the latest can't pulled. It lines nice. Over all this. News and we -- Louisiana Monroe and you know big time -- beat Wake Forest is right team. Buick to -- and all of a sudden you start as CC. An eagle -- Lee big challenge that we stay there excited about their team UN night game. Maybe -- back to reflect your. Play New Mexico State. And delight to be the next he would hesitate if they had -- Sam Houston was first game in -- like Monroe -- in Wisconsin. I don't know I think I think that by the way Bobby says it it kind of it -- some -- that you won but right I mean who who knows man -- -- it was -- -- don't get hurt and you'll be your right but I mean that's it you know it's a part of game. They Bobby can you go up there and teach him how to -- streak. You know that's that's you know you -- fought at 1 -- their past though he had -- -- was sent out. Have did that even the -- that is I just think he was a little nervous about the heat and Callahan. Screen yet you know it's accommodation. Everyone -- McCain leads to early at the quarterback -- panic. Look up Pierre Thomas it's of this writing no everybody got to do a job because. Good defense if you lead to early and -- you don't Celek right and then they pick up on it and instead of a nice play. It's minus yards or who knows the ball gets popped up. Go back in 1997. Doubt Cowboys ran a back screen passes on the game I don't. Protection I wish I was -- get reported that -- -- reason Pierre Thomas that. Yes -- -- -- would give they got they got the back the run of Dallas is a good day they they can do you have to make a great call we appreciate. Got a bat basis sports talk on WW. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And thank the candidate Jackson 5 million -- -- And they thought -- -- among business. And yeah. Want them beat you -- to young the -- now I know Donny and Marie no I mean you were really young how old -- -- already pretty positive part. 43 so you -- yeah I do I do enough of yeah you were about. 56 on this cheated on different commercials and things in the field and had a so it's some kind of a variety show that he would in a variety issue of these she had I don't know which he went through which you -- one of shows a while back to talk with some -- you get older almost Osi went through that kind of troublesome at the most -- -- -- -- that is so yeah it's the last welterweight. -- she has been I think -- one of the big is it. He's had dutrow says the -- you create she's done so for her to discuss -- she's a big front -- -- -- one able to all of us somebody -- -- -- -- -- -- right right big town so. 2601878668890870. Is the number to get involved tomorrow night it is the Coors Light Saints players -- kudos. On veterans boulevard in -- he's a guy that was and -- the -- remember now the Falcons wanted him they sign him to a offer sheet with up to the Saints. To match that offer all he would have been a member of the Falcons and that's -- raffia Busch Bobby is deal in -- go -- -- to get that kind of gone for you that you guaranteed money. Right. The only negative and -- -- been starting against the -- -- you and so the Saints you have visibility went robber line in his. Three CT packages and tries to utilize them. Rafael bush. There is a big part of this thing to -- and defensively he put the top two safeties in. You know he's kind of like the third banana so to -- -- duplicated the Caroline there. And and Dodgers skipper but it and Rafael bush is just as important. You know he's gonna do he's the one potentially also. That you put in the box at times along with the academy Carroll ex im definitely jitters -- He's gonna be more that's an infielder. Going silent as a lineman to get them a lot of flexibility. And that sliding that make that bug they they got a great -- published I paid but he also got a great deal completed now. Overpay for that was the SEC for ESPN espn.com. Chris Lowe Jarvis now Chris thank you so much for the time we appreciate it yeah -- -- race into week one in the ACC obviously -- Buddy Ed note no news that the polls what Texas Stadium it was very impressive and Georgia's ability to pull away from Clemson probably. Atlanta what went through the conference this week. Yeah Andrea Andrea four mile. Would be to chase for the season and that is this league is it is pretty dark now probably won't Palestinian. It's been along time you know 2011. We -- -- -- -- to about twelve. I mean those teams were. -- -- but ultimately regulated beat Alabama. And twelve. I think this year yet this year more technical what you see here big. The race that you wide open -- -- -- away. -- went to Auburn and Alabama probably still between the most -- and that. I don't think you know what what LSU going away from all the -- to get up eighteen what Adrian did. Epic at Mississippi State better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now Chris -- bring out into a -- you know at Alabama LSU in the teams it. In my proceeded always going to be amongst events and I'd be better this year in your route and you look at the quarterback situation do you think. Oh and Ellis shoot you look good they have to play coming that -- -- time to play Armon. And October afford it then they will have. Primarily one quarterback -- and also. Alabama how -- you think that process takes or. Or who knows it did -- that uses two quarterbacks what do you think. Yeah -- -- right now opportunity creek -- -- now will get to that sport. Maybe. I thought Ortiz. The big patiently. You know you look -- how well or back pac twelve and the director at the right day. At -- -- you figure out. I'm already -- solid trio about it I'm curled in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it didn't work out I looked at Mexico next couple weeks. What they get to that Florida. -- stretch you are typically not like -- -- or back I. Into -- elaborate. On -- a game here in the first couple weeks Beecher -- that job. The rest should treat people who think pink cap that Alabama. It likes him probably more credit than a lot of data. In the target Baird played well keep job at that point. They're gonna get -- poker cheat when he's got more arm no extra security be a better quarterback he'd be more basic. -- you think that Taylor kept a -- didn't. Or are -- that we. President going to be some ballots in the conference did those teams who have that one constantly meeting Tennessee and Alabama with so many people know with kind of complain about who Alabama plays. Well two receivers Michael programs owner arrives at Utah State is a program has been excelling the last few years took Kiki is a great quarterback. Tennessee did solid in that ball game now they got to be able come up difficult weeks in Oklahoma. How much better is this Tennessee club out of Butch Jones to Butch Jones looks like a guy I'd like Derek Dooley. They have really embraced Tennessee when he took the job but he went lip service I think he really does embraced the Tennessee -- -- candidates terminator vitriol though market that you can't base that the -- etiquette to step program back -- just been a lot that you better. There though and which I think that their closer. Recruit where other factor that they don't doubt that you it to go -- -- -- -- factory got speedy opted to be true. That was incredible. Action we still got to get better and a lot of scrimmage a temperature dropped it Leah drop which on. It -- struggled a lot left out all year we. -- purely just channel forty -- all. And the opportunity to -- that they are better what country you are more out of football a lot of young age it's 21 and true freshman played that game. That you think that that he -- that stroke and it. In the right direction. Chris talk of people follow you on Twitter. Chris -- ESPN espn.com commend the Southeastern Conference Chris always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. I'm Chris all right -- the only time he's 632 coming up nick -- quarterback drew bring easier on WWL first news we demand that. And welcome back it's time now folk QB to QB -- weekly segment quarterback to quarterback Drew Brees to Bobby a bad Deke Bellavia. And what John how about number nine of the -- and Saints quarterback Drew Brees drew thank you so much for the time. Drew -- what does this feeling like would you go through their pre season you have all those hard days of work and you get to game week -- and is it a different feel what what is it like going through players' mentality the long -- summer and then now the first tendencies. Was in this is also -- is Loren. It'll work in the off season and receive -- And not put that in the regular regular at a you know convert to win. Another goal and a walk on. As well throughout Nazis and you know whether it's -- and you know the framework of the offense -- contribute concepts. The haven't you been experimenting with some things and I actually have a chance to go out there. You know -- secure the Europeans are real competition early matters and you know we get to see a lot of these young players you know we're here we're gonna be -- port so our offense and defense. It really. I -- there are perfect so it was a little -- year. -- before actually about a young players on offense. You talk about the -- starting. You know. Practices weren't the games are fun. But truly to make it fun. Is that all about competition you have to win and you all know. Since you've been. Which Sean Payton in the Sean Payton Drew Brees era. That one yelled gotten off to great starts then you've had great seasons and what I mean by that you know 41 start or whatever it might be undefeated. But just by getting off to a fast aren't even though you do have a veteran team. And you have the right leaders. That it's still a new season every year and it's still about confidence and that's like great start so important. Thought that your your record right -- success breeds confidence so when you're able to come out and win early. Then there are or are we Clark competent starter who ordered. A -- Regardless of votes that I think just order out and OX shrewd and well being short. On. To all the things that you feel like you work daughter now our church that he'll Arctic parents. That's important well you know -- I. A couple of and we would play prevail on the first in the year -- -- we that was -- game but. That should tune in order which he Turkey interior -- You know it. Two great -- to yours you know more about it so it went and hit a loose and I thought we played well -- not -- well not so. Not too distant. These this game doesn't get any bigger you know affect Atlanta Falcons on the road to divisional game you know just kind of the you know the the nature of our. Games with these guys you know here the last. Unsecured especially you know many of them went out of the final possession others always you -- a lot at stake you know so. -- graduated so he approached. You know talking about the young talent -- focus on the offensive side and it seems like this guy potentially. Can be the lemon. I mean who knows got to stay healthy -- -- that -- but. -- askew by the timing away branding cooks and I know -- treat. Practices very seriously and trying to get their timing down. But do you think that'll maybe come in the played -- might take awhile. Because you didn't really get Deluca with him and pre season games. Vs like she did in the pre season prizes we witness it was did you. You know calm I feel like we. It brought -- here are are more intelligent guy that -- things so quickly let me tell you can't open one time yeah. Very where. Maybe if it were anybody else might be wary of outward for it you know. I feel like we've been able to pick -- up very quickly he director like he's a great job. Adjusting to the rule requiring some more force you -- -- a beep -- you know -- out of this is to beat all. And each he's really. -- pretension to. You guys in here so long are apparently each -- that you're just look at note lots of good offensive -- And -- may not be actually in the playbook that you don't feel that happens you know and well without -- -- look at all the extra. In order in and -- worker -- paper and say well you know this is that that little adjustment when you discovered Jordan didn't literature. Whatever it is this this this is this a new era. I I find it easy picked up a lot of those that are quickly. So it makes me sheltered very cult or are up here. -- You know like -- Last time or more dictate -- too -- Here it's as if he's been here or. At. Now that drew this is the NFL if you don't have success at teams make changes -- Al Lowe. After 2012. Since season 2012 season we bring in Rob Ryan. The new coordinator. Looking at the Falcons right now they struggled. At times they've played well most of the Agassi that they struggled defensively look in. Total defense in the being in the 27. Against the run there one before last you know about a 136 yards. -- the question I have would -- be seen on film when you look at the pre season changes on defense. Agree that they have a very intelligent. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan he has a lot of skins on the wall also. What would -- be seen so far and maybe on the defense and -- changes they made in plane and going into the season numbers in the past. Well it changed to a street or scheme pitchers know what we -- A year ago which proper art. So soccer league personnel required. -- reports that it will trigger -- those who you tackle breaker both linebackers or be outside or Parker. -- starts you know they're bigger -- you're so. I think overall a -- got bigger. Stronger. But. Or sport that are they're -- speed -- what they do in the nickel packages -- -- back and you know it seems to be similar obviously we know they've got articles. Are shaped out rush and you all he -- a little bit. There are secondary. -- saying that it was a year ago. Just with the exception appreciate he that it true -- yet but that the two young corners. Now -- -- they're more experienced or -- out that what you more out a while now so. -- -- -- -- -- -- Stoke played her level there. Just up front you know without recourse at being good. And I drew -- -- is gonna bring out you know on the back end I guess you'd say the quarterback in their secondary. And I think he's keys critical he's been that way for the Falcons at being. Oh William -- kind of like it would -- -- bird I think brings to table for the thing. Yeah I think you're worried more or your -- got Eric Burke C. He error -- all -- security -- -- know you're a lot as well as being out Europe box. Horse oh run -- aren't there also in bear blitz packages. -- know what to do it he's big theater -- on the ball. Just. -- -- QB to QB -- weekly conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees he -- Saints radio black and gold taking on Atlanta Sunday in new kick off here. On Saints radio WW drew up a lot of being made out of -- this point in time. About a lot of teams to the start of the new season a huge game tomorrow night between the Packers. And the Seahawks the Saints and the Falcons on Sunday and assigned to one it's highly thought of you hear people say well on paper. The Saints allowed one of the better teams. When you since you've got in 2006 going into a season how do you feel about the issue -- team. Outfielder but pitcher's -- but who the other one regular god. They're ugly -- contributor on paper here remember anything. He I think would. -- -- mixed. Really reproductive. -- rhetoric you know players and leaders. As well as young talent in -- That's the one thing that I really noticed about this -- it is. You guys have been here which in the system long. And know how we do things -- vocal guys are character guys guys. Stopped play a higher level than just this infusion of young talent. England and that our future this team you know and so I think that's a great combination. He calculated it it. The guys that have been here or Tyler or pressure away shall past. Reflect you know on kind of what got you here. And the way that we do things being -- really lead by example of that apartment. You know these these young talent. Not seen really -- playmakers almost a ball defense and offense and we we can all on the same page and we got to find our rhythm. Just want one at a time there and not think the struggle and. Now drew over. Looking at our running game and obviously I think. You know we do it by committee even though you do have a featured back is still everybody's gonna get touches the inning and carries and -- and it. Mark Ingram. But things Nikes that he's turned a corner and obvious I think being healthy but you look since a week seventeen. Last year you know. And then look what he's done in the pre season as him like he's playing a lot of comments right now but. Also you retire Robinson in Pierre. An eagle a cadet when outs roles that you have to be a happy with the back field and it it is say like on paper again. Got to go out and do it but. It just say -- the comets where -- right now -- -- -- line and the running back exit that we should be very productive and that's -- got to be number six segment war. The everyone is suitable our team -- you greatest show interpret 2011. But it's things I -- who just could be a whole lot better because who we have -- front and and how the mind senator running backs right now. Yet I think. I think -- is. You know mark. Drug use its first season here you know -- -- -- -- and really every opportunity he's gotten continue to get better better. I really think he's. -- -- and in. Has -- opportunity to really on deuce and special export some -- Root out and know where a guy who has street or lack surely. A tryout guy you know that we brought him -- certainly have a lot of talent but -- as a guy who's improved more just in regards to. You know. -- overall landscape will be running back in the you know the national football -- spot Asia. Protection Heatley on inside outside at all at field. Play in nickel package although they are very well so there will get back here -- all the things around. Course -- Thomas and mr. reliable mr. all purpose and can do at all at any moment. And were -- due course where you need need to. And then -- traversed that you know who I know. Keep people haven't seen a lot of him a -- -- -- all the -- you -- and really stood out but you'll meet in her have a opportunity struck accords that she's not so. I think accommodation and all these guys it really brings something in the table. But there are also guys that can do the opener. Yet you know drew along those lines I -- you know you spread the ball around that's impressive. When you look at Sproles when he was here to have seventy plus catches. But I truly believe now coaches -- receiver. And you know with the -- it to the running back is cadet running Sproles tight routes that we still can have that same production. And even -- -- rules as great as he was. Yeah -- mean. You know you da -- Sproles and -- loose such unique player. You know could do so many things just exceptionally well. You know I think within the framework of our system and then each and every week without the -- we can't play in an opponent in a week. We take districts or and we put -- in the post positions to succeed accord -- strikes you know and so. And we go Kart at a personal tactic that's what we've got that productive game to beat. You know different receivers -- -- position -- couple -- and a couple of quarterbacks you know combination of all mean you know. We've got all these fact is that there were able to they're kind of throw out there and obviously key to Egypt is guessing but also. You know put guys in position to make -- QB to QB with the conversation with Bobby being Drew Brees here at saint radio WW -- -- -- outcome. Drew thank you so much for the time good look against the -- -- we'll talk next week. Carter reporter -- All right at QB to QB tomorrow it's a full edition of sports talk. We'll get a view from Vegas the picks of the week you when the -- -- -- in college football. And also in the NF than us tomorrow night. Saints players show up to about -- -- -- -- veterans boulevard in Metairie hospice against number 25 Raphael bush and -- a sports Altamont night. Will -- line. Game one of the National Football League between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay it's thanks so much of all of all one of -- Jim handle -- model for Drew Brees I'm Deke Bellavia has always talk about a cajun can embody a bad ultimately resolved at night people. It.