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9-3-14 6:40pm QB To QB with Drew Brees and Bobby Hebert

Sep 3, 2014|

Bobby Hebert goes one on one with Saints quarterback Drew Brees about this weekend's season opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time now folk QB to QB -- weekly segment quarterback to quarterback Drew Brees to Bobby a bad Deke Bellavia. And what -- now by number nine of the -- on Saints quarterback Drew Brees drew thank you so much for the time. Drew what what does this feeling like would you go through their pre season you have all those hard days of work and you get to game week -- it. Is it a different feel what what is it like going through a player's mentality the long -- summer. And then now the first game of the season. Was in as a counselor in those eleven. That work in the off season and receive in. And that not put that in three years ago and haven't you -- -- -- rather go to work on. As well throughout -- and you know whether it's within. You know framework -- often be could it be new concepts. The kind of you've been experimenting with some things and I actually have a chance to go out there. You know actually Q the Europeans are real competition early matters and you know we get to see a lot of these young players -- order we're gonna be part. Of our offense defense. Really. Aggregate era occurred -- told -- about 200 yards. -- before actually about a young players on offense. You talk about the -- starting. You know. Practices weren't the games are fun. But truly to make it fun. Is that all about competition you have to win and you all know. Since you've been. Which Sean Payton in the Sean Payton Drew Brees era. That one yelled gotten off to great starts then you've had great seasons and what I mean by that you know 41 start or whatever it might be undefeated. But just by getting off to a fast aren't even though you do have a veteran team. And you have the right leaders. That it's still a new season every year and it's still about confidence and that's like great start so important. Well you're you're -- right arm success breeds confidence so when you're able to come out -- win early. Then there are or are we like cup that's gonna -- ordered. I think. Regardless of votes but that -- -- -- -- -- out and you know exits the well being short. On. Do all the things that your you'd feel like you work daughter now our -- that he expects. It's important well you know I -- I. In 2011 we -- -- repair on the first in the year right -- in that -- game but. Future in order -- -- their interior -- You know it. Two great book means you -- about it so benevolent and hit a loose and I thought we played well it is not by well not so. -- -- -- These this game doesn't get any bigger you know affect you left out and on the road to divisional game you know just kind of the you know the the nature of our. Games with these guys you know here the last. Unsecured especially you know many of them or got -- final possession -- all wish you a lot at -- you know so. Graduated so he's approached. You know talking about the young talent and I'm -- focus on the offensive side and it seems like this guy potentially. Can be the lemon. I mean who knows got to stay healthy and all that though but. Olerud askew by the timing away branding cooks and I know he'll treat. Practices very seriously and trying to get their timing down. But do you think that'll maybe come in the played -- might take awhile. Because you didn't really get Deluca with him and pre season games. Vs like she did in the pre season prizes we witness it was the -- You know Tom I feel like we. -- here that are more intelligent guy there accepting so quickly -- -- -- -- some -- -- one time gap. Very where. Maybe if it were anybody else might be wary of outward for you don't. I feel like we've been able to pick it up very quickly he director like he's a great job. Just being into the role report symbol for you what you -- -- the -- you know -- out of this is to it all. And each he's really. Pay great attention to. You know the guys in here so long are apparently each -- or -- just looked at note lots of -- offensive -- And who may not be actually in the playbook -- -- you don't feel it happens you know there. -- get cute look at and all of it straw. In order in the -- it Booker on paper and -- well you know this is that that adjustment when you discovered Jordan in the literature. Whatever it is this is the is that something you can do it. I I find it easy picked up a lot of those are quickly -- so it makes me -- Or are out there. -- You know like -- Last or more dictate the lights. Here it says that he's been here or. At. Now that drew this is the NFL if you don't have success at teams make changes we Al -- After 2012. Since season 2012 season we bring in Rob Ryan. The new coordinator. Well looking at the Falcons right now they struggled. At times they've played well most all via the say that they struggled defensively look in. Total defense in the being in the 27. Against the run they -- won before last you know about a 136 yards. -- the question I have would -- be seen on film when you look at the pre season changes on defense. Agree that they have a very intelligent. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan he has a lot of skins on the wall also. What what have you seen so far on maybe on the defense and changes they made in plane and going into the season numbers in the past. They're well it changed to a street or scheme pitchers know what read your. A year ago with proper -- So super league personnel required. For a report it a little bit bigger votes you to tackle breaker or linebackers or -- outside linebacker. That's -- starts you know they're bigger. You're so. I think overall a soccer got bigger. Stronger. But. Uterus or Booker -- Covert scheme or what they do in the nickel packages. Back and column. You know it seems to be similar obviously we know they've got articles. Are shaped out rush and you all he bought a little bit. -- secondary remote spot saying that it was a year ago. Just with the exception appreciate he that they're true flowery yet but that the two young corners. Out years they're more experienced or -- out that what you more he's been a while now so like I ER. -- -- -- -- -- player or level. Just brought you know without recourse of being good. And I drew -- -- is gonna bring out you know on the back end against who say the quarterback and their secondary. And I think he's keys critical he's been that way for the Falcons -- being. Oh William -- kind of like with would -- is bird I think brings to the table for the Saints. Yeah out quick you wouldn't mortars and Carter got -- -- C. He parents really good ball skills security played the middle you're a lot as well as being out Europe box. You forced out -- run although aren't there also in bear blitz packages. At least he's really personal we can do a lot of strange people are -- awkward or buy like out. They know what to do it he's big hitter -- are all. He's just. -- -- QB to QB -- weekly conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees he -- Saints radio black and gold taking on Atlanta Sunday in -- kick off here. On Saints radio WW drew up a lot of being made out of -- this point in time. About a lot of teams to start the new season a huge game tomorrow night between the Packers. And the Seahawks the Saints and the Falcons on Sunday and assigned -- -- it's highly thought of you hear people say well on paper. The Saints allowed one of the better teams. When you since you've got in 2006 going into a season how do you feel about the issue of team. Outfielder but pitcher's -- but who we get our league program. They're -- games are pretty good on paper here remember anything yet. He I think we've got. -- -- mixed. Really reproductive. -- -- you know players and leaders. As well young talent -- our. That's the one thing that I really noticed about this team is. You guys have been here with in the system long -- Know how we do things on vocal -- high character guys guys. Stopped play at a high level and then just the execution of young talent England and it. Our future of the team you know so I think that's great company -- -- He circulated it it. The guys that have been here or Tyler Marshall -- shall pass. What you know on kind of worked out here on the way that we do things you know really lead by example of that apartment. You know these these young talent. You know obviously we got playmakers almost -- the ball defense and offense and if we we can all on the same page and we got to find our rhythm. Just want one would guitar there and not think the struggle of. Now drew -- Looking at our running game. And obviously I think you know we do it by committee even though you do have a featured back is still everybody's gonna get touches the inning and carries and -- and it. Mark Ingram. But things -- that he's turned a corner and obvious I think being healthy. But you look since a week seventeen. Last year you know. And then look what he's done in the pre season as him like he's playing a lot of comments right now but. Also -- -- a tire Robinson in Pierre and an eagle a cadet when outs roles that he got to be a happy with the back field and -- the decision back on paper again. Now they got to go out and do it but. It just say by the comments -- -- right now involvement of line and the running back exit that we should be very productive on that they've got to be number six segment war. The everyone knows who will bull our team -- -- greatest show interpret 2011. But it's things like that who just could be a whole lot better because who we have -- front and and how the mind senator running backs right now. Yeah I think -- I think this is. You know more. Drug -- his first season here you know kind of creep and really every opportunity he's gotten he's continued to get better better. I really think he's. Evading stroke and in. Has an opportunity to really -- don't do some special things or some artery. Root out and know where a guy who has a street or lack surely. A tryout you know that we brought in and certainly have a lot of talent but -- as a guy who's improved more just in regards to. You know. -- overall landscape will be running back in the international -- -- spot Asia. That were protection Heatley on inside outside. On the field. Play in nickel package although they -- -- most sober. Linebacker do all the things. Course -- Thomas and mr. reliable. -- all purpose and can do at all at any moment and were really due course where you need needed to. And then -- traversed that you know who. I know. Q people haven't seen a lot of him a -- regular -- all the laps you preach you -- -- really stood out but you'll be in there in about extra course that he's not so. I think accommodation all these guys it really brings something -- able. But there are also guys that can do -- there. Yeah you know drew along those lines -- -- you know you spread the ball around that's impressive. When you look at Sproles when he was here to have seven plus catches. But I truly believe now coaches -- receiver. And you know but he -- it to the running back is cadet running Sproles tight routes that we still can have that same production. And even -- -- rules as great as he was. Yeah -- mean. You know you da -- Sproles Sproles loose such player. You know could do -- things just exceptionally well. I think within the framework of our system and then each and every week without the -- we game -- -- -- -- a week. We take the straight to organize and we put them in those positions to succeed accord -- strikes you know and so. And we go Kart at a personal -- that's what we've got that productive game to beat you know -- -- -- the prepositions. Tired and a couple of quarterbacks you know combination of all -- mean you know. We've got all these fact is that there were able to. Kind of try out there and obviously key to Egypt is guessing but also. You know put guys in positions to make -- QB to QB with the conversation with Bobby being Drew Brees here at saint radio WW -- you met him -- outcome. Drew thank you so much for the time good look against the -- -- we'll talk next week. -- -- --