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9-3 Scoot Show 9pm, Atlanta Falcon Hate Week

Sep 3, 2014|

It’s “Hate the Falcons Week” for Saints fans! The season opener is this Sunday against the Falcons in Atlanta – at a time when there is a lot of talk about too much “hate” in the world – is it ok to “hate” the Falcons? How much do you hate the Falcons?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight we're talking about since this is I hate the falcons' week is it okay to hate the falcons and a lot of people are responding to this on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And some people are accusing me of being politically correct and I I guess some people don't pick up the sarcasm here obviously it is okay take the falcons and before you comment maybe -- read the blog which is also posted on our. Our FaceBook page at WL radio. It's also on our on our website at W -- dot com so you can read it incher with your booted friends and if you don't the falcons fans it might irritate him just a little bit. Is it okay to hate the falcons -- of course it is. But it's which -- the discussion because there are some people who just get upset when you use the word hate it occurred I'd never thought about it until a couple people called me and it was last year. And a challenge me for saying what you really shouldn't say you hate the falcons taking really. Also what President Obama today said the US will not be intimidated by prices and we will destroy the militant group. There's new pressure the president to do something following the second beheading of an American journalist. Geraldo Rivera said on Fox News channels that we should be ahead. We should be -- the militants. Like they -- Americans. You think that would solve the problem. And suggesting that. Phil. Phil Roberts of -- dynasty he said on Hannity yesterday at Fox News Channel. That he would first try to convert them he'd like to sit down and have a Bible study with crisis. And he would first try to convert them -- that didn't work. Then he would kill. If you -- for the comment about anything we talk about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. There 170 and a text number is 878 cents. Here's a comment on our FaceBook page about is it okay to hate the fathers of these comments are brutal. This is from -- go home scoot you're drunk. No. No I'm not here is another comment on our FaceBook page of the -- radio from Stephens who you are the biggest buzz kill -- Read the blog I think it's okay to hate the falcons. It's all right. You know they're great expectations for the saints this season leading into this. The season in the season opener against the falcons on the road against Atlanta. As I often talk about hate in this country I had to ask myself is it appropriate to promote the idea of -- the falcons. And their fans as well. I didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that it is okay to hate the falcons and their fans. Pay for the falcons and their fans and the way they hate the saints and saints fans that's an acceptable part of the sports world. Hate for sports rivalries saints falcons. Tigers tied. It's a reflection of the intense fan passion. For their team. And it's always been part of the the sports world. In our culture we use words. That didn't really reach beyond the specific definitions of the words for example. What do saints fans says he or she wants the saints to killed the falcons Sunday. You don't literally mean kill the players. We're sure some do but most of us just use that as an exaggerated expression. Of passion for the saints. Saints fans hate the falcons and their fans. We hate what they do we'd hate what they stand for. We don't necessarily hate the individuals. Who played for the falcons with with the exception maybe Matt Ryan. Roddy White and Julio Jones but you know it really is easy to hate the falcons fans for their undying loyalty. To a team the saints fans hate so much those falcons fans cheer. Wildly and blindly for their team they cheer at the -- state cheer us or saints fans. They act like there's so much better than saints stance. Anderson there's a degree of of demonizing the saints that I think justifies our feeling of hate for them. The behavior falcons fans. Much of its gonna be captured on network television this Sunday when the games televised. The behavior of a lot of falcons fans this is going to put many parents the position of explaining to their children. This kind of behavior in public. And this forces their children to deal with adult matters that are very early age when a TV cameras focus on falcons fans in the stands. Inevitably there's going to be some young children who -- gonna -- the embarrassing question. Daddy daddy why those two men jumping up and down hugging each other. Too which apparently will have to respond something like signed. Their behaviors and abomination. You and your mother or your mother and I don't really except this lifestyle we don't act that way and this is something we don't want you exposed to we don't want you to follow their behavior. Adding to the challenge for parents who want to help their kids deal with the inappropriate behavior being the falcons and the national network announcers the media seems to condone it they make it seem as if being a falcons fan is acceptable behavior. And yes we we hear a lot of talk these days about the inequality in America. And -- fans should be respectful and not be judgmental of each other. But when we witnessed the blatant attempts. By falcons fans to force. Their beliefs on others. Can't help but wonder for society's just falling apart. There's also this uncomfortable issue -- falcons fans. Marrying each other some people don't think that should happen. And is this a positive thing for society to me good luck explaining that -- -- tickets to meet their challenges his parents. At least the game is in Atlanta this Sunday. Over the falcons play the sings here in New Orleans -- parents face the increased challenge. Of explaining things to their children like. Mommy daddy why those falcons fans walking down hand holding -- white -- walking down the street holding hands with each other. Why -- they kiss and some urgency felt has been kissing in public. As if you know this is something that should happen if you'll just keep their lifestyle and their love for their team if they were just keep that behind closed doors. They hate -- saints fans have for the falcons falcons fans is justified. Even in the world where there's too much. If you wanna join -- -- comic -- and how much do you hate the falcons are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 889 steroids every text amber -- 7870 -- like tonight is titled is it okay to hate the falcons there's sarcasm alert in effect at the end of the blog. Read each year with the saints fans of soccer fans on our website at WWL dot com. I'll get to -- more of your board your text coming out here are a few more comments from our FaceBook page and the bloggers have posted there. And the question is is it okay to hate a falcons fans and the falcons. Here's a comment from -- why yes yes I do. Surely. -- Can let that one it's surely god can let that would slide. And I think god understands I think god forgives us for our hate for Pakistan it. Here is. A comment to from chase. -- yen ideas and who beat him down who dat. You can join the FaceBook conversation on our FaceBook page it to be WL radio. Also a federal judge in New Orleans a US district judge Martin Feldman. Broke a streak of over try and Tony decisions declaring laws that ban same sex marriage unconstitutional. And that brings is George W if you are pretty -- opinion poll. On the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind. 43% -- leading 57%. Slight. Majority continues to grow 57% say Louisiana is lagging behind. It is your opinion Michael into our website WW -- dot com and tractor pull through are sure to join us for your comment our numbers 260187. -- free 866889. -- seventy. And a text number these activities having a toward your text year just a moment for Metairie Brian -- and to be WL. Basically I hate the scale clamp -- the -- Ryan looks like mr. looks -- terminator from American. Later he does he does look like the -- Nader. I never I never thought of that before. They put in a certain extent. If you want to -- hard knocks they look like move on disappoint my own law pima -- being. And I hope the safely only Wear it on to be off the Blake's great uncle -- they all the -- -- that hole either. Now nobody wants an advocacy sedan and they haven't in the -- they were the potent team last year that they've been in the past today. It is still -- out it's still rivalry it would make their season no matter what happens the rest of the season. They would just love to embarrass the saints in the opening game and home in Atlanta I don't think that's gonna happen but they are highly motivated to do that. Mike Mike Schmidt he's -- -- from police academy he lost them on hard not to have been trapped since. He had a day and I. Yeah I don't I don't like anything I appreciate you are what I never thought that met Bryant. Matty ice I never thought that he look like -- -- from American pie but he does. Here's attacks didn't falcons fans -- our players at the airport last year yeah I hate import sportsmanship. You know we we talked about them on the shows the team boss ways and apparently. Can't -- airport employees. And you know that's an appropriate but again that's another reason why it's okay to hate the -- Here is a text you're having a lot of fun tonight's is it true that the falcons have an abundance of germs. From picking up scraps all these years. That would not surprise me. How much. Do you hate the falcons. To an issue with your comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. It's having a text Amber's late 7870. And who dat nation gathering place for food it's every Thursday right after working news the course light saints players show. That's. Can be at hooters and you can join us right here WL saints safety Rafael bush. From six to seven tomorrow night's sports stocks 48 sinks radio. WWL. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on -- WL. I tomorrow morning tune -- to Tommy techcrunch are you gonna do that anyway but you have a new reason to tune -- Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning if you're tigers -- would you like to see L issue play Sam Houston State. Saturday at home in Death Valley. We've got a chance for you to win tickets tomorrow morning listen to Tommy Tucker between six and ten when you hear the -- -- fight song calling for your chance to win listen and win. L issue tickets tomorrow six to 10 in the morning Tommy Tucker a tiger radio every WL. A federal judge in New Orleans became the first in the country to a polls that there can be a ban on same sex marriage laws. And there can be a ban on same sex marriage in those laws are not unconstitutional. Here's our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll which is really really changed. On the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind. It's sorted out with 60% to majority saying the state is leading. 40% said the state is lagging behind here's the latest update. 42% say leading in now on slightly growing majority 50% say the state on this narration same sex marriage issue. Is lagging behind. The issue opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll continue to track that -- throughout our shield. Target to abort your text here it testimonials about to our FaceBook page and our conversation is about whether it's okay to hate the falcons. Here is. Not comment on our FaceBook page to be -- -- radio from Robert I don't hate him. But I don't like -- -- Here's another comment this one's from penny. Absolutely. We'd dad and somebody has a guy named Wendell. Has posted a picture FaceBook page which is really cool. It's I think they call the wart hog is the AT and that that's it that the jets it's kind of the slow -- with the tank killer believed it was the 810. On Anderson there's a logo of the falcon which looks like a falcon in flight. And it's a firing its firing missiles. At the south and conflict that's a pretty cool that's pretty cool picture. All of this on our FaceBook page at ten -- dual radio to a -- your comments are coming up here on the show also we have but I talked about. Something that I found interesting I heard a couple of stories recently about lost -- returning home. And when I did the AL SH. Pocket challenge in front of Lucy's retired surfer -- downtown in this dvd. The manager went to thank me it's it's who I was was in two years ago you were on -- 97 in the morning. And he said I called the game and my dog was lost. In a sick can you help me find my -- And I said sure let's talk about where Jewish dog so we talked about -- Where oh where he lost to start the neighborhood and assembled now Charlie -- how would you how would you call your dog. He told me exactly how we would call the dog in Africa with the dog's name was but he told me exactly what he would say you always have your distinct way of calling your pet. So I civil Leo lets you know figuring everybody's in the neighborhood go around the neighborhood encircling the dog in that way. In a few people did the dog came running the guy got to start back. And then receive an email the other day from a woman who had -- lost your dog. And she was just distraught want to go like hell is this over the weekend I was going to be back on the -- until. I guess until Tuesday -- yet Tuesday because they did the show Monday morning for for Tommy so -- Beckham here until Tuesday night and told us at first trying to be able to helper. Well received an email on -- the morning before -- -- got back on the hair she got her little dog back. A few injuries. Underdog was safe. Have you lost attempt -- did you ever get to attack. You have an amazing -- story about a -- returning home a sport -- to chip right to him give us your opinion share your story but it's WWL. Dot com also you can join us 2601870. Toll free 866889. Certainly seventy. And a text number is 877. Here is taxed I'm tired of view insulting my son. He may not be as good as Drew Brees that I still love him he can't help if his team sucks. My -- Blames it all on that young man Roddy White want to show scoots that is from Bernie's. Here's texted Reid says -- do you know whites. Radio channel will carry the Green Bay game tomorrow. Yes you can hear the first NFL game of the season. Green Bay and Seattle. It's. It's a repeat of this failed Mary pass between the Packers in the Seahawks. We don't have it tomorrow night right here into the WL. But join the game in progress right after sports talk featuring QB QB with Bobby Hebert Drew -- at 535 tomorrow afternoon. And the saints player show -- -- saints safety Rafael bush at 6 o'clock and then if you from Vegas at seven. And then will join a game right after Saturday -- -- so if you love football. We got you covered right here and to be WL and this this programming note that the NFL football lawn tomorrow night the Packers and the the Seattle Seahawks a game I I don't know why I guess it's because I don't like did the Seahawks because of what they did to the saints until for the Packers tomorrow night. -- -- and they'll be prep football on Friday night's -- Monday Night Football song to take this opportunity to go spend a few days of my son in Portland. And I'll be back in -- who showed next Wednesday night if you wanna join me on Twitter you could -- -- for me on Twitter it's -- scoot. WW well that's act -- WB on out of between some pictures I'll probably write a blog from off from Portland and different stay in touch with -- But to join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which Saturday Texas 87870. Or via text -- coming up right now let's go to Atlanta and George joins us on WWO George good evening. -- you can stand. No way and we -- and I did know. -- -- -- -- 800. Yeah and and Andy and I haven't they haven't tried to convert you George. Are the cause and that -- convert you all you know. You out there he straddled Cabrera did but that only. You know what I see and that's that's. You see I think that's the way it is you know they they want to to become part of their lifestyle and they they try to recruit people like yourself to become one of them. And -- you're you know you're not into that lifestyle so you're you know I think -- region I think you're either born falcons fan or you're born not a -- -- Yeah exactly. Exactly. Well I had an experience out. And out. Here. And that long. That open. And as outlined. Yet they check point on it yet it is. Now and that line it. -- -- Because. And re. All of that that's horrible that should be against federal regulations to discriminate against you because you're not one of them. -- -- -- -- -- Will you go somewhere watch the game Sunday. I'd like. -- at the spotlight that. Really are yeah. He. Knew that there -- Interesting now. -- do you guys you guys have kids. -- If you did he has a lot of people think that if you do merry falcons fan and you shouldn't have children but if you if you have children how would you would you raise them as a top this manner is a -- No no interest oh -- I I have seen and I agree with a lot of people think you should just let the kids decide for themselves what they are but I know I think you should guide them -- -- -- -- Georgia a conversation enjoy the game you call us any night. If you enjoyed a separate your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- numbers like 77. Here's a Texan -- I hate the falcons so much. I'd rather French -- Hillary Clinton and for a one of those disgusting falcons jerseys. -- Exactly how much do you hate the falcons. You can -- to detects -- 87870 here's. Text don't hate the falcons the Seahawks are -- of the falcons will always be such. Heated rivalry -- From New Orleans Gayle here on this crucial deputy you know good evening. -- -- -- Clinton who I am married to. My little. It's like they have like. Bulb. And well you know pretty. I know a lot of people think that. Kids should draw and just be able to decide based on their own natural feelings whether they should become a falcons fan or saints fans. You know I think being a falcons fan is an abomination and I think they should become an issue to teach the child to be as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- QLCIQ. Boxer and if you don't pull the door closed tight. On the market cantaloupe and and back and I was on was gone I don't come out at school I don't want that doggone. And -- You know what to do should look at China one of the dog had been taught not caught street tissue and curb trying to figure. The other was nowhere to be around well a few minutes later the phone rings it's -- We had two and number. One it could be just are you calling for. The -- in down there a story. Store either -- law. And -- on counter com. Boxer car. You know you're so distraught if your if your pets missing I -- you're so distraught because -- you can't help but wonder. Where's the pat on what's happening with the -- is it as somebody still in the -- is the -- healthy. And I love hearing stories about people getting their pets back in that doesn't always happen but I love hearing the stories because. You know we've had runs away you you still wonder whatever happened to your -- Absolutely. Killed by people who never. -- they -- we have no idea what shall we had a. Had a a con year which is a small -- it down and it it -- little white 1 day I am. You know you clip the wings so they don't they don't fly politely this wings a go for awhile. -- love -- love the Bartoli -- to speak a few words and say things like I love you wouldn't. And I really love the bird and I was a ticket the garbage out and I had him in my shoulder. And I through the garbage in the division and it made a loud noise and it scared him -- he had enough. Feathers on his -- to fly away -- just took off and flew into the into the trees and I was just hoping and praying that he was okay and could figure out how to survive in the wild. Didn't need any of the green parents are around here. -- this was in San -- So I don't know I don't know -- I hope he was okay it. You know you you bond you can bond with the birds. I'm I have bonded more with cats and dogs and with with paper but it was it was Santa but that's the only pet that -- -- Run away or in this case flyweight. Scaling the magical show thanks for listening. I hear is attacks that Reid says scoot the saints and the falcons would be a rivalry is the falcons won some times. Not this week hash tag just saying and that's from -- So because the falcons have not -- in the potent team they have been in the past. This is not a rivalry. This opening game in Atlanta. For pearl river Bob your own -- chill into the WL. A -- pretty neat. Give you a novel approach. Predicated on quote from last reflections on a war about. New approaches and above all -- -- be tried because obviously the old have been an equal to that today. I am -- bleeding heart liberal. I am a retired army officer. And I think we should take the novel approach. -- resolving a crisis situation but simply declaring war. Declared war crisis. Exactly. According to the constitution article one section eight is congressional responsibility. And I think there's a congressman and senator. Sit com or when the bill and declare war on ice is or until. The scallop thing or anything else you want to call -- although who support them. And then be president of the United States. Would have the support of the American people and we would not be pointing fingers. And making all of these wild -- stations about how they could do this should do that. Then we would be -- wartime creating. Reporting and we will be able to accomplish that mission. That the president and his. Military -- came up with. Can I can I get I guess we can can we declare war against a terrorist group -- supposed to declaring war against the nation. They want help they they want to be a nation you know that are acting responsibly and through establish. Some type of political control as well as military control. And declaration of war -- -- on putting where we would have a great deal more. Flexibility I don't want him back into another war -- three years in Vietnam. And I would advise. And I got shot as much as anybody else and I don't want them back into another war yeah. And I don't want cowboy in the White House trying to earn his spurred by going to war zone country where we don't have any. Business and if we've declared -- a correct and it is that correct. And I think they -- an American citizen. Is in an act of war and I think that we should get -- -- now let me say was. Who is marine equipment and he would be. First in line to go old soul I'm not saying if you're out of idol at all. There's things need to be accomplished that need to be done now. And I respect you for that -- opinion. British prime minister David Cameron has been very very balls with his. His talk about a crisis the president has been a lot more cautious and a lot calmer I think a lot of people would like president to appear more angry. As long as it's not a superficial type of anger you know you don't get angry you don't show anger just. Because you wanna show strain if you wanna show anger because it comes from inside. And you know Henry Kissinger was one of the toughest military people that I believe in this country what he was secretary of state. That Henry Kissinger was a very very quiet man so you don't always have to show anger too. Not just to show force but you bring -- -- really interesting appoint Bob -- to Clark boron or crisis. Well I you know I agree with. Determined approach to the president's state. I opened my remarks by saying no bleeding or level progressive Democrat. And I understand the quandary by himself -- I think that this would be one way. To. Or congress the best to their responsibility. And at the same you think about it these people weren't worried about political weren't coming back. They would then be. Traders in the time of war and the punishment former. Freedom is clearly out -- and at all. And maybe that would persuade subtle -- Bob I appreciate your call tonight thanks for thanks for listing and thank you for what you did for our country we think your son for what he's doing for our country now. And I respect your opinion. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Attacks numbers 87870. Here's a text falcons. Like to say rise up they need to wise up who'd act and here's a text I'd rather Shayne Graham kicked mine. Right it's through the upper rights. They'd be a -- Stan. Coach. How much you hate the sockets but is it okay to hate the sockets. I'm -- will be right back into the WL a bleeding heart liberals. A progressive Democrat. Bob from pearl river just called and said he thinks the United States should declare war on nicest. Can't the United States declare war on a terrorist group instead of a country and should we declare war on nicest. The president today said that the United States will destroy ices. No timetable on a strategy yet. But he says they're working on -- you gonna join us with comic tonight are numbers 26018. -- Toll free 8668890. -- attacks Amber's -- 77. Also a federal judge today -- a new -- US district judge became the first recently in this country to uphold the laws that ban same sex marriage. -- -- give you a pretty general opinion poll is on the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind. Right down 45% say the state he's leading that a slight majority 55% say the state. Is lagging behind. Here's your opinion by going to our web site WWL -- -- Here's a text the reason Louisiana leading only downhill after reviewing some of the fine judge's ruling about gay marriage. His basic premise makes faulty assumptions which creates a cascading era in thinking. When -- house is built on quicksand. The foundation often. Fails. This is destined for the Supreme Court and this is just another this is a temporary decision because all of these decisions are. Clearing the path for this issue about same sex marriage being either constitutional that the band being constitutionally constitutional. That's had -- for the Supreme Court. Now there were some rulings last year which we talked about the show and it was a big topic of discussion the Supreme Court really was in face with. Definitively. Ruling on whether or not. A ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. But based on the way to Supreme Court has ruled -- same sex marriage I mean with with birth control. With Roe vs. Wade. With the of the sodomy law which was declared unconstitutional. In 2002003. With the Supreme Court rulings I can't see how the court. Will not rule. That a ban on same sex marriage based on a person's right to privacy. Is not unconstitutional. If you're Jewish I read your comment about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. Tech's number is 877. For Mississippi coach here on WW well. It's cute little we should do well. An answer for your practice coaches and the how old when and shortened. Trying. Our coach or about. Toward the fire near vision and and played college football and in dramatic courtroom retired the back when. Coach Bear Bryant was head coach at Alabama. -- -- territory slide and while he was coach and -- and little. -- property became more games -- law and more directly guy and so the president of the University of Alabama. Which the governor. Of Alabama. And -- told basically discussing the government topic would go Wallace. Discuss what was going on. And got along the government -- Well. He has an important university -- -- -- state school and therefore he would say as stated employees. And so. The governor. I agreed to provide him with. -- -- Transportation. Where he won it and also will be. On. Food and Agriculture Department today in in 2014. All these college coaches are flanked and surrounded by state troopers from their state. Is -- a necessity or is it Maurer. The show was it more tradition. Well. I think most district adopted. Look at it. Most of your head coach should do now. Far we'll see more or travel but -- detained. Very. Arnold I mainly on the field it just is seems like if NFL coaches can be on the field without this kind of trooper protection police protection around them that why can't college coaches do that. Agri. -- it just something that -- -- long time ago remote via huge stage. Adopted now -- private school like you worked in note today and -- in a school like. -- because our panel. They tribal. Well part of people won't silently and it's usually a private school acutely. Coach I -- her. I gotta get your break I appreciate your insights from your perspective this is WWL. And we'll be back. DirecTV subscribers they were know what they're gonna do now that locally fox say it is no longer on DirecTV. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour also RW a pretty general opinion poll is on the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind. We'll give you an update on that give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com more of your -- -- your comments coming up next on this good show on -- VW well.