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9-3 Scoot Show 10pm, Atlanta Falcon Hate Week

Sep 4, 2014|

A federal judge in New Orleans has become the 1st in the country to uphold laws about traditional marriage. U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman said that couples challenging the ban on same-sex marriage failed to prove their 1st Amendment rights are being violated. The judge’s ruling ends a streak of over 20 decisions declaring that laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. Is Louisiana leading or lagging behind on the issue of same-sex marriage? PLUS: President Obama said today that the United States will not be intimidated by ISIS and following the 2nd beheading of an American journalist – the U.S. will “degrade and destroy” the militant group. What would you like to hear the President say and do about ISIS? ALSO: It’s “Hate the Falcons Week” for Saints fans! The season opener is this Sunday against the Falcons in Atlanta – at a time when there is a lot of talk about too much “hate” in the world – is it ok to “hate” the Falcons? How much do you hate the Falcons?

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Welcome back to our show on this Wednesday night tomorrow night we're going to broadcast the first NFL game of the season what an exciting time of year tomorrow night Thursday night football right here on WWL. The Green Bay Packers. And the Seattle Seahawks and I don't know why I guess because if things that have happened when the saints in the Seahawks I'm for the Packers tomorrow night I've I would love to see the Seahawks lose but they're the defending Super Bowl champions and expected to be a very very good team this year the penalty apart I'd want to -- if you will prep football is on -- -- -- nights and then Monday Night Football. And I'm gonna take this this time to go see my son to Portland and I'm already trying to figure out exactly -- to watch the game. But -- they are you a report -- -- Portland they were saints fans in Portland so I'll go to some sports pardon now I'll be watching the game. While you eat there at the game or watching it here Washington. Model to a talk about next week you know when I'm back if you argue our DirecTV subscriber. For John -- studio producer was just telling me what he's found out. He doesn't know for sure. But he heard that -- fox eight. May be back tomorrow. DirecTV. Dropped. -- So. It may be back tomorrow however what John did and this is something that you you can do whatever something like this happens. And I know you shouldn't have to do this. But life's not fair he voted digital high definition content has said foxy comes in perfectly clear. And Italy before I had cable I had one of those additional high definition and tennis. And it's it's really amazing you get more than just a local station to get other other stations. You don't get as many issued it with cable but it really is done. It's it's a it's a rather inexpensive way Aaron John what would that cost what the entire cost. Ten dollars. Big lots. Wow I'm the one I bought was like a fifty dollar. -- OK so you know that's that's an alternative and you know I'm not trying to talk you out of -- year -- services now but that's something you can do due to get some channels. There was an interesting a breaking story today. A US district judge here in New Orleans Martin Feldman. Became the first in the country. To uphold that the laws that banned same sex marriage. Or not unconstitutional. And -- did over twenty judges. Who have recently even in very bright red states. They've ruled that a ban on same sex marriage. It's unconstitutional. Down this is not the definitive. A ruling on this switches -- now -- to -- continued to clear the path for to go to the Supreme Court. And that will be an interesting discussion I've -- it's in my opinion. Based on Supreme Court rulings in our recent historical past. That the the Supreme Court is faced with the decision about banning same sex marriage. Really indeed say it is a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Based on right to privacy but here's -- W a pretty general opinion poll. On the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind. It started out 60% say Louisiana was leading 40% said Louisiana was lagging behind. Now it's changed 45% say Louisiana is leading. And a slight majority 55% say Louisiana is lagging behind he was your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com would you be another update on that coming up just a few minutes. How would you like to go see LSU playing Sam Houston State. At home Death Valley this Saturday you can -- here listen to WWL and win a seeded Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning from six to ten. When you hear the LSU fight -- call in and you've got a chance to win listen and win Allah issue tickets tomorrow six to ten with -- Tucker. Right here on tiger radio WWL. There is a new study was done at Vanderbilt University showing that -- college football coaches are not paid too much. Because of of what they mean. To the revenue this year -- for the university. When you take into consideration. The value of the football programs and L issue Alabama university of Texas -- -- there any any major school. When you take into consideration. And millions and millions of dollars. That are generated by the football team. That this study shows that the coaches are not overpaid. And if there actually more valuable to the school the team. In many CEOs are to the corporations they work for. And I just thinking about it college coaches and I've I've always wondered why college coaches are so surrounded by state troopers. I mean this is somebody threatening these college coaches and I am sure a lot of people don't like college coaches but. It seems to be that it's really more for show than anything else on that complaining about just an observation that I could help but think to me Sean Payton always NFL coaches they. They don't have it's. Troopers are city police surrounding them and in these these troopers to to travel with the team so I guess it's kind of perk. -- -- troopers you don't get to go to trip and travel with real issue wherever it was she goes to protect less miles but is that really more about children and his about a a definite need. It was just something that I thought about it I've received a number of text. About this and the consensus from the text seems to be that they're paid detail and their their pay for the university. So this is not something that taxpayers are are paying for. Here is a textile less miles is the highest paid state employee worth more than Jindal. Well that may be true but. There would be more threats against gentle. Because of politics. And -- even though there are a lot of people who did this day. Despite his record their lot of people don't like less miles. There's a lot more threat to a politician. Like Bobby -- Here is attacks that reads they are just as many teams security officers if not more surrounding NFL coaches you just don't see him. But -- that's the point. OK again and again I was just I'm just -- I'm not criticizing the practice but. Sometimes I think it's OK to say it was just really need your sister is for sure if -- just for show okay I'm okay with. If you wanna join us for the comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. -- -- 86688. -- early Saturday -- tech's number -- 87870. Today President Obama said that the United States will not be intimidated by crisis. And we will destroy. The militant group. Now there's new pressure -- the president following the second beheading of an American journalist. Is pressure Obama tough enough on license he says there's no timetable yet but they are working on a strategy. Is the president being tough enough -- crisis what would you like the president to say or do. -- bleeding heart liberal. Guy named Bob from pearl river describe yourself as a bleeding heart liberal a progressive Democrat. He was in the army his son's IW citizens and Marines is on in the military. He said the United States should declare war. On crisis. And my first question is can the United States declare war. On and on -- militant group. Rather than declare war on a country. And if we can. -- If you wanna join our show and item numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. We're separate text Amber's late 78 cents. Here's a Texan -- and getting sick and tired of people running their mouths and saying how President Obama needs to do something. For all we know he could be planning something at this very moment against crisis. We had no clue any actions were taken against Osama bin Laden till after the fact. So I wonder what all the people out there. Rather have the president devices -- heads up they were coming after them. Or. Do they just want him to do his thing and handle the business leave the damn man alone. And shut up or go to Washington DC until the president what you wanted to do. That's a very good observation. We didn't know anything about Osama bin Laden that it is possible I I. I would like to believe that any president. Any commander in chief. Regardless of political affiliation and I know there are some people who think that President Obama is very -- American. Last night had a caller who said that he's -- convinced. That Obama is an active Muslim. And he's trying to break down the the boundaries of America. To turn America into a Muslim state. I don't believe that that there are people who do believe that and they have found the the evidence in in president Obama's past to support. Their belief that that's it and of course social media. He is infectious. With this kind of -- talk and you know I think it goes back to you knows that the way newspapers were respected the written word. And people have now come to view the written word on on the Internet. As. Something that is -- as respected is that the average were boys in newspapers years ago and and that should not be the case you can't necessarily trust the hysterical things that you quite often are exposed to. On the Internet and I mean I get I get stories and I get things emailed to me every single day. And million many of them if not the majority of them. Are absolutely hysterical. I mean hysterical in terms of being funny. Because they're so bizarre that this is gonna happen on this day don't and it's it's so easy to spread these urban myths where these things that are gonna happen. And there has the end tremendous campaign against President Obama and and there are a lot of people don't want the president but there were a lot of people who didn't like President Bush. Social media is different today than it was from President Bush was in office or I think we receive the same thing. But I I think this this text brings up a good point. If we know if the president tells us. Then the enemy knows. The enemy doesn't need to now. We need to have confidence in a lot of people don't I understand a lot of people don't have confidence in this president. But we should have confidence in the commander in chief and regardless of what the politics all our. No matter how much we disagree with the politics of the president. We should always hope. That the president has this country's best interest at heart. And that he is part of this country. And at whatever. He does is going to be in our best hitter against a lot of people who don't trust is his strategy don't trust is a foreign policy. And the president has been weak on foreign policy. Pressure Obama. Has not been as. Defiant. About crisis. -- British prime minister David Cameron. I realize that everybody's personality is different but I've heard president I'll be very defiant. -- determined. When it comes to some issues. And he has not appeared to be that definitive. When it comes to crisis. Now I understand that they don't have the strategy yet there's no timetable there were -- strategy and but for any president in the Oval Office. It's a lot more difficult to figure out a strategy against. Dedicated to die hard. Fanatics in a militant group. Then it is to use our military to try to protect our borders or to get troops out of the borders of one of our allies. If you wanna join us with a comment tonight about any we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. And it takes -- -- 7870. Phil Robertson from -- dynasty. He says that he would like to first sit down with members devices that have a Bible study try to convert them. Point out the errors of their ways to -- them to Jesus Christ and he says that doesn't work but he would kill him. Geraldo Rivera said on Fox News Channel that we should be head members devices since they're doing that to Americans. Is that the right way to handle what do you think that would would send them a message. It's cute we'll be right back into the WL has never set a Texas somebody and you realized that she'd sent the text to the wrong person. Occasionally you you text back and forth and descend -- -- sometimes you inadvertently sent a text of the wrong person. Well here's a text that is just come into our show and I can only assume this text is meant for somebody else and not meet. The text reads. I'll be home it's forty minutes. You have the whip cream. So if you have sent their attacks to the person that needs to get that text. They might wanna know that -- be home in twenty minutes and they might you might -- tells him whether or not you have the whipped cream. Do you enjoy our -- the comet tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 866889087. Texas 877. Here's a -- -- to let me get this right to deduct dynasty guy and says if the members of crisis. Refuse to convert to christianity. He would kill them. So would someone please. Please. For. All that is -- on God's green earth explained to me how that is any dang different from what crisis is doing. And killing people for refusing to convert to Islam. Anyone who takes fill whatever his name is is still Robertson seriously. Needs their head checked. Was it really a dumb thing for Phil Robertson this thing. I wanna convert them. And if they don't convert. -- -- In theory is that -- crisis is doing. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- recipient text Amber's -- 77 for get back to your calls. And more -- -- sort of remind you that the as -- blood tonight is titled. Is it okay to hate the falcons mean this is take the falcons' week as we lead. Into this season opener in Atlanta against the falcons Sunday. Now I have to -- with sarcasm alert here. When I tell you about this blog and and and read the blog before you make a decision about when I'm actually saying is it okay to hate the falcons. I think it is and explain the blog why it's okay to hate the falcons. On however some people comment on our FaceBook pages is also part of our FaceBook discussion at WWL radio. I he's OK the falcons a seem to think that I'm trying to be very politically correct so. I've you can join that conversation and Ted W radio and we'll get to some of those comments later in the -- From New Orleans Tony here and -- WLA good evening. They are buried there and and -- -- Tony. And I just the what the -- not sure he doesn't have a strategy yet. -- let's go ahead let's have a very clear the -- objective but what we need to. Because of -- member and we were younger we eastern here sir burgers talked about the but it. And then. As and I remember as the indicated. -- -- -- What was OR rated. Remember we we sent the troops and I -- in that turned out to be another fiasco and you know I. I think I would much in every third cleared fine you know what -- That way get accomplished because. Battle -- they are taking note that a black -- Kennedy's administration people still talked about it. And really the hostage. -- stole -- -- that was the biggest black guy on his on his administration. That happened late in his administration which are fickle lot of people may pat may believe that that helped him lead to the of the election of Ronald Reagan. Yeah. -- debate takes it was a botched operation. No question about that and and so was the attempt to rescue the hostages. And as we know Americans more than ever not that this is -- a good thing. But more than ever Americans have a very low tolerance with the loss the American life and it's. It's because of all that we've been involved in recently. Yes the fact that talking about that the -- about a few -- act act weird text. About. -- -- You and I took last evening -- slaughter thing about this Mike and it burst a bubble lights and just before you know. And -- one pastor. Now and it's in the next. And public while you know very cool and I went -- it -- orchard. And she's like chasing a popular name want to protect its key sent most of all persons like uh oh sorry one model walker. Yeah and I mean it sounds like an important message is somebody will be home in twenty minutes you have to whip cream green added there's some there's some on. There's an important -- mean the only twenty minutes in and we needed Nokia the whip cream if not that I guess them and get some and bring you know. Right now -- guess they're planning on ice cream Sundays. There are all I get -- some of the I got to see back in July that the The Beatles. Yeah hey. I gotta say it by remote field. They were look at the top guy great -- just too much and moderate. Yeah eventually a great defense that is so cool to see so many different generations have participated in that in the top jets -- the lead band every year but the invite different brands in monitoring -- for part of it this year along with. I'm a lot of other people rocket tootsie was there it. -- it's a fun event at house of blues every summer so if you haven't gone in the past it's sold out every year look for coming next July. -- you like about. It -- it's hard for me to say because I I see. I see. Talent and I see the way different bands handle the different songs and they -- you know the top cats are are really good with some of the some of the early hits of The Beatles. And but the -- of the -- -- did some things that we're a little more complicated -- that that's what -- it was so amazing to me about The Beatles looking back I mean I didn't appreciate this at the time that. I don't think there's any other band and especially so quickly went through. Such diversity in music going from simple lyrics like I wanna hold your hand -- she -- issue. To within just a couple of years that the deep -- more complicated. A day in the life for. Other songs that heads had very deep meaning. Are joined by Jordan thanks for a bicycle if you wanna join us for your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. -- free. 8668890. Or semi tech's number is 877. I think this is an interesting tax somebody brings up this this idea that. If -- dynasty still Robertson. Said that he would like to sit down with members of crisis have a Bible study. Point then the point out the errors of their ways and try to point and to Jesus Christ try to convert. And if they don't convert. To christianity. And he would kill. And in a way. That's kind of what crisis is still. If you don't convert. To their way of thinking that their mission. To their religion in their specific malicious religious beliefs. Don't kill -- Here's a text how do you know the whip cream wasn't for pillow talk while I'm assuming that anybody listen to this show. If they're going home and they're hoping that the person at home has whipped cream if they don't they wanna get some on their way home I can only assume. Jamaican hot fudge Sundays if you enjoyed tonight our numbers 2601870. -- free 86688907. It takes a breezy 77. Another reminder if you would like to be at Tiger Stadium Death Valley this Saturday when LSU has their 2014 home opener against Sam Houston State. You've got a chance to listen and win tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker between six and ten. When you hear the -- fight -- calling for your chance to win listen and win -- tickets. Tomorrow six to ten Tommy Tucker -- here on tiger radio. To review well. I'll get to a more of your text in just a few minutes to go back to our FaceBook page we had a FaceBook conversation going on. About the scoop block tonight's two which is titled is it okay to hate the falcons and a lot of people have reacted saying. Oh my god this -- says so politically correct. Will you actually read the blog you know it's are really not very politically correct. I love this banner that says Tony has posted on the the FaceBook page which is stepping -- Google radio you can pick apart of that conversation. It's it's a banner that has a four Italy at the top and it says keep calm and hate Roddy White. But the really that the best comment at all so -- of the guiding Scott. He says I do not did he says I do wanna date female falcons fans. Because they won't expect the -- And I think that's something that they have been conditioned to understand in life they made. They may never get a ring. Again you can join the conversation we're going to interview -- radio. On FaceBook here is a comment from Tracy the falcons and their fans. Have shown us. Nothing but disrespect. So they get no respect from me. -- you a lot of people have just a really hateful attitude toward the falcons and and their fans and and I Anderson you know I haven't been to Atlanta for a game. In a while. And maybe I was at a different setting. I I in my past every every saints game every -- soccer game that would make of that with that the disc jockey morning team in Atlanta. -- -- And we would pick a public place like. Hotel or per restaurant here. And I'd tell people look after the game go to this place because -- -- most are flying in for the game and the loser gets a pie in the face. If the falcons won then Ross in Wilson threw pies in my face and if the saints won I threw pies in their face. Needless to say I think over the years I got more pies in my face and they got -- Ayers over those over those years things have changed of course. I'm and then when the game was in Atlanta and I would go to Atlanta and would make a -- we'd be on each other's shows. And we would tell saints fans say if you gonna be there after the game go to Marriott hotel wherever we're going to be in in awhile engines of the club and this is where we're gonna. Do the pie in the face presentation. So it was it was a lot of phone over the years. I wish never I didn't really ever feel like I was mistreated by falcons fans but I've gotten some text tonight. Terms of people on this discussion of is it okay to hate the falcons. Say that jets repeating the falcons that we respect their fans when they come to New Orleans. But they don't respect us from Rico they're. Do you think that's the case. If you had a bad experience traveling to Atlanta. Will you be going to Atlanta this week to the game. To join our show tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. And a text amber is a 77. We had a bad experience going to Atlanta. Don't you know they're always gonna be rude fans and every single football stadium in America. The question is. Is there collectively -- rudeness. Against saints fans in Atlanta. And you think there is rudeness toward falcons fans. In New Orleans. This is this -- show we're coming right back into the WLL issue has their home opener. In Death Valley Tiger Stadium with a lot of do improvements to the stadium it's this weekend Saturday afternoon. The only of the game here on WWL. Got a chance to go listen Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning from six to ten you've got a chance to win tickets to that game. Tomorrow morning listen for the Alicia fights on call in and win so we've got all the information you need a volatile issue and the -- it Sam Houston State homophobia. Libya this will be a good game for a lot of the young players to get more experience and I'm assuming that. I'm Ella she will be ahead seven nothing by the end of the star spangled banner mean I'm just that's just kind of my prediction. On but this is going to be a good opportunity to have the players build on what they were building on as they went through that game against Wisconsin last Saturday. This was this was a game where I I saw a young team. Evolve and mature during the game and I I think this is gonna be really good game for them. A so we've got a lot of information from our experts on our website at WWL dot com read up on it. And also the saints and the countdown to the saints falcons game is under way right now we've got tons of articles and a lot of information getting use like the became all of that. On our website -- deputy real dot com and if you haven't signed up for the sports alerts yet this is a free text alerts service from WW well. And it's available on any phone you don't have to have like the super Smartphones available on any cellphone. And we don't charge forward but your your data and message year rates may apply. You know we have to do is text the word sports. Two -- 77. And this weekend and all through the season. During the games and during the week if there any developments with LSU the saints -- the pelicans and they'll be starting up soon as well you'll get the alerts immediately. And you may be the first in your peer group to know what's going on if you have these text alerts have been I get a -- at home all the time. Sometimes I'll be sitting working on the show for that particular night. And I'll get a text alerts news or sports -- Stiller from W well. And I'm OK with him and not just change the show I did in the middle of writing a blog. And got a text alert say well -- -- -- -- -- about this instead of -- writing about so you can get the news alerts by texting the -- news. Too late 77. Or you can get sports updates again this is during games and during the entire season saints -- issue and pelicans by texting the word sports. Too late 7870. Here is a -- we've had this conversation our FaceBook page is it okay to hate the falcons fans and the falcons. Here is -- a comment on FaceBook from Kevin I despise their team and I'm happy when they fail. Here's a comment from Jason Jacko. After the way the team. And their fans acted after our home playoff loss to them back in 92 -- yes I hate them and with good reason. Classless. Bunch of punks in my book. Here's a comment from. Shouldn't tell. I thought it was required. Yeah it really is required to State Department but like I get this comment on FaceBook from Dan who says I think scoot his run out of things to talk about. This is way too PC. Come on man. I can't imagine anybody who would actually take the time to read the blog. Titled is it okay to hate the falcons. Would send a message like that I I think it's finding the falcons and I explain why so. Read the blog share with you who -- fans friends. And if you -- if you have any falcons fans. -- friends assist them as well let's get let's get the scoop blog to some of these these falcons fans I'd love to get to a couple of radio stations. -- some of the sports stations in Atlanta let them talk about it is it okay to hate the falcons fans to date the falcons absolutely. And that a -- is on the web sites -- WL dot com read it and share it what's get it out there. Get ready for the game on Sunday -- the saints to win but. Remember this is a rivalry. And emotion is just such an intangible. That he's such a big part of football and and sports in general. -- have been countless cases where the underdog. Team with less talent. Less ability. Has beaten a greater team. Simply because of emotion. And you know it would make the -- season. To beat the saints. Even wants it in the season opener. They know we have such a great team right now. The falcons last year very very disappointing. They would love to start out this season with a win over the saints they are gonna be inspired. And they do have tell. Their talent is not as great as our talent their coaches and as great as our coach. But as you know anything can happen in the NFL. So this is still a rivalry. And it's obviously a very important game and yeah I said since the of the schedule came out now say it again. I like that the saints are opening the season on the road because I think this is gonna get them ready for the road. And they'll be a better road team this year because they are they're preparing for. Our scheme against a rival the first game on the road and and I liked it if you -- for the comic to write about me they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday tech's number is 87870. A federal judge in a new worlds US district judge became the first in the country to uphold. The laws that banned same sex marriage or not unconstitutional. A victory for those who want to ban same sex marriage. But to a victory that is gonna ultimately continued to clear the path to this issue to go before the Supreme Court. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight on the issue of same sex marriage. Is Louisiana leading. Or lagging behind. Can -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that when we come back. And President Obama says that Europe is being threatened by Russia's aggression. US and NATO troops will be going to the Ukraine. And we're gonna do we can to fight back Russia's. Advancement is that something that you support. I'm scoot him will be back on W well. Negotiations between a fox saint locally and DirecTV broke down and fox they'd drop DirecTV. The game between the -- the falcons is on fox states. Locally Solana DirecTV. Subscribers are concerned about this John -- studio producer. These -- DirecTV subscriber and he's told via a couple things he says he's heard that it might be back they made settle things -- work things out. But he also said the -- onboard digital HD antenna. For ten bucks at big lots and he says -- comes in locally very clear. And that's a great alternative that's that's -- you know occasionally. You'll lose. You lose DirecTV. Treason and so you have this antenna and usually stick before I had dead the -- -- I had an HD antenna. And it works really well you get the idea that you get more than just a local stations. It's got a random which you which you could pick up you don't get everything that you get on cable but you know it it is one way to make sure that you if you've always got something with that digital. Antenna also -- John cleared out there during this last break to me that DirecTV. Has NFL ticket free. This weekend. So you get all the gains on NFL ticket free this weekend those games start around 700. And you can always get the Atlanta feed. This weekend from DirecTV. So you will see if you're DirecTV subscriber you will see. The saints and the falcons it might be from the Atlanta feet or things I think they were here's a -- you know of Channel 8 and DirecTV settled. Assays play on Channel 8 you don't wanna drive around slight hill to find the game on. -- here's a text about is it okay to hate the falcons I lost all respect for the falcons fans when he threw eggs and our players spots. You know I was I was last year wasn't it evidently I was really embarrassing moment and that was it was embarrassing for the entire city of Atlanta. And that's not something that's the falcons. In general Woodson would support it affected the falcons organization. It was not supportive of at all but it just goes to show you that some fans can be. That way. Here is I text about it Phil Robertson who if you just joined us -- -- -- of -- dynasty. -- on the Hannity show on Fox News Channel I believe yesterday. That he would like to sit down with members of license. And have a Bible study with them and try to convert them. And if they didn't convert. He'd kill. Eighty said if it came down to a gunfight they won't convert that he would essentially would kill. As somebody brought up that's kinda what crisis. Is doing right now. Here's a Texan reads as -- apparently Phil Robertson is never heard. That it's better to only be thought of as a fool than to open one's mouth. And remove all doubt. Here his attacks I would be embarrassed to be a dirty birds stand after the can only score two points in that playoff game. A few years back here's a text. -- stop Haiti. Go falcons. That is from Roberts in Jonesboro Georgia got a text here for so I said I don't ask the question how much do you hate the falcons. I sent -- -- that I hate the whole state of Georgia. Because the falcons -- in torture. And another text for somebody said. Samuel Jackson was one of their favorite actors. So I'm in a falcons. Falcons Jersey. Now hates. Samuel L. Jackson. And that information might actually cause somebody else to hate simulate Jackson. Another -- blog it is a still turning on our website -- from the show last night football players pray an atheist complaint. It's about this a controversy with an atheist group complaining. When high school in Florida as the team got down on there on one knee and bowed their heads and prayed over an injured player. And the atheist group complained about it while. It's Wednesday nights on Cisco show and we'll be right back into the WL.