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9-3 Scoot Show 11pm, Atlanta Falcon Hate Week

Sep 4, 2014|

A federal judge in New Orleans has become the 1st in the country to uphold laws about traditional marriage. U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman said that couples challenging the ban on same-sex marriage failed to prove their 1st Amendment rights are being violated. The judge’s ruling ends a streak of over 20 decisions declaring that laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. Is Louisiana leading or lagging behind on the issue of same-sex marriage? PLUS: President Obama said today that the United States will not be intimidated by ISIS and following the 2nd beheading of an American journalist – the U.S. will “degrade and destroy” the militant group. What would you like to hear the President say and do about ISIS? ALSO: It’s “Hate the Falcons Week” for Saints fans! The season opener is this Sunday against the Falcons in Atlanta – at a time when there is a lot of talk about too much “hate” in the world – is it ok to “hate” the Falcons? How much do you hate the Falcons?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right tomorrow night is the first game of the NFL football season 2014. And you're gonna hear the first game right here tomorrow night and every WL. Green bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. And there will join their game a writer for sports talk in the sports programming from 48 and he'll be enjoyed in progress -- tomorrow night. And then on Friday night there's a prep football throughout the season. So -- wanted to show on Friday night or tomorrow right that this Monday Night Football so I've taken this opportunity to -- to go visit my son in in Portland and I'll be back next Wednesday. Now I'm going to be on a plane Friday morning. And I'm going to be at a couple planes to get to it to Portland. I am going to reclaim my seat. And I don't intend on asking the person behind I don't think this is rude. But I don't intend on asking the person behind me is it okay for meter climb my seat the last two nights on the show we've been nice talking about. These in flight incidents these confrontations that have taken place over reclining and airlines seat. And how ridiculous it is that this is suddenly an issue. And it's led to it within two weeks it's like 23 flights being diverted. Because and it's like confrontation over a reclined -- Not a drunken passenger. A reclined seat. Which is something that is acceptable behavior. -- -- -- -- I don't expect. They're to be anything it's you know we're tweeting but if -- is I certainly will tweet if you wanna join me on Twitter. It's act -- WW well. Here is taxed -- -- I was stationed in Georgia for three years and the falcons fans are fair weather also Sam Jackson. Filmed a bunch of -- up commercials. Last year. That they kept playing throughout the game. All the while the saints were beating them down. And for the listener in Jonesboro. Saints stock and series 123. The last few years. Coast states. If you -- for the comet tonight there are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And -- text him receipts every seven years attacks about a Phil Robertson if you just joined us at the Robertson said. That would -- -- really really like to do he says it's on Hannity and Fox News Channel he would really like to sit down with crisis. And -- would like to. Have a Bible study with. Point them out to the error of their ways and point in the Jesus Christ. And -- comes down to a gun fight -- they don't convert he would he would kill. Here's a text scoot to. Region and proper context Phil was saying. It obviously to the nicest group only because. If you don't kill him they will kill you he's not saying what he will do if they don't convert to christianity. He will kill them in any wind. If their life is threatened or somebody. Or someone they love. Is threatened they would do they would kill Obama clearly understand it. Although I'm still curious as to wide. Somehow Phil Robertson of -- dynasty he has become this go to person when it comes to. Political policy. Social policy of the United States domestic policy. And and foreign policy. At its interest in these abused person who. Has -- TV show but he says it seems to seems to be revered as some some kind of some kind of an expert in any of it. You can you can read the articles and determine for yourself and nobody knows except Phil Robertson what he really meant. But to say. And it just seems a kind of harsh I mean I'll I'll read the quote from the -- this. We're trying to quote from Phil Robertson. And you can't get all these papers for art here's here's the quote from Phil Robertson and you -- decide what he really means by this. He said I'd much rather have a Bible study with all of them mean members of crisis and children error of their ways. And point them to Jesus Christ. However if it's a gun fight anti gun fight alone. If that's what they're looking for me personally I'm prepared. For either one. And CEO also said that he would either convert them which he thinks would be impossible. He says I'm not giving up on them I'm just saying I would either convert them. Or kill them. It seems pretty plain to me that's a quote from Phil Robertson on the Hannity show. On Fox News Channel if you -- a joyous -- -- your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. For Mississippi -- -- on this -- going to be WL. Very -- I don't -- For a first thing about war. And you -- a lot of producers here you know. Okay. You know -- -- You know they made their -- a car. So you could record. Right. Well okay. And our moments. You know our. -- -- Public comments that person first army. It's -- -- has been somewhat -- or. -- you're searching you would you would look behind you argued look behind you deceive if somebody was doing something before you record your seat. Why is it OK I didn't realize their table in the back seat. Say that my pal lot I have never Mo. But if there's. You know. That message out there. GPU are not see people computer. Laptop or whatever their own open. Are just. What I wrote it is. What it does that and what. They're -- apparently you know. And barely fit senate seat in the first plates and would you still be OK with Ricardo actually. Well see if you're if you're tall and we -- with the seat doesn't -- that much cheap so if if recline the seats. Doesn't really affect I mean you're going to be crowded in that seat no matter what whether the seat in front -- he was reclined or not you you're going to be crowded in that seat if your. A -- who is a bigger then then somebody else. So I just I don't know the reclining his is gonna make that much of a of a difference one of the incidents that we for talked about on the show involved -- A woman this is on the the flight from LaGuardia Airport in New York to West Palm Beach diverted to Jacksonville Florida. On the woman had her tray table down and she had her her arms and her head on the table choose trying to sleep -- tray table. And when the woman put the seat back she got a set -- that's sort of the confrontation that led to the -- being diverted to a Jacksonville. Now. Sleeping on the tray table he's using the tray table in a manner in which she was not intended to be used. Reclining deceit is using the seats in -- deceit. It was intended to be used. More hair and let's not comment girl born there. Vote. Which I didn't realize that -- table in the back in the -- you know what never -- But. It felt comfortable within our way. You know wearing. She backed it up. What else -- you know and they're all real sleet and an hour. Or. I'm Barbara appreciate you calling and you know -- kind of having second thoughts about tennis although here's here's my problem with asking the person behind me if I can recline my seat. Now that this is is is a controversy in the minds of of many people. I'm kind of thinking that if I asked the person behind me do you mind -- five reclined my seat. Out of courtesy. And they tell me no. I'm gonna -- -- my -- So maybe it would be -- Navy would be best not to not to defy them but if if my intent is to be a little more comfortable reclining deceit. And I'm doing something that is accepted and it's. Acceptable behavior on a plane. Then I don't see why there's this this controversy and and yet as some people make in a big deal out of something that really should be considered. A very very insignificant things so. Obviously some people don't have any real serious problems that this is the problem -- and political assured thanks Lucy tonight in Mississippi. Jimmy I'm a courteous person. Are really -- But I'm I'm concerned about. Warning to reclined my seat slightly and I've I've got -- there's too long flights. To get to Vegas had to mean -- Vegas would first like to -- to deported to launch flights to get to Portland. And too long flights coming back. And -- might -- reclaim my seat. I just I cannot believe that this is controversy. Where this has caused so much disruption in the world. And it really it. Percentage wise it hasn't created a big disruption but suddenly it seems like there is an issue over reclining seats. And somebody has invented something that is known as the -- defender. And it attaches to the tray table. On your seat and it prevents the person in front of view. From declining their seat they can't do. I don't know that that's the passenger behind use. I don't think it's a job to tell you whether you can recline your seat. That's something that. The airline should tell you and and I think all domestic airlines in the United States. Have they hadn't. The knee defender and yet some people are buying this product for Tony to boxing and trying to use it. But I would be really offended if somebody charge profanity from reclining deceit so. I reclined my -- I don't. As I said last night I don't watch the seat back I think that's rude and some people do then as soon as they. -- issues you get up to I guess it's. 101000 feet. And they did he get that little bit of deep that it's okay to have you know. You sure electronic equipment whenever and there are people who -- that -- back with such force that it's like they're trying to make some kind of a statement. So that's not to shall be that I would do but I I I. Very gingerly. Output deceit tactics and I want to disrupt the person behind me but I wanna put the seat back again I'm just surprised that this is really an issue. It's obviously a microcosm of the much bigger issue in America. And that is that there are a lot of people who are angry. Their raging. And they they're trying to tell other people. How to lead their lives. And this idea we've talked about this the last couple of nights this idea of live and let live. No longer seems to be a prominent part of our society. Which to me is really sad. Because if somebody's doing something that doesn't really affect your life. Then why -- you so concerned about it. And -- comes to many of the social issues we talked about an issue. There. Are people who it's not so much as they disagree with something it's more like OK I disagree with that. But even though it doesn't affect me I don't want you to do it. And to be trying to dictate behavior. Two Americans. From other Americans. Have very frightening Trent. If you rejoiced I mean your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a sex Amber's a 77 for -- -- Jerry your artists who show good evening. -- -- -- are you know good. And just trying to put up a little bit and see trial okay and it's. -- on many many aircraft. 95%. Or more about. Won't. That tray table is not actually. Mounted to the flat sheet. In front that -- back. They treat cable mommy to explain to -- Soda tax receipt falls between two brackets that. You know treat people aren't that. That's correct so I know I think it's more an issue of perception of lost out there and Israel of -- space. Right -- you -- back you EEL. Com. And most people. I was. A big guy and -- -- you know it's a lot easier to meet you -- with that siege all men in the aggregate are sure singled in Tokyo understood. Motion and able all. You know way you can go back in or -- In debt and upset. You know you which it all you know -- -- on. -- -- That's a good point like Gerri we know when we board a plane these days we're going to be -- it's right I mean I don't care how it that your grades it's -- right. And I can't agree which you will get a lot you know bigger fish to -- then you know something that. You know I'm in one week out that we pay good money. But you know I just want to take. And I'm glad you mentioned -- I appreciate your insight from being a traveler. But it really is more at the perception of loss space than it is actual loss space because as you know those seats don't really reclined. Very much. Here's attacks asking me this question. What are you going to do if the person behind you. Uses the -- bar thing. But the passage behind me on any of the flights of them. Would if they use the -- -- defender. And don't allow me to. -- -- -- -- If they get -- going to be diverted. I hope not I would call the flight attendant. And and talent to have the person remove it and then it would be up to the person behind me. To determine whether or not there would be an instant I wouldn't causing it to with the person I would go through the authority on the plane which would be the flight attendant. And that if the person behind -- decided to make an issue out of it that would be there action. Not mine. Here's a text as someone who is seven feet tall 400 pounds wouldn't be allowed on a plane in the first place. And I don't give a -- the troops. About how tall -- wide somebody is I paid for my seats of I want recliner I will. And if you don't like someone reclaim their seat and patronize an airline. It has disable the reclining feature on their seats in -- a couple of your -- have done and then inevitably there are those rose if each year in a row. A seats. Debts in front of the exit row. Those seats don't recline. Or the backs and so you know you might be on a plane where the seat doesn't actually -- but if the seat does recline that's everybody's right. To recline the seat. And people should not be getting upset about. Are you gonna comment tonight on numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- numbers 87870. A federal judge in New Orleans said became the first judge to ruled that the the laws that banned same sex marriage. Are not unconstitutional. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight on the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading. Or lagging behind. Give us your opinion by going to WW dot dot com we'll give you an update on match when we come back. The US district judge in New Orleans and became the first judge in the country to uphold the ban on same sex marriage are going to be if you're a pretty general opinion poll is there's. On the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind. It's been very close all -- and actually started out with a majority 60% say Louisiana is leading. Reconciliation of same sex marriage by -- this discharge of upholding and in New Orleans -- to the same sex marriages laws that the ban on -- -- laws are not a constitutional. So -- sort out 6040 in favor leading. But now it's 47% say leading but a slight majority 53% say Louisiana is lagging behind. Can -- opinion by going to our web sites WW delta account or to clear things up -- once again wins this DirecTV behavior DirecTV subscriber. I'm I'm sure you're well aware of the dispute between. Fox states locally and DirecTV. And it was a break Jenna communications so fox states locally dropped DirecTV. And the game between the saints of the falcons is on DirecTV John -- studio producer has put a link on our FaceBook page. That talks about the free preview. Of NFL Sunday ticket on DirecTV. So. Even if fox -- dropped you will be able to see the saints falcons game this weekend if things don't work out I'm sure. I -- fox states and DirecTV are still in negotiations. But you can pick up the Atlanta feet we've got that information thanks to to John -- DJ wickets. It's our FaceBook conversation. On our web our FaceBook page which is WWL radio and it's with the other scoop like tonight is it okay to hate the falcons. -- Kyra you're on the -- show and -- WLA good evening. I'm good. Yet actually you buy an American now flat out. I need to be shorter I think Saddam actually get. About 78 years ago. Ought dontrelle a proposal by opera La army. I might see on a trip overseas. -- strip and the am sure it. About it in really understanding -- travel ban on gun went where I never buy my sheet my C. What I am I'm not the land my laptop Albright knows something worse or -- -- You generally impact what I can't or cannot do that you know -- -- -- broken -- -- and life. The -- out Al opened -- can crunch. Either scream pretty. -- CI and I've never had that experience no I think there was a polite way to reclined the seat and and some people do not recline the seats very politely. They really. Forced them back with. With great energy. I'm but I can. Can't go to the wire to wire built on the -- All we all do -- let someone and that it is -- they are you aware that my back. So out of courtesy to others you don't record your seat anymore. I don't never. In -- Laptop and work. Personal economy by declines. Panel painting out. I got to. Go out. All right so as a as an experienced traveler miners are frequent -- travels a lot. Are you surprised that this is actually become an issue that in the last two weeks has led to three flights being diverted. Think that's going and that people do you. Want him escalate to that yet. I think an industry -- if it is just another issue that are running into a addled British. I'll while once we got export it low enough. To camp victory and -- Kyle I appreciate your your insight thanks for listening to our show. The memory -- comments and this -- this is typical of a lot of listeners let me read his comments that is posted on our FaceBook page which is continue his conversation. Is it okay to -- the falcons. Comic comes from Iran. It's official scooters now of the PC word police. Scooter is -- on the word hate. Even when used in jest. What do clown. As the blog is titled. Is it okay and the falcons. And I can't imagine anybody would actually. Have read the blog. And then made that comment. The saints are ready to open the season 2014 against the falcons in Atlanta this Sunday. Great expectations this year for the saints and it's a long season and we don't know how the season's gonna hand put all the pieces seem to be in place. If esteem if the team stays healthy. The saints. Are critical long way and there are so many outsiders with objective opinions. Were predicting that states win the NFC south. And summer actually predicting they're gonna go to the Super Bowl. But this is hate the falcons weakens -- I often talk about how there's too much hate in this country had to ask myself is it appropriate to promote the idea of Haiti the falcons. And and their fans as well. Now I didn't think that they would have to give -- serious sarcasm alert with this but I guess I have to do. Exactly that sarcasm alert. Now it didn't take me long to reach the conclusion that it's okay to hate the saints I mean to hate the falcons and their fans. -- the falcons -- their fans. And the way they hate the saints and saints fans that's an acceptable part of the world of sports. Hate for sports rivals. -- like the saints in the falcons the tigers and tide you know that just reflects the intense passion the fans have for their team. And that's part of the world of sports now in our culture we often use words and ways to reach beyond their specific definitions. For example. But saints fan says that he or she hopes the saints killed the falcons this Sunday. -- don't literally mean kill the players and usher song do but most just. Use that as an exaggerated expression passion for the saints. So I don't feel the need to defend myself but I find it interesting that some people take even the title of something like a blog is in locating the falcons so seriously. Obviously this is done we have -- sarcasm. Saints fans hate the falcons and their fans. And that's OK. We hate what they stand for. We don't hate the individual's well except maybe. May be Roddy White Julio Jones and Matt Bryant. But it really is easy to -- the falcons fans for just the way they loyally support their team. Which the saint -- and -- translator. The stock as fans just cheer wildly date to act like they're better than saints fans and a lot of saints fans believe that there mistreated when they go to Atlanta. I haven't had that experience but some people talk about the mystery but then there was the incident of the people the airport. Airport employees who were obviously falcons fans. Throwing eggs at the saints team bus when the team bus arrived in Atlanta. So. It is the behavior of the saints fans in the way they -- at the behavior of the falcons fans and the way the demonizing stance -- anything justifies these feelings have a heck of hate. And what's gonna happen is with the game this this weekend the network television cameras. Are gonna capture. Many of the behaviors the different behavior these falcons stance. And that's the report many parents in a position of explaining to their children why. These people are doing this thus forcing their forcing their kids to really deal with adult matters that are very early age. And in the TV cameras focus on the falcons fans in the stands inevitably there will be some young children who will be asking the embarrassing question. Daddy why those two men jumping up and down and hugging each other to which the parent must respond. Sign it their behavior is an abomination. Your mother and I don't approve of that lifestyle. And acting that way in public. That's not something we what you exposed to I hope you know better than to actively. And now adding to the challenge for parents who want to help their kids just deal with with this inappropriate behavior falcons fans which we will see. Is the national network announcers. The media did they make it seem as if being a falcons -- is acceptable behavior. And you know we hear a lot of talk these days about Fannie equality. And it's it's acceptable behavior to be falcons fan. Yes we do hear a lot about it. And falcons fans should not be judged they should be respected as people but you know when when you witnessed the blatant attempts. By falcons fans to force their beliefs on others I mean they actually try to recruit people into the coming falcons fans. He can't help but wonder for society's falling apart. There's also -- and comfortable issue of Pakistan's. I know this is controversial but there's this. Actual problem of falcons fans. Marrying each other. And raising children. As if that's something that's good for society. A good one and good luck explaining that he kept. At least the game is in Atlanta this Sunday. But you know when the falcons. Come here. And the falcons fans come here. And we'll talk about this when the game is in New Orleans. Parents will face the challenge of explaining to their kids why falcon stands are walking around. Holding each other's hands sometimes -- even catch that kissing each other in public in front of our children. If they can just leave that lifestyle behind closed doors. There wouldn't be these questions of confusion for kids. So. They hate. -- saints fans have for falcons and the falcons fans is justified. Even in a world. Where there's too much hate. -- blog tonight is titled it's -- to -- the -- You can -- read -- to share with others on our website at WW -- account if you gonna join us with a comment tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- rights -- a text numbers they Seve Seve is also conversation that does continue on our FaceBook page WW already. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not close contact with we've press if you -- join us again our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Aren't here which every text of receipt 7870. Here is a comment on our FaceBook page. That breeds. I used to pull for them the falcons once the saints would get eliminated from playoff contention. That used to happen quite a lot before 06. So I wouldn't say I hate the falcons except for Roddy White I hate Roddy White. Here's a comment from wind yes its OK to just hate the falcons would just the falcons. Here -- comment from Gloria on our FaceBook page Shaq can't hate all of them because. Some or my family. But certainly can -- most. Some lack class. You can argue for your comment our FaceBook page for going to every divisional radio. I have never been mistreated by falcons fans say you know what I had not been to a saints game in Atlantic -- long time but I used to do -- on a regular basis. And haven't been mistreated but I I hear stories -- people feel like they're mistreated but. It's not fair to judge. All of the fans by the behavior sought. Mean you can even judge Chicago fans -- Philadelphia Eagles fans all of them by the behavior of some. But. Fans should. Should stand up for the idea that you need to be respectable. To the other fans. Mean that should be something that is just absolutely common. And it ended his sentence and some some people are so passionate about their team. That they led their passion they allow their passion to lead them to this to these confrontations that take place. And you know there are a few times in a couple times last year when there were fans from another team. There we were playing wearing the jerseys and our T shirts or whatever of that of the other team and and they were there were saints fans that were taunting them. And that was totally inappropriate to mean we we shouldn't do that enemy. You can there's foreign toting and then there's just ugly -- Anderson there's a big difference he can taught in of fun wave because they kind of attack that's just being that's just like being rivals that's that's. That's acceptable but it's the ugly taunting that. Sometimes when alcohol involved. That leads to things that really shouldn't happen. If you -- I would comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Darren Serwer sanity. And a text number is 87870. Here is attacks have read so how can you honestly have feelings of hate. For something so meaningless. Well let's see this is in meaningless. It's the falcons. It's the saints and the falcons. If your saints fan. You were born to hate them. I just I just feel badly for these kids read being raised by parents in a mixed marriage a saints fan of the falcons stand. -- -- that child. Some people think the challenge just grow up and decide for him or herself. Others say no I'm gonna teach you to be saints fan and that's the way it should be in my opinion. We'll be right decorative WL. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia once used death row inmate Henry Lima column as a glaring example of why the death penalty is justified. College years ago he said -- for example are defending the death penalty for example. The case of an eleven year old girls raped by four men and then killed. How enviable. A quiet death by lethal injection. Compared with that. He was referring to Henry Lee -- This guy at the time that Scalia said this had been on death row for twelve years. He didn't he did on death row for almost thirty years but he did on death row for twelve years when when Scalia said this. Yesterday. DNA evidence implicated another man. And described an incident Scalia. Used as an example of why. People should be -- it and relieve the column. Was released from prison. That's one of my -- problems with. The death penalty. And embarrassing moment for Scalia. To have promoted this guy is a poster boy for why we have the death penalty. And -- is talking about a guy who is it's is it turns out. Was not guilty. There's not enough money that would ever make up for what this man went through. Thirty. Years. On death row. For a crime he didn't commit. And there are people who have been executed. And its -- that they were not guilty. Here's an update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll on the issue of same sex marriage is Louisiana leading or lagging behind 47% say leading 53%. Say lagging behind. I I got it a tweets on my a Twitter account which is at scoots WWL. From our Christian. And he says I've never been more shame to be in Louisiana then I am today. A lot of people or ashamed to be in Louisiana for reasons like that but then there are a lot of people who applaud the state for standing up for what they believe is right. Which is banning same sex marriage. This is not a definitive ruling. But this ruling is just continuing to. Pave the road to the US Supreme Court ultimately deciding whether or not a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. I hear is attacks agrees I think the previous texture gain some insight into the reasons why someone would get frustrated with the use of -- seat recliner. This again just mentioning this tonight. It's been an issue the last couple of nice because we've talked at the last two weeks and this is an issue last week flights diverted three flights diverted two weeks. Because. Of a controversy and confrontation in flight over somebody who recline their seat. So this a text goes on to say. You see recliner. I don't care. Texas and as I don't care. How big how big you are attitude. Is no better than the people who use the need defenders I understand both sides my son is very tall and those few inches. He loses when he is when the seat in front of him declines are a big deal. He usually causes him to have to turn to the side and impede the person next to him. I -- always. Access the person I always asked the person have to answers spell corrected I got into pieces I've I've freedom. Obviously you're saying I do always asked the person behind me. And ask if I can recline my seat when in doubt the seat decliner being on that. The seat does not excuse. Everyone from common decency. And here's a text that says tough blank. You have no right to work or play on your laptop. But people do have a right to relax. And try to sleep. Here is another text. There are no issues to handle. Blanks. The seats recline people can recline if others don't like it don't fly. Are flying. First class. Here is. And other comments. We're about to Bobby beard Morten Andersen. Both left the saints to go play for the falcons should we -- of course we should donate them. -- -- They were born again they were born again saints fans. Because they came back to New Orleans. So that ends the conversation. Here is. Texas Reid says scoot too when they were not even aware. They needed seatbelts and automobiles in automobiles. It's a shame. That they were. -- -- And that really showing interest in that that text -- interesting text today it again it doesn't take much to. Get people to respond to issues about about rudeness. And people were -- and also is some talk to a the last couple of nights. -- there are growing turf wars. In America. And one of the new battlegrounds for the turf war is the reclining seat. Now. I consider myself to be very polite person but I tend reclined my seat. Penalty on a flight Friday morning at nine intent to climb IC. And I'm I'm concerned that it plans the person behind me is advocate ever clemency that they saying oh -- they wanted to and anyway. So was it vestiges recline your seat. Again if you do recline your seats. Do it do it slowly. You don't have to force it. Some people just like it's the seat back and if you do something -- year your tray table. It can bounce of army conceivably they can knock it -- off year your table or Bernard. Something after today. And there are people who are using their laptops so you -- courteous. Recline your secret to a slowly. It's Wednesday night I -- we'll be right back. WL. The saints re signed wide receiver Robert Meachem and put quarterback Ryan Griffin bank on the practice squad Christian Garrett talks about that. On our website at WW overcome also Robert Meachem retreated out today I love my fans. -- of the best and I'm glad he's back and Medea had room for. But you know the original reason that they. The letting go was because they have fought a lot of depth right now that today at wide receiver but you know you wonder if bringing back Meachem. Has something to do with concern about the injury to Kenny stills. The countdown to the saints falcons season opener is underway we've got a lot of information on our website at WW real dot com. Here's a text the clears up the text that I've I've read -- did make sense because -- -- Centex and sometimes they don't make sense because of spell correction things like that. And the text was a comment about the two gentlemen release from jail today. They were seated in an automobile they've been Ngo for so long. They had to be shown that they needed to Wear seatbelts. That's a long they've been in jail. They were not required to Wear seatbelts. And they were wrongly. Wrongly accused. About got -- -- text. From someone who said it will -- Antonin Scalia. I used that that guy in prison on death row. As a poster child for. For the death penalty because a jury convicted him. And he was a convicted man at the time. And you know I agree that is a legitimate way to look at that is. A legitimate point but what we're learning is. There are people on death row. Who were not guilty. And us. We can execute them. One of my problems with the death penalty right now here's a text listen to you every night that is from brain Saint Louis ray thanks listing in Saint Louis. One thing John which are studio producer of various NFL football tomorrow -- first game of the 2014 season between the Packers in the Seahawks you'll hear it right here -- WL. And then Friday night football have a great weekend go well issue go saints love -- New Orleans.