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9-4 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Sep 4, 2014|

Dave talks about whether life is better with or without kids, What is Wrong with People, and if e-cigs should be legal where cigarettes are illegal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW well partners on this fourth of September 14 it. Is already that day before Friday -- a happy Friday. EU EU and yours yes indeed. Celebrate Friday the days semis. That we market toys yeah like New Year's Day yeah it gets an. Friday and Friday he says if you -- on Friday eve and number eight cells. Are ready for foot. All man football the night. Yeah first game counts of the NFL season tonight the Seattle Seahawks and they. Green Bay Packers won't -- dandy or not -- -- great game to start the season are. Somebody's got to a model winner he. Will C -- Steve thing about this game in my man. You know it could be an indication I think one of these two teams could be -- the saints at the deal with. Deep into the playoffs of not in the NFC champions ya -- that's pretty much what we're hearing from the prognosticators. That. These two teams will probably be there near the end yes indeed. Get ready folks have this yankees in the Yankees in. Everything ready for every green at a football if he can't be in front of the TV. I'll rate euphoria and Debbie WL AM and two licences the current deal and the saints. Hated hated. Him out on. A Sunday. The thing about Friday Friday and Sunday afternoon. Because Friday is tomorrow morning on unveil and revealed your prediction all season now the sheets were passed out and yes game by game and everyone in the WWL. Studio and on news through the whole family control room fill out. There predicts home. -- the century your season will go game by game with a final record will be cool field yet and it's it's not easy because you know with the way we do you -- It's not like -- you just picked the overall record and then you're done wouldn't you got to go game by game. And that makes a whole different picture when you get to the end gets easier a look at the saints team I've read their probably twelve -- well where at -- -- -- game on him. But when you start looking at each game saying well the saints win or lose this game yeah -- about that game. And now look at the next and and it makes it a little more difficult to pick who I've wanted to up again so you have been. Six of the last seven years the most accurate prognosticators. Of the century -- season record of any one new idea if heat's new car. So revealed tomorrow. How do you feel about the black and very goal revelation fourteen yesterday you were taught him some votes about it. And there is this raging debate. Because. It hasn't really been settled yet should -- cigarettes should be allowed. In places where regular cigarettes. Are not acting mean out there today use -- now it's it's not smoke ads in the paper it's. It's -- it's its -- its its its water. Now it does have nicotine in the water up. That is delivered to the individual and the debating still whether or not that nicotine in that paper will. At any second hand effects on people around those smoking -- we will leave nicotine on. These surfaces. And the items around people who were smoking you know secondhand smoke now a -- my third hands just as. In the tables in the telephones in the computers in the keyboards and the door knobs and everything around a smoker have nicotine. From the smoke. Does that happen from the -- dozens necessary travel as far things readers don't know yet. Now so why in just saying what they decide that you know they kind of take in the middle ground. Yeah they did in this student government and it had urged the president go ahead and you know don't do the total ban like they did with tobacco not allowed anywhere so 25 feet from a building. On the you know campus you can do the no cigarettes at all anywhere -- know -- all know. Notre body you know tobacco game -- -- -- No cigars -- by EC -- are okay outside 25 feet away from bill. And I don't and right next to somebody I can't even detected on that I've been noticing his game and someone just a row below me is -- there -- cigarette. And I don't know that's against the rules nobody ever says anything about -- And I I've been in lots abilities seats on walk -- through profit on any cigarette and there's almost no building we can smoke cigarettes anymore no no. It's oh. Interesting to bail out post via text -- 7870. Should. And I wanna talk while we get to backing here. In fifteen minutes about this story about. Who's happier couples with kids -- you pass it that's serves about. -- credit 7870 is well tell me. Is life better if you have kids or if you don't have kids. We'll take a closer look at -- -- -- come -- here at WWL am -- and dot com forecast -- sports. Right activists. And -- David Blake will show of on what's -- at 1 o'clock this afternoon. My. I trend Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday -- Angela. Two minute that it into which here here we do more of it. During that time he -- he forecasts you know have to wait till 1 o'clock that annuity. Still looking very much like summer over the next couple of days with temperatures right at or just above average high is 92 later on. LT 30% chance of rain today but there's chances to spike up just a little bit for Friday and Saturday to 40%. That's -- highs both days that about 91. For the pinpoint forecast -- -- urologist Clark knocked out. Mostly cloudy now at the airport in -- 78 degrees relative humidity is 93%. It's like -- partly cloudy. And 74 degrees I'm Dave go and it's the early edition of WWL birthdays keep texting me at 87870. I wanna know. Do you think people are happier if they have children. Or if they don't. Have children will delve deeper into that report also asking you about. In places where regular cigarettes are not UN now is decided while no cigarettes are allowed on campus. 25 feet or more away from a building. Some -- an 87870. Saying it is against the rules to smokey cigarettes of the saints game I know because. And I a couple of rows behind us got kicked out. And knowing that status thanks man feel lousy wages and here's. Outside you know desperately to find them. Now responded. Steve Geller with its sports. Days before Friday every Friday there. Feeling you'd have -- football tonight NFL football for real it through. Hot teams to start it off and the saints play the falcons in just three more days. Well good morning everybody and -- outside linebacker junior go let inked a four year extension with the team with 41 million dollars and includes 23 million in guarantees. The beard started out in New Orleans as an undrafted free agent in 2010 and racked up a career high twelve sacks last season. You have those who was -- -- and and always the -- -- social norm off even so and you lose those like them to go initial -- Garland who's going to do not believe in that won't you wouldn't believe me W myself that's automatic. Also -- saints transaction news wide receiver Robert Meachem has been brought back after being released over the weekend. And quarterback Ryan Griffin made it through waivers unclaimed it is now a member of the black -- practice squad. We're now just three days away from -- game days the black and gold continues to Europe from their week one matchup in Atlanta. Drew Brees on why these games against the dirty birds usually come down to the last possession. Both teams are very high achieving both teams have won a lot of games we'll things below hole both teams you know how to win. Kind of know the formula. NFL's regular season kicks off -- night as the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers. Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said that batting cover boy Richard Sherman is poised for a another great season act cornerback. A lot of things that Richard tell us that didn't make peace making special and then he shows you how why he's able to do the things that he's done in and be so different than this. Early stretch his career. And then continue to work with great focused in in you know pointing towards having a great year this year you can catch the game on WWL tonight starting at 8 o'clock. Saturday nights in Death Valley are a waste special here's the big chief with a look at LSU's upcoming home opener after making a splash with the tigers in his freshman season debut live -- it expected to even do better -- -- tigers -- fall that's what coach miles expects from his talented fresh act number one guy say. Randy Moss and -- be that good an NFL player. There's one of those. Memorable miss quotes and missed cues if you thought it was the accident is -- game for the by -- bagels Saturday night is LSU detained Sam -- In state Deke Bellavia WW real sports and the US basketball team clinched the number one seed in their group at the basketball World Cup by whipping the Dominican Republic 106 to 71. Therefore on sports book alive promoters of Metairie the saints players show featuring safety -- a bush plus. But -- -- Bob behavior goes QB QB with Drew Brees I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look exports. Five point three Dave on Steve Geller with you on your radio real likened tonight's game Seattle or Green -- I'm taken Seattle just because the defending champs are at home and they just don't lose games they like the saints they tend not to look is games that home in Seattle. -- do you think the saints are gonna eventually have to play one of these two teams -- both of them to get to the super ball if they can make it that far this season I -- we've been both of these teams are threats to the NFC crown and hopefully either one. Will be having to come through New Orleans to do so because you don't we don't wanna go to Green Bay and we know you don't wanna go to Seattle at all either yeah Green Bay during the playoffs that's not -- because -- that's the severity. Cole bungle art season that's when it becomes rose in Thailand and you've been to Seattle couple times the last few years hasn't worked out -- one didn't go so well so I guess I'm pulling for Green Bay. Anything. Keep us from having go back to Seattle in the playoffs it immediately get that that's actually Bobby agent draft you know -- like roofers for for the Packers tonight. -- -- that Steve yeah I think you'll like him going madness more sports here on WW well they him them. And countless text messages and 87870. Next do you think. Man and who's happier. Couples with kids. Without your forecast is -- Five point 79 years AB for our Friday at a weekend arrives tomorrow with the weather your. Be like pretty typical summertime weather for the next couple of days keep it about a 30% rain chance and today. Temperatures getting up to about ninety Q and rain chances increase a little bit for Friday and Saturday 40% both after games. What -- scattered downpours and high is expected to hit about ninety to 91. From the pinpoint forecast Fenner and to grow to Slava. Now 78 degrees to start the -- at the airport in -- home wins no breeze out there at all Slidell partly cloudy and 74 relative humidity is 93%. And Dave Cohen at the early edition of WW well for a -- -- that needs that need to. The only reason that anything that is associated with electronic cigarette is because of their name. If there -- called something other than a cigarette and no one would have any problem with them at all. President I'd say it's smoking any cigarette people rise I date and quit smoking using it nonetheless. I'm courteous 1 am when I am out. And I treat them just like regular cigarettes are they just like regular here -- should they be allowed indoors hey what are that the guy next -- work is -- and -- cigarette which you be upset about that shouldn't be allowed in public buildings. It's a debate that rages on no clear answer yet. Are people happier with kids -- without tally with studies say after the 36 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news -- September 4 at 14 am. It's the day before Friday happy Friday EU EU and -- right at this time tomorrow we will reveal. What David polite it is predict all. Giving your predicts home perfect zone for the saints. Regular season record review mr. justice program note that you've had a lot of success. Predicting what the saints' record would be in fact six of the last seven years you've accurately predicted the exact record the saints went I think -- called lock. A lot of lot of a lot which he had Marla picking lottery numbers you -- survived nonetheless economic any money for the but he gives you bragging. Can you give us any -- any clued into what went into your thinking as you were doing. Well I just -- land before the you know we don't making it easy here you have to go game by game. Through the entire sixteen game schedule an issue go along EC whatsoever like home and wants her way in. -- you kind of you know hem and -- over each individual game and I found it quite difficult. And when it was all said and done at the end I reset it's it's fairly easy it is you know. Throw out a number twelve and former. You know whatever thirteen and three. When you get to the and there's your number and I made. Well like you know this I wasn't very pleased with my final number OK I I was a little concerned that it if it's not a number I would've wished more. This would not wallow okayed it -- -- prediction 24 hours away. Will stay tuned for that. Very interest in this discussion about whether or not people -- happier with kids. War within it sure is you know there's been two recent studies done trying to determine how will you be happier if you have children. Where if you doubt. Bought some people feel like that's their role they were destined to -- they must have children if they don't they feel empty and unfulfilled Abdullah do. Other people can't stand other people's kids it would never wish that upon themselves. Adult one. Children yeah in fact it's pretty evenly split is that early yet write about it on the panel the census figures for women in the United States. 53% of women have at least one child 47%. Never have a -- So that's pretty even an enemy it and do it that's about as close to if you if he's you can get. So which is better one person text and an 87870 says no kids in early life makes you happier. But later life he will be -- If you don't -- so maybe it's that trade our character BRR you've had -- -- obviously I've had -- -- for children are forward gives I had to. And I have to -- and then have them myself my wife did all artwork outlawed jockey part. And I think you would agree with me I don't think there's any doubt about this it's a lot of hard. Work out no doubt this is not this one of the hardest Angel at Purdue but it's also one of the most rewarding. As he'll ever do and I think that's why. This report out of Princeton and Stony Brook universities found that. There's very little difference overall in life satisfaction. For parents verses couples with out kids to blot. It also found that people let children. Have many more very high moments emotionally wonderful moments just that you know yet bursting with happiness are out. But they have just as many. Unbelievable the sad and upsetting moment sitting by the bed when -- sick all advice or reading in and wondering inning in trips to the hospital and all images the expense along we talked about the so the highs and the lows. Are higher and lower for parents. But the middle. It is about the same. So both these studies and one from British university open university. Find not a whole lot of difference but open university and found childless couples were happier with their relationships. That husbands and wives -- -- decades generally get along better than parents do. Well you know you're right off the bat in the you can look at this and so many different ways. Our husband or worse on man which is -- -- that might feel that when the babies born he doesn't get all the attention he was getting. You know almost like a child himself and and that's just one tiny facet of parliament relationship. You know dynamic works text messages coming and it's that and its present case studies -- the universities. And sometimes it grants and yet somebody decides upon them. Aside and -- says -- couples who have never had aides say there happier without children. That's a good point and they don't know. That I walk around like -- that. -- that they used several factors determine how happy people -- and there you go for text mediate 7870s like better with. Are without children thank you David we have to be without you for the next twenty minutes but it will be hard to get at the top of the hour Chris Miller joins us. Fox eight. And DirecTV are feuding as of right now. Doesn't look like people with DirecTV will be able to see. Fox -- broadcast of the saints game on Sunday what does that mean for them to they have to go get rabbit ears and again after go to a sports bar Chris Miller joins us with the latest on that coming up. Alone cars let's go to the pinpoint forecast senate figures. Born and authority about a number of topics to talk about yeah -- hot button issues. He began lately not -- that they came whether people are happier with kids there without it and -- that our retirement should -- cigarettes be allowed were regular cigarettes aren't. So yeah we were burn up. Honestly before I am glad to just do whether we can typically be kind of a hot button issue itself but not quite -- controversial. Campaign especially right now. You've got to cannot visit you've got a few easy days you why in the pinpoint forecast and it because -- forecasted the same -- -- -- -- really it's you know even as we head further to September at this pumpkin spice -- time of year eighties really. What was its fault people it's -- People September they're ready for all you know you are changing colors are pulling out the sweaters. No I wanted to get out yet in the front yard. In my -- you know be right. Right now well if you're hearing is kind of want that transition. If you want it yet it can't force -- -- -- people let me get your pumpkin spice -- days already. And I think that's just -- -- at times yes but it's not feel much like on next couple days of the nineties. And great -- it's like that pretty much teach after you just can't hit it showers and storms. Aren't hot yemen's showers and storms here there today tomorrow. We Saturday Sunday next week until next week I head out take that over anything on on -- and -- and why. Yeah everything in the gulf Caribbean looking gut so -- not that I'm tracking this morning the last of Dolly the remnants of Dolly moving into Mexico's so. -- -- And I like it I love it now wants -- more of -- I sure would like that pumpkin spice latte well right now. Given that another. Month after and it -- about Thanksgiving week. It's definitely even -- Halloween that generally called out. Not having them -- to be cooler yet I'm going to be muggy and sweaty and. You you feel like sounding off and -- the hot topics I just brought -- -- -- -- we're stuck with all those topics well we've -- you know I have four kids US. No I have -- Do you think I'm happier that you're you're happier and make the all sexual ethnic I had four kids I it would not be happy but it works -- yeah. So that's good just like if you had kids probably happy very happy I think it's hard to think what our whole group. It's happier and other group is so individual yet I think that's absolutely not it worked my husband and I we queen personally prefer -- child list on the -- But you know my my brother has a beautiful little girl and I love. Her and get -- or whatever -- again giver back I love kids I just I just don't want to read and you -- how ever I. You know that we -- the people wanted it. And -- about evenly split is the sense of Spears' 53% of women have -- 47% never advocate. Pretty evenly split I guess you're you're probably right. Whatever is best for you -- thank you happy hopefully by yourself well not yet know whether you know. Whether that would make you happier yet but hopefully neither side and that regretting it -- -- people would get -- What it meant at its -- without kids get too late -- Which it and -- that and know what I was at a I don't know but yet you feel pretty strongly one way or the other feel like that is just. Make your. -- -- Texas to navigate them and you're right it was thought that I can quickly. People junior the store -- -- though Elizabeth Colorado -- what was going public with her story about texting and driving opening. That'll stop people from doing it hole yes. She got up hole. Stick through her thigh and Bartok. Wouldn't have to blur out the picture of what looked like -- pretty clear sign traumatic injury while plus it was her naked but probably just saying that it was a so so graphic that they were like -- we we -- -- hole. As a woman did have children and one of her children forgot their saxophone and all -- -- and the fact yes he is running to the school in Colorado bring in the daughter of the saxophone. But she's running late for a meeting as a result she texts the folks at the meeting thing hammer -- a little late. She said grant lot -- -- you end -- not making as she is the voice tax feature. Which -- looked -- to make sure everything was spell right now it's at what she wanted to do and while she was checking it right I am. Am ran right into a guardrail whole stock through the front of her car. Into her thigh through herb products and out the other side and hailing her a bit -- the poll on both sides ticket and hospital remove it. She had dozens and dozens of stitches inside and outside a and I was not hospitals Arctic. Does that -- at her urging yesterday on the Angeles and talked about it he said. If this just makes a few people are here in the story this morning put their phones down their cars at least a few minutes or rarely yet. Maybe we've avoided some kind of major catastrophe that way maybe that's what she's hoping that people will say. You know what may be -- -- this again it it's kind of crazy because she would even think you know people say all I can tax strike and you -- it's like -- -- -- -- I don't want miles an hour I use the voice text and I actually typed the and I just talked into. -- doesn't matter it does not matter. You'd have found period in any you know form like that text in any form is it -- I really try to keep but it just when -- stopped at a red line or something out pull over to -- I've I've done that where I've. Had to answer something or whatever so I'll pull off on the side -- and texts back and get back in and traffic. And I know people insist they're really good bad and elm and do it that would never happen. Again maybe -- people think they can drive. About eleven direct from the pin point forecaster. Football starts said today Indiana now preview of that and much more on the saints and tigers activists. -- next day 7873 people with no kids just watch you miserable people with a presence that I didn't want kids but eventually given my wife we had one. But we started earlier which -- -- more than. Analysts as both of my girls are married and gone now we -- Salome in which they were. May not be only to Steve Geller issued. Keep the company was sports on this day before Friday I don't know but that common -- being miserable. Kamal. Well if someone doesn't want them and they have to -- people who do have them must be miserable -- don't have. Short just like when you get married folks like you know it's all it's all downhill now -- Attacked a man on the terrorist that what president also attacks that it -- -- get a month off of being. Involved being. -- -- profit off I understand now after the hour -- big daddy give a sports. Good morning everybody junior led join the saints -- 2010 as an undrafted rookie free agent and a Stillman college and through hard work has cashed in earning a four year contract extension. -- 41 million dollars and twenty including 23 million in guarantees. Collette says he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth but has at least upgraded now. He's a gold to marry you always look at those rules for some muscles mouth as well so I know he's you'll be good don't -- And a before -- that our group is less ornaments. The saints have also brought back wide receiver Robert Meachem as he was initially let go when the roster was trimmed down to 53. Quarterback Ryan Griffin is also back with the team after making it through waivers unclaimed. -- G four is now on the team's practice squad for the rivalry between -- lacking gold and the dirty birds is one of the best in the NFL. And the saints have had the upper hand of late. New Orleans has come out on top in six of the last seven match ups and Drew Brees was asked why they've been able to dominate. Every time he plays there's like there's there's a lot at -- here you -- your plans for a lot. Now I can think for that brings up the best in us. The NFL regular season gets under way tonight in Seattle as the Seahawks host the Packers defensive end Julius Peppers joined Green Bay this offseason as a free agent that says they're going to -- Seattle they are gonna let Seattle dictate how they play defense. Hopefully. I'll formation of us on this yeah. Whatever become modern movement just to we're not gonna change what we do for him to -- of the victims. Will join the action at century link field at 8 o'clock tonight. -- -- -- home opener is just two days away now here's the big chief with a look at the tigers' matchup against Sam Houston State because Sam Houston State their kids bring in one of the countries in the -- -- -- -- best offensive units that Tiger Stadium coats or less allows says that the bearcats offense whatever and a lot of -- he's already into gains. Description of how fast they go with channel itself -- in completions. Stop the clock and I think that I think. Legitimately it's concern ourselves and our defense must be prepared for Sam Houston was passed over 700 yards and five touchdowns in their first two games of the season -- -- to -- at WW real sports and the US basketball team steamrolled the Dominican Republic 106 to 71. And clinched the number one seed in the group at the basketball world club cup. They have four on sports talk live from voters in Metairie the saints players show featuring safety -- feel bush -- the Keating came -- behavior goes QB QB Drew Brees. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning -- look at sports. -- all the number 25 bush jerseys and come out to voters and underrated not hates you still have the old ones are I mean any one for a possible right there. I actually. Have the bush Jersey's a very happy that it's still relevant -- the your prediction we will also unveil tomorrow on the saints' regular season record. Without giving anything away. -- very optimistic about the highly optimistic about this year I'll just love that debt that this team has everywhere on the roster and the fact that. A lot of young talent surrounding drew and then the second year of being in Rob Ryan scream on the defensive side of the football just. Lot of good things for the saints season and were both pulling for the Packers tonight and see Seattle lose a game to start the season. You think that'll for the pack but I got see this sea -- taking it. Right away there close again. I think it'll be close just because the green -- also an upper Echelon team this year but winning Seattle just a tough thing to do. I'm it's not tough for you to come back entertainment or sports Debbie got -- you love your job he's back with that in fifteen minutes we're back with your forecast that. We talked earlier about the person said that they were. Happy that there it sat there a moment because it children grow up and moved out some announced that the state that idiot that is it. Pilot was very rewarding with my children and now they're all grown and gone and I'm. Happy happy happy their out of that house. The other person -- -- seventy terrorists as more kids. Equals less sacks. I don't wanna get too detailed on my personal at all I'll say about that is I'm not so sure that mr. By the way your forecast. Pretty much the same every day the rest of this week and into the weekend. Highs in the low ninety's cancer and thirty to 40%. I coming up the latest on whether or not. DirecTV subscribers -- be able to watch the saints on Sunday and his life better with or without kids I vote for with kids play and let's get there on a pain have a happy. Friday --

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