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9-4 6:15am Tommy, defending yourself & your home

Sep 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Loyola law professor Dane CIolino about what the law says when it comes to using a gun to defend you and your property

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ovation sitting up and cheer when Yang. I mean I can see where he has. We better take your quick commercial break and descendant of the crown them now. Because again attendance -- night and NFL season kicking off tonight and now a big game 102 teams that were not real crazy about. Seattle and Green Day and we he would use his Super Bowl champion against -- con. -- usually bowl champions -- kick off on the there's got employment area an opponent. Exiting McCain and -- and tell -- Jordan talk and talk to me. Or does he says I don't think there's appointment because it couldn't be. The team came in second -- that would be great now that you know wouldn't but it should be a good game and it could have. Playoff implications for home field advantage even though it's the first game in the regular season one of these teams are being there. You know the battle -- science at the end exactly so -- game is on the NFL network. And channel four is that at CBS -- well there's football. I don't know it's an NBC game because it's this dribble kick off you know what check -- local lists. You can have people totally and I don't know. And then we got the -- CBS's Thursday night football now but this is not a traditional Thursday night game because it's the NFL kick off weekend and I think it's usually on NBC and it always -- -- to -- -- W rear guard Chris report. On this flap between a fox and DirecTV. That they have not been able to settle thank god because somebody kept texting me about a thousand times yesterday. About that yes robbed of the girders -- for those who may not get the game you just have to plug in the old rabbit ears. And yet that's what I told the guy yes he's got any of us. Get a get a -- the rabbit -- you would need if you want big game in HDTV is nice to do this al-Qaeda HD antenna which set you back about forty bucks you can pick the game up in HDY. What I wanted to got. And forty -- dollars for game it's great -- -- -- cursed me and science. I'm just trying to copy out here got a good balance and challenges and forty bucks if it is a problem you can get the game in HD offer the -- that's -- -- the rabbit ears -- it now here's are gonna get a -- I get I don't first off I know last time he bought television and if you rabbit -- in the little plastic bag and remember. Pinkston now now I was before your time they made but I don't think they do. I think 90% of the audiences no idea what. Rabbit ears aren't talking of companies argue about it levels V shaped antenna yeah Juan they're kind of extends out there it's in the oval plastic bag. You do know these sets coming color now yeah they are the other -- As a martyr martyr but it's easy drag you know that they have that -- On front of the TV dollar color panel hypnotic you could actually get real color you go to. All right coming up today and -- Leno about you know Gilani intruders shootings lately seven justifiable homicides two people arrested for quote defending themselves. And it victims finally standing up for themselves and if you do audio avoid arrest lawyer fees and possible jail time. In this minister allegedly for. It was arrested after he allegedly jumped in his truck and followed some people were stealing -- I don't think you can do that now and and remember the old rule from the DA don't shooter missed their running away game you can't do that that doesn't work and of people wonder why Hillary's and -- fine line between defending yourself and and clip and some body and set -- you know I -- Where it's like it much -- my -- and and what's the matter with an air and it's you know aside -- -- pavement. Couple in Manhattan it's like well why do you do that steeler -- copper -- every two friends for years and years. To break iMac remains the -- Tommy Tucker David Blake Shelden Williams Jordan fetal and you want to -- that you. Tommy -- 618 under the W out cloudy hot mostly cloudy hot humid today at 30% chance for showers and pretty much know the routine has to be that way through the weekend a woman was arrested for shooting a man at her apartment door or maybe he was in the apartment because he mistook her for relative don't quite understand what happened that. She was taken into custody and with seven shootings so far this year justifiable homicides two people shot. Which resulted in a rest we thought we'd take some time with professor of law at loyal DNC Alina talk about. The law and in what it says in terms of defending yourself and shooting good morning professor you don't. -- a time with this tell me Tom I guess who were with the tribal areas are when it comes to. Protecting yourself then and there isn't simple rules of -- keep yourself from being arrested. The law in the area pretty it's pretty simple up and you are. A lot to use force to protect yourself and your property on the force. It is in -- -- a quote from them -- -- reasonable and apparently not hurt prevent these patents. And to the laws reasonable the difficulty becomes in determining what under all circumstances. Of the shooting or. Yeah or or or the use of physical bodies of physical sports weather is really necessary to prevent the -- The recent shoot with the pastor. Involved in the after shooting people aren't fielder conditioning -- you know raise these questions that did the recent shooting you'd talked about choosing the person trying to our. Apartment. It but they're really -- in India are actually should be should be. And and there was difficult for police to investigate because. Usually either there or witnesses of and that demand. And the shooter. And they beat -- sort out because repair it actually intent. See the thing I always wondered about in and you didn't. You don't want anybody to get attacked and I have the right to defend themselves. On the other hand you don't wanna be open season where one person gets a murder the other because they're in their home and I don't like -- so I would imagine and one of the things a police do is look for connection between the victim and the shooter. Absolutely and those are some of the facts that are there on -- Evaluation excellent look bourse was. We really necessary to prevent the entry -- open or to protect the person. Or as justice an excuse for. And shooting that was caught by something else like for example hatred for the victim or. Or animosity or or or some arteries. So if generally speaking if you don't know the person in your house and you feel as though your life is threatened even though they're not armed. You live upstairs and announcers trying to steer your stuff do you have. -- did the right then aide did to shoot somebody and then I guess of Iran and a way you can I would below a look at that. Well if the person in your house there are a number of resumption set up in the in a law that. Generally would make it more permissible use for -- to bat or stare back Louisiana is among. The most. Equipment the term property at castle doctrine. Among those protective homeowners in the nation. -- you have no obligation to retreat. Your -- mr. castle one sent someone in -- out then there's the presumption that the use of course is not this year. Now that's just the presumption that's not a conclusion one. It's still would be reasonable necessary and circumstance. At the -- houses. -- -- Tampa and in the air as Lee Adams are. After all the on video tape that you should have been well under those circumstances. -- -- the -- your house it's not going to be a necessary shoot. Under those circumstances. But what the problem is there -- -- -- people out. So it makes it very difficult the actual matter sort out that the war was what is necessary and under that particular circumstances that particular -- But I would think if you're defending somebody you can make the argument -- you know the guy get up in the middle -- an idea here really know what was going on half asleep. Adrenaline has handshake -- like a leave. And he sees some money in his home and they move so he just starts firing I would think that would almost be an acceptable defense. That -- it going to be easier self defense eight as you could -- could crack the about now course. If the -- -- shooting turned out to be familiar -- aren't you just broke up. That starts looking like the shooting might have been some artery that -- but they've got -- Her purse and and then you got angry shop. Again it depends on the backs of all the clothes just what you were mentioned earlier but the sort -- -- that all the I did the homeowner about this person war. -- what they're prior animosity between them at the justice stranger who happened to be in your house in the middle of the night shoot them. -- can't imagine many BA that would actually prosecute that homeowner. And that didn't happen the defense or certainly would -- A lot of presumption work in favor of up its client -- homeowner and it would make it pretty self defense. I appreciate your time as I really do not be immediately -- -- Q you've been at -- the only you know. Professor of law at Leo again and mrs. Reagan I'd love to hear from -- 2601878038668890877. Justifiable homicides. And two people arrested I guess a record would be seven and two for people defending themselves. He -- victims are finally standing up for themselves and would you hesitate to shoot somebody in your home. Where would you worry about. Well at least it limited this way -- these legal fees if the persons inside your home would you give them a chance ally on the floor and surrender and wait for the police to come. Are you automatically opening fire -- -- colony know six when he time timely traffic. I'm probably opening fire -- what I'm doing right now -- time for them to WL traffic with Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker talking about defending your home with a gun the only gun for self defense and so far this year -- Orleans -- seven into -- that's a record. Nine self defense shooting seven -- cleared by the police no charges two people were arrested. -- attacks here it comes -- it's an interesting of course if someone breaks in your house and -- gun pointed at them. They will probably say don't shoot if they do not present her she'll weapon themselves. De La. Which got an -- still using. They are cowards cowards but -- gunned down an offer a couple of coffee to them and see what happens. They in my house they are getting dropped I would prefer to be able to tell my story breathing and standings on it not having my family sounding. And sorry I denied she wouldn't Childress saying maybe the US and uses same philosophy with prices just have them throw their hands. You'd Texans are routed. Guy in Michigan Theodore -- 55 years old sentence of fifteen to thirty years in prison. -- McBride nineteen years old. Banged on his door because she had been on an in an accident November 2013. Looking for help. So old -- -- 55 years old. Opens his door and -- with a fatal shotgun blast right now -- face. So I don't think if you open Adori after somebody bangs on it you can see your life was in danger doesn't think he kind of put your life in danger. We'll talk when we come back 630 time for debit WL trap on news of that wouldn't -- Hi David so -- issue play in the Sam Houston Institute of Technology this week and -- Sam Houston State on state yes planned Sam Houston State at home in Death Valley and we have tickets to get always this morning. We do -- -- real issues Sam Houston. State game on -- home opener and wannabes are that you do want to be there a matter of -- it's gonna happen is when you hear ideally she fights on. A -- number colon and win and color. Agassi is gonna win yeah. But given the number and you got to listen -- -- -- fight song and it's going to happen twice this morning or. -- -- You know it's easy to say it doesn't in some text here somebody breaks -- -- Rome. There's no need to shoot him tell on the line down on the ground only to police get there. But I think if you put yourself in the situation the alarm goes off if you have line you grab that gun you run and other. The front room from your bedroom and you see somebody in there. And and you know it's not a family members and you you -- -- it's it's a guy and you know -- -- -- in the house right there that would be a problem. Yeah out Whitney and it. That's were that close call comes and are you in fear. Of great bodily harm -- put yourself in a position your awakened out of a sound sleep you don't know what's going on -- other than that. I don't think there's a lot of time -- why -- the witness yeah why you hear what are you doing. I think I think you're firewire reasonable man would fire away I certainly understand the nature of the family members are safe -- And that you know -- a family member which they have had a spate of as well around the nation but not here yeah you're actually right there isn't any time. To you know pontificate. Am I gonna do year. Are you a friend I think it's one thing yet and maybe it's not really if you if you -- not sound asleep that. United somebody that's a pretty. A guy's got a lot of responsibility on his hands let's put it that way and a handgun. And said that he heard sounds and and many revenues house went downstairs and his hand -- the involuntary. Release of adrenaline by his. Adrenal glands. It is and we shaken like -- Can imagine and I think -- -- avenue a lot of people so that's -- -- but he went out and bought one because you know a lot of people think. Are under the impression that. They're gonna do is squeeze off around like cowboys' -- and on wars and the other guy amounts and on a horse and him but. I think you know UA governor Madeleine and I in his it is just that the phone and he wants and always bothered me is in movies on the phone would ring. They'd roll over and say. -- Yeah as for me that phone rings and wakes me up out of a sound sleep you'd jump up immediately at least do you ever rolled over slowly. And answer them I know I don't know why I was movie devices. A pondering your job -- like okay hello Canaveral Hulu. And getting -- subject you know field -- -- I'd like to know is if you've never been a victim of home invasion robbery remember my parents. The house got broken into and it was devastating for them and and the other consideration and -- get the house take stop in a short period time. So that you're safe -- nights if you've been the victim of a home invasion and liked it here. His next hour we're talking about and stuff going on in lake view where. Brazen I burglars are not only cotton accords the security cameras. But in one instance the neighbors caught them. And -- offer they ran away before the please get it then they came back. And it seems -- of their stealing pets to use of about -- difficulties 601878. -- 3866889087. App ready jaguar opinion pulled deals with unions because they have some fast food workers on strike today they want fifteen dollars an hour. And they also want a former union and I think the union question is a good one because. Our allies at times it can provide for a lot higher wage and -- up protection on the other side of it. You can cost people jobs. You tell me 261720386. Exit eight -- early seventies that in a flash -- -- W. It's 481204. -- seven like to highlight. The things that people here that work -- every morning do because they work very hard and they're very Smart people in Jordan eagle as. -- it very interesting article a junior -- lead and the signing. And we will talk about it later on this morning but it look at it now what did you read it. But I was distracted by that action photo of Jordan on the phone so about the likes -- paternity action five news team. Anchorman. Ed jordans -- Spiegel sports is what it looks like is -- -- and sellers but it's a good article it's. Did receive that -- got a debit WL dot com and if you look at lower -- colored you could see the article from Jordan fetal. And it says galactic stage it is a good deal that you click on read more -- that of course you'll be distracted. By the picture are ready jaguar of his people are you to look Atlantic good picture and that's a bad. Making fun of the way you -- it's just oppose the cracks via. Dollar who signed off on you know our unions the best or worst thing that happened to the American workers 63% are saying. The best thing. And attacks incidents and look what happened in the grocery industry with canal Hillary they were union India and they were the most expensive grocery in our area and -- close. If you go to New York. You'll see. So many people working if you if you go to retail outlet the speaks at the crime the unions in New York. You'll -- Wanted to people in the hallway at the same thing of the black tie in and a blue blazer and white cheered standing -- work in security at the door. And with all of those people doing -- in the cost of living in New York I wonder how can they do that. Because here in Louisiana -- may get one minimum wage seven a quarter whatever it is eight dollars an hour. And you couldn't support a family on that but then somebody tell me that everything in New York pretty much was unionized and -- those people work. Macon a decent wage for standing their providing security which explains perhaps why New York is such an expensive place to live. And -- wheel goes round and round. Tommy came -- only from a business trip 3 AM marked in my house to find my wife in the dark point in my. -- 45 down the hall at me even though we had three dogs that warrant barking. I would check deceive and it was in the closet. Tom Nolan says that the fast food workers get what they're asking for not just kidding I didn't mean any offense do you like it's just a joke. If the fast food workers get what they're asking for what we can get used to as consumers. Is not only having higher prices to -- but also having two people working during rush hour shift. The managers that fast food establishments don't make fifteen dollars an hour. So phone lines are open to 601878. Toll free 866889087. I don't know if I should. Peel back the curtain. On our industry or not but there used to be. A place in New Orleans that was a union shop. And the if you got to work there you you could retired that that was a place where are radio people wanted to go to retire. And it may have been known. By loyal I understand maybe it ones you know. And and the wages were phenomenal and you could. I said did pretty well stated he retired retire with with healthy benefits. And since then our industry's changed a lot and I don't know of any broadcasting company. At least here in the south that would tolerating union and I think if there was any talk of it. You'd wind up like normal -- But it didn't see the end of that movie says don't quite know what that means 6537. Before seven time to look at Traficant that would go to -- provinces. 58 Tommy Tucker I don't mean that talks had language here on the radio but I'll tell you this we have a story coming up in what's up would that. That will make US and H. And hopefully LM AO. K. And and -- kids type KK because it's still two letters and one would do but not the point. Some of the text that are coming in about this union thing in and nom -- Fast food workers want to get fifteen dollars an hour. Mom I'm a cup for four years I just got to fifteen dollars an hour. There's a career I go through training why should someone who can't even get an order right to -- fifteen dollars an hour. It well I think part of the question here is do you think. That pain of people that work there now more money is gonna make them more likely or give them more skills. And wind up -- you're actually get in the French Fries and a hamburger without the pickles because if you think about it. How hard is it. I don't want mustard bill and onions and large order of Fries. And and you get the may need at a taco. Which is -- as a restaurant doesn't even serve tacos. Another one says those -- -- union as a reason. -- a place they are can't fire anyone unless they're caught red handed stealing mail it to keep every one. Mailman makes a much overtime to make more money because there's not been a supervisor can do about it don't work they're now but never worked at a place where supervisors can do anything. To their employees a lot of mailman make easily 8900. K year wonder why they're losing billions who you McAuliffe you agree or disagree studied a --

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