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9-4 7:15am Tommy, robbers in Midcity

Sep 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Graham Bosworth, the Chair of the Midcity Neighborhood Organization, about some brazen criminals in the area and Robert Siciliano, a home security expert & McAfee online security expert, about how to keep your home safe

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I thank you David Blake. Tiger fans we get tickets for UCLA issue place Sam Houston State. Apparently it was wrong name -- you know you're doing all kinds attacked Nicole things mementos as those innocent accused Sam Houston Institute of Technology but it's not. It's in Houston stated -- Death Valley. So listen this hour. If we remember to do inner track record is not buried on this. -- sensibly -- if you listen this hour. Minutes and gives a chance to win tickets either way we're gonna get await to hear this morning. But I am committing right now. That we're gonna do at this hour -- yen. In a thumbs up in it Barack you end okay everybody's and it's like them military with the jet fighters in the Internet comes up. Our -- of sums up. That you know. The. Kids love to sing along with that you know our cars at a school wanted to Davis. There are certain stories. That are so dumb they make you shake your head yeah we've had some lately. Ideally somebody text in that picture of Jordan and web site. Is it looks like he's ordering more fast food for me -- take and earlier and probably is. So there's is high school field in Maryland. And the football season is gonna start -- So the grounds keeping crew of the grounds keeping crew -- wants to make sure that everything looks great managed just right yeah out -- things up and making sure the paint it's good in all city get the tractor out there -- genocide of the tractor nature of their -- progressed the exact height you don't sands of the kickers and happy nobody's happy. -- -- -- Is around that time that the principal came out waving his arms and and common stop and you think -- or they don't really disturbing the -- gas stop stop what they where they may be used and welcome -- -- -- -- out of his artificial turf all. They had not know memo apparently destroyed the field I think. When they chunks of rubber went flying and that would would have maybe yeah maybe that fact that there is no smell there's no odor of press you think would it tipped them off. And I would like to do and an impersonation of the principle right now when he saw what went on -- -- you -- Work in an apartment which is keep moving. Right fielder Chris I wondered why yeah. You know sometimes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is some another they would cut an artificial field -- is serious stuff now in a mid city. Cut and security camera chords are the criminals. Returning -- tribes and burglarized a home a second time after the neighbors caught him. And they ran away and then nobody let anybody -- they just took off. So what's best way to secure your home when you're not there have you ever been a victim of a home invasion and we'll talk go to break in -- panel on -- house burglar that's one of my biggest fears and analysts say anything as a superstitious anyway Graham Bosworth it's gonna join us here the mid city neighborhood organization that explains -- this what's going on there. There's a morning glad you with a series seven W. I Tommy Tucker 718 I don't think anything. Can be more infuriating. To somebody and you work hard all day long trying to do the right thing you're taxes pay your bills. A mass a couple of possessions and then you come home. And some mystery in there that hasn't been at work all day or if he says -- job his break and in the people's houses. And taking your stuff like a Saturday happened in my parents never happen I mean that would. And I know how devastating it was for them because in essence and please don't take this wrong if -- of rape victim. But you feel as though you've been violated you really do you Graham Bosworth joins us right now chair of the mid city neighborhood organization -- morning Graham. Thanks for taking the time to me it's on ornaments it. Well I mean we've heard. What -- -- that people were. Taken -- the neighbor. What. They've been in the neighborhood sort of disease that's being taken for dog fighting dogs being group is. And and we've heard that one of these it's. Both incidents. They tried to cut. Beat the court to a monster. And fortunately we we're -- the other -- Eric Bruntlett caught the media and the face of the individual that look at that. Million. Regardless of apple currently volatile place on the car and you ever seen two dollars. Bomb when it comes to people pointing guns at them houses was -- -- city that was captured on on video photo image. Our move on or OK because I remember there -- some disturbing video that not only were they bring in in the cars actually point guns. And houses. Do you have your own security district in -- remembered Graham. It's the that it does trump though it. So you got. I guess -- thing image of your own security district you pay for police protection. Did you have security cameras up -- have a pretty strong neighborhood watch organizations the united. -- We have very active never. -- So how how brazen do you have to be. There's still go and in that area and and commit house burglary. Well -- included in the that was important in this case it is. It won't necessarily pick up and I think that goes to show that -- the complex. Could work that needed to and couldn't have been pretty crack down. Under the weight in the security -- -- have a notable impact what they're gonna -- in -- -- -- competitor it's kind of to Ingram and. You know Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that's where they kept the money do you think mid cities being targeted because it is a I can't -- an affluent areas some of the houses certainly are beautiful and and I guess you would presume there are. People that have some possessions that a that a burglar would. Desired do you think mid cities being targeted or richest -- sampling throughout the city and throughout the area. I don't think it's and it shouldn't necessarily -- started and I think whatever was going on with this group people it's because around. Critical -- -- and uncertain terms that -- a little -- that is unique. I think there's been that strong push in the city or the street terrorism gluten that the kind of become. News is that. -- cameras involved here you have maybe like -- to try to undermine India. Mr. ever committed a critical court. I spoke with representatives from one of the security. Several companies department what to Beijing trip -- -- happening. It says that they -- treats of your hard plastic gold medal pop records that are exposed ordered troops try to prevent the kind of activity. Keep the camera. 290. Don't want too hard because they -- able to your statement about it. But the but the computer and to make them accessible and again and -- in that while it tries to cut. Or 20 Detroit actually. -- Other camera broke. It saw them Urquhart Stewart. Via the sentencing actually work. -- I appreciate it's primarily due in any good because you guys seem to have it so together in mid city willing to would you advise people -- listening at. Live in a neighborhood where a house burglaries become big problem or maybe steal and that's. -- I mean will we don't recommend people in the city it is don't we do that's the yarder of course the day. Of and we have. Had success with it Victor camera that another but he -- and there are. -- and borrowed in terms of getting them and which contributes. Home -- by -- lower -- you'd ever real effect. The can't necessarily make crime go away but it. Saying the date but it can be your real deterrent and -- that it's come together collectively do it. In a real. Thank you Graham I appreciate -- time in and mid cities a beautiful area allowed to drive there have a daughter that -- school there and on some of those houses -- on -- very very nice and and really just a lovely area thank you Graham -- -- have a good David Graham Bosworth chair of the mid city neighborhood organization and when you think. Well damaging somebody's life it's one thing to break in and steal jewelry it's one -- a break in and -- electronics. But it takes somebody's -- I mean that's not just a possession that's heartbreak that you deal now. John in a car says he used to be a burglar and John please hang on because I really wanna talk to you right now the 723. Gotta check traffic and that would go to Tyrone Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about crime in mid city John on a car did you seriously used to be a burglar. Did you go to jail for. Error while Tellme calmly goes -- -- burglars mind and some of the things people can do. That's it I discount their powder then keep their homes say. It's a real. Tiger. Would -- Only. The real. -- And by -- -- and on the EC YouTube like you in somebody's lord. And now let -- talk about the home invasion and -- -- there. Yet. Also they would even know he was there and I think -- invasion. In front of people -- -- -- that yeah. And I -- -- It. We're about. It and appliances -- -- you know one -- pretty. Not all smoke and but if you would see it on which you move on another house. Now. And all it would. Singing you seem to be an educated guy -- -- at least you know street Smart and and you seem as though. This week didn't -- could have done better things with your life what was resolved you think because of the drinking and. The 60s50s. And now. And I did you -- -- that. And I'm not two. Did somebody bring you into this or did you just up and decide to -- to break in somebody's house. -- You -- More. Get eaten more art. You got a lot of -- Getting more and more you. Maybe. You're one. -- -- There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call. That. You. Concerned that more people. -- -- -- -- Now you sound remorseful now John and -- in terms of precaution which you don't know how's that and a dog. Yeah. And the dogwood -- You know. Patrick I want him but he thought. The -- You really beyond your own. People the water. And -- to mock you you know did you treatment. It and knock on your mark in league. You know. But your -- is. Plumbing and get then a second but can you hang on not taking after the news. There's always come back on an issue a couple of questions one is you tell me that little yeah emperor. Is more effective than a big guard dog because there's a watchdog and a guard dog to do -- things. How did you get caught in what is it that. Change your life well I presume you you haven't done and since he got out of jail. I'd like -- know what you do now and have you ever been attempted because it sounds like union now -- offer this have you ever been tempted to go back and do it again like an alcoholic it. Or something elsewhere you know all is a lot of fine meaning you do Jews -- Now time for -- WL offers news and that would get instinctively -- David we're talking about home safety and security -- John and has called in on a collar cities suburban houses when he was a teenager in that he went to jail for two years Ford and John I just got to try to make sure that. People call in like you are who they say they are okay and when you said some images that in my head. When you give the big dog. A spoonful of peanut butter. How would you do that yet nobody in your pocket. I don't understand that. -- Plastic bag. So you prepared when you went man. Where I took it. Now let's move on to -- is some of the questions I posed before we went to the news and and David feel -- needed to jump in here if you have any questions. From. What you what was it that changed do you and and major now wanna do this anymore or have you done -- and she -- out of jail. Well first law have not done a number. Second. It was an account or where where prisoner and and that so. Let me going you know -- -- creek. Without. I wanna know. If you how to -- scope out a potential target and I didn't know people were gone -- in case anything you just took a shot. -- -- just look controller right right you know it was a long golf course. There's no light canal on the and I I was responsible for about 3435000. Could crest. These -- early in the morning plated nine. Between Mary. One -- foreign born and internal and sometimes you would skip school he says it right to do. What hurts our. As. Victim and it would earn it day one when those people. Or a point where it was right. You know you just. -- So well what would you tell John homeowners right now there listening and all lord you mean their people like John out there they just. Not only break in in my house but maybe it's not so much about the possessions as it is about -- high of -- -- and get away with it. If they wanna discourage people like you would tell. -- there's. -- why you're you're -- Or. -- somebody wrote it. -- Only -- you. Put it in your. Clinton or somewhere it don't make it easy car maker opera that opportunity and it is the easiest way to do. Purse laptop all. Nowadays and iPad and don't count. I don't see Google search. Market to break that we know it and you know quake and by the content -- So -- but the -- or. Go. John. We just pressed for time narrowing as his many questions is I can't how did you get caught in what made you want to have gone to jail. -- -- -- And from there. -- -- -- -- It. -- Still in any -- needs better. Their two year. And depression. Was on -- Really him. But on the other hand gave. I could. -- do so. Somebody. And prisoner -- Lord and and and that it's important to say -- -- -- here -- -- drug. Here here or or criminal. Always like -- I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John I appreciate you caller really do we gave it to give us the other side and lady get elect to. Even have a great day. So when we come back we'll talk to McAfee security and knowing that we had the burglars side of it now get the security. Expert side of it but I keep your house safe and especially. -- hired John talking about how he felt bad about creeping people out he felt. Terribly. Guilty that people would get up the next and relies cemented it in their house Tommy Tucker back inflection WW well. I Tommy Tucker talking about home security and we had John -- and profess to be a burglar and I don't have any reason not to believe him some but he takes it in and said. This guy's total blank among burglary and you know he's talking about so if you wanna call in Uggla to take -- calls them via Austin accidents -- why would you give. A criminal access to the airwaves to -- a lot of break -- -- houses. I think for the same reason companies hired computer hackers. But it to check out their security system because you won the homeowner to know what it is they are up against in what is in the mind of somebody that would break in there home Robert Cecilia known security expert. And McAfee online security expert joins us right now in the morning Robert. How you -- on. When it comes to mind that's in designing security systems. Do you look at. What is gonna deters somebody from break in in the house or the way to. To catch -- more bells. Ultimately it's the parents. Catching news certainly yet in the cage. But that the figure is installing layers of protection -- that when they look at your home they say well that's something that might be insurmountable. I'd direct viewers could get caught in so they determined that aren't that risky to. Or too difficult and they'll choose unfortunately your neighbors. What are some of those layers of security you know I'm getting ready to move and selling them during the break and I'll definitely get. Security cameras and an alarm system and even though it's not a bad areas and places them look in at. Is that the is that the best way what are some of those layers and when it comes in his mid cities story about burglars attempting to cut the cord that. That crime cameras it is the answer in achieving into the cable or. Some kind of wireless devices -- such technology today Jack thanks to big question Robert jump in wherever you feel comfortable. And an oracle and so first thing is -- looking at the actors called China so good deterrent. So big that frontlines during the alarm and a couple outs and another sign saying we're doctor out -- not have a dog or alarm. Excited basically you'd be a burglar. In the second thought about a -- all the post I was actually got an app -- What is -- era would you rather have a quiet. Rottweiler inside -- -- noisy little yet for your -- them along those lines. Ignore it to upper you know is good is it as you know I hear you know what we are here and a potential alerting all border. Your ear as a well -- -- back to -- security. So then -- outside engine and beyond that you know and all that stuff. -- solid court doors -- -- -- solid core door on one are easily kicked Gator Heatley have broken. The one that got that apple had a week goes on at Potomac -- In the country in political action in reaching -- open the door. Are back. It's all layers of protection -- of course. Like art windows like is an option but not all the other tracks. Currently. So now -- getting funding in interior of the hole. And it -- -- also important to locking your doors you know it's simple effects are. A lot of people don't lock your doors which moved back -- the Burkle locks up to -- door posing as delivery. And -- in the door building engines and adored. If your whole. Opening the door unlocked he's got a -- -- -- -- And then. You know select Norton good strong -- -- door and then lectures in the big expert kick export. That you want or reinforced in technology. Should go -- important technology basically makes it difficult for the back to court. That means that only -- strong door that you -- materials. That are built into the door Shania and injuries. They could get a cup actually hit in the -- as if you look at your door GM or epic -- -- -- game is about you know. Talking to our -- it basically your bowl. In the door last year and that's not for any bad -- to get there are any any club in particular door. Shall -- port technology in general can prevent that from happening could be up adored him. Robert -- -- our -- you -- -- run out of time let's get to cameras real quick if we can't. If you get amount cameras outside the house do you do you want wireless technology is there such a thing you. So -- Technology's great -- have to be powered which in that regard to an apple why so it. We why your technology. Whether it how or whatever. Use those inside of the they should the building. Back to always much more active -- -- being exposed and having mobile tech now a dealer. Monitoring. It is better -- cable. Robert I appreciate your time hopefully you'll come back when we have more -- -- tell me about McAfee online security quickly. And marketing decline and is. Packed -- security company dot com board -- to research all of your last at bat. Home security opening. Up on the PA NY chrome. Thank you Robert appreciate your time. You had a great BA have a great day I -- ago I'd let's congratulate Kevin Coleman he got himself a pair of tickets to see LHU. Take on Sam Houston State home opener for the tigers this Saturday September 6 congratulations. Thanks -- -- -- tiger radio and we have another pair of tickets -- will give away between now and 10 o'clock do you -- listening to that tiger fight song when you hear it. I did that number to call and color eight is gonna win when we come back we'll talk unions fast food workers and minimum wage.

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