WWL>Topics>>9-4 8:15am Tommy, should fast food workers get $15/hour?

9-4 8:15am Tommy, should fast food workers get $15/hour?

Sep 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Shaunta Richardson and Nolan Watson, two fast food workers striking for higher wages, about a push to increased the min. wage to $15/hour. And David Bensman, a Prof. of Labor Studies & Employment Relations at Rutgers, about the good and bad of labor unions

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-- -- so I see that team Bob they bear in the kitchen. During the break David now yet. I and he does that morning -- with Christian on you know its own family. Thirteen fifty WW. Sorry WL three WL in -- -- it's called double coverage in and this is the homework for tonight coming give. The audience some homework -- Tomorrow we're gonna ask you this question. Would you rather watch. A saints game from the sideline. Or would you rather be break the game down. The next day or be there when they break the game down on film. Which would you rather. Would you rather be on the sideline minds in the game -- or being in the film room. Where the coach his side as -- we're doing -- -- where the defense came in as this defense this is that played this is what we're trying to do he comes here he did goes there and. Wedeman -- if you already know the outcome. Yeah on now. -- -- have to -- over the -- and take all the -- Not talk about -- on -- learning well intricacies of the game which one would you prefer. I'm ten -- -- unlike silent while it's fine and you know I've been doing homework. Group of people that are undecided think this through and then tomorrow talk about -- now you think about it too are you sure. You wouldn't like to be there with a saints coats and you know starts -- starts upstarts that if you ever watch film. And and would make Sean Payton and guys that you don't do the film and sound you look. You know he were trying to run a screen is the way it was designed this is what happens of you know the outcome of the game. But then you would be able find out why it. -- here's a couple of words you do not wanna hear in that session and here is where our coverage broke down right exactly. And here's where a block was -- I would wide open. I picked the film room and anybody that's ever watched film knows it would be editors starts stops its upstarts upstarts will you play that damn thing out. Seidman and some texts and coaches bots know you don't. And of their dominant game but that's not -- Options your options are in his tomorrow not today tomorrow would talk about sideline. Weary Tennessee all the action in hearing it. And then another one says. The other one would be in the film room the next day -- -- why exactly happened so when we come back to talk about wages David and fast food workers drift to gain -- and our candy and they -- former union as well -- -- jaguar meaningful. These numbers have been pretty consistent all morning our unions that best or worst thing happened. To the American worker Pletcher got -- 61% are saying -- 39% are saying and best. And if you look at Detroit -- problem they had was with the union and not only from the but the car manufacturing industry now not only. Current salaries but the benefits that they paid in terms of retirement Tommy Tucker glad you're with us when we come back. We'll talk tee shot to Richardson. And Nolan Watson a couple of tests fruit workers who are striking. That in a flash and other W. I Tommy Tucker fast food workers are on strike and I saw one of the signs that. Somebody was holding up on TV is that -- news on and purple gold and green. Which at though it was a nice local touch they went I think fifteen dollars an hour and I get texts -- and Amber's gonna cost fifteen dollars an hour gonna result in unemployment it's rhetoric. So that we talked a couple of workers that are on strike today fast food workers to find out. There side of it and Shawntae Richardson joins us right now Owen Nolan once and good morning. -- Adam. Good and you -- -- very very well thank you again -- you'll start with you. Tell me your situation Heidi came to work in finance food in mind is that what they're paying you it's just not enough. Normal and we'll let I mean the teenage and they checked that the thing you. -- -- -- -- And it's going in our troops and law and you know you -- but it would be you know you turn a page each time -- get me. It is not an -- I usually from all up in the air on and once it's any target date. My technique -- months and me as you know I presume. You're story is kind of the same. So at Holland Norton and -- food. Courier three years and Anderson not as long issue on tape but are you. A single guy he had family in terms of financial obligations -- yours. My car bombing by -- normal thing man on -- never come from. Been almost two years. Why I made note. That you know you'll he -- -- more real -- You had put doubt. In your -- lightly as I don't know I'll be much -- I LSU both the same question and so we're not all talk in the detained as same time ladies version on Taylor you answer. I would imagine a lot of people out there thank -- will lie Hannity tried then to to find a different job that pays more or. Maybe even tried to move up into management and fast food. Right out of them and actually shut it and -- -- -- -- And equipment -- in -- moment. You know. So ciller on another field or another. Industry to insult announce where maybe you. And I. You know -- it. All tired and again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And no it. While and it goes on companies -- where. And and it you know delegate. In a different situation here but the new health care law. They're very stringent about. Overtime hours evening game and close to that because then they would have to offer health -- and you make your own judgment oh that's right or wrong and just and that's what's going on. In a lot of companies Null and what about you have you tried -- and on open house on a note to were you -- history is serious skills are. Presuming that it is what it is for a fast food and it's not enough for me so rather than. The fast food industry change your gonna change and try to do something -- Okay so like me and -- got. To commute back where. -- -- -- of late so little -- argued. Just a little bit no outward a moral progression. -- -- well people you know and I was there could reach it Friday -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't see. Through -- to bully Shawntae you have to. Her height. And I -- trying to write new business here but if union you work and says food and you're gonna make a lot of money did that factor in your decision have children and all and and -- down shunted out there with users. -- And it would let you know insane thing. -- so let me ask you this when it comes to union is nation what would yell looking for union as well. The height and the fast food companies. They're response when you know do you try to do this with in the building. It actually outside. -- back. No but I mean in terms of trying to organize a union. We do it inside the billing as is wondering what management's response ones. Oh well let me let. Me it -- -- we. -- -- extort -- on -- -- -- life. And -- slightly off -- Birmingham that it would -- I mean you like people like. You -- FaceBook comments about it between her comment whatever and he played like a home on. -- for the good ways -- No means that more men like if you admin so the. -- when it comes to eat you better watch which has -- as you might just get it. Are any of you worried that so much is. Budgeted for salaries that okay we're gonna give somebody fifteen dollars an hour but is going to be the person I can now do the job. Of two or 3-D do you think Shawntae you would be. One of the ones it would be captain would you mind heaven co workers laid off -- and then doing more work doing the work of three for fifteen dollars an hour. We already do the work very actually quite a bit and went -- And for the -- great work apple should be one that kept. -- is -- do so you would be OK with people being laid off as a -- fifteen dollars an hour do you Nolan. Yeah -- Realize Archie is now estimate that total 2.5 billion dollars a year in revenue. If they get -- it would it would accompanying candidates sort of -- double income every year. I'd -- -- and Nolan if Nelson happens and it stays the same you gonna continue to work contestant. On first. Yes of course and Evelyn what about you. From a Motley collection site -- YouTube guaranteed to get it to our fassel. I are both thank you both appreciate your time we want to get your side of that Shawntae Richardson and Nolan martz and they're striking. Ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you. What you unions that are best or worst thing ever to happen in the American workers it stands now two thirds are saying worst. Again in terms of you'd better watch which you ask where can you might just get it I think it's gonna wind up. If for whatever reason is what happened with less people work in an okay. We're gonna pay you more but we're gonna let. Somebody else go for everybody that gets a double the wage that you make it now round numbers. I get a text that says LOL I noticed she didn't tell your interview guests are there not worth fifteen dollars an hour because they're too stupid or lazy. To hold the pickles on your burger and I don't know that either one of those others lose stupid or lazy. I think the question is though. If you're gonna stay in -- field and you know how much it pays. Well then a -- the move on accepted below see what you all think when we come back into six 187 Neitzel 3866 city nine's 0878. No NC GA you're guaranteed to get a job in this food because it requires no skill. Which is also -- only pays minimum wage. Eight point five timely -- traffic that we go to Harold Robbins. Hello David we had a couple of fast food workers on that are striking and the text screen has XP and Moody's own. They're looking for fifteen dollars an hour and there are also talking about joining a union and -- talked to a union expert enough. Little bit that's written books on unions I believe our unions are pretty jaguar opinion poll asks you. The best -- worst thing that happens the American worker and consistently about two thirds saying the worst thing. And I think another question is is anybody ever really win in a strike because I think we all remember what happened with by use steel -- As they closed plant 14 years of -- and and opened it up again and you never get the money bag they the company never. Makes up for -- if there's a lot about it. Texans and have a business owning your new loans and as a manufacturing facility I believe the current minimum wage. Is too low and therefore they start every one. At a minimum of nine dollars an hour or even at the higher pay rate we have constant turn over our experiences shown that too many people are lazy and expect to collect -- check. Rather than work -- Term if the minimum wage this tax continues was raised to fifteen dollars today. The current fast food employees would be unemployed tomorrow. And replaced by harder working more intelligent people. Which brings me back to you better watch what you ask for as you might do is get it up -- but in a truck morning aren't evident. Well. Kyra good. It. Now. Good good Thursday morning -- you know one of the best color names we've had no wild block in the -- No -- A gallon mean it's it's a natural so what do you think. I think they're I don't know and he just shot. At. -- -- I -- poor. And -- and usually worked like look at all got to give -- duration. You -- kids. You can. Always jobs or write what. Its entry level mission if you started life. And look I appreciate him coming on them that's right and it's not anybody bullet. Think if you know you be working in minimum wage -- -- nine minimum wage as food and answer do you intend to do for the rest you -- behavior. As they said there words guaranteed job. -- -- those things happened and I can have two kids and mean I know how Orson I hadn't talked with me -- it clear that up high you can. Not make damn sure that you can provide these kids we have. You should Victor by a situation. Every bit like well it's not meant verbally and my two year minimum wage does not -- it -- play. I do think. -- do you think generally speaking. Tom -- truck the average worker not the average worker but the is superior worker any average firm is rewarded and recognized. Dedication and education that I get it like that -- -- you'd think all of our. Not. That it had been brought all the Bible -- war with what else. All of the work you -- I like. I -- -- it is either but thank you the only the only. Complain I would have is that I'm all for competition bring in on -- you better than me. I get the job get the advancement I get more money if you're not. If I'm not better than you then we etc. etc. but I -- think sometimes in corporate America today. It's about maybe fill a slot and a note that the more talented people necessarily rise of the -- and have a conversation. As well late 42 Tommy Tucker when we come back we'll talk -- David Ben Smith. He's a professor of labor studies and employment relations at Rutgers University. In New Jersey interest in conversation. Like your part of it back in a flash under the WL. 847 WWL talking about fast food workers and striking for fifteen dollars well. Not at the. Textbook strike but it but I guess in an organized strike let's put it that way asking for fifteen dollars an hour. And the right to form a union. And I get a taxi comes in coming years no idea about opening Donald CEO taking a million into -- salary. Rather than raising the price of the border. And you know I think -- just my opinion here and I think of the CEO decides that the proper way to run the company is doing bending it better workers and make more money. And -- I think it's his decision of the board's decision. If you gonna start limiting. Income of of different positions and a private company and not you know much is too much much too little. A professor David Benson and joins us right now. A professor of labor studies and employment relations at Rutgers university in New Jersey morning thanks for joining us. Good morning. Thank you sir is it doctor David Ben's man. -- her you were -- -- that Ph.D. so I'd like to acknowledge that. Tell me if you will about unions fast food workers. History of them and American are pretty jaguar opinion apple is asking people. The thing unions are the best or worst thing happened in the American worker about two thirds consistently throughout the morning -- and the worst thing. Talk about unions with -- please. I think. You can change American history. Making it. And possible for employers to. Getaway. Saying they're little as possible of their workers -- in the middle class fired. We have -- world were too much. In large part based on the fact it will -- organized. Middle -- workers. -- -- lead in. Raising -- useful or. I think the fact that we went into economic problems where years. Reflection in the car and got me. How how did they get weaker and and what changed between. That time that you just spoke up and now. Well there was an erosion in global. War. Basically. -- impacts -- and orders one million. The government to. The trickle in right in turn right at the world in here -- Then we had a series. On the court decisions that are mirrored the right. And of the union. It got weaker than. The public -- assured you really care and legal problems should. You won't solve all -- the popular in the third period for. Know a thing I noticed in New York if you go across a river from where you are there are so many people. In on that I always focus on security people at just about every store. In Manhattan at least in in the blue blazes black ties and and I decide I was wondered how that people could do that that work there. And still make a living in mind they were so many album and and somebody told me and in new York and I presume it's true that it's because a lot of jobs. In the New Yorkers at least New York City you're unionized. And I was wondering if -- where does that stand in the cycle because. You have to make a lot of money to live in New York. But maybe because people make a lot of money that's why it cost so much to live in New York how do you draw a balance there and in terms of economic troubles. You pay people more they spend more and and you wind up with a lot of inflation. Well. Inflation hasn't really bad problem for. What could be worse. 25 years and so you. And I think we don't talk about. What has happened in the sort of like you is that wages have not. Gone out to buy back there productivity -- the American workers on the treatment. Well there increasingly well let workers are creating. We're going to small segment of the population while working people for your order in order to continue your standard of living and to develop -- terror expert. So all that being said do you ever see can you foresee unions making a comeback in the United States. Well. The -- than ours. The last two years. To give me the Occupy Wall Street movement in terms of the old. You know that has achieved and change and the conversations. That now people are asking why wouldn't it be -- Productivity. -- to recovery you're creating good jobs. So. I am actually. Begin to think that maybe there will be some kind of combat although I do think that the labor movement. Recovered it will be viewed differently movement in one stern and popularity in the seventy community. Thank you doctor appreciate your time. What were good you -- Davone -- man a professor of labor studies and employment relations at Rutgers University. In New Jersey so fast food workers. Striking today nationwide demanding fifteen dollars an hour. And a right to form a union. And do you think fast food jobs -- oppose -- pay enough to support a family vote of the strikers we get on each had two kids. And said they'd they wanna continue working in fast food -- they're guaranteed a job. But would they be if they get fifteen dollars and dollar and I'd like to ask you -- unions the best or worst thing that happened. The American worker 854 more when we come back right now the tempered evidently well. Traffic in that. We go to Terrell Robinson Tommy Tucker -- being continued talking about striking fast food workers and one text says. You know Tommy listening all the negative comments this morning I realize that Louisiana still has a long way to go in basic. Race relations truly Santa and I know this has to do with race. Another one says. Big businesses like monopoly as soon as the money gets no money the game is over. And then there's finally this one my first job at fifteen was working at a pop lies at thirty plus year old should not be doing the job. A fifteen year old. Can accomplish. So you tell me T six 187 needle free 866889087. Did do you feel any sympathy for the people that are striking today against fast foods restaurants is that is something and meant to be a stopgap measure.