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WWL>Topics>>9-4 Tommy, Junior Galette and Saints salary cap

9-4 Tommy, Junior Galette and Saints salary cap

Sep 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Joel Corry, a former sports agent and NFL contracts and salary cap expert, about Junior Galette's contract extension

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- jolt Corey joints right now former sports agent and NFL contracts and salary expert talk about junior go let's deal four year extension. 41 million dollars but. -- the pie is only so big morning Joseph you Dylan. Until well things have taken the time with this so when it comes did you handle that deal and a saint salary cap. Situation. Even you know -- on field contributions out of this just looking at the numbers. What does this portend for the saints next season than in years a common and the other moves that they've made it. On around -- seems to -- Heidi keep buttons up on a credit card and some pointers in all come do. That that's exactly right -- -- have operated. Pretty much on any credit card approaching the Dallas Cowboys. The big differences. That's more justifiable. When you're constantly. And contending team won a Super Bowl like Alice which has been the definition mediocrity. Our way so. That. Did that's not very good news but winning and when it comes to. News Drew Brees a window of opportunity seems like a Smart thing to do. -- you quarterback at this. -- which units to be a contender. And note telling becomes quarterback after debris. Usually teams that'll keep it is fortunate in Indianapolis Colts and having Andrew Luck follow the Peyton Manning. So yeah -- -- in the window of opportunity when you have. The big issue is. Next year's cap. This roughly a 116 million cap obligations. For next year to cap goes same and we did the each year -- going to be 44 lead and right now. There as it's currently structured. Junior -- -- 2018. Cap numbers almost eighteen point five million dollars. Just one thing when -- time of the Dallas Cowboys and media out are pretty there there's a lot of other. Reasons for and anything besides his camp. Well the talent agent is the issue clinic. Jerry -- should hire. They ball person to beat each -- that that would help solve some problems. And earlier it. But at the saint. -- pushed to Poland. And Italy and so Pittsburgh Steelers the Pittsburgh has been a winner once doubles like. Like the saints have been a contender. But it again. That made it. I real quick do what was is gonna mean that guys like and as far as scenes of -- Jordan and and teammates. What can keep everybody. A couple of years ago on the offensive line do what you Jahri Evans got -- huge deal there it. That basically -- -- X one is going to be leaving. -- The maximum value. And you go let's deal was twelve million dollars via escalator. In the deal. This -- came Jordan wore a the kid came -- better players in -- eagle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The one thing which is little interesting to me about alleged deal if you got a on the counter acted it out and eighteen to doubt -- incredibly. -- -- -- -- In 2013. Fourteen needed -- twelfth. 6% playtime with -- easily India during a million dollars. On the board so the fact that they took care of them. Before came Jordan. Those little interest to me. Yes thank Mickey Loomis on the top three or at least one of the better cap managers and only. In terms of. Using this approach not stand this approach because at some point it all comes crashing down you don't have great cap growth. Which could be indicates the TV revenues guarding Kiki and. So. More of Spain it was Jacksonville. And -- -- doing cap wise now what age you go model. Where you have to cap flexibility to make wholesale changes. In one particular offseason. They -- used to but they keep at -- very good job. Putting a cap obligations bringing in talented nobody. -- barber was going to be an issue that came out of nowhere. And that's a real -- But when you risk -- using. Deals -- -- first your cap number. Is at some point you could have significant money if you start missing on some of your Aqua. Got to -- appreciate you time -- Corey. A former sports agent NFL contracts salary cap expert.

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