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9-4-14 11am Garland -Beheading videos

Sep 4, 2014|

Garland talks about the beheading videos from ISIS and asks why do we watch?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- want tomorrow we end up with the our word Nokia its. Always. Polo. Sub big series of subjects. That interest in the -- hadn't been put together show wanted but the skins lose the time to at least think about it. And a and it's probably just me. But when it's -- the wouldn't call that at -- Overseas this or is being written about the be heading of the two journal. And her a member of the other journals and Afghanistan. Would be in -- Couple of the business people and rock you and I think -- Africa that would be. And -- read these stores and read people's comments about. An all -- that to myself. Why are you looking. Blood is. In the human animal. That wants to see. A bad thing. And I've stumbled on this. Story from a journal and when -- broad freedom. Because it brings a to me homeless people probably. Be -- but they go through it go ahead with the anyway. -- and it also shows the the technical side -- and Howard thanks. To a report. It's by Melissa -- Where it's news. Daily Mail of London. She served with trembling fingers are tied to warts -- headed and video into the search engine on my compute. Second later it was looking a wall -- lose web site. Including most of them boasting footage of horrible execution. -- tumbling -- pounding. Agreed to a page that featured several act secure -- it's feeling sick -- on the first. A holding page -- and this message warning. Item our regret. Mindy had severed head shown -- fruits might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. By clicking on continue. You confirm that your eighteen years old or older. And she said I had no intention -- clicking continue. In the barely twenty seconds I'd seen an up to convince me. That such terrific footage. Is that political and easier to Poland. -- report -- But that support she wanted to go. And -- words again -- port could get out the page. Another icon popped up. It was of FaceBook like -- divided need to post the link. Too horrifying video on my FaceBook page. If I had at that moment simply click on one small innocent looking blue square or more within F. Over contributed to the rip the practice of posting be having its by G heartless. On the world's leading social networking site. Which killed millions of children among its users. And if you look back I think it was and today. FaceBook ever nobody could be heading. Put a ban on veto. Footage of the -- on pace. And they came up all the complaint. But right before the lakers -- earnings. FaceBook -- now believed its users should be three to watch income him. Such atrocities. FaceBook gloves in one -- third trainer boss. To be a member states in terms and conditions. Will removal only photos -- videos that glorify violent. But they'll love to be at a -- goal and an I would assume none of -- -- -- Of assumed that pulled them -- and now. But just that that thing there -- of lowering. They're two thoughts. Personable. Let's say FaceBook really. Dawn of -- -- carry. The news. Video. Morally. Whatever the reason maybe. Blood. They put -- New -- Crooklyn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I think they would ago and that in today's subsided may be society since the beginning of time. There seems to be something inherent in human animal. That wants to see this so. By putting it there what happened. This woman conflict. Just to get I'll Robert -- that clinic. If part of the reason praise spoken -- The -- is 66. Billion -- and valuable companies in the world. The clicks. Make money. So that's the purchase thing so. Even if they say. They have a policy. That there not been -- they -- ended up. For you to be publicly owned something that doesn't take you there. And she says. The post invited me to host the leading. To a mud FaceBook page to -- -- It's it's the hypertext. Links they call where and when you read copy in the Internet now. I had the blue war. Emboldened words you click on and pictured to another web site -- to another story or the same story. By different individual -- from blog different -- he. That's more money. That's two clinics. And I remember -- India. Kobe Bryant scandal would woman that claimed that. She was raped. Well. Many of the sites said. We're not going to publish this woman's name we're dislike them the option who it is. But they included links. Two of the sites that did it carry her -- so. They were absolved. Of having. Done. What they said they weren't couldn't -- in benefited from it by directing you to somebody else that would do. What they said they wouldn't and accused and two invoked words they're -- elegant do but they're making money. Making sure that you have the option of going -- where all the big flap about the Hollywood actresses have their nude photo of stolen and place you can check it. There or mini sites. That reporting this year issues. And -- organ problems the photo button. This site. That another click that. So home come back if it is just a question from reminds. The problems from prudent answer for. Why do we. Watched these -- we know. -- helping a crisis. We know we're helping the terrorist. We know we're providing money. Two of those we say he shouldn't be doing this what is -- in costs to basic 01 makes -- told free. 86 fixated on steroids it's. Well worth thinking about the much talked about be heading in the Middle East. But do little bit different -- worth thinking about. Why. Do we watch these videos. Interview with should be a purse for the show we've bred. A story barred journalists out of that -- meal and London. -- -- journalists to. Clicked all in a page because she's she had to do the report. But she didn't want to watch the video. So -- clicked on the page. Just to make sure that there were. Sites out there showing. And it and it -- FaceBook and FaceBook group warning. Heard graphic holding periods. Saying be careful five -- -- seven. Severed had shown in stroke for news and asking every June whatever. Well a few -- gonna continue to shoot nor intention. On seeing. The video itself. So she clicked. On the icons and her back to were -- food and he. And would you did that she was sold -- -- of the video for her FaceBook page and the point of this is a little bit copy and I admit. But it. FaceBook. May have a policy. Of not showing the -- But there were only the most powerful one of the richest country -- -- -- the Richard and some countries. One of the richest companies in the world they I mean they're there stock values somewhere around sixty billion blowouts. Every -- you look at what they're doing they're showing good news story. They're saying we won't sure -- video that they giving you -- -- good to go look at it so. Knowing. That you're gonna click on it to read the story. Even a funeral in what some video and then given annually can teach and do. They make money off the boat collects. So. The media. That saying. -- Directors meeting him greeted him this is immoral. This helps the terrorists. And and we can't do this with the cameras and ball. Still carried the story. Which makes the collect and most of them provide a link. And the link makes more money so basically. Maybe he. Maybe not without them even thinking about it they're making money all. -- The bee headings. And the publicity for the terrorist. The goes into recruiting the people. Don't want to hurt the media. That publicized visit and the people liberated. As a strange world is that just me. And and go back to the question over and over do and why. Do we won 21 and we obviously do. Because the terrorists wouldn't do it over and over again -- -- -- or two and two weeks. If they didn't know the benefits. And had. Hard proof of benefit. Now. I'm -- up or of this they're clicking ago. -- on the flip side is called TC group. -- -- -- -- They've cherry all welcome -- groups. Today's economy everybody needs a little bit more money appeal who -- -- -- it didn't work. All you need is a computer in Internet. We do not sell products. We do not five products. We do not have to call in the and you don't have to spend any money to get started. You enjoy it it's and hundreds of companies or actually a U. To click on there are advertisements. And quite understand walk but does that -- my point. This is an entire company. National. Setup. To make money from clicks. Just to get you to sleep on it. Again -- question and the numbers to send you one needs. Told for 8668. And and Hewitt says. Why do we read the story in the first place. What do we get out of that. We agreed to headline we knew what happened. I gotta be headed by terrorists. It would -- there's a chance what were four -- clicked on it there's chance. You can click a link that accidentally. Unbeknownst to you take you to abuse -- or intentionally. Pictured would be. And the question I asked. What isn't in the human animal. That wants to see it in in the only thing that popped into my mind. Is. Evolutionary. Talking to a group of young people. Last night. And one of the young people talked about the beer at a news. And his Sid had an interview has seen the buildings and suture. All of that. And vegetable. Why would you look at what would you Poland and -- looked at me and said. You mean you don't slow down when UC a bad accident. Wouldn't slow down for. You know concede their murderers still adjusted correctly. Looking to make sure they have their seatbelt on. Are you looking for blood and guts. And -- of the bond was racing. At warp speed try and come up and answered the best site could think. Two atonement had to write got a good point. But I thought about it later on in fingers evolution here. We're looking at things that potentially threaten office. So that we can be ready for them if they appear. But then the question becomes and so what are we watched more than once. Is adapted to reinforce the electricity and are bringing to chemicals and are bringing the world bread that memory given to us in times of danger. What do you think 260187. Told three. Anywhere in the country it's six dictated 90 itself and you watched they hadn't. It is so -- Interviewed don't Richard Norton people who do. What do you think they do. Come and if you could just short -- -- -- in Europe should say I'm thinking. About something that is perhaps in -- -- oral -- done. Did he had Huntington's. And we the people the warts. I'll watch the very first one. And no room for one. Did needed for war. Did need to get on the radio trojans rise a bit. In infected -- wondered occurred. Didn't make me. Disliked. Bill o's that won the pillows and destroyers. Anymore. And so my question is not an indictment of you. It's a question about office in and are real. Not everybody goes to look at the videos bought. A whole lot of people do. And I would submit -- think I've known as. The big sites Google and FaceBook. Those that say it would allow this kind of thing you've continued to it -- To be having grown for a couple hours it they pulled ago. But they still carried the story. You still carry. The descriptions. Of this man was put on his knees. That terrorists that are British accidentally slept in the put them like with the Peru. Knowing that. You pure interest should you can click on that they get aid. For that be heading. And sets them. And then. A lot of it. Provided what's called hyper -- And it's usually. Identified. -- typing. Or in bold. Words or letters. Click on it. In some cases. -- trip -- -- straight to be heading the video. Or and others is still pictures. And there are so many. Around the world watching -- That the terrorist. Do more on that one. -- can't figure them out but it gets more recruits. It's supposedly. Terrorize news a lot of the people. That they want to over Tariq. Rock you or me is a pretty good example we spent. Tens of billions training them and at first major battles with the prices that Iran. And solemn. And reverend equate that. Would walk. With wide. They're putting. All in the unit approached -- So. It is if you -- civil apps have felt the only thing I can Como. Is that. If it's an evolutionary thing. Where were. Horrified and but we warm -- -- On consciously. To know the danger wattage -- what it looked like Portugal throwing -- we seized on the I can't think of any of the reasons now. BBC news left liberal in this story. Who watches murder videos and they talked about it tended to use. Businessmen and a British businessman. Who. Was to be headed. In the Middle East. And done. There were comments. Not not comment after the story broad comments. That the journalists. Interviewed people to ask him. And a hold of a good break here and come back and -- problem. I'm told that in some of protects. -- assume we'll watch horror films we haven't -- you gained elvis'. In different. I think that's a good point it is it's kind of like Walken and fortune core wrecked. But. I think we know that tendency I think we know it's not for real. And -- I don't think that minimizes my question. If we -- -- them if -- watch it and -- yoga meets. We must like it. Because they produce. More or more video games of our. I think the question remains. Why is that so fascinating to. All the way down to. Reality. Romance head is severed from his body. With a night. Takes a war now there's a lot of suffer. There's a lot of bad says well there's a lot of gory things you would never think what happens when that occurs. Why do we want. Like to give total realized the problem is for rob and did you watch you slowdown with the car wrecks don't choose what you looking -- -- do admit it can be -- -- game. I had to admit I do and the only thing act and think. His evolution. What do you think. Here's a zero only celebrity to 03866. -- 170. Would come back oval read -- Some of the responses from those who actually watched the videos. Of the all right so welcome back word I'm thinking about oh why why don't we watched -- Did you will be heading. An obvious need billions of the duke. Because. The terror is keep doing it because they're benefited from the -- play influences. News organizations. It would seem no longer can she who the public from disturbing content. Or protect rejected -- accusers. From public scrutiny. And the way -- want good they're no longer or effective gatekeepers. Shielding or audiences for material deemed too sensitive. Customers fuel or discussing all the can do on the Internet using whatever at the gold -- they choose. Is to regulate their own small slice of the cyberspace. I think that true. Border up or down. The media we in the media you're still in business of making up that. And by talking about the shows Barbara I think about these shows by doing. Television video that shows. More people lose more people read more people -- -- of financial benefit. In particular. The -- -- leaks. Where one. Story that does not true would be headings and even. Puts up an announcement that we don't shoulders and a lot of them give you a link to go to. And absolved them. Of of putting that on the web site but it makes them money when you click crumbling. And I -- my question is not who's better who's good -- -- -- -- Why do we do. I'm born text which it's seldom do. We have -- committee calls -- the mourners who would thinking. If instead dissident about a watching. This is a personal religion. To trash -- from the so would assume that means me. Now social media use. As much as in anybody humble -- FaceBook and Twitter and from what it was so no. That's not. Once we loved -- badly broken borders and come into the so against that purged and pink slippers and be added as the bad person. If you and says this this is a good point before the republic and the republic guillotine be -- Before that in acts. Before that public's owning. It is what it is. And I agree this this is not in new. Development. I'm I'm just curious. As to why we watch it. It is -- don't realize you're promoting. You have to know your sparking interest. You're going block a beheading. Don't you borrow. There I didn't think about that before this -- roughly. Again -- on him. Bush. My point is just like cover of this paragraph. About news organizations can no longer protect us from the I'm asking the question is if you're listening to me. And it's making you want to go and watch it. The question is -- -- who. The option. Of not. Why do so many of Stewart in particular this case. A fun and fascinating because. It's news in. So many authors said I'm gonna kill you play again that your. And they did -- video. To raise money. In order to get. Capabilities. To -- you. You heard about it and you watched the video. And therefore funded the video. Funded. The person. Who wants to -- destroyed. Find that interest you know. I've never been interested in looking to do such a thing but I admit listening to you now as we cure. I'm still -- going to just because. You won't be -- And what boosted the Richard Finkel won due to and I think. Fortunately the human animals. Desire. To do. -- it would take a break come in right. Government a total caller Jeff bureau in double dubbed -- appreciate it. Take our -- where our -- pointless. Attack -- that. Like every other American cities because you want you know you're appalled that -- could spark bear that you want -- somebody at that point was that. If you had a video. There affects of -- tropic opera count ball -- I'll go out there bodies would be -- under public -- pretty all point at that. -- about -- think we ought to apple has bought dropping eight -- back to -- story short straw bullet that port. Mark ball away and art or like what you know army. -- got blown the peace -- I don't think we need to. Keep things in perspective I its barbaric BJ at somebody that we don't just start allotment -- -- quite as. Archie UH you pretty. Good -- Bob. I think you make -- very good point I've appreciated call. -- -- --