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9-4-14 12pm Garland- Homeless Communities

Sep 4, 2014|

Garland talks with Nate Schlueter from Mobile Loaves & Fishes project about a homeless community project in Texas.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've had to do a couple shows owned oil and the problem with homeless. In New Orleans. -- he has said for dramatic congregation. Under overpasses. Interstate overpasses. In this city to continue. And a couple of movements to. Get them out of that area in two homeless shelters -- And we've talked to intrusive talk a lot about how many times they don't -- -- of the shelters the adult. -- belonging to shelters. Don't allow or we have room via powers. And even today. Picked up on the web sites and talks about the -- -- talking about a proposed ordinance that would add language. Specifically. Departments and obstruction as in beat him. Item of household furniture nodded tend to probe to -- -- or other somewhat permanent structure. Under the ordinance and temperature. Would be labeled. Factor would for auctions. -- -- look in public space. Even though they are obstructing passage. Are changing and ordinances. And ordered to a bit from re imports. The laws concerning. Homelessness. While reading about that sort of stumbled across something called mobile -- in positions. Miracles -- when you. And right before. And in to me when -- this. A -- well taxes terrorism theory introducing -- idea. On how to help the homeless. And their bread for a came on -- did little bit more Google you know find. 2011. Report them -- one of web sites. That says mobile loaves and -- is committed to the streets of New Orleans and so it's good. There -- governor removed with the and actually order community relations rector. Mobile loaves and fishes have talked to for a while federal and show them what's going on May welcome the show or appreciated stock. Yes things -- happening so you -- in New Orleans to. We were in New Orleans in 2000 and weapons article -- or. Doing relief well work during Katrina. And it ended up with a truck operation down or a few years and have a truck run independently. Each and every night or organizations that we are. Through trucked to beat people on that are going to Merkel would record Colombian dignity. I've I've got to -- things sales to build a broad bloopers some days. Where you located at Austin and central Texas. Yeah we're in Austin, Texas. And you've got -- is it more so than -- -- They're one -- seven acres on that word breaking ground in developing. From the master planned skated. Community for about 250. Are chronically disabled -- And -- when you say chronicling this able to bring chronically disabled homeless. Yes -- Paul yeah it's. Vote that they're chronically homeless which they. In our city your are counted four year longer. But in the last five years on that -- homeless on the streets for at least three years. Do you have any idea -- -- population. Is of homeless there. -- about 2300 people. Each and every street. All right limited -- What one when you take a little bit of an or liberate. And a won't come back and talk about the long list. Of programs you've got listed. But something -- and they -- About -- -- -- the might rule homes in the canvas -- on the news. It's different -- the taxes. Seems to be taking care of the homeless problem. And -- -- talked in the agency of good news so we -- lot land. Were people who moved back may be we could do the same thing here opened up now. Include bitter visit New Orleans think you're aware of our homeless problem City Council today news. Considering the latest probe of our problem with the homeless. They're thinking about boring homeless people tenths. In particular from under of these and -- -- since. In Austin. Well first of all. We're noticing these kind of things recurring problem which as always problems and Bender. Always think about looking at other places to see. If they're handling it differently in the so it was a successful one that certainly seems to be in Austin. Organization called mobile low in issues. And we have via community relations director with the needs approach from -- Admitted to recruit -- and for -- -- Particular couple of these combinations. Called the -- we you'll or bees. Are tell me about that. Yeah it will RB. There's -- style of recreation vehicle. Until you have a bumper poll. Or be put to the bumper of a truck and it will put down into Tibet and those the kind of RB. We've been housing people and for the last ten years so without about a hundred and and people in 87%. Of them are still house and some former faction and all on the streets. -- and 0% Willard is designed for somebody that's gonna retire in trouble crossed the country for a couple of years. I'm so they hold up really well and that makes a great. On hold or somebody that went off the street and the corporate structure that they can easily forward. And how many of these via. I am right now -- and sixteen. Community first village which is twenty that would -- retractable -- that we all and we're doing construction on. On the -- hundred should parole or B units are for people come off the streets on the and make those hopes. I knew if I read correctly of these things are. Somewhere around 25000. Dollars apiece how -- -- -- it. Yeah so that's what -- -- too -- or be subjected to the senate where could be permanent. I'm home -- somebody on which under altered private donations so people will donate trust by our pre. I'm adequate price of the slap in the utilities to comment. -- so our second paper our capital campaign for this village. It's called it that way donors of one of the street outreach. Oprah built on the property. Then -- would. Do homeless people. Have a new money to win this at all do they get approved for your to -- favorite. Yes so in our community there's three rules to sustain through rules that you and I -- in America. How hole and her to be a permanent capital. Everybody pay something -- that there are rare. Our mortgage Oprah fortunate -- of her own home -- -- property practice but there's no free ride on housing so preference have to pay. I'm defector -- that they'll hop debate double shrimping and -- paper. To be a good neighbor to law and in the current rules that in any master plan gated community and Erica. There's other rules of the community so hours really simple no -- -- or outside. You're walking your dog needs to be a little leash. And you need to be on other in the pool reachable. And so really simple rules have been follow -- bin. I'm for anything that we would -- the neighbors and our subscriptions work. Or more -- kind of ruined the paper the other group. -- -- That it will lower the highest -- model that we have what could 400 a month. That includes the first sixty dollars a -- And dual -- ten oldest people pay that. A lot of our friends on the streets and get some torture and do it you know it texas' 720 dollars a month. Or disability check the we have micro enterprise programs on site on and off site were all -- You know to reward for the day at work a little -- on the -- And they can earn a dignified and its -- on a model that Serbs who live modestly in America. In in the top 25 and the world economy. If you make housing super affordable. Survival between five and 800 dollars some and everything else our friends are battling on the streets. I've done 800 dollars a -- to easily obtainable. We're review sidetracked in -- issue almost. As -- we try to figure out organ and up to economic. Level. That we make each week. And the reality is that. Most of our friends are unemployable. In the traditional sense that doesn't mean that that don't have talent. But can't -- a dignified income using -- So we have a whole program dedicated hoping that -- in the money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The microphones. Are really small operatives. They're between 444 square feet and 480 square feet are two options one room. Which is like the studio and to shut the bedroom with a group. On in the reports its range -- -- to -- fifty with the first sixty utilities included. I'm so -- just you know 67 dollars a day. You can be in your soul. Volunteer friendly to -- There energy efficient without an AC unit that can happen you know in this country. Without an -- and it. It'll -- about fifteen degrees cooler than it -- -- you're coming -- from under Bridget about ten degrees hotter. Our and so we walked you know they're still very very comfortable even in the states that would happen. So you bury you in tiny holes. You have Bob Dora cute tunes and private bathroom. We do so and they'll be outdoor kitchens. And with including our -- -- -- Doby first class restroom -- longer shall. In their private restaurant longer so and so not community bathrooms. Danger the web -- building. Armed with a different doors so that when you walk and building structure that term for the time that you're in there and then. Somebody. One of our residents will be. They're drop will be cleaning the restrooms for the clean effort registry and in that part of the property -- -- -- and did you really build this hoax in six hours. You can so micro loans. For volunteers can be constructive. Walz wrote everything in six hours and then you come back the next weekend. And you -- and you put the -- -- And finish it out so it's really too we can draw. You can get all the doors windows -- walls. And that's -- in and six hours. That's amazing because Joba. Pretty good -- poor children do you get to comparable shares beautifully that operated that way and yeah it. And home which were into the panic. And depending on the model they want. 210. To 250 dollars. Was really able to meet people where there. In the communities -- community so underscored and out there there's opportunities to earn income. Personal medical clinic. I'm so there's all kinds of things that aren't we build community around a minute aren't needed more. Until about ten aside college. Yet who became -- the cottage. Is about the since I took the microphone congress get Serbs courtroom all during. Are a -- resisting -- similar to what. Our troops might stay in Iraq or Afghanistan. -- -- -- -- All of our rent prices averaging only works so not let's go to extradite marked on the mattress. You know in new mattress new betting. -- -- -- Electricity. And pot everything that you would need to. And so and so the -- he actually you pay your rent. -- groups are clicking we conflicts. -- for the came with sporadic outages are 12144. Square feet. And about 200 square feet and starting a -- 120 -- four or dollars a day. Literally gated neighborhood in America. How much electricity and access to running water after. And again that's is separated shoulder looking shelters got. A big -- -- rockers older and again what you are landscaping. Of this of this could be heaven for some believe it's homeless. Oh absolutely in particular burns out and shall. The guys that are living in the woods -- living under the current charge probably 85% of global migrate chamber by the church. That -- home because the direct products. And say I can do this right now. You know even the people that we see on the order a -- on each and every day. As much as we don't want people panhandle and really the key to excerpts. Ending homelessness is building community. And I'm making housing affordable and so people are settled. They're never really going to be able to come to work efficiently or -- for the world or some. Is there any chance I could keep -- ten more minutes. Or it could. There there's this huge plants and moving more choked before. -- board were employed to get on critical look at these homes personable. And second while welcome -- in and talk about could -- your gut. Chicken operations. Would be operations. Crucial operations even art gallery. Micro enterprise opportunity it's. All of this that just seems like something we ought to know about coming right back double to -- figured celebrity immoral followed -- -- Personally -- I think there's some fascinating and who knows maybe it's. Answered two -- recipient to tour problem with the homeless. There -- New Orleans is called mobile low on pensions. Are also and they go towards seven acre master planned community. For chronically homeless disabled. And you gotta get in the world saw it because it's fascinating. They dipped on the goal of it to wiesel or B which is just the battering nice or beat. That bit of turn to hold the gun at you for the drug two words and while bro and picnic table and then there of these micro home schooled in the homes. That can be built in six hours. It shouldn't environmental currently is sustainable. And they share of some outdoor kitchens private bathroom. Shower and laundry facilities in and -- can boost sided cottages. And believe me all the support choose their their beautifully landscaped. These are not. Anything you wouldn't associate with homeless or hopes or low rent. In fact. -- probably a lot of people -- or homeless would say you know what. I'm an empty natural water balloons that -- -- at all and thankfully it was stolen few more minutes from actual looter. A commuter relations director of a blow mobile closed and refused product. -- Let me go to one of the minute things you -- Douby to have them I'm accurate or gal report micro enterprise opportunity what -- that. We have nine artists that are talented and amazing trainers. That we we've identified on the streets and public gallery were making com I'm really at studio. Twice a week and they can do their laundry in our. Eat lunch with does but more importantly. Space. And experience to paint. And in great art and minute recorder six weeks. We've become the middleman and so there are they get all the proper respect the call Katrina that's. On the and were able so you know between fiction 171000 dollars worth of our borders six weeks. Got money in the pockets since January the mine. Homeless trainers have been able to look forward. -- to pay -- -- -- -- history. Has been extremely -- -- arm but really we're just creating an opportunity. President used the -- that they are. Just an amazing thing watch them. What are able to get on the court they really get the zoning regret our. It's an amazing -- to a secure about a ball for a good control of the minute you there's things that you guys are doing there. Do you still have the problem we have homeless people all over the place or. Or of the majority of them coming to your. -- Well yeah we have homeless people all over city. Living under -- living on the outskirts of living in the was living in homeless shelters. You know we don't more people that we have and shelters so we have the same kind of problems. A large city like New Orleans. Would have. So it is that virtually the same here on all of our friends. Want to. No -- wants to be homeless. So. All of our friends and looking for something different. But they're looking. You know. Trying to figure out how they could do that -- little under score together. Are aborted due in June as workshop with the tool bank more what does that mean -- trained people or just provide them. With the tools. We do some training. -- There managing you know right now making. Christmas tree ornaments and goals the way. That are on their pictures and solid top. Picnic tables for a -- here and they get all the profits for everything that -- recover the cost of the world. We support the workshop and the tools. -- but don't great relationships. Trust. And really just -- -- opportunities. For people earn a dignified -- These are guys that are ready countered and then we moved in to. Welding classes and it being quite. Up to teach them new skills -- and professional welders and people that people expected to teach them. And those kind of things when it comes toward working on. It got some work workshop for far more developed it. Been in step with two on the workshops -- pretty strange. Well -- talent. We can help of their products and help them over products. Their calendars that they can build great things. How again. What do you estimate for homeless population. Be. And how -- the you've taken all the street -- of tunes and roots. -- so. Are homeless population runs about 2300 people each an -- that. Over the last ten years without any property. We have. How about their intent people 87% of them remain a and some of America. Art art and are these anymore and didn't -- reignited extremely. Outlook have an apartment or -- -- whom. Currency really never know what's gonna happen but most on Tuesday. In dollar -- We put our parties and independently owned or departure apparently now trying to do you really develop our own market. Kind of an RB Parker on steroids all the amenities are. -- And so so and about 110 people. With house in the -- that's what we're building. Housed 250 people. Well and you have an outdoor theater in bed and breakfast. We do. So we can vintage air streams that have been completely got it in read. The people to be able to comparable across the country. And stay on all our property and -- look at the project come Serb with the Kumble and hear what. On the in the during major all in advance which also got some pretty. Big and large appearance. Become better breakfast because the micro enterprise opportunity. For our residents. Just Serb part yet to clean up after a -- to run a bed and breakfast type facility. The temperature extremes and so but most that pharmacists and it's free for people to come. It was it's a technical look at what we're doing and rebuild the community. How people are getting in touch with the -- they find out more. They're -- -- pupil here Warner. -- what you're doing. Yeah so there's too late to get a hold of -- check out most of their information about what we're doing his own web site. The cult community first there's the program. About the village that we're building our web site in Maryland got to work. And then my email is -- -- in the -- dot org and you can also email me any other questions. -- -- to be very proud to go to doing incredible work could. In the Stoops to very very impressive. Thank you for this time. Of dubbed Leo big -- celebrity jail and five the -- Whereas it's brutal -- and up below we'd do one hour where as the audience question. -- worsened with the people watching the video. Editing. And -- try to get hold -- in the show and couldn't get in so she called back and -- I appreciated the call. You think you're predicting it after the fact that you huge. Well I have been thinking about it before -- ignorant merger and radio so candidate. I want the people upper orbit they outlook that people tried to leave that be adding video and it's not because I want it to be something shocking glory glory. I felt like. It was reality and -- that. Young man had to back accurately yet delete it it will happen again and not shy away let -- -- -- that shot. Side -- on it yet and I could. Exit I clicked on the web site you were -- -- once that cap I currently include. And it's been taking -- at the video and promised they would instead it certainly it intently. At choate a report -- adding and that sort whip up the video. Chilling to carry it delivering that message. That being black felt obligated to see which led duke probably. Well yeah. And it accurate hearing. Propaganda and that terrorists over and over again that we have really bad thing. A really a bad move on on the carpet -- That it's interesting here and more have been reading is that these second B I think. Has fewer viewers. Because FaceBook Google. A number of whether the main sites. Took action to take it off YouTube which is owned by Google. Federal for a couple hours and then -- at all there's still sites out there but there's smaller sites and you're right yeah. Everything you read you have to hyper link a couple of times. To get to them would you know what you're saying. A read people's comments a lot of people said that same thing. But but my question is in and I don't mean challenger I'm challenging -- itself. Because I watched it soon. If we're girl was being raped an American. Would we want -- fuel obligated to walk. Well I bet that's what you are. All being -- it is unlikely that she's being outraged by a political group wearing a poetic and delivering and. But I mean it if it was virtually imploding -- If they don't -- that. That I think we -- have been paying. Urgent vacancy yet because. We have the people are are are -- at the world it expanded. By the news that we're -- to see. I'm happened to be in Europe right before these things happened and while I was there it struck me how much more realistic Europeans are about world events that Americans are and I think part of that. Problem that we can't get that we are so protected. Our media is so worried about trauma I think or spending. That they no cure what the -- that -- unrealistic. -- are -- -- let's pick you up our own standing in the world acting in a mistake I think that they I think we should be shielded. I wouldn't run out of time but I am very. The two -- 200 to vote it was called and I guarantee -- thought dramatic in a lot of people think about that to thank you to call. And right back of Columbia.