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David Blake, WWL news, Kat, Bayou 95.7 and T-Bob Hebert - 3WL Double Coverage join Angela for What's Trending today?

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Let's say they don't get more translational. In the three of them sitting right here. Happy Thursday everybody we really have a great afternoon ahead and with -- renders in particular. But I just wanted to mention that in our second hour -- don't have a whole hour. With Jefferson Parish president John Young who is gonna catch us up on all that is happening in his parish and it's actually quite a bit. And in our third hour I'm so thrilled I know you've heard the announcement that -- Doctor Norman Francis is retiring from Xavier I mean. I have such mixed emotions as I'm sure everybody does. Almost a lump in my throat the menace so spectacular as a human being. And yet nobody deserves a break more than he does but he's gonna join us for our first quarter hour of our third hour. To kinda gets his his own emotional thoughts about this today. Remember he has been on that campus for 66 years 46 of them as president. And in the rest of the third hour we're going to be talking about. Why -- we have the highest cancer rate in the country. And also about the very good news. That we have a center of were searched it's now fighting so we're going to be talking to a couple people about -- -- not want to miss it blocked. We almost need the trumpets now we begin with our trending David Blake at WWL news said. -- to have to dock. -- hey there. -- illness or head. And all together the great -- Front -- -- -- went over. -- you know you have no idea every day I wake up I look forward to this is why I learned something and you need. You're among the things I -- a but -- we we had a kind of busy busy day. Already what we start with you today the public and let's talk about when I was just talking about -- Norman Francis and actual living legend among. Absolutely and you know and as amazing as this story has developed really just in the last couple of hours or. The information issue's been pouring out so I feel like I've been getting a lesson as I've been going along and the accomplishments it's like. Hundred. -- -- so lucky. To have this man here in New Orleans for all of these years. All of the graduates I mean that the list of accomplishments. I think our wrote in one piece today you could. -- -- -- You could look up easily. Something with all the great stuff and he did his. When he walked on campus is a freshman there were five buildings and one block. There are now fourteen buildings. Or 64 acres. And visually this is what this man has built. But I think the greatest thing is that usual Nolan Q don't you need to know. That Xavier University -- number one university which provides African Americans into medical schools that they are the feeder well. Out of the most African Americans in this country who get into medical school. -- according to the US Department of Education they lead. In undergraduate degrees in biology. Life sciences chemistry. Physics and pharmacy -- seeing a huge one. And you know it's just. Are you sedated the list of accomplishments. One thing I've found fascinating listen he had initially turned down. This job -- indeed it was offered did not accept and then on the day that Martin Luther King. Was assassinated. He decided that he would accept the presidency. And he felt right at that time especially that he needed to and he wanted to lead. And who's who's calling at that time and so then he's president for 46. Here here's. Longest running president and you got any university known as anything that's even a close to that record so well. It is a loss I note if you mentioned earlier as some people what kind of saddened by this whole event today but he still going strong. He sounds fabulous. He had an interview with him just months ago and you know is more races show reaction. Just everything that he had to talk about in education and how important. It is to to get these youngsters a college education. I was sold you know -- now just listening to. And let me tell you when you think about it here his university went underwater. The food they tapped. To chair. The bring back New Orleans thing out of Baton Rouge Norman Francis -- so he is rebuilding a university. And at the same time. Being one of the premiere leaders of rebuilding the city under water under water. -- a phenomenon and and the most touching thing is -- -- in a lifetime of won victory after the other not that this man didn't struggle not that he didn't. Have major challenges and is like because he did. But what is the the most emotional hamper Wallace and it was when the president puts the medal around him the highest civilian award you can get in your life. I don't know it's just it's. Yeah no I'm with you and it's and it's an emotional day it's certainly is and we haven't talked into doing about. How do you replace it and that's just another whole story. It's another -- story -- I even thought you know because I will be talking to him later. I'm not going to bring that because this is his day -- ideas to really reflect on an incredible like time. Though I'm sure isn't gonna stop the when he walks I don't know continue to do the -- On -- after you've been that busy and very proud by the way of the of the new chapel. Alone that Katherine Drexel yes via the easiest. He just carried on about that and now it's it's very simple yet elegant and it will seat 500. And they had a chapel. At Xavier which you'd think would be a natural but not one separate. From the other buildings and the us stands alone if you've seen it driven by enough so. Good things still happening as Xavier. Yes. Everyone stay with this we're gonna continue -- trending we've got T Bob we got this cab and we got a lot more news. Stay with -- I'm Angela under the UN. With the top trending people David Blake of our newsroom T Bob hey bear and cat in 97 point five. Okay I'm look at a cat her first thing up boxes maybe got a big game tonight. And it healthy it. I cannot wait so excited. Well let's do this together aren't an honor to Canada and -- we. Yeah. Hopefully trash talk in between you know physical. It's just words in this is what we do. So let's get it over Seattle Seahawks the thing -- I don't understand. They weren't in football fans a year ago and my rights. I they -- -- -- better yeah there's a Starbucks in the student in this stadium I'm assuming. And I can't really say what I wanna say like I did off Mike is now in -- and apparent attempt to turn red but I am still thinking. They're going -- yeah. Yeah I mean as much as I'm sure a lot of seats in tandem mere year feelings on yachts like bleaker view. I Seahawks fans we have one in this building actually set Dunlap. -- perhaps on the main offenders. They're very hot weather fans. From their cold sort they're not very welcomed me now they wanted to turn up their noses at and then that -- team last. It's -- there obviously hard bunch too I get along with but. Is he up football team on the other hand it's going to be different story they are. Leaked yeah outs in every sense of the word they really are. They were incredibly good last season and the kind of scary part of that progress -- is at least in the upper east season. Today looked better than just -- -- Russell Wilson. Who party became the first -- ever to post a hundred plus passer rating. His first two seasons in the league looks like he's ready to take a significant. Step forward which is seen -- and if he. -- it's his name into the conversation with a top five quarterbacks in this game. Com I mean that team might just be out of weaknesses. -- line may be. It's where you look for -- in the arm but even the secondary the fable about legion of boom. The NFL put an you may see a lot of you -- about penalties is pre season because of the new. Defensive backfield rules or as a rules of open and where there's no contact them they put that in for the Seahawks. Because their strategy was -- gonna be pretty rough if you everytime -- not gonna caller I'm now the opposing yes we all are. I ask you would expect logical day. That the Seahawks. Hang on -- yeah yeah now and logic would dictate as he ought to suffer the worst ever in the pre season. And presently enough to Seahawks were the least penalized defensive back field. Which means they've adjusted the best that to the rules government to stop and -- -- -- talented bunch back there and he does that his games at home outings he went I've chosen to cover and it spreads like six and. Half yeah and so on these indictments. Yet I mean our Spanish and not high scoring. But then Ian follows closure I was like 40% on its last itself. Oh great you're slightly. Under half way if your agreement but this is also the kick off the fantasy football. Yet even better and that's all -- and big time trash talking is probably come into play as. Everybody's text their friends or whatever it is football is the most genius the changing. The NFL's done. You know I don't -- -- around for a long time on time I'm feeling like twenty years maybe fifteen years yes I because I've we have guys is we did a double coverage -- Without a morning show and we have guys you know trying to tell people tell us why she did not lead and they were talking they were rejuvenated. Where it's it was -- paper before the Saturday you'd turn the man at your buddy's house the league commissioners so. And it's sports have been around for awhile and be addressed and never looked out. The origins in down. And and did I -- -- the bottom like it is worth parents' east and you. Used to be that kind of owner like big yeah yeah yeah but now -- I understand it's addictive -- it obviously you are well it gives you a dog in every 5 AME that would that's a lot of time watching this important. He kind of care about it -- may be interviewed did you watch it now elegant Mac and let's see if they score in the man these reds and you know for all it is is scoring. The entire day and now what's -- what it's done. For the sport's popularity is really astounding. As it's brought in -- whole audience. That wasn't there reporting though there's a lot of a lot of women love it Lotta problem and people don't me. -- and yes yes yes yes exactly. I've noticed a lot of crossover from moms of my friends who're. More traditionally gamers not necessarily. The biggest sports standards but. -- play it in. He had a play and it's football. It's almost like playing video game as a year acquiring players making trades -- news stars who receive it. Little kind of gambling field I've been there he never really know. Everybody's gonna do you have scores they -- you get the who won and at the end I have to do that arouses him -- and I don't have any problem I have no females Lima affairs who gets beat Texas. Is that it is about money to them and you in my -- you can yeah. It's -- the -- right all ages are knowing the players knowing. That you want and I -- has so a lot of people you can. Have a seasons in prize where Britain and when he about it being currently it's yes yeah I mean on Malaga I do know though. I tell people knew I won't name I don't know if you want to buy it. He plays and a couple leave or play couple hundred dollars he. And those this year yet -- -- that would -- be re studying. -- that is if you leave him down. By Internet famous -- well. That where guys have had like my little pony tattoos. -- never got last class Justin Bieber tattoo. Which. I mean I loved beaver I really do. I absolutely he is he's the man but. Hey Bob I'm coming up so much to -- -- if -- become a good amount -- about it and listening OK okay that's. I hate to leave this fantasy -- I thought. We're gonna move on and I'll just learn more about -- but I remember I think it was sometime in the ninety's album was walking in in my building -- a a guy who was an insurance agent. Who live in the Billings Atlanta you've got involved in this fantasy -- In a slight way over my head said he was still enthusiastic and now what are your ballot sighted yeah -- -- mainstream that's right. Let us move on and let's talk about. Service -- this is major judge BP's reckless conduct caused oil disaster. Yeah and it's just more and some would say piling on BP. And many people or around here feel they deserve it and and in more of that the decision today. Body district judge Carl -- day. Could possibly. Quadruple. The amount of civil penalties. Against BP. For polluting the Gulf of Mexico with the oil from the macondo well the accident we all know in 2010 but. He is decision and using words like reckless. Conduct that led to the millions of gallons of oil. Gushing into the gulf are legal analyst at WW well -- some scary says no doubt they were grossly. Negligent willful and Swanson in their conduct beyond. Negligent that's from -- -- Who knows what he's talking about in this. So you know there -- going to be appeal Olson it's going to be tied up for a long time. But eventually BP is gonna have to pay even more. And they've already agreed as we noted billions upon billions. Of dollars and I. Wonder how this will effect to those who are. You know still I'm still doing Stosur -- Australia but haven't settled. You know -- There could be very interest in yup. Something that we should talk to close in -- and others about will this mean even more money. They say yes. But for people who haven't received -- yet and are still fighting for more it could. Greece the way that's probably about word. Oil that would lead you know and -- that is authority. Area. Stay with us everybody we're gonna go check in the news agency that's going on while we will be back with our trending right activist. And we are trending with T Bob they -- and cat and David Blake. And up cat lets talk about the minimum wage workers. Striking at a fast food -- today yes yeah I mean it's been going on right you know. Yeah I all over the country and I -- to let's just put it out there raise the minimum wage. -- counting -- the issue is fifteen dollars for fast food I think his the issue yet the president has called for a minimum wage hike of ten dollars and ten cents. Look at all realistic fifteen dollars an hour fast that people are struggling. Yeah I and I I don't think that's gonna happen okay. The chance with the president supporting. A bomb you know whether goes to nine or hand or -- -- I can see that happening but all of the economists we've talked to said the businesses. If figure went to something like fifteen. That they that's takes too much of their profit margin and so they would have to lay off they would have to cut people down to the bond. If you believe that you I don't I know don't you think that well. All playing in a way. I believe there is no reason why someone who holds -- full time jobs making minimum wage is still. In the poverty level. Why I say that is not acceptable to -- not in the United States of America but I think you know it is we've heard many reports. Fast food used to be where when you were high school you got the job you get you look -- so emotionally. I think it every time -- -- say the entry level job right and now your gonna start -- -- the ages of change and now people are in their twenties. Trying to -- families out of that. And it's just in is not working. Yeah at a I don't know the solution it's easy for me to sit here and they were raised the minimum wage any dollars an hour like Switzerland does by its okay twelve. Could be -- -- -- across I think our opponent sees. Yes we have a couple of or rubble two dozen. Handcuffed in Detroit. After they were blocking the street -- McDonald's in Chicago. They picked up a couple words Stan standing around -- stand up and fight back. So you know they made their point and it was I think -- 150 cities altogether. There was some form of protest and demonstration and there may be more of this. I'm sure there will be and -- you know in a sense because for so long after we went through that horrible recession -- where everybody was just. My god hold on in my job as yet thousands lost players. I think there is you're starting to see little pendulum swing of employees saying okay. The worst settled now you know where you quit your verdict you know -- -- Sharon agenda let's let's -- -- -- right. Anyway we will move on and talk about in the seems like but it really a lot of people are talking about this what did you -- and now. -- you. Do don't. A the -- double whopper to Joan Rivers. Yeah I don't rivers but the -- has moved well they moved to a private room there's really not saying that much more except that. They're not changed well some are reporting she is still on life support. So life support in a private room is really not a step not too -- support being in. I see you in my right guys beyond the camera. I don't know it's sad she's 81. But 81 and full of life and was working up to time she went for -- pursue after. And has -- hold scheduled. That was supposed to be after I mean this is really very sad it really is in. You know why don't I can see why they're keeping kind of everything quiet it is really not. Much new reporting about it by. It's still very very sent -- -- -- And the family members you have all put out to -- messages. I guess it's her daughter's illness yeah yeah thank you for the continued involvement suborn and I don't know but Joan Rivers and she's someone that you love to hate or is it just. Is it just purely out. I think it's pure love because you don't buy her in tired yet she kick. That she's really -- -- she's very generous she does a lot with charity she really helped out in coming comedian yes. On she broke. You know she eat the way for a lot of funny that -- and she really did and I have not heard. Any time somebody's commenting on television news about her it is always what a wonderful person -- -- not generous and narrow and yet. Can be so biting and hurt at all like gosh -- real life but now. Really very thought hotel alone that's -- -- and we're gonna we're gonna hang in there stay with this will be back and we're gonna talk the team -- about you know about it LSU front office. And you know what's trending of course not just tonight's football game but now issue and yes she -- -- Yeah. Tigers. Get ready to take on Sam Houston State this weekend. Pretty good day yes. Division one double late in the end it is that leads at CS now -- -- subdivision but. Either way. Smaller schools a school of sides I -- they can score -- -- I mean the -- target they're they're good. For their level of play there's no way to -- if you lose this game and normally. A game like this would be extremely -- now -- -- wherever there's a couple factors. In play this week in and make a little more excited probably all the bad most obvious. Is this is the first home game with the new addition is stadium. Over a 100000. Seats in the about the man. Well we'll see if it fills out or not on a -- I imagine. It will because it's the first game but. We do wanna keep an eye on it throughout the rest of the season Seattle fans react maybe LG drops couple games is even. Before the additional seats does -- times last year. That stadium. I mean the Florida game just -- yeah it was obvious that 65. Percent full when the game is -- much up in the air and so that's got to be just kind of ongoing storyline throughout the year but first game. With all that to the first game with the new parking restrictions. Which you know a lot of color again about -- they patiently as he can't park on like. Nichols an extension in Burbank is something more it's a lot of argument here. Yeah that are set up there including. When my good buddies. -- level there's an incredible. I -- -- and it's all so much fun. And Dahlia now he's kind of unsure and he's not alone in that regard what exactly added that every -- for this year brits -- be will be. Lot of cargo coming -- -- and FC you know something else is trending Tara colleges to -- new stadium and I don't is yet -- steadily bigger I would say that's actually. A much bigger deal exits first time Alastair just fell forty years. Good at -- having game on campus at all to -- opponent and -- all well. And that's all that's all about biggest crowd to lions had an. I don't remember yeah now on yeah wait and and that stadium you haven't seen yet it's really well built its it's beautiful to look at mr. ecstatically pleasing -- them. Also from a functional standpoint these guys is very intimate. And the crowd is on top of the players and add to -- -- -- -- there's nothing that will kill your energy. For a football game in -- in a place like the superdome. Where he got a -- overdo all the stuff yet and then you go out there it is not many people there especially -- see that big. And it's almost as deflating now you act -- in -- out things in on May -- they can ride the wave of encouragement. Our love he worked at a you hit it right I've done that. Or let me say channel four is doing a special tonight at 630 on the stove and Andre thank everybody you're in the south Jerry Springer went to Tulane. Really hitters they're proud -- on the way he did yes. Could this be the rebirth of two -- football I -- yelling and may be so it's it's a really tough matchup with the yellow jacket outburst but. Even though -- loss last week. There's still aren't things to be excited chairman -- either running back -- -- really -- game he -- Big play potential -- -- not much a normal times and gotten help and -- it was disappointing because doing actually had a chance to ask you about twenty yards. Two when there the and they -- -- -- an early read your freshman quarterback. Made his first start last week in that played well seems to have a lot of potential so look up for him. Kids they're talking you know he might be their guy for the next 34. Years or he's gonna on the page quite familiar ring around down generally had -- play. It sounds like he was -- aren't really for the full ball in his hand. Own it's. Yeah. Speaking of football we have to have our daily factoid thank you William Taylor twenty years ago today something very special happened in the superdome twenty years ago today. Twenty year Atlanta. Well earned our way yesterday it was it was it was it carrying a Mardi Gras ball now it was. In conjunction with -- longtime saints general manager Jim thinks was inducted into the superdome. Wall of fame talking passed away four months prior of -- -- -- you know pets he he really has to be credited with turning the corner for the saints. One human it was a man's man a man's man here SC like manly man. And -- with them in this room. Here we stick with this it was not done we have other things to tripped. With the beloved David Blake T Bob de beer and count yeah and as really was talked about yesterday but still trending today Ray -- Ray -- going to prison on Monday. And and it says he has 23 dollars and he owes me 23 does think I'll really -- nothing in the bank yet and now he's get a public defender. Public defender he borrows money from friends just to stay alive. That's what it's. Now that is right in his wife is working part time and they have food stamps through I mean it's about it's rough. But he also has to help these sons who can go to work and well the idea and then of course when you're behind bars they take care of everything. You know -- him his experiences. I think is more it was his concern -- -- -- and he'll show up. Oh definitely not go when you know now knowing they can't brush it off anymore. I -- he -- he is appealing clearly right with this new. Federal public defender but. -- he will go to jail. While while this appeal Texarkana. That -- -- disease and tell. But all isn't. It was fairly close to -- -- who now lives outside balance isn't like three other states. So that's good. But mark -- you know right now it's hard fall right there aren't. And also today one of the men who testified against him in one of his closest co hearts no effort is being sent us today I don't. Military came in yet attacked it hasn't there's not a -- okay supposed to be this afternoon he was looking at possibly eight years. If if he got the full was deal. And like 800000. And stolen funds. Who you know him. But one of the other guys to sang and testimony -- -- got seventeen years but it's clearly an effort to. -- good graces of the prosecutors so perhaps -- government I don't handle you know who's hoping for something to light but that will come out later in the day very quickly as we wrap up -- five years old trapped in the washing machine. 1080. Yes she is so -- kind of funny. Alcohol kind of funny but probably loved that lot of questions how did she get in it. She was on fast tumbling pretty fast -- -- -- you know why would the police heard -- brother did that -- -- that's me back in the day real. My sisters didn't ever let a little sibling in the dryer. Well I just I guess you'll. I don't know -- things -- that addresses the media are going out cabinet are they don't know what the parents were how this happened. But somebody walks by and sees the -- fly around. In the -- just wash your cherry day in passage in taxes. And she is banged up and recovering. Smugglers cheek you know those doors are cars that were thinking when you see that he would like kids that he's hot. Carolina. That it removes share it is true but you know I get a message to anyone video. Don't know what they'll be talking about that long time Pasadena tax cut that. Everybody enjoy yup thank you so much I think T -- up politically content means a lot. I hope everyone stays with this because we're gonna kinda get serious because president John Young of Jefferson Parish is our guest the next hour any questions from him any comments. Give us a call 2601 point somebody cat very quickly just wanted to say we won a bar on are pretty. Think pretty poll excuse me -- I should fast. Food workers earn fifteen dollars an -- 90% now. 10% yes. -- That's the way to and that's going to be thank you for joining us stay with this'll be right. It.