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9-4-14 7:10pm Deke: on this week's picks

Sep 4, 2014|

Deke gets this week's picks from Vegas Runner of PhillyGodfather.com and John Ewing of PredictionMachine.com and a fantasy football update from Raymond Summerlin of ProFootballAddicts.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right it's one of the offensive salad and radio and radio here lab because it's full of information information you'd be for the week game depicts. From the -- in the city from Vegas we get some of the best. And you fantasy football fantasy football folks it's a huge huge deal. Coming up tonight it's the opening game of the National Football League is Seattle feel defending champion against the Green Bay Packers who both have we used back. With Aaron Rodgers as a wild -- team. But in antsy to six see what all the way to beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. And the saint taken -- -- that -- we go straight to a guy who was good last week. -- -- -- -- -- He said take the hole was it a dance game he'd like Ohio State the dog making a struggle from the godfather dot com with Jonas now. BR thank you so much for the time first up let's take a look at tonight's match up I'm looking at Seattle minus five and a half the total is 46. Is that line began -- But when we came to try acting out one of action from the batter and fortunately for the they're not a and that ones ride it based on the bond knew that this game attracting when it's all said and indeed that -- Are gone out just like they did and the ball. They needed. A couple -- In the Super Bowl game. Here. And the rookies are back in Seattle recovered the first game as he's been here. Count because they want -- to the Green Bay behind and it boring sport and -- and personally I agree with that. And I think the public's right here and -- going to be a playoff atmosphere game or prepare and be seen and I think the next there. Fort Green Bay is -- -- I really think he's going to be huge for -- Roger's been beaten -- -- again. Green Hornet team that lit it up because they do well Becker last year. Once sluggers stop. If you remember we talked about it every week that that. Makers -- know how much work and they were getting beat up with better against the reading captions tickets every week well. That's what. -- I think you can get a rebate if you personally like to -- six partly. And I that this being the 46 I think it would and it's. I could go up against one of the worst defense is -- your 27 in going back and definitely we incidentally they're gonna put up points when they win or lose. So I think it's. Stanford too much predictable reported -- as well I like Green -- and know where. All right the are taken the first game this season taken -- -- all politics and over 46 Green Bay in the over. The look. Actually now BR we move forward we talk about so little college football before we get back to the pro a couple of big game this week. Offensive juggernaut defensive shut down out of Michigan State must well and Eugene Oregon -- stadium taking on. The Oregon Ducks was the play between the ducks and the fourth. Yet done she would -- the early in the season in college football last week perfect example -- few. Wisconsin money kept coming in on Wisconsin that wind don't blow it. The break and LSU of course not only win that game against the backboard -- In the books for happy because the ball that Wisconsin when they came in late in the -- in the same thing a lot of money. The bullet and signs. Michigan State -- Team that has one of the bad defense -- gearing the year around him if you are no different and you find its offense first. Defense and more times than not in the defense in college. Events but this this. Season and I don't think art is gonna have as much of an advantage as that this was important later in the season -- -- -- -- we don't just think that the hopefully I can any time looking as difficult -- On defense that got. As the season progresses. -- earlier about that not to take the Michigan State was one of -- that changed from earlier in the year. And I jumped on them and that is the wind came out came out of my thirteenth and it's now down to we Lebanon I have I think it's even gonna try New York. -- the one rare instance I thought that perhaps. -- want to inside but more importantly indicates. We talked and it bookmakers is that it's about them more money again in any other team in college prepare. So we don't usually go and let the -- And that's what they did here I think that was a mistake -- like Michigan State much like that that I wouldn't bet that might have the thirteenth I think there's been a long. Probably get tired and ten acting like that you're good. BI in arresting him a lesson on numbers deceive me we saw how it happened last week over me so -- Maybe that guy we say meant the meant the social football for three quotas and a quarterback three picks in the first thing he throws four touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. And they come back to culminate Ralph Boise State Vanderbilt. I might have to -- it they would just horrible they got pounded by temple until May be a bowl team. Well look at it these two teams a year ago they opened this season Ole miss one lead on a long run by a few points. This lineup look -- it thought it out and fourteenth fifteenth and recently I had this morning BR what Ole miss. Money is pointing and that is at Vanderbilt it's always fifty. So a lot of points and moved it all the money gone all of. It definitely makes him the one they played. And performing at Mississippi. There were a foot putt at seventeen put. -- -- -- Based on sixty minutes. About the people can last week meaning that. It's -- to support the betting market they were about ten point favorite. And won the game by 22 of the top ones the betting markets like ten plus points. Very impressive they ended up with signs that point and break against temple. At Iowa and it became but it -- happen in the progression. But Tampa last week they even temple on the line and -- -- to something. -- -- Against the spread the professional -- surprise that that the public was surprised that I think that's like -- do you. It's huge but jobs here. Hopefully I do not think it's warranted. I think this line kids we're at a point now and I -- the teams come back to estimate. And he bet against the team that that -- what it is good is that. Teams as it was good. And I don't think he's as as they looked like count yardage by that would be -- lot. Com do you want and then that got away from them I think is just too -- I agree with -- approach this game but that's about it I'd get to twenty what they -- You know our home dog in the SEC. Eating when he told me it's over Manny but the pick used to take -- home -- plus three scores now BR. The second -- with the people it's the biggest gain in the country this season out in western land that we go to Stanford. It would go to USC -- -- caught them out of like about it 22 and a half to three point favorite to where -- at BR give us the play him what to learn a lot. All right -- that it's true when. That point now calm and I think it's gonna climb back up that the when he went when he came kick off speed kind of opened the way they were even from. The green I have the professional -- Jumped over each other in line to take USC plus three plus three and -- approximately two and a half. The public money gonna come in Stanford and at Stanford point -- -- that just doesn't really was. Many games at all and it acutely benched for Stanford. And then -- the US -- New York which was the first time you beat them in the find me. Knocked them out of national championship picture up until that we -- -- in the Mets for national championship game. And that's what -- You have the equipment the right time to -- -- not been the year and what does that I came -- feet and things that the that because I'd I'd want you feel. And I said I think what -- you wanted to -- -- -- appointment that there and I think. Because they're complying with any team in the country white male. They're not being so open. Piling up injuries that team is deep. -- -- Of the is college football we -- because -- like now. And I think that the team's favor right now -- -- to fourteenth in the country they -- And I think what -- even -- We -- gonna be. But that I think Hewitt in the -- -- have been up big and -- been in the top ten is young and then I took the point. It's what you as they like to cooperate again I think the team's favor I think it -- this game why -- national. A championship play more like implications. I like the trojans and the teams won't looked at the break point. Pro sports that a -- got -- dot com the off give you the picks BR before we get the two best believe that we can't let's throw in a couple of pro believes. One before we get to the Saints. And the and the Falcons want to meet the on I always say if it looks too easy unity as. Feeling it and a half. Over Jacksonville that totals 53 and told let me know if he three. That if I'm a professional better how big -- -- pinnacle gave. At the very least how thirties are low far detective over the team to go to school much. The Phillies at home -- again -- a half the total with it the three what the play there. And and -- -- that being remembered as he got. That window everything pre season when the wind. Beanie jumping and I think that the case with the capacity to change perceptions. Because if you look at Jacksonville -- -- that preceded. That the only game. Look at just count on not scored more than nineteen points in the other preceding game -- went fine but I don't the only sport I've been there. Since pre season. Think the narrowing it to -- -- -- -- but I think. If you want to get rich. And -- bad it was the only thing that they. And it. In the NFL because. Yeah and not change should not be that high pop up. Beeper like that and now he is wearing now is much is being brought up you win this game and -- probably going to be every -- -- protect. I don't think they're good. Against the spread givens and -- eleven points. Personally -- touch this game but I feel like Jacksonville I think. Running back to -- -- be off to taking care -- -- And kill some clock I again keep the defense off the field long enough to cover the spread it out in points with -- -- shortly became along. All right be all the new wall saint Spain won thirteen of the last sixteen against the Falcons. Legacies of the saint sweeping they've won six of seven but these games have been tight. This thing the three point favorite on the road total is 52. Yet they have an and a everything and Matt absolutely nothing in theory and acted like the line. That team has won five games and that he was won by being in the last ten although. Time. Didn't step it -- and one more behind if you go further back. It will limit the home field advantage in this series. And I think that point he's probably coming don't know what went right away because like you said. Play each other top regardless of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Professional sport and it's 112 -- that the public and I think that the it was mindlessly I think a lot of the bounds. But I don't think there's bound now you can read a typically and it. In the initiative from all year. But not enough that we that the pain in the paint -- -- you know about them and it's not just because I think again I. To make money and I got the best team just because I'm like them what I think the Saints are that team that's been with the B I think the things that came up to elaborate. When he had to do that -- Some games in this one at the back winnable game for him they should. Have been the that the is -- when teams. Bench could hope you'll have been just been in that. So every game or not but I think the -- -- coming as we didn't want you know -- like the things in this one. All right BR regardless of if it's college ought to pro. The two best plays of the week for August. In the NFL I'm I'm gonna go. I'm 43 they had in Cincinnati and Baltimore. That the big game. We won again and like other sports where they play two games in and and be on there and sixty plot in baseball. In the lineup every single game matters and when it's at the divisional game. It's huge. So that is. Atmosphere -- week one round Cincinnati against born when I think the defense to step up let's not forget. Each team has that extra time to prepare for the week one opponent and need to know each other extremely well complaints quite figure ever. Now you couple that with a couple of actual week that. Prepared and I think the defense is going to be good and in week one just. And on top of that you have. A common opponents I think -- 43 Cincinnati and -- my best in the NFL. And if I thought it best college played -- best appropriate is that under 43 insincere Baltimore your best college -- I'm -- And -- they UFC. The points it was in Hamburg again we we touched on is being. Able sit there and repeat the things but the bottom line -- any time you could do. The better team -- in points. I think -- himself. So go ahead and take Michigan US CQ it is -- -- them. To win this game now rights so you'd see in college and on their Cincinnati more Indiana now. -- make a strong enough got five Philly guy father dot com BR how can people keep up with you on Twitter. Check me out at that is wrong and I just passed along as much information is bright for. The sports book sports on rock Vegas spread throughout the day. PR you are the -- we were talking next Thursday night. All right as handsome man let's make some money and -- remember we -- may become my youthful. All right coming up next some more news from around the league what all the other -- across we've got to bounce up you know we don't. When this thing got a one -- will be the most about it is this about it that if you -- the same with the other side is saying. To arguing the director of research it and political prediction machine dot com. We'll give us some of it -- at some of the game would look at Ohio State in the did you -- but also take a look. At the Chicago bay as the Buffalo Bills and what about him at Indianapolis and that San Francisco giving Dallas violent and that like taking care of the from the -- What's that with a -- be beaten if that's Knicks. And fantasy football all the way and being in Seattle at Green Bay football all wrong here on WW. All right look at the beginning of view from Vegas. Won people with. Green Bay. And that the -- -- Green Bay at the five and a half on the bill and it's the navigate about the Keiko who don't the game and progress coming up in about. Thirty -- well prediction machine back -- has been hot. Wait you -- keep up with the bodies to get it became a 1000 that the played out. And game the heat -- dictate to us now is Jack -- the director of research and clinics and prediction machine dot com John. Thank you so much sand and it got a bit excited to have a second week in college football. And of course the pros get on the way to the. Gallery threatened on yet that -- -- year. So much football so little kind I -- love it now. -- -- Interesting now about a team that was highly thought the kind of tainted views wants. Probably the program for the Heisman -- -- -- now Ohio State looked very good last week from the line standpoint. Against navy only six points in the first half they give 48 seconds they do want to go over there at home this week at the horseshoe Columbus. Eleven point favorite away ACC. Potential power this year which nearly eight team we have ballclub both times about the of Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech I look at them. I've done and I say I love it now they can't get out of their own way your offense but defense and -- special teams. There as sound as anybody out there but do they have enough offense to go and -- Ohio State and repeat it. Where -- U we line. Object on the point here Ohio State. Winning a lot Braxton Miller now out of the national championship picture in our opinion. With Brack and we had about 45 points per game in the fourth seed in the new college football playoff. Now with JT fare under that are Ohio State is projected to all the pace that it in their division and being in those big step back for the Buckeyes. We all all happening if need be -- in its -- in in -- -- on offense that I'm sure that all the way in the back out there had been copper. But we like -- -- in the fourth overall defense in our salary -- We give them a off it with that young quarterback and not but it Ohio -- wins this game 27 that corny but it pretty sick. The point. Daniels director of research analyst at prediction machine that kind of prediction machine gun com personal not to shoot. It's the do you pick plus eleven let's look at some interesting once last week you know the last company as we come -- -- Davydenko took he he. Quarterback can you post they double digit wins a couple of years ago at the Gary Anderson now the coach at Wisconsin. Last week Tennessee was solid shut him down. Tennessee's got a huge -- next week at Oklahoma. Butch Jones I think people including myself feel like he has the right things going for him. But thought Oklahoma that's a whole different -- a solid top -- in the if you will go to the playoffs this is -- -- -- him for his team to get some momentum. Get some confidence going into. They already sixteen and a half point favorite at beaver stadium against Arkansas State what are your numbers show between the balls and a written. At the count -- I locked in Pittsburgh back in Europe about and it's the against Arkansas. Tennessee and Arkansas State. And at C it. He's not and has struggled they really regain their power -- the -- the do you rate it's the overall in our power ranking -- he'd been through the best unit the -- and and struggled at kind. They are favored by Eckstein like you said it we can we like and to win and covered in Arkansas a team. But it is in there. Can he win this is one of our most likely outright win under over 80% likely to win that game. Are projected score 38 at seventeen that and -- the Adelaide at Arkansas State that we can. Down interesting you know they say when you look at it that number is indicated comparing opponents. -- other opponents. That's not a good sign they only scored Jimenez of your opponent is the one when they Atlanta but the cute with it saint. Not the coldest they not your ordinary division one that relate to you -- commitment to work -- They got a power program on and it they dominated Iowa State in Ames Iowa last week now how they -- a conference foe. You can't just say it was Knight has always has a solid team I'll look at it even think it is that it is only giving -- -- Iowa State do I have to worry about the embarrassment factor on Iowa State's or does Kansas State knew what North Dakota State you. -- yeah I mean I watch that. A game. It looked good that the game got the first fourteen points on the board. And then that it fell apart there in the second half and at North Dakota State looked fantastic. -- last week. ES beat up at at. Even up often. You know and -- that they -- the old Iowa State here lately whatever. The wildcats have been ranked in the last ten years. -- erred in making and what it won ten games in a row so 88 using it very good team especially at their rate they are ranked for a good read that. I -- -- because you know 506 yards of total offense last week I think 888 take advantage of it but maybe it should be given that many points. Active and I was being on the road. Keeping windy like it and -- -- 33 point -- but we have a strong opinion on that if we had a lead -- lately pick I was being the point but that. I -- a lot lady money on it. Joba forward it to give you to take on our big -- to the Saints at the Falcons. Give us your best play the most -- you getting on a college game this week. Some of our athletes we like Louisiana Lafayette minus thirteen we have been winning by. Three touchdowns against Louisiana Tech we like Wyoming but the point against air force. At Kentucky mine at the point against Ohio Utah mine at the -- against Fresno. Some of the I'd bet over under we like. Auburn over the total of 64. You'd get. Over at their total we -- guy you may be over it well that -- a lot over this week that will really do you speak to that. And like at that are lock of the week this week leading at a lot yet minus thirteen they win by 21. -- I'd be interested because next week they go to Ole miss the play hockey -- so we'll certainly keep and I. On network arguing he's director of research analyst or prediction machine back -- He's given you a bunch of numbers but -- -- it was that these are things that have played out thousands of times the simulated. And neatly before they get the result actually done you explain talk audience how prediction machine dot com comes up with a bit. Yeah like you said we annually and regained it deep south and export. Actually played they were able to average at those simulations -- only going to be the most likely winner and how often they're gonna win and by how much it -- If you like to wager on it. We -- very quick side -- at -- on there that while you're watching your favorite team need to win a little money. I'd done in New Orleans Saints at 113 to three mark against the Falcons since Tom -- took over they have five sweeps in the season sweep with a 1006. 7911. And Lance season Saints have won six of seven. And two straight duel in the minors -- totals 52 what is particularly seem sane about the Saints and the fact. We loved I think this year we think you'll take that step from being a clear -- TNT into one of the truly be. Don't one of three teams as greater than it in for that chip in our simulations and winning the Super Bowl. And it felt like it and we really like it ain't we like that kind of -- -- -- -- they had a great draft. With at rating. I'm a winner come into the game RD and it's an injury -- they lost their -- at. And acre lot and linebacker and leader that he'd -- -- John Witherspoon. You know. Only that we expect to bounce back from that terrible -- twelve -- net last year but it's still not. We did at the saint -- but we like to think he could got a lot money a month ago down -- a game by a little on the road. No big deal New Orleans win here -- cut down predicted score 2920. Q. Time and John overall the rest of the inning affair we've got to college play debate when he -- LA at the at the rate he -- minus thirteen. What he -- best pro play according to the prediction machine. It is the -- this week but not all by. -- eight Denver. We like it reminds the touchdown against the Colts in our opinion no team had improved more in the off speed and and the Broncos. At a -- game would -- markets where they get it healthy Von Miller repaired back. And -- the best offenses in the league last year now they have won the bet he'd been this. They get a Colts team that can be without their best -- that the player Robert map that. We like Denver here. 34 point three their projected score lay the points would timber rat hole. -- meeting in nearly perfect against the spread as a starter at the Bronco. John you just talk to people people with you on Twitter at tell them what else is available at this night. He had only. Eric you mean on Twitter we have a lot of great free content. On the website as well in its beak on it optimize lineup we have recipes and projections we get free picks for the NFL. In college football it for a little bit more you get all our pick and everything opted out. Prediction machine dot com contacted -- think for me on the. All it down look we look forward you have always -- -- -- -- crew over there we've we are firm believe was because like with it though is it just companies get Atlanta Q you -- They stimulate each gain now that meant to be picked this week -- -- prediction machine say folks. Is that reading -- this thing home in Louisiana minus thirteen overtake. And the Saints minus three over it yet John thank you so much with what topics we. It all right coming up next folks you know the week in -- little -- at the bottom as green you know dollars in the young man the team days. Villanova on TV screen but the team. And it was not in the call -- NBC ABC CBS local. No ticket at the bottom you know -- -- is. -- -- -- That's the power of people that people all playing fantasy football -- now women won't now Meehan and when it. And you could -- youngsters in be -- before. That -- people wanna go with their players the how much these schools would -- at Hilton who it's fantasy football if you ignore it. You or it -- a billion dollar industry will get the fantasy plays coming up explicit Buddhist thought. -- the -- via football that night maybe it fifteen minutes if the Packard's. And the sea -- right here -- -- UWW. And welcome back Thursday night to view from Vegas -- you said. Billions of dollars every year at all poured into fantasy football power of people make it to -- school across the screen at the bottom. It now -- this is an expert in fantasy football whom to sit who was thought you already had to eat a lot of it because of the Thursday night game. -- -- Fantasy football writer rural world dot com if you handicap the pro. Football and dot com don't have Raymond thank you so much for the time in tonight I wasn't able to. Be a part of my fantasy football drain but I got a pretty good quarterbacks -- -- it. A picked up rather Drew Brees and Russell rules that now and just not on -- put. Russell Wilson in the night because I was looking at Nancy Green Bay Packers defense and how many big plays they gave up. But looking at quarterback this week he had a -- would you know. What quarterbacks. Stand to have big numbers that we. Well I think that you can't go wrong with these two guys this week Russell and I expect them -- Tonight against Indy your right to put -- -- to -- that it is regional level. Some guys maybe the main going to be good Tony Romo going to be good that it came back maybe you're not used to starting Alec Holland effort going up against Dallas. Now the defense is -- you know one point 910 point opposing quarterback last season. They've done nothing you need the -- -- shambles but Scandrick he's suspended. They're they're not very good and he probably going to be pretty good a guy that really had a deep sleeper I like the week is chino bet. He averaged twenty -- with the game on the last week last and to finally started running. He kept running in the preceding eight Russians basically. A game and a half the work that's pretty even I think he's -- run Oakland's secondary thing that -- he's not going to be in there. -- -- Mexican have a really good week out wouldn't surprise me and it's not and the sweet -- you know the line. Raymond Sammy Watkins. Randy cooks. And then from Tampa Bay -- lot of youngsters coming into the easily with high expectations because it was so great college football. What is a rookie it's drawn a lot of attention on often does that brought him back all wide receiver or is an offensive threat it's you know not -- him in France and going into week one. Well but. I -- it a lot of sense in it for the wrong reasons that shouldn't be here bishops and keep people. He'd take humanism that running back to that taken in the top twenty draft. And I actually getting questions about that are -- thank you and -- know that you think he isn't gonna be distracted by and it's the third round. And he's going to make the starter at some point in the future. But he's still the second string running back into the heat -- Shonn Greene would trade is that now Milton Shonn Greene run. But people. Think about the thank you and number two running back need to make other plans compete but not going to be that guy. You can do well if we keep it in Syria they definitely have the touchdown upside. -- need somebody who boy with a wide receivers you mentioned you -- -- guys -- the ones that I'm feeling like this year which is surprising that it can come that help them Benjamin. Carolina has shown that they will target he'll have been in and Cam Newton seems like him. I think he'll have that -- can have a pretty good year end with his size and grit and ability to catch 89 touchdowns this year. Which would put him easily in the top thirty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all the information you are not discussing now how can people get some of the information about fantasy predictions it's a given -- You find me a little common right up there a tiny pro football addict dot com the best way to get in part for me on Twitter. That are in Cumberland and Q and in -- -- and I'm really active on it yet he questions in the question try to keep all of them. And that we. It. -- Lance did Jimmy Graham led the league in touchdown receptions in his first few seasons he's got more receptive than anybody that -- that this -- in film history. A guy like Julio Jones got banged up nicked up against the Saints is the living games. Just use those as example. What guy with -- in land here that you maybe expected to get more defensively tainted it may not have the output fantasy numbers. And what that may be like Julio Jones who do you agree on something else. He would not. Did not have a great year but it is expected to explode this season. What I think that the guys that I. But it ain't gonna all law quarterback Philip Rivers and Diego people it is season long numbers and they look pretty good. But the reason that he's on numbers included content. I'm the first couple weeks of the season he really really strong after that. They'll walk he'd really good quarterback and her we bases in of people that you can -- and that. In Roethlisberger here and I know. I'll keep a player and I don't want him on my team. Our injured guys that might explode I think that I think the injury history that -- -- in people law I think it Heatley and have a huge year I'm not. Really worried about it and it Iranians are here. Think about it ain't thought it probably in the hurt at some point in time in the future that's -- But while playing I think he's going to be really good because there's really nobody else from the ball and so if you have -- all -- people didn't care about. It was playing gonna be good that you really have to worry about -- -- not playing which means he taught -- to probably you know. Jonathan grind as a chance to talk to put in another outside. -- looking -- how can -- get this informational fantasy predictions into giving them. I'll find me on Twitter at our level and in. Every -- to -- in the on the. -- I've got a few seconds left who do you expect. To have the biggest weak defense of this week with defense a team that it was. -- oh outside the I think -- do well I think I. Actually with the Panthers duo -- -- debate team I'm really liking kind of what keepers we probably like this week it's Pittsburgh had a down week last. Down here last year we got new young players we got speed I think they're gonna do logically and. Raymond -- Raymond. Good stuff as always thank you so much and on this is appreciated -- next week we'll talk with a bit about more than movement to week two of the season. It was fantastic as well booms and what will bus. In week one Raymond thank you so much for the time. All right now folks in Pomona to county Bob Christian fans. They give it if you take out the you can sound off if you have a few fans to blame famed. -- dance called Christian anti -- point six in the -- in three WTO. Thirteen 50 AM -- carpeted tomorrow if the fans the pro -- guys John and Chris king gave it to -- And being the first installment of the Allstate suitable prep football with and -- want at 7 o'clock the prep football season peaking at all LSU on Saturday. And wall to wall saint though it's on some. Paula can handle all the youth Saints safety grant field with the Michigan State player. Bought my knowledge and with Maine I'm the ability as it around both of -- Westwood one's coverage of the opening game of the National Football League. The Seattle Seahawks at the Green Bay Packers. Right here on that you -- you but he.