WWL>Topics>>9-12-14 2:10pm Angela: on what's happening in NOLA this weekend

9-12-14 2:10pm Angela: on what's happening in NOLA this weekend

Sep 12, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what's going on in New Orleans this weekend. They talk with Dr. Laura Badeaux of Nicholls State University about the Louisiana Women's Leadership Business Council Conference, Jude Borque about what movies to see, and Dennis Assaf of JPAS about their new season.

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Hopefully you're thinking about your weekend and -- or week and there's always so much going on in this area. And do better to start within mr. happening in hope tag has -- Life is a good attack life is good because you're right here everybody's a black and gold today yes everybody goes right we should take a picture. Group shot Alan's got a picture says drew attitude. Like that and a beautiful thing. Nowhere in the spirit but you'll always have to quickly find out. What is in doing let me be real brief. OK tonight a friend of mine is having a birthday party at sugar part pizzeria down and think what happens so we're gonna go just -- a lot of pizza and celebrate Il's birthday. Then I mean goes CD iguanas on French ministry EPA. And I know about -- iguanas because date tour all over the United States in -- way to Colorado. The town where I was -- a million years ago and my -- saw them perform there. And really recommended in the nets one of his favorite New Orleans fans so definitely an -- check out the honesty BA's -- is -- time smoke free. Really makes a big difference -- and then. Tomorrow I'm sitting on a panel. 483 promotions and marketing workshop for people in the arts and performance industries. I hope they really listen to you -- you were so savvy on this feel like I have some good prices and having been on both sides of that dance for a long time and Michael I know I'm lots of help points and so anybody can come that it's a free open air. At that holy angels church -- seeing Claude avenue it's from one to four. -- packed house. I can go to New Orleans range dot org to get more information relates put on by different but it's open everybody's so anybody that's ever. You know doing events -- fundraisers trying to get the story -- and so the panelists all people from the candidate and I speak you know defender and I'm on -- so you really get wide. Of writing opinions and -- does it help yourself and then. Tomorrow night and go see One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest full of wanna talk about that yeah -- yeah I will talk about that later as its side the reviews around and it justice. And grace I mean that's probably the best label -- it -- -- that's what the papers are saying and not and it makes little sense to think about maybe. But we all their time in the sun and that of course Sunday's saints day for me just saying things -- relax and enjoy called it with the saint. Candidates say about something's happening not this weekend but next Friday and Saturday. For women from all over the state. The Louisiana center for women in government and business is holding its annual -- in a women's leaders business conference. -- hall of fame awards. Let me say this is the greatest two day event. Four and about women they have brought in some incredible speakers are beloved photocopy. And even Nancy Grace -- the respected on TV legal analyst. It's a great conference brings women together it's all about leadership. And who better to have -- it. -- one of the most outstanding women I think I've ever known and that is doctor Laura bad now who is had of been founder of an executive director of the Louisiana center for women in government and business Laura. Hi and Gerald Frederick 8 o'clock in -- It is great to talk to you -- tell you for people who don't know Laura Bennett argued missed out because she is a ball fine if you want to get something done you get her. -- Usual. It's been a long long that your need to -- yes we can not only to talk about the conference because it's just great. They really are -- day. We architecture and Ronnie. From the group on. All our our. Go shacks and out the ball bit and change. We're going. Well you know -- all in Hollywood shell and beyond. We -- in Hollywood actress (%expletive) like time movie actor and cheaper formally -- -- there a lot of years. -- opportunities that are. And directors for some more than other screen actor mark the ball in triggered a more. And then we ain't it great she said it going to be in the -- -- -- -- sister need to market. There. Ha ha ha and -- really. -- -- -- Agency and it's going to be in our party. I'd seen the hotly pitcher. It's a lot -- aren't all there actually be good Sheryl -- and -- issue. That it -- weaker and talent -- rely on our way where. And everybody behind yet where. We -- Mary RJ. And -- -- pre ops church. It -- -- ordinary at church is why her I'm more we aren't dying on me. For a while we're turning. On the ordinary you'll. All -- -- party followed by that change. I -- do. A former call -- -- Surely something in there. And it -- day quote will BP. Get beat her or pol -- it and see. We're going on there than those. In. Or ears the -- -- -- -- -- And Cheney -- -- -- and that it Angel here the original baby -- life on actually a war. Let me tell you I. I got that letter and I went hounded I fit into this you have they have a fabulous hall of fame and let me tell you. Women all over the states -- these are real. Real leaders in their fields all kinds of fields and then they bolster these women to be even greater leaders and it's just. What we have needed and I really mean that Laura who could've done better than new. Now I mean I went -- she does which is fabulous she has for years. Put together -- Dancing With The Stars fund raiser for this center for Louisiana women. And they get she gets local people who would not have thought they would be doing this a bit to judge doubled on. And there that I mean they take very seriously. And they are fabulous. There are grateful that the yeah underground. A portrait on the artery every year every year out -- one victory and there. -- army Ian. And that -- Yeah I do -- and that all part of all the -- -- it is. Burning. Curry year. That -- -- at least bring out from buy health care aren't you are rare. Our first woman to -- CEO -- -- and Luis Tiant. And Terrell parliament from people out in the air argument. You like it honoree. -- public -- -- charming charming. Degree GOP could be -- and her career and it John and it went all through. -- mean you. People probably. On and -- -- -- L you've gone. From Lafayette. All our -- departure from. You're more known that is great Charlemagne was just on our show yesterday because united way took a big stand and help promote. The legislation. Against domestic violence she is truly are greatly now. You really are now down there you are yet you are yet I'm gonna see you on Saturday I wish I could. Do the things on Friday because I know it's going to be great but it's going to be at the Hilton and if anybody wants to go how did they contact. I'll bring you some numbers -- And number but the center is 985. 44847. Dining. 44847. 70. I think that number might -- -- -- -- on the back from wall actually. 98. Died. Q I'll outline for GQ. Nine. -- 94 GQ. And you know Italy you're ready because it air certainly Brittany -- -- -- -- -- -- Alarmed and -- our beloved and thank you so very very much and we will see you next week. I stay with as anyone will be. Well what would be our we can review without dude pork arm moving me. Hi Angela -- -- an hour ago today. Let you know here and partners is getting ready to rain and it looked like people are going to be. Swimming in the streets again and the movies they're coming to. Are going to be swimming with cases this weekend. The but I you know that that's the phrase that people talk about with gangsters you can beat him in with this year you'll. Angle he's owned the faces you know all that Smart stuff. But we all do it it sort of movie movie cliches but there's not a cliche at call in the new movie called the drop. It's. Movies to new Brooklyn crime drama on storing Jane -- teeny from The Sopranos it's one of his last movies it's not -- Plan -- I was gonna say I think this is. Things got to be the last. No we never know what little -- the maple old you -- there but -- the big -- in this one he has. Part of the ball are over in Brooklyn. And as bartender. Played by Tom hardy. Did great actor he's -- an ensemble actor that is in a lot of movies like inception Dark -- Tinker tailor filtered by Tom -- he played the -- came in this movie that. He's everything that goes on and there -- date robbery comfortable war deplore happens to be funneling cash to local gangsters. And they find that that's the place could be due to money drop in the title of the movie did drop. So it's thought of the here is. Gangster ball our armed robbery at the gangster -- are so at one point things that it at each other and. On hardy's character innocent. We have to concede this right now and it's written screenplay but on the short story by did the Haney who wrote. Mystic River the book Mystic River and on -- eagle on two rate crime novels and stories. So -- the good background to it and it has most importantly great performances. The review written across the border saying even if you don't like the movies are -- to predictable. The performances are great so that would be a good option for people that we can cool -- other extreme talking about swimming. There's all in table two. -- still like the hard without you know there was that off until one. You haven't seen any five million dollars. It. That was before it got on dvds and on cable. And that the continuing story of parade -- winter who had a miraculous rescue. To the ground breaking prosthesis -- that was made. And it made her a symbol of hope and perseverance to people truly around the world it's a great story it's a great little inspirational. -- excuse upon. -- local voluntary comic junior right how great is that Morgan Freeman Oscar winner Morgan Freeman passed -- it. Chris Chris -- and a lot to people -- -- so. You know. I need an excuse to go by big bucket of popcorn. And this may be the movie that is gonna give me that excuse to go buy and eat some popcorn. And just enjoy it might. For some reason I thought that like golf until one was CGI movie. But this is real dolphins. It's the -- they actually have the actual. Winter is himself the -- the -- -- often is in it you know what though. It's -- -- continue that it's rated PG does it for the whole family something different. Now the third movie I'm making it up there and I just wanna say why. It's called no good deed it's rated all -- its assistance. Home invasion. Movie and here's the whole plot knock knock high. My car broke cannot use your phone so sure I'll come out. And got the whole premise of this movie. And I am I didn't -- that win. Roger yeah that Ebert yen and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's no longer doing movie critic. They aren't that big raid saying we cannot have these teenage slasher movies anymore. And destiny is sort of in that -- has -- horror porn. And domestic violence is getting all of the -- these days people are saying we're not gonna tolerated anymore. So why pay good money to go into a movie to watch -- family being terrorized. It shouldn't be tolerated we should not become numb to it. And the movie's gotten horrible reviews they didn't allow would be need to be seen by critics. You still be where you can just see that. I was so what's his face and he drew a cell -- Who's a great out there. To. You know he'd be he -- being really good in the movie but at the same time. It's a question is this movie for you. You are mr. Wonderful because you you have sensitivity to these things can you explain to us from -- reading -- hanging on your every word. Well thank you you're you're very kind about that you know that is. Visit the weekend for are going to watch. Two lane in their new stadium you'd go and watch. L issue in their new revised -- you going to cheer this bank fell in and you ended the football league for Sunday. So that is you know we -- pick and choose movies these may not be the ones. There are a lot of great -- coming up down the road. That have been creating previewed over at Toronto will talk about them that cup coming weeks. Because the Oscar field is actually starting to form out there. Stephen Hawkins. May actually be a big player this year at the Oscars -- words. Be where he and Bridget Lena. May all be walking the red carpet. Seeing if they're going to be winners so that's the teaser to the week's column. Cool will we will look forward to that think I really do and we're very excited because. You're going to be sitting in for our eon. Yet in a couple of weeks were very excited about this -- anyway. Well -- we're going to do our best to keep your seat warm for you and best to you while you're not there. Thank you Ian thank you so listen thank you all habits -- Everybody you have a wonderful weekend you'd think someone who's -- -- And we'll be right back let's go to the newsroom. Let me tell you greet the art scene in Jefferson Parish is like on fire. In great part because of the Jefferson Parish performing arts society. Which was founded and is now of course directed by Dennis -- -- often joins us now to get -- a complete update on your season. It's it's starting this weekend. We -- actually tonight Angela parts of itself such an honor to speak with Cuba calling. So we can you advocate. -- -- No I'm your biggest fan. I really am. And and likewise. I am. We opened. It back it was such a smash and that's about it but it's you against -- was -- acts but tonight. The weekend here and last week I'm putting like now with it's. Opening night reception and stopped to and gentlemen we opened and the production. Which doctors and his aides are mr. brown -- -- -- and you didn't happen. I'm going -- upon this. Directing that post and I'm commitments and directing the second such -- up tomorrow and eleven into. Go back to the public. Would agree we can -- him and actually go. And then now we take it to Russia and that the beautiful Christ that's global school -- An an an issue saying bill. Mr. brown can move that is going to be catcher -- are performing center on flocks. That's correct that these chips and at school it's going to be interesting because that's. We're going to be -- the -- Ship -- high school auditorium because going to be moving to the real jumpers and senate and the product so it is a struggle to. -- 37 years of this man's life he's being modest it is opening. It is opening in October. Do you have the contractual agreement between the Paris and the contractor. Calls. October 29 to be totally vanished. As we have to go into calls trials to make sure equipment works and so frankly I'm not really planning on doing anything until after the first yeah I think that's going to be straight first thing to do. You can do you know which are going to have on that opening night. Red carpet. And absolutely excited because that theater for the first time and that their seven year history. We'll be able to hand with diversity of programming that GPA that's such. Large musicals. Symphonic. And -- what they do -- showcase that you know and showcase JP yeah diversity. In that in that opening night gala like planned out. Act one everybody comes -- the beautiful lobbied the trying to get to indoctrinated. At bluntly at a concert. Showcasing our orchestra. Showcasing the children's programming. Showcasing. Community chorus. And an actual people packed the lobby enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the building come -- in the orchestra is now in the -- the question I'd like. Orchestra. With its current fiscal. And which and that I'd try -- out to check -- these -- Lowers down into the curtain opens and it is an act -- an -- and actually -- and an actual musical show that. -- And I'm exiled so I'm I'm thrilled for you. People who know this man -- the battles he's been through and has just carried on an -- it's almost as it heads theater will travel. -- -- -- and could find a spot and do world class performances. And -- you're correct about the diversity. That you have created I am so thrilled you'll have a home. -- going to be guys that thanks to President. Bush counsel. Designate. Jumpers and arming society. President artistic. -- in the opposite. Setting up shop and going to. The that Egypt has never been. Project area I'm standing here -- south avenue right now. In front of actually getting it from opening night of blueberry. And I'm looking at the parking lot street from the spill damage. Last week at the end that -- will -- on line. By the spring. At least for the -- -- hot summer -- but I'm looking at the -- studio. We can and store. Cents JP yeah that's will be. Will be offering tax purposes -- this you know companies throughout the country. It's scenic studio -- children's story. But mezzanine and that we should complete chill. And we are going to be talking with colleagues around the country example. To my content please give me it was sedition was. You're going to be doing for the next three seasons. And say for example like EP Japan agreements that meet the demands that stage. Like it will be. Released at that moment that you. So. -- that kind of have a strong. CNET and cost rental program and conservatory and so it's intimate and you know it was. And about it typical. Inspired about it challenge those. We've got great political support. From the state senator John. -- I met last week and John -- the past counsel them and I think you know it's it's been a pain properties that seniors -- -- On the. It really has which you know something in that particular I have the ball you knew what needed to be Jefferson players what what existed. And you'd just put the finishing touches I am so glad that -- going to be the resident. Our group yes Halloween. I hope you had spent -- going to be happening. We will be there. -- -- Let me tell you. Congratulations to you good luck with blueberry hill and what a week we will stay in touch but I can I can hear the smile on your face. I note that I sit here a superstitious man but Angela and iron nibbling on -- Blueberry flavored -- appeared today -- a -- -- of the rock and opening night blueberry hill tonight. And I don't concert would dedicating it to them on the -- were bad and that's the good for you perfect but bloody printing it. So many of -- children. Yes. Thank you so much Dennis Dennis assault -- be right back. Well we're back with -- and hope and we're talking about all the great things happening. This weekend. Tonight not too -- you can still get tickets for. If you love our aquarium it's their big fund raise. Yes and it's -- fins off that scales and he'll sound that just finally there's the of course it's at the aquarium and you know I live down there and I see the families -- go when they're there so appreciative. Of that phenomenal. Building on the river -- I don't normally it's actually been through. Probably happened doesn't -- Time. It is a great now let me -- -- something that is very specialness community I didn't realize it has been around as long as it is. But it's called banned books week. And it's actually. Yes PA NN ED like primary and that we're gonna ban that book out that's -- -- -- and it is not this Monday but -- and giving everybody heads up because it's free it's at the New Orleans public library. And they it's really a celebration of the freedom to read. Course not all countries have. So we need to appreciate that and what they do is they bring in these incredible local and beyond people to to come and -- and everybody from. Various authors to a columnist for the time speaking in in the advocate. Just meet people who contribute. To the world of Reading and then they will re I just think it's a great thing and it's going to be. At the new world public library on Loyola avenue it is not this coming Monday but next. Up from six to -- hope you put it on your schedule. Have you heard about the mighty Mississippi River festival. I have not think it's pretty new it's called down river the Delaware River festival it's it's old US men over there on esplanade and it's a celebration. Of this history in the culture of the Mississippi River and there's this cooking shows and lectures and to this weekend yeah that's this week and it's stacking is just this Saturday. -- from from 10 AM to 430. The president could build or putting on this festival. And they've got all kind of -- cooking demonstrations and and lectures about history you know kind of really that's I think that's really what I'm most excited about that got all kind of historical presentations and exhibits about. Different kind of boats that have come and -- and this storied people who have made their living on the river and how the whole. Development scheme from here at Saint Louis and -- and all the way up there how the whole thing kind of came together so. You know what would be be without. In fact we wouldn't be out -- being -- we'd be Islam we'd be in -- Right. That's going to Biloxi but I mean so it's this it's tomorrow -- -- going to be and just tomorrow at an imminent US and yeah perfect. You know what else is tomorrow. Is that the new world's museum of -- it's the celebrates the only. And it is going to be from five to midnight and it's exploring. Colonial Latin American culture. In all kinds of exhibits -- gonna have live music food fashion. Film screenings -- sounds like an awful lot of fun it's at the world's museum of art and again that is tomorrow. From five to -- Night you know I feel like Latin American colonial fashion doesn't get a lot of play let me tell you now it's about time too bad yeah. There's all kind of fashions from back -- I mean. They'll try some next week you know blog go to -- and get some ideas for -- let me tell you we have a phenomenal. Latin American community Aaliyah and so this is about time we pulled it all -- very -- sometimes people don't realize that you know when I was in Honduras last last December. And I was talking to people there and so my whole extended family lives in New Orleans I've had family in New Orleans since you know. 1870 years something like that in the if they come and go in there -- on the banana business -- the coffee business and they send their kids here to go to college. I think a lot of sometimes people just forget about that now you know -- Is a good time to -- gather everybody -- -- fun you know in the air conditioned hello hello go win yes. I've said this before what we're gonna do it again because we love -- cops. It's next Thursday so that -- 79. In Fulton -- the third annual cruise for cops party. Which benefits and world's police department. And it's just having a ball up there it's a big party. And it's saying thank you it's outdoors it's Fulton Fulton -- is right south -- now that's good stay with this anyone were to be right back. Last Saturday went to -- -- petite some. Phenomenal play a Vanya and Sonia and Masha and spike are so funny so well done. Highly recommend and you are recommending. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest like in DC it's a classic American play this is that played everybody -- even if you don't ever go to that Peter you don't think that your person's -- enjoy it. This is a sensational production with a beautiful set an incredible cast it's getting reviews it's just. Setting a high water mark for this young company that -- project go check it out. It's an old Erica yup that milk by Angela thank you all for joining -- Tom Fitzmorris next.