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9-16-14 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: Around The League

Sep 16, 2014|

Bobby & Deke go Around The League with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well he ain't heavy he's my cousin Kirk cousins that info RG three and many people are excited. Because he -- the Redskins to a fought one it's in victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. It's time now for around the National Football League in right there. In the NFC east division we go to Rick duck walk over the NFC east and the Redskins for ESPN. 980. Dot thank you so much for joining us -- some of fumble lost a great. -- batsmen not -- a few fellows but opened some eyes and a lot of people Greenwood in the car because it should be good quarterback now it looks like -- will be the quarterback. And he's off to a hot start your take on what he did Sunday. Well -- as you know it. To roll. At the quarterback. -- -- -- Rebecca and not get the reps and released to media never student league. -- 90% historic 10% that baca. And there's still expect to win Sunday if your responsibility back at least. Do you maintain cup race president's -- -- or down game bit remarkable -- game so. So it changed now. What you got to -- now a big. Issue though it does it take away what -- pinkie that. Think that chair out of doubt spill that it bonafide starter and national football. And -- what about the defense that knows Jacksonville open hey it's NFL team and oh yeah you look they gain a total 148 yards and hard as seventeen of those that came right to place. I mean so where's the Redskins Stevens said -- is that coach how does not. Improve in my -- Keenan Robinson young -- -- that has two seasons. Toward trying to stat sheets fantastic at -- -- at a very high level Perry Riley junior bite you relish product. -- heroic sort scratched or not again more teams beat Jason Hatcher bit where we've been on the -- So at the game -- really good either extraordinary one out double team Chris Baker PH you don't see little bit last year. We are birdies out there and bear. And economy impacts and and our special teams have been revitalized. Got neighbors shark. -- a teen gay and straight Robert -- These young been playing like old school you're glad to be in the league. And they hit everything -- move so. This team has gone from a slow. Not athletic Q in my opinion to release a younger. And eighteen Nicol after years so they've got a chance. And I dog speaking have a chance and -- look at the Eagles boy getting off to a hot start to a knowing how they've been able to come back. How important you think disarm -- psyche our mental standpoint. As far as you know being confident going forward that the Redskins at Philadelphia how important is would be a big -- way to win there. But you know playing within the division means in and it's not later. -- got that game and there nine streak. To sugarcoat this spring. Fifteen. Actually it pearl victory at thirteen. And you don't blame injuries but nobody should putting player on the field -- ball. And they've bought in to all -- and we -- good. Group of guys here and Terry what do I. Seen a lot. Ryan Clark -- shaky but yet to your role is Q did you -- They -- -- -- that part ramble. -- -- And and circuit because he won. Given ample chances. Any you never got quick -- so it's altitude you know by no complaint can't play a -- keeps gotten pretty draft choice. Q in a row so -- -- To -- and then run it back to football. -- -- And Elaine and you know when you playing -- that great move you can't over commit. Ultimately you keep people now that they can minimize that played I don't know Theres been so good at. As stated in -- and try to do that drop back guy a lot of people don't stand. I dropped back who understand -- to -- -- -- chance the straight blocks it and it was evident -- -- game. Now doc look a week for opponent for the Saints is going to be to Dallas Cowboys had Dallas looking at Dallas going to Saint Louis. Are you somewhat surprised that defense and they've played a little better. Looking at the first game against the 49ers. To me it seems like they've been scrappy and and and and I thought that they've been kind of impressive so to speak up only two games. Unit we -- when people -- in the country. I don't get that Cowboys. -- thought their coach Jerry jail continue to run double. The last week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- if you do you -- that impact. Secure a ground ball like 42 managed. How it would be following the plate -- -- minutes. And soda can keep secret for a score points. They're now that a Tony -- and negate -- rusty. But he just got to make a decision to make it may cute -- -- just and the ought to back. Now dog -- how bad is it right now. For the Giants look at it used to coming to town. Eli Manning boy he just looks distraught about what is your take on the Giants you think they'll fall apart away. You know what they've never really on our they've been a model program. Chain operator they change could be better and you know pocket change is always good. You know to me especially when you become 13 stretch -- And at the office -- got a competent special obvious mail at opportune line -- -- -- a lot now. A couple of decades that that -- mr. oh yeah. And so now that struggle. Is ought to meet you -- down in a competitive lat week didn't win. You know you start out slow -- also. On a waiting period they won two championships. -- and get Utley. LC it. But I don't believe reluctant they'll be -- Got through to -- but there's been people are writing. In question quarterback. And are good. Rick duck walk on ESPN 980 -- -- the Redskins in the NFC east dot I guess so much we appreciate. Apparently and that -- going -- with the -- Listen that the defense that they could Spagnuolo coach and right now. Why now I surprise swap of wagering. Because I would add age to note to my game -- Butler represent the national football Carpenter and against Seattle it's not over yet but is it looks. Yeah -- thank you so much. This is what -- talk on WW. Autos made Brothers or something Martellus in Chicago Michael and Seattle. And the Chicago bay as perhaps the Bears win -- Jay Cutler era and three touchdowns in a full -- is based on the 49ers at their new. -- stadium twenty to twenty. Back to around the league Mike Mulligan Chicago Tribune cub was the any of NFC north and the Chicago Bears. Mike this was a big win for Chicago in the way they want and who they did it against and where it was to meet. I think it may be the best we difficult has got as the best quarterback. I don't at any. I don't think it's I mean considering he would. -- 176. Yards. On the night. You know GA record out there there are like -- and -- for 300 yards so. You know when he can limit -- stay. And -- public and so. A lot raw Arby's and get good to envision -- met him. And -- or not and maternal and battled that sticky. And it might look in their face. Another style defense in the Jets play -- and at New York in primetime Monday night can. Jay Cutler have may be primetime back to back performances when you consider. You know everyone views the party nine as the Jets this two of the better defenses. Is that would Bears fans are asking. Yeah I think that the question I mean you know Cutler mark -- points and really and one. Bad play thus far this season at a course the interception by like -- Williams -- you know. 350. Pound man the media Wednesday at certain times changes on the pick to a defense like that. Think that they beat them this year and its -- the ball and he would get those big guys their first camera interceptions. There's a certain madness to Jay Cutler and -- it. But at certain upbeat about the course from group B yeah DeBoer and -- really -- each and keep it under control me. By -- Mike you look number of one on one teams are aware of Herat they get any bigger than this when you look at the NFC north. Went and all of a sudden you look at this match of Green Bay at Detroit. You know you think about -- it Bears were. Week one losing at home. To well in the people didn't take very much and they turnaround ignored in the opening statement and it just went in kind of the introverted. Oh a projection really. -- I -- that the people of good news. It does feel -- I'll conclude that opening game of the -- and it should be a certain point around. You know a lot of mistakes the really bad penalties should keep at least 100%. 191. And Spurs well on minor penalty. Full the officials were were. Mike finally got Minnesota. How can Adrian Peterson played this week how -- the NFL a fourth in the AT&T simply. Well you know I'd -- in the -- very -- that we haven't or Roger Goodell and I know. You know we were expecting an incident has got real you know building your expecting him to go to Carolina. -- Roger is that the englanders which to me means. It kept the pressure well because he won't be the first -- -- -- -- And of course he's -- right so. You are apparently it. Credibility has been rocked to a point where he no longer wants to be Michener in his right from the story I think but we use. There's no -- on it and you know sort of people in Minnesota pitchers who will Brothers out there. But he you know they they get -- city building and -- forum and at age do people are. Mike Mulligan -- Chicago Bears in the NFC north as Chicago Tribune Mike thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right. Was a lot of times it's Arizona was a road favored against it and they were Sunday and it proved to be the right picked point 514 day tour no. And oh what a big match up this weekend as they -- San Francisco Bob McManaman who -- the Arizona Cardinals and the tough NFC west division but. Coach errands and this Cardinals team last year was ten and six and the start this season I remember reading we weapon. West Virginia we don't wanna dig ourselves a big hole talk about what they did in the first handful of games last year when Arizona has a body that did big hole. Now this team is looking like more of a contending team in the NFC where. Yeah I have to agree with you and there. It's -- It's just seeing how they've won two games under oh trailing quarter. Or corporately and that your team law or in the fourth quarter. And it happened to 1982 by any start this season. So it's and it just being. Team this yours to a quarterback Carson almost doubters. A nervous you shall and -- has perhaps in shorter and -- from Stan last week who your quarterback this week -- -- did organizers remain between. Now Bob by looking at in a -- list and obviously. You know always -- -- you know -- in the NFL the 49ers at the will be the Bears at home and into Louisiana -- week one and and it was a dangerous team but. Why they would charges put it that -- Seahawks at it and now well as the primary convincing. -- -- and and it -- out who that spot -- would be 210 yeah. And alone in first place in the division title beat anybody thought that I don't know McCardell believes that but here they are imagine. What the world about the Cardinals -- happened that -- Perhaps but don't worry about it and -- straight game or what is it about 49ers when that that do that spot -- all of these Ricardo -- You have like as you look if -- football fan had to get any better in this like you mentioned Sam -- sisco at Arizona. Denver at Seattle. I mean that added that's almost must see TV if you wanna watch football it's -- who's the best that a -- -- out about. Now Bob Bob would you look at the quarterback situation is it that much pressure. On Carson Palmer the -- -- -- the got a great supporting cast on a great team. The bottom line is you gotta get it done and and do they have patient with all with our Carson Palmer where he doesn't. That Drew Stanton could be back in there when everyone's healthy. They. Preach about as nervous -- tricky there are partied a little -- You mentioned it would have been nervous shoes that made straight man exit out here brand that was in his back here on mr. Are tricky -- one Buick up -- neutral on it but you don't know that is gonna comment as a cub yet. Curse all and that's a concern now. Stanton who's been -- To not only which barred without broker and so we -- Insurance. Is bigger chance. And the -- signed Spann will be the starter or orchestrate that rate. So much later Carson Palmer so the coach doesn't have words not understand Irish are -- And I love the city's Smart as a weapon. He's learning from. -- and -- -- to my coaches are here. Bob how can be able -- onto. It. Easy bodied men -- amendment covers the NFC west and Arizona called the Arizona report. But thank you so much into the game this week. And Atlanta felt good after beating the Saints on 37 points and 560 yards total offense but they got shut down by the big Eagles. Only ten points and 309 yards total offense we all know the big was the -- it is for real -- Edgar -- 1530 cover the AFC north division. And the Cincinnati Bengals -- Cincinnati is this the year they make that mix that people look at fourteen to continue with the Broncos. And the Patriots out in the AFC divisional conference some people think Cincinnati is one of those -- First that the question for you. Do you know with the Falcons quarterback the last -- the Bengals beat Atlanta before -- -- -- -- -- 1996. Yeah this is from a talent standpoint -- and we can talk about -- playoff record. -- -- Marvin -- playoff record that we can you talk about the injury that he suffered the first two weeks from a talent standpoint I think these guys you like to have the -- Can compete with anybody in the AFC and obviously very very early on the course and brought out your best team in the actually in and frankly it. It doesn't matter right now -- part of the battle in the conversation that speaks to the way -- Bill is very good very deep roster I think. Experiencing it for the dangle the first two weeks I haven't been -- best yet they outplayed Baltimore in Baltimore and they thoroughly outplayed. The Atlanta Falcons on on Sunday after. Liam -- you look at the 12 punch. Quarterback's best friend that being Andy Dalton. When you look at Benard and LSU's all Jeremy hill. Avoid saying is -- they've really been pleased of what that combination in and approves and a putting having a hard to seven overall rushing yards against the Falcons. Yet 32 catches for united and -- 170 yards on the ground until an Ngo you know a few jacks and the walk and -- in our -- -- About how you know we're gonna -- audible more effectively we're gonna take wouldn't take a lot off the plate we're gonna make it easier forehand and and you guys knows all anybody. A coordinator saying it right and demand the bullets start flying and sometimes fatal and we followed through hue Jackson has followed through they have run the ball. They have on the ball a lot and it's not just running and that unit has struggle a lot of passes to GO they really utilized kind of a quick strike -- up a lot of -- Passing game which is you know in this day and age those are essentially runs in the first two games. They have faced. -- second down all the longer than ten yards one was because of a penalty. And the other because you body but -- -- -- on the line of scrimmage so they're setting any ball first second and third and capable. Which means not having to take that many chances downfield. They -- -- -- need to get better on third now they tried fixing ovals against the Ravens -- -- -- actually for more suitable terms against the Atlanta Falcons. But he could make life a lot easier -- and the stat that jumped out and more than he was the battles in the first two games. The first NFL teams in the second NFL team since 1960. Cannot have a sack. And not have a turnover that's pretty remarkable and so when your quarterback not making mistakes. And he he's not bobbled the ball and being sacked or not probable. And run the ball accurately and he got a good defense that's a pretty good recipe for success. Mo how can be able volume on Twitter. There. He's a host on third at 15:30 AM Cincinnati covering the Bengals. And the ANC and all these -- and well thank you so much in -- the game this week at all right today hosting. Tennessee. And the Buffalo Bills a surprising to know about marquis gave this weekend one of the big ones San Diego at Buffalo new kick off. And New York team a Graham's cup was the Buffalo Bills for the Buffalo but news Tim received Buffalo this place before what do hot start. What makes you believe that this hot Stahl leads to something better than the previous one. Well you're assuming that I believe that. I'm not. I'm not sure -- do I still I need to be shown the more consistency. And and they are -- red flags about this team until now they have they feel really strong on defense. Dominant special teams which is a big. 180 from last year they were atrocious on special teams last year. But there aren't just struggling in the red zone they're picking out field goal they're getting pit stops. But -- also not make a mistake to tackle from the Cincinnati Bengals were right there. Manuel brought one interception. Beat -- back -- fumble that game they're just not playing well not penalties that. -- -- And so win the special teams and defense are able to make good plays drop it doesn't make it -- -- those those results just stand up. Now let Tim that when you look at dead AFC east in. And obviously you'd expect the Patriots to went to -- -- obviously with Oakland coming to town. Another big challenge for the Jets Chicago at the Jets. As the -- -- sending Avant across the country. When you look at ANC. -- as a -- the that the bills fans able will wind at us. Our are they more conservative than that as far as the fan base. About it you know competent as a powerful thing it's starting up two and oh well last -- news. That the team was being sold to someone with local ties -- is not gonna move. Hand well I might not necessarily in -- the players too much. The bad day is -- over the moon right now. If it's hot. The crowd on Monday was a did that seemed it and it seemed to be feeding off that and I applaud their. Again remain clean in terms of the turnovers. That you know. -- depends upon me just to be specific as to where probably their -- right now. Their board of -- it to the Pro Bowl last year and a -- and acts. So did. There they have a pretty strong. Packers they've got you there. It'd -- -- at -- -- Caught a lot of though who was runner to defensive rookie of the year last year he's got good year with a knee injury but they. Reloaded that position when I'm Brandon Spikes on the Patriots. Hell I don't think that there are going to be able to get into rate up for victory with a New England Patriots need -- what they're one game right now. You know that -- might be able to make a -- from our. Tim Graham do and how do people Tebow with you on Twitter. -- followed by grant. Program and I am. He covers the AFC east and the Buffalo Bills the Buffalo News Tim Graham can't thank you -- the game Sunday. And Buffalo in attained San Diego on -- were taken on the Houston tech fans ought to know and what about that shot -- they wanna I wanna -- could be two and oh well it's a thin line between winning and losing. In the NFL it's around the lead a rabbit up next here on WW. After a disappointing year a year ago and the year proud of that. Doing well. In the season media thought that if there was one club in the AFC -- -- -- team and what the Colts this year it was a Houston Tex well though who thought that our right as it take to go perfect to -- now. Covering detected in the AFC south is Brian T Smith for the Houston Chronicle and Brian right now the Houston Texans. -- in first place and off to a hot start -- really can do themselves some good if they win again this week. You know I don't want to -- that game during the postseason in the big game pitcher that you texas'. Two and fourteen last year won their first you to rule contenders many and then. Fourteenth street worst team felt the common goals and on to win in New York again -- -- I'll call them struggling. They -- you know. And all of a sudden it will be wanna be on India in a poster that -- and Anders and win like he did the first QB and sports -- -- or just an offline it's Patrick. To get them over the topic played more efficient football Slorc. They haven't turned the ball over. They've got to notre. Turnovers McCain it's a pretty simple formula but when you have Foster Audrey Johnson you want -- coaching you have toward the Pro Bowl players. It's -- of them broke picks are gonna win games are going to be in games. Yeah Bryant that's the approach almost look at it that. The Giants and how they are right now but it did Houston should be a three no silly because you would expect the Colts. Even though their goal and two to bounce back and win at Jacksonville now you know. Divisional game but I mean I'm not surprised somewhat you look at the competition you're at Denver the Colts lose in there and how they blew a lead. But -- -- Philadelphia being playoff team so when you look at the AFC south so what's up with the cold -- -- we have to look at who they've played also. Now what percent and and it it's way too early to say that the Colts are. Following this year than -- are still the division -- mean. The teams are gonna play twice -- write your article to pick up those two games that you just sit in it really strong points you know you place silly you played Denver anybody can lose those games no matter how good you market to get futuristic game obviously. It's academically anybody in week one reps and really struggled -- to red zone turnover about the the ten yard line it's gonna kill any team. On the road -- to -- the Raiders -- my money -- worst team. In the NFL right now so that secretary a lot to prove that they -- thought he obviously but you know right now. You know there were a lot of people that -- that you 889 and seven this year -- still leave myself right now those -- They've done everything right every inning Cuba. You know they had to come from time. Ryan Fitzpatrick hadn't been important high leverage high pressure situation that you when he turned the ball over there running area Foster a lot he has 55 carries that Lee Ian bell at the most of his career or two games so. Some of the stuff people report that defense JJ watt. The turnovers on defense you know point -- they can control those things but you're asking a lot. To get this all you know Ryan Patrick he has done in nine years. And nobody can run the ball consistently to their roster he's on pace for 400. And forty carries that on. Sustainable and that sounds like -- while Landis in the old Falcons. Utley and you know -- is coming off an injury plagued year so technically he's rested you know we only played eight games last year in his crime. Other a lot of people things could be relax your protection and police say one of as much as possible but. They're gonna have to scale back they get out of blue this -- -- a old she'll. He's become a back up so it -- blue goes on. And it's it's accurate it's more comfortable but they'll -- back to back a little more proper -- pitch count Oprah a little more he's got out here in the worries about twenty -- the game which is more manageable. Brian how -- people follow you on Twitter. Crime Brian Smith CH RO at Bryant met. Covered AFC south in the Houston Texans the Houston Chronicle Brian Pease and Ryan thank you so much -- the time we appreciate. Our. Vick did Antonio Gates this week in as -- San Diego and Seattle. -- Tony wanted it really wasn't even that close knocking off the defending champs Antonio Gates seven grabs -- 96 yards. Michael Milken who joins us now covering the child it was an AFC west we UT San Diego and Michael. I Aaron Rodgers in game one of the season. Through the -- is what scared to throw a ball this past weekend negated -- at Seattle's second there. -- -- -- Well comfortable as you can compete on that -- Sherman. You are now on are sure you know the -- the charter flight. There were shy away from it didn't want rich richer than. No way want feel as -- -- he is so. And it would cap room and your talent yet retarded because interment and -- call Prioleau 113. Down catch where. Sure over the net average in it now -- -- about. I'm around in Europe that clip of that. Out went viral during -- game so charters to include -- Now -- likely look to San Diego great opportunity. To go to an -- You know they bounce back after a disappointing loss we -- the games in hand and Arizona. -- how they handle. I'm going to is cross country at Buffalo maddening -- -- at San Diego did they just a better team. But did they leave on Friday because of a time -- -- Saturday traveling to go to four. Can -- it on Friday. I don't think that veteran team you know it in the play it to -- no opponent. Typically you able port street in the build that don't wanna. You know that you copied by you know the reason to go to -- at the far lightly. I don't believe that you and operate them on the all America a lot -- on the line under experience Mario Williams break right pressures out. -- no matter you know 11 right now one record in the -- and so they need to go low and that I wonder. Michael -- when you're okay at at the backs -- a bid man LaDainian Tomlinson turner even Sproles. But now you look at the balance with San Diego has it is -- you look at the stat sheet you see a team 37 pass attempts. And 37 rushes and against that defense to Seattle -- mad at. San Diego's got -- like that type of ballots and when you could be that way and you just keep somebody guessing and look we know how they matchup with the Broncos so. Does San Diego have a chance to make the AFC west what everybody seem to think it did was to lose NHL at the Bronco. Well there are my stick pretty -- when it and I. You know argue that you are the Broncos and everything at all entry camp by a large -- -- -- patient. I think the Broncos are there to be. The favorite in the US a little agreement operates about it -- right you know you -- -- championship caliber opt out. The running game it's a bit Ryan Mathews. Regret at all brown in game one and that you factor in the order bat at him in terms of total brokers. I think it is a legitimate. Shot at it now paired with. I was due to be a relief in group you can the front that it can happen at quarterback at -- that was comparable time. Why Michael but it's all about timing when you play a team here coaches stated all the time and after the charges put it to the Seahawks. Lloyd Denver at Seattle. There's a gamer could be catches Seattle on the wrong time. Yeah well it's different I think claim the top. Centrally field opposed to your own game right now up place to play tactic. You know the Chargers -- Broncos you know it's going to be a long race but it US -- so but. They got a couple of good draw one. He would be totally shocked. On the road and it's about the apartment up. Into outlook out there -- got caught on in two or champ at QB and. Michael have to be able cable -- on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- Okay you can. Michael thank you so much to join the game is -- -- a comeback and our rabbit updates of the sports talk tomorrow. He's the cage to get him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia we go around the league every team tonight from 7:8 PM here on WW. I -- coming up nick scoop. Is coming out he's got a lot of good conversations got a very interesting blog he gives his take. On this whole Adrian Peterson's situation today at -- WW dot com -- -- -- X forty. Drew Brees Jarvis will continue previewing this -- And the Vikings. And the LSU Tigers in the Mississippi State bode well thanks so much to -- and handle on the news also but not -- -- sports net including Steven -- -- -- -- to give additional tee about David and Christian -- did you join us tomorrow for sports talk a full preamble for the latest. All the Saints at tiger is an appellate and stay involved on the WWL dot com now ID ability has always talk about a cajun can embody a -- Bluntly as well goodnight people.