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9-18-14 2:10pm Angela: on women in business

Sep 18, 2014|

Angela talks about the difficulties for women in the business world with Wendy Dolan, owner of Get Online NOLA, Karyn Kingsbery-Grigsby of Forensic Accounting, Lyndsey Graham of Heartland Payment Systems, and

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Well women have come a long way in the world of business but it hasn't been fast easy or complete. Just last year headlines read that a woman was being named the CEO of a fortune 500. And pregnant at that could she do the job they cast. Glass ceiling still exist but -- been breakthroughs. Slowly but surely women are succeeding on their own merits. In Louisiana we have great success stories but also the reality that women still make just 67 cents on the dollar compared to -- So there's work to do. Today we -- for women who were in the trenches. Professional women who are going to tell their stories and give their insights to where women are today in the business world. And where they're heading. Joining us is Wendy Dolan owner of get on line now -- -- Rachel newness and vice president of regions bank and keep Hamels. Karen Kingsbury Greeks. An accountant with the browns forensic accounting. And and Lindsey Graham I love this relationship manager. Heartland Payment Systems. I can't wait to hear what exactly that is not so as we get to know tell me. Where he went to high school -- and then how you get to where you walk. Well. I'm from homeland originally so I was at Catholic growing today and about Catholic and didn't really know when I was during Calgary this area of the world was that was determined to get out of it. It's at me about ten years living in different places some -- and lots different places in Boston and London and then in Los Angeles. The threat and we decided that I wanted to come home. Comes to run my business and to have my family. And so I've been back in new -- about three years now and it's been a very welcoming. Place and you form your own company I dead. Witches. Full reacts to businesses we actually started photo which is a combination of my maiden name for -- because I'm from home race. -- come and and -- which is my married name my husband's name is reporting that business together. So we formed out of Los Angeles but then when we came to New Orleans we saw that there were so many small businesses who need it went -- to needed to get online that. Just really couldn't afford -- the custom web sites that we were building. So after we were told that a couple times we decided -- let's build a product that. That will -- the small business market here in more violence and so we found -- get a final. And we have really affordable sites for small businesses which is a lot of fun thing that is terrific. Rachel amnesty took a different routes and corporate route. But you went to high school. I can't I let -- Jackson and -- man I am not -- for all as we say. I'm born and raised in saint Bernard parish and I actually star named banking I was eighteen years old. I start off as a teller and noticed that I wasn't there very long I was hearing of and it's kind of -- and wanting to be out there on the floor at the gas. Helping customers wind. Personal relationships and their business -- and starring -- work my way up the corporate ladder larynx and here I am fourteen years later. Working in the business bankers -- -- things so I work with business owners. That range anywhere from one million in revenue up 1520 million in revenue and -- -- a pretty big rain as I have been fortunate to me a line of women known things insane and some great companies here in the area. And take a lot of pride in being able to work wouldn't stand with their financing to make him strong and healthy companies. And so now you are vice president and vice president movement. Karen Kingsbury -- I've for small one no ground forensic accounting you're finding the bad guys. We find the bad guys but we mainly due divorce litigation or -- and -- -- some good business valuations but the main focuses -- merit. Litigation. Basically fighting for money. But I think you have such a pleasant personality. So how did you get into that. After registering high school I'm born and raised -- and violent that are apartment today from high school I am and went to Clemson University. And a major in accounting just like my dad and -- Just like a lot of people on my family. And after. College I start working from that and he does pretty -- actually. Does divorce work and it worked for him her pac twelve years. And now mark and Lance another woman CPA her name is Susan brown and she and brown forensic accounting and we have -- out and we are. Doing it ourselves. On -- now -- and it's really exciting really excited to be working with her and I think I have a great future there that what this is terrific Lindsey Graham. This I got to. Relationship managers -- -- payments just yet Angela poignant as it does it. Well I I started out at high school I went session how high school and matter ain't lobbed it chipmunk at the hole -- opening. I was the same way I love home didn't and never wanted to leave here -- -- apparently experience outside of talent that the bubble that we live and so I went to Spring Hill College in on the floor from Alan Ball. And -- there for three years and loved it but then that'll Katrina came on men and just took me polygamy right on back down so that him percents. And I'm really just a lot of people being in front of people talking to people working with people and that's kind of where my sandals career started. So actually went back to ship pal to work. For four and a half years acting -- for an act ears and hassle of -- and our kids. But I needed a big girl like -- say. I am started with Heartland Payment Systems and we -- credit card processing and -- That's my job to get all the business owners and educate them on democratic process and how the process works. And get help them in their business at its credit cards -- it's quite lucrative business. And there's a lot of sense there's I work with any business -- that can run a credit card process. And that's why you're the relationship then I in the relationship manager it's just a relief agency our efforts salesperson -- yes it. Yes I work and out like that they actually -- relationship manager because I am really English -- that's primarily what I like to do. I don't like to challenge yourself and then leave and they see me quite often some of them if he really didn't come back today and like that. It's a -- I am asked relationship and there is a pretty good title for. Well we met these four great women were gonna come back and we're gonna talk about. Out there experiences. Roadblocks and those who mentors and how they go where they might -- -- this. While we are joined by four really incredible. Business women. Some who own their own business and others who work for big corporations others who -- for other content types of companies and sort of got to know them I loved it. Ultimately you'll came home even home. Came home. And I'm just very curious on how UC. The landscape today for women in business. A lot of before lectured on it. And I've lived long enough now where 50% of the women of people in law school of women 50% of the people in medical school are women. Over 50% of people in veterinary schools are women. This was not the case when I first moved to the state so clearly women have moved forward -- -- I look at the business arena is sort of is out of the last frontier women to really break in and do their thing. Are you finding that in your particular. Businesses. I think that it's hard it. This has put a number label especially. Nowadays because you know like you mentioned 50% of -- school but what percentage of those women are actually owning and taking. Ownership of the business and try and believe. You know that -- going forward as opposed to date they might get their license or their MBA or. You know their masters and then they take a backseat. Because they don't wanna leave that and that's one thing that has always I've struggled left because. I feel like why why should. Why don't I have to you know go get my license and something our train and something for so long in the not to take a backseat just because I am female on and so that's. A lot of the reasons why I push. As hard as I can't answer really -- the forefront and people that look up to me are people that I mentor and -- people that I work with. I want approves them that hey you can't do it you just have to put your foot that -- the confidence to doing it's it's it's done it can be done you just have to really. Make yourself doing so it's not -- Hannity so no nothing go right into TV. Do you aspire Monday. What if you love your company a wannabe CEO one day mean is that the goal. I don't I want to stolen yes how was -- -- always wanted to -- and business because I feel like I've worked. As a worker as a co -- as an employee for long enough I mean I'm fairly tongues so. But in the little time that I have worked I feel like I've learned enough from. The CEOs that I have worked for. To learn what I want to do different. As a business manner and that's what I'm trying to do now is get my feet where I wanna be and then really be able -- -- Put my own self out there and fly and fly but on that wind. When Lindsay mentioned about him having more women kind of -- in the workforce and more women taking leadership rolls I think what I'm seeing as that. We're seeing really strong women in leadership roles now I mean you mentions. CNO. Yahoo! earlier in at least we have Gerald Samberg and people like that but even on a more. On a more regional level we're seeing women who can help build up other women and I think that you know if you see women -- As in positions of authority in positions of power it's easier for young girls not something I'm particularly interest and for young girls and a picture themselves in that role I think we're headed in the good on a good path for now. I agree and it shows that women are myself for Sharon and -- we take less risks and then maintain. And so she being able to you look up and aspire to those around guys. To get comfortable to step into those positions and not take a backseat with all the education that we have. But actually comes in the form fine and run the business and and my line of work I NGC. More and more women angels. Companies starting and really being successful. Because we did take a different approach to how management companies. -- they -- may be bad -- not necessarily that very different and just as successful. Now that makes my heart sank when I. I'm just curious do you think this is a generalization. That might be different in the south because I think. Women are raised differently. Not to be quite as aggressive. Absolutely yes. That -- -- -- percent I mean I have a ton of friends that live up north and when we just have general conversation about -- -- you know went and met with. This lady in this business and she's doing message that watched it that way anyone and -- just how that person's. You know -- where they kick out -- might. Because we do that he kind of like this is the sap your nice to people like Alex a whole different mentality. And you learn Matt and I think that's probably a big part of why we all came back home. Because you go out you leave this bubble and you realize how different life actually is until you come back and says mrs. You know being raised in this area that you are raised a certain way so it maybe that's. You know not acting as a positive thing now because it's just. We are a such a rare breed of people -- that when you leave that year and -- come back very quickly and do with the way that you know -- And my perception -- islands in Chicago post-Katrina for several years. And and my biggest observation wise that when Maine were awaiting a much leaner to start families they work more. They went to school they study and they -- following in Korea parents and I think that in the south we do have a tendency. We're very nurturing women down here we start our family's very early and -- and little things different so I think that we can continue. Clara families and her -- national chain at the -- fines and kind of take the vaccine I think that will traversing down. Where Kenya have at all I think we can. I think we can I mean I I've seen a lot of small firms in fact when. I had my child my -- are you from my father and he'd let me and a nursery at the office and I think I'm seeing. Not many but I'm seeing more firms being. More open to ideas of how to have productive employees. And have them still have a balanced family and work life. Well we can have a -- but we can't have at all. And last hour better halves or other -- can step -- and helpless you know with some the things I have a three year old and a caring you have well most of -- and then -- have kids and you know I couldn't I couldn't go to my networking events -- my women in business events or meet with clients after hours. If my husband wasn't there it sets have you know -- the slack and there's been times when. Men and my family Yorman kind of just from outside have commented on how involved he is. In the domestic life and in the child -- life and I'm saying hooray hooray isn't this amazing and their -- saying their from a different generation and they're kind of saying. Oh that's feminine but that's not okay. But you know he that he doesn't mind and he steps and so now I can't have at all. In less I have a partner who allows you know not allows but you and enables. That to happen in my life. You bring that happened just last night I was reading an article and I'm sorry I didn't cut and Alex I normally do but the man who ran you know multi billion dollar company I think -- in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. And he stepped down. Two he was chairman of the board he was running the thing and his three kids he's married to a doctor. And he's woke up one -- literally just say you know what amiss and it so he stepped down in the company. And is still a big cheese but not like he was. So that he can be home to read books to the -- it was it was an interesting. And it and his response was when asked what people think -- -- got it. They got it and sort sort of like an awakening in our world for both sides and many role models. In that capacity as well they need to see -- hunch has that are gonna step back and and be more supportive of their wives carriers. I think that's a big part of women -- a growing business is not thinking we can do at all. Yeah I can't tie it has not been sexier than a man his -- stay home with your NC can go and be successful I mean I don't. Man if you're listening. Pay attention she's take it it's it's really now and it's that's something that is so appealing that you know you -- says he used to or even just people. I've come across and that I was out in your husband's in the same day that -- But yeah he has an -- some money so off the you know what I love is what you're saying is -- it is a very sexy thing did it's because they're very complete. -- look at a man like that -- he's the whole thing. I can do that capsule with all your husband and have confidence that you know that it's nine in any way -- a statement on their masculinity if they're gonna be a good died and and you know wash the dishes -- that's actually what it means that they had better man. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our top with these. Ford dynamos and if you have any thoughts about whether the business bureau woman in business. Or -- to be a woman in business give us a call 2601. And -- we'll be right back. Well we're talking about women in business in the year 2014. And joining us is a Wendy Dolan whose owner of get on -- know which is one of two. Business as she has opened. Rachel newness vice president of regions bank. Karen Kingsbury Greeks being an accountant with ground forensic accounting. And Lindsey Graham a relationship manager with Heartland Payment Systems come from all different sort of perspectives of things I'm just curious. When you look back now that you've all been in the business now for 1015 years when you look back -- -- what gave me the confidence to take that only. To walk into that bank and eighteenth two and one goal one mind what was that. Reason. Urge for a warning banner and I can't really pinpoint why it -- that gave me the confidence to walking and it. And something about feeling confident within myself that I was capable and taken a chance and signing. Another person that you can believe in me take that chance on me. And that was -- in the bank absolutely. My it was kind of an accident you know I was. I was and -- me churn and I did graphic design and my husband was the programmer and the pair. And the programming work on a little. Got to -- that's the overwhelming and so he started to teach me. Which was great for me because I had no confidence and that even though I did really well in math and science in high school. I just kind of saw myself as an artisans on myself as back kind of being. Like a blue jobs in -- -- you know. I'm an artist that's a paying job and and this programming staff as the blue job. But by necessity I had I had to start doing it and found that I had a knack for it. Which was huge confidence builder and it south you know it's evident walk into a room and know that I can build something from scratch. Was great and then actually just opening my own business was more a result of really wanting to be evident run my own life and run my own schedule and you know how the vacation times and I wanted when I -- today. And today you know be -- the -- from my son I needed to be of course I found out that it's. That's not necessarily the case because my clients through my life in a good way. So be it it was an accident but I am I'm glad it happened but it's it's gutsy to do that. It started so small for me I was a freelance -- at first and it just to grew and the guts came with the success so I can't say that I took a big -- The -- came when. I love you know I love people I love my clients and and they responded well to me and it felt great and I can I can do this for more people. So that's that's how it worked for me now I have guts now I could I feel like I could start another business you know and be fine. And you'll go to regions bank for all of your banking. You know I think. For me. When I was in college -- comment just didn't know what I wanted to -- and I ended up choosing a tying two major and because I come from a family of CPAs. And a right after college I got a job -- -- small firms doing your typical tax and audit accounting mark. And it just I just it didn't feel right for me and that's when I came back to -- -- -- and -- -- -- from my dad. And it just. This line of work is it's not. It's not -- it's it's it's completely different line of work and you know tax and audit and you really get to work with people into two new people and I really feel like I'm helping people and I got really excited about it after doing this for about five years when. You know I saw that I'm good and I'm you know -- built relationships and people trust me -- on and they looked to me for guidance and. That's you -- others -- in the business yet. So you'd get to legally would be when you left your father's business to go to war with some someone else. It like it was it was a hugely. I I did it kind of persuade him to move towards retirement. And I also wanted to kind enough to be pigeon holed. What with what I was doing. Then I went and worked for another firm for a short period of time. And I got the more tax experience. -- and the big firm all I just didn't fit into it and will work informant. Now -- -- -- mean. You know economy in my hand bought and pairing up with is and that's kind of give him. That's team now. -- time you know you need to know who you are yet and where you flourish and kind of inspired exactly and term. You know people always like your line of work must be -- depressing and it can be sad at times but you know I it's rewarding to me because second Eric and helping people -- and has absolutely. And I think you know even when I started and sales -- in sales as some it'll say sales the sales but I think it's what you make of it. That makes that your around and you can be -- -- awesome you know I was spoiled very early on with having -- schedule but that's. And now it's hard to even have that idea -- going back into an office ethic and worked for a law firm actually for three weeks. Is a funny straight right when I got to college. And they put me in a cubicle and the like okay now here's a list of things that you need to do and I started like that post it to myself and text and friends because I -- -- and it did. I'm -- I'm an -- I'm -- hole I don't know I just knew from that moment on and you just comment sometimes it's by chance sometimes it's just kind of know. And it it flourishes from the air and my biggest thing in life as I love helping people. And if I if its credit card processing that's by an op -- that. I've coached volleyball -- -- young women I you know try to do as much as -- -- in the community. I try to help people in any -- that I can. And I think you know when you're talking about what a year. How did you come about -- you know make it make your way -- jump off the cliff and start your own business. When asked out of my little side business it was just a passion that I just turned into a business I enjoy doing then. Well -- is is a it's just a party supply company that I'd make -- hand make everything. I do you know birthday banners and high chair banners and I do everything from weddings and parties -- just depends on you know my client's needs and again it's very small. I don't have a storefront. I haven't faced a page an Etsy page and it's just so much time -- that's exactly what it how it started. It started off as I would just had a little sloppy a hobby cutting machine that I'd open a bottle of wine and on SPE ill and everybody gets to sleep and there I don't -- linen cotton and everything else like that sent entrepreneur and you and -- absolutely yes and and you know my parents -- -- -- like you just are meant to just. Go out and just be in front of people and just be an entrepreneur or and -- I -- I mean eyes so I have sometimes a -- cam express myself since then. But it's really something that I enjoyed doing I enjoy saying busy if I'm sitting down for too long. I start to itch and I -- patent wait I'm not doing something you planned setting. He got out of the cubicle except we're gonna have to take a break. Well again we are talking about women in business. In this year -- fourteen so many inroads made. -- my gosh in the last 25 years thirty years incredible but still way to go and I think everybody acknowledges that. Before we get going again I just wanna say congratulations to Kevin -- because you won those two tickets. Is that enjoy that game. To our great women in this room let me ask you. Why do you think there are still some people who are resistant to women in leadership. Why you know. It's hard to to be -- and we were just talking during the break about an article that that we read talking about the confidence gap and women. And I think women are supposed to be. Nurture sprayed and it's hard for women -- Take control the tough part for me to take control but it's hard there's only going to take control. If I can just share with you -- -- is something that anyone who's read lean and you'll know that this is where I'm getting it from. But there was a study in 2003. Called the Heidi Howard study. And basically they took the researchers took the same story about a woman who was very successful in business named Heidi. And they gave it to a group of people and said it now. Tell me what you think about this person would you wanna work for them -- they were successful in their job. They took the same story in the replace the name Heidi with the name Howard and all the programs from mail programs and ask the same questions. And the people who got Howard study. Said he was great nick loves to work with them I'd love to be on his team. And the people who got Heidi study said she's successful but she is probably kind of bossy don't know if I'd wanna work with there. And give basically rated car a lot lower than they did Howard. And so I think about -- all the time you know like yes I wanna be assertive and yes I wanna run my business but I also don't. Sorry I don't want people not to like me you know and and it's of it's a tight -- that we lock as women on making sure that we can. Be successful without being seen as. And misused word I shouldn't I don't know what Fernando and at and sadly we know that we're right on. But why do you think that we're still at 67 cents on the dollar. -- -- I mean real. And currently is -- that is in effect from the state and it's. You know I don't totally understand it doesn't mean that. Another male vice president of the bank makes a dollar ring makes it to sentences does that mean that if your company hit men they would make more than you did. What does that. Really mean it I do -- and I. And maybe a little different and needs professional arena I do things that we are all very well educated women here. And we'd like to hope that for that great companies we work for that equal pain in his. Is there and that's unfortunate I think Louisiana. Is a little below the national average hit a nurse. Now -- where's the and it's gotten worse as well and we actually declined by two cents from 2011 to 2012 so it's that's not getting better sadly. Now -- so I started when I saw this question I thought I'd never known statistics about what can we as women do you. To comfort shoot ourselves and that we're not scary times and bought me or overconfident and more than ever -- contained. And that is team taking every opera chain that we have. TU acting role model to take a leadership -- prince and positioning and lead by example show -- Whenever we've given -- given trainees for a job longtime -- document as a notes. Let's keep track of multi -- well so when he comes time. Frank here and reviews and it's time to ask as -- -- we are confident in our abilities and we have the proof to back up. These -- the great things and I came to make your company's successful. To be a great team member and give -- a wonderful leader I am qualify. -- arm bar. When I think the big difference two nights at science that is you know that they had another article that was published you know a male was -- -- You did a great Japanese like thank you and if you asked the same thing or tell the same thing to a woman they're gonna say well it was nineteen wasn't just me I had help. They're always gonna get credit you know to everyone not just say no I think you I did a really good job because we always have that like uncontrollable need to please people. And make sure that everyone. Gets a little plug in here there. And I always love I mean and you know breast her little sweet soldier and rivers she is one of my favorite people to watch because I love when she said. I always say what people are thinking and that's what made her so successful. And that's so true because we always step back and think about it and don't really say yet but maybe if we didn't. That was that they are achieve that she -- or if you had said something. Maybe that was the foot in the door that she needed and not that I mean we LT -- ourselves we've all been sick obviously you know we've been successful. But you know to really take its next stat is that when he needed do -- do you really needs that just. -- out jump you know I start out being more serve and and I think that's really while some people look at that as a negative thing in it he needed yeah. And it then it becomes more normal to -- more I don't want us to run on time without saying this is fabulous organization who -- belong to the American business women's association. That after Katrina -- didn't have a chapter in -- Rebirth it who have been so you all or part of that and if anybody out there wants to join they do that. But -- membership to -- well we you can actually call laughs -- -- -- -- -- a year and a half. Well basically you can go to a PW -- that award and that yes that is the website a week ago and we also have we can put an email address the unique and -- out okay. Where you can actually contact us directly will be happy to give you membership it's a wonderful organization there's -- so -- to offer. And it does get these few days. And it helps women it's about themselves in the workplace and that's what where all -- and and supporting each other you all are great. I know where you -- we will get you back and other subjects thank you all in continued success to all three things we'll be right back. And a final thought from our guest -- if you want to join. You can definitely going to our FaceBook page which is a BWA Crescent City connections. For me on camera in my channel which is the second errors -- every minds at heritage ground on matters into boulevard. It's about supporting each other in these women are all about that thank you again so much stay with us everyone we're going to be talking sports next. Well with the man who knows everything about. Sports whether it's legal or all the chaos that's going on in the NFL you'll wanna hear gave Feldman stay with --