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9-25-14 12pm Garland, Idea Village

Sep 25, 2014|

Another group of entrepreneurs enters the 2015 Entrepreneur class. Do you have an idea that you think would make a great business?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it is that's always my favorite show we do with the use on a pretty regular -- -- Because Tim Williams whom the president the Euro idea villages and had a battle going for years where he was cheered for a -- encourage. Creativity. And innovation. When I -- village. And I just couldn't figure who's gonna word you and I didn't have much of an optimistic outlook. And you start bringing -- for new words to appear years ago 67 years ago. And I mugged a total convert them on the disciple. Of idea of village in today. We got a whole bunch of new one too -- -- words popular on the senate talked to lose some forwards start that. Tim give us an idea what school -- we've got here and what are you doing. But when this is always great to be here and I ICU being optimistic though I see that there is fury could -- get -- fury. -- we just ticked off the 2015. College and or season. If you can imagine we've been around for over fifteen years now and each year. We start in July with -- looking for the next entrepreneurs coming out in the -- and culminate stern. Entrepreneur week in March which is march 20 to 27 which is going to be -- Fulton street all week. But we just launched the I DX program which is our core program accelerator program finding the next big ideas in the world so this year we had. 81 applications of new companies have come into New Orleans. We selected ten of these companies. The other ten companies. This fifteen launch partners -- actually there's. Three married couples. And -- I don't care and regular column outages to but also one's a doctor once an artist we have fashion designers logistics experts. A former investment banker. Professional athlete -- teacher programmer. Website developers so -- you've got the this incredible talent that is not just locally but national coming -- in the losses are businesses. There and education health transportation fashion as an art. Three of the folks actually moved here to start companies yet to the folks here like their thinking the world's a better place to be. To a -- she had vans at the hold and using transportation to help their businesses in the average -- is maybe. 3334. But what's remarkable to me garlands that there's also a group of launch partners to have them we've been working with -- -- years. They have raised money they've raised maybe or if 6070 million dollars of private capital. -- created over 12113 hundred jobs for New Orleans doing may be eighty to ninety million dollars of annual revenue for community but the most important thing to me is. They're now paying it forward in the mentoring this group so there's now this cycle where. Of the last three days we've seen not partners like Jeanette dairy and from from kick board. And Patrick comb her from federated and Brent cross or from August socket and Kirkuk no Parikh. These folks -- -- she started businesses here now -- the new generation. Says cycle has begun and so it's it's really exciting time of the year it is is. Driven lead optimism it and -- in my family and friends know -- I am. Whenever I do visual I get too excited about take too much time introducing so. If you joined us we've got onto -- have come to New Orleans live in New Orleans that are doing incredibly innovative things. Bringing your business and making this much better said. Am I gonna introduce everybody. Other than when I go to him and eventually. Let me start with -- -- to -- You would mine knicks. Nutrition. The other way and you know don't talk and tell me about what what does that did come about. Along the co-founder -- my wife Sarah sit next to me and Tuesday. E-commerce portal. Where we help our customers research fitness and dietary goals through -- solutions that are ready to mix powder supplements something like approaching Goddard. Where you can add in other -- cervical ingredients pro black onyx antioxidants. The full gamut of what you see on the shelf -- GE NC but. Relates to personalize and bring it back to the individual put the power back in the customer's hands that they control. The ingredients selection process. We. Our former collegiate and professional athletes so we've been around this world of dietary supplements and and what you can do you get an edge for your training nutrition purposes but. We want to open up that world of of more educated. Or more educated approaches to. You're you're nutrition constitute. Google's larger public so. Sarah Palin -- Q. If you've if somebody. With the book the crazy about Jews in. If somebody wanted those ingredients in some former fashion can they get it from -- Yes to an extent we have not an option to add greens to your -- And that's dried powdered greens and we also have any oxygen conditions I'm so gold you very high all of those. Fruits and and vegetables can be made into powder so be a part of your plan. How do you make of federal power -- ball was her bid to make -- tolerates heat. In the heat doesn't work with the -- -- Actually resource from domestic suppliers that usually do promote organic freeze dryer or spray drive process that. Condenses the the nutrients and obviously breaks it down into -- powder form from the actual whole food. So the green planet we uses area a mixture of alfalfa grass spinach kale broccoli. We grass and it's all -- whole food sources condensed into about -- I'm virtually the -- -- to leave as soon drew breeze here of course you're so blog called you what what would you suggest what do you work -- -- with the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where you read what do you what you do for training regiment what you wait your height your your age gender. And really most importantly it serves and you do your fitness goals. We're trying to get. So we'll we'll get to know what your regiments are in the try to fit in. A supplement that fit your schedule to gonna accelerate your your fitness track. Jobs that might be a breakfast meal replacement in my view in the afternoon snack wrap your pre work outer post -- supplement. But really it's gonna be tailored to what exactly you need. Editor conservative view of their Duma. Website call you dude would what happens. How is the initial. Contact me what happens after the. You can definitely call us spent our platform as e-commerce platform -- go to www. My next nutrition dot com. And you can customize your all your whole order online if you have questions you can cause civil walking through the process. -- ultimately we just think that everyone runs better on premium gas and we we -- by his machine and we think we should you should get the best deal possible -- customized for. You moved to hopefully you make any recommendations. But view group than the Drew Brees would drop that. Tactic. I've -- I've tried to pass -- on mommy's in the -- was hardly alone. A Dutch. And recommendations. It really just again depends on the individual but you know -- right now the most traction we've gotten is helping a lot of people with their weight loss goals -- as well as. Prenatal and post Natal nutrition. Appetite management throughout the day post work -- nutrition so we got a lot of options. And we know the way we're going is that we want to e-commerce portal to eventually have -- guidance system. Were any customer than others knows what they wanna do or doesn't. Has the access to kind of go from zero to sixty instantaneously so that's. As were headed but you know in the meantime give -- call. All right we have moved Checchi collude Jacobs Field. That I do good or not -- An object at all so we may lead currently -- there are. Also. You guys are doing some I can't even bring Cuba because you go to. Business Kolb went -- accuracy yet. Tumbled would what does that do -- where accuracy is that comprehensive collaborative online social network that's making winning. In the background behind it even for the guy I know yes. Actually. I've built most of it because we built -- innings we've built and Ellen needed as we act and we pattern changing American Jewish wedding in Mexico. So we know works in Africa and viewers William May yes we had -- as loud as you can imagine. So we know I actually give me and I do what happened. Well what happens is we felt part of the problem out there currently with wedding planning makes -- stress that the couple gets engaged and no one. Gets to connect the -- don't know -- mean the couple wants but their friends and contact. So this allows it to a couple gets an account invite other cast every caskets to locking up an account how the social profile with their oh. And all of that are contact information. And then everyone gets to see is coming. Gets to see where they're coming around -- can message somebody with an messaging connect with them. You get to see who's single which is important. Attending weddings in your single -- no longer have to feel you could feel like. And it. -- -- bringing relations to a wedding. If your capability do tell bloom. -- that the dresses for the bride's -- was ugly. Yeah. I'm fixed part and Peter for the groom. This this keeps him from getting killed. Week later. Well to be honest it's that it is -- Wayne man can get involved because -- kind of personal and we went to a bridal expo. We get to that front. She you wouldn't Bruntlett what we have a business -- OK I had -- movement's failure it's. -- withdrew businesses. And rates and others. And a associates she gets a sticker says I'm the bride she gets the this wag bag would like it. Nothing so. I get the bill right so this is away in my personal mission is that men are getting married to. They should admit in ways that they actually. Are involved and have interest in how things go well with a -- and now well like I really wanted to certain kind of man. That was important. So. I admitted that from the start said you know OK let's make this happen I was a ship I want -- certain kind of food we both love food so. I was involved with the planning from the beginning and I. We did everything together because your your marriage is sort of your first your wedding is your First Act as a married couple. So we wanted to have fun we wanted to do it together we both had event planning experienced who so. That all went into that building of this. System to help us plan. Yeah elects the couple's against the couples with system an online system. To plan together and makes it easy says depriving -- can message each other about what they wanted to do and make plans as well as connected to France as well as connect with their vendors and just. Make it's and everybody's in communication to make it fun and enjoyable. Ours it is in jail than me or James or Anthony or Austria tennis today Jerry don't -- -- -- They'd they'd list you liberally as this serial entrepreneur who. You heard anybody you must help people what do you do. Have so for the last fourteen years I've been in and around startups last year had the honor of being the entrepreneur in residence overseen the food court short at the idea village. And the shaft at the European entrepreneur in residence for the cellar where what does that mean -- -- Peru and so we're the ones that sort of help the entrepreneurs see that 30000 foot -- -- entrepreneurs that can be a lonely process married couples obviously help a little bit. But you know for us it's it's our ability to pull them up out of the weeds. Nature of the focusing on the big picture and provide him some advice and wisdom and guidance has agreed that we haven't. And most importantly sort of let them know that there on the right path and and and how we can help -- it. -- Wouldn't wind. -- encroach her first got married to do you have separate job. We do. Yes I'm at the time I was. The associate head collision and why you could team volleyball and I was in law school. And I'm -- was an -- thinking I JPMorgan. Hand. You've got together and said let's go to New Orleans and start a company. Well we actually started the company in New York and operated virtually out of our apartment for about four months. Which was. Not ideal British. And we know with the idea village program opened up in order finishing law law school. And some other opportunities that were really almost out there we know we've made the move was right. Who would what was. Always wonder what I was like. Wrote a very small book when I was very young and it -- throw the book at the end to give it guarantees. To seek cents. And I kept thinking -- in the book this this is more or is that no one answer to. And the answer was cut to bridge behind. Don't going to word to don't have anywhere to go. How you cut that bridge behind coaching job investments. That's pretty secure that pretty potentially lucrative. But what makes -- and how do you cut the bridge. Think Sarah and I are both of extremely fortunate drawn up -- parents that it forces funds that were passionate about. And really it's gotta find your calling in its Serb forces -- mentioned before she was actually coaching she was actually trading and Morgan Stanley. And 40 really. Yeah so before or or or financial services that. You know ran out. -- -- longer but. I think it we got to a point where we knew this was not going to be what our ten year twenty year thirty year view was going to be for a lot of reasons and we're. We're both from the Gulf Coast. I want to get back to New Orleans and somehow convinced her to come when -- good. It's been a good process. In New York usually Brandon ran out of gas force. And that this was a much. Louder voice saying come here and -- cut the bridge actually pretty easy. Don't you have something like idea village was definitely -- part of being able to cut the bridge. Dude you're her about the in the New York core I did make that connect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I actually was staying abreast. The progress of projects over the past decade and ministers restore recovery we. Aren't -- produced lists that break -- would come back. Couldn't -- -- rumors stalking idea village. -- and finally -- once again and more and more and more people coming to New Orleans. Starting businesses and it's a benefit to all stay with us. Or could make too soon grow quickly running out of time. Talking about entrepreneurs talking about I do village of one group to. Jerry in the news from news or to -- over and residences and I do too. A long form for the young people listen I didn't just the young people good people. Better get ready to walk out the clip in store accompanying the room. They need to think about what they need to play it. I know that pick six hours button to. They it. Do -- crucial insurance -- it's really about the passion they've got to be sure that there in it for the right reasons. When you when you start your own business you can't be in it for the money. I'm you've really got to be in it for the mission that your company serving so. You know providing something really spectacular for your customers has got to be -- on the minds. And that mission is really got to be something that it's almost undeniable. You know part of that. Because it's not easy. The other thing I would say is if you share it's your passion and you're sure gonna do it prepare for the long haul. And make sure you surround yourself with the current group of folks I think it's one of the things. That I've seen over the last couple of days as we've kicked off. The the accelerators do that we brought in ten companies. Regarding fifteen entrepreneurs. We now have one to cohort. Think this is a team these are these are guys that are already sitting down with each other helping each other out in various ways sharing experiences sharing stories. And then add to that. The family in the community that idea -- -- and surrounded them entrepreneurs at launch their businesses and have seen them. -- go through multiple liberation some of failed some have started against some of grown and been very successful. And all of a sudden you've got this whole community and I think it's really essential entrepreneurship can be really lonely. And I think you know having people around you that understand what the journey that you're going through as one of the reasons we talked about rhythms rituals of relationships. Is because there are rhythms to entrepreneurship when things go well and things don't go. But it's making sure that you've got the ability to get back up. Off of the off of the floor and and go at it again and follow your passion. Who treachery and pewter chip. You have to -- a call them floor. Of the important Mueller and should do. If anything. Question actually I am let's get back after. When it -- and I think something that we really -- as bad. For us at least for our businesses that we're doing ethnic coaches we're doing this because we wanna give people of -- -- we had during our own wedding and what gets us back up the floor is just remembering that this is about relationships this is about. Our relationship this is about giving people the opportunity to enjoy it I'm the most important days of their life and and remembering that. Really helps a guy and and having child and being able to say okay. The bigger picture. Is about. Helping people with relationships. Sooner. -- part of it is. You know when you get into the is that it's a roller coaster. You know there are going to be great days of euphoria and you know they're going to be days when. You just can't see going on any longer power we you know we've already gotten the point where we spend our money and we don't know what's gonna happen next. And then something happens so. You just have to keep keep that it keep creating opportunities for yourself and something happens in our case. Probably the best thing that's happened to us as idealist I mean it's just. Opened up a whole world. Of this start up network and community in New Orleans that we were really missing in every other CD we've been to. So to us idea -- it is an incredible gifts and we're grateful to. Tim and the founders NG and everybody the city in New Orleans everyone's funded and I mean. It's it's a great asset. Two crew returns there give me -- do wrong and what we benefit from -- and I had it goes to you -- building every day. You guru and often. Gruesome sport. -- I think this is the first year that they started the seller program with a boot camp orientation style. Kick off and that's somewhat of of -- -- student would go through. Coming on campus so we've been at the building. Pretty much nine hours a day for the past three days and we've all got to Magellan together but I think going forwards mortal once a week one on one meeting with today and and and -- over other. Entrepreneur in residence. And then other types of meetings throughout in an excellent weeks should or would you. I think. Right now after the first three days. Any expectation of what we thought we are going to go out and those are even surpassed. I think the relationships that we need just the last three days. Are just so every other -- tangible it's so different from our experience -- New York. The willingness of people to help. And to help you with those pain points that everyone has been their business since the start up on and. Helping you -- it's the 30000 that PO and from people who have led to it so I think that's that's gonna be. The biggest take away is leaning on these relationships and. All right take a break here Bloomberg comeback though wouldn't buy and again exactly what -- -- and Heidi you conduct whom Heidi get involved. May even talk to him and just look. -- -- You know what that is. I mean who dat nation of order beyond that number for the saints and Bucs game. All right -- to six over -- and sort -- -- -- -- had seven. -- -- winds. With the news talk sports power notes call from the so I'll double give. Welcome back congratulations. Sue the Richards wouldn't repairs tickets of this saying it's Tampa Bay game on October the fifth. Talking -- entrepreneurs talking to me inaudible idea village talking to. A person who backed onto brewers helped -- -- it's all of the dispute this seat change in New Orleans since Katrina. The amount of time -- we have more to go back to them. Polio and teach them what they're doing. Who chaired she'd collude cherry could send Peter Jacobs and wedlock Percy explain to people again. What do you do how did they contact Pia how they get him well. So we see where democratizing. Wedding planning. And that's how we came up with a name went up proceed -- us that went up proceed dot com right now it's a web happen as soon it'll be mobile to. But we provide. Private social networks for planning your wedding. So you have all the tools to do everything you can imagine about your wedding from guest -- seating charts travel plans the whole nine yards. All in the framework of having your own private social network where you year guess your vendors cannot collaborate message. Share to do lists files everything you ever wanted to do about your wedding. In order to take the stress off the whole planning and make it upon consent of torture. And yeah only state democratizing winning planning we're putting the power back in the hands of the couple's. -- -- and their guests to say we're gonna enjoy this this is such a significant day the gas can and join the couples can enjoy it. The vendors will enjoy it and -- use when soccer C two d.s out and we think it's. It's part of the modern wedding couples are using social networking to plan itself. We're giving them the ability to hear them take the power back in -- jackets enjoyment. And crook through and Cerro my midst nutrition. Answer. It's an e-commerce portal which is www. Mine mixed nutrition dot com. Is a portal for health and fitness enthusiasts to access. And arrangement of ingredients that are of the highest quality on the market and they can customize by can consolidate in elementary personalized. Ready to mix powder. So the the intimidating and and paralyzing experience of going into a GMC your vitamin job. Not knowing what's you know good for you what's safe if the guy with the lab coat is actually certified. Would we we -- to kind of terror that entire process down and and really help our customers reach their fitness dietary goals. Through giving the power back to them to be heavy personalized approach. To fitness and diet. -- Somebody. Working out they're getting serious about a -- hit a plateau they can do much more. What did what bill to do with the get and once they do out of that calling one of the board -- -- spine when. Well I think a lotteries in my people plateau for no numerous reasons but one is because. Reaching fitness and health goals is difficult in inconvenient and we're trying to tear down. At least one of those obstacles are making this really really easy part of your fitness and health regiment. We believe that everybody's fitness and health goals are different and unique. And our lives it's your body it's your goal and we want to provide you your next. If somebody calls your ship it to you deliberate. To their doorstep chipped it -- and -- are equipped. To be calling this. Jamie McGinn president of the -- -- who were in residents idea village how how do you help the scope of what it would do. So these couples represent two out of ten companies that we have an echo -- and at all pursuing their passions and and at different stages of their business. And so what we're doing this week -- both getting them connected into the community. Providing them access to some resources and also developing custom plans for them over the next twelve weeks. We've got a big demo day coming up in December on December 9. Where we'll we'll have a lot of great information about these companies knew ideas and and product perhaps released. But it building that plan is customized for each of the company so some of them require. Help from some of the great partners an idea village from accounting legal and some of them require access to some mentors that may have some experience and how to best to your mind marketing I don't -- -- we've got a -- Miller who were taken a break when you say get them connected to community is is that social media. It's it's actually. The way people connect to -- -- -- -- its face the facts and those relationships there are are have really been developed in the network that idea village burnings of the table. You know over the last fifteen years of bringing people they want to find out that their state tax credits that are accessible to. We've got the opportunity to bring movements in an -- and a they want they need access to accounting. We've got obviously great partners that are supporting Indian village by providing pro -- -- and support. So it's really its people the people's business. So that he can give bird that going all the quotes on bill if it. Coming right back in the -- are welcome back. Writhing about on two reviewers and got a couple coupled to appear with extraordinary business it is. I do villages Baja and and and Tim you were just Tim Williams and to get people and do you -- telling me. That these couples. My did open mayor and you know from you know me you know. But yeah I think we -- me say idea village -- a whole community of folks who have come together to support the -- to a community -- -- Michael -- that you know it is a great partners -- we collaborate throughout the years as he spoke slocum for incentives or look into. -- find office space or more probably people moving here and and the mayor's office has been a credible partner in terms of helping assist companies in the you have. Both from propeller or Matt -- four point those schools and you have. The law firms -- the the business council on the was neat about what's happening in the world's is that the world is is now making much pressure part of what we do and everyone has a role. And so what we're looking to do is organize that network and organize a way this efficient and strategic so. Starting in July is when our season starts -- -- culminates on March and a week which UC. Where everyone comes together with a whole network comes together for eight days to support the -- clutch and community I think that's what's special about the world. Tortured did you say that you were real mix nutrition in June -- Well we can. Equate what you're using your Jews Poland into outer Poland. Diminish cost of where you're paying now can we stop you have to make all the troops the grocery store. Debris erect your doorstep so let me let me know when you go public opinion that and how are people gonna reach. Right now we -- commerce portal alone which is again www. My mixed nutrition dot com. And that is. Were you regroup on its territory. Well offers. Yes so we aren't on line social network and you could reach as act www. Went out Kristi. WET a ST RE CY dot com. We appreciate what you're doing because it benefits us -- thank you know he's ago.