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9-25-14 7:10pm Deke: with the view from Vegas

Sep 25, 2014|

Deke gets the view from Vegas with Vegas Runner from PhillyGodfather.com and John Ewing of PredictionMachine.com and gets a fantasy football update from Rusty Reeves of FFToolbox.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the final how with -- thought that the third tonight. Over the course of time in my days here. It -- we give you don't think we all in life we all have favorite thing. So the prep football always beat you in -- amount -- how was it for who alone. The first season at the prep football here with. Rich Marty -- came -- to beat him myself who all do they show. And that was with the -- We were to -- before alone now so that's a big but it also cools. The last several seasons Thursday night and we called it a view from Vegas. Like the numbers have liked it. Makes the game little boy interests as an avid mountain desert called all the makings that was built all -- don't -- -- then goes back so look. -- -- -- -- Of Felix got father dot com is always with this thought you from Vegas and if you're from Vegas his balky back acne or how stupid the midshipmen. For over 100 years VR how're you my man. Never a bad sign read that you didn't -- -- it was that what it take things could take. You don't leave me. Yeah have a you are not -- then -- -- -- -- take a look and it's going to jump right in with some folks at a yet now locally we're going to get an early pick -- at night watching the three and a half point favorite over the Giants. And the totals 46 -- the Oakland you give I don't told. I am. -- -- Am I think were. You here on the island there and on. We've seen. Last week with a -- Giants finally put up some points and watching games. It's kind of taken over and keep. It simple there -- Philadelphia. -- -- -- Make light it's this same thing with game at any time you -- Offensive minded teams that. To keep the other. Then on the behind the line and in it into it. Come -- -- expectations. And teams know each other. Well I'm desperately. In that spotlight games and go under the total between the two said the -- It's between these two and they -- right. This one is. Right because there's been times in game. It was what -- -- like that -- there. I think forty mind to mind -- -- the -- -- -- -- three and I take it Giants. I used the Q is what is. -- Just it would -- to line. What kind of confidence. Let's -- it -- out yet is deliberative speed in and be not born in bill. Leaves much to be desired as far as you know give him and not saying he should be the first quarter. With that that he has still been nice but he still hasn't won that game yet this season as an eight or keeping it on there. In his career slightly things by. -- -- -- -- on the tonight 46 in the total. He watched him and the new York and it's also a big one out west that's got some conference implications on it it is. The UCLA Bruins a four point favorite over Arizona State. And DQ -- it. Team. And look -- in this bill that game. The game but -- the team but the bottom line. You feel. And again as -- -- eleven times and against their zone has gone really well I keep me at Arizona State covered eight of those he'd let it. What it. Feel extremely loud as what he did. Quite poignant feeling was that the team that could actually win the well that the team to. Or get a lot -- -- -- you feel like it was this. From the war is. And then on the team -- to all the isn't several talking you'd feel like he'll get more on there. She used the line even -- you know straight up. And the spread and this ticket yeah. I think it changes and knowing. Loaded at that point most oddsmakers. And respected. Betting syndicate you know only insurance in one -- and yet instantly there and people see -- nothing's changed just because they. Albert. I think that changes -- -- unlike you -- blame this on I think they'd get it done on the road win this game like that it would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 years on the owners look at some -- different numbers he would. Hosting the -- beat up on USC at home. Beat a book pretty good. Now they play another team that comes cross country Colorado State in only six and a half point favorite come gone likeness like pick -- ducks at the -- it looks too easy. Why is -- is leading the DVR I've taken Boston College all of our right. Well and -- they. Have seen in the kind. You donning -- yourself where I think mental. You know all because that's one of the things to. Came into the points when we. Don't. Count for injury. Players who where. It is -- people. To determine what he can work come in here you have a -- in college team which. -- Against. Me. And again means. Home. The but they -- focused the next game -- that that was impressive. On the flip side event. -- Colorado State. I haven't seen much from then -- I saw them in that second game they were -- -- I have point brought -- the losing end after winning team we don't want -- Colorado. -- and they weren't like on the road and that's exactly what I have been. That that game I'd love. But I hate to say right now -- -- -- is a little bit too high and I think. I agree with most professional banners that -- they've made this line around that and believe that are not -- And adjustments based on what Boston College did against USC but if you go back the week prior. -- -- They made him look all that worried I think they call USC and a right spot and I think they come back down her I like -- -- they keep it would. I'd be on now sometimes things just don't make any sense okay Texas they have -- is number six in the country and Mayo received 41 place votes. Arkansas. Is 35. In yet all consult you only get. Eight points in his game this week in -- to have points and neutral site against Texas a and you know. That is BS like OK if you are number six in the country you look at do they think the SEC is. That -- is that close. Because that to me that this looks like man that's pretty tight you know what's the score the ball game with -- did a pretty distant that sailed to the rank. You're absolutely right. And not the puck and being read. But the one as a professional poker two feet and the right things get. You know. Try to keep this game close and that's exit and in the birds that. Come right now with that we haven't seen. Anything. From Arkansas. There that loss at all -- -- there were seventeen point dog -- -- -- it. They were favored by thirteen and hit 41 and two with only three games they did -- good. That is taken up. So I give them credit for. But I didn't. I don't know all that much out -- Arkansas team hasn't been tested all that much. But that. Wannstedt at Texas Tech is getting that job done is -- I think the professional batters on Arkansas. And I have to agree with them and I think tech is and it is a bit overvalued. A little bit over rated. And next week -- game at Mississippi State. Com today. A couple of weeks before they play Alabama I don't think that the call look at it but I -- think it they say that it would. That we in this game and they should win this game I don't think they do within a touchdown like Arkansas. I'd -- on not giving you -- this -- picks of the week. Okay. Good -- it again and been doing the totals an -- TCU SMU and I'm gonna go under the total in that game. How we are again a lot of value and I know you can say wait it's only 47 -- talent that value. I don't think these two teams cracked. Forty and the reason is simple only one team can do this. Scoring. If you look at it and you stop and they're absolutely hole where ethnic people you're up against dale picked up against north taxes. Any game -- able to hit point dogs were supposed to -- competitive. And they only put six points shop and at that point. I'm against Texas hang in and I don't think -- -- put any points up against TCU. On the flip side TCU and Oklahoma and decked. They don't want to get her they just want to get through this game healthy and look ahead to do next week. And -- they're big game that's the -- -- for him so look for a much lower scoring games that -- been 47 he likes. It'll be what it was like 313 finals I like the there in Texas Tech. I think technically speaking to me and southern Methodist and also I like Miami -- Iowa until -- It was time Iowa I don't PP look at -- holes. Their time alone in this Iowa's team. Yeah. And I think Miami is. How many people totally yelling and that's what you want to -- So for me -- how I played the point with Miami minus six innings over time all of. -- out a way to make you compute if you know -- Iowa is playing Purdue in Miami of Florida is playing Duke. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty soon you used to take Miami of Florida wouldn't yet I don't think it would do good hockey action there but no I don't wanna allow one couple we are you know what got you back you know -- -- know that I think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've -- thoughtful with -- against -- picks let's look at the Saints there a three point favorite total 53 at Dallas and at night. I like this thing in this. I do you think you can do that no job. An emotional pain that connection in talent difference would. Jerry Jones they play each other. Pretty much every year. Since he's been in New Orleans. So -- -- too familiar teams and because of that I think we're a little down. In the there. Now -- any economic and have to be holding your breath because any time you have deep in the warlords and analysts. The -- and all points are extremely -- right. And last year these teams put all 66 point the total with it before I think it's going to be a little. Well point in this game and and I think this saint. Are going to be the reason why I think that the event is gonna play as good as they did against Minnesota granted. Rick quarter. Is -- Tony Romo. But I do think they will create some problems for a trying to like -- -- in this game and I like the game under the total as well. All right we are now viewership best pro picks of the week. I did some good games in the NFL this week I'm gonna go number one -- the dog. That's for the -- in this -- -- -- effect any change look at Tampa Bay Pittsburgh. I I think this no -- ever -- that -- market if you stick to that monster in the NFL you're probably good. Pretty good again hopefully that because it. -- And the oddsmakers are there jobs to protect the bookmakers and take a danger that perception that haven't been -- is awful and eighteen could possibly do well. Against Atlanta. On Thursday night on the national stage with that adds some extra time to prepare well look -- -- Pittsburgh looked to that they possibly put. For -- -- -- at Carolina not only covered the point spread but winning the game now right gets one. They get caught looking ahead here I like Tampa to keep it would in the number here -- the fine. We all Pittsburgh. Sunday and went to game outright but take this seven and a half with Pittsburgh. And finally I'll take -- paper and a little look at saint ran against Philadelphia Philadelphia is another team. More I think this topic is way too high and I love talking about teams like that good at the end of the day is the market. And like any other. And he -- -- down union look at price of these teams accompanies him right now -- yeah. Their stock is just decided to -- the team that's scored charity work out played -- every single game playoff free season. Except apparently the pre season where they put up 28 against Chicago. Now -- gonna run into that same brain defense. That I think that'd be a little bit angry absolute on the road against Arizona divisional game let's not forget one of the best coaches. Is on a ball off a loss last week that trend is continuing after the Chicago the week prior I do not seek paper it was in the -- well. I'll let alone two at home in the same season they get it done against Philadelphia they when making by -- touchdown to take saint translate the points. All right TR Huckabee -- what we deal on social media. Check me out. At Greek underscored gambler and -- pass along information straight from the delegates split big throughout the day. The are -- different. -- are always a pleasure David has cancer to get we'll talk next Thursday night. Like his mind enjoy the game again and sent me. Aren't they keeping you all before Vegas that brought you back acme oyster house Duke related to -- -- over a 100 years to come back that he would prediction machine has force in the defensive football are becoming as -- -- -- going to be here or WW. And welcome back we continue -- view from Vegas with. Arguing a prediction machine it -- account thank you so much beat them or you. -- so good to activate as we. Basically it really well last week or -- college was. Typically strong and all of our normal played an -- Over under. Combined to go fourteen. And six to be very strong week there a key apple what happened on the that we had in both look like that. As intimately in. I'd jobless -- different this week. Just -- take it dammit gimme -- best two college please. Couple college played that we really liked his weekly -- -- and remotely the points a game Roy. In the games -- It alone for their spot in team in the country or -- Heart that he is overall the coming off a quietly -- it had -- to -- at that bounce back here after a bad loss to LSU -- to go play. We -- Munro favored at Iowa because then we needed 38. Scheme that they went by almost three scores. That start cop played this week at in college as well -- really like a lot doctor like Miami of Ohio what the pool against Buffalo and an eight apple. -- -- the northwestern. I peas they like mine and mobilize and what was the equally down. Read it Munro in the point destroy it. Or years that. The word would attribute to the Louisiana team the team with forty it was. Louisiana is in that -- through to the window on it. You know that is all this -- can tell me about it I don't want to give -- my dad delightful. Aspect of it they also. Opened all western music you like Miami oval. Get street back in the ones. That I like there exit eight. Plus the points on the road it all that. Open the bottom in team acting -- a big matchup advantage here route to the ball they average over 200. For people pat rushing yards per game against the ultra deep and that. Bottom five allowed only 230 rushing yards per game -- big -- to the -- that game take it to think what the point. All right so you heard. Done -- gave you an extra play they opening statement in the handful of all -- and also likes Miami Ohio at the dog plus five. The play he likes a lot Louisiana Monroe my third team in the hands who were throwing. And this has -- all all the colleges has weakened now as far as a tonight's game. Made on the on the packed way oath Arizona State and UCLA some people figured. Those Sun Devils got their backyard it's an opportunity ought to an opportunity for UCLA it really has. Not lived up to the pre season expectations. To maybe live up to go to expectations they're there a slight road favorite at four over Arizona State what to put it to later say -- there. -- -- -- in both these teams are pretty even in our salary in the paper there's not a lot that. It distinguishes them I would -- -- -- -- ET LA idol because they are gaining Brent. -- back at it in -- Kelly air and it turned quarterback going to be out of its game. And that's the difference didn't -- apparently the -- we had -- them being when he. But since he's not you feeling goes on the road they get a win that'll -- good but mentally he's that the -- I think it is coming at that he'd been when you're really out there and they would -- noble 31 to 28. Now visitors have done is put a little human element to have that also if I'm all about what the oddsmakers think. We all think this is CC with this is tied every team in a -- -- his 32 higher all seventeenth over there what's hitter isn't always hated was number six. And Arkansas is 36 this week but -- it was only an eight and a half point favorite. Although Arkansas from top to bottom all seventy today wins do they see it that night. Eight -- it's extremely competitive. Our ball ranks twentieth overall and -- calorie in entering this week. Didn't get it under aces than me down right gave you could -- -- -- -- power rankings more so in the post with. When -- look at them see what you know you don't really get caught up good numbers but you look at it this and see what number -- six. In 36 -- eight point reading this site -- but now now -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- boy that's -- reasonable but that's not gonna see. -- -- that you know. If I were able to eat it that's why we -- did we don't need. What the public he's -- -- -- You know on -- theater. Opinion to whatever site at you. That's why we're able to analyze it's not yet let. A couple you know so called experts he would -- -- -- but again Arkansas when he overall overpowering team. And I think the -- -- the up in team at Arkansas a 103 points and over nearly a thousand yards in the last two games they'll. This game with the naked prove that they are truly and not that that team or juggernaut like it will. Recently. But they get back to -- and -- you know. In that Aggie -- beat by a point per game they're he'd been that was. -- as a -- that they've only allowed nineteen points in the last three weeks. We'll take Aggies will -- the points forty sport and dirty sport should be high scoring. That -- game but the technical. They have got what's interesting here Ole miss is it at home but this is only this ticket they'll probably be a second home game -- they might defer and at Atlanta in the Boise that it may have Vanderbilt. And Louisiana Lafayette and now there at -- it's not taken on. Benefits. Out -- look at that this is not going that way out seen -- -- these things play. Email with the comics that I can we -- amid the -- it's also a quarterback at times. I -- see -- blown out if NCAA it I don't nineteenth how lamb but. That's just my take what what do what is your take on Ole miss at home the week before a huge -- of -- Alabama. -- an -- on the paper by nineteen points here. And the ball well does it -- -- expert and an at bat is leading a thousand yards nine touchdowns public that -- can't -- that next week against out in the. I think it in the weren't turning it over with and move on. That you get prepared for the tide here this is going to litigate you deal hail it could handle on the road but you -- but the -- their Olympic team against top 25 in the 1997. Old Mets win it 37 and 98 we had to pick a side and we take the point play. Not let it get all that it according but there aren't covered the. John Ewing is hospice against the we've been that was done each and every Thursday night with -- view from Vegas and John is the director of research and Atlantic effort it should be. Rasheed. I let's go over. To the pro side of things and it what's interesting here at the Pittsburgh team that -- Carolina. Also then I -- -- that was vintage Pittsburgh steeler football and it Tampa Bay team that was it apparent. Tornado that in the first quarter -- this X fourteen to. Atlanta last Thursday night in prime time one would think if Tampa it'll ever come back and play good with some pride. It would be this week Steelers -- -- seven and a half points at home to Tampa Bay. What you say there. And it a couple of conflict you said at the base but terrible the last game we all Pittsburgh looked fantastic. The which team that really legit and you and you're not prepared a pretty big favorite pie and -- and out there and and happily. Isn't a big numbers you know now. But we think Pittsburgh legit. Tampa Bay you know you can argue and -- -- Saturday start it up and we think we need to start and -- -- -- given up. Other starting quarterback is starting running back in this start at the apple and the -- Out of this game or not playing at a 100%. And at this speed looks really good for Pittsburgh -- at their sport and all that aggression efficiency twelve. In off that the passing efficiency so if they keep it is in the bottom at five in the league he did at the defense. Look for being -- -- be banned it. And Antonio Brown as he would win 29 eighteenth and another big win for Pittsburgh at the -- mark on it -- surprised and people here offensively. All right always a great matchup -- rabbit in if -- at the Green Bay Packers in this this is some negated just. I don't know -- you sometimes you look at it prediction machine is different. -- -- Detroit. They are they a slight dog it too. Now Chicago has hit two impressive road victories at San Francisco at at the New York -- but the bands come home. And their wanted to have bought on the dole to the Green Bay packer -- with the prediction machine says it kind of looks crazy to -- And it it ultimately Green Bay know they -- oh victory against the spread that speed and that they -- That are so far -- does this but when he -- on the -- and get -- win. You can't eat that the 28 overall -- -- it could be without -- be instant starters -- we which would really hurt it even more. Aaron Rodgers is 66 per -- -- to read it reared in the NFC north. The world think that will late appointment Green Bay Green Bay got on the road get the win not even real strong opinion either way in Green Bay by -- -- Alright done this jumped writing give me your two best pro picks of the week it. Couple games that we really like this week we liked it painfully in the points against Dallas for the speed and we advocate that he cut down. Win for the cool -- What was I didn't if you -- -- they didn't -- it now it before a season that is this like chickens ducks at the fans make you got a jump on that one. Dallas in the bottom in team in our salary in that state and I would I would not like he did did the -- if they partly put it altogether play a full game. Think winning it would be a very greeted 26. But we also like in the heat on the points on the road. At Indy. Andrew Luck had done a great job and -- young courier we need -- big game after he gave -- it and what people expected but. In 33 game not -- -- confident that difficult to play the Yankees only one who worked game. But wouldn't touch -- it will take it right like -- that what the evidence that -- is important in the game. Indy wouldn't it but -- he covers. John let everybody know what you'd do it had to keep up with you on land in social media. Prediction machine dot com stimulate and regain it he -- beat port actually played really patent could elated by outlets. Come to website we re -- now in college football people got a bunch of other free content including stated people ball as well as any trend for every NFL team. And you can follow me on Twitter at John Huey and I don't you lead and you get all the three at that period for every NFL team heading into the weekend. He's director of least suits and an early exit prediction machine dot com. John you would eat him it is nice from my view them they just not always a pleasure comment thank you so much -- talk again next Thursday night. Technically all right John thank you very much about prediction machine dot com alright now we got to view to make is that the way you'd know what to do what -- peak. Now -- like -- -- football right every Thursday night at 7 o'clock hour. This is how we do the view from Vegas thank you fantasy football coming up next rusty reed's offensive football toolbox dot com. Thoughts on the ability -- basis sports talk. -- -- -- And welcome back time now we'll wrap things up with all fantasy football look. And we don't gentlemen -- a little a lot of offensive football rusty reams of that is the ball to box that pound rusty had it there is it to you comment how are you. Know and he. Doing good they're doing the -- did these two teams that are playing tonight did Giants and the Redskins have opened up some points last week is facing Washington against. Through the -- of the it is C east -- be the NFC east defensively I would think that night our offensive guys can put up some points. Yeah this year -- And we we get out remorse that the project is pretty good running back this week -- in this game road runner up and things I think both these -- running business known NIC signature -- back there and and a lot of points Abby scored tonight. All right rusty now would take a look at some -- Interesting down the stretch boy Lance last week over the Pittsburgh Steelers due to receive food in Nevada bail that was them they want to you know. What do you think about it I -- some Gaza stood but. I was kind of -- expect against a Carolina defense and I realized point -- point across the board but if you went back. You know -- politics it's a stout defense of what what Pittsburgh did last week that was pretty impressive. Yeah that was very impressive they kept Carolina in the team that we did not speculate beyond build up that big of a game that you -- to a guy that we. We think he's just cursor speed you -- -- -- like that you'd never know he at all you're just about anybody you know he that that would surprise even a little bit. Now rest if you go about what these teams have done -- thought defense is. Name is Brad the -- very Tony Romo Drew Brees QB Graham. Carrier rabbits and ball with Colston who have a brand it cooks who you've got to try to get anybody's age you can -- out of from the Saints in Dallas I would think -- -- -- Yet it this week between its tablet game well actually I mean we talked about the sleeping with the line -- the Packers and that you beer. And deep and the struggles they're. Always that is the biggest surprise -- you know he -- and I think I saw -- before I think that they are gonna throw up at -- Point this week and I actually got eating greens by at least -- -- this week. See he's he's -- negative side in matches it's just that very importantly yet. Now -- his goal gave up three touchdowns in the fourth quarter against the Bears a -- went off. A lot different Marshall but you'd look at what they've done it you've got to figure it what are they gonna give back to the old defense that they do that this week. Did you fall bought present -- -- wanted to get to Philadelphia team it's pretty much other than -- first half against Jacksonville which he scored 34 the second. They've been all -- offensively. Philadelphia's. It's fuel gas against San Francisco got other options do you use them this week what do you think Philadelphia continue to tree advocates have sisco. I think I mean if you're talking on the court you're never mentioned in you're Matt went. Matt when the guys I was really I don't mean -- -- my cohorts were a little less excited about him but I like him a lot these. You make me -- it's so far this year. I'm that you got like I use him let him out there and I like actor. -- he's an active week this week a couple teams -- you mean Billy walker. And Cynthia you've got a good match at this -- implement abilities sitting. Rusty who who who got a lot of tracks -- -- a lot of pick up last week because Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram. He started backs work where shale folks for quite some time with some guys that got picked up. -- -- Brady and a ball without him though so fair idea picked up a lot we. I'm -- -- and we use a lot last week because in the -- out just the fact the same principle not considered. I'm those are a couple of guys obviously I'm not -- then beat out that. Agree like you're a guy like Matt -- -- -- that the fact that there are so. Those back yet you don't seem calm until something like that happens and then all of a sudden littler and the welfare in it to twenty some point you're like an -- that. Rusty tell everybody what you do it having it all this great formation that you. Dropping on us now. -- right perfect but all toolbox a web site here he got out that. You all on Twitter at roto realtor. Where to -- that information for our listeners rather than people who read on the Internet every day. Septa can help you when -- in a -- Resting -- if things that's fantasy at the college level. I there is I don't get into that there's two ways you really need to meet players out there. -- -- -- they had to have our hourly that would almost be like it was physical -- it would. Bennett me and there's guys there's guys as though he is so great that they're like -- -- human. -- you -- Dolphins in NASCAR's. I haven't heard me he would he looked crops or cricket yet Leonard. That we are more out there. -- bit rusty all right we always kind of wrap things up down the stretch the last couple of questions that we gave you a few sympathetic -- Advice out there is some some notes that notable games interesting matchup this week -- guy you say -- hate. You've got to please him obviously you feel like it just -- some knowledge -- off fantasy footballers. I -- -- we're really gonna come back this week with you know namely people that that game last week. I don't think you got him under you don't worry about it does here the -- going to be OK I'm -- you know up against the Bears defense -- unified yards partners so far this year I mean he have. Have a pretty big game this week. Pittsburgh we we really like you don't program this week a lot in that they -- they hosted pampering your game as well. Stun them like I said earlier I think that -- -- gonna put up a ton of point they Dielman. Not for me outlets that he he kinda very silent thing and I definitely agree that you beat him analyze what would this week. All right rusty reads rusty Reeves again precedent go to web site and -- put a hand. Contrary to all the -- realtor and our website up and -- dot scout dot com. Rusty always a pleasure my -- thank you so much we'll talk next Thursday night aren't -- -- Okay thank you very much every -- and I spoke to -- depicts the view from Vegas and also its offensive football. I'm the Libya I don't for game on nights the Allstate suitable for Colorado that they would -- it that LSU. And New Mexico State does and they had to be thrilled to death that they would join you at 1 o'clock 630 Eric you know point after here. On the radio that you give you thanks so much back in studio to walk on hand though. And on -- with the ability as a baseball thought -- technical with my Saints players show. All the home with a dual thing that you -- and it won't that. W if you --