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10-21-14 4:10pm Kristian: on Drew Brees

Oct 21, 2014|

Kristian takes calls on whether Drew Brees is still elite.

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Simplify getting in welcoming to sports talk here on a WW LI MF MW WL dot com crushing Garrick in four. Deke Bellavia cajun cannon Bobby bare the year Willis starting at 5 o'clock yummy for an hour til five so move. 260187. And it told 3866889087. In full lines are open for you can also. Text me 8787. In his raskin. And we've caught so much of it right we've heard so much about it since the Saints cut off that. This to a four start one in which nobody really envisioned the most. I know on the included that had new loans at five and oh going into the bye week might well yeah there are two and four. They lost three out of four road games by a combined six points. And it's been. So much about what's wrong when drew is drew okay. Druse not playing that level that we've a cut men accustomed to and while you're right. We usually used in putting out great games. We're asking you and it's about the interceptions right. He's thrown 770. This year eleven touchdowns. A quarterback rating of 91 point seven. But couple costly interceptions ugly interceptions of fuel one. Against the nativity Buccaneers won late against Detroit also that pick six against Cleveland account. Sport that victory for the Browns but has drew fallen from the ranks of the elite quarterbacks or. Is Drew Brees just in the slot. And coach Sean Payton saying the other day that number nine is the least the saint stories do you agree or disagree and right now what's your top concern. For the Saints team at two and four they take on the five into Green Bay Packers. This Sunday in prime time in the superdome oh by the way new Owens favored to win it. It was a Chilean. And it's appoint half goes to show you though would Vegas thinks of this team it's still to have four but there at home against. Aaron Rodgers discount double check and the Packers. Who write a four game winning streak but and playing lights out and Roger by the way eighteen touchdown passes one exceptions. Lighten it up but chose wood Vegas thinks of that home field advantage. Here in the superdome. But what's your top concern and his Brees in a slump or east of these up there in the elite conversation with the Manning's of Brady's. Aaron Rodgers. Andrew Luck quickly becoming of that conversation to vote would have watched him in the lately it lighten up but. Where does he fall that he pieces of a slump was that I I know that there's been some. Interesting. Interceptions for Drew Brees this year and once that he admitted he'd like to have back. But united meg team. You know even in that game. Sunday. Without number nine at center Anderson at quarterback. If he had Billy Joseph Tolliver. Billy Joseph Hobart. Aaron Brooks against that defense but hasn't been down there. They didn't nothing came easy for Nazis office and earned all all that those four yards of offense it earn every yard that. Now the civil defense going in. Really good against the pass really good against the rush. And test him up for four yards now they didn't get the win. But there's a couple easy point to quickly say let's Y 112 penalties 134 yards. And equalized those two turnovers he's forced. On defense two interceptions. But. I agree with Sean Payton. Drew Brees is the least of the saint concerned right now. You know even in that game if you have a guy. He didn't annihilated. Because that defense. Is legit of their Detroit. Now offensively they struggled and have Calvin dot Selig golden take off. Knew that one guy ultimately beat you. On defense. At east African public double clutch throws of the most part he was pretty ordinary. Throughout the ball. He can weigh in 02601878. Told Fauria 866. 889087. He can also text me and 8787. Plus do you think L issues improved enough tough settlements. The Saturday in Death Valley. We look at that become a role reversal right it's usually Ole miss that's trying to spoil everything tougher for LSU complete opposite now. I'll let tiger speak at the right time. Also in the 7 o'clock hour we go around the league in the National Football League in 640 we'll have former Saints linebacker Scott Shanle. And I know you wanna. Go back the lines from it and pointed penalties in the in officiating crew Terry McCauley. Who's won more experience Cruz in the National Football League. Has had a reputation that Cruz had a reputation of being one of the more flag happy Cruz in the National Football League. But they highlight that they knew that stuff. It's don't put on the officials by the way that Rafael bush. Intercept. Has a very his call was pass interference ID VR game Watson he got there early now what they got their shade earlier or not that's debatable. But I I think it was the right call. 260187. Their told 3866889087. In the film don't lie according to espn.com is ruling apiece. No quarterback in the NFL has been worse while under duress this year than Drew Brees. Brees now a league worst passer rating in nineteen point four win either. His under grass or being hit according to ESPN stats and information. And number that is plummeted with three ugly interceptions of the past two games against Detroit and Tampa Bay. Brees completing twenty of 47 passes for 499 yards while under pressure with zero touchdowns and four interceptions in five sacks. Often the line it pretty good. The in the face of some really good fronts on 12 of last week. Against Detroit Lions who led the league in sacks. What about the wide receivers the skill position players they're not win in their matchups. Could that be contributing factor. Two Drew Brees is struggles against the pressure. Against the blitz. Team that teams are playing this. Did differently without Darren Sproles they can play in different under Sproles more man to man coverage they think their guys are better. And I'm gonna win that in the individual matchup and ER for the most part. Our poster boy were combat we'll take your phone call Ted Glen Allen you two are 260. 187803866889087. This is sports talk on WB well I am FMA dot com. I look back to sports talk Christian Derek in four Deke Bellavia. Double text messages here at 87878. Wanna go over once as you can take up the zone from six retreat to you can take over Drew Brees all you want but Brees has lost little nobody wants to criticize Brees he's good. But he's on the decline well decline is relatively considers throw for three straight 5000 yard seasons you're going to eventually. Come off of those numbers at some point. I mean to say and the other thing is okay for those that might think might think that it's time to. Move on from Brees if you're Saints fan. Are you prepared. To see number nine in another uniform in light it up are you prepared for that. It's like a divorce. He better be ready. To see your significant other you or your forces significant other go on to have great success want to divorce that person and second body neck and neck and frankly a little bit. If that happens. It's the Austin about who we're talking about in terms of in what we're talking about is still the second highest passing offense and national football. The numbers don't say that he's on the decline the numbers say. That collectively the offense has to Jason York. I still think they're not quite sure. Of their identity without B Eric I mean without Darren Sproles. Teams are defending them differently. How to combat that how they count or that. The receivers are being in man to man coverage consistently enough. 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. Ted in Springfield. You're on. Needing only to. I gallery today is Al. Yeah I have the Cubs fans out there about oh right now about that we do about the time this week of February. Yeah about a way since mister Manning went to Denver this quarterback rating is like seventeen points higher. Completion percentage is up. Yeah reason right now so if you're on that train where you think if that's in your head is not my head. But that's in your head that hey maybe it's time for the Saints among the greens. Yet so deep ask yourself quite prepared to see him lighted up elsewhere. Absolutely yeah yeah that while baker really bow out about this game is that one of the a lack of intensity and two is by in the best tackles while the missed tackle chill me more than anything coming. They think they are a bit but at bats but that that there aren't worried about presses we've got all these. It's been a lot of missed tackles a lot of missed about a lot of missed tackles and it just about it it's Q when you are not. A bird are down our second situation has been like that out on top of the course of our guys back in there and eat as him being. What's more troubling you know I agreed with you about. The energy in a passion but you saw that last Sunday that was improved and it and that economy today and homeless on the sidelines and wanna reports that I felt. A little bit warm energy than I'd seen for awhile would this team will fire tool. Who chip on initial edge if you'll they had down Sunday. But he Wright missed tackles. How many third and longs third and plus eight stated Detroit convert there were 47%. For the game. But they could act Arab or three of 43 and eight plus that they ended up converting. Against the Saints to sustain drives late in the ball. The third down defense was not very good has not been very good. Tim a Mississippi good evening yarder VW. It was on a do you want the real quick. I don't think you know little green should be move it like in the you know. It uses about it. The greens. And get on the floor agree to go and there. You know historically. And current road grader wrote it. Well. There is no. Greater effect than it is Newbury. And they don't agree. But uncle situations that are pay. Operated. Bank that hungry to go and where. Quite in the political and then and today. That it who were saying. And trying to beat it probably what if indeed it ought Erden. Trying to do it in. And el peso to lamented do you trust is defense. Do you. On the way to equally well on Sunday and so little. Competitive are OK okay it'd look like you know real parent. I mean if you're rated you name in the original. The back and look. If you're a goal that you have an opportunity so you know silly game. You can't anointed. Tim are you done on a run on the ball there with three minutes. With three now also. Yeah you know I I honestly Tim. I believe it I believe it's fair to second guess that. And I do I know we we had Sean beans take on that knee you know and I but I do group is the right schism threw the ball honestly. That's situation and I wish they were gaining they were giving anything on the ground and hit a ground game was is and not effective. For the Saints against the really really tough lions' front now. You know. Throw the ball I don't have an issue with with the with those decisions whatsoever are really deal. But trust and a defense meant that you think about it EE. It's got to be in the back you had we gone. Gosh our defense is allowed third and eight conversion three or four of those they haven't been very good all year they were better Sunday. But as a coach he you've got to consider that have to. I mean I don't feel that the media thought you lottery but I feel confident that all of these. That Duke go and count on you. You know and it's and it's always like to. But if he has before and haven't come up with a anything Timothy if he's given that opportunity before. And the and they haven't come through. The what do you do that you have to you've given optimism come Roderick until my feeling that I get it I know which are which is which again that. Put the troops there than his defense is a very good. They were good for three. Recorder they can't finish like they said. What's a strength. What's this what's the team's strength offensively still pass on the football albeit they've been they had been run the football well. On 333 yards a game going and in this one but where they make it their money against the Lions on Sunday anyone. It's against any year there are making me make it in the air and coming in at 2000 system doesn't make coming into this year Kessel had the highest completion percentage on the deep ball. It was number one and only. Drew Brees followed by Aaron Rodgers. We have this conversation. He's still up there and elite quarterbacks. Tom concern. 2601870. Till 3866 and 8908 semi Tony Glenn Craig Tim Garland Allen Tommy and Vicki sit tight you're up at the news headlines with. Jimmy as a I'll pretty jaguar people online at W that you felt like come welcome back to sports talkers and American for Deke Bellavia. Is the national criticism of Drew Brees justified or not right now 59% state not 41% saying it is just five. It is through a slump or hasn't fallen from the ranks of the elite quarterbacks and the National Football League. Kirk cousins. Plea portals. Garland in Memphis Tennessee on W out our own. Yes there whack at it like you. While it off. I didn't feel like they'll need to be livable patient when our running game and. Seeing that we're abandon their running game too early I noticed that the team with the passing game. One and four this season when Drew Brees has forty plus passing attempts one and four. He'll get a run the ball that we've gone about it's we could be a could be Saints. What we wanted to do that they need to be better I think it helped drew out of the morning it was the most support my right connects. And you know we did you know help the beef and failed to feel a lot like the balance model you know. One of all of it more key to defense up the field and I think. Bit of molded. Don't stop us from drop the only people covered bridge that gap in the box. He could demanded one on one opportunity out that in now where where is branding complexity hunting the issue. Two catches. So royal well. I mean you know an Olympic me he was supposed to be. A bit of a game changer and it ballot counts they're in training Campbell we saw. He was highly impressive hasn't necessarily translated. In the pro level yet. Look for those big plays from Redick looks Colin thinks of phone call Alan Cumming did you know on W. Yeah I don't know like a minute. I have a question based on and he outperform to this thing EC east there is there a chance of winning deactivate him. This year they constantly he's playing. The teams is a hole. It. All we lose lighten it up. Nobody right Carolina 331 new worlds two and four game back technically got two more with Carolina. In Atlanta Falcons have a game on you. They're two and five Tampa's out of it. Blessed the to have a chance yeah but here's the thing. So it's 88 wins that division. Hosting in the first round of the playoffs right division winner. But then if you had that you gotta go where we think Ian eagle on a road right it only seven. In a regular season last sentiment with his route to give up point here and result. It's the goal is to make the playoffs and yes sure the OK fine you dig it. But the goal. As far as I'm concerned is necessarily to make the playoffs it together no one's seated in burned through it. Get home field advantage. I guess when I mean is OK if they when he NFC south and they made us. It's means you played a bad division. Did. And not the question is they give me at that allotment anchor that they've been good quarterback I think is he is out then them. Life is not projecting him as well on that. They don't give up six sacks this year. These receivers. Allan did you pull bull. We're gone Tommy on in west Munro howry Tommy. Yet it down. The public comment only. Is there the problem I mean as a team. And we didn't do the best thing. The problem. The officials but it was definitely only as well and when an England. One that turned in. And that would limit that. And didn't point. That was that completely. And a there it is easy you have obviously. Network that you wouldn't that. It was. It was. It was it was on equipment. And it put. Them in the two minute. That that never happened. Yeah I'm here I'm just. I didn't. That is my commitment that match up well. I don't know who it would it would depend on the group is inevitable that I don't believe that the point that up and down. And excitement that the equipment that. Could you say that about a a lot of NFL games that could would assure the game now that the call the defenseless hit. On Toledo call didn't like now I've got now is yeah they were reach in quite a bit there. Taveras cadet I remember that play he got mugged in the backfield. I got held they're trying to set up a screenplay. Raphael bush in a fear were Reggie Bush. Thought. It's not the officials. The officials also didn't miss Golden Tate go down the sideline when three guys have a shot at them. The officials didn't allow. A handful. Of third and eight plus situations. To go against them. I think Detroit had nine penalties is well. Right I think they were flagged for 92 so you could say that about the maybe there was a couple drives I think that aided the Saints with penalties. He didn't do really slippery slope there with if this if that I get it Tommy. And that call. On draft that's questionable Toledo questionable. The way I lost the game of Vicky Amaro either Howard Vicky. Hi mom. I think you're very Jets cannot swamped by Nampa trial at the over to the team. In or some problem I can't hear you. Termed matched. We got rid of a lot of good players. It. Recruitment at cap on that. But it been like Ayers didn't and desire. Went. The way day day Lonnie is like it. I disagree with a lot of what Ortiz said there is feeling your own ammonium cub buildings. Now the energy was a little different finesse team Sunday. You could see they came out of the gate. A lot more fire than they had in the previous five ball games however. Think if somebody says which you touched on with a lot of new new faces new new pieces to this bright coach still feeling his way are they're still trying to figure out. Life after Darren Sproles. Jimmy Graham banged up now. Here's a cup Marcus Colston. Where is he finished although he had over a hundred yards and its lines. Kenny stills still trying to. Feel his way and it leaves abreast of last year. As a rookie but. He lost Lance Moore that's another weapon a lot of time on task that spent with. Drew Brees. Knows the expectation would jrue wants and his fellow players still trying to learn. Exactly how drew wants it done in certain situations. Can't discount that. I have said before defensively. You can. Now I know Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper were the subject of a lot of criticism. Last year couple years. Before that. For their inability to force turnovers. More but where's I got onion and on top of that. Which he did lose there was too big voices two guys there were experienced. They knew would it take to win any NFL. And voices and locker room when things weren't going well. Couple guys that would stand up say look. I'll take responsibility it's on me who'll will be finding in those voices are are no longer now locker. New leaders on the defense. Guys and haven't necessarily lead the for the might be feeling their way around the leadership. Issue learning Natalie. Brian James Cragg any Bruce Mike Jesse Vicki thanks for the phone call sit tight though more jump of the conversation got a couple lines open. 260187. Till 3866 inning 9087 text and 8787 in sports talk on WW. I welcome back to sports talk cajun cannon Bobby Baird is walking into early indicators of business some some commercials. Commercial hopefully it helps did the home field advantage and have a load domination yet now is that the commercial is gonna be hit. If our defense does something that. Now you know you gotta go to sagged opposing quarterback in. I don't know going it's Aaron Rodgers. Is at best an abyss that probably just as you can tell body. Were haven't really becomes is about Drew Brees has he fallen from the ranks of the elite quarterbacks or is he consciousness slump and coach page saying earlier in the week that number nine is the least the Saints worries. You I would save majority of the time I agree that bent on note Drew Brees to close not a game and I'd be the reason. A cadets magnified have a negative play enough went right. But who maybe wouldn't Avian have been in the position no worries in goal and it could afford quarter with four minutes five minutes left in the game if it wasn't because it Drew Brees. And nobody had beat. Are tagged outlines the pits like drew that up to that point. Yeah but still whatever department and how you close out game and in that final drive though embody the state you knew there. Had to throw as the worst thing to be is the lines of oh my god. The Lions against everybody naked pin their ears back. Cell stem them in the pocket that you could seventh in the pocket UK a scramble you have to be almost Houdini. Kind of can you like RG three like when he's healthy. A debilitating skate the rush all know his error rises greatest he's playing right now. I guess what that line is held them to seven points they crushed him and and Aaron Rodgers and the Tigers have had the line's number. A what do say to score was 23 to seven yet I mean it did they will often. And that hasn't happened and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers know otherwise the packers' Aaron Rodgers eighteen touchdown passes one and there's two interceptions in the he has won now Alex's numbers eighteen to one. The several I want to I don't know if he ever played eighteen it is as a wanna do it I mean 181718. Turns out wanted to and as guesses about his. You light it up I could Joseph hold sit with us I promise really gets you going to be playing time the sports talk on WB well I anathema daka. I welcome back to sports talk James in the world and patiently waiting your on WB well James that he. But no jeans. Eric I the one department get hurt or. I'd be. Deke is resting comfortably he wanted to extend the fact that he's you know he's very appreciative. Of the Torre had concerns four deep he's resting coupled comfortable yet through modern. My ninth grade them modern day medicine that you make complete recovery mode. Side effects or anything and nothing to be ready to roll in the future. Outright. Our guards got the arc arc are. Larry is one point. But they don't care and we sorted it look like we did it gave up but it short and it's. Shots we decided to go with it falls out it. Mean. Well we figure that it'll we've seen batted with two little boys we got off a bit. You guys try I read you bet in Iraq prior read it read back on that yet this week that knew what we don't we go out there with a lot of people call it well. JJ. Every day right quick as we get ready Goran top power the only thing is like wing T in. When you look like run and shoot you look at the pistol. I could tell you why you Kane that'd be a major diet or what you gonna do offensively because of the that cements are too good in NFL.