WWL>Topics>>10-22-14 4:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on how the Saints can get better

10-22-14 4:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on how the Saints can get better

Oct 22, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian take calls on how the Saints can improve on their 2-4 start.

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So provide good evening welcome into another edition of the sports talk here Wednesday edition of sports talk on WWL am FM and WW well dot com thinks her spinning party or date with us. Along with a cajun cannon Bobby down Kristian garic in Ford Deke Bellavia are ready jaguar people online at WWL dot com NFL trade deadline is looming. If the Saints wheel and deal should the Saints Wheeling deal to improve their roster which player. Would you put on the trade block cast your vote online at WW elect Tom. Or calls at 504260187. Told 38668890. Weights have any text line and 87870. And body QB QB would Drew Brees is 640 tonight and we also former Saints running back enormous trouble. Deuce McAllister stepping into the radio huddle as a we'd look ahead to Saturday night's tilt with the go Ole miss rebels and the Ellis Tigers in Baton Rouge in Tiger Stadium role reversal work hellish you can play the role of spoiler. Yeah. Chris who you look at it you would issues the issue has been on the other foot as of late now Ole miss has upset they'll issue. Now as it Lastings gains it's three to three. But now this. I think if elegy to get off to a great start they might have a chance ending in the crowd's involved in the game. But I think Ole miss is truly. That good and you look right now and think the rankings say that reality I would LSU being. What 23 twenty Ford depending on the poll robe is. Being number three. Now I thought this is ironic when you look is the first time. That's his 2000 readable. LSU Tigers and Ole miss rebels are ranked. Entering. There annual game. And and and really the first time. Since 1961. That again go back to Johnny vaught as 1961 that is Ole Ole miss is ranked higher. Than L issue when both teams are ranked and that's a pretty civil rights. Think about that night I 61. And at Ole miss because I think it would at a bunch bad white dudes well Ole miss is the best of the best in the country now that to overcome. May via the reputation obviously. A what do colonel misses campus and all that with a mask on everything and I think he had done net. They get unbelievable. Highly talented Africa African American players visibly amongst the best in the country NFL. A tight caliber players so albeit this in his seat. You know what what's gonna come about and. And I think it would be a major upset right now considering how old mrs. structured. And up front seven. If they would lose that lose to LSU. But if you look at it this game I was raised in LSU probable because of my dad he graduated 1961. And you know as of late you might wanna say Alabama but I thought this is in Houston run Higgins admiral biz than. And you know it until 1964. Ellen she didn't play Alabama on an annual basis now I don't know if you look at history. Now all myth that adds a different animal. Duke Ole miss and LSU they played a 102 times. Including every year since right little World War II got over 1945. A so that that's why. They'd be in their rival they've played Ole miss every year since 1945. It'd play Alabama every year since 1964. Was a Billy king and running installments Jazz how and I Halloween night nineteen 58. The hoping that's win. You wanna talk about Paul deeds of the way and Johnny auditing get any better than that. What we do looking gains insignificant. Meaning of that now. Would that being said and we have deuce come on in and know what he's been all miss and I was two trip to connect university. In also on the Saints uniform or running the football. Come Sunday night. If you look at is the Green Bay Packers I think. Is that most important. Troubled LSU on Saturday. And to think Sosa and unite to get off to great starts. They give the crowd something to cheer for to get him involved so you truly have. That whole Philly bandits and I bring up Jews because I think I'm looking at the Saints. I think from the get go you have the shame it's shame on Sean Payton. If they don't have thirty rushing attempts around their degrees I stayed at the Packers defense run defense is bad is one before less. Christian right now the Packers at number four. Against the pass. They can get after it the eight million obvious pan situation. But given up a 148 yards. Rushing a game and so when they've thrown in there that within NASCAR Davidson package. That past Russian package at times. You might take a chance at 36 situation and then have that kind of scenario where you run the ball. Even though you'd never think this thing to 36. Some kinda tree play our because they utilizing four linebackers in the front. So man on man over at sublime in McGee getting had been alive back do you think you should built to win and obviously not get overpowered now. The one they are UK right now it's all said and done. Now this kind of is beating again ours are ours it's. He stated every year are number of people see this. But the turnover ratio you don't light a Packers one reason why they've won worn a roll right now they're number one. In the league number one in the National Football League at blessed him in a turnover ratio and it and we minus eight. Which is a 29 we've been and the bottom and aipac even you know dead last at times. And a turnover ratio and and it's hard to win. Because that are parity it is truly bad to operate as we optimistic. I against the Lions. What we get to take goalies. But we gave gives low back playing at twelve penalties and with an N and so it is like zero artists like in the minus category again. And and I'll tell you as good as the Packers are now opportunistic. We said this before. On the Sean Brady Drew Brees. And have not turn over the ball 126 and oh. Think about that. We gonna be Irish tire blew hard. But against the Packers that kind of gain even though you playing in a dome we haven't lost what's his 2012. You want to be of the BB plus once somehow. 'cause nothing is gonna be dad challenge in. I'm going to get to team like Green Bay but you know what it's amazing that fans have told me I came believe the Saints have favored we're gonna get into that Jeff Baker hasn't. One half point favorites over the Packers from one former now and Aaron Rodgers as you talk about playing out of his mind good right now will look crowd beat. The biggest factor or will be running game or. Druse off and look at the injury report quick Pierre Thomas. Tire Robinson both missing practice today Robinson with a forearm injury Pierre Thomas with a rib and shoulder injury. And Manny says marking your Renault coach grant yeah that is more or maybe have a game he has a great athletic carries although 22 you know similar to the tablets before it was a year ago. Big jelly Norman you to the 260. 187 he told 3866889087. In a trade deadline looming if the Saints were to wheel and deal. To improve the roster which player would you put on the trade block this is sports talk on WWL. Bobby there Kristian -- your sports talk WWL am FM and a beat him well dot com phone lines open for it to 60 point seven at all 3866. 889. 08 Sammy. To the phones we go big jelly in the Ninth Ward. Could mean a big jelly howry meant. Got to turn off the radio that's not a real big notably general yeah yeah Biggio and I know you're talking other's credentials yet colon you've been on several times and for the night laud. Which he got Biggio will get along here and second with. We're asking you the NFL trade deadline Bobby is looming so of the Saints wheel and deal to improve their roster which player. Would you put on the trade block is in now you gotta ask yourself who would fetch value yet we get value and I know. So things went up Patrick Robinson in Emma in about it well when you get for Patrick Robinson. What do you get. If you're the team and if you if you feel full well the Saints saint Lou what we're looking to move Patrick Robin our immediate aren't Corey what you do you go right sixth round epic seventh epic at that. Past art you know a lot of teams do. Which is way too you cut yet to make sure you're gonna cut and so it was Soviet red carpet I'm gonna bring it. Now which it is and right now. And I know you went depth at running back you're Carolina all of their running backs. Or hurt unity as marking. And there was appease Kristi you gave me that was. We will what was this is NFL lockout NFL backup. And about Mark Ingram. And hostility to the Cowboys. And be big blow was it was six trades that they would like to see yes like John immense help to the Jets. Marking of that a Cowboys Vincent Jackson the wide receiver in Tampa Bay. Strategies. Andre Johnson. You consider what he's meant to detect it's got to be frustrated to the Seahawks his Percy Hartman has gone Larry FitzGerald. But to the pages I don't know about that one considering against that's a money thing because of with a Carl's and pages deadly both relevant. A Jay Cutler the bugs. For Josh McCown and Mike Glenn and a two point one ever the reason why at the marking him think kind of looks attractive you look at DeMarco are right now. Old school new school if you look at him surpassing Jim Brown you know I'll significant that is had seven straight games. Although a hundred yards and he's on pace right now. The said the NFL sees single season record. Four rushing attempts and that was said about Larry Johnson in 2007. With the Chiefs at 416. And now you would say you know lists. DeMarco Murray what I mean by less is don't give them all those carries it 20 its demise bust type game where you wanna have that 12 punch. And that's where Ingram comes in the play. And you look at it would be attractive. For marketing because I think even of bargaining has success the rest of the season and I'm paying him. And that might be in my opinion Mickey Loomis Sean Payton might say you know Hebert and I would hell he's talking about and of in my opinion I just don't think. They gonna pay him. If you would ultimately still have success. I'm enacts on that same court yet and and I just went bang the about what you get. From rob some them came rob. Now if you look at adding he'd have some value where the Cowboys. Might be willing to deal a mid round pick form our Mark Ingram. And it would be attractive for Mark Ingram. You going behind I think you know more Roberts of line NFL right now our power offense. And that would be a great situation for him but pretty humble himself. And say hey you know you come and there you negated your opportunities he still not the man. Demand is Marco a DeMarco Murray and you give him a breather but the bottom line he's a class and NFL if well all time being. And if I was more into Murray in his camp. I think that would come about AIP and I'd be attracted to that. And if you think about it that trade. And this is all hypothetical but an nfl.com yeah but. If that trade would make sense for Dallas certainly in in certain in some cases for New Orleans Dallas needs depth. Behind bat behind DiMarco Morey. Who's on a pace to have an unbelievable season but you have to it's a legitimate concern of your Dallas cowboy fan if your Dallas Cowboys coach or player. How can I can't DiMarco Morry last 5060 days what's he gonna be I have December January right at what's he gonna be like in week fourteen week fifty have to take that pounding and he could provide marking a could provide a little relief for. Maybe get five more carries down the stretch. Not thought about now because they're gonna run to its clear they're gonna he's gonna get the ball the ball with a carries but down the stretch we saw. Marshawn Lynch a few years ago. His carries were way high and the towards into the season. They started bouncing and I'll write it taken away some touches for the playoffs to have him fresh and ready and he was last year matter of fact valued at you right away. Things go I don't care beat trying to give you stud running back a breather. What was the cowboy games of these mold had like six carries. Yeah that that's it never happened like that was way out of way yet you know it's and I mean there's still a K you know given the ball. Twenty by the thirty times that you still probably given him to around twenty times eighteenth one week he still wanna be in that number in. You take approached at is that a given up and down the role marking of a nut than you'd at least again you know mid round draft pick or something. Vs you know he is going to result is I got a better deal tomorrow. Big jelly in the Ninth Ward James in new world junior 2260187. They told 3866889087. This is sports all we get news headlines which of Enzo. WB well wants you to win deck cash 1000 dollars is like I'm trailer box. Here in Slidell who won one grand just for listening to WB well it's easy to play just an and we days right before it up and our news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And 5 PM. For the code word. Then Texaco were 27 to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting down in your phone at 72881. Every weekday Portland listeners when. 1000 dollars to the phones we go big jelly in the Ninth Ward you're on WB well. Yeah well we have and I beat. I wanted that don't. Know what qualities map I'll bet that it ultimately you know up and a whip and and you'd know him. And an out then it would rip and it now because Lugo Matsui. And though on that thing that coma with. If you didn't. It. Gave this would mention. And commitment that they've built it on the bad call. You made big yet he's. Well the game and oh yeah you may get a good point big job I got sent some detail about that go ahead. Welker. It. Oh. They. Do. That. I. They had they had four or five calls. And you think you've got to be kidney. They were so inconsistent. That they made calls they should know me and ended miracles they should have made. That when he gets what they asked that's all you expect as a from a crew honestly it is because is that because the first quarter called forth well it's the same thing is an umpire baseball if a strike there in the first that'd better be there in the ninth. I'm gonna show you why and I don't know this is going to be a train going in the future. But they NFL's well aware of his big jelly and this is you know after further review if you look at where we're at at this is either have to week five or six and wrote this in my notes that you look at number of penalties called now. What their went obviously it would make sense because they wanna get that offers an advantage illegal contact. Defense of holding. That's kind of obvious that we knew. They were going to be harder on the secondary in pass coverage. Dixon. When they called him and interfere with a couple of bed and and then lines in the game three point that was an interference. That that was outstanding beavers even Raphael bush on Reggie Bush. Yeah you could say in it. He got there early about it dollars right arm but we still not a winner of the mule and he committed pass after. That happens a lot of times OK when it why I know I could have gone no call but at the same time that's it I knew it could out of the it'd be good but we can't we can't second guess those with the benefit out of that real time you can see why in real time you could see why the flag about. After re winding it yet he could second guess and oh yeah well guess what these guys don't have that benefit of rewind in that plate in had so at first glance you could see why. Napoli was debt that flag was throw. Well I'm bush a look at the numbers right now the fat the flags being thrown it's it's a little moral wanna see the 15%. I thought it was good behind him awarded 50%. More often and NFL. Than they were last season and this time. Wear red now if you look NFL games average and about. Seventeen penalties obviously of the tried to Saints. Oh in the twenties era above that but that's up more than two per game compared to 2013. Now I've felt was hypocritical. About this is what the hell he's gonna say he won't have a job you look at NFL vice president of officiating. Dean. Buying Dino time pronouncing it right. He said. I'm certainly not surprised. The files are out. The buddies at wherein a good place. And he said I don't see a diminished product on the field know Woody's gonna say IC a diminished product on the field and I get rid of it. Is behind as. That being in charge of the officials are making a comment so he of course gonna say. I don't see a diminish our product on the field in May be a slowed it down like I said you look illegal contact. Defense to hold in. They added the bids of illegal use of hands and offensive pass interference. There were all up over the last twenty years they how they call on that on the back in. In the secondary and likeness and and legal kinda gave it to hold him. And now they there already have been more you illegal contact calls. Then then all of last season. Christian after like five or six weeks. They have right now of 54. All of last season. When now they are ready suppress that. And we not even we're at the halfway point. Figure it's the other calling that and haven't seen any breeze the end and it it was a point of emphasis every time we see this but here's here's what the trend also. Is going to bear out what Bob we saw trends pick up last year you rattle off a few this year. When they get the post season they got to back off they did last year. The flags will be is prevalent even for the ones they have in common right calling common in the regular season they elect these guys play and that's what you should do in the post season especially he definitely don't. This probably a handful of games every year and regular season they get that are impacted by officiating. Call here call there are no call here a no call there. You don't want that going on in the in the post he's so what you're saying along those lines it is for now and you in the red zone as opposed seizing gain. And I call that undrafted college graduate I don't think so. I mean in Italy Italy is superdome they'll about it being on the road ankle. A text message from 7749. Trade picks Bunkley Jenkins and Corey white for JJ watt and clone him three times to help the pats were. 260170. Yet we all love to have JJ watt who wouldn't want that guy on there. Defense the line JJ why he's tremendous height 260187. He told 3866 and 890 eights of a big jelly. They sort of phone call James in the world Joseph nexus sports talk on WW. Welcome back to sports talk on the text line at 8787 he. Alyssa says are asks. Would you trade Jimmy Graham for JJ watt just curious rich. Yeah that's shifting trade proposal Jimmy Graham straight up for JJ watt. Body in your op. You on the Texans you the Saints a budget on a look whilom. Will listen to JJ watt for Jimmy Grammy donut. I think I would do that but I still think. And this day and age. The only guys that you truly can pay our should pay. This in there it is his. Generalization not. Looking at a specific team would be franchise quarterback. I mean I out now pay GGY and look he's playing at the highest level he's Dominic. But our taxes when he. I think he can have is if you get past ten plays eight to ten plays a game opposed a quarterback he. That's what I'm saying he can have a great gain in steel. The Texans over our winning. Now on I think we have a franchise quarterback. Yep JG won on the side they. That goes hand in hand when Ryan Fitzpatrick quarterback and you painters you want all that money I don't think. He has an impact now now Jimmy Graham. As they Jimmy Graham and I played a franchise quarterback means you're all that money. All that you I think you just say neck as you look. Now it's true I look big in the air rises at the world and and and Peyton Manning looked. Like they get a supporting cast Farmar running pretty makes obvious everyone better. By. Claudia Melissa look look what what is what is. Peyton Manning duel with. A lot of the muted the running back Serb. They're plug and play running backs in that system I may Julius Thomas into the player that he is the marriage Thomas was already. Mean it was already big dog Tim Tebow look at Andrew Luck. Before the Colts got him when Peyton that transition where they won one and fifteen in Nichols yes yes goes to show it. And look at Tom Brady has done it for a number of years in New England guys that. And just pick them off the street and he's gonna make him a star for we now consistently. They're not gonna have these dominant performances like like aid to merit sums now out Johnson like. Dez Bryant in. And now ousted today it is. You know that's why he can have a different opinion JJ why Jimmy Graham. But even when their had their bans JJ watt and Jimmy Graham. There's no way. I would trade Andrew Luck for them. You know I mean you know I felt great franchise where there's no way as great as Jimmy Graham Molitor Russell Wilson yet. The food he what you every considered a best tied in our business of men. Quarterbacks I think have a different. Retard you know wee league team is to have a different value not just monetarily but in terms of trading quarterbacks. Managed the that's why you've seen. Look that's why you've seen some trades lopsided trades got teams given up. You know second third round picks for unproven backup quarterbacks think that that's going to be the the they're trying to they're trying to get away you wanna try to steal a player if you will. Because it's it's the position not necessarily the player all the time they're the roll the dice a little bit. And there anybody given up a lot that's why you see teams do that because everybody's in search of that that. Well and I make our quarterback this evening outstanding. Every considered top through the top two with three running back. Look at device is how they got screw Herschel Walker. Now you become even right now Alison and my couches. I like Marchand managed beast mode or even now DiMarco marring their value. Me it is not nowhere nearer. Anyway the best of the best dramatically you might think is an NFL right now nowhere near. That value of truly a franchise quarterbacks is that even close look at a goes back to what I wrote. In March. And the Saints. Certainly for the franchise tag on the non exclusive franchise tag on Jimmy Graham and would be when I'm sure were willing to entertain the idea of potentially getting 21 round picks for Jimmy Graham no no way do you think Chris. No along those lines I know it's hindsight but. Well we thought the deal is to be playing a hole I'd better. But at the same time. Last march next march. The year at that some eyes will you be 21 round pick for Jimmy Graham. Collector in a New York minute this is sports talk on W to do up. Are we about a minute and a half forego the top of the hour so wanna give you guys plenty of time no way in area caddy Rick Gary David on hold. You'll lead off next hour also due to jump on the conversation got a couple lines open for it to 60187 Neitzel 3866 inning 9087. Are pretty jaguar people say to favored over the Packers by one and a half points Vegas nuts are they on the money.