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10-24 10am Don Dubuc, Roy Burns

Oct 24, 2014|

Don Dubuc sits in for Garland on the Think Tank today and talks to St Tammany DA candidate Roy Burns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning welcome once again to the Friday edition of the think tank down Dubuque and for Garland Robinette glad you decided to spend at least thought it was going to be gorgeous weekend with a some got a great show lined up for your courses being up big big football weekend. We'll spend a football Friday our and our final hour of the program like Julia joins us to talk about it. The big games actionable talked to games the Packers coming up on this weekend on Sunday Night Football than back on Thursday. Against the Carolina Panthers saints on national spotlight will talk to Mike to you ain't get your opinion on what should think. Their chances in both of those games will be also we're gonna have Mike Scarborough easy editor and publisher of -- debate dot com. Big game LSU Ole miss rebels Ole miss on a roll this year and renew that big rivalry remembered. All the way back is a kid the big L issue Ole miss game debate will talk to him about that. And also says Dunlap who was our three W all sports host he's also director of prep football roundups and Jonas to talk about all those big high school games. This weekend and got some great when the Fords will do the Friday football show and a before that though are we get back to. Are talking with saint Tammany parish district attorney candidates last week if you tuned in we had. Mr. Montgomery was on one Montgomery one of the candidates came with this this week we have Roy burns who's in the studio with us now. We'll have him killed 11 o'clock now and then from eleven to noon we'll have Alan black coming and on the format Roy is going to be kind of like this when you and I channel bit I've got some bread question which you have been these are some questions that. I've gotten from people in saint Tammany on the street met the debates and just some of the general talked. And then we'll also open up the telephone lines for calls to talk with you and non office and maybe some of Chrysler as few questions about. You've candidacy and also will take the text messages that attacks me. It's simply a 7870. Please remember to text responsibly do not drive and text using designated driver if you texting. In the phone lines will be open for the entire two hours to talk to mr. is berms and black at 260. 187 if you calling from saint Tammany and it's a long distance call for you would pick it up 866889. 087. So stage is set Roy thanks for coming in the studio appreciate goodness I've been seeing all over the parish. Now all over the past few have been as nobody outward in this race. Thank you very much as you'd you know I go back along well you very very glad to be here active male radio. And led to be here. For all you listens more thank you very much what few would discounted a self introduction to people not me it felt about your background on what your qualifications awful position. Well great I of course my name is Roy burns opt for coming to Louisiana I happen to live in bush for the last twenty years. I'm married to a colonel in the united states army Mary burns. We have to just wonderful children has all these candidates have a great family to be frank with a compliment them. But I have a daughter who is a dentist out works at come in for Mary fielded and she does a lot of work over slot elf or. A doctor jail to build depo clinic. My son Roy birds graduate from saint Paul's high school he went to L issue go tigers we've we've we're looking forward. To the robbery be frank with diamonds and I'll make prediction right now. Ella she's gonna win that game in the fourth quarter field goal on a very latest play a lot of Bob wouldn't get that specific in my prediction but I got to feel that this young and inexperienced L issued team at home is gonna arrive in an upset the Mississippi rebels got a field with you on now eyes and you but it's not enough. Is a graduate of the southern university law school he's a jaguar some people for the jaguars it comes. In addition that he's an attorney who's been practiced law with me for three years. I'm very proud offing as four of its annual practice yeah opt out practiced in satanic cash for the past 35 years. And of all the candidates have the most robust practice of anyone there a large numbers of people throughout the years. Trust my intelligence pop my advice mop my trial skills. Both prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer. But in addition that I am there there buried practice because they judo. My family's there where where it landed it in we've worked very well with given back to our community. That's basically. What offer at the moment five questions. Public service experience for Tom and correlate the position now that's not a correct nobody frankly adopt. I give up I wanna say back in. 1984. The candidates adapt to the race were myself. By Jerry here today who is the ultimate. Victory that race he was a slot a city councilman and he's no longer here but his family support my candidacy for just attorney played it to. There was. All of the candidates of that particular race that there was Pete Fitzmorris who is the parish council president your idol caddy speak yes I got good great friend of mine and a Fella who was a good friend about what's. By the name refute next to happen to be. The parish president Aaron at that particular time I was fortunate enough to. Beat those guys on good hard work in in the body of work that I don't in the parachute. It if Europe eyebrows assisted does returning it's like passions that top contributed so that's pop public service. So we had a good time a bit in that race always liked politics get enough of that back in trying to you know it again absolutely it in and a I guess is old Leo he got which say I'm frustrated district attorney because. We COR a large need for a new got a step ball is like there. Overall I start off select questions out we've got a candidate in this race that basically raised all the campaign phones from outside sources and pretty fair amount 201 raise very little. And some that have done a combination. Usually in one's own funds and rather than getting these outside sources. His two trains of thought on some people's going to chose independence from outside influences I don't have that owe you one. On another say that's just the lack of support from constituents and they don't wanna put money up because they don't support. Well wow that's a that's a great question and I'm. Very glad that you asked that to be frankly if you that's probably the most important. A piece of information that people should look at and follow the money but. Use it one's own funds shows independence from an outside influence to best position not Arctic. I'm beholden to nobody. And I'll put my money where my mouth is in it it it would be extremely foolish to believe or not to believe that there are. Ulterior motives for people who were spent at large sums of money to elect that other person. I would say Tia. There's not large amounts of people support his Kennedy's. They are very small amounts of people who are putting up large sums of money and they are going to be expected so opted out of that program. And if you follow the dots those of the people who support Walter Reed those are his supporters and that the supporters of the people who. Support. Jack strain in fact the chuck Hughes law firm I think we don't know which accuses his law firm put up 25000 dollars. In the first report. And I think that's they get 600000 dollars a year. Out of the sheriff's office it's I think this year says hey that's a small price to pay the maximum contribution to get Brian trainer because we Walter Reed this year fourth keeping ambient. From my standpoint what to finance reports don't show is you don't see the outpouring from people who cannot afford to show. Monetary support like DC for me the finance report does not show the endless phone calls them get right now the request facades to attend beatings. And those type of things. We're gonna let the let the polls showed the true supporter is not the dollar signs of the campaign reports. I'm very enthused and excited about my chances of wood in the disk attorney's race. Out of my own pocket yes and honestly I've been successful in my lifetime. Because I've worked every day in my life for the last 38 years. And I notice save more money and I do disbanded and that's account the onset I'll bring to the ditch attorney's office. We talk with candidate for saint Tammany parish district attorney Roy Barnes of the election is November 4 and by the way wanna mention early voting is on the way. Going to be out of town doing that time I'll be in Pennsylvania bowling hunting for deer and Turkey but I cast my boat just the other day industry places in saint Tammany one in Slidell wanna man to build one coming to. Roy are the current DA Walter Reed as the allegations that he misused public funding in a variety of ways for along time. What will you do to ensure complete transparency salute the public will not have to wait for disgruntled whistle blower. To finally uncovering me issues of that office be that mean issues financial or ethical and I'm gonna ask it. Get your thoughts together on that as I've been told we need to take a break you'll come back with Roy burns is answer right after this time out listening to the think tank on WW. And saint Tammany parish district attorney candidate Roy burns in studio with listen if you wanna join some of these text as a was sending me text in everything from asking questions about saints laminate to as telling me giving me some advice on how to conducted if you are really appreciate that banking. You can do it at age 787 if you protocol and will be taken some calls after the bottom of the hour news at 260. 187 you told free 8668890878. Are raw before broke I'll restate the question people who might just be joining us we're talking about. The misuse of funding that has been allegations against the current district attorney Walter Reed. All the tenants have been talking about transparency we saw this in the corners raise sides got to be wide open people got to know what's going on. Does this stuff did not happen overnight it took many many years and finally a whistle blower brought to light. What are you gonna do an office if elected to prevent that from happening we will know if there's something financial on ethical going on in office the people will be aware. While that's great to be frankly if transparency actually safe from the satanic parish coroner's office through the disc attorney's office is extremely important. And I'm certainly committed to full transparency. To the office and this is how we're gonna do it first we got scared out any stone wall. That is been placed up bother current administration. Committed to transparency. We're gonna make all information available before anyone is concerned enough he even to ask about to be frank with you. The we're gonna start there with technology. The dish attorney's office as it sits today is holy holy. In adequate as a relates to technology so we're gonna get in there we're gonna establish a web site we're gonna put all information. That we have in the district attorneys on that that information is going to be off swap our statistical analysis is. As well as our full budgetary information that you're going to be able to get by just going to the dish attorneys website. Again I plan on updating the technology of the dished attorney's office statistics budgets our escorts schedules. And all of those things are going to be very easily accessible to the public. I'd also say this though that I want to give a compliment to the clerk recorder of satanic cash. Both of the candidates yesterday at a forum. Said that that some of this information is not available concern of the docket information. That's not true to be frank with you you can go is put any defends its natives there and they're gonna pull up his criminal history. And to the extent that they are open cases they're going to be a foe there is a full profile of when those cases the comments of victims of crimes condone that type of information so. I just want to correct some of that to you that the clerk of court has a pay a web site there. That is second to done in its information about criminal defense as far as that's concerned. Very good let me get on to the next question thank you for your answer and transparency issue. What you see is the greatest opportunity improve the job the district attorney's office is done in the past and you know despite all these allegations of corruption I think the people in saint Tammany really can't fault. The job that has been accomplished by the district and some good things done well. What do you see as the biggest opportunity to build on that. I guess that you're correct there are some things that to just attorney office has done over the years has been very good. Some of it not to say is that they have a very good trial section. And we're gonna try to hold together those people who could try case as long as they are ethical and they work very hard. The greatest opportunity is to dismantle the title and opt. I think somebody text something in the term saint slam Petit. I'd like to restore some confidence so fairness and integrity to the office where people believe that justice is being served. To every one and we're gonna treat that take that job very very important we're gonna broad change that to a justice center and not a corruption sin. And you spent an opportunity to study today today operations of the office and if you have what policies do you think they should keep. In what one would you change immediately well they have is absolutely. Anybody who did gated this race has not done a study of not only. Everything that goes on but what's gonna go on the future. I should be in this particular job. Let me say this I've been at this 35 years and I go into that office dated day for the last 35 years. But we're gonna improve the technology. And the transaction information and we're going to be papal a spot in the off six year term. We're gonna have monthly departmental meetings of whatever our review cases and album have a hands on approach that up out of the full Tom just returning. We're gonna take the judges have the pretrial conferences we're gonna adopt a federal model where the just attorney of the criminal defense lawyer his clock on. I get together on the side of figure out what's the best way to handle case. And interestingly enough I know that if anybody knew June you'd rotary. That was his his model there were no judges in the pretrial think it was him. Bedie sought to myself and and and other criminal defense lawyers that we resolve cases fairly and honestly. Through that pretrial conference and then we get the blessing district judge. I'm Erica odd discontinue any special treatment for special people. In the dished attorney's office so we're gonna treat everybody fairly. To be frank with you one of them that things that the military does so very well is that they have a pay scale based upon. Your your pay grade year. From a state like up second lieutenant up to a general in years of service were gonna adopt that type of schedule. In addition to that last ethnic two very important things are. Albany it's reduced diversity into the district attorney's office where it's never been before and have a treat all the way evident though. Just attorney's office fairly equal pay equal benefit for equal work. And lastly beginning with B is going to be no civil practice for myself it is going to be no civil practice for the assistant us attorneys because. That is absolutely have been. Is abused has been abused it creates weight human conflicts of interest. And lastly. From the civil standpoint we've reorganized the parish attorney's office and make myself responsible for that. And also return 600000. Dollars to the stooges in the instructional budget to the same town repair school board by changes how the school board does business with their return. Very good with talk to a broad burns Canada for saint avenue district attorney next hour Alan Blackwell Jones will be back to conclude our interview. Right after the new usual listening to the think tank on the big 870 WW. So why me. What is your position on the way to lower that incarceration. Rate that says saint slam in the name that we've got. And whether or not you would step out against the sheriff and the district attorney's association and supported bill for decriminalizing. Marijuana. OK then answer to that is the first job of the dish attorneys is to prosecute crop. And I'll put it do anything that the legislature tales meted do no I'm not gonna jump out there take a position on the decriminalization. Of small amounts of marijuana what I am willing to do though though is to ask the dish attorneys association to take a very good look at that the approval bet medical marijuana. If medical marijuana can help some childless of personal some elderly person to get past their days I don't have any opposition to that. All right we're gonna take a break here we come back. Rick you will be up first and we're gonna talk to Jeff and men of all I got lots more text if you wanna get in line only the call us at 2601878. 866889087. Is simply tax but do it responsibly at 87 the gates. Now welcome back into the think tank containing our interviews with candidates for the saint Tammany parish district attorney office. Rubberized with a since studio on raw before we get the Rick's call one askew your opinion on my opinion poll and ask all of all this is they can actually weigh in we put a poll up each and every day and they invited to cast their vote we give the results on it. We're asking you those individual attacks have taken place in Canada and other places in this country. Are they part of an organized terrorist plot or of these random acts of violence by just some. Deranged individual what your opinions. Well after 38 years of practice of law here in saint Tammany parish. I believe it's there's a large amount of people who are deranged a bad people and I believe those people largest takeoffs of the organization that probably not. Affiliated with that group in any fashion rather because with the government figured out that figured out through FaceBook through their phones. Through any other social media I just think they're bad wannabes. They want you have enough release sent them on a mission by them they just bad people that. Let's talk to Rick dees colony in Rick is is Rick what concerned citizens. Ansari W cover if you in one. I think they recognize your voice you veteran of ad time. It's funny that he's done just hung up the phone and Lee's circle we have talked date in which talking to. Him. Well I got an idea what he's calling you Bob and anyway 001 and we year old Robert Kendrick yet since it bought it Rick. I don't think he'll. Great great job I'm very glad to be here on WWL radio. AM 870. The evidence recognize the great guys been great for the communities saint Tammany parish and he's doors though is open to people wanna have a lot of respect Saddam and the good of selfish. How I wanted to mention what did I think. In what is so old saying. Take. Take folder and move faux wood on the on the eighth selection and practice today. I think he did a great job and respectful campaign and and and I think he should be commended on that. You look what I wanted to end. You would if I guess you know but he he has he has been the ball and a lot of different issues and a lot of things they are BC television and it's. Box saying that kennel full girl in the newspapers. It we have we've been involved in some of these things and we have an investigative team has compiles information. We have relations of the the state AIG and that was. A good partner but just as would work with. FBI on getting some information uncovering corruption sentiment parish. My question to use this is that one if you're fortunate to win this election. We you don't Stoops will be open to consensus and Tammy to provide some information would work with Vuitton cup of corruption. Well great great question obvious that it think that was going to be your question but. I'm glad that did to hear it let me say this I believe that from a purely good government standpoint. You concerned citizens and everything that you do are extremely important to the transparency in the transformation. A satanic perish from a a place that. Is controlled by them that the bosses. And we're gonna change that so as a practical matter. I will only embrace you I want Q view all of the information that the law allows me to give to you to cooperate. There's only one area that I can't give you information on. And that is having to do with ongoing criminal investigations however. Absent that I am all in with concerned citizens of the missions that you accomplish and I thank you very much. For doing your part to clean up saint Tammany parish what is long comet coming. I appreciate that isn't for us. We've we've learned that we trying to it's not so much that we expect information back either from DA's office of anybody's Jews feel one way street you know we basically compile information that we are able to get from different recent losses. And it would basically. Put together nice package and we tended to do it agency of the government agency that we feel. Would be most appropriate to look at and that's what would probably do you. If you are elected in and a few open to that we would certainly if we have concerns about a particular area when compiling information. I'm based on what we've learned is you put it together and we've which submitted to you and I'll meet you would have to make that choice twit it's something worth pursuing them. That's absolutely corrected to be frank with you let me tell you some positions that I support that I think that you will be encouraged with. I'm a big supporter of it of the inspector general he would not say ten repair job believe we need one. I believe had we had won a lot of this stuff would have been. Taken off the table along time ago. But what little part that I can do that would work very well with him the concern services is. I tend to put a public integrity division together deduced attorney's office that. Bar none and we're gonna find somebody with such as an attorney in that division who handsome inspector general experience. And we're gonna pursue those type of thing so we were greatly. Appreciate the information that she would provide us now wanna make the public very clear about this we're not gonna go on any goose on its way right strict scrutiny. When it comes stopped pursued public corruption or any other corruption where we're not gonna do this. I'll might handedly got. Oh my goodness the constitution is out there to protect all people and I've been a constitutional person my entire life. Not only as a prosecutor but can you imagine that. I tried to follow the constitution as a criminal defense lawyer for the last 35 years so. I brake issue I think Q and I look forward to work. A fight because they would list where flight not done as a close I just want to mention one thing kids. Any awareness thing we do we work on that same premise and you know most of this stuff that we don't decide to go to pursue these. Is typically done the course we get. Political whistle blows of people want total wanna speak about something. And then we kind of resource information to see how legitimate. If it towards the soon it's of interest that a wild goose chase and when we're not good we have win on a frequency that. But as we get tips which have all the time. We look at him and see if there's any relevance to me that's shoot two as the FBI as well they've they've told us in meetings that. They've predominantly work on tips and that's how they decide what to do long way to go in. Yes as far in my division I certainly we're gonna have a special tip line in the ditch attorney's office two. They are similar to what they have over the satanic pair sheriff's office thank you for the call Rick always good talk with you will be right back after this we got a text in from Washington passed away and Lotta comment from they will get that one and if you've got something you like to pass along ask of Roy Barnes candidate for saint Tammany district attorney as well as Washington parish. Call us 260 on late seventy RE 66889087. You're back after. While we're wrapping up or to view with saint Tammany parish district attorney candidate Roy Barnes and I'm glad this one came in because we have been comic collecting Washington parish is kind of a forgotten thing in this woods at royal live in Washington my question is will you treat washed in Paris DA's office is they treat saint Tammany. Current administration spends more time more money in saint Tammany and Washington Paris is on the back burner what's your position. Well Washington parish is not going to be on the back burner with my administration. And as some of the other candidates has suggested they might be close of the boat Louis office watch you know I'm a fully fund the ditch attorney's office in Washington parish. Now we can't land or take money from satanic passion put it into the Washington parish but what we can't fully fund the place spot scrub the budget. And a little attention there. Randy Strickland a first thing you know opted practice at 35 years up there and I go up there at least once a week. I probably should that you're district attorney not the first assist that your district attorney. It's gonna go to that frankly to dock courthouse one day a week. I'm also going to be visible one day a week in the boat Louis office. The Washington pass is going to be extremely important to me they have issues that are every bit as important. As saint Tammany parish in there right in integral and necessary part of the judicial district I'll be there. Rock got less than a minute ago if you would we got a lot of Texan or American enabling it to if someone wants to ask you any questions via web site a final more Abacha platform how can they find out about that well the first thing is have that he has my cellphone number. Well not do a lot. 264. Not 262. And that number is going to be in place for the last ten years is going to be in place the next thirty years. So that's where you get a hold of me we certainly have a a FaceBook page Roy burns public figured just attorney. Also have a private one but probably partially because we frank with you two things that I said west's first ought to practice of law on a return by telephone calls I have. I'm not gonna carry a brief brief case I will not and thirdly after I'm elected just attorney I'm still gonna walk into the into the judicial district courthouse up those steps every day I'm not going through the special interest where the judges and walked reed go through. Thank you for the Tom wrong appreciated best of luck in election in his cell phone number is 985264. And 9262. If you wanna talk directly to appreciate you thank you very much thank you. Coming up next we'll have Allan blackmail also a candidate the saint Tammany parish district attorney. Right now those 21000 dollar dat dat who debt cash contest the code word this hour is gum. GUM. Text a code word gum 272881. At 72881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars. Nationwide without ever putting down you phone. Your chance at an easy 1000 dollars debt cash is just one text away. Listen to the next Cold War before the top of the hour news at 2 PM we never charged for Tex but individual plan text and data rates apply. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WW well back with more the think tank. And after the news.