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Oct 27, 2014|

Garland talks to Center for American Progress Senior Policy Analyst Rachael West and UNO Finance and Economics Professor Dr. Walter Lane about the possibility of a higher minimum wage and the effects that fast food automation might have for the future of the minimum wage debate.

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Had problems bugs so far I was muted rooted more troops on the bull. Basically because it just to me he appealed like his scenario there view like. Nobody is listening through word nobody's leaving the at a the moved by that says it can't be airborne. Elect somebody you wrote in the rose. And obvious. That tiger bootable. But apparently is American people don't bleed that bird so we show. Dog and the years. You got in trouble oval because of his state oracle over the important thing. By of people in the whole country that had a problem. Now we're restoring cede more of the shore up and they wouldn't think starting yesterday. Or the results of the year. And there was a Wall Street Journal article it's okay to undo in Chicago he did a article. On the end to hysteria. Is story. No words criticizes those fuel in the media were saying call and a does this is not something that can. Kill off of those at that point and then it mutates. Some tickets articles and talk to Serbia experts in in in Lexington it would look at boats and swords I lagoon articles and see if you have supported in any of his. Also law military. The more I read the morgue at the field. But what I Berle were trying to do with them penalties has not been behind. And then consequently. There's no way to measure. Whether or not were making a different one point were trying to get to. About a couple of military experts on talk twos and the current. I've done a number of shows over the years on minimum wage. President Obama wants to bring it up to 1010 and now war. Cause some new engines want places like McDonald's. Fifteen an hour. I don't think the minimum wages have been changed in decades. No reason people wonder broad and it's a good news shores of Wall Street Journal week. Story about McDonald's their profits. Quarterly profits up 30%. Decline. So. They're saying in their response to the news news. By the third quarter of next year McDonald's plans to introduce new technology. We will order by move diligently. And their bulbs it's reduces the beginning. Open robotics in the please or putting technology and pleased and replacing people. The Clinton and they're going to be more jobs for machines and fewer jobs forum these skilled workers on on humans. We're gonna talk to experts. Lucky enough to get ritual will soon Pauly and policy analyst with the poverty problems current program. Center for American Progress rate welcomed shore appreciated the talk. But there's concern. OK now begin and who offers. That the big companies in particular probably. The small loans won't be able to do for a while the big went through Lincoln more more about robotics and did you. It I actually don't think that should be in the can turn it went top particularly. Weak argument I think. In the future. It that we have and technology that will adequately replace a lot of manual labor that are on that it. Currently in our economy on it and I don't consider to be at large threat I think in the OK the decline in prop. At that we let it primarily due to increase on. Who try to Moore has Mort do you perhaps in the right crichton be. And it. Intriguing labor. In fact we know that because minimum wage hasn't been creep I'm a girl all applied here and has significantly. McDonald to actually issue in inflation adjust to terms on an have been shrinking for quite some time. Furthermore with regard to technology. I hit too many people low wage. Employer actually. Cannot in the near term and you can long term or they. Many up the content the worker at apt. You being new being robotic or technology to the rational path. He did increases in technology. And have not. Decreased our workforce in the long lunch intact on we have work with an offer workforce. And I. Drastic increases in technology over the past. And fifteen under your odd that that would happen plea deal workers. Oh what are you see you at the minimum word Soviet union's. As I eventually want from McDonald's there at 150 dollars an hour of video president's talking about 1010. Where you're at the. And the mountain meaning. And then talking about and and I believe. Although it does though seem to be held on. There have been proposals in the media and that's certainly settlement reached their break. Minimum wage. 29 dollar and ten to ten dollars respectively. On the think that all over. That age I am. We have positive effects. Unseemly and children you have we expect our economy and it even have to pocketed the next or what it. As well so. And human and her Garland. 2009 an action. I at that amber and would lean back in 1968. Has kept me. In relation with the rising crisis over that time it would be more than nine dollar and today. They have higher. Minimum wages and then does the federal government. That we and it actually. Have a minimum wage. So. That in debt on workers are making it dollars and one cent per hour here parenting and child care single parent. Well I knew around does need lecture about the poverty line at that in our and I think we're increasingly keen com. That. Really negative attacks our economy. Are common in the United States is it ain't over. On on consumer spending the need to our economic activity dependent on consumer. And planning cranking here. In tumors don't mind it because working with what we need. That won't get that back out on the people work keeping. It but on didn't sit well. I would argue that that we didn't read an increase in the minimum wage to a value like. And dollars and 10% per hour at the proposal you've mentioned we do. Well actually pop it back on across the economy both consumers and bad. I'm tired and that you're aware that that what we've come and low wage worker. Spend and much much higher action year there. Ernie that do. A wealthy or high wage worker. Odd that called Marshall propensity and they'll be out of every dollar that is that it received while low wage worker. On nearly all. Not all dollar odd goes toward consumer spending and moved on and on. Then that stimulate our local economy. And income to saving. Odd that now like maybe well here. Consumer would do that person and nearly all in the local economy almost immediately. Let me take a break here won't complain about were talking with mutual well pitched. Reveal senator for American progress and we're talking about minimum wage war against it was called 2601. They sibling. Told bring anywhere in the country 866 rated 9087. Where did think about minimal wage because McDonald's. Am I would assume a very poor earnings last quarter and one of things we mentioned in their report. Good we're gonna move to look digital. Ordering take way these windows to pick with the workers and windows and let those. All or doron and iPad type of life. Talk about notable void we're bridge from west with The Who would be a senator for American progress. Rachel will book Brooke cauldron Rodney who live thing just came back from Germany Rodney Euro and governor of the. Over and the it and these utilities beat Costa of technology yours is bigger spectrum ball. I stop mark hamburger. But when I shop. In the Mercedes in a press article on currency and that one robot taken an entire day order. Placed it through the winter and in position another robot picked forced crews and zip demand. It's true and each it would support averaged 32 process. Now dramatic and very expensive item not hamburger. But. If technology would sat down they all star helicopter production would affect. People on an assembly line apple argued that it that it debt per actual little product. But this marginal pro pitch it to him or I'll try entered the bar most of the economist talk brown may not poke her. Introducing drug media ritual. Over assumed number it's comparison between the hamburger business in the Mercedes it is. I think that the current points yes but that it doesn't. Pay more in business sense for. High technology companies or company that. How. I got it odd to adopt technology more quickly I don't. Know eventually. On page four companies like McDonald's Q. On legislation that that model and corporate thing potential order and I think that makes and well on the edge share. Don't work force that can be by technology in in the short term and not very much so although. Com. IPad and the drive thru maybe I apple. That doesn't particularly. Mean that technology is replaced in a large share. What would be requesting a large your date McDonald workforce. The bigger point is that there. There's going to be a place. Four on. A quarter human import and that we never keen throughout jury. All the technological increases that we at. Tom and me. Real key increase in the long term work force participation. And in acting you can. On mechanized. War. Will replace some workers. And some tasked with and we robotic. Technology. They will all be for ads read. The corporate worker can be a great technology that speak. There's a new opportunity. Created by technology. Without worker. I think that need to to economically is direct. That job and not be replaced. On by technology. I tend to on. It can require that higher education and there dubbed the workers and that's a reason for that in an education in the country by. Public schools and and higher. Opportunity went to trade him it won't what you do says that leads to my next question. And tell me upon Gupta wrong. Let's. Dudes from reading Congressional Budget Office. They've looked at the minimum wage raise to Clinton and now. And they citadel and reduce the number of people in poverty by 900000. Sounds like alive but relatively. Few were when you realize exit sixteen and a half million. Or orb. To be affected by the benefit raised in the go zone save the CBO says. Relatively few more actually in poverty. And of families who live in poverty only 7%. Have full time worker in the family. Meaning poverty. Is not because people were not being even now it's because you're either not working not working enough. And and be opponents that I've seen say. Once we take extra money. And ordered into improving education job training. So these people. Can get into a job that really dodged. It's kind of what you just said that and we should be looking at creating jobs. And and do we need tore up a minimum wage here for putting money in to try and give them a better job. I think. Terrell and I think that term. What we do need to do anything that in. More and better quality. Education for our children because more work for we'll call one. Would hinge on. The the claim that com. Ten and minimum wage would not count on a large impact on poverty and in the that we have out there are high in a Communist era and today who recently estimated that attendant minimum wage actually. More than four. Million people out of poverty. Widget which bears picnic that would. The attack on on hardship accurate or chipped in the united state. On it and it odd that the in the nineteen aren't that on the day nanny in back. Of some. Workers who would be accepted by increasing the collateral that. Attend ten. Top honor in full time workers 54%. According to act in the back economical institute. Hearing and he. Are full time worker and they're not making a small contribution came in contact Albert worker could be affected by it and ten minute and earned. Half the war is their a game like total income. Our beat people supporting children. More than a quarter. Workers had children and teenagers average age people would be expected by by the federal legislation. 35 years or. And you know that the increasing phenomenon. Debt op. Older and end. Aaron. They get older worker in our economy are affected by our little wheat label intact on after the fashion that John as. That we created. An economy and do proportionally and in what week TP. Are richer and we've run out of time but. Thank you so much for your drama than Cuba added education to the discussion. Calling aren't we'll come right back legal and hang out world come to you and we'll talk to one dollar expert. Just joined us weren't thinking about minimum wage in the thing we've done a number of Jones over the years old minimum average. And they and you want Alberto remembered booms that. Or against the U as collusion of the minimum wage. Have always said it's gonna create layoffs soared to its gonna creative suit which would that you were jaw. You have these companies have up there today. And McDonald's. Big decline 30% in the quarterly profits in in the response some good news. They said dung by the third quarter of next year's big guns are introducing. Technology. Where will you order booed digital output and somebody you window but humans are out of sorts would drive up and tap on the screen that we want and that brings up the courts and the possibility. Of automating all the oral skills that arm he should Amber's. Pretty slim. But it does bring up the question. What does happen. When minimum wages or rapes in particular. Two million thoughts and smoltz on the what are red talk about the economy out try to get a hold of doctor Walter Dublin and associate professor. Economics and prevented you know doctors always walking the show. It would make. A good morning and treasured covenant. So what do you think is this news by McDonald's that they're gonna go to a bit of technology that obviously will go them delayed at least a couple of jobs those that. Take the orders those that go forward the orders and usually leaders. Two people would windows. Is this a sign of things to come or do you think. Not much. No I mean the question is is that is that. Profitable for the firms to do that and you know the rule for hiring. Worker's purse is using robots or machines or something else is always what is stuff. The productivity how much how many hamburgers and myself per dollar spent. And so Cooper for hiring workers that's the wage rate if you raise the wage rate that certainly makes workers less attractive. And technology more attractive but the other part of that is you know is the technology effective been in low cost. Tumbled but it was clear about this is that raising the wage rate will certainly make technology more attractive to go to look to McDonald at all the problems. All right funeral muddled middle lingered bring and a called forward government further. Leading Gulfport girl with a doctor Elaine. Got water on. You know obviously what people and don't bark. Low eighties all the people. Dire they're totally in order Chela or altered at all she. Seoul is you're noted there there's no reason why you Jade Goody bag got older anywhere else. I don't know where you think doctor that it seemed like hamburgers be a little bit more complicated windier. Telling Rasheed to hold the Mayo had though onions and gimme some trickled to about two. We actually have a machine like that you know right now we have we have a little Amber's dad over AMOCO. And you go up there there's a touch screen where you can pick out exactly what you want your hamburger and submit a little piece of paper too good to. Cooks and make a good up and then somebody you know collect the money so was about those technology already exist. I think we eat we party app now the question is how. Cost effective visit inference that you know will it. Can you do that the draw right through. You know there's there's real issue you've got an inside where people can and wondering if the personal worry about. Well if I haven't out the right through which in the rain in and also where you can't people watch it as much. But it you know if you if it you have to take. Called the drive through and you still only one person there can make it the other cultures as well. So there's there's still some pragmatic issues do but no it's definitely it's definitely possible and at what's clear is that raising the wage rate will make that more attractive. I led let's get into. Some of these while a good good example. At another expert on right or use and mentioned the Congressional Budget Office. So we got six and a half million people of liberalism and mortenson and buck it's always gonna point nine well and and then the CBO points out. That relic that we'll have fewer of the Portland or actually in poverty. And apparently who lives in poverty only about 7%. A bowl Tom workers who met the Hamlet. And one of what I said this where she had. Another. Organizations. With totally different numbers. That showed sixteen million effect rope girl I'm sort. Four million jobs fixing though again affected. A week. No. How how we fund our basic. Information on this it seems each side has their own number. Well I would you know the that Buehrle labor statistics as a source of most of the state. And I've never known their data to be you know on reliable in anyway. Now you can there's different ways of posing the questions planning thing that's what really clear that that most minimum wage workers are beginning people. You know it's a lot of teenagers started minimum wage jobs and if you look at McDonald's. Princess I don't think a lot of those people there that's their. The only job that they've had for thirty years. You know a lot of we use it as a place to get started. And and of course even what you of people would stay and in here in the world and certainly we have jobs were people may be. You know mate in the hotel and other type of things work but he really you know they probably do those for a long time but when they stay up late for awhile. They tend to move up the wage deal with it'll stay at the very minimum. But but again that that minimum wage helps pet set that fielder but he also as well. All right limited ticket bridge here got a couple of the callers there are. We're doing that Bowden minimum wage to 60187. Welcome back were drug thing good about minimum wage in particular McDonald's. That third unions had been pushing the ruse of little words of fifteen dollars President Obama wanted to beat tenth in the seventh something now. McDonald's profits off the at least for a quarter 30% off. In the suburbs they're gonna do in the third quarter of their organs are moving to automation. Had to worry you punch in your number rather giving your. Ordered to a person and some people Cuba at the beginning. Replacing people with technology. To better understand all this is always in particular would come to an economic cycle dog Walter doubly. Associate professor of economics and finance human. Up propelled serve you you always feared that if we do raise the minimum wage. Employers would root of the tight columns of the engine budget usually people off. They're going to be price increases to the product that we order. And they're gonna end up higher harboring fuel people. We have this little bit the evidence of something changing your McDonald's. What word you see all that. Well again we want things like that. Give people some perspective on. Is that we don't always think the minimum wage we can conference call nominal terms of it would it's now 725. It started out in 193825. Cents. But back I heard that the police give. Speech recently we talked about when he was a teenager. And in the in the sixties and seventies you know he worked for minimum wage and he got a good start. But the minimum wage the real deal that if you adjust for inflation the real value minimal wage. In 1968 was over ten dollars and now and throughout the entire seventies it was overnight and some. So if we would rate it did you know up to ten dollars an hour it would not be the highest it's ever been in real terms and that's what. That's what businesses respond to it was real value. As well as relative. You know that words the relative value at which appears to two computer. We have been from what you do said how about your argument of we're proud of the ten bucks is nothing more than we were door in twenty years ago. Right exactly if gave it where we raise the minimum wage to. To ten dollars an hour now it would be about like it was during this happened. And businesses definitely people all or are not hiring people because of the minimum wage does that. Well they did it and the key thing is whenever they increase. Now you know we saw happening in the in the in the seventies was it went from two dollars the content between thirty to 1065 did did nine. And so it was slowly creeping up well this is that this has been at 725. You don't opera by years. And so when you make bigger jumps and it and then obviously business is gonna respond back to that. Or we really ought to do what we what are we set it to the broadest set and in Indian raid and and take it to the inflation rate would automatically. Stays at the same real level over a but we've never been able to the political. Will to do. And a bone we go to amenable one more. Question. If a business. Doesn't pay enough say the minimum wages alone. I've assuming you're gonna attract young kids with a new expertise or people. And don't have much durable word Catholic or people that don't have margin education. And the quality. Of what they produce. Isn't going to be that good I would submit that's part of McDonald's problem. Good the quality of the serve as you get when you go there are. I think is is lacking. Doesn't the market force companies to raise. The the rates when they're not getting the results of their pay. Well yes but it also a real rates to beaten out about the global low wage labor. And that is the F there which affect remember and if after Katrina in the world working with I think. Bonuses to hire people can we go and have low wage record low wage workers. Our problem we have right now our economy is is we have a bit you know that that the people have education to people with bill. There's a lot of low wage people out there are no longer that are out there they will keep those those wages held now. You know if any of it but on the other hand that's exactly this situation with the government tries to raise them that there will be most likely create more unemployment. Doctor laying it's like both sides have some legitimate arguments complicated huge wage and we're keep Paula Newton thank you were calling him. Would come right back over a bigger celebrity more applied the media. There ago thousand dollar cash on Intel's code word that sour his role. Are all FC. At her word rose to seventy to 88172881. Chance 1000 dollars nationwide am. Listen for the next code word for the top real news had to opium. We don't charge protects would troop plan and made so check it out good luck for it's Barbara Bulent column in Tokyo.