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Oct 28, 2014|

Garland talks to Gulf Restoration Network Senior Organizer Grace Morris and Gretna Resident Gayle Bertucci about the effects of the coal industry and coal trains in our area.

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He did it it's such. A contradiction. I was saying it and the Lebanon cloture vote. I grew opened low humble camp I grew up in the oil industry. My problems roller wrote connect Ralph Cuba. I did brought back row above board to put myself through a couple of years college. So I'm I'm Proehl oil on one side boob when it comes to the plug authority lawsuit. Against oil companies. Because of the damage they admit they did. I'd. I'm voting did everybody have put an article cardinal company's audit capacity just like we're gonna happen. And then on the North Shore which is very conservative and and definitely a big part of that state but they're fighting for. Would choose. You would bring something that we would applaud because it's such a conservative state. And now when it comes to coal which is one of the main energy resources in this country. And and put me in that boat. We're fighting because we're seeing the help of that from human does in the environment. And we're seeing that is having huge lists and lists the claw and the acting that's bringing us the natural gas so. All blow. I stand up for Parole Board brought a little while and move all the environment loosely Brigham do sultan. We've we've got to cut comb over dune planted. By the same time did feels like should show up a total war. Between. What we've always wondered what we've always accepted. And now what some moves from waking up to world things we have to change. And workers who better talk does give better details. Bridge Morris who was senior organizer gold rush rationed at port part of the lingo cobbers Coolidge. Great welcome sure appreciated to. And touched me and also do a burden Tuesday. Bertuzzi resident pro broad and guilt forward get into it you just showed me appropriate for a of York now and as long as I've lived here I've never seen that you have big train for a movies Joseph again the call core. The Bronx next Euro from an athlete next year. To appoint I don't see you back up car out of there isn't for you can and you. You down. The EU can if no one is parked on the street. In either direction from my house and travel theory carefully. Between the train and edge of the road. To get to the side streets over medical Gore's column what's it like because there. The minimum and many of them well actually I mean we are ready seeing problems when I'm moved to my home. 36 years ago. The train tracks preceded me they train packed trains have been in before Britain it was incorporated. We knew it. And actually it's like he was saying it was lovely my children. Really enjoyed running out and watch the train. But back then. The train was maybe 1015. Cars. And it once it started movie and it continues. The ownership of the railroad has changed several times. In the 36 years and it has gotten more obnoxious. Me down the trains are much longer. We've find out through events with op cold. Being proposed. That hazardous materials already passing in front house. That trains are many cars long. Because I'm eight blocks from the beginning at the train. They are building to train in front of my house. So that the train jets fits me and it'll back up and slammed. Ot together to pick up cars and and maybe inch forward a little bit only to act up again. And this CAD as well as the citizens have audit. For years that effective house under the Graham and several years ago because the fire truck or at Torrey. A house. In the area are into the ground because. The emergency vehicles couldn't get to. Aren't. Grace. Redmond from wrong but that the cold push. Was kind of old. Virtually in that the west goes all kind of terminals and trained ingress egress. In the hallways it's it's kind of been stopped that are in its switch back over year is that correct. That is correct and that's that's OK till we were true. Shares so I am off frustration Atlantic and that cooking off commerce coalition and number and the Sierra Club are working wind. Communities that would be directly impacted by it nearly tripped because skull expert terminal there ram coal export terminal. And so myrtle grove and put park and I ten and recommends parents. On Belle chase and then in Jefferson Parish. I communities like Aetna and last week and because this. Proposed coal export terminal is faded for the theme. Location as a major coastal restoration project. Everyone who has a stake in coastal restoration has a voice on the on this issue. Are relentlessly Cooper's brick. In the interview we did cold represented due to appease coal industry. Invited him to show a news of the lawsuit pending actually couldn't talk. What we've got representatives of both citizens of this thing now we don't want we don't want what's being proposed. Get quality of comments questions to 60187. Told free everywhere in the country chicks and say did know and zero cent. All right we're gonna dual phone just second to soldier wounded so we're talking about couldn through Louisiana. And and I think on this and technical things on the good record and officials. The way I think said the coal companies. Wouldn't call Washington one we contacted because of walls are pending but Tuesday. Permit pending that's keeping them from doing it we've bridge mores were this year to lose. Senior role organized with gulf restoration network we have you are Tutsis mr. Rosen group in opera affected while. Race. Set the platform. On what the problem is while we're talking about what's up. Well. One ended the big issues here is the proposed ram coal export terminal which is an out of state company that wants to build. And musical export terminals are. Huge uncovered piles. Of of coal and they wanna put on rate it. Near iron ten in myrtle grove in black woman's parents on the river that's at the same fate. A major coastal restoration projects in the states custom master plan. And the states and scientists the wider institute of the gulf has done an analysis that shows that this. Sightings of putting coal terminal right next to them major coastal restoration project way that having negative impact. On a 300 million dollar project. And a potent drug free and Brooke and coop a brewing between them more troops so table but should call my interest. Suit brought gave them a permanent. Well the department of natural resource says from and it sees the the actual permit him but today. Referred to Sempra and they they asset prep for and that because of how this particular coal export terminal would interfere. Win this state custom master plan on which to pray is charged with implementing. And should approach is simply asking for more study. Or. They aren't giving any kind of approval. They they initially. Voiced some concerns that they get a study and that's where we saw the lighter institute of the golf which. And an independent consultant. Did an analysis of how much of an impact the ram collects for terminal would have on. The coast restoration project. And deceit and scientists. You know found that it would have a huge impact and we're talking about a 300 million dollar. From your project and access to master plan and so sit press. However super really ignored. That science and ended up entering into. A contract with. This out of state company ran. And DN iron. Based its permit on on that contract. Make true the right to get government has been have to go coal complete. What I have to go to do an art department of that resource. Department notre resources says. Well super because this may have been a pickle uncle wrote ration. Has some say so. Cipro dozens W which are owned solid two is a bad idea. So prone give the perm or recommend that the permanent. Is that. Actually. That's not quite right that's net that's basically that's basically lower credit in the world wrong couldn't we've. We will give those abroad Newt permitted. Yeah I'm not share on a separate say they recommend it but they entered into a contract where they. In their take is that some of the impacts. Are addressed unfortunately we don't find that and leave legally. Be challenged in court. That the department of natural resources. So there is a lawsuit there's. An article in the living absolute caller stay will this. Linda and revenue figure wrong with the immigration you know I appreciate the call. That's Jeff and I am you know what Collin com like 500 feet from the railroad tracks so you can sympathize with jail. Friend and move should acting normal and these trains pass Cowell picked churn. Shakes. I'm Karen. Sideways. The wind campaigns couldn't. But there's historical section by houses and there is no sir can you imagine a 150. To 200 coal caller. Not mentioning this off. That Wendy's staying. When they jar. This coming and that does is coming home. As equipment pool in the back it's coming in good mental. It's affecting. We're proud to have been asking please don't think of them because that's. You know it. Because it is the top two retired. It may end its like he is district. Of these acts that we talked about all of it. And said and like when it that way so we know it's just been out. Because these tracks right now and eight. I. The and that track itself he would even. Got to meet the so we talked about it and they can dance and you know. Ed that. Companies. That they. Can. Get a cold day at the world. Linda appreciate it called super at least. Again grace and you. Cole was criminal charges should do we have trading card with coal. In tempo and I prefer the a little bit that most of the cold that pristine at these existing coal export terminals. Is on barges and more coming from then on either replace them. And do all good pray juicy there's no coal and now there now not yet okay you're you're a major concern is just. Hauser and ways to them. Com. Note at. I'm concerned that this is going to happen that I am gonna end up with altering or going down that it. And Hillary is that possible only hours but weeks where we get that conservatives if all the cool was confident. On barges outward we get the concern that maybe entry. The friend the trip the radical expert terminal would be the first coal export terminal in plaque commenced parents. TU used trains and barges. At their facility that the Sabine is right at the end of the existing rail. And so that's what makes the fat. Just the impact of this particular color expert facility so great it would end it didn't impact on it would turn a historic. District on the West Bank into an industrial corridor the impact local businesses and property values all along no but spank. In Jefferson Parish and then also weigh the dinner here the major coastal restoration project. All right we'll let them go to another caller scooter Patrick and Terry John appreciate it call Patrick. Our goal that all. Big Apple bought you know by now. You're not hermit but he coal player. This year Dexter great you know vehicle Brett a thirty year and ought not order. The well. Although it. You know darn good about something. I'm sure a lot of people civil and it's been there forever great. Yet Patrick exit appreciate averaging eight clarifies that there are existing expert terminals in Iraq and parish that happened three years. One. And that's all Arch Coal that there's. Quilting in united on the east bank there is Keener Morgan's international marine terminal and he kind. On the West Bank right next to what part. And I'm myrtle Croat and iron ten and I I'm working with folks in. In with our program and and and you are monitoring for death and actually getting pulled that that's blowing off of these. Huge. Piles in one think that people there people retire. Your beautiful beautiful can't unity and a group. And everyone's got you know a couple in just loves being out in the wetlands and and that sort of sportsman's paradise that we all. Tears and Louisiana and guys they say that those piles up to and so and we got it sort of follows the market. We're seeing right now is the market is completely. On a crash course and piles are getting. Seemingly small. Yeah it humor world expanded. Probably old old in the past couple years. Rates after a good guy appreciate the call very much during a break come right back it used telemundo and oh yeah. Or before I even say what we're talking about altered them we're talking about Cole in Louisiana. You know we prosecute coal industry in and the lawsuit to permit in the outcome and that point in time. What we're brings more of witnessing your organize your goal frustration borne. You're open to Hughes resident collected all this in. Braves oh what would go back cute as all get very well. It functioned correctly. Oh we started fracking. A whole lot more natural. So a lot of companies go in and that forget about it and our movie friendly or been cold. So Cole. Is shorten looms gobs of money in the stock market in this. The the commerce market. They've been in California. All of that being shut down and bought their moving towards. What's happening here is that expansions. Is. New terminals. Well you're here actually rate that the market nationally is collapsing for the coal industry and so. The industry is desperately trying to use to find an -- per market. And that may have been a case back in 2009 and 2010 when the international demand for coal is rising rapidly bet. At this point international cult prices have collapsed and so. It's made US coal exports financially and competitive and at the same time. Communities are also recognizing that this has no. Local benefit to you local or are steep but economies. We've seen that happen in the Pacific northwest where. A number of huge proposed facilities have been. Stopped I'm in the northwest and then. Other coal industry thinks it has a plan B in Louisiana and that the political climate in Louisiana is such that they can just. Role of rest and you know we're here to say that. That's that's not the case. Here in the world come here because export it but I thought oh no market here butch still. In the rest of the world there's habitable market. China march lips so India march let's open so that they're hopeful plan b.s to export right. Absolutely it would all vehicle it these expert facilities could coal terminal facilities are all for export and that's. That there is a market is and nary it is that. Industry is selling. Kind and we're not fine. Yeah you ever get a chance talked to anybody in the industry all the records were things would call home or water. I I have. Gazes into financial. Cold analysis forum happens in New York and I've attended and that the market in the Wall Street analysts say they're not betting on call. So we're we're looking in the big sacks of coal. Right on elections were viewed them with the possibility of those factual get much bigger they are read that correct. And that was happening for a moment. And in 2010. In 2011. When all of the we saw all the Louisiana existing call expert terminals. Expand. A high performance and expand their capacity and I actually have some numbers. Ray and I enemy from. I keep Parker has switched as industry analysis and the committed capacity and Louisiana is 88 point seven. Hun million tons of coal but where. But the last projection based on numbers was 21 million and so we have already actually a huge committee capacity wearing nowhere near. Using capacity because the market doesn't accessed. And him due to recent numbers given the excellent question. When you talk to the financial people. They're Briscoe and what happened. If coal market really often. And companies go bang for. What happens to the stacks. What what happened so colon itself. Yeah it it's unclear what happens I think for especially with the proposed ram coal export terminal plead down one and in Louisiana. T take on such a risky. Investment that would it have been made an impact on our local economies and local quality of life on men and also. It's it's a bad investment and so we can definitely stop the club terminals that are here yet. In terms of what to do the existing facilities. Let's do that whole area to get him lose it was our value. Let me bring you know the called carry it in more rural Europe and other rubio. Bigger. Yeah I was at school way and. But it it will I'll mention about the political now that right activate it what. The double. They're deal that's what a lot of people will say it is you bought your house. Next to root for a. Well and Mike has said when I first moved there in the the railroad. That was there when I'm moved there is not the same rare road. That exists in name. They're getting more obnoxious. That the trains are blocking. On our streets means the safety issue it's a quality of life issue. I mean when I bought my house I hit. No of the trains that pass and then went up blocking a street Y would act everything. That they were it. And that it would come down to. And am I gonna be able to save my house if it if there's a fine. And and that's a big possibility now. Answers that is moves actually no right bigger gym right. Lonetree being formed in Broder. Right up to roll. Well and that it's also emergency vehicles if it for us someone we EL and we needed. An ambulance to take it to the hospital they wouldn't be able to get through either. Are all right Richard breaker when we come back calypso let's talk about we'll reveal the concerns is sluggish and that terminal war. The proposed expansion could affect. But every Monday that we're putting into the wetlands. But we talk about her constantly. That if we don't have we can continue to live here double rodeo. Welcome back we're they get about. Cold. Coming through we via. Cole was in trouble or Rome world. Moralists of the big news. But fracking in Africa so ironically is cause the U ways because practical. Reduction. In stock prices reduction in. Profits for the companies. Are consequently the Coca but it isn't going to plant begin work plan B. Bring more cold in years so they can export it. Weird term people here whether it's Grace Moore senior organizer go for a revision upward. And you're Bertuzzi resident from Brooklyn Bridge. Dozens. The sermon we're talking about how does that affect the coastal restoration. Plan or project. And of ram call expert terminal it is. The site Ed. For our. The same location as the mid bury Terri is adamant diversion which is one of the key projects in the states custom master plan. With a big brought huge an estimated load low estimate of 300 million dollars. And this is something that a lot of communities especially Jefferson Parish and Orleans parish. Are relying nine. Four storm protection it's gonna provide really crucial storm protection which in turn. And and protect our communities. So that. We can you know we can we can continue to live here. And Johansson is under its right troops from parish. And that's exactly by Jefferson Parish just a just recently passed to unanimous resolution calling for. As thorough analysis and study of this proposed. Brand expert terminal and called on the army corps to hold a public hearing. In the course the and the court said now the court has. It's it's a shock I don't mean to tell you a good shot to the I mean it is it's disheartening to see a public agency. Charged with acting in the public spats and shut the door when last week though. Grad night and after the Paris and. I give a reason why they won't let the public. Comment. They they have actually do that and their reasoning is that the authority lies. With the state. And with the department of natural resources on certain issues. And certainly that's true that the state does have an and Parnell plan unfortunately we've seen the state. Dropped the ball and letting an out of state and giving the green money to Graham called terminal that there are rents and the state custom master plan. But the core has a role tea and an absolute responsibility to the people of Louisiana TU. Did you at doing it to you that cost benefit analysis and definitely to hold a public hearing. And hear what local concerns are and what the local costs would be. Do or you're an area community where you got the cranes. There we first moved there a long time moon for a they were intrigued or from front porch with a few open ended and now you've got tons and tons of cars being cobbled together or and he goes home where Kagan fire. Fraught student government and if they're walking up pretty true empire. Medical concerns as to access to medical help and news in the sought. When you talk to prove when you talk to the community when you talk to people and you're community. On your side or devote some excellent and he moved indexes that track suit your brawl. Oh no no people are very concerned in fact I think that's why we was successful in getting grant it to make the resolution. Because so many people in regret you realize the impact that this is gonna hand. Yes we can't train sitting down but these are uncovered. Coal cars. We've ever had that before if they weren't derailment and then then there have been derail elements. In the city before. On. Everything is contained in the cars if a cult car falls over I've got that in my house. I don't I don't know how would you. How you can say that's OK I mean that it's just insane to me that I would hand that. That close to my house. All right before we run up to immigration get it gives that what can people do. What should be done what can it. Absolutely well. People can absolutely and it carriage every land in Louisiana to call on the state and the governor TU it. And its contract with the Rand cult expert terminal this. District has collects fraternal doesn't make sense for our coastal restoration and it doesn't make sense for local communities. Says the state can actually reverse. It's. Its decision on on this permit and then also. I've army corps if they're not gonna hold a public hearing we still can get comments then that will be part of the legal record. And we'll demonstrate. How would devastating this proposal can be. For our coastal communities so I would. Encourage everyone to you submit comments and army corps and we will be whole clean an independent public hearing to make sure that the public has a voice on this issue. We have we can get them to call the governor can you tell us where his. I let it take so much coveted and important issue. I was totally ignorant but I think have been educated plugged it thank you bruised on him and and things are having a double bill would come right back. Override the do it and our goal way. The analysts who'll show news media connects. Air and of course she's going to be doing the top trending stores as up right now at the moment news and sports. Social behavior should get a Dave Cohen our news director Todd and have some Kohl holds a percent Wednesday court. And screwed of course hoops and a host of this screwed true we'd like eat them into. 2 o'clock Schuler. Every will lose the warm bug for and court building that collapsed. Question that was. How many other stored all the buildings are in jeopardy. You were about building union neighborhood and your workplace. And do you know voted property that was damaged by him be fraught street stream repair or mother nature. Mourned today. Environment through prepared for a no a lot of though. Then at 3 o'clock be worth the general state police special deployment in New Orleans is ending this week and we're in a busy tourism holiday parting season and holiday. As one of the most dangerous instincts big leagues one way at this. And don't category and generally fields next double dubbed yeah negates seventy immoral applied to reopen.