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11-12 Angela Hill 210pm, Cussing

Nov 12, 2014|

Has cussing become acceptable? During LSU/Alabama game Saturday an expletive-laced chant against Coach Saban drew the ire of LSU's AD, Joe Alleva, who apologized for the 'crude behavior' and it doesn't represent LSU. When you go to a football game, is cussing acceptable? When you take your kids to these events do you expect it? What about cussing in public or on TV? Has it become socially acceptable or does it offend you? Special guest: Parker Sternbergh

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The big question is do you say bad words. Do you curse do you costs. Or maybe the question should be how many times today do you use profanity. When you do belt out a bad word how does that make you feel. Better. Powerful. A little embarrassed. When LSU athletic director apologized. For the chanting of really bad word against. The Alabama coach Nick Saban during last week's game. There were actual debates about whether there should have been an apology. What does that say about how some look at really bad words hurled at people that were so loud it can be heard on TV by millions. What's going on with the use of profanity today. It wasn't always like this yes bad words have always been around and used. But not quite as openly as today I would love to know your thoughts to 60187. I'm gonna tell you my own. My own mother once and Angelina of the mouth of the sailor. And that doesn't mean to disparage all sailors my father was one cent per. But. I'm not going to play miss goody two issues but you will never catch me screaming. That really bad word. To an opposing coach to anybody else so much look at what's going on and we're gonna talk about this. Which Q2 60187 date and with Parker Steinberg who's the assistant director of the Porter case an institute. For advancement of family therapy at Tulane school of social work. And for a little while we've got T body there year who was an LSU student an LSU football player. And deserve clean mind and mouth hot well on to say I also would fall into the sailor Ken Cook yeah. Mounted again calls from the navy please America I. Really we we talked about this yesterday and again it was it was really borne out of the athletic director. Saying in an apologetic tone I'm sorry these these kids who were screaming this en masse chanting. Do not represent us and we are better than and then the discussion noble minded have to apologize. And I remember thinking. He needed to apologize. That he did he did aren't talked to meting. Well OK this what else say about it. Just remind a personal opinion my first viewpoint almost nothing. Ever really offends me if you're talking about jokes are made being you know any kind of words whatever I don't know. I don't know that's been of the South Park generation. But nothing seems to kind of defend my senses but just because I feel that way. I recognize it doesn't mean that everybody. Feels that way and it's for reasons like that why you generally. I'd try to keep it clean and public for Andre because some demand their kids with them and they don't want in the year that I will say. When you're talking about this situation at LSU it's not one. That you can necessarily control and so II recognizes the athletic director. The the fans who may have been have said they were in the stadium and had to hear that blatant even moving forward. If the students are going to started champ like that they're going to started jail again there's. There's no way around and it really was a minority of the stadiums that corner of the stadium abut it's I guess from a personal standpoint. I'm kind of on the Knight who cares side of things. But I recognize that not everybody's gonna be so hands off. As as I've. Mash it if your grandparents were sitting next to the chapters. Would you say only guy. I've gotten no I don't I don't think so because I did feel like. If you're an adult you should be able to do here that language. And recognizing on cable's not for me but they've you know they can say what they wanna say and if you're really let me get you that much as an adult. I don't know may be loosened up a little bit I like you what what what is getting upset at them going to do you're you're not gonna get. 20000 on really drunk college students to stop it just one of those situations where you may just have to digest it and move on even if it doesn't necessarily see you. In I've read where the athletic director this is not new if he is correct has done various things to try to stop it. And one of them was not to place certain song that they would follow up with I would emerge favorites. Yeah yeah it was back in South Carolina. Their mascot is the gamecocks and that got worked into each year in a way that you sure you can imagine why do you creative. And ever since then we can no longer they indeed the ocean and no longer. But I think I think his efforts saying okay on a 20000 kids derided as an easy to stop but. Let's try to stop that because really. Aren't there other things that we can do to show our enthusiasts. Oh definitely definitely but the issue is this wasn't needed something that was ban land this was. I'm sure rag seeds start in my mind you know one did just angry and he searched and in that everybody just takes it out I mean that's it's you know it's. It's very simple for some had to catch on like wildfire specially. In that situation. The entire crowd was so in tune with one another everybody had been locked in this game for about three hours at this point. Emotions were high and and it was almost like everybody was on one wave links or it's very easy to almost like. A forest it's primed and ready for a wildfire it's easy for a chance he would take it up and just expand very quickly and that's what. Yet happy new year and I you'll see it and other college games. It. But do you understand that and maybe this I hate to say this may be it is a little generational difference. That the same chant could have been you son of gone. Could have been any number of absolute. We have back in the day they say you know go to hell home is gonna Algiers like that. Bush. The the issue comes though. Give over a 100000 people that stadium how do you control the one kid you decided that he didn't want to do. The go to hell chin he wanted to do the bat on the one that they end up getting in trouble for and that's why I think. You can try to control it but it may just be an unfortunate reality and it's not like it's. It it's. That you believe to be the exception not the rule doesn't happen every game does an adult time is incredibly tense game motions were on edge in that doesn't excuse it. But I do I think that maybe. Provides an explanation as to why it might have happened. T Bob you're the best I appreciate disdain for the segment what were gonna do is we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk to Parker Sternberg. About in general about the loose Nissen cash illness or the ease of cussing today. And not play stay on with this and if you're listening to this and you have some thoughts to 601 point seven we'll be right back. Well the subject is cussing cursing and profanity. Not what's going on today with that I'm so thrilled that our lines of live up plague Katherine and Sarah. You're going to be on in just a moment but we have Parker Sternberg here from the school of social work at at Tulane. And so let me ask you what is going. Well. Angela I think there are many things that are going on here first of all I think that it is commendable I don't see that that. That the their athletic director could have done anything else but. Condemn that student it's understandable that the student. Broke out this way and had this and it really part of way it. Cursing does is emotional regulation. And we can talk about that a little bit but. If you have some anger or their their different times of the come up in shocking anger if you're trying to out power someone. These are kind or in pain and they're different studies about this but it's about internal regulation of things going on inside of you and sometimes. You know when things are feeding off that'll happen however as adults we need to model good behavior and that last minute that Alabama played. We can't keep those those kids modeled forest. You know in Indian it the focus they had with this all of this negative emotion around them to get that cold and that was really something to me I talked my kids about it look at how they just focused and didn't worried about worry about what was being said about them. In front of them and so. It has been said that that was sort of an alcohol fuel chain absolutely and and clearly we all become looser if we're drinking sewer and measures sang in the context of the of that moment those many moments of that game. But it still. We're letting down some kind of guard that I think has to be there and again I'm not playing goody two issue I say bad words I just don't do them publicly. I have good friends who accept that I and a hospital put up with the. Right yeah we out I mean we've gone used those words I think again it's can tax alone as a matter of fact. When I'm doing therapy with people who have grown up with narcissistic that as a parent or an alcoholic Anderson as a parent. And have been told and taught not to have a motion because everything needs to be around that parent. You know it is one of the tools to get into. The did the breakthrough through the wall so I mean there are contacts. For swearing and also they've found in studies. You know now we are so into mind body research they found in studies that. That's wearing actually reduces pain I mean they've been measuring it. Now if if this wearing his continual the result it's not the same it's not the same analgesic. But if it's a one time shot right a couple times yes it tends to calm people there and I mean how emotional regulation to the paint. And has an effect on the body. That is fascinating clay you've been holding Katherine stay with escalate uptown. One that long ago my mother was solidly you would actually be written up. By police or three person Republican talk about the sixties and fifties. As lewd conduct. I mean that's that's says times have changed them in a course or whatever that prosecuted Ford convicted by. There was a time when if you did that Republicans. Shopping center or something like that mean ever. 'cause you know make you blush in hospital court. Amanda at that time I get it to earn a bar 3 o'clock in the morning. You know in they expect to hear certain things that it's going to be just almost gratuitous now in. And I think that's the word and I'm not the word I've walked down streets and two or three people walking by and it's as if they're buying themselves. More than not hearing themselves. Becoming you stub its toe and public good purse. And but I'll need to hear and maps this. Ally Moscow you know he's going to be imagination. You know on broad daylight in front of you know. You know and health care facility or when I'm fine appear issues or something you know just it's a little over the I mean there's a stigma attached to. Well and I'm not so it's a good way of putting it I'm just curious not that I would but. In those circumstances were on scene people or Abbott walked past amended or just blasting that language. If I just quietly stopped them and said you know what did you cool with the band language I wonder what their response would be. Would they even hear themselves saying those words right or would they be offended that I stopped well and I love that article that you said in preparation for the show where at least an article by Katie Couric where. She stopped somebody had asked you know would you kiss your mother with that mouth and the person looked better dumbfounded. You know but I think it does require that we model behavior where we are not using these words this way because their other ways. To express yourself that car. In fact probably. In most cases. Can help you more. There's actually a study that was done where their cancer patients. And they taint. And the cancer patients recorded when they got emotional support. And then that the data showed that there was less they felt there was less emotional support for them when they were cursing. Yeah right after the diminished. So. I'm not sure you know everything is that the law of diminishing returns with swearing and what in essence are you getting from it right I think it was playing a pat yourself who said if you stub your toe when you say the right or if it. Something just really anger issue in just with one or the person you say that weren't. And I actually said you know I feel better having said that I I do you feel better and need to validate it in you know everything that we know about it so. But it is this openness that has changed play your wonderful to call let's go to Katherine and they'll change. Or Kathleen. I I agree with Angela the well I'll people you can go any year that you don't hear an actual bombarded with it. On radio TV summer and summer and calorie program. You nab show and you really watch program even more weather and it's appropriate to allow children to watch each. I'm liking absolutely no good each issue and I call on pastor Eddie age but every should realize that there are and aptly. Or everything much and there you were they act. That should be. And I don't think it anymore. I hate that people walking down the street dead. Do you think you could just tell him I have been there a station getting game. And as young man to turn bail out the scene saw life that they aren't on the great. And most of return and they actually. Say are you got. Department didn't. We can't talk about the today. And you know what I consider it could be totally appropriate language strike out. Yes. That's the word I keep thinking it's become so casual just become is normal though. It's become normal in our lives I think. I. We're living in in day in an environment now where there's a lot more stress and there's a lot more use of the word and I'm not sure. That there's as much parent parental supervision. And guidance and their wives. So you know there aren't that many factors students. You know and I know I'm talking to the choir here but. To have ever. First out of parent. I mean. After I pick my teeth on the floor. Ten but today I see it right I've heard that I've seen it and I have bit my tongue because I can't believe it right. And if they're not valuing those words which is what we're saying it's a casual let's go to. They're not understanding the impact. And it. Yes they do that essay due thank you for saying that because this is one of the points and in Angela and I've talked about this before. That we have a crisis in parenting and family values in in family today. And part of this is we really need to model behavior that we want our children have. It eat it it's imperative day. The more will react to what they actually seed and we tell them. I hate that we have to take a break but we do Kathleen it means so much that you call thank you very very much. It. We're gonna continue the discussion on non swearing cussing. Give us a call and give us your thoughts even if you disagree with its 2601870. Let's check in with the newsroom see what's going on. Well we are talking about swearing and cussing and profanity. Using bad words no matter which one is saying. Asking the question have we gone too far it's always been around Edwards have been around since words. But I. We're just a loose with it and down is it just one more an erosion of perhaps our society. Were here with Parker Sternberg with tooling schooled social worker and always delighted that she is here. Let's quickly go to or call Donald I really appreciate you holding. Well. Strait trade center. And the other side it's probably it just saying that you know before you get. The children cuts to know you get. Might have UT you know on the road. But to tighten our main nuclear viewed to other discipline and etiquette and they've been just an amount a little bit. You know you might retail. Bill good you know maybe a view that the kids coats and I think this should be the taught not to say that you know I mean because I mean day it all the time on radio and television at all and music and stuff like that so they got to pick it out. But you can speed limit him outlet as you know our gentlemen a bit you know due to let them know that that's halting the sale of natural goodness sake. What legacy on the other hand you Michael legitimacy do it. Well you know do you agree that if parents. Are really profane really cussing a lot in front of their kids that that's really where they're getting it. Not not just stood just for the parents remained Everett who like estate technical artistry you know yeah the television all of these. To an already all when I mean it's. Yeah. And I'm hearing television radio but I guess I don't watch the stations where there's a lot of it because if you can't say bad words on this. Radio station into hell. If you might get away with the damned bit you cannot say the word we're really talking about. Or are on rodeo not now maybe in some music so your. Immune. In no way I think your point is so well taken you know culturally they're they're different ways of punishing kids and we've had some big debates about those ways. And and things have changed in this society you know you you racist remarks aren't tolerated and and these other kinds of remarks aren't tolerated on homophobic remarks are not tolerated. In so there is some of that and yet what what an interesting world where that's not tolerated. But we can use these words to hurt each other that really. Her each other I mean I see people in therapy used parents called them things are brother aren't things in. And destroyed their self esteem and they bit they've been trying to recover for years I mean in an if so why is that okay to do to one another. In that contest you know. It's it's not obligated as little cable there's you know it's been just the way society is so main issue at all you know meaning most kids you know. Tell me that moll we don't cut your truck my brackets we have. You know but they get out there any other advocates saying man and he knows some W underwear on the kids get these horror and trauma you know you're putting this little. Donald I really appreciate this call thank you very during much I'm gonna go to Michael Holland bill. And we're good hey Michael. I. Just wonder if your image with a man things statement maker. He broke several books from Adams called. Just out of fought language in the window of the human. Nature. No never have. Again last week of victories from Harvard and I expect to reward them but words are words I'd never get each year. That the boost was pierced through the year. And and that it is intolerable it talks about exactly what the conversation is about cursing and there's several what you can't say on television. People. Do you know you'd been crossword. On the South Korea and so. I. To show. Did you actually changed and thinker and I would especially this one. It's all this stuff I thought languages and a human nature and great inside the. I'm so glad you said that Q because what we know is thoughts and feelings in what happens in your body are so linked. In what you know what you're behaviors or so links have you know change it dot you can change your behavior change your behavior you can change oh that's great thank you very much like we both written down Stephen thinker we're gonna get that book. Thanks I'll look at much about art but I. About Bubba in home. You know handled you better take my call all of you know. Oh and that. Buyer. Bloglines especially for women and small gear it's probably all as long as I can remember. And you don't want sanctions now. You know it you've mentioned. Rook glory just music casual. All vulgarity in you know it's every where you know you watch issues. Television one night. At night. You admit it could be wrong install our. Any problem you know they console again bully I believe every job and visibly. Don't be on. Because. He has to watch programs. Last night we have a situation. There and right now. Over here on where. It was. Urged critters that you. Oh. On Monday. And there are there. For this patient because it's better and urged him and the person. Well I should or should. You know those that. Don't appeal ominous signs towards. All. You know album goals some pretty. Pretty globe awards. Now there's this. Yeah television. Here. And you know out there and and because. You know it does it. Number it's there picketing that the gas station more than veteran was. First. That's correct it. Built the peoples as they. Induction is now which actually even. Now and I hate to do that goes spektr's. Elizabeth cents a wars it's a ball for a lot of it. Is potentially. Be used and consider mobile widget and really appropriate comments. One problem be as. Couldn't this. Jock strap I mean you know and and so you know use the expression. You know NI I sincerely mean this by the because you bring up to a wonderful point I would not hesitate to call him and say you know what I admire the heck can you. But you don't need to talk like that. She's been in I don't know. And Bobby. Can go out there Mort glitz and he did that. After the shouldn't one should global owned and operated on. I've wondered if he extra cleanup is is this. Bubba I can't thank you enough for this column are really mean that there are gonna check into what's happening over there and home stay with us everyone will be right back. We're talking about the use of profanity of squaring of cussing in our society today and I am so pleased that Jeff thank you for call. Jenna. Tired or. I mean inject a lot early. I would agree that things archer. The people who use. Can't work but. I fail more. By things such as. What are go to war tree ever course. Or person with a sock Gregory moderator. I get why do you think in certain situations where there. Inequity here injustice that somehow the world placed cut short cab effectively brought frustration. And I think about it too cropped or alive so we don't. We don't want to beat broader markets ugly thing from the world maybe we need to be on an arm. That makes cents party picked up a well placed short work I get Clark met. We really are learning that there are contractual places. For these words and we just need to be very mindful of where those places are. And you know the thing about it is that sometimes in with these words and what the research shows is that. There's a law of diminishing returns mean that's what we're seeing now people use these words like. The word and so there's a lot diminishing returns where it means less and less. When you see it right I hedging impact it doesn't have the impact. And you know sometimes I think people do use words. In anger to be powerful. Correct but you know I also question. Is that the we've lost our creativity almost that is at a laziness that these are the words that were are so common to listen now verses having to think. Of other kinds of boards. I'm not disagreeing with you at all joked and in fact as we've said from the very beginning. Not proud of that but have have used a bad words but normally not in front of groups are children and march kids yeah or your children. You know yeah. I wonder if if if society is good drifting this way. How much further it can go. I mean would be just allowed in the sixth grade classroom would it be an. And and can we possibly have the pendulum swing back. They go to general coarsening our site idea just in general. It matters and you know just just a jet ought to look at what are achieving an outward as compared. You know and fear it would show all the waist down and how well we Syria. And that's that's satellite articulate because it's a real. About what can be done about. I think you know their general rules about and that that can be. Thought about anyway especially for the matter from trying to show some leadership. General respect for people even when they're different than you are generally respected general politeness. Goes such a long way yes it does and you know a lot of times our society or under such stress and mrs. Swear words are a way of emotional regulation. You know they helpless we shocked they help list. For Trey power anger they help us and painful situations but I think we just need to be mindful where we used them. Stay with us and again thank you so much for that call will be right back. We are back talking about cursing me about a minute left to let's go to Jean in Guerrero Jeanne. And high paying jobs in the scheme. Could compromise that I had been very good I've got to. No wanna say the thing to have. And particularly useful quite they hit it on the radio. I'm not gonna be a problem. Peggy how it happened you know. I watched. But at that particular. You make a lot of sense and take a look at that Parker Sternberg and she shaken or at June. Your great we're gonna have to go I love that you call and thank you very much a final thought Parker. I just think that we need to treat each other with respect used these words if you match. Isn't intentionally use them privately. Don't use them to hurt other people. Beautiful bottom line I really appreciate all of our callers calling in. And I hope the shall stay with this we're gonna do a mental shift for the next hour special guest Ronald surpass. Former police chief finding out what is life is like now so I hope you'll stay with this.