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Nov 19, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Trending Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And look at meg tush oh it is good to be back with you and nineteen year under review I'm glad you're with this you know they were a lot of fun. Lot of people I've just blasting. And the W bureau website because it went no where this year was because I got out of my way to say. If you hear pelicans game of year sports on 153 WW LS him. I'd been description will be on 870 million. Well last night was one of those rare moments when there was pelicans basketball FM and it was LSU basketball audience so there will be those occasions. But we haven't gone anywhere. We're still here and I'm going to witness. With this cold weather I can't help but think about the gutter punks that you come to New Orleans. The cut down here for warmer weather. Does it hasn't been that warm. Here's our party general opinion poll tonight talk about this on the show have you ever had a negative experience. With gutter punks. In New Orleans. As you know I've spent a lot of time downtown French Quarter French market throughout the downtown area so I'll share my stories with. Also the ESCO blood tonight is titled final thoughts on the ball snatching saints fans. But it's been talked about this has been our first show since that happened. And it just got a few final thoughts and I wonder if you thought about the things that I thought of doubts that I put in the blog tonight switches are trending up or web site. At WW real dot com. It's time for tonight's trending topic today two of the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight here in Devi of you well. Number eight. And alright so who is it foolish people magazine's sexiest man alive this year. Actor. Chris. Hands more Penn's Penn's work. That's right Chris Hemsworth 31 years old. They're notorious. B starters for the dark side note the dark world. She still notably his route should you're not alone I mean he doesn't have a name like. Burt Reynolds and Brad Pitt and Patrick Swayze issuance kind of read Ben Affleck. Adam Levine George Clooney. Mel Gibson. What he's. He's a nice looking guy. If you like nice looking guys number six on number seven on tonight's with the trading top eight at eight. According to experts. Worldwide chocolate. Consumption. Is outpacing chocolate production. So right now there is a prediction. That there will be a chocolate shortage. I posted this on our our FaceBook page at last night affected the FaceBook page is now an interactive part of the Scotia. And if you haven't become friends if you are not part of that become friends with this say it's good to be to be real radio on FaceBook and we're gonna. I share some of the comments on our FaceBook go to questions on the show tonight and and every night. So I post a saw this and here's some of the comments I got class it's a question you know what chocolate would you miss the most. And Derek says. Or tickle wild guess why there's a shortage it comes from the the continent. That people wanna ban travel from an that is Africa yet there's are generally is or drought in Africa. But also the Coca plants have been affected by a disease. So world consumption. In addition to some problems with the cocoa plants themselves in Africa. Are leading to what is believed to be a chocolate shortage. Terry says she will miss. Hershey chocolate syrup the most guys that second goal weight toll restoring hearing I'm hearing it because that there will be there will be fewer cocoa beans. That. The chocolate may become diluted. It may not be years. Reaching. Savory. As asking that chocolates starts to melt your mouth. Out celebrating just thinking about it right now. Now what would you miss the most Sydney says Hershey's Kisses. Lamar says butter fingers would not be the same. Without chocolate. And Robert says I haven't found any chocolate shortages around here the baby increase prices but that's normal yet and there's always the possibility that. They're the chocolate manufacturers art in Lansing this possibility of a chocolate shortage to get you go out and get you to go lauded by some. To truck. So you know I'm gonna do I mean I don't need a lot of chocolate pitch if you repeat to enjoy chocolate you might wanna go up. Go out stock up as a chocolate I guess you could putter in the in the freezer. He is a text the cocoa plants got the bullet that's where that though they didn't get that they got some other some other disease that planned scan it and human stoke it. So anyway there's a possibility of a chocolate shortage at least we weren't. Number six on tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. Is television infatuated with extramarital relationships. According to an article Huffington Post dot com which is. Titled. The title this warrior. It is titled. Why is TV so obsessed with a extramarital relationships. If that is the case. Why do you think that's the case. If there are story lines with extramarital relationships in them on TV shows why do you think Hollywood is promoting news. What do you think Hollywood's promoting it or is Hollywood reflecting. Those relationships that exist in the real world. If you listen to show on a regular basis you know that I believe that Hollywood more reflects. Society than promotes negative behavior. Hollywood can make you do something you don't wanna do but Hollywood does reflected negative behavior that exist in our society. And there are a lot of people who had affairs a lot of people had affairs on people having affairs. And the truth is a lot of people who haven't had affairs yet we'll have affairs mean it's it's sad. I am not condone and yet the that is a reality so that is reflected in Hollywood. And so my thought is with with social media the way it is. Do you think it's easier or is it more difficult to have an affair today than in the past. I thought about one thing. You can tell somebody your home and you're not really home if you're a self. Do you Sam I'm at home. But you could be anywhere. So does that make it easier to have an affair today it's something to to think about if you're concerned about somebody in a relationship with you maybe that they are having affair. Now also I thought about this and in relation to the extramarital relationships. They are always been TV characters. We're never known to be together never seen together and never known to be together. But there was always this implication. That they were having an affair. Or at least they wanted to be romantically involved with each other. So tonight. Let's talk about these TV characters. It was never known. That they were having an affair. But you can always tell that they they really want it to be dramatically involved with each other's civil war these couple under started out. But talking about the Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary Richards and Lou Grant. Never seen together but I always got the impression that. They were together behind the scenes or they wanted to be together if you wanna join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. One a seventy. Erica 0504260187. In our tech's number is 87870. Number five on tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. The news media has promoted a warning from the FBI. The warning from the FBI says they are will likely and that's a quote will likely. The violence following the decision by the grand jury in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Is this informing the public or is this. Infighting violence. I'm sure you've seen what I would describe as the buildup. To the jury making a decision. It's all over the news. There's this huge buildup yes and earlier this week misery governor Jerry Dixon issued a state of emergency in anticipation of the decision. So is the news media covering this story like the lead up to war. And does the news media emphasize one side of a story. Like a war or violence. Because it's more compelling than the alternative than peace. Now yes I have heard voices of people who say we want a peaceful protest. But haven't you heard a lot more from those who are predicting violence. And I realize that this information should really go to to law enforcement. But by releasing it to the public is that a good thing or bad thing effect one of the you know one of the aspects that they have talked about with this. This. Warning from the FBI is that there will be there there will likely be. Police officers and law enforcement officials around the country who will be targeted. As a result of the verdict and I get the impression that there may be problems regardless of what the practice. And if this if this officer Terry Wilson is indicted. Then. Would there be violence if the verdict didn't come out the way some people wanted to come out but I realize we can't trust. Our system of justice totally. In our system of justice had made has made great mistakes. But if this guy is innocent. If he was defending himself. Then mob mentality. Should not lead to an indictment. Or. A guilty verdict. Even if it's to try to make up for the past. We can't start sacrificing people's lives now. Because of mistakes made in the past. But the mistakes need to be correct it. But I just hear a lot more about. A lead up to violence. Including this morning for the FBI that there will likely be violence. Against police officers and law enforcement. Following the decision. Then I hear calls for peace if you wanna join us tonight our number is area code 5042601870. In a text numbers 877. Before tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. Via talk about the sexual assaults. Allegations against a Bill Cosby and this is just won't go away. Bill Cosby's not commenting but yet another woman has come forward and said that she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. This time it is. Pursues I'm I'm not really that familiar with the her name is Janice sticks and she says known at Dickinson she's known as a model and it and TV host. As she was on Entertainment Tonight I'm sorry blowing at definitely with her work but I sorrow and Entertainment Tonight. She did an interview she beautiful woman she says that in 1982 Bill Cosby assaulted her after giving her wine an appeal she was trying to get a part on the Cosby Show. And this is the the accounts at other women have told are similar to this account. In fact that's one of the reasons why. Experts believe that these accounts are credible. Because. They're there are common themes. With all of the stories. And CNN's Don lemon who I have a lot of respect for. He asked a question that many believe was crude and very very inappropriate he has been blasted. On Twitter finesse. When CNN Don lemon asked the woman the other day who came forward said bill cause fever picture. Arts sexually assaulted her. This involved oral sex. He asked her he said. Why didn't you. Use your teeth as a weapon. Now I'm back and get graphic here but you know we're talking about. Why didn't she use her teeth as a weapon. And a lot of people said debts that was crude he apologize for but that he kind of continued to. Ask the question why did you. Bite him. Now since I've never been in this situation like that. I can't. I can't. I can't talk about what would be going through my mind. But I would think that if somebody is. Is getting you to do something like that. That you would feel threatened by the person who is having you do that. But Dan is there. Is there an opportunity to just simply. Not do it. This is a really complicated story and it's not going away and you've heard in the news that. There have been some TV shows canceled. With Bill Cosby in them that has been a scheduled to to call yourself. So this is not leaving Bill Cosby and the fact that there have been so many accusations over the years with the common themes. And least many people to believe. There's a lot to this. Number three at tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. Should we learn from the saints fan stole the football from the Bengals fan. This group like tonight is titled final thoughts on ball snatching saints fan here's something that I thought about. If this guy if this guys justification is hey it's a free for. I had a chance to grab the ball I had the strength to deleted saying this but if he had the strength to do it and the opportunity. He took advantage. Of overpowering somebody because he had the opportunity to do that's is. That's his explanation I could do it's I I took the ball. Well what if there was somebody bigger in the stands close to him in the grip the ball out of his. Or were these walking out and somebody said hey I want that ball. This guy seven years old there a lot of people in this world this guy could not stop. So they can grab the ball right from. Do you think he would have the nerve at that point to complete the saints or complaint to the police because in theory they did exactly. What he did. Scoop on tonight's final thought on the ball snatching saints fans it's on our website at WWL. Dot com read it to ensure we'll talk more about that on the show tonight number two it's a nice trending list of the top eight at eight. He had Delgado community college student apparently. Has now been found in New York one of the TV station said she's been found the life. And I thought oh god this is used like way over dramatic found alive it's like you know we thought she was dead. We didn't know anything about outer by to say that she was found alive is just another example of the media over exaggerating something. This nineteen year old dog got a student Chirac Aziz. According to a father. Has been in New York. With family members. New Orleans police has been all of those new worlds police the public they've been looking forward to be concerned about god knows how many people been praying. For this nineteen year old. There are silly question she flew to New York. No immediate reason why. No foul play is is expected. First of all. You're nineteen year old. Just gets up and goes to New York even with family members. And you don't call your family. What kind of daughter is that. You like your family know what you're doing. I think. The family. Owes the public. And the new worlds police department. Not only an explanation. But an apology. And do they plan on doing anything to reprimand their daughter I mean you can't just spank in nineteen year old. You can't put a nineteen year old a time out. Should this girl be punished. And it was acacia long ago where some. Some woman are called her her daughter it was an LSU student belief and she'd. Had not return phone calls for a day or maybe it was just a couple of hours which could get a hold of her and there was this big panic or my daughter's missing my dark. What's going on is that because of instant communication today with with cell phones every weird. If people feel like if they can get a hold of you to within an hour or so or especially have to date your missing. A lot of young people wanna be missing. Or their times when you were young that you didn't your parents to know exactly. Where you were and who you were with. Does the family ON OPD and the public an explanation and an apology. And which you punish your nineteen year old daughter if she did this to you. If you wanna join our shooter like our number Jerry coach 5042601870. And sir tech's number is 877. And finally tonight. Number one on tonight's trending list of the top eight at eight. This story has gone national sought on to be a real TV last night to make fares to the story it is gone national the USA today ran this story headline. Aggressive gutter punks in New Orleans riled residents. Have you had any problems with aggressive gutter punks downtown tells what happened that's or WW authority Joba opinion poll have you had a negative experience with gutter punks. In New Orleans give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for those of you don't know gutter punks are generally young people there. They're homeless. They're living on the street. On they have on clothes that look like they have been more for a long time they look like they haven't had a bath in May be weeks. I mean I'm not being critical this is an honest description of a gutter punks and they've literally live on the street. And there there are witnesses who say they've defecated. On the Kabila though. Andy the cathedral. And that they urinate in to a lot of things site in public and many of them have dogs. Do they have a dog because they really love their dogs or do they have those dogs to either threaten you or to. To get your sympathy. You know you might not wanna give to them that you wanna give to them because you want to defeat their dollar. If you gonna join us tonight with your comment or numbers are eco 5042601878. Texas a 77 he will be right back. Going to be back reviewed died here and every WL yes it is scoots actually back on this could show if you're it'll stay with a target on your calls here's a quick update on tonight's party general opinion poll. Have you had a negative experience with gutter punks in New Orleans. 60% say no 40% say yes give a sure opinion by going to be if you'll dot com we'll continue to update you on that as we try to pull through on our show tonight. And terrible so on a talk about that I've I've only downtown I spent a lot of time at the corner IC gutter punks everywhere I'll tell you about my experience with the pucks coming up. From Slidell Doris she runs that show into the WL. I Doris. Are not good. It did you have a comment about something we're talking to. The and there are very angry. And they yeah. That you were children. And that advocating on. Something in line while at Baylor and there's some that we have had moved down here given on our. Have you actually seen that. Oh yes there you have DC good aren't penalized. What you actually black might be essential out in nine Galen here frank Porter yeah. And you know on the I in the middle of the union isn't. Its doorstep they didn't they talked to today Esther for money. Don't vote dying. Via want to have a right hand side have a right to ask for money but they don't have a right to be aggressive. And they don't have a right to defecated yearning for a lot of you know we do. You reduce. Dorsett Soria had that experience and I've I appreciate you calling her show I think it's great that you take time to go from Slidell to New Orleans because a lot of people don't. We love. Them or in the corridors of Mexico. You know I wish more people would take advantage of that even though we're talking about things like gutter punks. You know it's still shouldn't keep you away from the French Quarter up from Mississippi a steadier and a VW well. Race scoop. How are you paying good good good. Looks and just want to weigh in on. Than the the missing girl. Entity from Delgado college Chirac is actually you know whether she was with her uncle and family and your local time. Yeah yeah out too bad you know it really stems down to it was probably camera argument he and you know issues. Should do that and she took off and meek out. Brought into the Weimar. Yeah we have no idea what it's it's amazing though with with instant communication way it is it's amazing it. If she didn't know what's amazing day for what 48 hours she didn't know that there was all of this. Concern and panic about her being missing here in New Orleans it for a and witness called Euro or settler attacks story and email our southern FaceBook. Yeah out Currie crazy. Acupuncture. Well. You know that. That's part so it was an attention getting thing enemy got. Well in your eyes and yet how do you punish in nineteen. Well. G you really you can't then and you go arms. Now. Is an hour is a bit this is gonna be part of the conversation tonight how do you punish in nineteen hero. Yeah it's hard to say and the united. Two daughters. Thirteen in law. You know what how marketers react to some point there essar group in the future we'll public. I don't know I mean that's a hard thing that that would scare the heck out of me. You would be manager. For not only you and just taking off and not calling you and letting you know where she was. Well and it isn't it about an astute student. If she would relatives why wouldn't road to call you thought about that team right away the issue here. What's up here nor there. You know I just. I just find this interesting and I I think this really is the the manifestation of defective it just about everybody has a cellphone and if you don't hear from somebody a couple of hours can't get ahold of him. A lot of people panic and saying oh my god my daughter my son their missing. And they're not. All well absolutely you know. I'm divorced I've paid for. My kids so far. He and if that's I don't get. Barring their school. I don't I don't get an answer a phone call. I'm mad. I'm very because that's what I've paid right. Progress on Tuesday and you should and should demand the kolbe and expect absolute or Erica. You know where there are arc and Steve the other thing interesting about this is if it's nineteen year old didn't have these plans and advance. He she must have money because as you go to the reports. On the spur of the moment and book a flight to New York it's not going to be cheap flight. Oh absolutely not I'm thinking you know nineteen years old your college. Here you know that could be at work for and people there is if it's any thing. I would give. You I'm not immune yeah it's yeah it's itself domestic it and he would have brought two on. And this is why I think the family goes NO PD and Republican explanation and an apology because this is an internal problem that they went public with and people were people were stressed out over this beautiful girl being missing in god knows how many people prayed for her safe return when she was in in danger. Well absolutely I was too aperture. And I'm thinking about my daughters and in you know pot and I would tell achieved. You know thinking about college and our economists and now. So. And I enjoy our conversation and good luck with your good luck with your dollars. If it's always a challenge. Yeah there you know it's all bearded. I appreciate Malia absolutely go saints next Monday night Mercedes-Benz superdome. Against the ravens for Metairie Josh you know into the WL. It. A judge. I thought Arafat in the dog breaks are actually rescue about a month ago. Caroline she didn't he reads the rescue ago. And I yeah you. There are some place or restaurant they had to keep matter jail where it close. She in the. Yeah I I heard that earlier in the day so they're they're using the dogs plus they get sympathy. Yeah because a lot of people would morning give to them because they look dirty and disgusting. But they would give to them thinking that I'm giving them money so they will take care of their dog. You have so there were down on the corner there and bring it toward treatment or become balanced and in my city. We sourcing it actually doubled produced. Tell me tell her tell me what you've seen in terms of aggressive behavior Josh. Mean just about in the U in the charge grab something a lot from buy. They're very aggressive. Josh I appreciate sharing that was such a call if you wanna join us with your comment tonight. Here's our number Perry coach final four to 601878. That's 2601870. And our text number is 877. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight have you had a negative experience with gutter punks in New Orleans. Give us your opinion and it's WW dot com. And I guess the question how would you punish in nineteen year old this Delgado community college student at so many people were praying for and panicked over. And a PDs looking for Chirac Aziz. She was never in danger. She floated New York she was hanging out with a uncle and family members in New York. And her family is actually pay her brother on television. Like at one point broke down worried about his sister. Which you publisher. Here's a Texas says. The parents of the nineteen year old might need to borrow Adrian Peterson switch. Policy that you can't do that not even at that nineteen syndicates who waited for. Not say how do you punish in nineteen girl. We'll be right back with your comments. The sort of channel foretell issue last night has gone national in the USA today the story was titled aggressive gutter punks in New Orleans royal residence not good publicity for that tourist area known as. The French Quarter. And you had a negative experience we've got to post again it takes years as our gutter punks the garbage holding up signs begging for money. Yeah and you have a right to hold up a sign. You have a right to ask somebody. For money. You don't have a right to touch. You have a right to aggressively follow them and demand money. As you know I'll live downtown spent a lot of time and a quarter by a step a lot of time downtown IC gutter punks everywhere. I can honestly tell you that I never had a negative experience in the gutter talk. I'm not saying that to defend them simply honest with me I wish I had a great story may be wonderful integrates light which they happen to me. Mean let's face it that happened to me really happened. But I haven't had a negative experience the gutter punks. Nor have I seen them do anything aggressive. If I did I would intervene in the same way to intervene when I see these idiots. Trying to calm these tourists out of money with that stupid question I bet I can tell you where you got issues. Now maybe I shouldn't do this but I go in and bust up those camps I'd let the terrorists know the guys are not really that happy with me. But frankly I don't care I feel more obligated to the terrorist. Then to the locals who were doing it. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers are -- 5042601870. Texas states have any Seve beat two or your text here in just a moment. Also we're talking about this this nineteen year old have got to students at all over the news the last couple of days missing Brothers calling on television alias panicked and or where she is. When TV station ran a headline today found alive. A little dramatic I think. Secluded New York she was saying and with a rock. And get her family is everybody panicked. And praying for. Okay. What would you do if you nineteen year old daughter. That she honey punishing nineteen girls from Slidell Leo under VW well. Ship great topic I am so glad you're talking about a dollar comment on boat. And I would like the start with there are you MarketWatch in. TV report on their of the like she's. Or even Monday or Tuesday at the suspension limbo and that is. Let out. And carry. And that's where it should actually daughter it's one or Euro 21 year old won the college one male married. But occupant in the apparent especially ordered offered on panic that the video Cheney. Showed her getting into a black all our 8 o'clock lot. I wonder I wonder if so she did wanna pay for parking and that was a service to the airports and kind of a car service transportation service to the airport. Would you adopt a possibility but think about it you know. You know you're apparently trying to call yummy. Chaired. Kicked on a cell phone toward port. And a lot about how much. Market earlier on the due date on when not quit and they aren't are. As you can kind of situation I think bigger girls did that she did appear and I think it's probably. Our biggest problem because they went out and out and family and we all have opt out and and it got there are being an apology to their duty. They have the apology to bigger than could you all ought to. And another thing she shared a paperback book by a the Portland police department are trying to stop on every single get a real crimes. And they try to look for the Cha. And articulate she become publicly and apologized to the city in law. Shouldn't it I'll take them on Iraq situation. Thought there'd Berkeley apartment I think she should be armed or. Leo I think there are a really great point I am gonna tell you talk about it tonight. Why aren't I. I thought I don't hurt about it are beyond a young lion took out I waste that I wasted a prayer. Now I didn't waste a prayer on her as a person I wasted a prayer that she'd be found alive days she's okay. I mean I guess you know I guess in a way our prayers were answered but we should have been we should have been. We should have had to have been picnicking and praying over this person because she was never in danger. In the bottom line. Is everybody knows the social media almost ruled Tibet in the workplace. Every single day and especially with the kid they ought to properly you can not tell me group for. Through any type of social nearby track bar all at the child didn't know that they will look in our power in beautifully. A lot of technical guilt or not and I hope the new media tent at the not the one give an apology from the family and from our. Leo I gotta get your breaks and I've got to get two breaks giving quick comment about got a parks. Aren't there. Out of water source or live in the war that the war in the year on a it would happen on K street you seed and they're in that you weren't got a now what are well thought out in your experience. Everything that you talk about the people are welcome back part. It's actually what I meant. At that not happen on Beale street. And grow and oh we are very after the war. The long councilman but look at it there are some structural. People off the street well maybe by you know water. Is that economic their ballot issue in our happily nobody got in the wallet UN. I am actually angered. Certainly I got it to break a really going to caller surely Collison times journal stay with us we will be right back. We're talking about gutter punks in the French Quarter were also talking about this nineteen year old Delgado college student who was. Reported missing and I don't Pete he's looking for an. Families on television pleading if anybody knows where she is if anybody senior pleased at please let us know. Got a comic you're a FaceBook page physicist one of the conversations going on at W radio. On FaceBook this from Carla she's nineteen and adults and doesn't need to check for the parents. Here's coming from Thelma I know not the family just the daughter Chirac has seized. So yeah should the family apologize and I would I would agree with filming here. Maybe the dog may be the door dusting to apologize. I think the public is owed. An explanation. And an apology. Since. We were. Stressed out. An ice I don't necessarily mean that everybody was stressed out but but people. People spend energy worrying about things like missing people. And here this girl doesn't call a family should just goes in New York she was ever missing never endanger shares uncle family. Something's going on in the family and frankly he did the family of the daughter I think of the city and a media apology and may be. The daughter needs to pay restitution for any money that NO PD spent looking for what she really wasn't missing. If your hole stay with this this is this too shall we are coming right back after the news under the WL.