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The Think Tank 1210pm, Rage Circuit in our Brains

Jan 19, 2016|

What if evolution has placed a “rage circuit” in our brain that we cannot fully control?  That’s the conclusion of a new book called “Why We Snap”.  If true, do we have to rethink free will? This hours guest: Dr. R. Douglas Fields - Author of Why We Snap-Understanding the Rage Circuit in Your Brain

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Yup. I am the legal world bought sold and you've reviewed talks. Should be talking about how cruel prudent preferably new old ball mark. But. We have done non only today but number of times over the last few ten years. Shows on science books in particular would businesses then doctors. Number no and no wind today and hundred tell you plan had my way I'd do a tour to Rio fro and its book. I think he did the growing and one man's opinion I have sciences. Than it alters a discrete movements. I think more moral we're learning dead we are very marched the Campbell called him on or bring. And I think from reading this put it comment adds another chapter to that possibility. Is called what we snapped. Understanding the rage circuit in the brain. Its Vaio. Equipment yes thank you Iran and organ donors. Things Brooke calling and unloved is you war. Dead to distort things coffee funeral until we have been it's fascinating. Issue. And at times in the book what happened to you and your daughter in or Salome. Can a person like that 2% at the book properly because from the title. You know you can tickets to psychology bit though this is neuroscience so tell the story on the neuroscientist I was about to get the lecture. In Barcelona. I'm member search and my seventeen year old daughter just record high school which is joining me that's very usable. Had a little bit of time before we can get my talks without a will go to the county cathedral. We're coming up out of the metro. I'm suddenly feel something happened zipper pocket I had cargo pants on about my knee. I slept at like mosquito felt my wallet is gone and instantly reached back grabbed the guy. Threw them on the ground gun and as back and put him in a headlock. And it did an about that time. What the heck you do it and use. Your listeners have to understand. You know I'm not Arnold Schwarzenegger and I'm 56 years old at the time greater. You know acquiring of this stick Woody Allen too this is completely. Without any thought and at that corner realized that. Some something and requirements and process that we Earl hard wired for violence and the background of fighting element no. Martial arts Serb military experience. But we're all happy capability. For violence. And this can be released. In the said the situation and it doesn't involved in the pot which means. Notes written doesn't involve the cerebral cortex. And Africa and interest in this whole process. Now. You know why we snapped but also how we how is that even possible so that's kind of the background that got me into this the whole area. Yeah I'll stop there. In these deaths evolution or genetic combination of. Well that that's right so that's the question is what I always react the same as everybody did the same would have went the distance thing. How the men and women different. So what I in the and then move more partly have realized what was the same thing happens when we now. And break it issue raptors club around the tree and Chicago club around the tree. We immediately do that to features. It's not deliberate not a conscious. And it happens faster than the speed off. So that tells you that that reaction is some coming from an unconscious part of the brain. So we're all have the capability for violence. Because we needed as a species we need to protect ourself before attacked we need to protect our young. We he carnivore so we had to kill animals. But this behavior is controlled by. I neurons in the deep part of the brain called the fact that soundness and that these stimulate this area of the brain called the type of the Islamic attack area. The animal instantly. Become aggressive and violent attack and kill an animal put Nick Cage. So that circuitry. Is unconscious it the same part of the brain that control sexual behavior hunger and thirst and other automatic. Mechanisms. So what we're talking about really security threat detection mechanism that yeah you're right is it exists because we needed. And for our protection because we need to have aggressive responses to certain situations. So this is not an apology we have the circuit 'cause we need them. We never caught napping and less. This happens in appropriately. If it happens in the right circumstances we collar quick thinking are heroic. I'm so that that's that's. I'm. The mechanism we're talking about here in this. You just mentioned India test. I think you mentioned the late 1920. Wall one drug it's a while the Jews was that the U rude opens. Not the Nazi. Now on another doctor but he he. Put upon gate to wire in the brain of cat and and brought about what you just said. It exactly. And there's now news. In new research revealed in the last few years a lot. More advanced techniques to do this week to simulate. Specific neurons with laser beams and and new methods that is revealing. The big questions here how you activate the attacks there and it turns out that there are. I'm very specific circuit. That activate that you know you read about the paper everyday some snaps. Violently it seems like on anything can set that off. But it's not true only very specific things can do that. And we think about it you know this is risky behavior and animals are gonna get into fight. And risked its life let them unless very specific triggers. For the new year has gone into the to look for those triggers. That release that activate this attack here. And that the approach. And the nuisance and I'm presenting in this book. Ari and let me take a break Q we're only have a few more minutes with the news. When we come back a motor and mantra we can't get the ball in from one of you lifts nine triggers. That often bring those about. Couple of live in particular impression that it cover the ride back we're talking about a book that a problem or issue you will not reached your time reading. While we see now. Understanding the raid circuit in your brain the author. Unfortunately very limited time with the doctor or Douglas spew of new routes sciences. An incredible bull why don't we snapped undersea and of rage circuit in or operating. A doctor you'd talk about non triggers no we can't get to all of them would you take. Wondered through those who think we have to understand as her most important. And then go more than a good question booked for them. Okay I'm good just to get the concept across let's said we're not gonna release this attack and response about specific provocations. Neuroscientist at Trace these specific triggers. And for example. It a mother's child their upstream is threatened the mother will instantly. Act aggressively attack to put to protect her child we all know that at mama their response. That and so that's one example of the trigger if you knock that trigger now scientists knocked that out. The mother will still will no longer protector pops but she still will respond to in the that a different. Trigger the liked sports trigger that that the electoral and triggered. That is activated when we're injured somebody. Interview process and you instantly respond. I've made in demonic cult like Mort. For each of these is that different circuit in the burning the book activate this sudden response. The trickle snapping an inappropriate about the time it's quick thinking. I give one example that at in life more to stop. All your listeners out there on I ten. On the back up due to the road work. The grove road rage is really common. And that's because it's almost all these triggers the question is. You're on right and he held up traffic. And suddenly you're in range the question is why are you angry instead of some other options like board. The reason is is that this hit the stopped trigger and this. All animals will act aggressively at the restraint no not a pop either trapped accurate trapped here so we're looking. Like that that backpack. So what's happening that your restraint in traffic that activates this and respond. So if you're in traffic you suddenly feel. This rage and you can identify which of these trigger that is an can be any of these. You certainly made it and aspires inappropriate desist. Because we have the same brain we have a thousand years ago it knows about quicksand Ingraham on the vehicles by a predator. But you know driving cars a 100000 years and future. So that the concept. All right. In. Doom and I know when war. But for a win and I knew very well and never been to this fight didn't like exports and like being he would not her physical little. Had to have my would didn't glove bluff road Claude. I think he blues and classical suits assists. Went to war thirteen month got hurt a couple of times came. And he'd love to play. More than any thing in anything that was dangerous. You wondered beats. Imported via handout with your book unity through there wide people with the war your gene or more likely to crave debenture. And that makes me apps that question. How do we know when you were good or bad. I've put bitter that well and there's a lot of questions in bed net. So this this aggressive response is under control of the cortex the pre frontal cortex and by the way interviewed Navy SEALs and impaired people like this. Secret Service agents you can control this circuitry. The through this mechanism from the cortex but what you're talking about here is part of this. Aggression activates circuits involved in reward and arousal ranked the most intense around the possible. In terms of neural transmitters. In the sense of reward comes from an democrats' bitter cold opening. Same you're transmitter that causes. The that is elevator with cocaine. People in specialists can get addicted to violence to become bullies. Because they are getting the shot a dope means they'll go out in the NC. Confrontation since and that can be modeled on rodents as well. I'm so that's one of the reasons. That you get the sense of reward in terms of the genes so any gene that would affect the level. Neither the transmitter and others for example will affect your propensity to. To engage in violence to to be to be brave or are fearful. And so the warriors were energy. It has to be gene that controls the level of the opening. And in essence these these people with this Sheen and which would open mean. Levels are low and Ford brand they don't get a chance to regroup reward absolutely. They're kind of impulsive you know keep. Keep going after highly stimulating. Activities in and where his if you get that board. You know you'd be satisfied. So. Now the genetics plays into. This this snapping and the sudden. He quick thinking heroism all of that involves genetics because of the secular transmitters and the development of the circuitry. Of course our expert is also look back the wiring chronic stress will affect the whole system so there's a lot to a but when you think about it. Chastity in order for the disputed. Protect us is such a complicated. You know certain situations to react appropriately. Ignored so here are my age range question horribly basically. Chemicals and bone bull the one we're born we're at. Society. Either approves and rewards those because of war the opposite. Or you were born with the correct him look cool but didn't pull the environments. ID. Changes for the chemical. And we hear act and ties so actually. All we in this thing more than chemicals in the bowl and bowl. Experience in Portland would get us. It's a combination of book it's a combination. Are. Anatomy than the are our neural chemistry in our brains in that is ultimately genetics. But this is also modified prior experiences you know you grow up and hostile neighborhood. In New Orleans you're going to have your triggers of rage on any hair creek. But but bad environment. Is affecting your brain chemical right. Yes it affects your brain chemicals. To change. The threshold at which these triggers get pole. And we conceived not by the technical term go on but also we concede those so that is the wiring of the brain change as a result of experience. All right just when they bring in the boy couldn't be way. Do you hear roots he had time in the in the decades ahead in some inquiries. If today. We can take some buddies and war. With the serotonin. And told plumbing problem. And give them enough delivery room now more. Valium. Or water but chemical that may be that they or no longer snapping. There are no longer dangerous. Your words he would time will we take good deal and they sections say. This and does so full chemicals. And we can changes with these chemicals that is that they can these. Yeah makes sense I mean that that the first step to controlling anything is to understand it and we're now being beginning to understand human aggression at a neuro chemical and -- circuit level. On this very complex again this the system works wonderfully but content is responsible for heroic plays and he's athletic field. And heroism and personal saints and they sent by afterward I didn't think. And so the more we learn about the system the more we can intervene. In cases where somebody happens. Some condition. Debt is making the system operate properly. And in that same regard things like alcohol drugs they all fact that system. And so it dismissed this allows us to better understand how. This system can aspire to can have rage attacks. Absolutely. Fascinating book and what we can get you back in later today. I'd be happy yeah we've loved to really get into this. While we sit up understand the rage circuit in your brain. A neuroscientist. Eroded or Douglass feels he stay I would assume we get this Amazon. He didn't get any anywhere books are sold and yeah it is not psychology book not textbook neuroscience approach. But it's written for every and so he's there to the stories and interviews that sort of thing. Earlier breed book or everybody gets you read it and we will call you and again the bag you'd come all thanks so much good talk and you event. I'd come right back Michael sing with a sort of couldn't get you called the doctorate. Very limited time broad. I would assume a lot of you listening to this. Say hello column and its own beliefs simple applied to have some more lord he. Chemical bull bull our brains are made up of chemical and who wrong and sir Kerkorian electricity. That that. Push us to work in certain ways Malarkey. And I should Malarkey emperors but over ten years of interviewing. You recited clues that have written similar things. I'm begin the thing cutesy ends in parked. Or a big part of or totally true what do you think to losing 0187. Admittedly a little bitter than usual show was doing. Virtual about a book called why we snapped. Understand the bridge circuit and her brain written by and you ruled scientists. Out of Maryland. And I have fun to do absolutely spam and include talk. Couple of detailed put purged from Michael have been holding on quarter while Michael thank you put call. Well I'm gonna get it out. That concealed weapons permit but then. A couple in the pocket like a professor. Snapped back thanks. Thought that that Craig is an option and it's new columns and columns and it. I'm Dick starch unit and the people. Innocent people will be jail and the you mentioned. The ones slightly. Off. So. And on stage in America has had that call have been cab. Each wait you. Walk down the street. And not against the law. Look guys appreciate Coleman and I here and flew aboard saying. What you just said about the open carry law each true as Torre's yet we have the open carry. And I've had the district attorney Leo and cameras are saying it's a crazy law in that. We eat. Have to go get a permit to carry concealed weapon. But we don't need a permit to carry it in the open impact when carried in the end. Sense that time I've had a number. Comics birds. People that tree and the people. And say not so. That would be called brandishing. A gone and it's not legal. So I think in in bit of that war heroes on that said no brandishing. A gun in his legal. So I think until we get some money on Dick can point to be our program law in the world that explains in. That support debate but yeah. We do have an open carry law guests. I know preacher you can all desperate. And carry that interest side and a ball was founded in leading Bono when tempers from the probably about your goal I had no idea. Of lived here for forty years. And when when I'm perched on Tuesday and have been verified as a bull. This this is a garden society and me and work or cajun red ninth week on week. Target practice as we issued in case and why don't we carry him out in the open he said well. If you did you'd have the vast majority of pleased and stopping you'd time and time again after skiing orchard dueling. With a weapon actor's side Ron your in your hand. So when Texans. Recently passed the ball. I was amazed. That people I'm only seven they were but they did. Terry won't go and pistols and holsters. Turn them on its own. I had the lord your own replacement on prom costs and then they have what happened to legislate. Ports. Passed a law against the police chief recommendations. Saying. Had people open carrying could not. Be stopped by the policemen and how quiet you carrying a gun now. Everything you have learned since then is that. Those people that run and the universities. Don't want to guns. In that. The the class rooms. In the dormitories. But viable law it is legal. So they're fighting that. And a couple of other organizations. Fighting through it looks like lawsuits from column in two and to clarify. Exactly what can be done but here I think. The answer is where an open early studio open carries date. But people don't. Because it will be stopped by bullies. Time we begin in that what they're doing them may even be arrests. And I'd figure Breyer remembered for a commodities said. Maybe they arrest you on water and charge and we go after all the booking and everything else and I got let you go because it's illegal. Towards very interesting to torture but all of that it's. When we come back. We're still talking about what I've done to be in absolutely. Fascinating book called why we snap. Written by a sign neuroscience. Understand the rate road really whatever in the UB. There's an actual circuit in the brain. And is their buyers genetic. It's there via evolution. And most of that is not in your control. Over when we come back the question. If there is chemical electrical. Genetic circuit. In our branding. That does not totally controlled rage and anger. If we lose that. When the ban guns if we don't lose it over the good. War. Or we can cause chemical reasonable ample. Chemicals were born where it. And in the chemicals federal created via environment. From. War Cora. Would you didn't two's exit 170. Gimmick. I gotta tell you and I think god and when I had. Get all Gooden retired that I'd like to. Write a book on block and while human beings for passionate. Four and not pork. If I walk and to give a lot of callers to do show. I would say the all partake in those confederate monuments. Nutty would be through a new book call. If I said you know this sitting blood boil and suits probably implode again because we're going to lose. So Auburn Louisiana in the age forty. Decades of cold hard scientific proof. To suggest that the benched chants of anything happening south Louisiana. Won't get a call motive fights today. You know. We're we're world. We're going to be carrying guns or whatever it may be we don't get the call. So the monument to the guns are passionate about. Losing where we lived there too much. In the subject were doing today a book written by new routes silent with tons of Purdue and the call understanding the braid circuit in your brain. That via evolution. Engine addicts. Were born when and have very little if any control. No interest in albeit Texan of god. One guy called to talk about his fourth 3.2 seconds. And then went to carrying a gun in New Orleans and that Bob we get. I'm fascinated. Not to look what do you bring interest to do and what they beat Colin passionate about. Let's just exaggerate. In said he did some new rules are. Is all into something. That he has seen. Scientific. Chemical. Electrical. Xperia moon roof. That we all are who ignore by the chemicals in our brain. Even the doctors and time it was today. That says he will you rook on that not totally true who told who environment of course at this. He's even mentions. Why people with the war you heard gene. Or more likely to review adventurer who bought it's. Go talk to be young soldiers. That have come home there solve three point com. IQ and all moves Guerin EU. That they won't say. When they made that thousand mile trip back in 24 hour. Port via our ports and all of a sudden there hole with a white pig had been some hamburgers Fries and Coke. They couldn't do it. It was. If it takes blew them all wild to understand. It adds to quote. Then it's too peaceful. That this severed moon and the dope mean. That it's released in their brain. Just like. Big goal wonderful drug. Have to be dead. And that becomes posttraumatic stress and what you do you repeatedly booed you Peter would biting you Peter withdrew and dangerous things. Till. You end. In rehab. Or addiction clinic. Here's a guy written a book and saying it's true that's who we are. That's a no interest. Guns. Now some. Runs on your hip. Passion and an in your hand and passionate and more votes that Jews ran its cues. Are you kidding me. Is passion. Did you go well I'm Florida or I'm against it. But the southern part of Louisiana. Going eight week old would you have already experienced. Bullard OPEC action. I don't know of mud beat him mystery to the brain. That says. If I figure I can't do anything about it chemical or judge shorted out. And concentrate on the things I think I can. Maybe that this. Anyway apparently. Zero point 00000. Injury. 2% in pursued. Give this book read while we snapped understanding the outrage circuit in your brain. Periods dating neuroscientist. Art Douglas deal he is eight we re. Oh boy Bob Mitchell sitting imports food and pulled show. Governor Abdel bigoted celebrity humbled by firing at them be read day.